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Tammy's Bondage Application

by SouthernTied

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story continues from part three

Part Four

Chapter Seven (added: 05/12/2009)

Tammy awoke once more behind the steering wheel of her car. 

The corset of the green latex dress tightly hugged her. She could also feel the pressure on her lower face from the mouth and neck corset. And she could tell that the gag plug had been returned and fully inflated. 

As had the inflatable dildo and butt plug which were deeply entrenched in her lower orifices. And to her body's delight they were producing the desired effects of their designers. 

She sighed and let her head fall backward against the headrest. Looking up into the rear view mirror, she saw that the elf hat and ears had also been replaced. 

Then, fragmented visions suddenly flashed in her mind. 

Shane Thompson pulling the Catwoman mask from her head while she was strapped to the gynecology examination table she had seen in their studio. 

Chad Willows' smirking as he tightly wrapped her legs with bondage tape securing them to the stirrups, making sure they were spread as wide as the table allowed. 

His cousin, Thad tightening the cuffs that secured her arms at her wrists, elbows and biceps along the sides of the table.

And Riley holding a video camera, taking extreme close-ups of her face and body as the four men loudly laughed at her. 

Then darkness, as the blindfold was returned plunging her once again into the world of unseen mysteries. 

She felt the sting of needles, pricking each of her breasts. Then more of the painful pricks tantalized the shaven area just above her still very moist and wanton love box. 

Another flash and she time-leapt forward to them securing her to the table with more straps and tape. The blindfold had been removed and above her a large mirror hung from the ceiling; in its reflection she watched them completely restrain her entire body. She could barely wiggle a finger or bend a toe. Nor could she see any exposed flesh, except for her still growing nipples and her very open and available pussy. 

They had forced 2 soft foam balls the size of grapefruits through the ring gag and wrapped an entire roll of rainbow colored bondage tape around her lower face, silencing her pleas even more than before. 

Then, a foot long thin sharp needle was waved menacingly in front of her and she heard them laugh as they pierced her. 

"OH MY GOD, NO!!!!" Tammy silently screamed reaching up and turning the rearview mirror down to see bold red letters on her huge breasts and a 3-inch diameter golden ring dangling through each nipple. "NO! NO! NO! NO!" 

She followed the golden chain connecting the rings in her nipples together to the similar ring running through her clit. 

Tears filled her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. 

On each of her breasts permanently tattooed in bright red were the words:


And, below them just above her pussy it read: 


Tammy knew there was no way she'd be able to get rid of these or hide them from Mike. 

She couldn't stop staring at their reflections in the mirror. 

She was now a walking advertisement for the twin's video store.

"They kept you longer than I had planned, Mrs. Dufrane... But, I must complement you on your new jewelry and artwork... They look very exquisite on you..." VanNorkin's voice returned to her ears. "However, poor Chandra hasn't much hope left. And you've a few more concerns to deal with as well. You let those 'crazy boys' go and ruin all the presents you had left to deliver. It saddens me that there are going to be several well deserving people to miss out on seeing you in costume... But such is life, I have no choice now... We'll make this next stop your last...." 

The GPS sprang to life. Tammy reluctantly glanced over at it. Through her tears she saw Chandra still bandaged, but lying in less than an inch of fluid. 

"I'm so sorry, Chandra..." Tammy whispered as her face drooped even more. 

Then the GPS screen changed and started her directions to her next stop. 

With tears still rolling down her cheeks, Tammy zombie-like followed them. 

She could feel her spirit had been beaten down and her future hopes looked destroyed. She even stopped paying any attention to where she was driving. 

"TURN LEFT INTO THE PARKING LOT!" The male voice of the GPS ordered.

And the despondent feeling inside her increased a hundred fold. 

The sign next to the parking lot entrance screamed at her in large bold black letters: 


"The annual Christmas party for the board and special customers," Tammy breathed into the gag. 

She had forgotten about it, seeing as how she and Chandra weren't going to be there this year. 

All of the members of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, as well as many of the city's top officials and most of the bank's primary customers and their spouses would be in there. Anyone who is anyone with the bank or the city always attended. 

Tammy hesitated at the parking lot entrance debating about going in. 

James VanNorkin read her mind. 

"I am an invited guest here as well, Mrs. Dufrane..." His voice triumphantly said. "Bring me my diamonds, save your beloved Chandra and show everyone the real you!" 

Tammy pulled into the empty space at near the front of the lot, right next to the short walkway to the Country Club's front door. She was at a complete loss. Why would he be invited to their banquet? And by whom? 

She looked at the stately building and remembered the many times she and Mike had come to this party since their marriage. She enjoyed going shopping with him to get that special gown for the occasion. The one that screamed tie and gag me to him, while looking refined and dignified to the crowd. Posing and primping for him, sensually teasing him with her body as she dressed for the banquet all the while knowing he would have her tightly trussed and gagged in the trunk of the car afterward on their drive home. 

But this time, Tammy knew she wasn't quite as appropriately dressed for the occasion as before. 

Of course, as she had known they would the moment she left the car her arms snapped together behind her back. Once more forcing her to thrust her huge breasts forward and sending them scouting on ahead of her. The gold rings immediately absorbed the cold and transferred it to her nipples and clit. 

This in turn sent an unwanted signal of sexual arousal through her entire system alerting the dildo and butt plug to dutifully follow their mission. 

The golden connecting chain swung against her with each half step she took. Her boots had locked together from her knees to her thighs forcing her to once again take many short steps rather than fewer longer ones. 

Tammy could feel her face flash pass an embarrassed blush to a deep bright humiliated hue as all eyes turned toward her entrance into the large banquet hall at the announcement of her name by the Country Club Maitre d'. 

"Follow me. You have been expected." He simply said, after announcing her. 

Tammy had to quicken her pace to keep up with him. This gave the gawking eyes even more of a show, for she had to swing her hips more causing her breasts to flip-flop back and forth and the golden chain to gyrate in rhythm to her saunter. 

As she made her way through the crowd, their laughing voices burned in her ears as they read and commented on her tattoos and glared at her new jewelry. 

An enormous television was to her right as she entered a room at the far end of the banquet hall. Seated behind a long table on a raised platform were Mr. and Mrs. Edmunsen, Mayor Hamond and his wife, several board members and their spouses that Tammy recognized and James VanNorkin. 

Tammy would have given an evil glare at the mustachioed man, but standing next to him was Chandra, dressed in the gown Tammy had worn to last year's event. And next to her wearing a very debonair tuxedo, her beloved husband Michael Andrew Dufrane stood with his arm around her. 

Tammy stopped dead still, staring into Mike's blue eyes. 

Her mind raced for answers to the thousands of unanswerable questions that flooded in. 

"You did bring the diamonds in with you, didn't you, Mrs. Dufrane?" The man beneath the black beret asked. 

Tammy barely heard him, nor could she move in response to him, for her eyes were locked onto Mike's. 

"Did you not hear him, precious?" Mike said after a seemingly hour long minute passed by. "You did bring the diamonds in with you, didn't you dearest..." 

Tammy blinked her eyes. And on the fourth blink the fact that he spoke of the diamonds sunk in. 

"He knew about the diamonds..." Tammy's mind quietly whispered to her. "Did he also know what had happened to me? Was he a party to all of this as before? Is this really happening? Is any of this real?" 

"Your dear husband and I planned this over 10 years ago..." James VanNorkin laughed stepping from the stage, moving next to her and reaching behind her took the backpack filled with diamonds from her hands. "We needed a patsy to take the blame for the disappearance of the Organization's gems."

"The diamonds weren't the only gems I was charged with keeping..." Mike Dufrane added, joining James next to Tammy. "There was another hundred million in emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Those never made it to my safety deposit box. However, Mr. Edmunsen is willing to testify he witnessed their presence and removal from the box by you along with the diamonds." 

Tammy stared blankly into Mike's face. She tried to speak, but was prevented by the mouth filling gag. 

Mike pointed to the enormous television. 

Tammy twisted her body in habitual obedience and stared at the screen. 

There she was in all her glory lying on Chad Willow's chest greedily enjoying all four of the young men's equipment.

"You were marvelous with the Thompson's and Willows, a true natural. The camera loves you. And, you love it as well..." James cooed at her. "I didn't think any woman could make it through everything those blokes did with her mind in-tact, let along have the presence of mind to out play them and escape. We watched the entire thing and I must applaud you. However...." 

"However," Mike picked up where James ended. "Arrangements have been made with Mr. Edmunsen and the others here for your services. You belong to them now. James, Chandra, I and the others on our team will be retiring to a tropical island to enjoy ourselves." 

"You may as well accept your fate, Tammy..." Mr. Edmunsen spoke from behind the table. "You will willingly serve us as we see fit or we'll hand you over to Police Chief Warren and he'll see to it you spend the rest of your life as an unwilling sexual treat to the scum of the city..." 

Tears formed in Tammy's eyes as Mike, Chandra, and James turned their backs on her and slowly began walking toward the door. 

"This isn't right, this isn't right, this isn't right..." Tammy's mind repeated over and over to her. "This isn't happening. This can't be happening... NO! MIKE WOULD NEVER, COULD NEVER BETRAY HER, BETRAY THEIR LOVE... NO!!! THIS WAS NOT REAL!!!" 

Tammy looked around the room at the empty faces surrounding her. 

She shouted at the back of the man she loved as he slowly moved further away. 

"IT'S NOT REAL, YOU'RE NOT REAL, YOU'RE NOT REAL..." Tammy heard her muffled voice grow louder and louder. "THAT'S NOT MIKE, THAT'S NOT MIKE!!!" 

The people in the room grew fuzzy and slowly dissolved into a blank foggy dull light. 

"Wakey, wakey, Mrs. Dufrane... Time to bring me my diamonds." James VanNorkin's voice filled Tammy's ears.

Chapter Eight - (added 05/27/2009)

Tammy blinked once, then again. 

The foggy dull light slowly changed into a slightly blurred female image as her mind awoke. 

"What the hell?" Tammy's mind reached for an explanation. "Mike, was that you? No, it couldn't have been, but how? What is going on? How? Why?" 

Question after question leapt to the forefront of her mind, only to go unanswered while leading to more answerless questions. 

It took all that Tammy's fuzzy mind could do to put all the questions momentarily on hold to adjust her thoughts and focus on the image staring back at her from across the small room. 

It had the same puzzled expression on its face that she had. 

"Mutt ma mell mis moing mon!" She asked aloud without thinking. "Mhu mar mu?" 

At first she thought it was her mind speaking to her, but quickly realized she heard her own muffled voice. 

She wasn't gagged anymore. At least she didn't have the type of sound silencing gag she had grown accustomed to wearing. Her mouth was more dry and felt as if a small wad of cotton filled it preventing her from enunciating words. 

Then as her vision cleared, she recognized the image standing across from her. 

It was her. Well, her reflection in the vanity mirror across the room. She couldn't remember if it had been there when she first entered this room or not. But at the moment it didn't matter to her as she took note of her situation. 

She was still inside the cut-out padding on the table. But the pressure from the padding was nearly none existent. And the table was once more in the upright position with the plastic cover raised and the plastic face mask removed. 

She still wore the leather boots, corset and gloves as well as the sensual latex skin. 

She could see her long red hair still poking through the rubber snap tube. 

And her very sensitive lower openings reminded her they were still filled so she needed to remain as motionless as possible due to her still very deep and real yearnings for more sexual fulfillment. 

"Mutt ma mell!... Mus mit ma meam? " She asked aloud, staring at the reflection in the mirror. "Mo, mit mas mo meal..." 

"Ah, your head seems to be clearing... Very good... You've come around much more quickly than most of the others who've found themselves visitors of the B.V.R.D.M..." The return of James VanNorkin's voice heightened her senses even further. "It's been just over 15 minutes since you realized it wasn't real. It took the majority of the other women well over an hour to completely return to reality. And none of them had to endure such a pleasurably torturous dream world as you. Very impressive, Mrs. Dufrane." 

Tammy saw anger growing in the eyes of her reflection. 

"However there were a few women who were unable to return at all and gave in to their dreams. They have, well let's just say they've settled into a wonderful bound and gagged life on a tropical island paradise content in their bonds and roles as bondage toys." His nonchalant tone regarding these women added fuel to Tammy's deep desire to see him hanging from a tree by his gonads. "Of course most of the others are there as well, enjoying their gags and bindings also." 

Tammy could sense his gaze on her, looking for a reaction from her. 

"You see on that island all the women there are nothing more than bondage sex toys. They are kept well gagged at all times, unless using their mouths to pleasure the island's owner or one of his visitors. I think you would enjoy being there as well..." His tone turned taunting. "Are you surprised that there have been others, Mrs. Dufrane? Well how else do you think I've financed my activities outside of the Organization, not to mention arranging my impending tropical paradise retirement. The other women were members of the Organization. All were unattached and very available to be taken with no one to notice their disappearance. Personally, I feel they are much better off and happy. But you, you are different." 

Tammy quickly scanned the room with her eyes to see if he was there. She didn't think he would be there. But should he happen to be, she would enjoy a chance to physically 'thank him' for the hell he had put her through.

"You recovered much more quickly than I anticipated. Especially considering the amount of Karl's aphrodisiac you've consumed. Every drop of liquid you swallowed in your dream state was a drop of his aphrodisiac from the feeding tube in your gag. I would think your body is right now screaming at you with an unquenchable desire for more sexual gratifications." He continued. "I had hoped you'd join the ranks of those unable to ever realize it was not real. I had believed that you were one of the weaker ones and would give in to the programmed dreams I designed for you. It would have made the rest of my plans for you much easier." 

Tammy could still remember and feel how close she was to losing the struggle within herself. To give in to her body's whims and give herself over to the twins or Mr. Edmunsen as a bound sex slave. And yes, she could feel its urging her to do something to satisfy the sexual lust burning in her body. 

"But, deep down I actually wanted you to outlast Earl's Bondage Virtual Reality Dream Maker." He continued. "I'm sure that's why I subconsciously had Earl add a program of Mike into the virtual mix. After all, you have to admit you were about to give in until you saw him... And I must say the pleasure I felt seeing him as the betraying piece of shit he is was worth it... Though truthfully, I'd rather break you in the real world instead of the virtual environment I had to create in your dreams... That would give me great pleasure." 

"Mondage mirtual mealmity meam maker??? Meams!" Tammy murmured, as flashes of what she thought were real memories filled her mind's eye. "Meams?" 

She was confused and unsure of what to think, but knew enough about the feelings she had experienced to have to agree with him on that point. Had she not seen Mike and remembered their deep feelings of love for each other and felt such guilt about her actions, she would have surely given into the role of a bondage sex slave. 

"That latex suit is amazing. It has thousands upon thousands of sensors and micro chips in it that read your body's reactions while you were enjoying your time on the exercise cycle." He explained. "Those responses were downloaded into a specially designed computer system and interpreted by a series of programs my friend Earl Leighty invented. Once he combined those programs with a second series of programs he designed which return the proper responses to the sensors in the suit and added them to the program manipulating the padding on that table, he was able to control what your body felt and sensed." 

Tammy saw the eyes in her image grow wide with comprehension. 

"From the slightest aroma or smallest pinprick pain in your little toe to the hug of a thousand feet of rope tightly wrapped around your body, he can make your body feel exactly what I want you to feel." At this statement, a shiver ran down Tammy's back. "But, the third series of programs is the key to the B.V.R.D.M. It uses the majority of the sensors in the hood to download the virtual reality dreams into your brain as you sleep. So, all I had to do was keep you in R.E.M. sleep and let the full combination of Earl designs and your own desires lead you through the special virtual dreams I had him program for you." 

"They were all a dream...." Tammy's mind quietly sighed in relief to her. 

"By the look in your eyes, you are relieved they were just dreams," he laughed. "No, there will be no cake mold of your tits, or video of you, or tattoos... But at the same time wouldn't you agree with me when I think you are a bit saddened as well. You really were enjoying yourself I dare say... Your body wanted to be pushed to those levels of sexual euphoria. Or it wouldn't have worked so well and felt so real. You see the machine arranges the dream environment and setting. But your reaction to that setting is your uninhibited subconscious revealing its true nature. You responded to the situations presented as you truly wanted to." 

Tammy tried not to give him any indication that she had to totally agree. 

"It is an amazing device on the whole. Yet, can you believe that silvered haired bitch of a director at the I.B.O. wasn't a bit interested in using Earl's invention." His voice sounded irritated again. "I was hoping my discovering his inventions would reinstate my proper place at least in the council. But, no.... She said it wouldn't go along with what the IBO was founded and stood for; real life experiences. Then to drive the nail deeper into my hopes of a return she added that she felt in the wrong hands it could be used to brainwash our members or just manipulate them instead of letting them get the real pleasure they seek from a real life experiences and memories. How completely asinine.... What do you think, Mrs. Dufrane? Do you think the IBO could use Earl's BVRDM?" 

Tammy was too befuddled to care about his ranting, let alone his questions. She had heard and experienced enough of his bullshit. What she really needed to know was what the hell was going on now. 

"Mut mu mu manm me mu mu mow?" She asked not understanding herself much of what came out of her mouth. 

Her eyes were trained on her image across the room. She assumed he had a camera trained on her from there. If he did, she wanted him to see the same expression on her face as she did. And it screamed volumes about her thoughts and what she wanted to do to him. 

"What do I want you to do? Oh my there are so many things. Starting with you kneeling before me and begging me to become my bondage sex toy... How's that for one..." His voice turned taunting and jovial. "Or perhaps I want you to go out and kidnap a number of beautiful super models and bring them to me bound, gagged and willing to pleasure me... Does that sound like fun to you Mrs. Dufrane?"

Tammy's face turned red with anger. She was tired of this game and she wanted it over. 

"But those are thoughts to be pondered at a later time, Mrs. Dufrane... Time is wasting... You need to get a move on, get off the table and return to your duty of bringing me my diamonds." He suddenly sounded all business-like once again. "And if you are still concerned for Chandra, she consequently has been kept quite busy by Nora and Gina while you slept. They've grown quite close to her." 

"MU MAS...." Tammy caught herself as she angrily shouted. 

A very real memory of a not so real dream flash in her mind. And she stopped short of insulting the provider of her plight. His retribution for a foolish burst of anger wouldn't help her. 

So gritting her teeth, she began to wiggle her way out of the padded cut-out. 

"I see you did learn something from your visit in bondage dreamland," he chided. "Name calling is so beneath a woman of your stature. Of course begging to have a man tie you, gag you and fuck you hasn't quite dropped down to that level yet, has it?" 

His words were irritating her, so she put his voice out of her mind. 

Unfortunately that didn't help her either when she discovered to her mind's dismay the delights her body received from her attempts to remove herself from the two phallus'. As she lifted herself up the potent drugs in her body forced her to slip back down over both repeatedly before her mind managed to regain control freedom from the pleasure giving tormentors could be accomplished. 

"MMMMMAAAAAAMMMMOOOOMMMAAAAHHH!!!" Tammy loudly screamed, for just as she finally slipped free a huge orgasm washed over her, sending her trembling body to the floor. 

"Now, THAT was unexpected..." His voice laughed. "But, very entertaining. The fact that you had another climax in you after all you have been through during your dreams is very revealing, Mrs. Dufrane." 

Taking slow deep breaths, Tammy once more gathered her wits and rose to her knees. 

"Mutt mow?" She asked aloud in defiance. 

"Still fighting me... Good, I love the challenge... First, remove everything, even the latex skin." His voice commanded. "The only thing you'll need to put on is provided by me and lying on the vanity. Put it on and return to the exercise room!" 

Glaring with anger, Tammy carefully stepped over to the vanity. Though her most recent memories had only been a series of dreams, her body having lived through the experiences as if in real life was tired and ached all over. So just taking the four steps to the vanity, in the 7-inch high-heeled thigh boots, was a daunting task. 

"Great!" Tammy semi-laughed to herself, lifting the item from the vanity. 

It was the same flesh colored rubber penis gag she had worn on her drive from the bank to the RV. 

She should have been repulsed and disgusted by what it implicated. Instead she felt a familiar warm sensation inside her, like that of seeing an old friend who had been away for a long time. 

"He or one of the others must have really been here and refilled the thing!" She thought to herself. 

Forcing herself to drop the gag back onto the vanity, she began complying with his orders and arguing with herself the entire time. 

Thirty minutes and two more orgasms later, provided by the removal of the latex suit, Tammy was naked and standing next to the vanity with the rubber penis gag in her hand. 

"No," she whispered then roared. "No! Do you hear me I said NO! I'm through playing this damn game. You want the diamonds. YOU COME AND GET THEM!" 

She slammed the gag onto the vanity and turned toward the sealed wall where the sliding door had opened when she entered the room earlier. 

It didn't open. The wall remained solid. Tammy tried to pry her fingers into what she thought was a leaver to open it, but nothing happened. 

Then she tried to overturn the vanity to break one of its legs off to use as a wedge. It didn't budge. It was bolted to the floor and wall. 

Deep male laughter floated around the room, taunting her. 

It only deepened her determination to find a way of escape. 

She stood still lost in thought. 

Then Tammy moved backward forcing her back tightly against the wall next to the sleep table and ran the five strides across the room. Leaping into the air she hurled her body into the opposite wall a few feet from the vanity. 

A loud thud resounded in the room and Tammy bounced backward crumbling to the floor. 

"That was very foolish, Mrs. Dufrane..." he laughed. "You may have injured yourself. That is not what I want." 

Tammy stood up rubbing her shoulder. The pain she felt was definite and centered exactly where she hit the wall. 

"Ah, so you've figured it out." His voice sounded surprised. "Very astute, you understand you can't feel actual pain in a dream, only sensations triggered to act like pain inducers. Yes Mrs. Dufrane, this is real not another dream sequence. You've taxed my patience long enough, Mrs. Dufrane. Now you have another decision to make." 

The loud hiss of air and a familiar white mist being forced through the heating vent grabbed Tammy's attention. 

"NO! NO!" She screamed feeling her breathing becoming labored. 

"I want you to bring me the diamonds, Mrs. Dufrane..." He somberly spoke. "You have less than 3 minutes to decide if you want to be awake when I receive them or not. Remember bad things can happen to an unconscious naked woman. I'll stop the sleep gas and clear the room of it as soon as you put the gag on... And I'll even let you see Chandra, if you chose to do so... She is very much well and eager for this to be over." 

Tammy knew enough about him that if she chose to let the gas have its way, she may very well wake up in the depraved hands of those in her dreams. He was after all set on some type of revenge against her and that would in her mind do the trick. And she was worried about Chandra. She doubted if seeing Chandra and what he was putting her through would ease her mind any, but deep down Tammy knew she had to see what he was doing to her friend. 

Reluctantly at first, she lifted the rubber gag. But her body and mind craved the feel of it in her mouth and around her face, so she quickly pulled it on. 

The sound of the air flow changed and Tammy could see the white mist being sucked up toward the vent and disappear.

"Wise choice, Mrs. Dufrane!" He said in a tone that irritated Tammy even more. "Now get moving!" 

The wall slid open and Tammy stepped through the door to once again be in the exercise room of the RV staring at the plasma screen. But this time she was totally naked other than the flesh colored rubber gag filling her mouth. 

On the screen, a grinning Nora Ruth held out her hands to the camera for Tammy to see as she tipped the contents of a brown bottle onto a white cotton cloth. 

Behind Nora, Chandra sat bound to a wheelchair. Her arms held to the chair arms with 2-inch wide leather straps. The same type of leather straps held her legs together secured to the metal rods that held the chair foot rests. Around her chest, above and below her heaving breasts two 4-inch wide leather straps kept Chandra firmly in place against the back of the chair. 

Tammy leaned closer to the screen and saw Chandra's lower face had been completely covered with medical tape. From the odd way her face seemed stretched under the smooth outline of the tape, Tammy could tell her friend's mouth had been severely packed full before being sealed shut. 

Chandra's nose flared with each panting breath. Tammy, knowing first hand how VanNorkin like to sexually stimulate his female victims, was sure Chandra had at least one if not two tormentors attached in someway to the chair's seat. And having over the years been responsible for or at least privy to many of Chandra's orgasms, Tammy also knew Chandra was on the verge of an enormous explosion. 

Nora put the cap back on the bottle and slipped behind the struggling redhead. 

"MMMMMOOOO!" Tammy screamed, the sound silenced by the rubber filling her mouth. 

Tammy watched Chandra tense and pull desperately against her bonds. She watched her friend thrust her head back and scream silently as well, as the climax she had been fighting ravaged her. 

Tammy also watched a gleeful Nora Ruth clamp the chloroform soaked cloth over Chandra's nose. 

Tammy wanted to close her eyes and not watch her friend uselessly fight to remain alert and enjoy the onrushing orgasm, that forced her to deeply breath in the drug. 

But, she couldn't. 

Her own body betrayed her once more longing to be there, to replace Chandra in the chair. No, not to save her friend, but to feel that blessed elation of forced sleep thrust upon her just as she reached the height of sexual euphoria. 

That was the true reason she couldn't turn her head or close her eyes from the spectacle. 

Chandra's struggles eased until there was the one last futile attempt to remain conscious. Tammy watched the emerald green eyes of her friend flitter a few times more, then close. 

"I must admit Mike was right about a woman being chloroformed. Whether you're getting to do it or just watching it happen. It is a sensual treat." James VanNorkin's voice grabbed her attention. "You do enjoy having it used on you at times, don't you Mrs. Dufrane?" 

Tammy quickly remembered back to the first time Mike used the drug on her. 

She was looking forward to meeting him for a drink at a new local pub. They had been married less than 6 months so any chance to get together and enjoy each other was important to her. Mike had told her he had something very special for her, but gave her no details. She waited for over an hour and he hadn't shown. So she tried calling him, but only got his voicemail with a message to her about being stuck at work and unable to get free in time to meet her. 

A feeling of disappointment crept over her and she decided to go home. So she left the pub and walked around the block to her car. 

The sun had set and the street lights were giving off an eerie glow barely offering enough light for her to see a few feet ahead. Thinking she heard footsteps following her she turned, but saw no one. 

Tammy's heart began racing and she unconsciously quickened her pace. 

Reaching the car she fumbled in her jacket pocket for her keys and dropped them twice before gaining enough control of her fear to unlock her car door. 

"Good evening Miss, all by yourself, are you?" A deep male voice quietly said from behind her. 

Startled, Tammy felt her heart leap to her throat and she immediately turned around. 

"Are you alright Miss?" A tall, mustachioed Police Officer asked seeing the frantic and fearful look in her eyes. 

"I, I'm fine..." Tammy stuttered quickly regaining her composure. "I was just lost in my thoughts... Thank you for asking..." 

"Your welcome, Miss. I walk this beat nearly everyday, so if you're ever in need just give a shout." He smiled, tipped his hat and nodded his bald head before returning to his patrol. 

Tammy watched him walk away before she turned to get into the car to drive home, but then she realized she had left her purse at the pub. 

She hurried back to the pub and on her return saw the car trunk had been opened. 

Fear put a knot in the pit of her stomach, but also set off a growing unexpected warmth in her lower regions.

"Call the police!" Her mind and wisdom screamed at her. 

But her curiosity forced her to look into the trunk. 

Everything was gone, she had been robbed. 

She lifted her purse to retrieve her cell phone from it, but her arm stopped short of level. And her other hand never reached in for the cell phone. 

A very strong arm wrapped around her body pinning both her arms to her sides. 

"HELMMMMPPPPHHHH!" Tammy started to scream as the black cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth. 

She knew he had timed his attack perfectly just as she exhaled and her normal instinct to scream would take the rest of the air he hadn't squeezed from her with his hug. Clamping the rag over her nose and mouth would cover what little scream would emerge and after that she would need to take a deep lung filling breath. 

That was the first time she had ever experienced the strong sweetly sour odor of chloroform. He had soaked the rag in the drug and with that deep intake of needed oxygen, she was his. 

Tammy's head spun with that deep breath. Her vision grew blurry and her limbs began feeling numb. 

Her mind told her to fight and she did such as she could.

She swung her arms from her elbows to hands uselessly about, even attempting to hit her attacker with her purse. And her kicks aimed at him were unsuccessful, mostly due to her legs refusing to do as she desired. But the more she struggled to get free the more air she needed. So with each deep gasp she breathed in more of the drug. 

Tammy could still remember the fear rushing in and elevating her terror. As well as the feeling of arousal it sent throughout her. 

"What's going on?" She remembered thinking wondering why her body seemed to be enjoying these sensations. 

She remembered as her vision dimmed and her limbs grew numb her desire for sexual release not only heightened but became more of a need. She was growing closer to that point her body longed for, but sadly would not reach. 

She could still feel the sensation caused by her instinctive final burst for freedom. In that movement she rubbed her thighs together sending a spark of sexual electricity racing through her. 

So instead of using that last bit of control over her body in a final attempt at kicking her attacker, she reached down with her free hand and began massaging herself toward a never to come orgasm. 

"Why am I not surprised..." She still remembers her stunned husband's voice chuckling in her ears as she drifted off into chloroformed unconsciousness. 

She awoke lying on the back seat of Mike car with her arms bound behind her in a comfortable wrist to elbow tie and her legs strapped together at her ankles knees and thighs. The seatbelt buckled around her to keep her safe. And her leather panel gag with the breathable plug tightly secured around her lower face. 

Mike had rented a lake house and talked Mr. Edmunsen into giving her a long four day weekend for a short mini-vacation. And this was how he told her about it. 

She enjoyed that experience and weekend so much. And Mike told her of the pleasure he received with the feeling of putting her under that they made a point to use it in their play at least twice a year if not more. 

"I know you do, why else would Mike have had me mention it to you at our last meeting, hmmm? Oh, don't worry about Chandra, Mrs. Dufrane... She is in very capable hands after all..." His voice was once again laughing at her. "Besides, your chariot awaits... Now bring me my diamonds!" 

"Why the hell didn't he just get the damn diamonds when he refilled this gag and be over with it.." Tammy's mind screamed, then fell silent as she saw movement from the corner of her eye. 

Off to the side a 4-feet square section of the floor slid opened and through the opening up rose a wheel chair similar to the one Chandra had been bound to. 

"Put my diamonds in the large pouch attached to the back and take a seat, Mrs. Dufrane!" His voice commanded. 

Tammy walked over to it as if mesmerized. 

Three leather straps were along each arm of the chair. Four more were attached to rods that held the foot rests. Two wide straps poked out from the back of the chair. And, beneath the chair connected to the four wheels, a battery operated motor hummed softly. 

Then Tammy saw the reason Chandra was heaving and panting in her bonds. Sticking up out of the seat was the scariest torpedo shaped dildo she had ever seen. 

It was nearly 4-inches thick at its base and rose 8 inches into the air with long rubber prongs jetting out along its length. And the entire thing seemed to be pulsating. 

The base thickened and eased, then the rest followed suit all the way to the tip that expanded to nearly the thickness of the base before returning to normal for it to once more start again. And as it did so each prong looked to be vibrating on their own at different speeds. 

"For your pleasure, Mrs. Dufrane.... You'll need to slip your legs through the leg restraints first, then take a seat." His voice was still commanding, but she could hear the glee he was feeling in it as well. "After that, pull the chest straps around and slip them through the slits on the opposite side of the chair back to lock them in place. Then, you'll need to slide your arms through the restraints on the arm rests.... No need to worry about attempting to tighten any of them, I'll take care of that for you." 

With a loud sigh, Tammy dropped the black leather backpack into the pouch and buckled its flap closed securing the diamonds. She slipped her right leg, then her left through the very loose fitting leather restraining straps and stood on the foot rests. 

Taking a deep breath and giving thanks for her pussy still being extremely moist, she spread her legs as wide as the straps around them allowed and eased her self down onto the huge phallus. Deep loud moans of frustration and arousal could be heard wafting from her throat out into the room as she did so. 

"OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!" Her mind screamed and pleaded as she wiggled and shifted over the enormous thing "Don't rip me apart...." 

The semi hard prongs were erotically tickling and torturing her at the same time as she slowly slipped down the long shaft. 

The feel of the soft padded seat cushion against her bottom let her know when she had finally taken the entire behemoth into her. 

After several long deep relaxing breaths, she quickly pulled and locked the chest restraints across herself to prevent at her body's urgings sliding back up and down on the thing a few times before she was secured into the seat. 

Her nose flared with each deep breath she was forced to take from having to wiggle around from side to side on the large phallus as she worked her arms through the arm restraints and got them into a comfortable position on the padded armrests beneath the leather straps. 

The sound of the motor revving was nearly indistinguishable to Tammy due to her deep guttural moans caused by the dildo. She may not have even noticed, had it not been for the leather straps growing tighter around her. 

And the slightest vibrations of the motor were very much enhanced by the monstrous dildo and its prongs. 

Tammy could already tell her time in the wheelchair would not be restful. 

"Time for you to finally travel out into the real and unforgiving world, Mrs. Dufrane..." He said bluntly. 

"I wish he'd stop saying my name like that. I'm getting damn tired of it," Tammy thought as the chair spun around and faced an outside wall of the RV. 

The chair suddenly began slowly dropping through the floor. 

Tammy's eyes widen as the wall in front of her slowly fell forming a ramp. 

On its own the chair rolled down the wall made ramp and away from the RV. 

"Oh no..." Tammy sighed looking to the side where she had parked her car. 

It was no longer there. 

"My purse, laptop, clothes..." She thought to herself. "All of my luggage for vacation was in the trunk..." 

The chair turned down the RV driveway past several vacant spots. 

Tammy suddenly felt the cold December air on her naked skin and shivered. 

"OH MY GOD!" Her mind gasped as the dildo jumped to life with her body's quivering. 

Over her body's desire, Tammy made a drastic decision to not let the cold or anything else force her to shift in the seat again. 

Two more vacant driveways passed before the chair turned right into one that had a white panel van parked in it. 

Tammy hoped the owners weren't at home she knew she wouldn't be able to explain a thing. 

As Tammy and the wheelchair approached the van the rear hatch opened and a lift lowered from inside it. 

With a soft thump the motorized wheelchair rolled onto the lift, which began rising until it was level with the van floor. Wooden boxes were stacked along the right hand side of the van from the cargo bay all the way to the front where normally a passenger seat would be. 

As soon as the wheelchair rolled off from it, the lift folded itself into the van and the rear hatch closed. 

"OH SHIT!" Tammy thought as the chair rolled forward and positioned itself where the driver's seat would normally be with the arms of the wheelchair directly beneath the steering wheel. "This in not good, girl!" 

The van's engine suddenly came to life. 

"OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!" Tammy screamed to herself. 

The van slowly backed out of the drive and turned toward the main highway. 

"It will look as though I'm driving to anyone passing by," a panic stricken Tammy thought looking out the front windshield. "You're gonna die, girl!!!" 

The van weaved in and out of traffic never exceeding the speed limit and only once or twice coming close to having an accident. With each passing mile, Tammy's fear level rose, as did her arousal level. 

Mile after mile passed under the van's wheels, while inside Tammy had problems keeping her eyes on the road. 

Her fear should have made her more worried about the drive than what the dildo was doing. But over her mind's better judgment Tammy's body decided to enjoy the mammoth dildo's presence. With each curve taken or acceleration or application of the brakes a muffled moan of pleasure filled the van. 

Twice Tammy quivered in unnoticed orgasm by the vehicle rolling along next to her. 

Sweat drops dribble down her forehead and cheeks onto her naked chest. 

And fear increased its hold over her with each mile adding to her body's yearnings for sexual release. 

"Why am I so horny?" Tammy thought. "I should be at least be worried for myself and Mike... And Chandra... Why am I wanting more and never being satisfied?" 

Her thoughts and the ever present dildo kept her occupied, until the van turned into the parking lot of a familiar warehouse. 

"This is the warehouse I tried to escape from in that bondage dream he created..." She said to herself as her eyes darted around. "It is real! The Sweets' and Natasha are real! As are the Willows and Thompson twins! Somehow he downloaded video of them to computer generate his own versions. Well he certainly got the Thompson twins and Willows down pat. What else in it was close to real?" 

The van headed for a roll up door that was slowly opening. A black cover hung from the inside of the door. It wouldn't allow anyone to see inside or let much if any light to pass once the roll up door closed. 

Tammy could see nothing through the windshield but darkness as the van passed under the cover and came to a stop. 

She heard the rear hatch open and the wheelchair rolled backward onto the lift. 

Tammy tried to see something, anything in the darkness as the lift lowered her and the wheelchair to the warehouse floor. 

The chair turned and slowly rolled around the front of the van. 

Tammy's eyes adapted to the very dim lighting. She thought she could make out several familiar items of furniture and rooms from her forced dream as the chair weaved back and forth making its way through the maze of items. 

"They must have videoed these things and downloaded them as well to use in the dream program," she thought to herself. 

But, before she could continue her thoughts the wheelchair came to a stop at a closed door, which suddenly opened by itself. 

Tammy was blinded by the bright light coming from the other side as the chair rolled forward through the door. 

Squinting her eyes she could make out a few human shapes. The closer she came the clearer they became, eventually she could make out 4 figures. 

Three looked to be female and one male. 

The chair didn't stop until it rolled right up next to them. 

"OH MY GOD! NO!!!" Tammy's mind screamed. 


story continued in part 5


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