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The Vivarium

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2019 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/f; glass; bottle; encased; sealed; bond; tape; gag; costume; latex; suit; straps; objectify; display; worm; strapon; sex; trick; cons; X

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Vanessa's phone rings. It's Sandra...

“Hi, how are you?”

“Great. I was wondering when you want to go out again?”

“What about tonight? I feel like having some fun.”

“Great. I will come round at eight so we can have a drink together before we go out.”

Vanessa puts the phone down and gets the kit out so she can feed the worm. It's performing much more like a real worm now and she hasn't had to talk to it for some time. She is planning to dispose of the audio transmitter eventually and it's looking like it won't be that long.

She hasn't even worn a quarter of Katya’s sexy outfits she has so many, but tonight's getup is really kinky and she is really pleased with how she looks. She was reluctant to wear this. It was very expensive and a real favourite of Katya’s, but she feels so sexy that she forgets all about Katya. Anyway she is now just an ornament.

The liquid food always has a dramatic effect on the worm and she is even more lively tonight. At eight o'clock Sandra arrives looking really yummy and Vanessa lets her in.

“You look so good Sandra. I can see I will have to keep an eye on you tonight.”

“Thanks I think its mutual, you look really sexy as well.”

Vanessa pours two glasses of wine out and they both go into the lounge, where the worm is still very lively.

“I see the worm is very active this evening.”

“Yes it is, isn't it?”

They sit together on the same sofa and cuddle while they drink. Sandra still can't work out what is in the Vivarium. If she knew it was human she would be really shocked. She knows that its not a worm but she doesn't know yet what it is.

The taxi arrives at just before nine so they finish their drinks and Vanessa locks up. Sandra gets in the taxi and as soon as Vanessa joins her they get driven to the club.

It’s obvious that they are lesbians so the guys leave them alone but they do get lots of attention from females which they both really enjoy.

Back at Vanessa’s house the worm is moving in the most erotic way. The liquid food supplement has taken her over and she has almost completely forgotten all about being a human.

“I have a few reservations about your worm, can we talk about it later?”

“Yes of course. I assume you don’t like my pet?”

“Not at all I really love seeing it. I just have a few questions that's all.”

“Let’s not spoil the evening talking about that.”


They both have on very tight latex dresses, as do most of the women in the club, and they get lots of touching and stroking from other clubbers.

It's three in the morning when the club starts to empty. Both of them want to keep going but the other clubbers obviously don’t feel the same, so they order a taxi and go home.

“That was amazing Sandra, I have had a really fantastic evening.”

“Yes it was. I hope you still have enough energy for some sex.”

“I do.”

When they get back home Vanessa pays the taxi driver and they go indoors. Katya is still moving erotically so while Vanessa pours them both out a drink of wine. Sandra sits as close as she can to the Vivarium so she can look closely at the worm.

“If you get any closer you will be in there with it.”

“I just find it fascinating. To be honest it has to be the most erotic thing I have ever seen.”

“Yes it is, that’s why I have it.”

Sandra is quite reluctant to leave the room but Vanessa is now completely naked and she cant resist so she follows her up to the bedroom gets undressed and they get shagging all within a few minutes.

It's gone five before they both go to sleep, and one pm before they wake up.

“Let have a bit of rumpty tumpty before we get up Sandra you can fuck me this time.”

She does, and Vanessa really loves it after an hour they both get up. Sandra only has her club gear to put on so that's what she wears. Vanessa cooks breakfast for both of them. They are both very hungry after last nights exertions.

“Wonderful, I really needed that.”

“Yes I think I did as well. Ok, what do you want to do, go home or stay here for a while?”

“Stay here and look at your worm. It's fascinating the way it moves.”

“Be my guest.”

Katya is now living in a world of orgasms. She has several every day and today is just like every other day so she has another one as Sandra is watching her.

“If I'm not mistaken your worm is having orgasms?”

“I doubt that, it's just a worm. As far as I know they don't have such a thing.”

“I think what you have in the Vivarium is not a worm.”

“It certainly is!”

“I love watching it, but it's not a worm. I have done my research and even the biggest is less than half the size of this one.”

The worm has no idea about all this. All she wants now is to be fed and have orgasms.

Now Vanessa is confused. She doesn't know how to deal with this problem. It's obvious now that she will have to come up with some sort of story, or tell Sandra the truth. So, she decides to tell her the truth.

“What I'm going to tell you must stay between us. If it got out I think I would be in serious trouble!”

“Don't worry, you can trust me.”

“Ok here goes. What you are seeing is my housemate Katya. She was the one who set all this up, all I did was keep her like this.”

“So she wanted to be released after some time, is that right?”

“Yes, but to be honest I love keeping her like this and eventually, maybe already, she will just accept it.”

“This has really shocked me. I never for one moment thought it was a human being in there.”

Vanessa explains everything about how it was done, even the company that made the worm outfit. She also explains how Katya loves to be in confined spaces.

“To be absolutely honest I love it!”

“You don’t know what a relief that is, I really hated lying to you.”

“I wonder what she is thinking now?”

“I bet the worm is just wondering when it will be fed next.”

“Why don't you do it now? I would love to see how you do it, and I notice you refer to Katya as it, not she, why is that?”

“I think it’s better to do that. I want to forget the worm is Katya and this is the best way.”

Vanessa gets the feeding kit out of the cupboard connects the oxygen turns it on and pushes the other pipe into the worms nostril and feeds it in till it reaches its stomach. She pumps lots of liquid food in and almost immediately the worm starts writhing.

“Now that I like. It obviously does as well.”

“Yes and it will be like that for hours. I have been steadily increasing the amount of supplement that I have been adding to its food, so hopefully it will eventually be like that all the time.”

“In a way, I wouldn't mind being in there right now.”

“Just say the word and I will do it. There are another two vivariums in the garage!”

“It's best to keep all this as a fantasy. I wouldn't really want to do it.”

Vanessa is already worrying about Sandra she doesn't really feel sure that she can be fully trusted.

Everything she has just seen and heard makes Sandra really horny and she sits in front of the Vivarium stroking her fanny. None of this is lost on Vanessa.

“I would love to have a very special outfit made for you Sandra.”

“What would it cost me?”

“Nothing, it's just a present from me to you.”

“That is amazing are you sure?”

“Of course I am!”

“Ok you are on, but I want to buy something for you in return.”

“You really don't have to.”

“I just want to. What is the special outfit?”

“It's a surprise. I need to measure you so take all your clothes off.”

She does that straight away and stands in front of Vanessa with her hands on her hips.

“I never realized how tiny you are, normally you are wearing very high heels!”

Vanessa measures Sandra in every way. What she is having made is a worm costume, but she won't tell her that.

“Ok, all done, you can get dressed now.”

Sandra does that and they sit next to each other on the sofa right in front of the Vivarium. Over the next two weeks they go out together several times. The company making the worm outfit messages Vanessa to say it's ready. She asked them to do it that way so that Sandra doesn't know, and during the day she collects it.

“I fancy a shag, Sharon can you come over?”

“I will be there in a few minutes don't start without me.”

While Vanessa waits she drills holes in the bottom of a Vivarium and fits straps. She already has a bucket of earth ready and just as she finishes Sandra arrives so she turns the garage lights off and opens the front door.

“Come in Sharon. Sit down and I will bring a cup of coffee out to you.”

The worm has just been fed so it's very active. Just the sight of it wriggling is enough to make Sandra randy.

Sandra is so riveted by the worm that she doesn't notice the strange taste of her coffee and drinks the whole cup. Vanessa is ready to catch when she falls out of her chair. She has about two hours to do what she needs, so she gets straight on with it.

The first thing is to remove all of Sandra’s clothes. She has really gone to town this evening and is wearing her sexiest club gear. It won't fit Vanessa as she is too big, but she still carefully folds it up ready to take it up to her bedroom. She uses the kitchen table to prepare Sandra.

She leaves her lace up corset on, as its so tight she can't undo the laces and they seem to be sealed on anyway. She needs to shave all her head, face and body hair off, so she gets on with that and paints everything with hair root killer. The first job after that is to fold her legs and tightly duct tape them. Then she tapes a foam collar on her. The penis panel gag is a bit too big and it's quite a struggle to get it fully in her mouth but she does; then glues the panel to her mouth. Nearly an hour has already passed so she will need to work a bit faster. She glues latex patches over her eyes and fits an audio receiver to one ear, then she fills both up with wax. The last job before she puts the worm outfit on her is to glue two long plastic pipes into her nostrils.

She tapes her arms to her body then feeds the two breathing/feeding pipes through the two holes in the worm outfit. She pulls it on, making sure it's in exactly the right position. She has already filled the bottom air holes in the Vivarium with clear silicon. When she is happy with it she lifts her into the bottom part of the Vivarium and straps her in.

Sandra is showing signs of waking up so Vanessa gets straight on with it. She fills the base up with earth, pushes the two feeding/breathing pipes through the two holes she has already drilled in the lid, then lowers it on and turns it so it's secured. Then she fits the locking bolt and tightens it up as tightly as she can.

By now Sandra is fully awake and a bit panicky. Vanessa picks the Vivarium up and carries it into the lounge she moves Katya’s to one end of the coffee table and puts Sandra on the other end. Then she stands back to look at them, and she is really pleased by how they both look.

“I guess you are wondering what's happened to you. Ok I will explain.”

While Vanessa is talking to her, she is trying to get free. After a half hour of struggling she realises it's futile and she stops, just as Vanessa finishes.

“This is now your new life. You need to get used to it like Katya has, after a few weeks you will forget all about your previous life and accept your new one. I have had to do this to you, as I couldn't take the chance that you wouldn't tell anyone about Katya. So really I had no choice.”

Only Sandra knows that she was about to start blackmailing Vanessa, so in a way she has got what she deserved.

“I won't start your training till tomorrow to give you a chance to get used to being just an ornament. Just remember I have complete control, so if you don't cooperate I will cut off your air supply. For now I will shorten the pipes so you will be able to breathe easier.”

Vanessa does that, shortens the two pipes so they stick out of the top of the Vivarium by about an inch then she super glues them in place so they cant move. Sandra can breathe a lot easier now.

Vanessa is exhausted. The sheer effort required to do all this is enormous so she gets herself a drink and sits down on the sofa to admire her two worms. If anything Sandra is the one that looks more realistic, as she is smaller than Katya, but she is still struggling so it’s Katya that is winning at the moment.

“You might as well stop struggling as there is no way you can get out. I'm sure over time you will start to enjoy it, just like Katya.”

She does calm down even though she is still really angry. It’s mainly with herself for not anticipating this.

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