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Tammy's Bondage Application

by SouthernTied

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story continues from part one

Part Two

Chapter Three

"Wakey, wakey, Mrs. Dufrane... Time to bring me my diamonds!" James VanNorkin's voice seemed distant, but came closer and closer as he continued speaking. "Get up Mrs. Dufrane, you're on a tight schedule now! Get up and get dressed." 

Tammy roused. Her mind was still a bit groggy, yet her body felt more alive than ever before. All the small aches and pains from her exercise ordeal were gone as she eased out of the cutout and stepped away from the table. 

That was when she noticed the small dressing vanity, mirror, and stool across the room from her. She had no memory of them being there before. 

She looked in the mirror and realized she was not wearing the boots, corset, or gloves. Even the latex skin had been removed. Someone must have come, brought the vanity and stripped her while she slept. 

"OH MY GOD!" She said aloud. 

She raised her hands to her chest and touched her breasts. 

They were no longer the D-cups she had been so proud of. Now, her wide open emerald green eyes stared at inflated balloons. They were triple in size and perfectly shaped. Even the nipples had somehow grown in proportion. 

"Don't look for any surgical enhancements, Mrs. Dufrane..." His voice laughed at her feeling her own new teats. "The mixture I had you swallow over and over contained more than just a few vitamins. In fact it had several different mixtures in it other than the vitamins. My associate Karl, you remember him I'm sure, developed them. It contained a very effective aphrodisiac to keep you motivated, a combination of relaxants to ease muscle cramps so you could keep exercising as long as I wanted you to, and a very potent mixture of hormones to convince your body you are in near full term pregnancy with quadruplets. Thus the immediate need to increase the size of your milk receptacles for lactation."

Tammy stared at her reflection. 

"You see, Mrs. Dufrane, you are quite beautiful and shapely, but, after this is over, I wanted to give you and my good friend Mike a souvenir to remind you both of me. And, what could be a better reminder, I ask you... Now, I've left you a special dress on the vanity... So, get dressed and bring me my diamonds!" 

Tammy looked down from her reflection to the top of the vanity. On it, a Christmas green rubber dress lay neatly folded, waiting for her. 

White fur trimmed the 2-inch hem and sleeves of the dress as well as the top 4-inches of each shaft of the pair of very long boots standing next to the stool. They were the same color as the dress and looked to be made of the same high quality shiny rubber. 

"Get dressed!" The voice repeated in her ears. "I do suggest the boots first. Once you're in that dress the boots will be hell to put on..." 

Tammy obediently slipped her left, then right legs into the long slinky shafts, occasionally taking a quick peak into the mirror at her new breasts. 

She was surprised at how her body adapted to their new size. They didn't seem to put much strain on her back or balance as she stood and pulled the boots up her legs to her hips. 

She was also taken by surprise at how light the boots felt and at how easily her legs slid into them, without the aid of talcum powder. 

Tammy assumed the boots had been made just for her, because each shaft ended precisely at her upper thigh so she could feel the tickle of the white fur trim on her labia with each movement. Of course this sent a sensual shiver through her body, as well as making her quiver slightly, standing so precariously on the boot's 6-inch spike heels. 

She tried not to but couldn't stop her gaze from continually returning to her image in the mirror. She couldn't get over the look of her new figure. But, at the same time she was feeling a good amount of pleasure from the look and feel of the boots on her legs. 

Without thinking she twisted and turned to see how her legs looked in the boots from this angle and that.

Finally Tammy lifted the dress from the vanity and felt the thickness of the rubber. 

She knew it would be very confining, but strangely it felt extremely light for the amount of material from which it was made. She could tell the rubber had very little stretch and a seed of worry began to grow in the pit of her stomach about how difficult it was going to be to pull on. 

She breathed a sigh of relief when she found a reinforced zipper running from a quarter of the way up the back to the top of a neck collar and mouth gag corset. 

"Oh, my..." Tammy sighed, realizing, other than the micro-mini skirt and arm sleeves, the rest of the dress was nothing more than a one piece full posture corset. 

The bodice, shaped in the style of a Victorian corset, ran from the top of the skirt, which Tammy wondered if she would even be able to shimmy into or if it would come close to covering her genitalia let alone her rear, to above her breasts. Then a combination neck and shoulder posture collar, that would keep her head basically motionless, led to a chin and full mouth corset gag. 

"Naturally, I should have known..." Tammy almost laughed when she saw the built in inflatable butterfly plug attached to the mouth corset. 

Tammy felt a spark of anticipation as she held the dress, as it were, to her body. She loved wearing the leather body sheath and had no doubt in her mind that she would enjoy wearing this just as much, if not more. 

She sat back down on the stool and slipped her legs through the unzipped back of the dress and into the skirt. After adjusting her larger chest, she put her right then her left arm into the sleeves and stood, lifting the dress up to her shoulders. 

For some unknown reason the material slid with ease over the boots, but, that made no impression on Tammy. She was looking wide eyed at her reflection in the mirror. Her focus drawn to the two round cutouts in the front of the dress, as she lifted it over her shoulders. 

Both holes were positioned, as were the ones in the leather body sheath, for her breasts to poke through. The difference on this dress was a pair of thin strips of elastic sewn into the cutouts in a crossing "X" pattern. And another strip intersecting the "X" halfway along its length, forming a circular support which she assumed would help hold and display her new breasts in a prominently rounded shape. 

It was a bit of a struggle for her to twist, tug and poke one then the other breast through each hole and into its elastic holding. Then she had to use the mirror to adjust the thin elastic bands around each mound, due to the neck collar and mouth corset getting in her line of sight. 

Once finished with her enlarged breasts Tammy lifted the collar and mouth corset around her neck and lower face. After taking the rubber butterfly plug into her mouth, she attempted to zip the dress. 

It may have been some of the aphrodisiac left in her system or just the feel of the rubber as it tightened on her body that caused her to nearly topple over in massive multi-orgasmic bliss while zipping up the dress. The feeling was so erotic she could not control herself. Quivering in sensual delight and panting through her nose feverishly, she adjusted the bands around her breasts. Her engorged nipples were hard and extremely sensitive to her touch as she poked them each through a small hole at the intersection of the "X" into their very own tiny elastic bands. 

These bands did more than just shape her nipples as their larger brothers were doing for her breasts. The more Tammy's nipples engorged, the more they refused to allow them to relax from total arousal. 

"MMMMMMM!" Tammy moaned into the mouth corset, staring at her image in the mirror. 

The green rubber glistened on her arms, legs, torso, neck, back, and lower face. Her breasts screamed out for attention. She pulled down on the fur trimmed hem of her rubber skirt so it would fall inline with the trim on her boots. 

"If I try to squat, bend, or lift a leg much, I'll be exposed for all to see." Tammy thought to herself. "Even standing with my legs slightly spread apart I can feel a breeze tickle me." 

"There is a pretty elf hat, a pair of pointed elf ears, a small neck brooch, and a white belt in the vanity drawer for you to put on now, Mrs. Dufrane." The voice ordered. 

Tammy pulled the ears first from the drawer and wiggled them over her own. Inside of each she found a small receiver that after being slipped completely into her own ears held the elf ears securely in place. 

The pointed velveteen hat was the same shade of green as the dress. Also trimmed in white fur trim and topped with a white fluffy ball. She lifted the hat over the rubber sheath holding her ponytail straight up and pulled it onto her head, carefully wedging the fur trim between her new pointed ears and her head. 

As she shook her upper body, as much as her tight new ensemble allowed, to test whether the hat would stay put or not, she had to giggle at her reflection. Even with the corset gag covering her mouth, she thought the hat and ears gave her a cute impish look. 

The small circular Christmas green brooch was less than an inch in diameter and connected to the rubber neck and shoulder corset at the base of her neck with a hidden hasp. Tammy had no idea of why he wanted her to wear it, for it blended into the rubber and was practically unnoticeable. Had she not seen where she put it on, she wouldn't have been able to see it in her reflection at all. 

Lastly Tammy pulled the 4-inch wide white rubber belt from the drawer. 

It was made of a much more ridged rubber compound with a matching white 4-inch square buckle made from an even harder rubber compound. The buckle was nearly three quarters of an inch thick with a slit on the open side. She had to take a deep breath and strain to stretched the belt around her waist to allow her to slip the metal clasp into the side slit. However, as soon as the metal clasp slid completely into the side slit, with a loud locking sound, the rubber butterfly gag in her mouth began to inflate. 

Before Tammy could raise her hands to her face, the gag had immediately filled her mouth to capacity, pressing her tongue down and crushing the sides of her mouth against the rubber gag corset. 

"MMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!" Tammy tried to scream and wiggle her fingers between her skin and the rubber. 

Not a peep escaped from her. Nor could she wedge a finger beneath the rubber. 

"Excellent, you are quite silent, Mrs. Dufrane..." The voice spoke directly into her elfin ears. "I can't take any chance of you telling someone of your plight, now can I? All right, let's have a good look at my little elf, shall we..." 

Tammy pulled on the hem of the skirt to lower it as much as she could, which wasn't any actually. Then, her body began twisting and turning on its own, posing in every sensual way possible that the stiff rubber material allowed. 

And with each movement the fur from the trim of her boots tickled her labia while the fur covered hem of her tight skirt shifted enough to do the same to her clitoris. 

Tammy silently cursed at herself for teasing herself toward another orgasm. 

"Very good, Mrs. Dufrane. You posed for me without my having to order you to... Very good indeed.... And I must say, your body's proclivity for sexual climax cannot be abated. I do believe it would take very little effort on your part for you to have a massive orgasm in the middle of the worst natural disaster known to man." His voice laughed at her tauntingly as he spoke. "Now, before you orgasm yourself into a horrible fall, get the backpack with my diamonds and go get into your car." 

Tammy carefully made her way through the doorway into the room with the exercise cycle. The monitor was still lowered and Tammy stopped to stare at her image. 

"OH MY GOD!'' She mumbled into her gag as the image changed to show Chandra lying on a table with her legs wrapped together in bandages. There were two women taking great care to pull the bandages around Chandra's upper body. "What are they doi..." 

"In case you're wondering, your friend Chandra is being readied to become a sex slave." His voice filled her ears. "You should know if you suddenly decide to try to escape or get help, the bandages Nora and Gina are wrapping her in have been soaked with a powerful aphrodisiac, which her body will slowly absorb, if left on her. So, the quicker I get my diamonds the least amount of potion she'll absorb. Should the bandages be left on her until they dry... Well, let's just say she'll be ready and more than willing to suck and fuck, for the rest of her life, the first man that makes her climax... Remember that, Mrs. Dufrane... And, bring me my diamonds!" 

Tammy didn't want to, but forced herself to turn from the screen. Just seeing Chandra's image though still in the clutches of that madman gave her a chance for hope. Reluctantly she moved past the exercise cycle and through the small doorway into the RV cockpit, where she had left the backpack with the diamonds. 

"Why didn't they just take the diamonds and leave Chandra when they came and undressed her?'' Tammy wondered as she tightly held the pack with her right. "This doesn't feel right!" 

Opening the driver's door, she climbed down from the RV. Her skirt rose over her ass and she felt the cold wind blow over her moist lower lips as she did so. 

Pulling the skirt back down over her rear she slammed the RV door closed. 


The sound of rubber slapping rubber broke the evening air. 

Tammy's arms were quickly forced extremely hard together behind her back from her wrists to elbows. Her legs also were forced together from her ankles to thighs. 

Gasping through her nose and trying not to panic, she struggled with all her might to get her limbs apart. Fortunately for her, she kept her balance as well as held onto the backpack. 

"Don't try to pull your limbs apart, Mrs. Dufrane... Your dress sleeves and boots have electro magnets in them to keep your limbs under my control. I can keep them together or to your sides or spread out wide if I prefer." His voice chided her. "Even with Chandra in peril, as she is, I cannot take the risk of you attempting to alert someone. So, whenever you leave your car your legs, from knees to thighs, shall be stuck together so you will have to take nice slow steps. And your arms will be forced together behind your back. That will keep you in control and provide everyone you meet a lovely view. Once you return to your car they will be released so you can drive."

Tammy felt her lower legs ease apart. She gathered her wits and took small careful steps around the front of the RV and over to her car. As soon as she touched it her arms and legs were freed for her to open the door and climb in. 

The car keys were in the ignition and all of her belongings were still on the front seat where she had left them. She could still smell the aroma of her sex from the jeans and panties crumpled on the passenger floorboard. 

"Something is not right!" Her mind screamed at her as she turned the key and the car roared to life. 

The image of Chandra being wrapped in the bandages filled the small GPS screen, which came to life with her car. 

Silently Tammy sent a telepathic message of hope through the machine toward Chandra. 

"We'll get out of this soon, just keep hold..." Tammy thought and prayed Chandra could hear her as she put the car in gear and slowly turned onto the highway. 

Chapter Four

If Tammy had thought that the cold and fur trim erotically tickled her moist lower region as she walked to the car, it was nothing compared to what it was like as she drove. The skirt had slid up leaving her no protection from the fur trim that now swayed against her clit with each turn of the car or puff of breeze from the heater vent, which had been adjusted to aim directly between her legs. 

Only the computerized male voice of the GPS drowned out her soft muffled moans. 

"You will be delivering a few presents for me to some of your clients, Mrs. Dufrane, before you deliver mine to me." His voice suddenly laughed into her ears. "And I believe some of them will definitely enjoy seeing you dressed as 'Santa's little helper'." 

The thought of any of her clients seeing her dressed this way sent a nervous chill down her back. Yet, at the same time the idea heightened her sense of arousal. 

Tammy was torn over the dilemma of her enjoyment of the titillations and the worry eating away inside her for Chandra. It took all her will power to try to put both out of her mind as she followed the directions. Driving as carefully and quickly as possible without drawing any attention became more difficult with each mile as the torment of the fur brushing her sensitive neither region grew into a major distraction. By the time she pulled into the parking lot of her destination, 'The Sweet Shop Bakery', she was once more on the verge of orgasm. 

"Oh, no...." She sighed to herself, when she realized her first destination. 

Jonas and Sylvia Sweet were a wonderful older couple, who had in 40 years taken Sylvia's penchant for baking and turned it into a thriving business. They were the first clients to trust Tammy with their retirement portfolio after she started at the bank. It was also through their word of mouth that her client list first grew. The couple had raised 3 daughters and had 6 grandchildren. And, through Tammy's wise financial advice, they will have the means to retire and still send each one to college. 

They also, unfortunately for Tammy right now, were very moral. So she knew there was no explanation they would accept or understand as to why she was dressed as she presently was. And being so well gagged, there was little need for her to attempt to do so.

Tammy had surmised her arms and legs would be forced together once she left the car. And James VanNorkin had told her, while she drove; the presents he wanted her to deliver were in the trunk of her car. So, she had to make sure she retrieved them before she lost the use of her arms. 

Tammy hoped the idea she came up with would work. So, taking a deep nervous sigh she turned the engine off and looked around. Seeing no one, she popped the trunk open, tugged the hem of the skirt down, and keeping hold of it she slipped from the front seat. Slowly, keeping in contact with the car the entire way, she stepped around to the trunk and lifted the gift labeled 'THE SWEETS' with her left hand by the tightly tied red and green ribbon surrounding the gift. 

As soon as she turned and took one step away from the car the sound of rubber slapping rubber could be heard. 

Tammy held tight to the present with her left hand as her arms were forced together behind her back. She walked toward the front door with small careful steps. Her legs were once more glued together from the knees up. 

She had to turn her back to the door and rise even higher onto her toes to turn the doorknob. Then slowly she stepped inch by inch away from the building to open the door. Rolling her body along the door to keep it open as she entered, the cold of the glass sent an erotic sensation through her as her barely covered large breasts were crushed against the window panes. 

She had only taken 2 small steps into the shop when the delicious fragrance of freshly baked delights filled her nostrils. But the wondrous aroma did little to hide her mortification as she stood face to face with the older couple and stare into their questioning eyes. 

"Uh, er, good evening, Chandra???" Jonas Sweet finally stammered, breaking the very long minutes of loud silence that accompanied Tammy's entrance into the shop. 

His wife continued to simply gawk at the oddly dressed woman with elf ears and hat who had just entered her domain. 

"No, daddy, that's not Chandra. It's Tammy Dufrane..." A female voice said from a doorway behind the sales counter. "Chandra was supposed to come with her, but got herself all tied up and couldn't. So she sent Tammy alone." 

Tammy's puzzled expression got an "I know something secret" wink from the leggy and tall, but slightly overweight brunette.

Natasha Sweet, the couples' eldest daughter stepped from the back kitchen area and leaned against the counter. She had moved back home a year ago to open a catering business in her parents shop. Chandra had spoke of her to Tammy many times in the last 9 months, but Tammy had never actually met the woman. 

Her shoulder-length brunette ponytail swung from side to side as she walked. It was pulled through the back of a blue Sweet's Bakery and Catering baseball cap. 

Tammy had a clear view of the woman's dark brown eyes and couldn't help but noticed they had a lustful stare at the rubber clad helpless female who had just entered the shop. 

"TAMMY DUFRANE, NO... She would never dress like that!" Mrs. Sweet finally spoke, breaking her silence and turning her head toward her daughter. 

"Take a closer look mother," Natasha suggested, as she came around the counter and headed toward Tammy, never removing her leering eyes from Tammy's chest. 

Tammy wanted to turn and run, or in her case hop away. For suddenly, her lower legs, from toes to knees, joined the upper portion and locked together, immobilizing her. She could not move nor prevent the older woman and man from making a much closer inspection of her. 

"Oh my stars and garters," Sylvia Sweet gasped. 

She gazed past the humongous set of breasts, which now seem to be stretching their elastic prison to its breaking point, over the green rubber mouth corset and into Tammy's emerald green eyes. 

"IT IS HER!!!" She blurted out and stepped back as if afraid of catching something horrid. "Why in the world are you dressed like that? And why come here of all places while you are?" 

"She's here to help me, mother!" Natasha quickly answered, rather curtly, stepping next to Tammy and wrapping her left arm around the totally humiliated woman. "She volunteered to model for the special cake mold. And I asked her to wear something tight and revealing." 

"That's definitely tight and revealing..." Jonas Sweet mumbled, he forced his gaze from its fixed position on Tammy's chest to glance at his daughter. "I thought Chandra had already done that, Nat!" 

"I told you both, this mold has to be sensational and something everyone would want to sink their teeth into." Natasha answered, grinning at Tammy. "Chandra's chest is quite lovely, but, I needed someone with, shall we say, larger assets than Chandra's to get the word of mouth advertising to bloom. And, as you can certainly see, Tammy's assets are most assuredly larger and definitely fit the bill..." 

"And, looks to me like they're getting larger as we speak..." Natasha softly whispered to Tammy, with a decidedly delicious wicked wink. 

"She volunteered! Ridiculous! Tammy Dufrane, who works for the most image conscious conservative bank in this city, volunteered to have a cake mold made of her naked chest so every lowlife scum sucking man in this city can ogle it, before, eating it." Sylvia ranted, in disbelief. "She volunteered for that!"

"Yes, mother, she did..." Natasha replied, turning her head so her cheek pressed against Tammy's rubber covered cheek. "She's doing it for her friend Chandra. She wants my business to succeed. That's what friends do mother, help each other..." 

"Is that so?" Sylvia asked, looking deep into Tammy's eyes. 

Tammy quickly wondered how she would be able to answer the woman, when she heard her voice speaking. 

"Yes, it is..." Tammy's voice answered. "As a matter of fact, if it will help get her business off the ground, I'll even do special deliveries with autographs and pictures." 

Tammy's eyes widened at not only hearing her voice volunteer herself for even more humiliation, but she also felt Natasha's hand slip, unseen by her parents, down Tammy's back and under her skirt. 

"You're not wearing any panties. Did you forget to put them on... Or, were you so anxious for me to take you that you left them off on purpose..." Natasha whispered loud enough for only Tammy to hear. "And, you're so wet... Hmmm... Perhaps, Chandra told you more about me than she said..." 

Tammy wanted to look back toward Natasha, but her collar and gag wouldn't allow it. Neither would Sylvia Sweet's ranting.

"If that is the case, then so be it. I wash my hands of it all..." Sylvia said, waving her hands in the air, before moving her face closer to Tammy's. "If you ever come into my shop dressed like a street tramp again, not only will we stop doing business with you and your bank and tell all our friends to stop as well... But, I'll take a wooden spoon to your bottom and you'll not be able to sit for a week..."

Sylvia turned and grabbed Jonas by his apron strings. 

"Come Papa, we have to inventory the supply storage room..." She grunted, pulling him toward the storage room door and not giving him any more time to stare at Tammy's assets. 

Tammy watched the older couple disappear through the doorway across the room from the kitchen door in total humiliation. However, she was slightly relieved this stop was over. Yet she felt strangely aroused at what had just transpired. 

"Oh no!" Tammy thought to herself. She had forgotten about Natasha who stood behind her, enjoying herself. 

Tammy could feel the brunette's right hand fondling her breast and her left hand wiggling its fingers between her legs. 

And as much as Tammy didn't want to acknowledge it and wanted it to stop, her body was beginning to visibly enjoy Natasha's attentions. 

Natasha's right hand softly kneaded Tammy's right breast, toying with the elastic bands holding it tight. Then she rolled the hard nipple between two of her fingers making it grow even more firm and hard. At the same time Tammy felt the fingers of the brunette's left hand sensually fondle her aroused sex. 

"I've been waiting for you," Natasha whispered into her ear. "Nora called to let me know you were on your way. But she didn't tell me you would be gift wrapped... And you brought me a present, how sweet of you..." 

Natasha took the present and opened it. A grin formed on her face as she looked into the unwrapped box. 

"You are so thoughtful. Or, was this Nora's idea..." Natasha smiled and set the box down on the counter then returned to her place behind Tammy and resumed her play. "Now, Nora did say I should enjoy you as much as I wanted. And I do want to enjoy you ever so much...." 

Natasha continued to tease and torment Tammy. 

Tammy didn't know and was beginning to not care how the woman knew which buttons to push to keep her in such a state of complete arousal. Nor did she care that the woman seemed to be savoring how easily it was to push her toward a huge orgasm right here on that spot. She only knew that she was getting to the point of wanting her to not stop.

"No! This can't be happening... You can't let this happen, here... now..." Tammy told herself and tried to stop the building sensation, while silently praying that the Sweet's wouldn't return nor any customers enter the shop. 

The thought of the humiliation of being forced to climax in front of them was not something she wanted to deal with later on. However, picturing herself in an orgasmic quivering state, helplessly bound and gagged in front of this older couple she liked and respected along with a group of other people she didn't even know was not helping to slow her increasing arousal. It was actually throwing fuel onto the flames. 

"Oh my, your clit is growing even more than your tits... Ooo, that rhymes..." Natasha cooed, rubbing and gently pinching Tammy's aroused clitoris with her fingers. "Nora did say, she thought you were a better fuck than Chandra.... At the time, I seriously doubted it. Chandra has made my body melt in such ways so many times; I can't see anyone taking me further. But having you here right now, I must say you have my curiosity and other things aroused..." 

She rubbed her chest against Tammy's back as she continued to run her fingers around Tammy's labia and much engorged and overly sensitive clitoris before slipping one gently into Tammy's warm wet love box. 

"mmmmmmmm.... OH GOD, NO..." Tammy silently moaned, unable to control the building sensations inside of her. 

"You are primed for me, already. Let's see how close I can get you out here." Natasha giggled, slipping a second, then, third finger in as she pinched the hard nipple at the same time. 

"STOP PLEASE, STOPPPPP! AAAAAHHHH!!!" Tammy moaned, clenching her vaginal muscles tightly around the woman's fingers. 

The response from Tammy was even more than Natasha had expected and she eased her fingers back out. 

"You like that don't you... You can't wait to have a cock or something similar shoved up this hole and pleasure you..." Natasha pulled her hands from Tammy and stepped around in front of her. "For all your high class reputation, you're nothing but a low rent nympho fuck slut. Ready, willing, and so able to cum on call. At least Chandra has some taste... You would fuck anyone or anything... Well slut I'm going to give that mouth of yours a chance to prove if it's as good as your cunt..." 

Natasha walked over to the counter and pulled two items from the gift box and returned. 

"I've always wanted a pet to take on walks..." She giggled, snapping a green leather leash to the same hasp as the small brooch, which Tammy's voice emanated from. "There, now you'll follow me where ever I go..." 

She knelt and pressed the side of Tammy's belt buckle. The front cover flipped open with a soft pop. 

"There is a keypad under the buckle, just as Nora said..." Natasha smiled. "Now what was that code?" 

Tammy heard her press a series of keys and then felt the gag filling her mouth began to deflate. 

Natasha stood in front of her waiting for a minute, then reached behind Tammy's neck and unzipped the mouth corset enough to pull the deflated gag plug from Tammy puzzled mouth. 

"Hommmmppphhh..." Tammy tried to ask a question, but, Natasha forced a large ring gag, that also came from the gift box, into her mouth past her lips and teeth, buckling it tightly behind her head. 

"That was a very thoughtful gift... I was wondering how I could put your mouth to work without having to hear your blabbering..." Natasha smiled. "Now, let me see, the code to free your legs is 1-1. But, do I want to free them so you can walk to the kitchen.... Or, do I want to make you hop, hmmmm.... What do you think? It will take time to make the molds, but I'm dying to watch those huge melons sticking out from your chest bounce up and down... What to do, what to do... Yes, the hell with the time, I want to see those puppies bounce... So, HOP!" 

"MMMMMOOO! MMMEEME MOP!" Tammy tried to plead, but was unsuccessful. 

It had been her one chance to try to explain what was happening. Not only to her, but what was happening to Chandra as well. And she felt that Natasha had a vested interest in Chandra's well being. She had to try to convince her to help her to save her friend. But, Tammy lost that chance and could only pleaded with her eyes to the woman. 

Extreme sadness filled Tammy's heart as she watched Natasha turn toward the kitchen door. The firm yank on the leash told Tammy her ordeal was taking a turn. And not a turn she deemed helpful. 

Tammy had to begin hopping like a kangaroo to avoid tumbling over. She tried to take long graceful hops. But Natasha slowed her pace to make Tammy leap more often making her breasts bounce that many more times up and down against the elastic bands.

Tammy was gasping for breath through her nose when they reached the back of the kitchen. She hadn't realized her breasts had grown to such an ungodly size. With each hop she was slapped on both sides of her face by flesh covered with thin rubber strips. She had passed a triple-D size cup by a long shot and was quickly reaching mammoth proportions. 

Her mind was reeling. 

"Did Natasha know about Chandra? And, if so, why isn't she helping her by at least getting me out of here quickly..." Tammy thought to herself. "No, surely Nora Ruth was too professional to mention what they were planning to anyone not in their circle. Is Natasha part of their team? If not, and Nora isn't that professional, James VanNorkin certainly is. He wouldn't allow such a breech in security. And why hasn't he spoken or at least laughed at her through the receivers in her ears. Or, was he just sitting back and enjoying the show?" 

Unanswered question after unanswered question ran through Tammy's mind, until she felt a final hard tug on the leash. 

"Come over here with those delicious huge tits, nympho-elf." Natasha ordered, pulling the leash so Tammy was forced to stand next to a small 3-foot by 2-foot rectangular stainless steel table. "Turn around and face the table!" 

She had Tammy face the narrower side of the table. 

Tammy's reflection shimmered in the stainless steel's reflection and for the second time she got a clear look at her enlarged assets. 

"OH MY GOD, THEY'RE HUGE!!!" She mumbled through the ring gag. 

The shimmer came from the flat 2-foot by 1½-foot rectangular cover on the top of the table. The seam of the cover plate was barely noticeable in her reflection, but the curved handle in the middle of the cover did distort it slightly.

Natasha pulled the leash across the table and connected it to something out of Tammy's line of sight. 

With an evil grin, she stepped back behind Tammy, bent down and worked a pair of ankle cuffs through Tammy's legs and buckled them around her ankles. Then she opened the buckle on Tammy's belt once again and punched in the code to release Tammy's legs. 

Before Tammy could even think about attempting to move, once she felt her legs were free, Natasha touched a switch on the table. Tammy's legs began to slowly spread apart. As soon as they reached the outer part of the table legs they stopped and were held securely. 

Tammy's skirt, on the other hand, wasn't held securely and had no choice but to slide up over her hips. 

"MMMMMMM.... Now that is what I call open for business..." Natasha laughed, running her hand sensually over Tammy's exposed area. 

Tammy had to fight responding to the woman's teasing for several minutes. 

Tammy's eyes widened and she began wildly shaking her head back and forth when the woman stood and waved a pair of scissors in front of her eyes. 

"MMMMOOO, MMMEEME...." Tammy pleaded, straining uselessly against her bonds. 

Natasha reached forward and pulled on one of the overstretched bands barely holding Tammy's right breast. 

"These are useless now, I hate to destroy this beautiful outfit but it is the only way to get an exact replica of your tits." She sighed and cut each band freeing Tammy's large breasts and nipples from their elastic crates. "There much better... Let me massage those nasty marks away. I'm sure the mold gel will sooth the marks from them, but once they're in the mold gel I won't have the pleasure of playing with them for at least an hour..." 

Tammy deeply sighed in relief, but soon began moaning sensually once again as Natasha kneaded and toyed erotically with Tammy's breasts for several minutes. 

Grinning, she stared into Tammy's eyes and lifted the cover from the table. 

Tammy had to force herself to break the visual connection with the brown eyes beaming at her to look down to see what was beneath the cover. A snow white goop filled the uncovered container to the brim. 

"Chandra has done this three times for me. She wasn't so pleased with being strapped down, but she did enjoy the feel of the gel on her tits." Natasha grinned. "It has to be kept warm and maintain a slow vibration to keep any air pockets from forming. It took everything Chandra could muster not to orgasm constantly from it. From what I've seen and heard about you... You won't be as successful as she was..." 

"That's what you think!" Tammy's mind replied with a hint of defiance in her eyes. 

Natasha grinned as if she heard Tammy's thoughts then began covering the goop with a large piece of plastic wrap. 

"This plastic wrap over the mixture will stop it from sticking to your skin," she said. "Don't worry; it's large enough to cover even your giant jugs." 

Tammy's mind tried to grasp what was about to happen as she felt a firm tug on her neck as the leash was slowly pulling her neck toward the end of the table and bending her over at her waist. 

She tried to resist, to not let the leash win, but within a minute her enormous mounds were forced into the hole and quickly covered by the goop leaving the rest of Tammy's chest laying flat across the table top. 

Her head, however, was hanging off the table, where she saw the winch her leash and ankle cuffs were connect to. Also, from the corner of her eye, she saw four leather straps hanging from the far side of the table. These disappeared one by one, as she felt pressure across her arms and back pushing her even deeper into the goop. 

"These straps will help keep your body still, so whatever movements you make will not effect how the mold turns out. I wouldn't want to take a chance of ruining TAMMY'S TITS, the soon to be most sought after cake at every bachelor party..." Natasha laughed, as she buckled the final strap tightly across Tammy. "There, now to get you ready for the other mold... You'll really like this one... I know most of the frat boys at the local college will like the result...." 

Tammy felt the top of her boots being rolled down to her lower thighs and her skirt rolled up even further. But her overly stimulated body leapt to a new level as she felt her lower lips being pulled apart. 

"Just a bit of this epoxy to hold your labia majora to your thighs and your labia minora to those so we can get a good imprint of your clitoris. It's so pretty and full" Natasha giggled, taking a moment to fit her head between Tammy's legs to sensually suck on the over stimulated sex organ. "As large and engorged as this is, as soon as I put the mold on you and fill it with the modeling gel you'll be in sexual torment. I tried it out myself. OH GOD! I thought I was never going to stop climaxing..." 

Tammy wanted to beg her to dive her tongue deep into her as soon as she felt Natasha's breathe softly brush over her very aroused clit. But all she did was softly tease Tammy's clit forcing a pleasure tremor through the bound redhead. 

"NO!" Tammy's body screamed when Natasha stopped her sensual torments and waved a strange looking mold in front of her. 

Tammy felt the confining object tighten as Natasha locked it in place around Tammy's thighs and upper hips. 

"MMMMMAAAAAHHHHH, MMMMEEEEMMMM!!!" Tammy screamed over her ring gag, as a huge orgasm ripped through her body, when Natasha poured the molding gel into the mold. 

"That was awesome! Chandra's was more of a whimper. And, mine was just pleasant." Natasha laughed. "If that is how yours is beginning, without the vibrations, you are in for some serious torment..." 

Tammy heard the sound of a motor and felt its soft vibrations on her chest, then, what felt like earthquake tremors attacked her nether region. 

Another spasm wracked her, followed by another, and another wracking her body again and again.

Then her peripheral vision saw Natasha's jeans and panties drop to the floor next to the table. 

"What..." Tammy tried to say. 

"Now, while we let them set, how about we put that mouth and tongue of yours to some good use... We'll keep your mind off your continual torment..." Natasha giggled, pulling a stool up and positioning herself on it so she could wrap her legs around Tammy's head to give her tongue easy access to curb Natasha's lust. 

The aroma of the woman's sex filled Tammy's nostrils which sent her body into overdrive. She had many times smelled and tasted Chandra's love juices and never fought her urges to enjoy them. 

Tammy quickly decided to not give in to this demented woman. But after a less than a minute of Natasha's sweet scent filling Tammy's olfactory senses and her love box touching Tammy's ring gagged lips. The battle over control ended. 

Tammy's tongue betrayed her, diving through the ring and deep into Natasha's waiting sex. 

"OH YESSSSS, OH MY GOD, YESSSSSSS!!!" Natasha screamed to the top of her lungs, as her body quivered in orgasmic bliss for the third time. 

Tammy tried not to, but could not stop from swallowing the vaginal juices that flowed into her mouth. Of all the women over the years that she had tongued to climax none had such a flow of vaginal fluid. 

Time become irrelevant to Tammy. She had no idea how long she had been in the molds or had been forced to please Natasha. Neither did she know how many orgasms had ravaged her own body nor did she care. 

Tammy became lost to the moment. Even when she heard the Sweets' make an unannounced awkward sojourn through the kitchen on their way out to go home, she ignored the ranting of the elder woman. 

Yes, she felt completely humiliated and no matter how hard she fought it, she could not stop or slow the sexual lust exploding within her. Her lower half felt on fire from the constant arousal. And her breasts and nipples felt as if an electric wand had been used to torment them. 

Tammy felt her body needed relief from the steady torment of orgasms. Her tongue ached from overwork. And her stomach felt bloated. Her mind had no control over the sensations attacking it and her body was totally exhausted. So, without further warning, they both shut down and she blacked out. 

story continued in part 3


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