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Tammy's Bondage Application

by SouthernTied

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story continues from part four

Part Five

Chapter Nine

The sight before her filled Tammy with anger and horror. 

Nora Ruth and her as hideously evil sidekick Gina were deliriously jovial as they methodically wrapped Chandra's crossed arms to her body just below her breasts with the very familiar looking medical bandages Tammy had seen in her dream.

Chandra's folded arms boxed her breasts, helping the skin tight bandages to shape and mold them into perfect twin mounds rising into the sky. The super absorbent self-adhering elastic bandages stuck to her like a second skin, even making her erect nipples look even thicker and fuller as they pointed upward. 

And with each breath, Chandra's shapely mounds rose toward the heavens in worship eliciting many snide comments form the giggling duo. 

Tammy couldn't help but admire her friend's figure as well. The way the wrap defined Chandra's body from her shapely legs to her shoulders sent a sensuously warm but chilling tingle through Tammy. 

"They've wrapped her at least twice already with those wide bandages from her shoulders to toes." Tammy's mind assumed as she studied her friend's figure more closely trying to keep her thoughts occupied and avoid thinking of Chandra's future.

She couldn't help but imagined the wonderful feelings Chandra was having of the wrappings hugging her body. 

"And they're going to use this third wrap to tightly secure her legs together and her arms to her chest like an ancient mummy." Tammy's mind deduced. "There's no way Chandra will be able to escape on her own. She can barely wiggle as it is." 

Tammy had to fight off a wave of jealousy that suddenly rose within her at the sight. But the longer she stared at her friend's bound form the more her body's desire to swap places with her increased. 

She could see how stiff and immobile Chandra's legs and body were becoming. Her legs looked nearly unbendable in the tight wrappings. And the wrap appeared to lock Chandra's ankles in place keeping her individually wrapped toes spread apart and pointed upward. 

Tammy thought back to the several times Mike had wrapped her in several rolls of his athletic elastic ace bandages. It was a bit difficult to move with one wrap holding her legs together and her arms to her sides. And when he put a second wrapping around her 'forget about it' she was there until he wanted her free. 

But to have her limbs and torso individually wrapped before adding a second and third wrapping, Tammy seriously doubted if Chandra would have even a millimeter of wiggle room by the time they have finished. 

Tammy followed the sleek lines of the wraps up Chandra's body to her neck where she saw a black hard rubber neck and mouth corset holding Chandra's head rigid. It looked very similar to the one that was part of the dress she had worn in her dream world. But this one had a half inch diameter black rubber tube sticking out through the center part of the mouth corset. 

Tammy saw Chandra's nostrils flare and her breaths increase as soon as she became aware of Tammy's presence. 

"You've got a visitor, love. Think she'd like to play with your body for a while after we've finished with you?" Gina cooed in Chandra's ear loud enough for Tammy and the others to hear. 

"DAMN THEM!" Tammy yelled into the gag as her anger increased with each gleeful cackle and taunt she heard the two vile women make. 

They lifted and turned Chandra so she could face Tammy as they wrapped a fourth round of the special material tightly around Chandra's torso. 

"Your sweet little playmate has learned to enjoy our world of bondage..." Nora snickered glancing quickly at Tammy. "She has learnt there is much to enjoy, things you already knew seeing how you were born to be a pleasured citizen of our universe. You have no doubts as to the joys being bound and gagged bring. But she, she has had to learn them... And learn she has... I think she may be as good at climaxing while bound as you, if not better..." 

Nora teased both of Chandra's bandage covered nipples until the wrapped woman's loud moans filtered all be it in a whisper through the rubber gag. 

"See, she loves to have them teased while she's bound and gagged, don't you precious?" Nora laughed. "And I know very well that her mouth and tongue are quite talented... Fantastic even... I now know why Natasha Sweet stopped returning my calls after she met this little muff diver here..." 

Chandra's green eyes locked onto Tammy's and with great difficulty she tried to speak. 

Tammy heard nothing, but the fear she read in those beautiful green orbs instantly sent Tammy's own fear into orbit. 

This proved a poor help in Tammy's continual struggle with her own body. 

The huge dildo tormenting her continued its duty by pushing her body toward a very unwanted orgasm. And her body was joyfully willing to accept that pleasure. 

The added sight of her friend being bound in such an inescapable but sensually delicious way, added to her worries. Tammy's hesitations were quickly overpowered, vaulting her arousal far beyond all of her other emotions. 

Tammy had to force herself to break eye contact with her friend and turn her head in embarrassment as a violent wave of sexual pleasure visibly swept over her. 

Tammy strained against her bonds as her body involuntarily quivered and her loud muffled moans of pleasure displayed her enjoyment of the massive orgasmic jolt that overcame her. 

"I take that back..." Nora Ruth said glibly breaking the hushed silence of the room's occupants as she kept her eyes trained totally on Tammy. "You still are number one!" 

"DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!" Tammy cursed herself afterward for allowing herself to loose control once again to her body and letting it betray her lifelong friend in such a way. 

"Now that shouldn't have been, but was totally unexpected... However, it was greatly appreciated Mrs. Dufrane..." James VanNorkin laughed. "I believe even Chandra has to appreciate that demonstration. I'm sure the anesthetic has worn off enough for her to comprehend what you just did. As I've said before, you could have a wondrous orgasm at anytime in anyplace." 

He had been watching his henchwomen and seemed to have been completely ignoring Tammy's arrival until that moment. 

"You just can't help yourself can you?" He taunted. "I know Karl's aphrodisiac we've been feeding you has helped keep your libido in overdrive, but this... To have such a show of massive pleasure in front of your best friend while she's being readied to be shipped off to a fate, that will be to you and her, her worse nightmare is extraordinary." 

Tammy turned and glared at the mustachioed beret covered man. 

"Glare at me all you want, nothing and no one is going to prevent dear sweet Chandra from falling at the feet of her master, offering to do anything he asks and begging him to fuck her brains out..." He added. "You see ten months ago there were legitimate bids offered for you. I kept track of the largest ones. Or should I say the two largest ones, which happen to be from two very wealthy middle eastern businessmen. Cousins actually, who have a very definite competitive nature. Especially, when competing against each other." 

He stepped behind Tammy as he spoke and retrieved the black backpack from its holding pouch. 

"Once I saw they had entered in the bidding, it was nothing to pit them against each other. Letting it slip that they were competing against each other motivated them to unbelievable offers." He bent down and smirked as he opened the backpack and drew out a small handful of diamonds. "When they both bid $15 million at the same time, I thought 'why not double my profits... So I told each they had the winning bid and accepted their offers." 

Tammy looked up at him puzzled. 

"How could I sell you to two bidders at the same time, you want to know..." He became almost giddy with triumph. "Mike actually gave me the way when he made that stupid suggestion I use a look-a-like to convince you your kidnapping was real. Really, I can't believe he didn't give me some credit for seeing her as a spy being placed in my ranks. You really have weakened his natural instincts for reading people. Anyway, with his gift of the spy solved my problem so I planned to sell you and her. But then I saw how closely Chandra resembles you as well. And a thought hit me... Why risk being caught by selling Mike's spy. Why not just use her as misdirection instead..." 

Tammy's eyes suddenly widened. From behind James VanNorkin she watched Nora and Gina pull a heavy rubber full body bag from beneath the table Chandra lay on. 

"Ah, yes you see the suit. They're going to slide Chandra into that rubber suit up to her neck and seal it. Once sealed, they'll fill it with Karl's aphrodisiac... No, not the diluted mixture you and she have been swallowing..." He moved his face right next to Tammy's. "But the fully concentrated form... Oh yes, Mrs. Dufrane by the time she is delivered to her master she will do anything to be brought to an orgasm. And after that, who knows she may become as much an orgasm machine as you are now...." 

"Mu mum mom ma mimch!" Tammy cursed at him. 

"What was that? I didn't quite understand you. Oh that's right! I forgot that penis gag in your mouth hasn't cum yet..." His smirk sent a wave of pure anger and fury over Tammy. "That can be corrected!" 

Tammy's eyes filled with worry. She had grown so accustomed to the gag being in her mouth that she had forgotten about it and began wildly shaking her head as he lifted a small black remote control and aimed it at her. 


The penis gag began pulsating and spewing the familiar tasting milkshake mixture into her mouth. Tammy tried to stop from swallowing it, but her body instinctively sucked on the deflating penis and gulped down the mixture as quickly as it spewed. Slowly the penis emptied of its contents and Tammy had to once more look away from Chandra as she uncontrollably sucked on the deflated piece of rubber until she had swallowed the last drop. 

Tammy angrily glared up at him once more as he beamed down at her. She knew he knew she couldn't resist the pleasure of feeling it ejaculate deep down into her throat. 

"That dose was at full potency. I dare say by the time we put you into your bandages and rubber suit you will be craving sex like a pretty bunny rabbit in full blown heat." He laughed running his finger along Tammy's cheek. "And by the time you reach your destination it will take no time for you to submit to your ultimate master..." 

Tammy's anger quickly changed to one of terror as she looked past him and caught a final glimpse of Chandra's tear-filled eyes through the goggles of the rubber gas mask style hood Gina had pulled over Chandra's head. 

After checking it twice to make sure the rubber feeding tube had slipped through the mask properly and the re-breather was working, Gina began tightly lacing the hood. 

"There, that'll make sure you're kept hydrated and nourished for the long trip," she giggled kissing the top of the hood. "That catheter attached to the dildo I put in before we wrapped you will help keep your bladder from becoming uncomfortably overloaded as well." 

Nora laughed as she sealed the collar of the rubber body suit to the neck corset and Gina tightened the hood's straps before sealing it as well to the neck corset. 

Tammy watched through tears as Nora wrapped a final wide thick rubber collar around Chandra's neck and sealed it with epoxy. 

"There, none of Karl's liquid pleasure juice will leak through that," Nora laughed looking deep into the clear plexiglass covered goggles and connected a hose to a valve on the side of the suit. "I'm going to miss you, darling. But, I'll have millions of reasons to get over it...." 

The sound of air being forced out of the suit through a valve as the liquid was pumped in was replaced by the sound of heels clicking on the floor coming from behind Tammy. 

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Tammy heard a female voice ask from behind her. "What are they doing to Chandra? And what is SHE doing here? I thought the plan was to get the diamonds and leave them both in the RV so anyone trying to find us would have to check out the beach and RV to give us plenty of time to leave scott free! Don't tell me I just wasted my time closing out their accounts and busting my ass driving 24 hours back and forth to the beach twice impersonating each of them for nothing?" 

Tammy thought she recognized the voice. And once the red headed woman stomped past her right up to James VanNorkin Tammy knew she was right. 

It was Judith Williams, the woman they supposedly used to impersonate her last Valentines Day. Mike had told her of his suggestion to the Director that it would be more believable if Tammy saw someone impersonating her by wearing one of her outfits. And of course he was right. She never did close out any of their accounts or actually flirt with any body, as Tammy was led to believe. 

Back then through her fear and terror filled vision, Tammy had to admit Judith did look very much like her. But with the woman standing so close to her now wearing the ribbed sweater, jeans, and knee-high boots she had worn to the bank a day ago, she could see a few flaws. However, she had no doubt that Judith would be mistaken for either she or Chandra. 

"Calm down, calm down," James said softly to the newcomer. "There's been a slight change of plans. That's all. Ah good timing you're both here as well..." 

Tammy heard more footsteps behind her. 

"Everything's clear we're all set to go. I pulled the truck into the loading area and did a triple system check on the aircraft." The large man spoke as he passed Tammy giving her an admiring stare. "And, they can go through the RV with a fine tooth comb they'll find nothing to link it to us."

Tammy looked up and recognized Karl Liegeman. 

She instinctively tried to cover herself due to the leer in his eyes suddenly reminding her of her present state of undress. And her arms inability to move told her the attempt was useless. 

"The passenger side driving controls for the van worked great," the small nervous mousy man with Bozo the clown hair sticking out everywhere following Karl added. He also took a long leering glance at Tammy as he spoke. "The van drove like a dream and the remote control unit for the wheelchair worked just as well. I also made sure all the computer records and programs were deleted and destroyed." 

"Wonderful, just as I planned," James said with exuberance. "I see Miss Chandra's suit is filled to capacity. So if you'll be so kind Earl and help Nora and Gina put her into the transportation crate and connect her air and feeding hoses..." 

"Did you get the diamonds?" Karl asked ignoring Judith and the other three as they carefully carried the bloated rubber suit over to one of the three the coffin looking crates leaning lengthwise against the wall. 

"Yes, I've got the diamonds right here," James smiled carefully spreading a few hundred of the various sized precious gems onto a black soft satin cloth on the table to Tammy's right. "That's what about $10 or $20 million? Now to move on to phase 2." 

"Phase 2?" Judith asked with complete confusion in her voice. "What the hell is Phase 2?" 

"Phase 2 is where we prepare the prize for the second winning bid," James VanNorkin grinned stepping closer to Tammy after soaking a rag with the contents from the brown bottle Tammy had seen Nora use on Chandra earlier in the RV's monitor. "We don't want our prize to fight us to fiercely and get damaged.." 

Tammy pulled against the straps tightly holding her as he turned his hand with the drug soaked rag toward her face. 

Tammy took a deep breath and held it waiting for the inevitable sickening odor of the chloroform. 


The sound of compressed air being released filled Tammy's ears. 

She opened her eyes and saw Judith's wide eyes staring at the tiny canister James held in his hand. A fine nearly invisible mist streamed from the canister into Judith's face. 

Tammy watched Judith shiver as if a sudden icy cold chill raced through her body, then she collapsed into Karl's waiting arms. 

Tammy's eyes met Judith's and in them she saw stunned surprise. And just as they closed they filled with awareness and fear. 

"INSTA-OUT! It immediately renders the victim's muscles and nerves numb and useless before causing unconsciousness. Very effective if one is in a dreaded hurry up situation..." He grinned turning the canister so Tammy could see it. "Another of Karl's wonderful concoctions that the Organization was quick to secure the rights to and market among the members. But were also very slow at showing their gratitude. The new Director was quick however to urge the council to vote immediately to remove Karl from encounter status as well even after I told them that he carried none the blame for my team's failures." 

Karl grunted his extreme displeasure with the Organization's choice of director as he lifted Judith's limp rag doll like form unto the table from which they had just removed Chandra. 

"Strip that traitorous bitch and prepare her for Ramaan... He'll be better suited to train her. Ashuren will enjoy Chandra's company..." James snarled through gritted teeth, then looking at Tammy added. "Your husband and his bitch friend of a Director thought I wouldn't see through their spy's deception. You ruined my favorite student and one of the best agents the IBO ever had. Well, best other than yours truly that is. After all I did mentor and teach the boy everything he knows, which is why you'll be pleased to know I've decided to take my millions and keep you too..." 

The puzzled thoughts flying through Tammy's mind must have shown on her face. 

"Come, come, Mrs. Dufrane... Don't tell me I've given you too much intellectual credit..." James said a bit stunned. "Surely you've surmised that I planned all along to keep you for myself. What better revenge than to have the very sensuously beautiful woman who caused all my troubles worshipping me from her knees for the rest of her life while living on a remote and unknown tropical paradise. Obeying my every whim, begging to fuck me, pleading with me to let her mouth enjoy the taste of my seed, all the while her true love searches uselessly the world over never to find her." 

Tammy's eyes told the thoughts of her mind as she stare in horror at him. 

"Yes, Mrs. Dufrane after you have spent your time in your rubber suit with Karl's mixture, YOU WILL BE MINE!" He nodded seeing complete understanding settle over her. "You will pine away for Mike, possibly taking years to forget about him. But you'll come obediently running at the mere sound of my voice. You will remain gagged at all times as are all of the women on that island. That is a rule the owner of the island is a stickler about. Your gag will however be a symbol of my ownership and my generosity. For I do know how much pleasure you receive while wearing a gag, Mrs. Dufrane." 

Tammy glared at him with daggers. 

"Not only do I know you get great pleasure while wearing one, I also know it heightens your libido." James grinned walking behind Tammy, reaching around to cup each of her firm breasts in a hand. "It will greatly add to the constant arousal in you as an aid to help push your body until you beg through the gag for me to allow you to orgasm." 

"MUMK MU!" Tammy growled, but felt her nipples growing erect with his touch. 

"Fuck you! Fuck you, you say, Mrs. Dufrane... How unbecoming... But don't worry for soon you'll be begging fuck me instead..." His face was now next to her ear. "Look at how the bandages attach to Judith's body, defining her curves and making her even more desirous. She could have been my love. Had she remained loyal. I could have sold you and settled for her to be at my side. But, the truth is this is a much sweeter revenge, don't you think?" 

He kept Tammy's head turned toward Judith. 

"Can't you feel the tightness of the wraps as they hug her. The feel of the mouth plug with your lips wrapped around it and the feeding tube pressed on your tongue. Doesn't it make you warm with lust and desire for your turn in Nora and Gina's hands." He softly whispered into her ear. "The delicious feeling of immobility as more of the wrap is added and tightened around you, sending your body's longing to be bound into overdrive." 

Tammy felt his hands softly caress her breasts and nipples. She watched the women methodically wrap Judith into the bandages and put the neck and mouth corset on her. Tammy could feel the rigid compression of it on her cheeks and jaw. 

Her body began unconsciously wiggling around on the massive intruder that was attached to the wheelchair inside her. And she could feel her body responding to his hands and his touch. 

She tried to close her eyes from the scene in front of her. Her mind tried to block out all of the stimulations guiding her body toward sexual bliss. 

She could smell the rubber suit being stretched around Judith and hear her muffled outcries. 

She could hear the air escaping as the liquid aphrodisiac was pumped in. 

Tammy knew she would be next and so did her body, for it was already craving it. 

It wanted the feel of the love hugs of the elastic and the kiss of the mouth corset. 

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Tammy's mind screamed as she uncontrollably rocked back and forth as much as possible on the mammoth dildo and her body trembled in glorious orgasmic fulfillment. 

Tammy closed her eyes hoping that this too was a dream. 

But as soon as she reopened them she was met with the sight of Nora's grinning face and behind her Karl and Earl lifting Judith's rubber encased body from the table. 

She felt James clasp the drugged soaked cloth over her nose and mouth. 

Her mind told her it was too late for her to take a deep breath as well as being useless to fight the effects of the drug. But, Tammy did anyway. 

She could see over Nora's shoulder, Earl closing the lid on Judith's transportation crate and Chandra's closed and sealed crate beyond it. 

And, she could see the third crate opened and waiting for her. 

Tammy pulled against her bonds trying desperately to pull an arm free, but a numbness was slowly creeping over her. 

She waited for the darkness to come and take her away, but it didn't. Instead her mind remained semi-alert and she could feel her tight bonds being loosened and her seemingly constant companion, the rubber panel gag being pulled from her mouth and head. 

Her body felt weightless for an instant, until she felt it softly drop onto the cool hard table. 

Her legs were spread wide and she felt the pressure of the catheter, dildo and butt plug being wiggled into place. 

"Come on! MOVE! Jump up and run! DO SOMETHING!" Tammy's mind screamed, but the drug's influence prevailed. 

Tammy could feel the toes on each her feet simultaneously being separated and individually wrapped by Nora and Gina. Her feet, ankles, shins and knees were next. The hug of the stretchy elastic was very erotic and Tammy felt pinpricks of excitement as each woman closed in on her dildo filled sex. 

The dildo and butt plug were forced deeper into her as she felt the elastic being stretch around her hips and waist. Her fingers were separated and wrapped, then her arms. 

The feeling was erotic and sensuous. And it increased as they wrapped her torso for the first time. Her breasts gladly accepted the elastic covering and she could feel her nipples swelling in response to the bandages, as well as the duo's fingers and lips. 

Her legs were wrapped once again separately, then together. Her body and arms were also. She could feel the hug of the bandages tighten with each wrap. 

"How many orgasms will you entertain us with?" Nora smirked as she and Gina folded Tammy's tightly wrapped arms beneath her breasts. "Oh my! Looks like these are trying to escape their wrappings..." 

Nora once again touched the tips of each of Tammy's nipples sending sparks of erotic tingles through her body. 

Tammy could see her thickening nipples forcibly stretching the elastic and calling out to be used. 

They wanted to be tormented. And so did Tammy. But only more of the bandages were layered over them. 

They lifted her head high enough for her to see her bandage covered body and her folded wrapped arms under her breasts. The women began wrapping them in place to her torso and her body's response of arousal was immediate at the sight. 

It wanted more. 

Tammy felt the effects of the drug fade and attempted to wiggle her fingers. They could barely move. She was helpless and knew it. 

"Time for your gag sweetie!" Gina giggled as she wiggled the thick rubber mouth piece and feeding tube between Tammy's lips and teeth into her mouth. "Fits like it was made for you... Which it was!" 

Tammy felt the mouth filling rubber press her tongue down and push against the sides of her mouth. And before the sensation of the packing fully washed over her, Gina pulled the mouth and neck corset around her lower face and neck. 

"MMMMMMMAAAAAAAA!!!" Tammy cooed uncontrollably as Gina laced the hard rubber neck and mouth corset tightly together behind her head. "MMMMMMMOOOOOOO!!!" 

Tammy closed her eyes and her body tensed against the tight wrappings unable to move in the slightest. She felt the gag plug slip deeper into her mouth as the mouth corset pressed harder and harder against her cheeks. 

In her dream world the bliss she felt while wearing that mouth corset gag was fantastic. But there was no comparison to what she was feeling now. 

This erotic delight sent her pleasure-odometer off the scale and pushed Tammy's body over the edge. As the sparks of joyful orgasm began tantalizing her, she screamed with elation into the catalyst of this latest cataclysmic climax and gasped in through her nose as much air as her bound body would allow between the wondrous jolts of euphoria. 

"WOW!" Gina said amazed, reaching for the gas mask. "What will she do once this is on and we fill the suit with that aphrodisiac?" 

"She will most likely have what will seem like an unending orgasm..." James smiled looking into Tammy's questioning eyes. "Sexual fulfillment will be withheld from the other two until they reach their masters. They need to have that overwhelming fire for sexual bliss burned into them. But Mrs. Dufrane seemed to have been born with that in her. So she will need to have one orgasm after another, continual and unending so she will become even more deeply addicted to the bliss. Only then when we reach our island paradise will she lust for more of the same and beg me to be her Master."

"No! No! I will not let that happen..." Tammy's mind screamed as she stared at James VanNorkin's grinning face through the plastic goggles of the mask. 

Tammy felt the rubber gas mask hood add to the pressure on her face and head as Gina started to tighten all the straps.

The sensual sensations going through her were extreme, yet in the back of her mind Tammy reached out for some hope of escape. 

The mask's goggles limited her lines of vision. She tried to sense what was happening. She felt the increase pressure on her body as they pulled the rubber body suit over her. 

Through the goggles, she saw Nora's grinning face flash back and forth as the evil woman gleefully sealed the body suit to the neck corset and added the rubber collar. 

Tammy knew she was now completely sealed into her rubber cocoon. 

She felt the chill of the aphrodisiac as it was pumped into the suit. Her body immediately felt the tingles of the drug seeping through the bandages and into her pores. 

The sensation of the dildo touching her engorging clitoris burst to an even higher degree of arousal. And the added pressure on her bonds from the liquid pushed her body further along toward another orgasm. 

She could hear her captor's voices speaking to each other, but was to preoccupied by the sensations she was feeling to comprehend their words. 

Tammy felt herself being lifted and that became the final straw needed to send her over the edge once more. 

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" She screamed into the gags. 

"She's coming again already?" Tammy heard Karl's voice say. 

It sounded as if his mouth was very close to her ear. 

She could see James carrying her feet nodding approvingly. 

She watched him lower her feet to the floor and could see Gina standing behind him holding more of the rubber tubing. 

Tammy stood for a moment staring through the goggles into James' grinning eyes, then he gently tipped her backward into the last transportation crate leaning against the wall. 

"Only 36 hours until you're naked on a island tropical paradise with your wrists bound behind you and gagged waiting my permission to allow you to willingly fuck me..." James VanNorkin grinned. "Enjoy the ride, Mrs. Dufrane!" 

"Don't worry sweetie, I'll be there to enjoy my time with you as well..." Gina said, puckering her lips into a mock kiss as she stepped around James and attached the rubber feeding tubing to the tubing in the crate lid. "James has promised me the time to turn you into my little pony girl after he has had his pleasure with you." 

Tammy tried to shake her head no and scream, but all she could do was silently feel the tingles of desire and lust for the idea cloud into her mind. 

Tammy watched Gina move away and Karl slowly close the crate lid. 

And in the ensuing darkness she heard the loud explosions of the crate clasps being locked. 

Although by the sound of them, there seemed to be many more clasps than Tammy had recalled hearing when Chandra and Judith's crates were sealed. 

"Fight it, don't give in!" Tammy's mind repeated over and over. 

She was trying desperately to keep control of her mind when a voice from outside the crate startled her. 


It was a familiar deep voice she recognized. And, it was angry. 


"Mike? Mike? MIKE!" Tammy's mind awoke in hope, but wondered as well. "Was this another of VanNorkin's devilish torments being played on her?" 

Tammy listened intently. 

"No, the anger in that voice is real!" Tammy thought, then cried out through her gag. "MIKE, MIKE I'M IN HERE!" 

Chapter Ten 

Tammy Lynette Dufrane gazed over the horizon ignoring the feel of the shifting sand beneath her feet with each incoming and outgoing wave. The gentle warm tropical breeze helped to cool the sun's bronzing of her soft skin. However, the lost expression on her face spoke more that her thoughts were much farther away than this perfect tropical paradise. 

Something or someone was missing and no matter how hard she tried, she could not bring who or what to the forefront of her mind. 

The noontime sun reflecting off the surf and sand forced her to squint her emerald green eyes as she searched for a clue. 

By mandate of the island's owner, all subservient female residents and visitors were to be in some way bound and gagged at all times. 

As normal, Tammy found herself in compliance by having her wrists and elbows presently bound behind her back by four 2-inch wide nearly transparent wrist cuffs made of sturdy nylon parachute material. Each cuff buckled tightly at a wrist or elbow and held together by the inch long D-rings securely sewn into the cuffs on the opposite sides of the buckle. 

But this time, the D-rings were secured together by an item not normally used for this purpose. 

Tammy had not been allowed to cut her long red tresses since her release from her elastic wrap prison, so its length had nearly reached the back of her knees. And this morning Gina and Nora had braided it into a very tight French braid before slipping the ribbon tied end of the braid first through each elbow cuff D-ring then wrist cuff rings before puling the braid taunt and securely double knotting it at her wrists. Thereby forcing Tammy to keep her chin slightly raised as well as persuading her to not make any attempts to free her arms. 

It worked very well for any twist or pull of her elbows or wrists put an immediate strain on her hair sending a jolt of painful fire through her scalp. Also by forcing Tammy to elevate her chin the only item of clothing allowed to be worn was clearly visible, that is if you consider a slave collar an item of clothing. It was bright yellow and made of the same nylon material as the cuffs 3-inches wide with 6 pieces of stiff boning sewn evenly around. And printed in bold black lettering across the front of the collar beneath her chin were the words and letters: PROPERTY OF JVN. 

With her arms bound behind her, Tammy had no means to provide any shade for her eyes or covering for her voluptuous naked body. Nor could she do anything to prevent her drool seeping through the ring gag tightly secured behind her lips and teeth from dripping slowly down her chin and trickling onto her firm triple D cup breasts. The continual flow of drool added to highlighting the bronze color of her breasts and seemed to make her large dark brown areolas and firm thick nipples which protruded over an inch and a half outward even more noticeable. 

In the last six months her hair hadn't been the only thing growing. Tammy's breasts had very noticeably grown as well, as a result of the potent drugs and hormones she had been force to intake. And with her arms so well secured all thoughts of hiding them from potential ogles was useless. 

As was any hope of removing either the collar or ring gag for both were securely padlocked beneath her braided red locks. 

Also just below her bound wrists, Tammy's perfectly rounded posterior had taken on the same well tanned glow as the rest of her body with the exception of the tattoo on her right buttock. In bright red block letters trimmed in black were the same letters as on her collar. 

Tammy was ignoring the seagulls and pelicans flying above her. The small minnows and fish brushing against her ankles in the surf seeking refuge from their aerial predators also went unnoticed by her. 

She looked to be seeking her own refuge. 

The deep soft rumble of a male voice clearing his throat immediately snatched her mind from its journey. 

Being careful to keep her bound arms in place, Tammy turned and sprinted as fast as the soft white sand would allow toward the sound's origin. 

A very ornate canvas cabana stood on the beach thirty meters behind her. 

Tammy's large firm breasts bounced sexually up and down with each of her strides until she stopped at the opened entrance to the cabana. As she took in long deep breaths her massive drool and sweat covered mounds sensually rose and fell with each. 

Her emerald eyes had locked onto a pair of deep blue orbs as she patiently waited his signal. 

He lay unclothed on a richly padded beach lounge chair in the middle of the cabana drinking in her image. 

Tammy fought the urge to glance down at his growing manhood even though her body screamed at her to impale herself upon it. But her control won this battle, one of the few times in recent history. 

He had barely moved his head in an approving nod when Tammy sprang from the entranceway. With only one step and a leap she was by the side of the lounge chair, unwaveringly squatting on the balls of her feet; her chin lifted higher and knees spread wide giving him a full view of her body and access to all of her most intimate areas. 

Once again she had to fight the urgings of her body to turn her gaze from his eyes to his massive fully erect manhood pointing upward, beckoning her. 

"You want it, you know you want it. You know you want to feel it deep inside you." Her body began pleading with her. "Go ahead, do it... It will be worth the feel of his crop..."

"NO!" Her mind screamed back. 

Her gaze became more intent and remained focused on his eyes. 

Minutes passed and Tammy felt pure anguish as the torment of the moment washed over her. 

Her body craved to feel his thick fleshy rod, just over a foot away, impale itself in her. The ever present need and desire for sexual fulfillment raged inside her and reminded her mind of each glorious euphoria she had experienced at his hands. 

Sweat beads formed on her chest and combined with the drool from the gag between her heaving breasts. Then the mixture slowly flowed down her torso over her well tanned shaved mons and between her labia. More sweat beads formed on her back, gathering along her spine until they too formed a slow moving flow that began tickling and arousing her puckered anal rosebud. 

Together the two steams met and slowly began dripping onto the floor forming a small puddle between her feet. 

Tammy's breaths were becoming deeper and more pronounced. She could feel the battle inside herself turning. 

"Just a quick glance at that magnificent object! It wouldn't hurt!" Her body begged. 

As if reading her thoughts his lips formed a smile beneath the thick walrus like mustache and his eyes gave a twinkle from below the ever present black beret as he nodded his head toward his huge erection. 

Tammy's movement was almost a blur. 

She leapt from her squatting position and attacked the thick long rock hard penis with her tongue in animalistic fury. She sucked the tip through the ring taking in as much of its length as her throat would allow. Then after lifting her head from it she played with his ball sac teasingly with her tongue before sucking into her mouth through the ring. 

His guttural moans of pleasure only added to her lustfully licking the entire shaft as she bounded and crawled over and around the lounge chair. 

His moans grew deeper and his breathing more emphatic. Tammy could see as well as feel the shaft and tip growing, getting closer and closer to the point of his pleasure that she sought. 

Her own moans were actually more like growls emanating from deep within her being. The stayed reserve intelligent business woman with a hidden penchant for bound sexual pleasure was gone. She had been replaced by an out of control seemingly sex starved and orgasm addicted wild woman. 

"You may enjoy yourself Mrs. Dufrane..." James VanNorkin grunted, smiling to himself. 

The words barely left his lips when Tammy sprang into the air and landed straddling his erection with a foot on each side of the lounge chair. 

Her emerald eyes were wide and filled with glee as she wiggled her very wet and hungry love box onto his nearly pulsing flesh pole. Even with her arms bound uselessly behind her, she easily kept her balance as she slid up and down on his monstrous erection keeping her eyes locked onto his. 

His moans grew louder and more intense as did hers. He was on the verge as was she. One more trip would do it. 

"YOU MAY, MRS. DUFRANE!" He screamed as she rode down and up the shaft once again.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH, SHHHHIIIITTTTTT, OOOOOOOHHHHH YEEEESSSSS!" James VanNorkin bellowed as Tammy forcefully dropped herself ramming his massive rod deep and completely into herself. 

"MMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAMMMMMMAAAAA!" The red headed woman screamed over the ring gag, contorting and bucking uncontrollably. 

Her long red braided hair strained holding her arms securely behind her back as her head thrashed about and her body trembled with unbridled bliss. Her oversized breasts jiggled with delight and her thick long large nipples engorged thickening and growing even longer. 

"Oh God, oh God, aaaaaahhhhh... oh yesssss...." A soft female voice moaned in the viewing chamber next to the prison holding cells in the dungeon depths of the I.B.O. Headquarter building. "mmmmmmmmmaaaahhhh!" 

A red headed woman in a skin tight form fitting green rubber micro mini dress trembled and moaned matching her image on the monitoring screen. 

"Is that really what I look and sound like when I'm cumming?" Tammy Lynette Dufrane whispered in a pant to the large man standing next to her as her composure returned. 

Her eyes had never left the screen. 

"OH MY GOD! How embarrassing..." She added realizing others had entered the viewing chamber. 

Mike Dufrane turned and looked down at Tammy. 

"Actually, no..." He grinned, his deep blue eyes beaming at his wife. "That is HIS imagined version. You have more twist and hip movement. And YOU'RE MUCH LOUDER! Why do you think I designed all those mouth stuffing gags for you to wear. Like this one!" 

He unrolled the collar of the tight green rubber dress revealing the combination neck and mouth corset. Then he wiggled the large inflatable plug attached to the mouth corset past her lips and teeth. 

"What, oh no you don't... Mike, I said dommmmmppphhhh...." Tammy unconvincingly complained, even turning to make it easier for Mike to pull the neck and mouth corset around her neck and lower face. "mmmmu, mmmmpppphhh..." 

"Let's see if this works better than the one he used in his dream world..." Mike grinned pulling the sides of the corset around and quickly zipping them together. "I must admit I didn't think I could get the design to work this well on that outfit." 

Tammy lovingly glared into his eyes and cooed into the gag as he turned the valve to inflate the rubber plug in her mouth. 

Tammy felt the rubber force her tongue flat and press against her inner cheeks. 

She would have like to have felt the sides of her face with her hands, but that was impossible. The green rubber mono-sleeve armbinder that matched the dress kept them tightly secured behind her back. It also forced her to roll her shoulders and thrust her chest out making her double D cup breasts protrude even further through the perfectly placed round cutouts in the front of the Victorian corset style dress. There were two crisscrossing "X" patterned elastic bands attached to each cutout which held and shaped her breasts into beautiful round mounds. 

It was nearly a perfect match of the dress Tammy had worn in her dream world six months ago. She had told Mike how much she loved the way it had looked and felt on her so he fashioned a copy as best he could from Tammy's description. He had an exact duplicate of the dress made; from the mouth and neck corsets to the elastic bands crossing the breast cutouts to the white fur trim on the hem and even the wide white rubber belt. Also he made sure the white fur trim was added to the top of the thigh high boots. 

Not having the magnetic capabilities of the dream world as of yet, the only adjustment to the dress he had to have made was the arm binder, but the boots needed much more. 

For starters he had the heels lowered to 4-inches to aid in Tammy's balance while still keeping the aesthetics of a higher heel. Next to get varying length of strides, from a full stride to none, he had matching green rubber straps attached on the boots at the ankles, shins, knees and thighs which could be easily buckled together in various combinations. 

Presently none of the straps were buckled so his final additions to the boots would be free to do their designated duty. 

He had added to the top hem of each thigh boot an extension of stiff hard rubber. Each was three inched long and half an inch wide with a rounded quarter inch rubber prong on the outside of each tip. These extensions were long enough to slip pass her labia just enough to tease her, so with each step the extensions would pass against one another forcing the rubber prongs as they pass to bend each extension. Once they passed each other the extensions would bounce back to normal causing a slight tickling vibration to flow against Tammy's clitoris. 

Unable to stop it due to her arms being bound behind her, after a few steps Tammy would be very much aroused. And after many steps she would be on the verge of orgasm even possibly pushing her over the edge. 

This had already happened to Tammy twice on their walk from their assigned suite here at I.B.O. Headquarters down to the dungeon area. 

Mike devilishly grinned as he slowly finished inflating the gag giving Tammy time to regroup from her most recent orgasm. Once finished he wrapped his muscular arms around her and sensually teased the elastic bands covering Tammy's nipples. 

"MMMMMMMMMAAAAAHHHH!" Tammy loudly moaned, but the gag now muffled them to near silent. 

Tammy loved to be gagged, especially by Mike. But to be gagged and bound in this dress while watching yourself being bound, gagged and brought to constant orgasm while having your husband caressing your nipples and breasts at the same time was way beyond what she needed to be once again aroused. 

So when Mike slip a hand between her thighs and began softly twanging the extensions on the thigh boots it became to much. 

"MMMMMMAAAAAAAHHHHHH, MMMMMMMAAAAAAHHHH..." Tammy screamed nearly drowning out her image on the screen even though being very effectively gagged as a second enormous orgasm exploded through her. 

Even James VanNorkin's dream world version of Tammy could dissuade any others from watching the real person. Every tech and visitor in the viewing chamber had their attention completely focused on her. 

"Oh my! That was impressive, Tammy my dear..." A sugary sweet voice said. "I had heard you were, I think the word was exceptional when it comes to sexual release. But seeing you in action first hand I must say you are more than that..." 

An older woman with short silver hair approached them. She had entered the viewing chamber unnoticed shortly after Tammy and Mike. Tammy's attention was completely focused on the monitor at the time. She was slightly shorter than Tammy and wore a soft blue silk blouse and black knee length skirt. Tan stockings displayed her muscular legs and black pumps with 2-inch stack heels adorned her feet. She stepped lively and had a definite air of authority about her. 

The older woman smiled and started to offer her hand, but slyly drew it back with a quick playful glance at the arm binder. 

"That formality can wait," she grinned turning Tammy by the shoulders to completely face her before wrapping her tightly in a loving embrace. "I am Lady Pamela Perlette, Director of the I.B.O. And you, you are the savior of the I.B.O. And you are much more beautiful than Michael described. Of course it could be this magnificent outfit, you look just divine in it. You did a marvelous job Michael. Although, I'm afraid once others try to compare themselves to her while wearing a copy of it they'll be sorely disappointed..." 

Tammy's puzzled eyes widened as the dark eyes of the woman playfully twinkled and glanced in Mike's direction. 

"May I?" She asked. 

Tammy couldn't turn her head to see Mike's answer, but knew it instantly as the woman slipped her right hand between Tammy's thighs and began fingering the boot extensions. 


"I must say you are a treat," the woman giggled after Tammy once more demonstrated her orgasmic talent. 

The woman turned her head and looked at the female form that had remained by the wall watching. 

"You were absolutely right about how delectable she is..." The woman smiled and added. "She will be very popular with our membership..." 

"Yes, I have had many wondrous dreams about her and her friend, Chandra over the last six months." Nora Ruth answered, stepping into Tammy's line of sight. "I do hope Chandra has continued enjoying the pleasure of being bound she discovered with me..." 

Tammy's body instinctively tensed at the sight of one of her former tormentors stepping closer to her, even though Mike had explained it was Nora who had activated a homing trace that led him to finding where to rescue her. 

True it was Mr. Edmunsen's phone call to Mike telling him to not worry about Chandra's present that actually alerted him to Tammy's problem and prompted his call to Director Perlette. But had Nora not sent the trace, he would still be looking for his beloved. And the dream world they had been watching would have become a definite reality. 

His phone call to the Director put her on alert as well. Especially when he told her Tammy knew nothing about the safety deposit box and Mr. Edmunsen's mention of Tammy's acting out of her normal character by seductively prancing and bending in front of him. Both of them sensed someone else was involved and had an immediate feeling of dread come over them when they both, after comparing notes, saw a strong indication of James VanNorkin's involvement. 

It was during this call the Director told Mike of her placement of Nora as a spy in James VanNorkin's encounter group just prior to Mike's joining it. 

Pamela had gotten wind of her predecessor's possible intentions of retiring and the person he had planned to support as his successor, James VanNorkin. Her family and the VanNorkin clan had been charter members of the Organization as well as having had a long history of rivalries and feuds. One in the early Eighteen hundreds nearly tore the Organization apart. 

So even though Pamela hadn't planned on competing for the Director's job at the time, she thought it wiser to keep an eye on one who did. She needed a very trustworthy and loyal person to go deep undercover as it were. And she knew only one person who she felt could succeed. Nora, her long time secret lover and confidant, would be just the one that no one would suspect. 

Nora was able to go undetected for 16 years. Unnoticed by anyone she caused some of the troubles James' encounter team ran into, which removed him from contention for the directorship. These, along with Mike's sudden departure for true love, led to Pamela eventually securing the director's job. 

Pamela knew James would one day attempt to injure her or the Organization, so Nora had to remain as an integral part of James' team. 

However, to ease the building pressure on Nora, Pamela sought to add a decoy and Mike asking her to help place a look-a-like of Tammy on James' team would do the trick. A possible second pair of eyes and ears could even emerge. So she introduced Mike to Judith and suggested she be the one. 

Both she and Mike knew James would suspect Judith and keep an eye on her. They hoped that thought would keep Tammy safe and him on the straight and narrow. Also deep down both hoped Judith would report any suspicious behavior of the team to either of them. 

That she didn't do. 

Succumbing instead to James' charisma and ultimately to the temptation of mega dollars, she decided to follow James' plan to the end. Even suggesting she use her resemblance to both Chandra and Tammy to do what they had taunted Tammy with earlier by wiping out both women's cash accounts and maxing out cash limits on their credit cards. A pittance in James' mind based on the vast amounts he had planned on getting. But it would keep Judith busy while his ultimate plan played out. 

Fortunately she did keep any suspicious thoughts from Nora. However unfortunately for her, James had decided she was a spy and acted on that wrong information. So now she and Gina as punishment for their betrayal of the Organization were permanent "female guests/slaves" of the owner of the same tropical island James had planned on taking Tammy to. 

A familiar devilish smile formed on Nora's lips. Tammy stared into Nora's eyes and read the lust and delight filling them as Nora admired the somewhat helpless and sensual position she found Tammy in. 

If Mike weren't there, Tammy was positive without an ounce of doubt she'd find herself taken, rebound and enjoyed over and over by Nora.

"Don't worry about my love, Nora... She and I have many years of pleasuring each other to make up for..." Lady Pamela Perlette whispered into Tammy's ear. "Besides, she will do only as I tell her." 

Pamela turned her loving hug from Tammy to Nora causing Tammy to suddenly feel ignored as she lustfully leered at the women deep in a sensuously heated embraced. 

Mike grinned reading his wife's thoughts as he deflated the gag then unzipped the mouth and neck corset. He carefully eased the gag from Tammy's mouth before he kissed her long and deep. 

"You mean more to me than the world," he whispered as their lips parted. "If not for you I'd have ended up just like him." 

Then he rolled the mouth and neck corset back into the dress collar. 

"Ahem, thank you... I know lately I've been rather out of control. Especially when Chandra and Natasha come over while you're out of town. But you know you're the only one for me... I love you, too..." Tammy cleared her voice and whispered to Mike before turning back to smile at the two women. "I do want to thank you both for your helping Mike rescuing Chandra and I. I don't know if I could have survived actually living his dream world." 

"You are a very special woman, my dear..." Pamela Perlette answered. "And I'm not speaking just about your sexual proclivity. You are very magnanimous, as is Michael. Not many women let alone wives agree to allow themselves to be the object of a twisted man acting out his sexual fantasy. Nor would their husbands, even with it just being a virtual reality dream world. You both are unique..." 

"Choosing between that and what those two cousins were planning to do to him was not difficult. We don't want anyone's life, even his, hanging over our future together..." Mike quietly spoke, his blue eyes glancing from Tammy to Pamela and back. "Besides had he not brought me into the I.B.O. I may never have met Tammy." 

"And, it's not real to anyone but him. I hardly feel any embarrassment when I think about it. That was a small price to pay to get him to tell you about the 24 women he kidnapped and sold to finance his activities outside of your organization." Tammy added. "Mike said the bastard did tell you who they were and where to find them." 

"Yes, all but 4 were on the island and we found those four with the cousins," Pamela nodded. "It only took one very real threat to get the island's owner to cooperate. But I had to call in several favors to get the cousins to release the others and leave his punishment to us." 

"And this IS punishment," Earl Leighty said spinning in his tech chair to face the others. "Normally most minds do not know what is happening is a dream. And once they realize that it is a dream, their brains adjusts and most refuse to accept anymore of the stimuli. James has to make his brain accept them. Sometimes it works, other times he is in pure hell for the duration." 

"It was his choice!" Mike snarled. "And yours. You could monitor him or be turned over to the cousins. Just as Karl. He could help with rehabilitating those 24 women or be left to the cousins' whims." 

"That seemed fair seeing how James used Karl's mixtures on them. The fact that all 24 were members of the I.B.O. and Karl helped James snatch them added to his fate. They also abused our trust by using their security clearances to locate the exact type of women they needed. All were single and virtually unattached with no family or friends to noticed their disappearance." Pamela sighed. "Twenty four of our female membership disappeared over the last 10 years and we didn't notice. We definitely fucked up on that one..." 

"But we got them back and they went through rehabilitation." Nora interrupted cuddling Pamela tightly. "You made sure of that, luv... And you caught and punished the ones responsible!" 

"Even though the twenty we got off the island afterward wanted to return to their life on the island." Pamela said exasperated. "And the other four after learning about the island wanted to join them." 

"The main thing is they are happy..." Tammy added. "And I can understand how they feel. At times the idea of being bound and gagged like that 24/7 is very appealing..." 

"But the ultimate thing is..." Nora grinned, hugging Pamela tighter. "We get to go down there and play on the island anytime we want for free... You and I on that beautiful beach... We could even take the redheaded hottie in her green bondage dress along with us next time to fill in the slow moments." 

"Slow moments!" Pamela winked at Tammy. "There were no slow moments. I thought I kept you very busy. Unless you want to call the hours I worked training Gina and Judith as pony girls as slow moments for you, you can. Although, having Tammy added to the three of you on a pony team does sound very arousing..." 

"Or next time we could take Chandra, she'd be divine..." Nora laughed looking at Tammy. "You never did say if she missed me..." 

"Oh, I think she'd really enjoy returning the favor. She's become quite adept at tying the female body for her pleasure. The only rest Natasha gets is when Chandra is at work and when Mike's out of town and they stay with me. Our playroom stays very busy during those times." Tammy grinned. "She can keep me on the edge nearly as long as you, honey..." 

"I'll take that as a challenge," Nora laughed. "Next time Mike is out of town, we'll see who is bound, gagged and moaning; and who isn't." 

"I think I'd enjoy that trip and challenge as well," Pamela giggled. "With Michael's permission of course..." 

"Looks like I need to reinstall those video cameras in the playroom..." Mike grinned and winked at Tammy. "Only for YOUR protection that is dearest..." 

"That will be fine with me as long as you will also include a webcam..." Tammy replied, grinning herself. "So you can monitor my protection as well..." 

"I see no problem there. And you'll have the finest state of the art equipment to use. If you want..." Pamela smiled. "You see there were several reasons we asked the two of you to come here." 

Pamela turned to face Tammy and looked deeply into her eyes. 

"I.B.O. history has shown that the organization takes on the personality and convictions of its Director," Pamela began. "Therefore the Organization and I as its present Director owe you a great deal. If you had not been the catalyst of Michael's defection, James would have become the next director and the I.B.O. would have been destroyed in my and the council's opinion. So it is my pleasure to tell you the council has accepted the adventure James put you through as your bondage application for membership into the I.B.O." 

Pamela looked from Tammy to Mike and back. 

"Also I'm authorized to make the same offer to Chandra," Pamela smiled. "And after hearing what you have said about Chandra and Natasha, I feel it will not be long before Natasha's bondage application is approved as well. Your adventure as well as Chandra's have already spread throughout the members. So we know the two of you will be marvelous additions if you accept. And..." 

Pamela looked back up at Mike before continuing. 

"The council has also voted unanimously and I whole heartedly agree to offer you a new position as Assistant Director in charge of Security. You have experience in that with the Organization in the past and as this latest encounter proved you have the rational to handle the job. Of course you will oversee all of your wife's encounters. You see we also want you Tammy to be our encounter team trainee victim. Your present lives will remain the same with the only exception of more bondage adventures outside your home. It will be a great benefit to the Organization and I will take it as a personal favor if you'll both accept." 

Tammy and Mike smiled at each other. 


Six months later, Tammy Lynette Dufrane wiggled like an inchworm across the floor. White cotton cords cocooned her body from her ankles to upper thighs and her waist to shoulders. Her arms were folded together behind her back and incased as part of the rope cocoon. Her nose flared and she gasped with each deep breath through the ring gag wedged behind her teeth as drool oozed out onto the carpet. 

She rolled onto her back exposing her heaving naked breasts. The surrounding cord crushed and framed them together like over inflated water balloons. She sensually wiggled and twisted backward until she managed to slip against a wall. 

Digging the 4-inch stiletto heels on her knee high black leather boots into the thick plush carpeting, Tammy pulled her chest forward then pushed with her legs. Bending at her hips and waist, she managed to get herself into a sitting position against the wall. 

Taking several more deep exhausted breaths, her eyes stared across to the middle of the room and into the emerald green eyes of her best friend. 

Chandra smiled back at her, then turned her head and lifted the remote control in her hand. She waved it back and forth before the pleading eyes of Nora Ruth and grinned at her before reaching down to toy with the nipple clamps tormenting her one time captor's protruding engorged nipples. 

"MMMMMMOOOOOO!" Nora begged and pulled uselessly against the straps holding her upright to Tammy's favorite play toy Mike had made, the bondage column in the middle of the Dufrane's playroom. 

Nora glanced to her left at her lover, Pamela Perlette. The Director of the International Bondage Organization shifted on the long thin seat of the exercise cycle. The thick dildo and butt plug each protruded halfway from the seat and were poised ready to tease and torment her at an instance notice. They waited as did the Director for Chandra to use the remote and trigger them to action. She tried but could not turn her head to see what the redheaded woman was doing to her lover due to the neck and mouth corset gag preventing her head from any movement. 

Facing Pamela, Natasha Sweet sat on her own bondage exercise cycle waiting for her lover to click the controller. She moaned expectantly into her gag. She had only shared the upcoming experience with Tammy in the other exercise cycle which put her nerves on edge adding to the full figured young woman's arousal. 

Tammy tried to study the scene in front of her, but her own situation deterred her. 

Still she should have known Chandra had something planned by her giddiness and giggles at work over the last week and a half. Not to mention all the long anonymous phone calls Chandra received that Natasha had told her about. The last one came here at her own house while the three prepared for the Director and Nora's celebrated visit. After that call Chandra refused either's help in making her secret punch for their festivities. 

Tammy didn't and she assumed neither did Natasha remember seeing Chandra do it, but she must have added some type of knock-out drops to the punch because after having a few sips she began feeling light headed, but was able to remain alert long enough to watch Natasha, Nora and the Director drop their glasses and slip ever so gracefully to the floor. 

Waking so well bound and gagged on the playroom floor and seeing Natasha and Pamela on the exercise cycles and Nora strapped to the column, Tammy could only wonder how Chandra was able to get all four of the unconscious women down the stairs and into the playroom as well as binding them before they awoke by herself. 

Those thoughts left her as from across the room she watched with a bit of envious delight the other three bound women anticipate their tormenting. 

She had no need to wait. She assumed Chandra had inserted the new dildo and butt plug, Mike had devised, in her before tying her legs together with all the cords. Mike had planned on using them after chloroform play sessions for both items were designed to activated the moment Tammy awoke from a drugged sleep. 

And like 99.99% of Mike's designs, they worked like a charm. Tammy had already climaxed 3 times and while watching Chandra tease and torment Nora to a massive climax put her on the verge of a fourth. 

That was when the door to the playroom opened and Chandra's obvious accomplice entered. 

The ring gag prevented Tammy from gulping in awe, but not from her heart leaping into her throat. 

Standing in the doorway with a devious smirk across her lips stood Jackie Edmunsen, Mr. Edmunsen's wife. With an evil grin she blew a kiss toward Chandra and entered the playroom. 

Tammy's attention was immediately snatched and undivided. 

It wasn't exactly who the woman was that garnered this attention. Nor was it her perfectly coifed salt-n-pepper long tapered bob hairdo, or her sparkling blue-grey eyes enjoying the images as she surveyed the situation before setting her gaze on Tammy, or the way she stalked Tammy as she slinked across the room.

What drew Tammy' unblinking gaze was the way the skin tight black kidskin leather catsuit and matching thigh boots displayed the woman's 64 year old body. 

Tammy had seen Jackie Edmunsen hundreds of times over the years. She was always dress to fill her role of the prim and proper bank manager's wife. So, it would never have crossed Tammy's mind to imagine her in any other form. 

Even though she had seen the ever elegant looking woman one time dressed very differently. The only problem, it was at the Halloween party 12 years ago where she came dressed as a very sexy looking Wonder Woman with a very full and tight flag colored corset with matching blue briefs, red and white thigh high boots and silver shoulder length gloves. 

Of course Tammy had been to preoccupied with Mike for Jackie's sensual image to sink in and remain. Therefore she had no suspicion that her boss' ultra-conservative could morph in such a way. 

The closer the 64 year old leather clad sexpot came, the more aroused Tammy unexpectedly became. And this arousal had very little to do with the dildo and butt plug. 

But the thoughts of this sexy older vixen using her bound and gagged body to reach her own ultimate pleasure increased the amount of liquid flowing from Tammy's ring gagged lips as well as her love juices which were visually soaking the white cords holding her tight. 

The aroma of the leather added to the tantalizing of Tammy's senses. She looked up into the gleaming blue-grey eyes and felt a strong desire for the woman to ravish her bound body. 

Instead Jackie Edmunsen straddled her in a way to not let any part of her body touch any part of Tammy's body. 

"MMMMEEEMSE!" Tammy pleaded as the older woman sensually wiggled her hips inches from Tammy's nose. 

Tammy wasn't if it was her own sensual aroma mixing with the leather or she was also getting a whiff of the older woman as well. Either one didn't matter for her arousal was building by leaps and bounds now. 

"You were somewhat responsible for my Halloween kidnapping and ransom bondage application for membership into the I.B.O. from taking place 12 years ago. We were practically guaranteed membership, but my primary kidnapper got distracted by a very sexy costumed cartoon character and it fell apart. We tried a second time, but it got muddled as well. So it seemed our membership was never to come about. You owe me!" Jackie Edmunsen pulled her hips from Tammy's face and replaced them with her grinning face. "Chandra has bragged about your marvelous tongue. Even Natasha went all giddy and blushed when I asked her about the many times she and Chandra enjoyed it." 

A black leather gloved hand flashed in front of Tammy's eyes and the sound of a heavy zipper being unzipped added to the muffled moans coming from the other three bound women. 

Chandra had activated the remote, but Tammy was too lost in Jackie Edmunsen's overpowering presence to have realized it. 

The strong sweet aroma of sex filled Tammy's olfactory senses as the woman pulled the leather back to reveal her dark pubic hair and pretty pink sex. 

"Payback time, let me see if they really know what their saying," she laughed and reach behind Tammy's head. 

Before she could pull Tammy's head to her crotch, Tammy lunged forward, her tongue darting through the ring. Severing Jackie's labia in one quick motion, Tammy tongue deeply explored the woman's moist love. After several minutes probing she lifted her chin slightly and sucked the woman's hood and clitoris into her mouth between her tongue and ring gag. 

"OH MY GOD!" Jackie Edmunsen screamed, her head leaning back and her body violently trembling in orgasmic bliss. 

She forced herself backward with Tammy's tongue protruding through the ring greedily searching and seeking more of her. 

"That was... magnificent! It took me back to my college years and my roommate who could...oh.. You know..." Jackie panted. "God, I would love another... But time is fleeting. And I do have to continue with my bondage application." 

Tammy sighed disappointedly. She would have loved to have obliged the older woman several more times. She was sure she would have been pushed over the edge herself as well by then. 

But curiosity set in when Jackie stepped back and lifted a long black rubber duo sided strap-on dildo with black straps. 

"Hold this for me while I put it on," she giggled slipping the 2-inch thick tip through the ring gag. 

Tammy could do nothing but hope she didn't try to force the thing in much further, it was already nearly touching the back of her throat and she could easily see over another foot of the dark rubber extending past her nose. 

Tammy's eyes widen as she watched Jackie wiggled the smaller angled dildo into her tongue moistened slit before pulling the straps around her leather clad hips and buckling it tightly in place. 

With and evil cackle she thrust her hips forward and back pushing the 18-inch long rod in and out of the ring. 

Panic filled Tammy and the choking sounds of her reflux action coming through the ring alerted Jackie to her over zealous movements. She stopped her rocking and stepped back. 

"I don't think I'll really need much addition lubrication," she grinned. "Once I remove that dildo this should slip and slide in and out of you quite well. Now let's get you ready for some fun." 

Jackie pulled the ends of the excess length of cord used to cinch her thighs and lifted them toward Tammy's chest just above her breasts. Tammy hadn't seen or noticed the two small open loops sticking out from those bindings until Jackie slipped the ends of the thigh cord through them and pulled her chest even closer to her thighs. Every cord wrapped and cinched around her body from her ankles up seemed to tighten the closer her chest and thighs became. 

"OH GOD!" Tammy's mind screamed from the pressure just before Jackie securely tied the ends. 

Tammy filled the room with loud moans and groans as she worked her way to her feet. It was only with much effort and plenty of help from Jackie that she was successful. Looking to her right at the mirror on the wall, Tammy saw her reflection. Her white cord covered body was bent over in a not quite inverted V and the ends of the inflated dildo and butt plug were poking out from their sheaths. 

Tammy thought it took all her effort to get to her feet. That was nothing compared to what it took to hop in her inverted V from the back of the playroom to the treadmill on the opposite side of the room. Each hop was an adventure. Fortunately Jackie provided more help in Tammy keeping her balance. 

Although it did take nearly 15 minutes to cross the room, which was enough time for Jackie to desire another go with Tammy's tongue. 

Once her orgasmic pleasure subsided Jackie filled the ring gag with a thick leather plug and panel gag. 

With that additional gag buckled tightly to the head harness keeping Tammy's moans and pleadings virtually silence, Jackie maneuvered Tammy to the end of the tread mill and up onto it. 

"Now you know the main reason I left your boots on," Jackie laughed. "Can't have you injuring your feet while on the tread mill can I. Besides, I have always enjoyed how your boots enhance the look of your legs." 

Tammy was grateful for that and she had notice a few additional straps hanging from the support structure Mike had built to keep her safe whenever she tried walking on it in her 8-inch heeled ballet boots or pony heels. They were attached to the body harness she always wore when on the tread mill so with any falter she would not fall to the floor. She would only hang until she reestablished her footing to continue. 

The problem was she was not wearing her body harness now and being bent over as she was any fall would drive her head first onto the machine. 

"Maim, momm, mom..." She pleaded. 

Jackie ignored her 

Tammy ceased her pleading when she saw Jackie pull one of the supports straps down and connected it to a thick cord loop on her right side. She affixed six more after that on her right side and then the matching ones on her left. Unseen by Tammy more were attached to the loops along her back. 

Jackie lifted Tammy's legs and let her swing back and forth to reassure her fears. 

"You will not be needing these," Jackie laughed deflating and removing both the dildo and butt plug. "However, I do have plans for your sweet juicy love box. My little strap-on here is itching to be used." 

"MMMMMMMAAAAAAHH!" Tammy loudly moaned as the inserts were gingerly removed and a sizeable squirt of cold lubricant added. 

"Just to make sure you're good and slick." Jackie cooed. 

Tammy could only stared down at the black tread of the machine when Jackie's boots and the long thick black dildo filled her vision. Only now a 2-inch wide ring circled the base of the dildo. 

"This is incentive. And it also powers the vibrator filling me." Jackie's voice was even more giddy. "Once I get behind you and turn the tread mill on you will be pushed backward for your pleasure to be impaled on my lovely cock. To make sure you don't stay, once your delicious rear touches this ring you will receive a soft shock that will encourage you to hop forward. My pretty cock is long enough to make sure you can not hop off it. And the tread mill is timed to allow you only one hop before it pushes you back along the shaft." 

Tammy's eyes widen. She knew it wouldn't take long before that mammoth thing sent her over the edge. 

"I think you and I are going to have several massive orgasms before this is over!" Jackie laughed stepping back out of Tammy's vision. "Now to get in position and have some fun." 

Tammy felt the tread mill push her backward after Jackie turned it on. And the pressure on her very well lubricated pussy gave in letting the large phallus have its way. A deep guttural moan rose from Tammy as the large intruder slipped easily into her and Jackie's giddy laugh filled her ears. 


The soft spark of fire zapped her rear and Tammy instinctively reacted with a long forward hop. 

She slid easily forward on the dildo's lubricated shaft only to be returned by the tread mill for a second go. 

Forward Tammy hopped with each soft shock. And back down the shaft she rode with the aid of the tread mill. 

"OH MY GOD! THIS IS OH YESS, YESS..." Tammy's mind screamed at her as she quickly reached her first climax. 

Jackie's own climatic moans filtered into Tammy's ears through the hum of the tread mill and the gasps of the other women enjoying their own pleasures. 

"I've got to hand it to your wife," Mike Dufrane said humbly staring at the screen in Mr. Edmunsen's office. "I honestly didn't think it would work that well. You and your wife will be excellent additions to the I.B.O. I only wish circumstances had been different and allowed your memberships sooner." 

"Don't fret my boy," Charles Edmunsen grinned, slapping the large younger man on the shoulder. "It all worked out for the best. To get to see my wife enjoy your wife and Chandra, the daughters we never had. And become a part of a very impressive organization as the same time. Who could complain." 

"Well I for one because it was my fault you didn't get the offer when you were supposed to. So I know I plan on and I know Tammy will also vote for your immediate memberships. As well as adding you two and Natasha onto our encounter team." Mike nodded. "Even Director Perette along with Nora have consented to join the team. It's the only way I can keep an eye on Tammy. She has been the most requested training target for most of the organization's encounter groups ever." 

"No doubt,' The older man smiled. "I enjoyed helping Chandra and Jackie carry her and the others down to your playroom. As well as getting to assist my wife in tying her. Even unconscious her body reacts to being bound like none other. As many times as I've tied my sweet wife, she never looked to be enjoying her bonds as much yours did asleep." 

"She is rare, but what I'm going to enjoy is later after this foreplay is over. We'll have 48 hours of alone time to enjoy each other and will every minute." Mike grinned. "That is what makes her special to me. She can separate her love for me from her love of bondage." 

Mr. Edmunsen's smile displayed his understanding. And Mike silently turned his attention back to the screen and watched his wife and her friends enjoy the rest of the Edmunsen's bondage application, knowing this was only the beginning of the next chapter in his and Tammy's wonderful life together. 



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