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The Vivarium

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2019 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fetish; naked; glass; bottle; encased; sealed; bond; tape; gag; costume; latex; suit; straps; objectify; display; worm; FF; lesbian; strapon; sex; discovery; trick; cons; X

Katya is obsessed with small spaces she wants to be forced into ever smaller things and her friend is more than willing to indulge her.

“I have seen something in a shop window Vanessa that I want to buy can you come with me to advise me.”

“I bet it's something small.”

“Yes very but i'm not sure I will fit in it.”

“Knowing you it will be a struggle.”

“There is no point if it's easy.”

It's a warm day so they don't bother with coats they just get into Vanessa's car and drive to the shop, the road is quite clear so they can park right outside get out of the car and look in the window.

“What do you think?”

“Is it the glass bottle thing?”

“Yes but it's not a bottle it's a Vivarium.”

“I have to say it looks too small for you and also how would you get in?”

“It does look small I admit but that's what attracts me, as regards how it opens I have no idea, let's go in and find out.”

The shop owner is over the moon that someone is finally showing interest in the Vivarium.

“I have an interest in it but how does it open?”

“I will show you. The top part is secured on by a hidden bolt once that is removed the two parts unscrew.”

“This is perfect for what I want I will have it.”

“Great I have another two if you are interested if you want those as well I will do you a special price.”

“Ok how much?”

“£50 for the three.”


The shop owner helps them load the Vivarium's into the back of their estate car, Katya pays her and they drive back home.

“Why you need three I have no idea.”

“I don't but at that price they where too cheap to turn down.”

Katya parks the car in the garage and they unload the Vivarium's.

“I need to find out for sure if I will fit so help me get in one.”

She takes all her clothes off while Vanessa removes the bolt, unscrews one and lifts the top part off. Katya folds herself up as small as she can in the bottom half while Vanessa screws the top part on and refits the bolt.

“Wow that was quite something Katya when I saw them I didn't think you would fit in there.”

Katya's voice is a bit muffled so Vanessa has to put her ear close.

“I wasn't sure to be honest but now i'm in leave me like this for a few hours, there are plenty of holes for me to breath through so I should be ok.”


Vanessa always gets randy when Katya does something like this and today she is even more horny, she needs to do the weeks shopping for food so she lifts the Vivarium onto the coffee table, goes out to the garage where the car is, locks up and drives to the supermarket.

Its three hours before she gets back home and the first thing she does before she unloads the car is to check on Katya.

“Sorry for leaving you so long, I hope you are ok? I had better get you out before I unload the shopping.”

“No, don't do that, i'm quite comfortable at the moment, leave me in here till at least tomorrow, I want to see how long I can manage.”

“Wow that is amazing ok I will do that.”

Katya is thinking about making the Vivarium thing much more kinky, she has the most bizarre thoughts about what she wants to do, she is hoping that Vanessa won't be too shocked as she can't do it without her help.

Three days go by and Katya still doesn't want to be let out of the Vivarium, to say Vanessa is worried would be an understatement, finally after a few more hours she lets her release her.

“How did you manage without water and food in there?”

“It was hard but I just wanted to see how long I could stay in there for, if it wasn't for the food and water I would still be in there.”

Katya sweated so much she has lost quite a bit of weight and she lets Vanessa carry her up to the bath, where she runs a hot bath and lowers her in.

While she relaxes in the bath she is still planning how she wants to do it next time.

Vanessa leaves her to relax while she gets herself a drink and sits down on the sofa to chill out for the evening, after an hour Katya comes down stairs and into the lounge where Vanessa is sitting.

“I didn't think I would see you for another few hours, you must be exhausted.”

“I'm not, In actual fact I feel really good.”

Katya has a stunning body and she loves showing it off, so she is in the nude apart from a pair of very high heels and its the same for Vanessa.

“Sit down and I will get you a drink.”

Katya does that and they sit together on the same sofa drinking and chatting.

“I want to do that again asap, when I was in the Vivarium I thought how I would like to do it, I hope you are ready for this, its very extreme.”

“Nothing you do surprises me any more, ok spill it out.”

“Ok I want to be back in the vivarium but a bit longer this time, I have worked out a way to feed me I just need to find a suitable food in liquid form, now for the really extreme part I want to be a worm, not a real one of course but dressed up as one, if we can pull this off it will be amazing. I think I know a company that can make a suitable costume out of latex, but I need you to put me in it, just think you will have a real talking point when you have friends round, if we can do this successfully, I don't think anyone will realize its me in the Vivarium.”

“Wow that I didn't expect, I know you are very small but you will be too big to look like a real worm, even if the costume is successful how long would you want to stay in this time?”

“As long as you decide to keep me in there, its impossible to get out on your own, isn't that kinky and as regards my size, you can tell anyone that sees me that i'm a new species.”

“It is very kinky but what about having a wee and a poo?”

“I haven't worked that one out yet, that will be the main problem.”

Vanessa is really turned on by all this and she can't keep her hands off Katya, and they are soon rolling about on the floor together.

Over the next few days Katya is out visiting various companies to find out if all this is possible.

Vanessa has a proper job, so she works for five days and only has the weekend and evenings off ,while Katya doesn't need to work as her parents left her enough to live on for the rest of her life, and that includes the house, she always cooks dinner so Vanessa doesn't need to and its waiting for her when she gets home.

“Sit down and have your dinner, I need to talk to you about the Vivarium.”

“That sounds intriguing.”

While Vanessa eats Katya just has a glass of creamy looking liquid.

Vanessa finishes her dinner and gets undressed as she normally does, Katya is already in the nude as she spends all day like this.

“Ok I have worked it all out as regards the Vivarium thing.”

“Ok tell me.”

Katya explains everything mostly about the feeding and the waste.

“The liquid food doesn't produce any waste, I have been drinking it for the last few days and I have not needed to go to the toilet at all, so all the issues are covered, there is no problem for me to stay in the Vivarium as long as you want to keep me in there for, but I think ten days will be long enough. I have also had made a worm outfit in latex, so I want to do it this weekend. I have also modified the Vivarium so you can feed me. once I am in there you will be the only one to keep me alive, if you decided to kill me I couldn't stop you, but hopefully you wont do that.”

“Wow you have been busy, ok its Saturday tomorrow so lets do it then, you had better tell me what to do though.”

“I have written out everything on the computer and printed it, so once I can't talk you, will know exactly what to do.”

They both feel so horny that they spend the whole evening writhing and wriggling together on the floor and that carries on when they both go to bed.

Its Saturday morning at seven am and the first up is Katya.

“Get up sleepy head, we have work to do.”

Vanessa was in a deep sleep and it takes her a few minutes before she is fully awake.

“Ok you are keen I must say.”

“I am I want to be bolted into the Vivarium by nine.”

Vanessa gets up and follows Katya downstairs, she has everything already layed out, so Vanessa checks everything to make sure its all there, and it is, while Katya has a glass of liquid food, she reads through the instruction.

“Ok lets get on with it.”

Katya has had a shower and is all ready, she knows every detail about what's about to happen and she sits on the floor while Vanessa tapes her lower legs to her thighs with duct tape, then her arms get taped to her body.

“Ok its the gag now, do you want to say anything before I fit it?”


Its a breath through ball gag secured behind her head, she has already shaved all her hair off and painted her whole body and head with hair root killer, she opens her mouth and Vanessa pushes it in and does the strap up.

One thing that Vanessa has decided to do is fit an audio receiver into her left ear, Katya didn't specify this but Vanessa just wanted to do it, after she has pushed it in she fills both ears with wax and turns the transmitter on.

“Can you hear me Katya?”

Katya nods at that.

“I know you didn't specify this, but I think it will add another dimension to the experience.”

Before she fits the worm outfit onto Katya, she reads the instructions again and she notes that its important to fit the worm outfit on a certain way, so the worm will look as real as possible and not human, she has to fit a foam pad round Katya's neck before she pulls the worm outfit on, its a struggle to get the gag tube through the hole in the latex but once that's done she can fit Katya right in and zip it up, she does look like a worm but a very big one.

Katya has provided a latex strip to cover the zip but it needs gluing on, so Vanessa does that, then she lays her on the floor while it dries.

“Ok nearly done, we just need to wait for the glue to dry, try and keep still just in case.”

While Katya is laying on the floor and blind she can't see what Vanessa is doing, she drills several holes in the base of the vivarium and bolts straps to it, then when the glue has finished drying she lifts Katya in and straps her in place.

“I have fitted straps to the base and strapped you in, it will become clearer when I have finished.”

Katya can't really move much now, only her body from the waist up is free, and while she is at it Vanessa fills the bottom with earth, this was not what Katya planned.

Vanessa pushes a feeding/breathing pipe onto the breath through gag and pushes the other end through a hole in the top that Katya drilled, then she lowers it on and turns it so its firmly fixed on, she then inserts the retaining bolt and does it up as tight as she can, then she pushes a clear plastic plug into the fixing hole.

The breathing/feeding tube is too long now, so she pulls it out till its short enough, then she seals it into the hole with silicon glue and cuts it so its just sticking out of the top by about two mm.

“Ok you are in and I have to say you look amazing, nobody would know its you in there.”

Katya is feeling good, even though she doesn't know why Vanessa has strapped her to the Vivarium's bottom part.

“Try and move like a worm would, I will tell you when I think you have got it right.”

The latex is the same colour as most worms, so along with her movements she should look quite authentic.

The Vivarium is covered in tiny holes, so Vanessa sets to with clear silicon and seals them up so the earth can't come out, she does leave the top part for the moment though.

The Vivarium is still on the floor at the moment, so Vanessa lifts it onto a coffee table, the bottom is flat so its quite firm.

“Your movements are a bit too human at the moment, you need to practice more.”

Vanessa sits in the lounge looking at the Vivarium, she still finds it hard to believe what she has just done, but there in front of her is the proof. she sits and goes over the instructions in particular the part regarding the feeding, she won't feed Katya today she wants her to be really hungry when she does it.

“I'm off out clubbing tonight, so I want you to carry on practising while i'm out, just remember I have control of your food and air so don't try and and get away with it.”

There is something in the way that Vanessa spoke that makes Katya go very cold, she does trust her but now she realizes how vulnerable she is.

Vanessa was always upstaged by Katya, who always wanted to be the sexiest one when they went out clubbing, so now she can dress exactly how she wants and even though she is quite a bit taller than her, she can wear her sexiest latex outfits even her shoes fit her, so she really goes for it and puts on one of Katya's shortest mini dresses and her very expensive high heels, she looks in the mirror and immediately gets very horny with her own image.

Vanessa walks up and down in front of the mirror just taking in how sexy she looks in Katya’s clothes, she was always the one in the boring clothes, so she is going to enjoy being the centre of attention tonight, she goes downstairs so she can talk to the worm.

“I am wearing your sexy clothes tonight and I look just stunning, I think I look even better than you did.”

Katya's is having second thoughts about doing this, she hates the idea that Vanessa is wearing her clothes, now the full implication of doing this have hit home.

“I'm off out now, I know it's early but I'm not going to the club till nine, so I'm going to the pub for a few hours. I need you to keep practising your movements I have left a video camera on so don't think you can stop, just remember what I said about controlling your air and food, ok you worm I will see you later.”

The bit about the video camera is a lie but it will make sure Katya does as she is told.

Now Katya is terrified, so she really goes for it, she is now moving much more like a real worm.

Vanessa leaves the house locks up and drives to the pub, she is only there for a few minutes before she meets a gorgeous girl who is also wearing latex and very high heels and they hit it off immediately and she is really up for going clubbing with Vanessa, so at about nine they leave the pub and drive to the fetish club.

They make a stunning couple as they walk into the club, and they immediately get surrounded, but all Vanessa wants to do is spend as much time as possible with Sandra, so they extricate themselves and gets some drinks.

“You really are a stunner Sandra.”

“So are you Vanessa, maybe we could go back to my place for a bit of fun later.”

“I would prefer it if we went back to my place to be honest.”

“Ok so long as we can have some sex together, have you got a strap on dildo?”

“I have and we will!”

They spend the evening together and make it very plain that they are only into each other, so that keeps the guys and most of the girls away.

Back at the house Katya is still trying to move like a real worm, she thinks she is being videoed so she can't stop.

At about three o'clock in the morning Vanessa and Sandra leave the club having danced for hours, Vanessa drives them to her house and parks her car straight in the garage and locks the door after them.

“Are you still up for a bit of shagging?”


Vanessa does look in on Katya before she goes upstairs to her bedroom, where Sandra is already undressed.

“That's much better Katya, keep that up and I will talk to you in a few hours.”

Katya is exhausted but she is so terrified she won't stop till Vanessa tells her she can, and she assumes the video camera is still running.

Vanessa turns the downstairs lights off and goes upstairs, where Sandra is waiting to be shagged by her, she gets undressed, straps the dildo on and gets on with it, they take turns being shagged and they don't stop till six in the morning, when they both fall asleep totally exhausted.

They don't wake up till two in the afternoon and both are still horny, so they shag each other before they get up, showered and dressed Vanessa goes downstairs first and makes them both a cup of coffee, while she is in the kitchen Sandra goes into the lounge and screams when she sees what's in the Vivarium. Vanessa runs into the room expecting a disaster.

“What is that in the Vivarium?”

“Its a giant worm, I believe they come from South America somewhere.”

“It scared the life out of me, i'm so glad its in the Vivarium.”

“Yes so am I, they are dangerous so they do need to be kept locked up.”

“There is something very sensual about the way it moves.”

“Yes that's why I keep it.”

Sharon isn't so frightened now and bends down in front of the Vivarium so she can get a better look.

“What's the tube for?”

“I feed it through that.”

“Wow that is so bizarre.”

Vanessa is so pleased that Sharon seems to have accepted that Katya is a real worm, it was what she was hoping for, they finish their coffees, she orders a taxi and Sharon goes home but not before making a date for the following Saturday.

Its still very early, so Vanessa spends the rest of the day training the worm, it is still not moving exactly how she wants it to be, so she blocks the air supply several times and that gets the worms attention.

“I will only call you worm from now on, its for the best I want you moving just like a real worm, we got away with it today but I want to show you off to lots more people, so you need to get this right.”

The liquid food has a sexual stimulation supplement in it, so although the worm is very frightened its also very randy.

Sharon is so excited by everything, she already adores Vanessa and the fact that she has a real giant worm in her lounge is making her even hornier, she wants to find as much as possible about giant worms so she goes onto the internet and its not long before she finds out that there is such a thing as a giant worm, but not as big as the one in Vanessa's Vivarium, whatever is in there is not a giant worm, she will phone her during the week to find out just what it is.

Vanessa reads through the instruction on the liquid food properly and she finds out about the supplement, she didn't know anything about that, so she pours a glass out and drinks it and within seconds she feels very randy, so now she knows.

There is only enough for about ten days, so she will need to order a lot more on Monday if she is going to keep the worm in the Vivarium permanently, which she intends to.

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