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Tammy's Bondage Application

by SouthernTied

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story continues from part two

Part Three

Chapter Five

Tammy awoke behind the wheel of her car. She couldn't recall how she got there, but was very much relieved not to still be in Sweet's Bakery. She knew she would have to deal with Natasha and the humiliation of the cake molds in the near future as well as the 'Sweets' revised impression of her. 

However right now, her main concern was getting this ordeal over and making sure Chandra was okay. 

"That was very entertaining, Mrs. Dufrane..." James VanNorkin's voice suddenly filled her ears. "I'm going to be the first to order a special cake from Natasha. Perhaps, I'll send it to Mike as a Christmas gift... That way he can have his cake and eat you too..." 

His laugh grated on her and there were several things she would love to say to him, but none of them would be of help to her. And trying to speak would be useless, she could feel that the gag plug had been replaced and re-inflated. She also thought she felt more and raised her hand to her cheek. The smooth rubber of the mouth corset gave hint of the underlying presence of the strap for the ring gag beneath it. Now she was triple gagged. 

"I see you modified your dress. I must say it's not quite as subtly erotic as before, but I like it. By the way I see my hormone mixture is working very well... I must inform Karl, he'll be very amused to hear so..." he continued. "They've grown even more. And it appears they are continuing to do so. I could enjoy staring at them all day, but time is passing, Mrs. Dufrane... You need to be moving on. Your next stop is all the way across the city..." 

Tammy blinked several times in disbelief as she used the rear view mirror to look at her exposed breasts. She had already taken enough grief from all her male co-workers and clients, with their eyes continually turning down from hers to stare at her D-cups. There was no way now she'd be able to get any of them to look away from her chest. 

"OH NO!" Tammy gasped into her gags. 

The GPS coming to life with Chandra's image well bound by bandages lying halfway submerged in liquid on her back in a tank grabbed her complete attention. 

"As you can see I decided to keep the bandages thoroughly soaked with Karl's aphrodisiac." James VanNorkin laughed. "You were very much occupied, so I felt Chandra should be as well. Of course your desires for constant sexual release come naturally. Chandra's on the other hand will be given a push. A rather large push once she has absorbed all of the liquid in the tank into her system. I seriously doubt if Nora and Gina combined will be able to satisfy her..." 

The tone of his words more than the actual threat they imposed sent a wave of anger through Tammy. 

"MU MAMAMD!" She screamed into the gag looking directly into the GPS with flames of fire spurting from her green eyes. 

"Bastard? Did you just call me a bastard, Mrs. Dufrane?" His voice was now sounding irritated. "Well, if I'm such a bastard then I suppose I need to adjust such comfortable surroundings..." 

Tammy grimaced as soon as she spoke. Her desire was to help Chandra not make matters worse for her. However the sound of the car heater shutting off told her Chandra wasn't the one he was directing his ire at this time. 

Not only did the heater quit, but the air conditioning system jumped to life and directed a blast of near artic air at her chest and very wet nether region. 

"AAAAAAARRRGGGGGG!" Tammy shivered uncontrollably as a painful cold swept over her. 

"Now follow the directions from the GPS to your next stop before you turn into a big titted slut sickle." He growled. 

Tammy forced her attention away from the shivering cold to the directions now showing on the GPS screen. And after a few horrid minutes the temperature began to rise. 

Tammy glanced toward the screen and saw Nora adding more liquid to the tank. 

"Your suffering was momentary. Chandra's will be a lifetime if you fail, Mrs. Dufrane..." His voice echoed in her elf ears. "And I can make you fail if I so choose..." 

The sick feeling in the pit of her stomach returned with a vengeance. Tammy silently watched the road hoping, praying she hadn't pushed back too far this time. 

She drove across the city, trying to avoid eye contact with any vehicle that stopped next to her at each red-light or pedestrian walking across the street. The startled looks and comments about her naked breasts by all were easy to ignore, except for the two times she was sure she had been recognized. 

Her next door neighbors, Bill and June Henderson were first. She tried to not look at them, but her car horn began honking on its own getting their attention. And her driver's door window lowered by itself, making sure they got an unobstructed view of her. 

She wanted to sink down in her seat, but her voice suddenly began a conversation, leaving no doubt as to whom she was. 

"Hey neighbors!" Her voice shouted from the broach and her seat suddenly lifted on its own giving them an even better view of her chest. "Mike's out of town for a few days, would you be free to come over to the house and play some bondage games with me? You can do me or me you... Either or both of you, I enjoy it all..." 

The look on June's face told her she would be the center of the neighborhood gossip for the next month, if not the year. And she was sure, by the look in Bill's eyes, she'd have a visitor sometime during that period. 

Fortunately for Tammy, they turned at the next light. But their departure did nothing for the sinking feeling filling her. 

Then unfortunately for her, also at the third light, her boss Mr. Edmunsen and his wife pulled along the passenger side of her car. The look on his face told her he recognized her car. And the 'OH MY GOD, ONE OF MY FAVORITE EMPLOYEES IS DRIVING AROUND HALF-NAKED, BOUND, GAGGED AND PROUDLY DISPLAYING HER HUGE KNOCKERS' look, that quickly washed over his face, told her he recognized her as well. 

However the fact that he never changed his line of sight and continued to stare transfixed at her chest, through the windows, until the light changed and she drove off, also told her he liked what he saw. Meaning, this would be something else she would have to deal with in the very near future. 

Tammy's heart sank, but she decided to put as much distance between them as she could by the next light; where she finally caught a piece of good luck. They had to stop at the light and she didn't. 

But turning in behind her from a side street and pulling right up to her back bumper at the next red light was an unfamiliar full size pickup truck, with a very familiar driver and passenger. 

Chad and Thad Willows were cousins who had accompanied their grandfather, Benjamin, to the bank for the entire time Tammy had been employed there. While in her office, when they were eight, their constant attempts to sneak a peak up Tammy dress had been mildly annoying and forgivable. When in their early teens, their attempts to look down her dress had become very unwelcome to the point of her mentioning it to Benjamin. 

However, from their late teens until now, they had just turned twenty-one over the summer, their unwelcome ass gropes and comments had forced her to have them removed from the bank on several occasions. 

Both were large enough to be Police Officers and both had gone to the Police Academy. But Tammy had heard they quit and went back to work at their grandfather's processing plant once they learned they couldn't use their badges for their own pleasure. 

Being large men they had gotten used to getting their own way. 

Tammy had spoken to several of the female tellers, who had dated the two. Several learned the hard way that neither cared to take no for an answer and most had foggy memories of those dates. None could remember being drugged; however all of the girls did say they thought both were capable and willing to use anything at their disposal to get their way. Also none of them had anything positive to say of either of them, other than they all described them as being "hung like a horse". 

That was the last thing Tammy needed, especially in her present semi bound condition, to find out if those rumors were true. Even though in the back of her mind she couldn't stop speculating what they would do if they caught up to her. 

So she did her best to remain inconspicuous until the light changed. Then she stomped on the gas pedal and with the sound of squealing tires bolted off down the street in a hurry. But the truck did the same and remained close behind, following her all of the way to her next stop. 

Which did little to thrill her at all. 

"Great," Tammy thought sarcastically to herself as she pulled into the parking lot for VOYEUR VIDEOS. "The Thompson twins, it can only get better from here, girl!!!" 

Like the Willows cousins they too were good size boys. Shane was nearly as large as Chad Willows. And Riley was a couple of inches taller, but was much lankier than his brother or either of the Willows. 

She had seen Shane and Riley Thompson grow from eight year old cuties to typical twenty-one year old lecherous young men, who thought they were still boys. She had seen them hanging around town with Chad and Thad many times. She had even been warned by two tellers to keep a wary eye out if she ever saw the four of them together. From the tone in each teller's voice neither had heeded their own advice sometime in the past. 

The twin's parents had had Tammy set up college funds for the two. However upon graduation from high school both decided to use that money to open a video store. 

It did fairly well, profit wise. They used the bank and Tammy to invest a portion of it for them. And it was doing nicely. 

In thinking about the twins she forgot about the pickup truck, until in her rearview mirror she saw its doors opening. 

"Oh shit!" She gasped seeing Thad and Chad Willows step from the truck and look straight at her car. 

"You need to get a move on, Mrs. Dufrane." James VanNorkin's voice startled her. "Chandra has been in those bandages and soaking a very long time..." 

With his mentioning of Chandra, Tammy's focus changed back from the two young men to her more pressing problem. And with great angst she decided to leave the safety of her locked car to make a semi sort of run toward the video store. She knew the moment she stopped touching it her arms would be useless and her stride cut by more than half.

She hoped there would be some patrons in the store and deciding the embarrassment she would feel at them seeing her would be worth the protection. Tammy pulled the door handle. But as she did, the door flew open nearly causing her to tumble from the car. 

Catching herself and regaining her balance, Tammy moaned in desperation. Looking up as she lifted herself back into the seat, she saw both of the Willows staring down at her. 

"I told yuh... I told yuh, I knew it looked like dah classy bitch from dah bank that takes care ah gramps' money." Thad, the younger of the two by a month and barely smaller than his cousin, growled in glee standing back having just pulled the door open. "And, lookie at her.... Out struttin' yer stuff on dah streets, like one ah Santa's whore elves are yuh... Well yuh can make my Christmas wish come true rite heer and now..." 

For the first time since she heard Chandra's answering machine a real sense of fear swept over Tammy. 

By the look in their eyes, she knew either or both wouldn't hesitate to use her as a fuck doll if given the opportunity. And it appeared to be presenting itself to them now. 

"If you're planning' on goin' inside good lookin', we'll be glad to escort yuh in and keep yuh safe from all duh riffraff here about..." Chad Willows grinned, getting an eyeful of Tammy's new more shapely breasts. "Our buds, Shane and Riley Thompson, you may know em, they own this place and wanted us ta come over ta party. They always sayin' we never bring any goodies... But, I think we gonna suhprise em this time an bring a play-purdy in thar with us." 

Without warning and in one quick motion, he reached into the car, grabbed Tammy by the arm and pulled her from it. 

His action sent her stumbling uncontrollably out into the parking lot toward his cousin and away from the car.


Instantly, her legs snapped together. Her arms did the same, behind her back forcing her to thrust out her chest. She tried to run, but her lower legs had sealed together this time as well as her thighs. 

Panic splashed over Tammy, for now not only was she gagged to well to scream for help, she was unable to flee at all. 

Not to mention that, during her all be it short struggle to maintain her balance her tight rubber skirt had slipped up over her ass. So she found herself standing bound, gagged and defenseless with all her very private parts uncovered in an empty dark parking lot with two characters, who in the past made it a point to ogle her. 

Both of whom now were staring lustfully at her with very evil grins on their faces. 

She could do nothing to stop them. However both looked to be completely stunned. Whether it was due to her sexy appearance or their opportune fortune neither seemed desirous to move. They just stood there staring at her, when the sound of the trunk popping open disrupted the quiet. 

"GRAB HER!" Chad Willows screamed to his cousin suddenly released from his catatonic spell. 

Thad quickly lunged around the door and locked his arms around Tammy, cupping a mammoth breast in each hand. Tammy instinctively squirmed in an effort to free herself from his grasp. This only forced his large paws deeper into her mountainous mounds. But, it also pushed the growing bulge in his pants against her hands. 

"OH MY GOD, CHAD... YUH AIN'T GONNA BELIEVE IT... THESE THINGS ARE FUCKIN' REAL!!!" Tammy heard him say as he pulled her tighter against himself. "And she's already grabbin' for my cock... Oh yeah take is easy babee, I'm gonna give it ta yuh..." 

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Tammy uselessly screamed at herself feeling her hands take on a will of their own. "DON'T, DON'T DO IT! STOPPP!!!" 

In an incredible feat of dexterity and against her will, Tammy's hands though stuck tightly together at her wrists had unzipped Thad's jeans, pulled his hardening cock from its cloth prison, and began stroking it diligently between her palms. 

"OH MAN! YEAH!!!" Thad loudly laughed feeling the tip of his cock press against her tight sphincter. "Wiggle dat ass bitch, send daddy home... Oh yeah that's it..." 

Tammy moaned loudly to herself as she felt the tip of his cock slowly pierce her anus. 

Several men over the years, from her older teens until she met Mike, had enjoyed her sex. But none had taken her anally. It had remained virgin territory until that first Halloween weekend with Mike. And losing that part of her virginity then and there wasn't his idea as she suddenly recalled. 

Mike had bound her three or four different ways that first night, not touching her sexually in any of them. He just enjoyed watching her struggles, as he still does; never wanting to confuse their lovemaking with bondage sex. After several hours, and many, many climaxes on her part, finally he released her and carried her up to the bedroom where they made passionate love until well into the morning. 

After some sleep, breakfast, and a few more hours of passionate lovemaking he once more began binding and gagging her in very stimulating ways and positions. 

That was when fate stepped in and planted within her a seed of lust and desire for anal sex when she was bound. 

Mike had tied her on all fours to a 6-foot long 4-inch by 4-inch wooden beam that lay on the floor, by her wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. He also tied her knees to her elbows as well. Then he used a set of nipple clamps connected together by a short chain, which he had run beneath the beam, forced her to keep her chest and head down and her ass up. 

He was teasing her sex with his finger when he brushed over her anus. 

Shivers of titillation rushed through her, forcing her to moan loudly over the 3½-inch diameter red ball gag stuffed behind her teeth and lips. After brushing over her anus several more times he saw the pleasure she was receiving, so he lubed and inserted a finger, soliciting even louder and more heated moans from her. A second, then third finger followed, which caused her to beg through the gag for a fourth. 

A warm feeling of pleasure rushed over her as Tammy remembered the sensations. First a tickle, then the pressure, followed quickly by the enormous pain. This quickly subsided and led to a massive orgasmic pleasure. 

Mike's amazed laugh at this still rang in her ears. 

She turned her head as much as she could, staring into his blue eyes, then glancing down at his enormous hard cock and back. When she wiggled her ass at him, the astonished look she saw in his eyes would always remain imbedded firmly in her memory. And as if reading her mind, he moved behind her. She can still feel the cold bite of the cool lubricating gel as he poured more of it in and around her anus. 

"Are you sure?" He said in a love filled whisper. 

She nodded her head yes and several minutes later, after the pain eased and the pleasure returned, she felt his rhythmically thrusting cock suddenly enlarge and pulsate spewing his warm semen into her, causing an awe inducing orgasm to wash over her. 

That evening, as they lay naked on a blanket in front of the crackling fire in the fireplace, she softly stroked his stiffening cock with her hand and looked over into his smiling face. She rose to her knees and straddled his hips, letting her wet moist pussy barely touch the tip of his cock. Looking deep into his eyes, she quietly whispered. 

"Promise me, after we marry, when I'm tied like that or similarly, you will not hold back and always enjoy yourself completely with my ass." 

He smiled and nodded. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him long and deep as she lowered herself onto his cock and rode him to another mutual climax. 


The familiar pain along with Thad's shouts and wild manic thrusts brought Tammy back from her thoughts. It was only then she realized, her body had been thrusting backward in rhythm to him and was itself on the verge of a huge orgasm. 

Her body tensed and sphincter muscles contracted, tightening around his pulsating rod as he filled her anal canal with his warm cum. Tammy was amazed that his ejaculation seemed to go on forever. 

Chad had been searching the trunk, but turned in time to stare into Tammy's eyes as Thad's climax sent her over the edge as well. 

"MMMMMOOOOOO,MMMMMAAAAAHHHH!!!" Tammy silently screamed into the gags keeping her quiet as the orgasm drained the strength from her body. 

Her legs felt weak and she was only able to stand because she was still impaled on Thad's hard shaft. 

Tammy sensed Chad had waited for her to finish before she heard him tell Thad to bring her over to him. 

"She may'uh been a fighter, but I think now, she's a lovah..." Thad laughed lifting her limp body more firmly against his chest and letting her slide down driving his still hard cock deeper into her as he carried her toward his cousin. "Now, what da we do?" 

"We take her inside... Afta seein' her do dat, I'm sure Shane and Riley will wanna party with her... I know ah do..." Chad grinned and answered looking up from the open presents he held. "An if they don't, we'll take her home fer gramps..." 

Tammy glanced up at Chad hearing his comment. Having their grandfather see her like this would not be good, but being helplessly left to the wiles of four young horny uncontrollable men would be worse. 

However, Tammy felt a strange anticipation growing inside her at the thought of that and she couldn't dismiss it. 

"Yeah, I think they'll wanna party with her, too. Speshly, afta I tell em what Mrs. Big Tits, here, did..." Thad laughed lifting her body up his shaft and letting it slide back down again several times. "She'll be a whole lot more fun, than them college bitches... Just look at thees tits... And she really likes ta take it up da ass..." 

Chad nodded his head in agreement and reached into one of the opened gift boxes and pulled an inflatable dildo and butt plug from it. 

"Thees'll keep her ready for action..." He said holding the butt plug out for Thad. "But, you'll hafta get your dick outta her first though. While ya do that, I'll put this in her cunt. Thar's also a ton'o rope in this box. And that'un is full of leather straps. Afta ya put in da butt plug, strap her legs tugetha... I'll fill her cunt wit dis and use da rope on her arms and tits..." 

"Why yuh wanna do dat? She hain't getting' away! Her arms and legs is stuck together!" Thad replied. "And she's limp as one ah dem ragdolls..." 

"I'd feel better knowin' fer sure she can't get free..." Chad said looking up into Tammy's eyes. "Thees is all filled with leather straps and rope... What was yuh plannun' on doin' with them, Mrs. Big Tits..." 

Tammy knew it was useless to, but she tried to answer. Perhaps they would, in a moment of abnormal compassion, help her. But no sound passed the rubber corset covering her mouth. Her green eyes widened as she watched him uselessly try to wiggle a finger between her cheek and the rubber material. 

Tammy saw the devilish look fill his eyes and the fear inside her increased. But so did the warmth growing between her legs. 

Chad reached out and grabbed her left nipple and twisted it hard. 

"AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!" Tammy loudly screamed, but no sound could be heard. 

"She's not gonna' be able ta yell fer help... So you'll be a good lil' cunt while we're puttin' thees in yuh won't yuh..." Chad laughed, triumphantly, wiggling the dildo deep into Tammy's vulva and inflating it fully as Thad did the same with the butt plug. "After we tie her, you run ahead and tell Shane and Riley we got em a Christmas elf fer a gift. And give em these, too. I didn't mess wit them cause they got their names on em. I'll just toss Mrs. Big Tits ovah mah shoulder like a sack o taters and bring her on in behind ya..." 

Thad reluctantly at first, then getting more turned on after he inserted and filled the butt plug, strapped Tammy's legs tightly at her ankles, above and below her knees, and her thighs, while Chad used the rope on her arms and chest. 

Tammy moaned softly as they inserted and inflated the dildo and butt plug. But quietly she gave thanks for as long as those were in her, their cocks would not be. 

After they finished tying her, Tammy was amazed. She didn't think her legs and arms could feel more restricted. But with each tightly notched strap and cinched rope she felt more and more helpless and at their mercy. 

She could feel the different straps as they were tightened on her legs. However it was her reflection in her car window of Chad's roping expertise that grabbed her attention.

She had had her upper body bound very securely many times by Mike, so she had no choice but to appreciate this binding. Not only had Chad wrapped the rope separately around her arms, he also wrapped more of it around her chest and arms as well. Only her, now enormous, breasts were uncovered by the tightly tied cord. And he had cinched the cord along the sides which tightened the rope around the base of her breasts so tightly they had swelled to an even larger size. 

Tammy thought they looked as disproportionately large as some of the super heroines breasts in the comic books in Mike's collection. Not to mention, they were already beginning to turn a nice noticeable shade of purple. 

With little effort Chad turned Tammy to face him and hoisted her over his shoulder. The pressure from the butt plug and dildo as he bent her over his shoulder sent a wave of arousal through her. 

Tammy tried to resist the urges, but her body overruled her mind. As soon as her tightly bound breasts began slamming up and down against Chad's back as he walked toward the video store door, she could not hold back anymore and a massive orgasm hit her once again. 

She felt her cheeks burn red with embarrassment when Chad laughed and said something about if she enjoyed riding on his shoulder this much she'll really love riding his cock. 

"They're in da office," Tammy heard Thad yell as she saw the upside down parking lot disappear through the store's closing doors. 

She also saw full video shelves pass by as Chad weaved his way through the aisles heading toward a door near the back of the store. She could hear Thad's voice getting louder as he bragged about fucking her in the ass out in the parking lot which sent another wave of embarrassment and humiliation through her. 

Their voices grew louder and it sounded to Tammy like neither of the twins believed Thad, which she hoped. Two more young hulking hunks trying to pop her in the ass was not what she needed right now. Yet she could still feel how thick Thad's cock felt as it slammed in and out of her. 

Suddenly, the old saying about being young, hung, and full of cum, sprang into her head, and brought a much needed chuckle to her gagged lips. 

"Well, he's definitely young and hung." She actually laughed to herself, then feeling something like a large amount of cum seep out from her ass and flow onto her right buttock, thought. "EEEEWWW!! And full of cum!" 

Chad twisted through the doorway and Tammy felt herself nearly slip from his shoulder, which quickly turned her thoughts back to her dire circumstance. She lifted her head as much as she could to get a look around. 

She saw they had just entered the twins' small office. Both of them were seated behind a large desk with Thad somewhere off to their left, by the sound of his voice. 

The sound of paper being ripped and torn interrupted Thad's pleas for them to believe him. Which were suddenly replaced with all three of their voices speaking incoherently, followed by deep guttural laughs echoing off the office walls.

All of which came to a dead silence when Chad entered the room carrying their bound and gagged play-purdy. 

"HOT DAMN! You were telling the truth, it is her... Are you sure these are from her?" Shane asked as he stepped around the desk. "I mean with these she'll be in for a long night... How'd she get them anyway, I didn't think they were on the market yet." 

"They're not!" Riley replied. "And, the stuff she gave me isn't for private use either. But hey, if she's wanting to party by giving this stuff to us to use... Well I don't want to let her down... And from what I've heard about those pills once you take one, you better be ready to party. Cause it starts to work right away and only lasts for an hour." 

He stood and joined his brother in admiring the bound redhead over Chad's shoulder. 

"But, I hear you can take another after that and then another a hour after that." Riley grinned running a hand between Tammy's mashed right breast and Chad's back. "That is if you want to remain rock hard and keep on cumming..." 

Tammy moaned softly as he playfully pinched and fondled her overly sensitive nipple.

"Four bottles of EVERHARD PILLS... Four of us..." Shane grinned as he lifted Tammy up by her rubber covered chin to look into her face. "I guess you really want to party... Well you're in luck, the four of us were planning to party and we have an opening for a member of the opposite sex... So you are cordially invited to our party..." 

"I think she's accepting... And look, she has also kindly thought to provide the entertainment for us as well the means to keep that entertainment entertained..." Riley added with a spark of devilishness in his tone. 

The others' loud sinister laughter sent a chill down Tammy's spine. But, she also sensed a spark of aroused anticipation inside of her as well. 

Tammy's mind jumped to an article she had read about those pills in one of Mike's men's magazines. Riley was right, one pill could keep a man's penis fully erect, not just fully erect actually enlarge it, for over an hour. The article also stated that after an hour it quickly dissipated from the system so another pill could be taken and after another hour, another pill and so on, with no lingering side effects. 

That little fact added to the fear chill tickling her spine, but added as well to the uncontrollable arousal filling her. 

Also, if she remembered correctly, which she did, the article mentioned that each pill increased the amount of sperm produced and semen expelled during ejaculation. This accounted for the higher rate of pregnancy among the female partners of those testing the pill. 

But, as she recalled the massive amount of cum Thad unloaded into her a few moments ago without the aid of a semen producing pill, this could also create an enormous problem for her considering she is completely under the control of these four young semen producing guns. 

Chad let Tammy slowly slide down his chest as he removed her from his shoulder. She could feel the enormous bulge in his pants and her nipples enjoyed the feeling of rubbing against his muscular chest. Those unexpected feelings caused her to take deep heavy breaths through her nose. This drew a long lustful stare at her heaving breasts, from the large young man. 

As she looked up at him, it was then she noticed he was nearly as large as Mike. She also had seen those lust filled stares before and could read the thoughts behind them. 

He circled her rope covered corseted waist with his hands and easily lifted her up into the air. 

Her eyes, then gagged mouth passed his face and didn't stop. Her neck and shoulders were the next to pass, and she still didn't stop her ascent. It wasn't until her well bound balloon shaped breasts were parallel to his grinning eyes that she stop rising. 

"AAAAHHHH, ARRRGGG, AAAAHHHHH..." She loudly moaned into the gags silencing her as he mauled her left, then right breast with his ravenous mouth. 

He sucked and bit each nipple and buried his face in each of the purple colored mounds. Back and forth, from one to the other he bounced, sending sizzling scorches of pain and pleasure through her. 

Her bound body writhed in his hands, twisting and turning with each delightful reaction to his attack. 

Her body's enjoyment of this spirited attack on her sensitive mounds overrode Tammy's mind and helped her to ignore the gasps and catcalls from the three jealous observers eager to join in. 

Was it minutes or hours that he held her aloft and devoured her breasts, Tammy wasn't sure or didn't care. Her body had once again taken control. And over her mind's continual protest, it craved more and more of his and the others attentions. 

Her eyes and moans were begging the others to join in. 

"I take it the party has started," Shane said loud enough to grab Chad's attention. "I thought she was a gift for us all...." 

"Yur'right..." Chad slowly responded lowering Tammy to her bound booted feet and turning her around to face Shane. "Kinda got carried away... Couldn't hep meself. Yer turn." 

With that, Shane Thompson pounced, groping both her breasts in his hands and burying his face between them. 

Tammy let out a soft unheard moan when he reached down and cupped a handful of her unshaven pussy as his fingers split her labia. 

"OH MAN! SHE SUCKED TWO OF MY FINGERS INTO HER CUNT!" Shane yelled with an expression of disbelief on his face after pulling his head from the mounds of pleasure where it had been buried. "SHE REALLY WANTS IT..." 

"I told yuh, she was hotterin' a firecracker and hornier than a rabbit..." Thad said stepping behind and reaching around Tammy to cup a breast in each hand. "These things er REAL! And I think they're evin bigger now than afor..."

"We're going to need more room than this to enjoy our entertainment," Shane laughed and winked at Riley. "Bro, you think she knows about our side business? She'd be perfect to be our next starlet..." 

"You're right, that's good thinking... What is the matter with me..." Riley said, slapping his forehead in mock shock. "I should have been filming all along... I'll get a camera..." 

"Wait" Shane called. He turned pulling his fingers from Tammy's very wet and hungry pussy. "I think we need to move this party to the 'studio'...After all, we've each got a bottle of EVERHARD pills to use. And with Andy running the store tomorrow, we've got all night and all day to film..." 

"Yeah, that's right..." Riley grinned and opened the closet door at the back of the office. "And, we just got that extra shipment of film. Perfect..." 

"How we gonna' get ur there without ur bein' seen?" Thad asked, easily wiggling three of his thick fingers into Tammy's slit as Shane turned away. 

"mmmmmmm...." Tammy moaned into her gags at the return of Thad's fingers. 

"STOP GIRL, YOU HAVE TO STOP... NO, IT FEELS SO GOOD... I WANT MORE, MORE, MORE!" Tammy's mind and body argued as Thad fingered her. 

Their conversations were slowly slipping away from Tammy. Her body eagerly awaiting whatever the next young man enjoyed. 

"With this..." Riley grinned, pulling a large old wooden pirate chest from the closet in the back of the office. "We used this for a display for that last Pirate movie. We just fold her up, then put her inside and carry her out. Anyone sees us, we're just removing some damaged videos from the store... But, I do want to get a close up of her before we put her in." 

Tammy tried to resist them forcing her into a sitting position and bending her knees until the heels of her boots touched her ass. 

It wasn't that she wanted to be free of the ropes. No, she now wanted and desired to feel each of them in her. 

The sound of tape being pulled from a roll came from behind her, which dragged her mind back and she forced it to take control. 

She couldn't turn her head to see Shane's gleeful grin, but she felt him stick the tape to her shoulder and pull it around her left side. Between her calves and the back of her thighs she felt him pull the roll. Coming back around he pulled it tighter, forcing her lower thighs and knees to mash her ballooned breasts. 

Tammy's body quivered from the needle like sparks of pain racing from her breasts into her body sending a thousand tingles of erotic pleasure through her. 

By the time he had turned her into a tape bundled package by wrapping five loops of the red duct tape around her back and thighs and eight loops around her ankles, shins, and back, those tingles had transformed. They were now continual torrents of pleasure pushing her body toward the climax she desired, but knew would only egg her four captors on. 

Shane and Chad started to lift her, when Riley stopped them. 

"Just a sec... Need to do this first..." He said, reaching for the elf hat and ears. 

He pulled them from Tammy's head and tossed them into the chest. Then he held a large black leather blindfold in front of her. 

Tammy tried to shake her head no, but the rubber mouth corset prevented her from fighting as he tightly buckled it over her face. She tried to shake it free, but it ran from her hairline to below her nose, which poked through an opening to keep the thing from sliding up or down. 

"Just to make sure she can't see where we're going. And it'll hide her identity until we decide to show who our starlet is. That can be the final scene." He winked at Shane. "We'll need to wear masks, too... Don't wants to be identified..." 

He handed the others three ski masks as well, then lifted a video camera.

"Smile darlin', you're on Thompson T.V." He laughed slowly panning back and forth, up and down Tammy's bound body. "Lets get our starlet all packed away..." 

Tammy's body began screaming no. It wanted to be used, be forced to perform for her captors, not be put away in a box. 

And her mind agreed, but not for the same reasons. It, too, did not want to be hidden away in a box. Being carted off to 'who knows where' was not going help her escape or get to Chandra. Yet as she felt herself being lifted, she knew it was going to happen. She tried to twist and turn, but the tape held her tight. 

"Oh, man! She's a natural. Look at her play for the camera." She heard Riley laugh. "Yeah that's it slut, show me the goods. I can't wait to nail you..." 

Darkness was all she could see. And their voices were quickly muffled to silence by the top of the wooden chest being closed. 

"Now what are you going to do, girl?" Tammy asked herself as she felt the chest being lifted and carried. 

Chapter Six

Time for Tammy seemed at a stand still. Only the tingling tickles of the needle-like sparks of pleasurable pain from her crushed mounds filled her thoughts. Until, she heard the loud thunk and felt the chest hit the floor. 

The squeak of hinges and the return of deep male voices told her they were opening the chest. 

She felt a cool breeze on her sweaty skin as she felt herself being lifted from the chest and placed on a hard cold slab. 

She felt fingers begin prying at the tape and the pull of it being removed from her rubber outfit. She tried to stretch after they freed her from the folded form she had been taped in. But, they didn't release her form the true bonds that held her tight. 

She was lifted to her booted feet and left to waver uneasily on unsteady legs. 

"I figure we'll need to film while we're removing these blockades," Riley said, as she felt a tug on the dildo. "Then, we'll play it by ear and put it all together in editing. I'm sure Mrs. Dufrane will be much more receptive than the majority of our other starlets. What do you say, Mrs. Dufrane. Are you going to be a willing actress or do we need to keep you bound for your acting debut?" 

"She can't answer ya. She's gagged real good," Thad spoke up. "Gonna hafta cut that rubber suit loose around her mouth, if ya want her at answer ya... Gonna hafta cut it fer sure if we're gonna use her mouth ..." 

Tammy felt someone try to pry a finger between her cheek and the rubber. 

"Well, I'll be... Man, that's gagged... I've gotta wonder who did this to her and why they let her go?" She recognized Shane Thompson's voice. "Get me a pair of scissors, I'll cut it. I want to feel her mouth wrapped around my dick..." 

"You ASSHOLES aren't going to cut anything," Tammy heard her voice speaking. "Listen dumbass, all you need to do is remove my belt. It powers everything, stupid redneck hicks... I don't know how you two fools are still in business, especially hanging around with those two idiots..." 

"YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH!" She heard Shane, Thad, and Chad yell as one. 

Tammy sensed them moving closer and prepared herself to be struck. 

"Whoa, whoa, hold on there... We don't want any marks on her..." Riley's voice calmly halted whatever they were about to do. "Let's see what this does before we go off half cocked..." 

She felt the belt loosen and the gag plug slowly begin to deflate. 

But, due to the extra bonds she could not tell if her limbs were truly free of VanNorkin's dress or not. 

However, the sound of air escaping from her gag silenced the grumbles of the three and she felt someone tinkering with the zipper behind her head. 

The sound of a zipper followed by the pressure from the mouth and neck corset easing, then disappearing as it was rolled away from her skin sent a sliver of hope into her mind. And when the deflated plug was pulled from her mouth with a loud 'POP', her hope grew. 

Then, she felt someone pull on the strap holding the ring gag tightly in her mouth. 

"Interesting... With this padlocked on it appears our starlet isn't going to be needing a script with lines..." She heard Riley muse. "Other than a few mmmphs and garbled begging's for more that is." 

Tammy's growing balloon of hope burst!

"Well she isn't gonna need dat rubber skirt," Chad's voice loudly grumbled. "Call me a idiot, bitch... We'll see what ya call me after I slam my 14-inches o meat in your ass..." 

She heard the sound of a knife blade opening and felt the rubber skirt being cut away at her waist from the rest of the dress. 

"I still want first dibs on her mouth," She heard Shane say. "Call me a dumbass... You're going to suck on this for a while, bitch..." 

"Wait!" Riley once more spoke, but his voice sounded distant. "I want to catch her expression on film when she sees what you're going to give her." 

Tammy squinted when the light hit her eyes as the blindfold was removed. 

She slowly opened them to see Riley's smiling face and a Catwoman mask he held in front of her. 

"Can't let you be recognized this soon in the movie, can I..." he laughed, pulling it around her face and over her head, sealing her red hair and the padlock inside the mask after lacing it tight. "We couldn't remove that lock anyway. Now it looks like she can't wait to suck our dicks..." 

"Right! Like I said, I'm first!" Shane said unzipping his pants and pulling his large menacing cock out. 

Tammy looked down and blinked. It was easily over a foot long and nearly three inches thick. An unsurprising wave of disgust rose in her. But, to her astonishment it was overridden by an urgent compelling desire to suck the monstrous thing into her mouth. 

The lustful look in her eyes startled the huge young man.

"Wait bro, let's get the studio ready first." Riley said touching his brother's arm. "We want to get everything on film, man. I don't know about you three, but I plan on having everything I do to with her on film to watch anytime I like..." 

The other three hesitated and then agreed. 

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? YOU DON'T WANT TO SUCK HIS..." Tammy's mind screamed at her body. 

But, her body scoffed and her eyes gave Shane a 'come on up and see me sometime' leer. 

Chad and Thad carried her a few steps away. And as they forced her to kneel against a metal post in the floor protruding straight up 3 feet into the air, Tammy ran her tongue sensually around the ring and her lips. 

"STOP THAT!" Her mind screamed, but she continued even while they forced the post between her mountainous breasts. 

Thad held her tightly against the post while Chad looped rope around and around her breasts forcing them to lovingly hug the cold metal 4-inch thick upright. The cold post sent a shiver through her body which only encouraged her nipples to harden even more. 

"Holy shit! Dat rope is makin her nips fuckin bigga..." Chad blurted out as he finished tying the thin cord around Tammy's breasts and the pole. 

Thad stared at the enlarging knobs as he wrapped rope around Tammy and the post above her breasts. 

"I wanna suck an bite dem things," he drooled as he looped more rope around Tammy and the post at her thighs and waist. 

Tammy felt the last loops of rope mash her nether region firmly against the post, including the bottom part of the dildo. 

"Use this to keep her interested," Riley laughed tossing Thad a large massaging wand. "Just tie it to the post and plug it in. Should send some nice vibrations through the metal...." 

"Oh no!" Tammy's mind gasped. "Once that get going I'll be out of control." 

"MMMMMMAAAAA, MMMMMMMOOOOO!!" Tammy loudly protested as soon as Thad plugged in the massager and the sound of a steady buzz began echoing in the warehouse. "MMMMMMMAAAAAAOOOOOO!!!." 

Knowing her body wouldn't resist the wondrous assault of the massager for long, Tammy tried to quickly take stock of the studio. But the vibrations raced through the post to the dildo and directly onto her clit. Moments later, her body thanked them with a huge orgasmic show. 

Less than 3 minutes after her climatic panting eased, another orgasmic show entertained the four young men and after that another followed by another. 

All four had stopped what they were doing and stood motionless staring at her in disbelief. 

"Tell... me... you... filmed... that!" Shane Thompson said zombie like after breaking out of his mesmerized trance. 

"Oh yeah!" Riley answered grinning from ear to ear. "From three different camera angles..." 

Due to the continual torment of forced blissful arousal, Tammy was only able to take brief glances around the studio. 

It looked to be an old warehouse. The ceiling was easily 16-feet high with several cables running back and forth between the many block and tackle systems connected by rope to dozens of pulleys throughout. These, she assumed, were used to move the set walls that were standing scattered around here and there. With them they could make this place into whatever type of room needed, especially with all the various pieces of furniture scattered about. 

There were many normal items like beds, tables, sofas, and chairs. But, it was the odd items like a cage, a thick single pedestal table with a top in the shape of an X, a small rocking horse, and a gynecologist's examination table that drew her attention and also added to her mounting arousal. 

The light from some lighting fixtures Chad and Riley were moving reflected off different places on the walls and floor. That was when Tammy noticed various sized eyebolts placed around each wall, as well as in the ceiling and the floor. 

But, the things that increased Tammy's fear the most increased her arousal factor as well were the dozen or so video cameras on tripods that Thad and Shane were moving all around. They were going to film whatever they did to her from many more angles than one.

Between two eye closing climaxes, she watched Riley take the camera he had used for filming so far and mount it to an aerial system just below the ceiling. 

"My God!" Tammy thought. "That will let them move a camera freely around above the room and film me." 

"The climactic movie ending will be her ultimate humiliation and unmasking," Riley said, as the four men approached her. "But, scene one needs to be her oral gratitude to us for making her a star... Bro you're up first..." 

Tammy could do nothing but stare up at Shane, who after stripping and donning a leather burglar mask stepped up to the post with his rock hard cock aimed at the ring gag. 

Her mind screamed out "NO!". But her mouth greedily accepted the huge hunk of meat and the quick coming flow of warm cum that spewed from its length after just a few thrusts. It seemed to Tammy he had just slipped it through the ring when she felt it start pulsing and filling her mouth with his seed. 

As soon as Shane's cock emptied into her mouth, Chad's began, followed soon after by Thad and Riley's. 

Hours passed and to Tammy, she had been fucked and bound in every conceivable manner. From kneeling to give blow jobs, to hanging by her wrists from the ceiling with her legs bound outstretched to eyebolts in the walls so she could be double penetrated by each duo. First the twins, then the cousins took their turns at her. Followed by mix matching each family and of course they all had to be reversed. The one who fucked her pussy had to have a go at her ass on the next go round and vice versa. 

She couldn't keep up with the number of times the four came in her mouth, pussy and ass nor the number of her own amazing orgasms that ravaged her body. 

Tammy was however grateful, during the times her mouth wasn't being used by any of the four, for frozen penis shaped popsicles that were pushed through the ring gag for her to suck on. The cherry flavored ones turned out to be her favorite even though the grape ones were quite tastee as well. 

She also lost count of number of these she had consumed. 

She eventually found herself bound, by 3-inch wide leather straps, face down and spread out on the X-shaped table top. Her arms were strapped to it at her wrists, forearms, elbows and biceps, while her legs were held securely at her ankles, calves, knees and thighs. 

Her legs were splayed leaving her ass and pussy very available. She could feel the warm breeze from the heating vents blowing warm air into the warehouse. Her head was another matter. Tammy was tired and had nothing to help her hold it up so she let it droop and watched the drool puddle beneath her.

From the corner of her eye she saw the long stiff cock of one of her four assailants enter her line of sight. 

Then, after a loud grunt that sounded like Chad's voice, "WHOOOOSH" everything turned into a giant swirling blur as she and the table top spun on top of the pedestal. 

Around and around, faster and faster Tammy whirled. She felt as if she was about to vomit, when thankfully she began slowing.

A few revolutions later she had slowed enough that she thought she could make out four long thick hard cocks pass her at separate sides of the table. Each one level with her head and poised to entertain her. 

Tammy had a renewed feeling of depression in her mind when she heard two sad grumbles mixed with two hearty cheers when she stopped spinning. However, she could feel her body perk up in anticipation. 

"What dah ya chose cousin?" Chad's gleeful voice rang out above her head. "Pussy or ass? Yuh get ta pick... I get her mouth... Ya got yer camera rollin', Riley?" 

Tammy saw the length of Chad's huge hard penis wave in front of her eyes just before he lifted her head and slid it through the ring gag. Right then, Thad made his choice and slipped his massive meat into her very wet and welcoming pussy. 

"MMMMMAAAOOOHHHHMMMMM!!!" Tammy moaned over the penis filling her mouth and ring gag as both cousins began rhythmically pumping their hips in time with each other. 

It wasn't long before Tammy felt each thicken and pulsate, empting more of their seed into her, while she climaxed as well on cue to Riley's directorial delight. 

It was only moments later that she was sent spinning for a second time. This spin ended with Thad at her head and Chad getting his choice. 

The third spin started just as she took her second breath after swallowing all of the thick salty fluid Thad had emptied into her mouth. It ended with the same result. Except, this time Chad chose to use her ass instead of her pussy. 

Perhaps it was their lucky day or just a coincidence that for a dozen spins in a row Thad and Chad were in the right places, to the twins growing ire, and kept Tammy's mouth and lower openings busy. 

Tammy didn't know if it may have been the whirling or seemingly un-ending orgasms or both that began to wear away at her grit and determination. She only knew her resolve was being slowly zapped away. And no matter how hard she fought to keep it, she was losing. 

Fortunately for her, after the thirteenth spin and loss Riley decided it was time for a scene change. And while the Willows cousins were keeping Tammy's mouth and ass sexually active she heard him tell Shane they needed to set up the next shot. 

Before she had barely recovered from another explosive orgasm, the twins had retied her limbs to the legs of the rocking horse. Her head and ass were lifted high enough to service each of them as the horse rock back and forth. 

"Oh man, she's really into this," Shane whispered to Riley while he rear ended her and Riley kept her mouth filled with his long cock. "We are going to make a ton of money on these vids. We can't lose more appearances of "THE BOUND MASKED NYMPHO" by letting everyone know who she is." 

Riley nodded his head and looked down into Tammy's eyes. 

Tammy suddenly had a sinking feeling hit her. She realized he knew she had heard them. 

"So Mrs. Dufrane do we reveal to the world how much of a slut you truly are... Or do you agree to be our guest starlet, ready to perform on camera with us at a moment's notice..." Riley smiled. "I know a copy of this performance sent to the board of directors at your bank... Or one to the local television stations for their "Know Your Neighbors" segment on the news would be well received. Of course we could just play it on the Internet or on a continual basis on one of the store's DVD players. Everyone coming in could enjoy your performance..." 

Tammy's mind told her she needed to immediately agree. But her body refused and waited until he shot his load into her mouth to nod her head in agreement. It wasn't in the hope of getting any sympathy from him for waiting. No, her body waited because it knew she wanted to feel him cum in her mouth at the same time his brother exploded in her rear for a second time. 

"So, you are saying you agree to wholeheartedly be our sex starlet. To do everything we tell you to do without question..." Shane grunted, as he stepped around the rocking horse to stand in front of her. 

She started to look up, but stopped at the sight of his still hard cock pointing at her with cum slowly dripping from its tip.

To her body's delight he ordered Tammy to clean it as Chad silently took Shane's place at her rear. 

Tammy giddily moaned in surprise at Chad's entrance and stuck her tongue through the ring to greedily lick and lap at Shane's thick piece of meat without hesitation. 

Tammy knew deep down she did this not in an agreement to willingly become their new porn starlet. No, she knew she did this because her body had become their sex slave. And her mind, though not wanting to accept it, knew it was true as well. 

The burning problem eating away at Tammy was that her mind too was slowly giving way to join her body. 

Over and over, hour after hour, those damn pills help supply the unending parade of young hard cock that continued to push her body from one orgasm to another. Whether spewing into her mouth or ejaculating into her lower openings, the unyielding parade of hard penises continued to use her. 

She should have been totally exhausted, but after each mouthful of cum or each popsicle her body felt refreshed, renewed and to Tammy's horror very much desirous for more. 

But the thing that bothered Tammy the most and rang loudly in the back of her mind was how much she was beginning to enjoy herself. Being bound and gagged while having four fairly good sized men use you profusely should have sickened her. But the more they sexually assaulted and retied her, the more her anticipation for the next scene grew. 

These abnormal feelings hit her literally in the face while they filmed a scene Riley entitled "The Target". 

With her spread legs bound at the knees to eyebolts in the floor and her ankles bound to her thighs, she straddled a large ribbed dildo on a pneumatic shaft. As the shaft rose up and down, forcing the dildo in and out of her very overworked pussy she used her hands, which were bound palm to palm in front of her to masturbate each of the four. The main object of the scene, according to Riley, was to see how many times with them standing at arms length could she catch their loads through the ring gag in her mouth without getting any elsewhere. 

What hit her as peculiar wasn't how humiliating and demeaning this was to her, but how upset she became with herself when instead of catching Thad's cum in her mouth she misjudged his ejaculation and it hit her face instead. It angered her so much that she broke a solid string of 16 successful catches in a row that she had immediately began begging over the ring gag for their forgiveness and pleading with them to allow her to have a do over instead of moving on to another scene. 

That was when she suddenly realized what she had gotten so upset over wasn't the fact of what she was doing, but that she had disappointed her four captors. 

Tammy felt guilty, as if she had purposely cheated on Mike. 

She desperately wanted, no needed this to be over. 

Well, she actually desperately wanted to act like she wanted this over. But, deep inside her body was still in full anticipation for the next scene. 

A few more hours passed and Tammy had been rebound and taken seven ways from Sunday. Each time she remained bound, but her willing participation level increased. Deep down she wondered if they now even needed to tie her at all.

From the corner of her eye, as best as she was able, she watched Riley reset some of the cameras. She hung waist high from the ceiling parallel to the floor. The rest of her green rubber dress had been removed. Thankfully, they had left her boots on giving her skin some protection from her bindings. 

The Willows cousins were humping away at her, Chad at her mouth and Thad at her ass. Beneath her, lying on a roll away cot, Shane Thompson mauled her breasts and nipples with his mouth and teeth as he thrust his hips up off the cot, plunging his increasing length of hard manhood into her pussy. He and Thad had excellent timing, thrusting in and out as one. 

Tammy wasn't sure how many times they had cum. She only knew they were popping EVERLAST pills now very frequently and she swallowed gulp after gulp of Chad's cum as the other two filled her lower openings to over flowing. It was only Riley's voice, informing them the cameras were ready that gave her a short reprieve. 

She mindlessly let them untie her from the ceiling and position her for the next scene. 

Chad lay on the rolling cot with Tammy lying on her back on his chest. Her thigh booted legs dangled unbound off the sides of the cot as he thrust his now more than 15-inches of rock hard meat into her ass. Shane was standing at the foot of the cot steadily pumping his long cock into her pussy. 

Tammy's head was turned to the right and she was enjoying Thad's long thick morsel with her mouth. He robotically stood next to the cot and pumped away at her mouth. Riley had knelt straddling her with his knees on the edge of the cot. His long shaft tightly entrenched between her mountainous breasts tit fucking her. He had already spewed what seemed to her a gallon of cum over the side of her head and neck. It tickled as it oozed down her skin on the side of her neck. 

The other three had climaxed as many times as well. She too, had climaxed at least four times in this position already and was very close to a fifth when fate stepped in again. 

Thad grunted loudly and screamed as he sent more than several mouthfuls of cum into her before he stepped back and collapsed to the floor against an armchair. Tammy opened her eyes in time to see his eyes slowly close and his head fall back against the seat. Snoring sounds quickly rose from him. Riley slipped from his kneeling position to take Thad's place just as she felt his brother Shane's cock spew its contents into her pussy. From the corner of her eye she saw him fall back into another chair and close his eyes as well. 

"Wow! You wore them out!" Riley half heartedly quipped. "But don't worry I'm still cocked and loaded..." 

He pushed his cock past the ring and Tammy willingly took it as deep into her throat as she could. 

He came twice more and she once before he sprawled next to Thad against the armchair in restful slumber. 

Tammy slowly raised her head. She could hear a soft rhythmic snoring sound from beneath her. Chad had joined the others at some point. His cock was still rock hard and deeply embedded in her ass. 

"A chance to escape!" Her mind roared at her, but her body didn't want to cooperate. 

Tammy had to waste precious minutes arguing with her body before it succumbed to her mind's will and slowly eased off Chad rising and falling chest. 

It wasn't easy even with her wrist bound together in front of her, he moved several times. But wiggling her way off his hard pole was much more difficult, because she had to fight her body's urgings to slide up and down it while she fingered herself to another orgasm. 

Prevailing, she found a knife to free her wrists. She gathered what was left of her dress and retrieved the elf hat, ears and belt from the pirate chest and found an unlocked door. 

The moon and stars lit up the night sky. Tammy was right about it being an old warehouse building. She followed the sides attempting to remain inconspicuous. 

Then she saw it. 

It was her chance for freedom. Her car was parked near another doorway. 

Her vision nervously bounced in every direction; from her car to the doorway to her left and to her right, until she made her way to her car. 

The driver door was unlocked and she breathed a sigh of relief at seeing the key in the ignition. Tossing the remnants of the latex dress, belt, hat and elf ears into the seat she chanced one more glance around. 

"MMMOOOO!!!" She screamed into the ring gag, as a strong arm circled her waist and pulled her away from the vehicle. "MMMMOOO, MMMEMMMPPP!" 

"They ain't no'un round ta hear yuh, but, us..." Chad Willows laughed pulling her backward against his chest. "Yuh left da party witout sayin' g'bye...." 

"Besides we weren't finished filming yet," Shane Thompson added stooping down to gather her kicking boot covered legs in his arms.

"And you never got to see what my gift was..." Riley Thompson smiled reaching into the gift wrapped box in his hand. "Yes, these will be quite helpful now, I do believe." 

He pulled a small brown bottle and a 6-inch wide strip of cloth nearly 2-feet long with a 5-inch square thick cotton pad in the middle from the box. 

Feeling her freedom dashing away, Tammy uselessly fought like a wild cat trying to break the grip of the two large men holding her tight. But her eyes were glued on Riley as he pour some of the liquid from the bottle onto the cotton pad. 

Thad Willows stepped over next to his cousin. In his hand three long pieces of white cord dangled menacingly. 

"MMMMMOOO, MMMMOOOO, MMMMMMOOOO..." Tammy protested, as he bound her wrist together behind her with one piece, cinching it tightly. "MMMMAAAAA!" 

With the first of the other two he circled her elbows also bringing them completely together before cinching them. He wrapped the second around her arms and body, locking them together as well. 

"Now, tie this around her lower face while I get the camera..." Riley said to Thad handing him the cotton pad and cloth. "When I say action, let her down. I want to see how far she can run with a chloroform gag." 

Thad tied the ends of the cloth behind Tammy's head. 

The sweet and sour aroma of the anesthetic wafted into her nostrils and she held her breath as she felt him tighten the cloth around her lower face. 

With the pad easily covering her nose and mouth, Tammy's mind told her it was useless to run or fight the drugs effects. But, as the cloth tighten forcing the pad into her nasal openings and the ring gag, her body instinctively acted. 

"ACTION!" Riley yelled. 

Tammy felt her feet hit the parking lot and with a firm shove from Chad she felt herself stumble away from the four men. 

"Don't breath, don't breath, don't breath..." She ordered herself. "Find something to rip this thing off your face..." 

Her eyes searched for anything sharp to cut the cloth from her face. She ran wildly around searching, ignoring the snide remarks of her captors fading behind her. 

Then, she saw it. 

A ragged piece of metal sticking out from one of the old signs near the edge of the parking lot. 

"Get to that and get this thing off your face, girl!" Her mind was now in tune with her body as she sprinted for the object. 

Tammy could feel her lungs burning, her need for oxygen quickly increasing. 

"Only a few more steps," her mind cried out. 

But her need for air won out and she took a short breath. 

Her head began spinning and without thinking Tammy took another breath. This one deeper and longer. 

Tammy urged her legs onward, but her head spun even more and her vision grew blurry. 

Yet, she continued her attempt to flee. 

Each step she made toward her goal became harder to take than the previous one. Her feet felt heavier with each breath and step. 

Her steps became smaller and slowed. 

With a soft whimper Tammy felt herself drop to her knees. She felt her chest heaving with each drugged breath. 

The men's voices were becoming louder, yet sounded distant. 

She knew her ability to remain upright was waning. 

In a final desperate attempt for freedom Tammy forced her body up and got to her feet. 

Then she fell backward into the waiting arms of Shane Thompson. 

"We're not through with you yet... Mrs. Dufrane..." He whispered into her ear as she quietly drifted off into the darkness. 

story continued in part 4


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