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The Vivarium

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2020 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/f; glass; bottle; encased; sealed; bond; tape; gag; costume; latex; suit; straps; objectify; display; worm; strapon; sex; trick; cons; X

Continues from

Vanessa is so relieved that Sandra is safely installed in a Vivarium all the stress and worry has gone away. She has already fed her although it didn't go too well Sandra struggled to breathe at first, she had to feed her three times, but the third time was successful.

"You should feel good now." Sharon has never felt this horny before,when the liquid food supplement wears off she definitely won't feel like that, then she will just panic. "I'm sorry I had to do this to you but I must say you do look good, I think I may get more worms."

Sharon is horrified by what Vanessa has just said the liquid food is making her very randy but she is still very shocked and starts struggling again. Katya is so under the control of the supplement that even if Vanessa told her the same thing she wouldn't care, all she thinks about now is being fed and feeling randy.

Vanessa has a mental picture of a wall unit full of Vivariums with girls as worms and she gets really excited by that. She turns her laptop on and looks up Vivariums to see if they are available new, and they are in lots of different sizes and styles. None of the companies will sell to her directly, so she makes a note of local outlets that she can order from then she gets a glass of wine and sits down to watch her two worms.

"Why don't you stop struggling and practice moving like Katya you must have already worked out that you can't get free so it's pointless, and if you keep doing it I will block your air." Sharon knows that she has no choice, so she complies. "That's more like it."

Vanessa watches both Vivariums for a while then she goes to bed a plan is already forming in her mind as to how she can get more girls into Vivariums. Her idea for a wall of them has already become an obsession.

She has worked out she needs another seven new ones plus the one she already has.

She wakes really early. She hadn't had much sleep, from thinking about how she can do this but by the time she is dressed she has worked it out. What she will do is instead of measuring the girls she will find some to fit Sandra sized worm outfits that way it will make it simpler.

She orders all eight worm outfits for completion by the weekend from the same company that made the others and contacts a woodworking friend to order a wall unit with ten shelves to be custom made. She wants it installed by Friday, so when she goes clubbing on Saturday if she finds someone suitable she can get her installed straight away.

The week drags a bit so Vanessa is relieved when it's Friday the worm costumes are all made so she collects them in the afternoon and cleans the one remaining vivarium so it's ready the new ones won't be here till midweek but she has plenty of straps duct tape and gags so all she needs now is a suitable girl.

Her friend has made the new wall unit so when he has finished installing it and left, she moves the two Vivariums onto it. Katya is quite heavy so Vanessa does struggle a bit, Sandra is much lighter so she is a lot easier to lift and carry.

"I have installed you in your new home Sandra and I must say you both look amazing I'm off out tonight to get another one my plan is to get ten in all so you two won't be alone."

Sandra is still fully aware and she is horrified by how matter of fact Vanessa is and she does start struggling again but really struggles when she can't breathe she realizes that Vanessa has blocked her air and it's over a minute before she can breathe again.

"Naughty naughty I did tell you what I would do if you did that."

Katya is so controlled by the food supplement that she just wriggles like a worm, which is what Vanessa hopes Sandra will do eventually.

Vanessa feeds them before she goes out clubbing and even Sandra now moves more like a real worm nowhere near as well as Katya but getting there.

She turns the house lights off just leaving the lights she has installed on the Vivariums on and both look amazing which is just how she planned it.

The lights also automatically change colour every few seconds so she has had to draw the curtains so nobody who walks past her house can see in.

The taxi arrives at nine to take her to the nightclub. She can barely walk, her leather dress is so tight. She is also wearing her highest heels so the driver has to help her into his car.

"I must say I wish all my customers looked like you."

"Thanks I'm out on the pull tonight so that's why I'm dressed like this."

"Well you will definitely pull you look amazing."

The taxi driver has to help her out of his car but she does walk into the club herself.

The club is full of beautiful people but she still gets lots of admiring looks as she walks in.

"You look like you are looking for someone."

Vanessa turns around to see who is talking to her.

"Yes I am, and you are perfect."

The girl laughs at that.

"Perfect for what?"


"Wow really what sort of modelling?"

"Fetish modelling."

"That sounds like fun what would I need to do."

"If I told you it would put you right off."

"I doubt that I love all that sort of thing, I guess you are talking bondage aren't you?"

"Yes but very extreme."

"Bring it on I can handle it I guess I would be paid?"

"Yes of course lots and lots of money."

"When can I do it?"

"Tomorrow subject to you not wanting to see family or friends."

"You don't need to worry about that I'm an only child and my parents have passed on my friends are only there when I want them so I can do what I want."

"Excellent ok tomorrow it is then, I will write down my address for you, come round at eleven in the morning and leave your phone at home I don't want anyone tracking you."

"Now that sounds really mysterious."

"It's not really but what you will do is so bizarre that I don't want anyone turning up in the middle of it."

"This all sounds amazing I can't wait till tomorrow."

"You are going to love it."

''How much money do you think I will earn?"

"At least £10,000."

"Wow for one days work."

"That's where the money is."

"Maybe I will do more."

Vanessa knows that won't happen but she keeps quiet.

"How do you want me to dress?"

"The same as now."

Vanessa loves the outfit and plans to wear it herself even though the girl is small her dress is made of latex so it will stretch.

They stay together all evening drinking and chatting and it's two o'clock before they go home.

"Don't forget, leave your phone at home and don't tell anyone where you are going."

"I won't see anyone so that won't happen."

The same taxi driver takes Vanessa home and he has to help her into his car again.

"Did you pull?"


As soon as they get back to Vanessa's house the driver almost leaps out so he can help her get out,and she gives him a long lingering kiss before she pays him and goes indoors, she is already thinking where she can put the new vivarium and she gets the spare from the garage and puts it on a shelf to see what it looks like Sandra and Katya are asleep so she leaves them like that and goes to bed.

She has a lot to do before the girl arrives so she gets up early, she feeds Katya and Sharon before starting and they definitely like that.

Vanessa covers both Vivariums with sheets so the girl doesn't see them but she does leave the new one uncovered she gets everything she needs from the garage piles it on top of the kitchen table and covers it with a sheet she doesn't want the girl to be disturbed by it.

At dead on eleven her doorbell rings. "Bang on time come in. I just realized I don't know your name, mine is Vanessa."

"Hi Vanessa, it's Barbara."

"Welcome Barbara."

They sit in the kitchen drinking coffee and chatting for some time.

"I hope you left your phone at home."

"Yes and I didn't tell anyone that I would be coming here, as I promised."

"Thanks, I hope I didn't disturb you with all this?"

"Not really. I did think it was a bit strange though."

"It's just that along with not being disturbed legally, I shouldn't really work from home."

"That's okay I trust you. So what do you want me to do?"

"I think I will take lots of pictures of you dressed, before we do the bondage stuff."

Barbara is a stunner and a natural she knows exactly how to pose. Vanessa takes dozens of pictures of her in various poses.

"Okay it's time for the kinky stuff; take all your clothes off and sit at the table. I need to shave all your hair off, I hope you don't mind that?"

"For £10,000 you can do anything you want."

Vanessa waits while Barbara takes all her clothes off, then shears all of her hair off, even her eyebrows and eyelashes, then wet shaves her.

"I feel really strange without hair. Can I see what I look like?"

Vanessa hands Barbara a mirror, and she looks at herself from every angle.

"I actually like it. I may keep it like this."

"You do look good, I must say. Okay let me paint your skin with skin preserver. We don't want you getting a rash, do we?" Its hair root killer but Barbara obviously doesn’t know that, Vanessa waits for a few minutes before washing it off.

"Okay, open your mouth, so I can gag you."

Barbara does that and Vanessa fits an extreme penis panel gag into her mouth, which she glues to Barbara’s face. Barbara does struggle with the gag and Vanessa has to pull it out and reinsert it several times.

"Don’t worry about the glue, it will clean off afterwards."

Barbara was quite shocked when Vanessa did that but she calms down when she talks to her. "Okay, close your eyes so I can seal them."

The thought of the £10,000 keeps Barbara from panicking so she does close her eyes. Vanessa paints glue into the eye sockets, pushes in shaped pieces of latex and holds them in until the glue is dry.

"The bondage pictures are going to look amazing, try and keep calm while I get you ready."

Vanessa is preparing Barbara differently from the others. She has lots of things she wants to do to her, all she hopes is that she doesn’t start getting panicky.

"I need to fit an audio receiver into your right ear, as you will be hooded and won’t be able to hear me."

Vanessa does that and fills both ears with wax she turns the transmitter on straight away.

"Can you hear me okay, Barbara?" All she can do now is nod, so she does that.

Vanessa glues more patches over her eyes, then paints skin preserver/glue all over her head, face and neck before pulling a tight latex hood on. She silicon glues the two breathing/feeding tubes into her nostrils, then she pulls it on.

Barbara can’t help putting her hands up and feeling all over her latex covered face neck and head. Vanessa lifts Barbara onto the kitchen table, lays her on her back and folds her legs. Then she duct tapes them like that. All this time Barbara just lays there quietly, while Vanessa does it.

"Okay put your arms down so I can tape them to your body." Barbara does that and Vanessa tapes them in place.

"I need to put you in a latex costume, then I can take pictures of you."

Even though she has already done this twice before, she still struggles to get Barbara into the worm outfit. Before she does, she fits a foam collar round Barbara’s neck, and glues two long flexible tubes into her nostrils. Then she feeds both tubes through the holes in the outfit.

Vanessa has to use all her strength to close the worm costume and do the zip up. The main problem is Barbara is really well endowed, even though she is short like Sandra.

"Wow Barbara you look amazing. I bet you can't move much."

Before she can react, Vanessa has lifted her into the bottom part of the vivarium, strapped her in, and filled the bottom with earth. Then she feeds the two breathing/feeding tubes through the two holes in the lid, which she lowers on and turns it to lock it, then she does the bolt as tight as she can. Barbara has no idea what had been done to her.

"Did you notice the vivarium when you came in?"

Barbara nods as much as she can, with the worm outfit being so tight.

"Well you are bolted and sealed inside it now, I guess you have worked out already that the £10,000 was a load of rubbish. You will now be one of my living ornaments, for the rest of your life. What you have on is a latex worm outfit, so you will need to move like one. I have two other worms, and they already do as I ask, so you will have to cooperate as well, otherwise I will block your air."

Barbara didn't see this coming and she is so shocked. She does try and get free but soon realizes it's impossible.

"I can see you are distressed, but you might as well accept it, this is your new life from now and I promise I will make it as much fun as I can."

Vanessa picks up the vivarium and puts it in the wall unit next to Sandra. She feeds her straight away to help her relax, but the opposite happens and she starts wriggling sexily; her nipples also swell right up which Vanessa really loves.

Over the next few months Vanessa uses the same method to get another seven worms. The wall unit is full now, to make it even better, Vanessa has fitted individual lights on the Vivariums, so each one changes to a new colour every few seconds.

Her only problem is the cost of feeding them with the special liquid food. It's very expensive but she knew that before she started, she finds that by reducing the food she gives them she can control their weight. They look a lot more realistic when they are thinner, so she keeps them like that, and the cash saving is significant.


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