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Tammy's Bondage Application

by SouthernTied

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© Copyright 2018 - SouthernTied - Used by permission

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Author's Note: This story is the sequel to Tammy's Valentine Bind. To get an insight into the characters you may wish to read it prior to this one.

Part One

Chapter One

Tammy Lynette Dufrane stared at her laptop screen. The vivid images sent a chill down her back and a unsettling warmth between her legs.

She recognized the people on the screen. 

James VanNorkin, the bald, mustachioed man beneath the black beret, and his two evil henchwomen, Nora and Gina, were being very deliberate and methodical as they skillfully laced a black leather body sheath over the body of the voluptuous redhead. Tammy not only recognized her, but, also had an intimate knowledge of her. 

The older of the two henchwomen, Nora Ruth, with her short dark hair slicked back to convey her dominate side, had already teased and tormented the redhead with the dildo and butt plug that were now filling the emerald green eyed woman's responding pink pussy and anal canal. While, Gina, the younger of the two with her long blonde tresses pulled up into a bun atop her head, left a lipstick print of her full luscious lips on the redhead's ass cheeks as she zipped the woman's legs into a pair of thigh high boots with 6-inch stiletto heels. The inseams of the boots were connected together and their front shafts were part of the lower panel of the sheath. 

Tammy drew her knee high booted legs tightly together beneath her desk in response. 

The female duo had also forced, well not so much forced as encouraged, a huge orgasm from the redhead as the man began lacing the sheath around the boots. 

Tammy not only knew of the sensuous black leather body sheath, she could still smell the strong aroma of its fine leather, as well as feel its hug, as she watched them lace the sheath's inner corset around the woman's waist. 

"I should be wearing that right now. Folded into my Gucci bag and on the way to our cabin retreat in the mountains." Tammy thought. "Damn, I can't believe that company let their negotiations breakdown so bad Mike had to be called in over Christmas. And, he'll be there for at least a week, our entire vacation!" 

They had planned to spend their Christmas vacation at the mountain cabin she inherited from her parents 5 years ago. It was a yuletide ritual they had enjoyed since. The privacy of the mountains gave them a wider range to enjoy their bondage play. And, its cozy intimate setting was different enough to bring, however unbelievably, a more intense romantic side out in both of them. 

She was so looking forward to the 5 hour drive, tightly secured and held in the confines of that small black leather piece of heaven, having orgasm after orgasm. Then, once they arrived, she would return the favor by using each of her exceptional orifices to pleasure Mike. 

But no, instead she would be driving 9 hours with Chandra to the beach resort, that she always spends Christmas's at. Not that Tammy had anything against the beach or that resort. It was magnificent, 5 star with opulent accommodations. She and Mike had vacationed there several times with Chandra. But, their mountain retreat was just much more special to them.

Yet, she enjoyed being with Chandra. They had been best friends since grade school, roomies until she married Mike, and co workers for nearly 14 years. 

Chandra was like the sister Tammy never had, as the saying goes. Actually, they looked and acted so much like sisters, from the minute they met, people had mistakenly been taking them for twins forever. 

Yes, she would have a nice vacation with Chandra, but, would miss the intimacy of her husband. 

"STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF!" Her mind screamed at her. "Concentrate! You've got to figure out what you need to do!"

Tammy tried to do what her mind commanded, but, the blonde assailant was already wiggling the leather crotch strap between the redhead's legs to connect to the bottom of the corset. When she pulled the strap to its tightest notch, driving the dildo and butt plug even deeper into the woman, a loud moan filled Tammy's office. 


The moans of pleasure were loud, but, sounded as off in the distance. 


They grew louder and closer. 

Tammy's eyes widened. 

She realized they weren't just coming from her laptop's speakers. They were also coming from her. 

Tammy's right hand had, unconsciously, slid from the desk and worked its way between her legs, sensually massaging the denim covering her most intimate of places, stoking the embers of the bonfire growing inside her. 

Again, she tried to tell it to stop, to make herself quit. It wasn't right and she knew that in her mind. But, her body, her body was now taking control.

Reluctantly, she reached into her desk and pulled the soft pliable 3-inch-diameter black leather covered stress ball from it. 

Mr. Edmunsen was the only other person presently in the bank. She was positive he couldn't hear her, but, had to make sure. And, there was only one way, she knew of, to do that. 

The fact that being gagged always helped increase her state of arousal had nothing to do with it, she told herself. 

She rolled the ball around in her fingers for a brief moment fighting the urge, before quickly stuffing it into her mouth. Then, after brushing strands of her red hair away from her cheeks, she sealed the ball in her mouth with three 5-inch long pieces of red duck tape from a roll kept in the desk next to the ball. 

It was done. Her door was locked just as before. She was certain there was no way anyone would now hear her muffled screams, no matter how loud they became. 

Her face blushed as red as the tape. Whether from the ball and tape gag or her feelings of embarrassment for giving in to her urges, it did not matter. She returned her emerald green eyes to the screen and focused her attention onto the trio balling the woman's hands into fists and forcing them and her arms into closed end sleeves inside the sheath. 

Then, they began lacing the upper torso of the sheath. As they pulled the sheath around her abdomen, her arms were forced together behind her back and another long deep sensuous moan came from the speakers. 

"mmmmmmmaaaammmm!" Tammy joined her, remembering the feel of her arms being forced into that position and the tightness of the leather as her own breasts had been thrust forward to be worked through the circular cut outs of the sheath by Nora the first time and Mike each time since. 

The older woman sucked the woman's left nipple into her mouth as she rolled the right between her fingers. 

"mmmmmaaaaaaammmmm!" The speakers moaned. 

With her right hand now fervently assaulting her crotch, Tammy could feel the wetness of her juices seeping through her jeans. 

"Damn!" She momentarily thinking to herself. "If I'm this wet already, after I cum these jeans will be soaked!" 

Ignoring her thoughts, she worked her left hand under her sweater and bra, and, began fondling her right breast. Pinching and pulling, teasing it erect. The firmer it became the more sensitive it was to her touch. Soon, it added its tingle of delicious torment to her growing sexual euphoria. 

"Oh, God, not again..." Her mind screamed at her in a final attempt for control. "Get a grip!" 

She watched the sheath grow tighter and tighter around the red headed woman's body, forcing her D-cup breasts even further through the sexy material. 

The man laced a thick collar around the redhead's neck. And, the older woman once more attacked the protruding nipples, devouring them like a ravenous beast. 

"MMMMMAAAAAAHHHHMMMM!" Tammy screamed into her gag pinching her left nipple and sending the blessed feeling of painful delight through her own body. 

Her orgasm matched the one of the redhead on the screen. 

"Excellent... That was fantastic... Mrs. Dufrane, I could watch and listen to you masturbate all day." The familiar voice of James VanNorkin returned with a devious snicker. "I can see you're enjoying our presentation. However, I'm also sure you understand its significance." 

He hadn't spoken since he ordered her to connect her blackberry to her laptop. But, his voice sent tremors of fear down her spine the moment she heard it. 

"Don't hang up Mrs. Dufrane!" He had begun. 

She had been expecting to hear Chandra's voice. 

Chandra Edelstein had always gotten to the bank before Tammy. And, today should have been no exception. She was going to take a cab so the two of them could leave for the beach in Tammy's car as soon as they finished tying up any small odds or ends at the bank. When she didn't see Chandra or her suitcases in the office, Tammy got worried and called her cell. Instead of her friend's cheery voice giving an explanation, she got a panicked 'for Tammy's ears only' recorded message.

"Tammy! I've been kidnapped! They tied your leather body thingy on me and have taken me someplace, I don't know where. They said you were the only one who could help. YOU'VE GOT TO HELP ME! These two women... know what I like, and... and have made me cum over and over, then, forced me to please them just as much too. You've got to, no, no please, no... NO! OH GOD NO! NOT AGAIN! PLEASE, I CAN'T TAKE ANOTHMMMMMPPPPHHH!" 

Then, his voice returned and he ordered her to connect her blackberry. 

Tammy saw her emerald green eyes flash wide open above the red tape as her face appeared in a small 3 inch square corner of the screen. The camera angle changed. It lowered and she saw her left hand under her sweater and her right between her legs. They both continued their duties as if on their own. 

"MO!" Tammy screamed at the screen. 

"It's a shame we haven't time for you to enjoy another one, Mrs. Dufrane..." He continued. "But, time is of the essence. There is something in your husband, Mike's safety deposit box you need to retrieve for me." 

She saw the puzzled look filling her eyes, when the camera angle raised back up to her face. 

Then, it returned to normal and Tammy saw the image of the redheaded woman with her body encased in leather, a thick sponge being forced into her mouth, and the leather discipline hood, attached to the sheath, being laced tightly over her head. 

"It would be a shame for your dear sweet friend to meet the fate that was intended for you," he hissed, triumphantly. "After all, I still have the bids of those who were very interested in you..." 

Tammy sighed into the tape gag and slowly moved her hands to reach up to remove it. 

"Not so fast! Leave your hands were they are!" His voice blurted, through the speakers. "You are to do as I say, completely, without hesitation. As of now, I AM your master... Do you understand, Mrs. Dufrane?" 

Tammy slowly nodded her head in agreement. 

"You will need to remove the tape and ball, before, you get Mr. Edmunsen's key and code for the safe deposit room." He continued. "Yes, I know he is there. I doubt if he'll give them to you. Most likely you will have to persuade him to go with you. Either way, once there go to box 23559 and remove the contents. It will be a folded black leather backpack. You needn't look through it. There is $130,000,000 in South African diamonds in the pack. You will bring them to me or your girl Friday, here, ends up a sex slave for the rest of her life to some disgusting man she never met before. And, I think we both know how much she'll LOVE that!" 

Tammy's eyes showed her deep fear and worry. 

"You agree to obey me unequivocally and your friend wakes at home with all this having been a dream. Or you call Mike or the police and never see her again." His voice turned icy cold. "You can be assured there is no trace of me or the others, so finding her will be impossible. It is up to you, Mrs. Dufrane. What is your decision?" 

Chandra had confided in Tammy years ago, when they were juniors in high school, that her sexual proclivities were toward the female side. Which was not much of a surprise to Tammy. She had seen many clues of her friend's true passions over the years. 

The posters on her walls of only females. The sensual way she leered at or described other girls they saw. Her rejecting nearly every boy who made a pass at her. 

Then, there were the many sleepovers. Chandra always insisted they sleep nude, which Tammy didn't mind. She had, since puberty, had an overwhelming desire for sexual release, so their always ending up in a cuddle sometime during the night with Chandra fingering Tammy to orgasm never bothered her.

Tammy didn't care if it was a guy or girl or herself who fulfilled her sexual need. But, the joy on Chandra's face while licking her fingers clean afterward had given Tammy pause to wonder about her friend. 

Not to mention the times, after Tammy had finally confessed her own secret pleasure to her friend of being bound and gagged, Chandra would tightly tie Tammy, but, not gag her. For that to happen, Tammy would have to pleasure her friend first after she straddled Tammy's face. Then, the gag, followed by Chandra diving her head between Tammy's outstretched bound legs. The sounds of contentment coming from Chandra as she did so matched the muffled squeals of pleasure coming from Tammy. 

"Vague clues is just all they were," Tammy laughed to herself. 

Of course they had had many serious debates about the uselessness of men and their penises. All of them always ended with Tammy being tied and gagged in a kneeling position and Chandra explaining how her strap on and dildo was much more pleasurable and made more sense. 

Tammy also knew, after the many deep heartfelt talks they had had over the years, that Chandra being forced to submit and sexually pleasure any man would be pure torture to her friend. Possibly, even ending up driving her insane. 

So, Tammy had no choice and replaced her hands and fingers under her sweater and between her legs. Her actions and her eyes gave him her answer. 

"Very wise choice, Mrs. Dufrane... You will make a wonderful slave, even if it is only for a short while... Now, you may remove your gag." His voice sounded triumphant. "I'm sure your husband gave you a simple explanation of the I.B.O., after our first encounter this past Valentines Day..." 

Tammy nodded her head yes. Then, she began following his orders, by slowly peeling the tape from her face and her mind quickly leapt back 10 months. 

She sat across the room's small table, gazing into Mike's deep blue eyes, while having an intimate breakfast the morning after she had so mysteriously arrived at the overseas hotel for their 10th anniversary. She had enjoyed their romantic anniversary meal followed by hours of unbridled passionate lovemaking, before exhaustion from the day and night's pleasures had taken their toll on her. 

She had awaken 3 hours earlier and they resumed their anniversary celebration with Mike sending her into orgasmic orbit several more times. And, she being a most ardent and appreciative wife, reciprocated by fulfilling his every desire. 

Mike had ordered breakfast from room service while she bathed. 

She could still smell the aroma of the fresh strawberry, she held hesitantly to her lips, and hear the love in his sexy baritone voice, all the while, trying desperately to fathom the depths of his words. 

"I belonged to an organization that provides a means for its members to come together in real life and play out their wildest bondage fantasies." He had begun. "It's called The International Bondage Organization or the I.B.O., for short. It has arranged safe, semi controlled encounters for its members for over a centuries. Anything from anonymous playful kidnappings to consensual extreme torments have been possible, as long as they fall within The Organization's rules, guidelines, and limits." 

He sat up higher and leaned across the table drawing closer to her. 

"H.. how long, have you been a member?" She remembered asking stunned by this piece of news. 

"Since before we met, during my freshman year at college, actually. James VanNorkin was an engineering professor there. He happened to see a few of my designs for bondage devices. We talked a few times before he recruited and sponsored me." Mike smiled. "He saw I had a flair, as he called it and I believe you know, for binding women in ways that guarantee they receive ultimate pleasure. So, he set up my application process, then, after my acceptance, made me a member of his encounter team. James was the bald mustachioed man in charge of your adventure." 

"Umm, pleasure, yes... I remember him... He sponsored you? You worked for this organization?" Tammy mumbled, dumbfounded. 

"Well, yes, in a way... Actually, as a working member of an encounter team all my dues were paid for by services rendered. You see all members have to pay dues to belong. That is how the organization covers some of the costs of the encounters. Arranging a safe place for it to occur, supplies, or even providing extra participants as needed. A woman to be kidnapped for instance or, for a some female members, a person or team to kidnap them." Mike's smile, as it always has done, eased the unsettled feeling inside her. "And, some of the working members do receive a stipend for being a participant in other members encounters. Most do, as I did, have their dues removed from those stipends and then bank any extra to pay for their own encounters at a later time." 

He stood, stepped around the table and kissed her on the cheek. 

"That was how I paid for your kidnapping. And, I provided the body sheath, which covered that part of the cost. By the way I knew you'd love it." He said, glancing over at that delicious leather garment she had worn. "Other members, who can't provide the unique items they want to use have to pay extra. As do those whose encounter requires them to pay a ransom." 

"Do they just put it on a credit card or something..." Tammy asked, still a bit stunned at this revelation of his past, and, feeling a bit guilty for questioning him. 

After their first month together, they decided that each others personal life, prior to their first meeting, was immaterial to their future together. However, the information Mike had just freely given her, did give her pause to reevaluate that decision. But, in her heart, she knew how much he loved and cared for her. 

She just wished she could stop asking him question after question about it. 

"No, no credit cards or anything else that could leave a paper trail." Mike said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Most pay in cash. However, some use gems, or untraceable bearer bonds. All of which is converted to what is needed." 

"So, who planned my kidnapping and who were the people who did it..." Tammy turned her head, looking at him suspiciously. "And, how did they pull it off so easily..." 

"I planned the whole thing when I learned I would be out of country for our anniversary. I installed the cameras gave them the DVD. As well as, your normal schedule..." He sheepishly grinned. "Three of them were my old teammates. James VanNorkin, the team leader, Nora Ruth, his sort of second in command, and Karl Liegeman, a specialist in biological chemistry. The others, I hadn't worked with before. James added them after I left his team." 

"And, when, was that?" Tammy asked, her voice suddenly changed in tone, becoming somewhat accusatory, but, as soon as the words came out of her mouth she wanted to pull them back. 

"I quit the team as soon as I met a beautiful woman, dressed as Penelope Pitstop. From that moment until now, I have never had a desire to put any other in my ropes." He said reaching under her chin and lifting her eyes to his. 

Tammy could still feel his fingers on her chin and the look of love in his eyes. 

"I gave her the key to my heart that weekend and will always wear her wedding band on my finger." He quietly whispered. "She will always own my heart for as long as I live... Or she wants it..." 

A deep voice filled her ears and brought her back from her thoughts. 

"I could try to trick you into thinking this is just another encounter set up by your loving husband," the voice said. "But, I know you're intelligent and sharp enough to quickly figure out that it isn't. So, I mostly want you to truly understand what is at stake for you and your friend." 

Tammy blinked remembering her present situation, then, suddenly she felt even more guilty about being responsible for Chandra's involvement in this affair. 

Chandra had never blamed her for any of the situations they found themselves in over the years. Sometimes it seemed to be fate, others just unfortunate timing. And, a few were due to Tammy's attempts to help, such as, during their senior year of high school. 

Tammy was the one who advised Chandra to tell her parents of her decision to live a lesbian lifestyle. Their response was to immediately throw their daughter out of the house and cut her off financially. 

Of course, Tammy felt responsible for her friend's situation and after explaining her part, Tammy's parents took Chandra in. They had always considered her like a daughter and treated as such. Even offering to pay for her college education after she and Tammy graduated from high school. 

Chandra refused that help, but did, at Tammy's insistence, accept their offer to let her live in the apartment they paid for, while Tammy attended college, rent free. 

So, instead of college, she got a job at Edmunsen Trust Company. And, she paid for many of the day to day bills she and Tammy accrued. 

Each evening Tammy would review her classes with Chandra, teaching her the information she had learned. Some was boring, but, over the 4 years it paid off for both of them. Chandra had moved up to be, the owner and CEO, Mr. Edmunsen's private secretary. And, due to Tammy's teachings, she was one of the factors responsible for a great deal of the increase in his personal financial portfolio. 

He was so impressed with both girls after learning how Chandra had received her knowledge that he hired Tammy before she graduated and teamed the two of them together. The increased revenues they added to the company astounded even him. Not to mention, the increase in the moral of the other employees and clientele by having two extremely attractive young redheads working there. 

Tammy knew how Mr. Edmunsen felt about Chandra, so, she to use that to get his key and safety deposit code. 

He was embarrassed that he had to keep Chandra listed as only a secretary/personal assistant due to her not having a degree. His grandfather, when he started the bank, foolishly held tight to a rule that all key management would have to be college graduates. The Board of Directors would not change that rule, no matter how hard he tried to get them to. So, even though Chandra's pay was the same as Tammy's, he couldn't promote her to a similar position. 

"That was a wonderful story you told him," James VanNorkin giggled in her ear, 30 minutes later. "I knew you were clever, but, telling him Mike's Christmas gift to Chandra was an heirloom from her ancestors he discovered and that he was keeping it in his safety deposit box, but, forgot to get it before he left. So, he needed you to get it, was quick thinking. I'm impressed." 

Tammy had slipped an earpiece receiver in her ear and clipped a small Christmas broach, that, contained a small camera and microphone onto her sweater. James was able to see and hear everything she did, as well as keep in total communication with her the entire time. 

And, there were a few times she nearly gave it away when she almost responded to one or two of his more crude comments and commands. 

"Enter your boss' office like you want his 2-foot long cock stuck in your pussy, Mrs. Dufrane..." He laughed, as she knocked and opened Mr. Edmunsen's office door. "Come on, make him ogle you..." 

It didn't take much of a sensual walk for her boss' eyes to widen and stare. The dark wet stain, a result of her inability to resist reacting when aroused, still shone like a beacon on the denim between her legs. And, her mountainous peaks, covered by the tight ribbed sweater, poked out pleadingly at him to grab a handful. The half stunned cough from his lips told both she and James that she had his attention. 

"You know I think that old geezer needs a boner. What do you think, Mrs. Dufrane? Go ahead and shake those gorgeous 38D tits for him..." He ordered, laughing hysterically at the older man's stunned expression, when Tammy stretched for the ceiling and shivered her upper body. "I think you've given him ideas!" 

"Now, drop his keys and show him your ass!" James demanded, after, she took the keys from Mr. Edmunsen's trembling fingers. 

"That's too much," Tammy whispered. 

"Nora will be glad to hear you think that, she'd been begging me to let her keep your friend for the night..." He threatened. 

The sound of keys dropping to the floor and Tammy turning to pick them up was followed by an older man's gasping voice. 

"Very good, sounds like he enjoyed that..." James' voice sounded more amused. "Now, show him how well that firm round ass of yours wiggles when you leave..." 

"What? Shut up!, Ah, No, sorry Master, I'll do it..." She muttered again, just loud enough for the microphone to pick up, as she turned and sensually let her hips put the sash in sashayed as she slowly strutted from Mr. Edmunsen's office.

He ordered her to even put more swing in her walk after she retrieved the backpack and returned the keys to her boss. 

A wheezing older man's voice gasping a "Oh my!" followed by several coughs and gulps trailed behind her out the door. 

"You did well, Mrs. Dufrane... Now, set your office in order as you had planned and go to your car. Bring my diamonds as well as your blackberry and laptop." He ordered her. "Once there, get in and follow the directions on the small computer in the front seat." 

Tammy tried to casually walk from her office to the car. She could sense Mr. Edmunsen's eyes on her through his window the entire time. She had never felt so humiliated, but, as much as she hated to have to admit it, she was getting more turned on. If she had worn the gag while teasing that poor older man, she would have climaxed on the spot at least once, possibly twice, if not more. 

As soon as the car door closed the small GPS/computer in her front seat came on followed by his voice in her ear. 

"You've done well so far, Mrs. Dufrane... Now for the delivery..." James VanNorkin said. "I've left something special for you in the glove box... Put it on then start the car and follow the directions the GPS gives you... Remember, you have someone depending on you..." 

The small computer screen filled with Chandra's bound image. 

Her arms were bound together, at her wrists and elbows, behind her back and lifted deviously upward toward the ceiling in an incredible strappado, which, forced her to bend at her waist. Her legs were splayed and tightly tied to a spreader bar. Her mouth, ring gagged with her tongue protruding as she feverishly worked at satisfying Gina's pussy. And, behind her, with an enormous black rubber strap-on, cruelly thrusting her hips against Chandra's round ass, Nora Ruth laughed maniacally as she alternated firmly slapping an open palm against Tammy's best friend's reddening ass cheeks. 

Tammy stared at the scene in a zombie like trance as she opened the glove box and pulled out an odd shaped heavy piece of flesh colored rubber. The weight and feel of the thing snapped her eyes from the screen. 

She studied the 3-inch wide by 5-inch long rectangular panel piece of sturdy rubber. 

It had five half inch wide bands of a more lightweight stretchable rubber connected to it. Three of the bands connected to both sides of the panel at the top, bottom and middle. All were different lengths and connected together opposite of the panel by a bisecting similar piece of rubber that was longer and split into an upside-down Y with the two tips of the Y connecting to the top of the rectangular panel. 

The entire thing was very light and flexible. The only part of the thing Tammy thought to be actually heavy was the hard rubber black penis protruding from the inside of the panel. Its thickness nearly covered most of the panel's width. It was easily 2½-inches thick, and, 4-inches long, but, felt extremely heavy for its size. On the front side of the panel, hiding how the base of the rubber phallus was attached to the panel, a silly pair of bright red three-dimensional foam lips grinned up at her. 

"Put you hair in pigtails and suck the penis into your mouth." His voice seemed to be enjoying this more than before. "And, I want to hear you suck that in... Then, stretch the bands over and around your head. They won't break and will keep that gag secured in your mouth for your entire trip." 

Tammy quickly complied and with a loud slurp sucked the thick rubber phallus deep into her mouth. The elastic had less give than she had first thought, so, it took some doing, but, she managed to stretch the elastic bands over and around her head. The two bands attached on the top of the panel ran along side her nose coming together at her forehead and ran over her head. The other three pulled the panel tightly across her mouth and cheeks forcing the penis gag in even deeper. 

She thought about trying to push the intruder back out, but, could tell it would be useless. 

Tammy glanced into the rearview mirror and saw the flesh colored panel and bands matched her skin tone and the foam lips fit right over were hers would be if she were pursing them. From a distance no one would be able to see she was completely and securely gagged. 

Another unsettling warmth washed over her neither regions. 

She put the car in gear and slowly left the bank's parking lot. A last glimpse to the side saw Mr. Edmunsen glaring longingly at her from his window.

"I do hope you are enjoying the feel of that penis in your mouth." VanNorkin's voice returned after she had driven nearly 30 minutes up and around residential areas and back roads leading out of the city, following the GPS instructions. "I made it especially for you. It is hollow and when its core temperature reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit it will ejaculate a warm nutritious meal for you. I can tell by the look in your eyes, you are enjoying its size and shape. I shouldn't be surprised, after all, I made it from a mold of my own penis." 

Tammy wanted to vomit at this comment, but, turned and looked into what she assumed was a small camera pointed at her on the GPS and gave a half hearted smile behind the gag panel. And, even made a muffled yummy sound as she acted like she was sucking on it. 

The last thing she wanted to do was give him some satisfaction or amusement at seeing her totally sickened by the thought of having his penis in her mouth. Also, the thought that was more worrisome to her, was her pissing him off by acting as if he sickened her and him taking his anger out on Chandra. 

However, 30 minutes later, as she continued her drive, Tammy became a bit bothered with herself, because the thing was actually beginning to feel comfortable and nice in her mouth. She loved to lay bound on the couch with her head on Mike's lap and his hard dick resting in her mouth. This rubber replica almost gave her that same feeling of being safe at home with her husband. 

Another 15 minutes later, she, suddenly, realized she was unconsciously sucking and running her tongue around it. 

And, then, an hour later, that relaxed feeling erupted into shock. Without warning, the rubber phallus, she had been enjoying, enlarged by a quarter, then, began pulsating and spewed a thick warm salty fluid onto the back of her throat. She instinctively began swallowing, until, the thing emptied all of its contents and had shrunk flat. 

Then, for some unknown reason, she lifted the soft thing with her tongue and began sucking on it, unable to stop until she swallowed every drip, dribble, and drop of the goo from inside it. And, then, she licked the outside clean. 

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" She screamed at herself, unable to stop. 

She felt the warmth between her legs increase and her nipples grow hard and erect as she argued within herself. 

"Magnificent!" VanNorkin's voice echoed in her ear. "Worked like a charm... How was it for you Mrs. Dufrane? I personally delighted in filling that little marvel for you. Of course that was with the help of your friend Chandra. For a committed lesbian, she knows how to use her fingers on a man, I tell you, she won't need much training... Oh good, just one more turn and you're here." 

Tammy flashed a quick angry glare into the camera on the GPS, but, continued to suck on the flat phallus as she turned into a Recreational Vehicle park. 

The forest was so thick so she could hardly see the turn or tell if there were any other vehicles there. She slowly weaved her car through the narrow gravel roadway. The entrances to most of the RV lots were hidden and hard to see until you came right up to them. Tammy could see why he had picked this particular RV park, neighbors would have trouble spying anything out of the ordinary.

She was led toward the lot furthest away from the main roadway, where, a light canary yellow and white RV was parked. It was very large and looked to be an older model with no modern trimmings like she would have expected from VanNorkin. She was a bit surprised when she saw there were no other vehicles pulled next to it. 

Tammy put the car in park, then, decided to chance a quick glance around before turning the engine off. 

"Strip, but, leave the gag on!" His voice ordered, sternly. "You shouldn't have looked around for help, Mrs. Dufrane. That was useless as well as foolish. So, now, you'll get to give any neighbors a chance to see you in all your glory..." 

Tammy took a deep breath and slowly removed all her clothing, knowing he was watching her. And, enjoying it. 

Her aroma wafted through the air as she removed her moist jeans and cum soaked panties. 

"Oh my, your do have a tendency to flood when you cum, don't you Mrs. Dufrane... And, your nipples... Is it me or do they seem to be getting thicker... And, your tits... Oh, pardon my slang... Your breasts look like they are ballooning as well. Tell me, are you getting excited to see me, Mrs. Dufrane?" He teased, then, added, in a more serious tone. "Leave everything, but, the diamonds. The driver's side cockpit door on is unlocked, enter there!" 

Tammy didn't need to look, she knew her body and could feel a difference. Her 38D's felt a bit weightier and her nipples seemed to be much more sensitive than normal. 

The cold December air sent goose bumps over her nude body as she stepped away from her car. The still very wet area between her legs felt as if ice crystals were wanting to form. And, the cold wind as it hit her engorged nipples added to their erectness as she hurried carefully around the front of the RV. She took a deep breath and reached up for the door handle. 

Swinging the door wide open, Tammy clambered in. 

Chapter Two

Thick reflective RV shades covering the front and door windows had been pulled tight allowing the only light to come from the open driver door and once closed the RV was pitch black. 

Tammy stood still, shivering in the darkness. 

"You can remove the receiver from your ear," His voice now sounded like it came from the very walls. "And, feel around with your hands! On the console between the seats you'll find a soft latex body suit. Put it on!" 

Tammy found the light-weight object fairly quickly in the dark. 

As her eyes slowly adjusted to the dark it became easier to slip into the material. She was surprised by how easily the ultra thin skin tight latex slid over her naked skin. 

Every piece of latex she or Mike bought for her had been a bitch to put on. 

Her toes felt odd as they slipped into individual openings without any resistance. The latex slid up her legs almost as if on its own, sending a sensuous shiver over her as she pulled it over her hips to her waist. 

She felt two hard 6-inch long and 4-inch thick bullet shaped objects push against her labia and sphincter. She was sure she knew their purpose and was not looking forward to inserting them. However, seeing how the latex had been stretched over both, her curiosity got the better of her. But, to her amazement, it was easier than she could have ever imagined, once she got past the dread she felt, to work them into her rectum and vagina without the aid of any lotion. 

Of course she knew her extremely wet pussy wouldn't need much, if any, aid, but, was surprised by her rectal opening. It seemed to not just welcome the invasion with open arms, but, greedily sucked the thing in. 

And, once in, other than giving her that stuffed turkey at thanksgiving feeling, they felt unbelievably comfortable as she pulled the rest of the latex suit over her body. 

Her arms slipped into the latex and her fingers easily found their individual homes. The tightness on her limbs send a quiver of pleasure through her as she reached around her back to pull the zipper up from her waist to her neck. Which practically zipped itself close. 

A soft moan slipped from her gagged mouth as the latex tightened even more on her body. However, it remained extremely comfortable, not at all confining, as she assumed it would be. 

She couldn't resist the urge to adjust her breasts and tweak her nipples as the latex sensually tightened around them. She was astonished that neither were mashed nor crushed by the tight material. In fact the latex seemed to mold to each breast and nipple, allowing them to maintain their natural shape, even giving them extra support no matter how she twisted or turned. 

"MMMMMMOOOOO, MMMMMAAA..." She once again silently moaned, her gag stifling the sound of her pleasure at the touch of her latex covered fingers to her latex covered breasts.

She tried to fight the urge to caress each over and over, but, lost. Her silent moans tickling her throat as she enjoyed the sexual feelings washing over her chest.

Her eyes had adjusted to the dark so she tried to get a more intense look at herself, when, soft rays of light slowly brightened along the ceiling and floor. 

"Remove your gag, redo your pigtails into a ponytail that is on top of your head. You'll need to use the rubber snap tube on the console to hold it, then, pull the hood over your face first, then, around your head." His voice commanded. "After that, you may pose sensually for me." 

"I've got to get control of myself!" Tammy said to herself and blushed. 

The thought of him watching her as she fondled herself once again embarrassed her and made her angry with herself. 

She found a brush and the 5-inch long snap tube sitting on the console. After bending over to brush her long hair, which sent another shock wave of pleasure through her body due to the latex and the two intruders filling her, she wrapped the tube around her ponytail so it stood straight up atop her head. Then, she began working the latex hood over her neck and face. 

She had to hold her breath momentarily as she worked the latex covered nostril tubes and a mouth simulation, that fitted the latex separately over her tongue, teeth, and lips, into place. She was pleasantly surprised to find a hole that opened in the end of each once the latex sealed itself to the insides of her mouth and nose. It took a little effort to maneuver the latex over her lips and teeth. However, once in place and after several breaths, she quickly grew accustomed to the feeling inside her nose and mouth. 

She stretched the latex around her face and pulled the hair tube through an opening made for it at the top of the hood. Then pulled the zipper up, from the back of her neck to the tube, sealing the hood in place. Now, her eyes were the only things not covered with the nearly transparent and sexually stimulating latex. 

She opened and closed her mouth and wiggled her tongue. It was as if there were nothing covering any of them, but, when she tried to speak it sounded as if her mouth were full of cotton. 

She didn't want to give him the pleasure, but, twisted and turned anyway posing in this position and that as he ordered. Each one, she knew, gave him ample views of her latex confined body. 

"Now, above your head in the ceiling, there is a metal penis shaped tube. Pull it down and give it the same type of good blow job you would give me!" He ordered. 

Tammy could hear the laughter in his voice and silently vowed to get even one day. 

Obediently, she looked up and saw the thing dangling above her head. She felt sure that her hair had brushed against it several times as she posed. The thing was barely an inch thick, but, the more she pulled the longer it became, easily extending down to her latex covered lips. 

She pulled it to her mouth and let her tongue sensuous begin licking the sides and around the tip until she put the tip to her lips and sucked it deep into her mouth. 


The thing came alive and forced to the latex covering her lips and tongue to seal to it. She tried to pull it free, but, it didn't budge. She could feel any air trapped between her skin and the latex being sucked out as well as the air from the inside of her nostrils, her lips, tongue, and teeth. 

Then, she felt an electric tingle in her pussy and rectum and on both of her erect and growing nipples, as the air was sucked out and the latex bonded even tighter to her most sensitive points. 

"OH GOD!!!" She wanted to scream when it felt like the latex sucked her clitoris into a vacuum tube, making it swell to its max, then, sealing the latex to it, keeping it engorged and at the ready for stimulation. 

But, the thin penis shape wouldn't allow a scream or a whimper. Her lips could not part from it. 

Tammy stood with her arms trembling on the edge of a massive sexual deluge, when, as quick as it started, the whirring stopped and the thin penis shape released itself from her mouth with a loud 'POP' and returned to the ceiling. 

And, the two bullet shaped inserts fell out of her and clattered loudly onto the floor. 

But, the latex remain, inside and out, and was now truly a second skin on and in her. 

A drawer popped open behind her, startling her, but, Tammy dared not to move. She felt one wrong step and she would be sent into convulsions of ecstasy. And, right now losing control like that would make her a spectacle she was not willing to give this maniacal voice. 

She very slowly and carefully turned to look into the drawer. 

In it she saw a pair of shimmering crimson thigh high leather boots with 7-inch heels, a matching set of shoulder length gloves, and a 14-inch wide red leather corset. 

"Put those on," the voice ordered, echoing off the walls. 

Tammy took as much time as she could, maintaining control of herself, as she slipped her feet into the boots first. The full side zipper closed easily over her new latex skin, sending more tremors of excitement over her body. The corset was next. She had to huff and puff to get it closed and laced tightly around her. As her waist whittled 5 inches her body reacted even more to her new skin. The red leather gloves were last. Her hands slid into the glove and as she pulled the zippers, that ran from her wrists to the open ends near her shoulders, the leather tighten on her arms taxing her control to the edge. But, the leather now covering the latex was giving her fingers even more of a sexual touch. 

Once again she tried to fight the urge, but, could not stop running her leather covered hands and fingers over the latex and leather hugging her highly aroused body. She pushed herself closer and closer to that glorious edge, where delight meets euphoria. 


A small doorway between the cockpit and back of the RV opened, forcing her attention away from her body. She was seconds away from adding to her embarrassment. 

"Tut, tut, tut, Mrs. Dufrane... I didn't give you permission to please yourself, now did I... You're duty now is to bring the diamonds into my playroom." He chided her. 

Tammy could once again hear the chuckle in his voice He knew, as did she, he had stopped her from reaching another marvelous orgasm. 

Tammy let her arms drop to her sides in defeat and slowly stepped through the small opening into a brightly lit room which seemed to be half the size of the RV.

Light emanated from everywhere and from within the light oddly dressed women seemed to be coming toward her from every direction. 

Tammy squinted and instinctively raised her arms to fend off an attack, but, none came. Each woman seemed to be mimicking Tammy's own movements. 

It was then she realized that the oddly dressed women were just her reflections from the mirrors that completely covered each wall. And, the walls were angled to reflect the reflections over and over, as well as lighting, which, came from a single spotlight hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room. 

The spotlight suddenly turned downward and every reflected eye copied Tammy's lead by following the light as hers had. And, the sight of an odd shaped exercise bicycle, being illuminated beneath the light, made her gasp. 

Tammy slowly and carefully took three steps in the 7-inch heels over to the contraption and studied it closely. 

A single large wheel sat in front of a long thin U-shaped banana styled seat. A thick padded pole at the back of the seat ran from the base support on the floor to the ceiling, which acted as a brace, stabilizing the thing. The pedals on the wheel looked more like stirrups and were connected by leg supports to cams inside the frame beneath the seat. 

And, rising from the frame on metal shafts connected to the cams were two large metallic torpedo shaped objects. 

The two objects were strategically positioned, aimed to poke through two holes in the seat. She cranked one of the pedals and watched the most forward of the two objects, which was much thicker, rise higher and higher through the seat, then, as she passed the apex of the circular motion of the pedal it reversed and the thinner of the two rose to reveal itself. 

"OH MY!!!" Tammy thought to herself as a wave of lustful warmth passed through her nether regions, resurrecting a memory in her. 

Mike had used a similar design in a couple of their bondage toys in their playroom, her stair stepper and rowing machine, to be exact. She enjoy them tremendously, especially when Mike was at home watching her intently being pushed over the edge time and again. The love they made afterwards was always blissfully romantic and inspired. But, she had, on occasion, found the time to pleasure herself with them when he wasn't there as well. 

But, Mike wasn't here right now. So, it was the thoughts of those times that were increasing the sense of arousal her body was feeling right now. 

Besides, she had a feeling any love she made today would be far from romantic, as she softly touched the smaller of the two torpedoes that slowly sank into the seat. 

"I'm pretty sure where those are supposed to go and what they'll do!" Tammy smiled to herself, then, frowned. "But, what else is this supposed to do to me... That is the question I need to concern myself with..." 

"You look like you'd enjoy going for a ride, Mrs. Dufrane..." The inflection of his voice as he said her name was beginning to irritate Tammy. "But, I need to give you a better incentive to do this, other than just for you to enjoy an orgasm time and time again...". 

A 30-inch plasma screen monitor flipped open and lowered from the ceiling to rest on the fender covering the wheel. The image took only seconds to become crystal clear. And, for Tammy's eyes to widen with worry. 

Chandra was now seated in a similar seat with her red leather thigh booted legs strapped to leg supports and the long stiletto heels of her boots clamped into stirrup shaped pedals. Tammy watched her friend pull uselessly at the bindings holding her. 

She also wore a pair of shoulder length gloves and corset to match the outfit Tammy was wearing over her luxurious latex skin. 

There were two straps connected to the corset that attached her to the back of the seat, one around her waist and the other just under her heaving breasts. Her arms were outstretched, strapped, at her wrists, forearms, elbows, and upper arms, to a perpendicular bar. This was connected at Chandra's shoulders to a similar upright padded pole at the back of the seat. 

Her head was held motionless to the upright pole by a leather strap across her forehead. A wide black leather posture collar forced her chin up and also was connected to the pole. Also a leather panel gag strap, connected to the posture collar, held her jaw and chin closed tightly to her mouth. It was tightened enough for Tammy to easily see Chandra's cheeks curl over the top edge of the black leather. A black rubber looking tube ran from the front of the panel up out of the picture frame. 

With her head strapped thusly, Chandra was unable to move it and was forced to look straight ahead at a monitor similar to the one Tammy was staring into. 

"Doesn't your dear friend look divine. Bound all comfy cozy and ready to enjoy a bit of exercise." His voice sounded all sweet and gooey, but, Tammy sensed differently. "All she's waiting on is an exercise partner. And, you've been elected to be her. Now, take a seat, Mrs. Dufrane..." 

Part of Tammy wanted desperately to hop onto the large torpedoes. She knew her body would explode in a huge orgasm as soon as or within moments after she slipped over them. Putting on the latex and leather had aroused her body to an extreme level of sexual sensitivity and anticipation. 

And, Tammy knew her mind was losing the battle with her body for control. 

She also knew that he knew it as well. And, providing him with the pleasure of watching her succumbing to his little device was a joy she refused to give him. 

So, she hesitated for a minute, then, two, then a third. 

"You want some extra incentive, I see, Mrs. Dufrane... SO BE IT!" His voice sounded pleased, which caught Tammy of guard, actually. 

It was then, Tammy noticed the mushroom shaped objects attached to Chandra's breasts, over her nipples. They were the same type of vacuum suctioned nipple clamps they used in her body sheath. She remembered them well and had put them on herself many times.

But, the control wires for these clamps ran down to the front of the seat then under it. 

Through the speakers, Tammy heard a snap and crackle, then, a loud sharp pop; followed by a muffled scream from a voice she was very familiar with. 

Tammy was horror struck as she watched Chandra recoil against her bonds as two soft luminous blue sparks of electricity arced from the back of the mushroom shaped clamps to Chandra's exposed nipples. 

Chandra's loud pain-filled gasps for air, flowed through the speakers as Tammy watched her friend attempt to recover from the static electrical sparks. Without removing her eyes from the screen she moved toward the wheel in front of her and adjusted the pedals, before his voice replaced Chandra's pants. 

"You have ten seconds or she will pay once again for your hesitation, Mrs. Dufrane..." His voice challenged her as if wanting her to hesitate longer. 

Tammy glanced down away from the screen and saw, now both metal torpedoes were poking through the seat. And, they seemed to be calling out to her. To which she could feel her body's desire answering their call. 

"MMMMMMMMM, AAAAAAHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHH, OOOOOOOOHHHH..." Tammy loudly moaned through her mouth and the latex skin, as she slowly worked both inserts into her. 

The front intruder slipped easily into place, but, she had to shimmy and shift in the U-shaped seat to get the rear plug home. 

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, GOD! THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOOOD!" Her mind and body screamed at her as she repositioned herself in the seat, lifting her legs onto the supports and wiggling the heels of the thigh boots into the stirrup shaped pedals.

The sound of 6 loud clicks and the feel of 6 clamps snapping across her thighs and shins, along with her inability to lift her legs from the supports, signaled that her lower region was in the right position. 

Tammy pulled the two straps from around the back of the pole and buckled them to her corset at their tightest notch. Not only matching Chandra's bonds, but, unconsciously out of habit, Tammy always wanted her bonds as tight as possible. 

"Very good, Mrs. Dufrane, I knew you were a quick study..." James VanNorkin's voice laughed at her. "Your nipples next, then, I'll release the posture collar and gag from the ceiling. If you're looking for a cross bar, there isn't one. You will need to slip your arms into the leather cuffs on either side of the padded bar. And, don't worry about tightening them, that will be my pleasure..." 

Tammy took a deep breath and squeezed the mushroom shape's stem and watched its mouth open and suck her left nipple into it. 

Another moan passed over Tammy's lips, followed by yet another as she fastened the second clamp over her right nipple. 

She wasn't sure how much longer she could hold off the building orgasm, when, a wad of black leather dropped in front of her face. 

Tammy tightened the collar around her throat, then, lifted the connected chin covering and over the mouth panel to her lower face. She slipped the small plug past her teeth, wondering to herself why it was so small, before pulling the strap and buckle behind her head. The posture collar made her uncomfortably lift her head, but, the leather chin cover and panel sent an erotic tingle through her. 

She had always loved the feel of a gag. The tighter and more secure the better to her. Mike had realized this from the start and kept her well gagged the majority of the time. They had an entire cupboard in their playroom devoted to nothing but all various gags he had designed for her. 

She pulled the strap and buckle to the very last notch, sending another quiver of delight through her as she felt the pressure of the leather on her lips and cheeks through her new latex skin. 

She pulled the forehead strap up. Its connecting strips, running along either side of her nose, did not interfere with her vision of the monitor, even after she buckled it tightly around her forehead. 

Lifting her ponytail up, she let her head sink into the pole's padding before pulling the outer straps of the forehead strap around the pole and buckled it, securely. 

She followed suit with the gag strap and collar strap, then, instinctively tried to move her head. It didn't budge a bit. Her gaze would be focused completely on the monitor's image. Which, now was of her finishing her own bondage by slipping each of her arms into the three loops along both sides of the pole. 

A whirring sound filled the air and she felt the six small leather cuffs tighten on her arms. First the one around her biceps, then, just below her elbows, and, finally around her wrists. 

Tammy tried her bonds and couldn't move. An even deeper warmth flowed through her, sending her closer to the brink.

"I know you can't wait to start your workout, but, after all you did hesitate to follow my instructions and caused your friend to suffer..." He sounded almost giddy. "Soooo..." 

He dragged the "so" out long enough for Tammy to relax a smidge. 

The beginning of a loud POP was all Tammy heard as a bright light flashed through her and pain racked her entire body. 

The burning pain in her nipples slowly subsided as her muscles relaxed from recoiling against their bonds. Her head was pounding, but, the sudden horrific pain only added to her body's lust for orgasm. 

Preventing it now was a mute point, Tammy thought to herself, once the pain of the static shock eased. She knew the coming orgasm would be more of a matter of how many thrusts it would take her metallic invaders. Which, she surmised by the way she was now seated, would never be out of contact with her extremely engorged and sensitive clitoris. 

"Now, you know how it feels and what you will be in store for you and Chandra should you let your pedaling speed drop below 5 miles per hour." He was sounding more victorious than normal now. "You will be pedaling for the both of you. So it is entirely up to you to maintain your speed. However, let me remind you, no matter the reason, should it drop you both will pay the price..." 

Tammy saw a small speedometer appear above the split screen images of Chandra and herself on the monitor. 

Chandra's emerald tear-filled eyes seemed to be pleading to her. 

"You have one minute to get past the 5 mile per hour setting, Mrs. Dufrane..." He chided. "Or you will both receive an even more severe electric prod. Am I clear?" 

Tammy hoped Chandra could see her as clearly and with her eyes tried to apologize as well as send an encouraging message to her as she began pedaling. 

"OH MY GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!" Her mind screamed as both torpedoes began sliding in and out of her. "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD, YESSSSSSS!!!" 

She couldn't control her body. It immediately welcomed and responded to the torpedoes thrusts by pedaling more rapidly. 

Of course, the device responded in kind. The faster she pedaled, the pace of the tormenting duo increased as well. 

Tammy never saw the speedometer surpass 5 miles per hour. Or, unfortunately, she didn't see it fall back below it mark either. 

Her eyes had been closed. Her total concentration drawn to the two hard objects pushing her body into convulsions with an overpowering climax. 

But, behind her closed eyelids, she saw a flash of light and, over her muffled screams of orgasmic delight, heard a loud static electrical POP. 

"AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!!!" Her mind and body screamed. 

And, through the speakers she heard Chandra's muffled pain filled wail, as well. 

She had become lost in the enjoyment of the forced orgasm to the extent of stopping her pedaling long enough for the speedometer to drop below the designated mark. 

With her nose flaring with deep intentional breaths, Tammy gritted her teeth on the plug in her mouth, and through the pain began to pedal. She resolved in her mind to not stop pedaling, no matter how many orgasms she had nor how satisfying they may be. She would not allow that to happen again. 

"I was positive that would happen with your first orgasm, Mrs. Dufrane. "His voice sounded off in the distance to her now. "But, I am compassionate. Every time you orgasm, I will give you some sustenance as a reward for entertaining me. A vitamin rich mixture that will be of help to get you through this". 

Tammy felt a thick milkshake like fluid slowly seep through the small gag plug in her mouth. Its taste was so compelling she couldn't stop from sucking on the plug until there was no more. 

She, then, turned her concentration back to her pedaling and became completely focused, his voice was a distraction she would ignore. 

"I'm sure you are wondering why I'm having you do this, no doubt. Why did I not just let you bring me the diamonds and be done with it." He continued as she barely heard him. "It is very simple. I wanted you to pay for the grief you caused me..." 

He got more of her attention back with that statement, for she had never done anything to him ever. Hell, she had never even met the bastard before last Valentine's Day. 

"Yes, you caused me!" He repeated. "I was one of two in line to become the new Director of the I.B.O.... I actually had the upper hand, on the woman running against me, with most of the voting committee's support. My encounter team had been the most requested and used for several years. I ran the security unit as well. And, I brought Karl Liegeman and Michael Andrew Dufrane into the Organization." 

Just as he knew it would, the mention of her husband garnered more of her attention as he noticed her speed slightly waiver. 

"Yes, your husband, Mike, who along with Karl, added tremendously to the Organization..." He sounded proud, now. "Karl is an outstanding biological chemist with unique knowledge of how different combinations of hormones and drugs affect the female body, as well as, having a gifted technique in binding women. And, Mike, well, Mike's unique ability to read people, to know exactly what they desired, added to his quick wit and charm during encounters... Well, they were just the pluses I needed to guarantee my getting the Directorship." 

He hesitated and watched Tammy's second orgasm, with his eyes flipping back and forth from her to the speedometer. It dropped, but, not close to 5 miles per hour. A smile crossed his lips as she continued her pedaling and a second round of nourishment flowed down through the tube and into the gag plug. 

"But, even more," he resumed. "You know of Mike's skills at designing and building wonderful toys, such as the one you're on. I used that, as well as, his gift for turning security situations that could have gone horribly wrong into seemingly perfect encounters, to bolster my hold on the frontrunner position... And, it was within my grasp... All I needed do was close my hands on it and take it..." 

He loud sighed. 

"Then, we had a simple kidnapping encounter. A member wanted his wife kidnapped from his bank's Halloween party. Mike's outside career had already gotten him an invitation. He was doing some negotiations for the bank and a few of its clients. He even had a costume, 'THE HOODED CLAW', something he had designed from his youth. It had all the needed restraints, ropes to tie her and the scarves to gag her, neatly tucked away in hidden pockets of that goofy green cloak of the costume..." His voice became more intense as anger slowly filled it. "Then, you, you dressed in that 'PENELOPE PITSTOP' costume smiled at him from across the room. And, he was gone." 

Even in this dire circumstance, Tammy couldn't help but smile and feel an emotional warmth flow over her as her mind flashed back to that night. 

"OOOOOOHHHH, YEEEEESSSS, YYYYEEEESSS..." She suddenly screamed into the gag as a third amazing climax surprised her. 

Again he waited, until her climax ended and she had once more sucked the contents of the gag plug, before continuing.

"Just thinking of that night and weekend does that to you, doesn't it!" He growled. "Well, I've thought about that night too, many, many times. Mike left the team and the Organization, without even saying a word to me for over a week. That encounter went bad, and, I was blamed by the then Director of the Organization. That led to my refusing to listen to my supposedly best and truest friend's explanation of that night. I couldn't believe he would leave me hanging like that for a piece of ass. Some cunt, who'd jump in the sack with any man who tied her up..." 

Tammy laughed to herself upon hearing those words. If this foolish man describe her like that to Mike after that weekend, there's no telling how he reacted. Besides, if he had any idea of the love and passion she and Mike shared that night and over the entire weekend. Or, if he had ever in his lifetime truly experienced what they felt, or, had even an inkling of the love they expressed for each other during the last 10 years, he couldn't say those things. Deep down it almost made her feel sorry for him.

"He couldn't handle the truth of that statement and that led to a very heated argument, which ended in fisticuffs, and an extremely horrendous falling out." He spoke now more to himself than her. "So much so, I wasn't even invited to the wedding, not that I would have come had I been. However, I still find it hard to believe that he had never ever mentioned my name to you for the next ten years." 

Tammy listened to him, but, kept pedaling, keeping her eyes glued on the speedometer. 

"But, that wasn't the end of it, no. I let a fellow named Ambrose Patterson on our team to fill Mike's shoes. He wasn't capable, but, thought he was." His anger was returning. "The next encounter turned out badly as well. So did the next and the next. Eventually, I lost all my support in the committee and had to actually beg them to let me keep my position in security. I, nor my team, were allowed to be in control of anymore encounters. I was, however, still the best they had concerning security issues. Which did little to increase my reputation in the entire Organization. And, the Directorship, of course, went to my competition, Ms. Pamela Perlette... It was all your fault. Had you not charmed Mike from me, things would have been different... I would have been in charge, looked up too... Instead of being treated like the ugly freckle faced stepchild, useless, with no future or plan." 

Tammy could feel his anger at her in his voice. 

"That was until just before last Valentines Day. After 10 years, Mike returned to the Organization and requested an encounter. He wanted his wife kidnapped and delivered to him in a body sheath he designed." James now sounded upbeat again. "Well, I had kept track of my former protégé and his bride. Even going so far as purchasing a pub in the same small city they lived in and putting it in Nora's name. Do you think it was a coincidence I knew of your outside the home bondage playtimes. I saw an opportunity and pounced. I approached the Director, telling her and Mike that I wanted to apologize and bury the hatchet. To show how committed I was to removing the ill feelings of the past by volunteering myself and my team for the encounter. I resolved to make it the greatest encounter Mike had ever witnessed. And, as you know, it was a very successful." 

Tammy remembered how successful. Thinking back to that awesome, erotic, and satisfying experience was not wise on her part right now. For it quickly began adding to her aroused senses. 

"Well, I had also learned that Mike had not completely left the Organization entirely. No doubt, you are wondering why those diamonds were in his safety deposit box..." He paused. 

"Yes," Tammy thought to herself. 

That question had jumped to her mind several times, but, she quickly pushed it back into the shadows, waiting until she had the opportunity to hear Mike's explanation. 

"He was still couriering the Organization's reserve funds. The I.B.O. has to have funds available at all times, but, still needs to keep Governments and others unaware of their existence. So, it has to keep its funds moving around. Hard assets, such as gems or bearer bonds, are split and kept in security boxes by two or three members over varying periods of time." His voice was getting giddy again. "This time it was in diamonds and Mike put the ones he was entrusted with in your bank, just prior to his request for your encounter. Which, I found out about just before his request. I came up with this plan then, but, needed to time it right, so, I'd get the diamonds and get revenge on the woman who caused all my ills at the same time... Oh, my looks like your about to have a fou.." 

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH, MMMMMMM, OOOOHHHH, AAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Tammy screamed as the fourth orgasm attacked her. 

She quickly checked her speed as the climax eased. It had dipped to near the 5 mile per hour mark, so, she began pedaling like a madwoman to increase the speed as she, without thinking, began sucking down the delicious mixture coming through the gag plug. 

She didn't know why, but, with each swallow of the mixture she felt revitalized, capable to withstand, and, almost desirous for another massive orgasm. 

This, along with James VanNorkin's rants about her being the cause of his problems, continued for what seemed to Tammy like days, but, in actuality only 4 hours. 

Having lost her count of orgasms at eighteen and being revitalized by drinking more of the delectable mixture after each, Tammy continued pedaling. On the monitor, she watched Chandra also having climax after climax. Her green eyes seemed to be longing for the next one and Tammy could see the same desire in her own eyes. And, as another approached she readied herself. 

"OOOOOHHHH, GODDDDDD, YESSSS!!!" Tammy screamed, as the most powerful climax she had experienced this day, racked her body. 

As soon as the climatic convulsions passed, she instantly began sucking on the gag plug gulping down the delicious mixture, her legs not slowing in their duties. 

But, suddenly, her legs felt like they had lead weights on them and began to ache with each movement. She tried to will them to continue, but, they slowed even more. She assumed all of the orgasms, even with the aid of the vitamin mixture afterward, had finally taken a toll on her body. It was tired and shutting down. Her mind joined her body and began screaming out at her for sleep. 

The speedometer was slowing and the dreaded mark was quickly approaching. 

"I see you are growing weary of your exercise, Mrs. Dufrane!" James VanNorkin's voice laughed into her ears. "You've barely pedaled 50 miles! Are you that out of shape? Mike would be so disappointed in you... Oh well, I can see that a continual shock is all that will happen now and there will be no pleasure for me in watching just that. So.... I shall let you rest. You will, I'm afraid, have to tuck yourself in. Chandra on the other hand will have Nora and Gina to see to her." 

Tammy stopped pedaling and braced herself for the painful electric spark that was sure to come. 

But, it didn't. Instead the clamps holding her legs and feet, and, the straps holding her arms released. 

Carefully, she lifted her legs and slid her arms from the restrains holding her. 

"AAAAAARRRRGGGEEE!!!" She screamed into the gag as the blood flowed back into her nipples when she removed the mushroom shaped clamps. 

Breathing hard, she unbuckled the straps at her corset and the ones holding her head. Then, after removing the leather posture collar and gag, she watched the leather combination rise back up into the ceiling. Moaning deeply, she ever so slowly and carefully rose from the U-shaped seat and slipped off her torpedo shaped tormentors. 

Behind her, part of the mirror wall slid open to another smaller room at the very back of the RV. 

"There is a resting table in there for you." The voice said. "You will understand what to do once you're in there." 

Tammy had ridden horses and many other things over her life, but, she had never ended up this sore before. She still had the 7-inch heeled boots on, so, she had to slowly and painfully make her way through the door and into the next room. 

"You've got to be kidding me!" Her mind blurted out, at the sight of an upright thickly padded table with a human shape cutout in the center of the padding. "How am I supposed to get any rest on that..." 

A hinged plastic cover swung out from the top of the table. Footstools were positioned to allow her to stand high enough to slide back first into the cutout. The arms and legs were spread out. Even the fingers on each hand had a separate cutaway. 

But, what grabbed Tammy's attention were the two rather large phalluses protruding up from the cutout that reminded her of the two torpedoes in the seat moments ago. 

"Yes, use them to position yourself properly on the table, Mrs. Dufrane..." He said, laughing at her with his tone. "You didn't think I would leave you unaccompanied in bed, did you!" 

Tammy was too physically tired to fight. She sensed her body shutting down and felt it wiser to be in this contraption than collapsed on the floor. So, with her last ounce of strength she climbed onto the footstools and wiggled herself into position on the phalluses. 

The back of the cutout was also padded and surprisingly actually felt very comfortable. 

She was ready to close her eyes when the plastic cover slowly swung down and sealed over her body before she could react to it. She tried to push against it, but, it didn't budge. It sealed her entire body except her nose and mouth beneath the plastic. 

The table slowly lay back and Tammy stared up at her reflection in the stainless steel ceiling. The latex skin was unnoticeable, but, the leather boots and gloves stood out like a beacon to her. And, the corset made her figure look even more sensual as well as adding shape to her breasts. 

"Breasts...." Tammy's mind exclaimed. "Even with the help of the corset, they should not be that large. They look huge!" 

She could not figure out why they looked so much larger. Perhaps it was the tight plastic covering that gave them a contorted look of being larger. However, she had to admit the sight of them looking that large made her feel very sexy. And, with the large phalluses inside her, as she stared at her own body, she could not prevent her beginning to become aroused once more. 

Then, thankfully, something being lowered, from the ceiling by a black rubber tubing, toward her face caught her attention. It was a clear plastic mouth shield with a black penis shape extension. And, it was aimed directly for her mouth. 

Tammy thought about keeping her mouth tightly closed, but, the padding in the cutout moved, pressing against her cheeks to force her mouth open. 

"MOOOO, Mooooo..." She pleaded with the lifeless prong to stop. 

Without remorse the black rubber phallus eased its way past her lips and teeth. Then, sending a startled tremor through Tammy, it began inflating and locked itself in her mouth once the plastic shield had connected and sealed to the rest of the plastic covering. 

The sound of air being sucked out of the cover filled the room and Tammy felt the compression of the plastic on her entire body. 

Carefully, she took short small easy breaths through her nose, when, a second plastic piece slowly lowered from the ceiling held by a transparent hose. Its shape was that of an anesthesia mask and settled over her nose. 

As soon as it sealed itself to the rest of the plastic mask a soft white mist flowed slowly down the hose filling the mask. 

"Oh, God, now what?" Tammy thought to herself as the smell of a sweet aroma triggered her trouble meter and set off an alarm in her mind with each inhale. 

Tammy assumed it was some type of sleep inducing gas and knew it would be useless to fight it. So, with trepidation, she accepted her immediate fate, and breathed as normally as she could until she drifted off to sleep. 

story continued in part 2


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