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Tammy’s Valentine Bind

by Southerntied

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© Copyright 2007 - Southerntied - Used by permission

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Tammy Lynette Dufrane sat frozen at her desk. She blankly stared at the 9-inch view screen on the portable DVD player in front of her. It had mysteriously appeared on her desk while she and her secretary had been called to the conference room for the daily morning powwow. No explanation of who it was from, just a card with the words ‘FOR YOUR EYES ONLY’ slid under the white bow and ribbon that decorated the heart shaped bright red box it came in. Two layers of her favorite caramel filled chocolates surrounded the player and filled the rest of the 2-inch deep box.

Even though he was overseas on business, her husband, Mike, had arranged to have a dozen red roses delivered to her office each morning for the last 9 days. Tomorrow is their tenth anniversary. It is also Valentine’s Day. And, Mike had called yesterday to inform her a major glitch arose in the negotiations and he would be stuck overseas for at least 4 more days.

She had looked forward to this for so long that his apologies and pleas for forgiveness fell on deaf ears. The more he attempted to explain the more frustrated and angry Tammy became.

So, she assumed the candies and DVD player, along with the roses delivered earlier, had come from him too.

But, the image on the screen told her differently.

She watched the shapely red headed woman disrobe and drape a thin white cotton cord over her neck, letting it hang between her ample breasts. After looping the cord around the base of each breast 3 times she pulled the cord taunt and wrapped it around her chest above her breasts 3 times. Then, after wrapping it the same number of turns below her breasts she cinching the loops together, knotting the ends between her now very balloon shaped orbs.

They immediately began to darken and the nipples enlarge.

She rolled her nipples between a finger and thumb getting them to harden further before carefully slipping a tiny elastic band used for tightening dental braces around the base of each.

“MMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOHHHHH” The image moaned and shuddered.

So did Tammy. Her left hand slipping under her blue blazer and fondling her right breast and nipple over her satin blouse and silk bra.

The woman stepped over to a one foot diameter wooden column in the middle of the room, that, ran from ceiling to floor.

There were a variety of leather straps hanging all along it. Five sets of 2-inch-wide leather loops extended from opposite sides of the column. They were spaced to fit around a person’s ankles, knees, thighs, hips and mid chest.

Another wider strap hung waist high from the center of the column. Next to it a snap buckle, normally used for seat belts, was attached to the column. Between the two a 1-foot-long 1-inch-wide strap lay against the column. Attached to it were a 2-inch thick lubricated butt plug and 6-inch long dildo. On the end of the strap was another snap buckle.

A final 2-inch-wide strap hung from near the top of the column with a clip lock attached to the end. All the straps looked to be coming from inside the column.

Tammy’s green eyes widened when the woman lifted a leather panel gag and head harness from the column and began to put it on. Opening her mouth, she inserted the thick rubber penis shaped plug that was attached to the panel and forced it into her mouth. Then, she pulled all the straps to their tightest and buckled them securely around her head.

A muffled moan was barely audible when she pinched her right nipple testing the gags effect.

A more distinct moan slipped from Tammy’s lips as her right hand slid under her skirt, cupped her pussy and started to work her fingers under her silk thong and between her labia.

Tammy kept her eyes on the image on the screen.

Satisfied with the gag, the woman began to bind herself to the column.

She gracefully slipped her left leg through the 3 leather loops attached at thigh, knee, and ankle height on the column, then, did the same with her right.

The waist strap was next. It wrapped around her thin waspish waist and snapped into the snap buckle with an audible ‘click’.

With her feet about a foot apart, she groaned into her gag as she worked the butt plug into her rear opening. The dildo slipped easily into its pre-moistened sheath. With another muffled moan and audible ‘click’ she pulled the strap between her legs and connected it to a the waist strap with the snap buckle.

This also, brought a loud moan from Tammy.

Satisfied with her lower half’s bonds, she reached up and connected the clip lock on the end of the strap connected near the top of the column to a D ring attached to the top strap of the head harness.

She lifted two nipple clamps connected by wires to the crotch strap up and gently held them over her engorged nipples.

“mmmmmmppphhhh!” She moaned as she let the clamp tighten on her left, then, her right nipple.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Tammy loudly moaned, pinching her hardening nipple firmly with her finger and thumb.

Realizing how loud she was becoming, Tammy quickly reached into the top drawer of her desk with her left hand. She pulled a 3-inch-diameter black leather covered stress ball from the drawer and stuffed it into her mouth. Two 5-inch long strips of 2-inch wide transparent tape crisscrossed over her lips helped keep the ball in her mouth.

Her nostrils flared and a barely audible moan could be heard when she replaced her fingers under her blazer and renewed the torment on her nipple.

The woman on the screen’s nostrils also flared over the leather panel gag and her panting became loud and frenzied. But, she managed to gain control and slid her left arm into the chest high leather loop. Wiggling her fingers to widen the hip high loop, she worked it over her hand and around her wrist.

After taking a moment, she did the same with her right arm, letting the fingers on her right hand rest on the side of a small box attached to the column.

She adjusted her shoulders, hips, and legs, then, after drawing a deep breath through her nose, she flipped a switch on the box with her finger.

A whirring sound filled the speakers and the strap attached to the woman’s head harness and the straps around her ankles began to tighten as they were being retracted into the column.

Her chest began to rise and fall as anticipation slowly filled her being.

So did Tammy’s.

When the straps stopped tightening and her body had been pulled taunt , the straps around her knees and elbows began to retract into the column.

Her breaths became more pronounced and her chest fought the white cords.

As soon as her knees and elbows were firmly held to the column, the straps around her thighs and wrist began to recede into the column.

“MMMMMPPPHHH……MMMMMPPPPHHHH!” She moaned, enthusiastically, waiting for the final straps to begin to recede.

“MMMMMPPPHHHHHH!!!!!!” Tammy moan into her gagged lips.

The whirring sound of her waist and crotch straps tightening was replaced by the increased volume of her moans. The butt plug and dildo were being forced deeper and deeper into her. The strap splitting her labia slowly disappeared between them.

Tammy knew she needed to stop, turn off the player and find out who sent it and why. But, she could not pull her eyes from the screen. Nor, could she remove her hands from continuing their missions. Her fingers and thong were getting wetter by the minute and her nipples were as hard as rock.

Closer and closer Tammy and the image on the screen moved toward euphoria.

The muffled moans coming from Tammy matched those of the woman on the screen.

Closing her eyes as her body trembled with anticipation, Tammy pushed herself over the edge. She flung her head backward, her long red hair flipping forward over her face.

“MMMMMPPPPHHHHHHHHHH!” Both, Tammy and the woman on the screen screamed into their gagged mouths.

Tammy slowly opened her eyes and watched the screen.

She watched the woman’s body quiver, her breasts fighting the white cord and her body the rest of the bindings. Then, she slowly began to relax.

Tammy knew that would be the first of many orgasms the woman would experience over the next 4 hours. That was how long she had set the timer on the auto-release.

She had gotten so irritated after Mike’s call yesterday morning about missing their anniversary, that, all she could think about was revenge and getting even with him by using his column to get rid of her frustrations. After all, she had been waiting for him for 9 days already.

Mike had built the column for their mutual enjoyment as well as for her personal use while he was away on business.

So, she decided to use it. And, use it she did.

After the 4 hours expired and countless climaxes, it took all her strength to slip out of the bindings. When she pulled the butt plug and dildo from their overly stimulated sheaths they triggered a final orgasm that sent her sprawling onto the floor. She had to force herself to crawl up to the bedroom to fall asleep.

It was not the first time she had endured such a session. It was just that normally afterwards, if Mike were home, he would carry her exhausted body up to the bedroom. And then, he would slowly and sensually caress her until she could stand it no longer and she would summon up the strength to make wild passionate love to him, until they both would fall asleep in each others arms.

Mike enjoyed binding her to the column, as well as several of the other items he had built in their playroom. He would admire his handy work and how her supple alluring body was held by the bonds he created. Then, sit back and watch his devious creations make her squirm.

He took some pictures for their amusement , but, he never shared them. And, he never said anything about installing cameras, let alone a videoing device. She knew he would have told her if he had.

“So, who did…. And, how and when did they do it?” She wondered, as she worked the tape from her lips and pried the stress ball from her mouth. “She had to call Mike……”

Dropping the ball back into the drawer, she picked up her cell phone. She decided to used it to avoid any chance of company eavesdroppers. She and Mike had to maintain acceptable social images and the discussion she was about to have with Mike, as well as the DVD, could greatly endanger both of their jobs.

As a financial consultant for the most popular bank in their city, she dealt with nearly all the depositors and prominent investors. She was good at making their investments work and got more enjoyment from helping those with limited resources get closer to their future dreams. So, she had to keep an impeccable and very respectable reputation.

“Mike?” An uncertain tone rose in her voice, when she was not greeted by his normally enthusiastic deep sexy voice, but, by ice cold silence. “Mike, are you there? Are you there? It’s me Tammy…. I have to spe….”

“You’ve not reached your husband’s phone Mrs. Dufrane…” A computer synchronized male voice interrupted. “No need to hang up or try any other number… All of your calls are being rerouted to me…. And, you haven’t the time to try another phone…. In fact you have less than 30 minutes before that video and several other similar images of you are sent out online to tens of thousands of horny people who will love to masturbate to your lovely body….”

Tammy sat stunned, unable to move or even speak.

“In fact if you’re not at the pub where your husband and you played your last kidnapping game 3 weeks ago, in the next 25 minutes, any chance of stopping them from hitting the web is over.” The voice continued. “I have a proposal to make to you face to face…. The sooner you get here, the more time you’ll have to make your decision….. The clock is ticking, you have 24 minutes….”


Tammy knew she had no choice. She had to hurry. From her office, it would take her at least 35 minutes for her to get her car and drive there, but, by cab it would only take 15 minutes. If she could get a cab.

Her mind raced frantically, as she sat in the back of the yellow cab. Fortunately for her, it happened to be emptying as she left the bank and she jumped right in.

She thought they had kept their private pleasures, unnoticed. Even when they went out of their home for play they were very discreet. When Mike would “chloroform” her or kidnap her at gun point it was always in a deserted parking lot or area. And, he made sure he never bound and gagged her in open view.

“Except!!!! OH GOD!!!!” Her mind recalled. “When we first met at that Halloween party for the bank. Surely someone wouldn’t wait 10 years to blackmail us.”

That Halloween party was very special to her. It was the first time she saw him. And, she knew he was her soul mate the moment their eyes locked onto one another across the room.

She came dressed as PENELOPE PITSTOP, complete with blonde wig, purple driving helmet with white goggles, white leather go-go boots with 5-inch stiletto heels and matching elbow length driving gloves over her pink leather auto-driving coat and red tights. A large purple satin scarf tied loosely around her neck completed the costume.

She could not help but flirt with him. Standing so dastardly in his HOODED CLAW green villains cape, over that hideous purple suit. The matching green oversized hat with purple mask on his head hid most of his handsome features. And, the wire framed glasses setting pertly on the bridge of his nose let her know how into character he really was.

“He even had Paul Lynde’s voice down to a tee,” She chuckled to herself, remembering the chill it sent down her spine when he cackled:

“Welcome, Penelope, my, my, my such a sweet damsel, but, your costume isn’t quite complete. You need to be in some sort of distress… BWAA, BWAA, BWAA….”

Then he pulled bundle after bundle of white cord from hidden pockets inside the cape and began binding her arms behind her back.

She nearly had an orgasm on the spot.

Then, he pulled more out and wrapped it around her chest above and below her heaving breasts. She thought everyone there could see her juices flooding out of her.

“HAY-LUP, HAY-LUP!” She called out in her best faked southern accent. “HAY-LUP!”

“I’ll have to do something about keeping you quiet, my dear.” He cackled.

Then, from another pocket, he pulled two 4-foot square white satin scarves. He was grinning from ear to ear as he folded them into 5-inch wide bands.

Tammy knew he was the one she had been searching for.

By the time he made a double knot in the first scarf, pulled it tightly between her lips and looped the ends around to tie it off over the knot between her lips, and tied the second scarf over the first scarf and her lower face, she did not care if everyone else in the building was watching.

And, when he folded the scarf from her costume into a 7-inch wide band and tightly knotted it behind her head to cover the other two, she was in heaven.

What happened at the party, after that, was nothing more than a vague dream. Except, her struggle to not climax there. But, as soon as he led her out to his car and pulled more bundles of cord out of the cape, the memories became vivid.

He bound her legs at the ankles, knees, and thighs and laid her gently into his trunk on her stomach. Using the excess cord from her ankles her pulled her into a tight hogtie.

That did it.

She heard him giggle as the orgasm she had been fighting overwhelmed her.

After, her spasms of pleasure ceased and her mind returned, she wondered what he would think of her.

But, all he did was, in that villain’s voice and laugh, say:  “That will be the first of many you will treat me to my sweet…..BWAA, BWAA, BWHAA…”

She spent the next 2 days in and out of bonds and gags that pushed her body to limits she had never thought she could reach. And, after each session they made the kind of love that dreams are designed around.

Tammy tried to recall anyone at the party who saw them then, that, could possibly be behind the DVD and threat.

There was none.

Eighteen minutes had passed since Tammy left the office. She ran from the cab into the pub.

Exasperated and panting she made sure she still had the DVD player and her cell phone with her as she entered NORA RUTH’S PUB.

She was greeted, by a pretty blonde haired female bartender named Gina, as soon as the door closed behind her. Immediately, she was led to a table near the back of the pub by an older dark haired waitress.

“Club soda!” Gina said, carefully handing a glass tumbler to the waitress.

“I figured you’d want a clear head to make your decision, Am I right?” The waitress said, handing the glass to Tammy. “Use both hands, sweetie, you wouldn‘t want to spill any on that pretty jacket.”

Surprised at the waitress‘ knowledge of her predicament, Tammy just nodded and held the glass in both hands as she raised it to her lips and took a long sip.

“Ah! Excellent, you made it. And, with 5 minutes to spare. I’m impressed.” A male voice echoed from behind the waitress. “Shame, I was looking forward to the responses I’d get about that video…. You are very lovely and extremely photogenic.”

He stepped out of the backroom doorway and around the waitress. He was an older man, tall and muscular. A thick black mustache hid his upper lip and he wore a black beret on his bald head.

“I’m here, now,“ Tammy said, glaring at him. “What’s the proposal you wanted to talk about?”

“All business, I like that.“ He smiled, then, turned his head toward Gina, who was signaling him. “Can you give me just a moment, Mrs. Dufrane.”

Tammy drank the last of her drink as she watched Gina point to the laptop on the end of the bar. The two studied the screen for several minutes, before the man clicked on a few keys, then, reached under the bar and retrieved a brown bottle.

“Interesting,” he grinned, stepping past the waitress as she carefully handed Tammy’s empty glass over to the bar to Gina, and slid into the seat across the table from the pretty red head. “I’m afraid the original proposal I planned to offer is no longer valid.”

The waitress silently made her way back to the table and stood behind Tammy.

“Really!” Tammy replied, curtly, unconsciously trying to rub away the tingling sensation she was feeling in her fingers.

The man pulled a white cotton pad from his pocket and placed it and the brown bottle onto the table.

“It seems a picture of you high stepping on your treadmill, while bound and gagged as a pony girl, has been posted on the internet.” He grinned. “Questions about the model, where to get the full set , and if there are more of her in other bindings have been pouring into our site.”

“YOU, SON OF A BITMMMMMPPPPGGGHHH!!!!!” Tammy tried to scream, but, the waitress wrapped one arm around Tammy’s chest and arms, and slapped her other hand over Tammy’s mouth gagging her.

It was then, she realized the waitress and bartender were both wearing clear skintight latex gloves.

The waitress pulled Tammy’s upper body back against hers, securely holding the struggling woman while keeping her gagged.

Tammy tried to pull free, but, the waitress seemed much stronger than she looked and Tammy’s hands and arms were not responding normally.

“Now, now, Mrs. Dufrane calm down, the drug on the outside of your glass is an instant muscle relaxant. Your hands and arms will become useless in a moment. It won‘t affect the rest of your body or put you to sleep...But…” He warned her, turning the brown bottle so she could read the word CHLOROFORM on the label. “Don’t make me use this before it is necessary.“

Tammy’s struggles to break free of the waitress’ grip slowed as her arms slowly dropped to her sides.

“A bidding war began all on its own.” He continued, after her struggles ceased. “Four people made extremely large purchase bids for you. But, the last bid, or should I say, the winning bid was well over six figures….. That is very impressive, you should feel honored.”

Tammy sat there with the waitress’ right hand firmly clasped over her lips and her left arm locked around her. Tammy let her eyes glanced between the man’s grinning face and the brown bottle on the table.

“However, I do have a new proposal for you to consider,” he said, signaling Gina. “You can choose to either remain awake and alert while we strip and put you into this leather body sheath.”

Gina held the long black leather garment up for Tammy to see.

“That way you get to feel the enjoyment of having your body being bound and gagged the entire time you‘re with us.” He grinned, tapping the brown bottle with his fingers. “Or, I use the chloroform and you wake with a massive headache, bound and gagged at the feet of your new Master. ”

The way he said Master sent a chill up Tammy’s spine and she stared at the glistening black leather. Yet, the chill turned into an odd sense of arousal at the sight of the garment. She had deep down always wanted Mike to get something like that.

“Have no doubts, that is going to be put on you,” He nodded, toward it. “And, you are sold. I’m just giving you the choice of whether you want to experience the whole process while awake or not.”

Tammy lowered her eyes. She knew she had no choice. So, if she was going to be bound and sold, she may as enjoy as much of it as she could. And, awake she may find a way to escape. She chanced a glance around the pub, in hopes of finding an ally.

“The front door is locked, so no one else is going to come to your rescue,” The waitress whispered into her ear. “If you think you’ll get help from the other patrons in here… DON’T….. I’m Nora Ruth, I own this pub and everyone here either works for me or owes me.. You’ll get no help from them….But, I, on the other hand, would enjoy helping myself to a taste of you….”

Tammy’s eyes widen, unsure if the growing sensation in her was from nerves or anticipation.

“OOOOhhhhh….I‘d rather be awake….mmmmmm..” Tammy whispered, after, Nora slid her hand from Tammy’s mouth to her right breast, enjoying the feel of the soft round mound.

A huge grin filled the man’s face, as well as, Nora’s and Gina’s.

Twenty minutes later Tammy was standing in the backroom of the pub, naked, with Nora’s arms tightly wrapped around her. She was joyously fondling Tammy’s breasts and her fingers toying playfully with Tammy’s nipples.

“mmmmmmmmm….“ Tammy moaned deep in her throat as Gina slid a second finger over Tammy’s clit and into her wet pussy.

“She’s more than wet enough for that dildo,“ Gina grinned at Nora. “I’ll put the butt plug in and use her juices to lube it before you put it in her ass.“

“Very good….“ Nora sighed, running her tongue around Tammy’s earlobe and kissing her neck. “If I only had enough cash, I’d have put a bid in on you myself…“

Tammy did not want to give them any satisfaction by letting the building orgasm being forced on her by the 2 women overcome her. She fought it tenaciously. But, as soon as Nora popped the butt plug and dildo in to her, it won.

“AAAAHHHH, OOOOHHH GODDDDDDDD, YYYYYYEEEESSSSS!” Tammy screamed, her body trembling with pleasure.

Tammy’s body was still quivering when Gina pulled the leather crotch strap, attached to the front of the body sheath, between her legs. The man lifted her high enough for Nora to work her feet and legs into a pair of black leather thigh-high boots. The inseams of the boots were sown together from the ankles up and the front of the boots were attached to the front lower part of the sheath. Zippers on the outer seams of the boots were open to make it easier for Nora to get Tammy’s feet and legs into them.

Gina worked the zippers up the skintight shafts of the boots kissing Tammy’s ass cheeks, leaving a number of red lipstick tattoos on each.

Tammy moaned, enjoying the feel of the tight leather on her legs and had to lean against Nora to help balance on the boots 6-inch heels, as the man carefully pulled the sides of the sheath around the boots and began lacing them together at Tammy’s ankles. He tied a holding knot in the laces just past her knees so he could help Gina lace the sheath’s inner corset tightly around Tammy.

Nora lifted Tammy’s limp arms and wrapped them around her neck, pulling her face closer and closer. Tammy’s eyes widen when Nora’s tongue wiggled between her lips and began dueling with Tammy’s.

“mmmmmmmmm,” Tammy responded, her tongue searching out Nora’s.

“I don’t think it’ll take long for her new Master to train his new sex slave,” Gina grinned, smoothing out the sides of the corset as she laced it as tightly as she could.

When Gina finished, Tammy’s 24-inch waist had shrunk 4 inches and her 38D cup breasts were lifted by the support cups and looked like they were triple D’s.

Giggling, she attached the clip on the end of the crotch strap to the snap buckle on the back of the corset, making sure the wires for the butt plug and dildo were free. She got another delicious moan of pleasure from Tammy when she pulled the crotch strap to its tightest.

Before, the man continued lacing up the sheath, he forced Tammy’s hands into fists, and, slid them into the closed end sleeves that were sewn into the back of the sheath next to the eyelets. As he pulled the sheath around her torso, her arms were drawn closer together behind her back. Only the eyelets kept them from touching.

He carefully laced the sheath tightly, leaving the control wires for the plug and dildo dangling out from the leather.

Tammy looked down over the thick wide collar and watched the sheath grow tighter and tighter around her body. It looked as if she had only one leg and the leather snuggly hugged her hips and waist like a second skin. But, as the upper chest piece of the sheath smoothed and tightened she saw and felt her breasts, with the aid of the corset’s support cups, begin to wiggle their way through 2 round cut outs. They were smaller in diameter than Tammy’s breasts.

As the man tightened the laces at her shoulder blades, Tammy watched Nora maneuver her breasts completely through the cut outs, so the leather became flush against her skin.

Tammy had always been proud of her figure and the shape of her breasts, but, she was stunned at how perfectly round and delicious they looked protruding from the black leather binding them.

Nora’s lips pounced, sucking and nibbling on one then the other. Gina joined in and within seconds the 2 women had Tammy sighing, panting, and moaning loudly, unable to stop the pleasurable torment being inflicted upon her.

“I’m afraid,” the man grinned, unfolding the shoulder, neck, and hood piece from beneath the collar of the sheath. “It’s time to silence our lovely captive.”

He pulled the shiny black leather out, then, wrapped the shoulder and neck coverings around Tammy. First, he laced the shoulder cover to the eyelets on the top of the sheath across Tammy’s back, covering her bare shoulders and raising the stiff leather neck collar against Tammy’s throat. Then, he removed a baseball sized sponge from a zip lock bag.

“The sponge has been soaking in a solution that will keep your mouth moist and you hydrated, while gagged.” He said, carefully, putting the sponge into a leather plug in the hood’s gag.

With Nora’s help, he stuffed the plug completely into Tammy’s mouth and worked the half mask hood over her head. Gina twisted Tammy’s red shoulder length hair into a bundle and worked it under the hood, as he began lacing the sides of the hood tightly together.

“mmmppphhh!” Tammy’s blue eyes pleaded, as the hood dug deep into her skin under her nose and over her eyebrows.

There was a matching black leather flap running parallel to the lacing. It was 3-inches wide and had at the ankles, shins, knees, thighs, hips, waist, mid-back, upper-back, shoulders, neck, and back of head rolling buckles, which, had the capability of having padlocks put into each to securely hold them. Spaced equally apart opposite the lacing were leather straps for the buckles.

Tammy was unable to see them, but, felt the buckles being pulled taunt and heard the click of each padlock.

“No one’s getting her out of that without these keys,” the man nodded, after checking each lock.

Tammy tried to twist her head and body, but, the leather did not give a bit. Her nose, eyes, and breasts were the only things not covered in shiny black leather.

The sound of footsteps coming toward them from the back interrupted the pleasure they were enjoying at Tammy’s expense.

“Ah, You’re both here.” The man smiled, looking from the man and woman entering back to Tammy. “Mrs. Dufrane, you remember Karl, don’t you? He drove the cab that brought you to here.”

Tammy studied the large man’s face. This morning he had been an unshaven disheveled city cab driver. But, now, with his 2 day old beard shaven, properly bathed, and wearing a 3 piece suit, he looked like several of the bank managers she had worked with over the years.

“And, Judith, here was one of the occupants getting out of the cab as you rushed to get in.” He smiled and put his arm around the red headed woman. “She was so kind as to collect your car for you from the bank and swing your house to gather a few of the items you’ll be taking with you.”

Tammy recognized the 2 GUCCI black leather rolling suitcases, she pulled behind her. And, the dark purple thigh-high boots, matching shoulder length gloves and 5-inch wide corset belt, and the light purple front zip spandex catsuit she was wearing. It was the hooker outfit she wore when Mike kidnapped her off the street and bound and gagged her to take back to his hideout, were he did so many nefarious things to her.

“Mams momming mon mer?” Tammy mumbled through her gag.

“Judith has been using your identity to set the stage for your disappearance, my dear.” He said. “Closing some of your personal accounts, leaving a hand written note on your secretary, Chandra’s desk. Telling her to take a 4 day weekend, because Mike had returned early and you were taking the next 3 days off to be with him.”

“Being seen by your neighbors leaving your house with 2 suitcases,“ Judith added. “Dressed a bit more appropriate in one of your normal outfits. Oh, by the way, all of the cameras, equipment, and any trace of our being there have been removed from their house.”

“Excellent!” The man said to her, triumphantly.

“And, once you’re packed.“ Karl laughed, tapping the larger suitcase. “She’ll follow us in your car to the airport, dressed like this. Flirting with every guy in sight and drawing as much attention to herself as possible, before purchasing a one way ticket out of the country.”

“Then, I’ll slip into the bathroom, change clothes, put these hideous things in the other suitcase, with the rest of your things I packed.” She grinned. “Leave the suitcase next to Karl, go to the gate and board my flight as you.”

“I’ll carry my 2 suitcases to the corporate terminal and we’ll fly out from there.” Karl stared at the leather bound woman’s naked tits. “I’m a licensed corporate pilot and my baggage will pass inspection with no problems. Then, after we reach our destination, I will make my delivery.”

“That would be you, sweetie…..” Nora chimed in.

“After, she arrives at her destination, she’ll take a return flight booked in her name.” He sighed. “And, Mrs. Tammy Dufrane will have disappeared like magic. By the time your husband returns all traces of what happened to you will have vanished…. Just like you…..”

Tears filled Tammy’s eyes at the thought of Mike frantically searching for her. Her heart sank at the prospect of never being held by him ever again. She vowed to find a way to eventually escape and return to him.

Her concentration was short lived.

“Here, I’ve already applied the adhesive. All we have to do is clamp them on.” Gina said, handing a gold mushroom shaped ornament to Nora. “Just squeeze on the shaft, the cap cover will roll back making an opening. Then, twist it back and forth, until, the whole lovely nipple is inside… And, let it go…”

“mmmmmmppppphhhhh!” Tammy’s wail was barely heard through the hood gag.

“See it sucks it in, just like a mouth. And, the adhesive on the cap sticks to her tit and keeps it there. It won’t come loose… No matter what.” Gina laughed, pulling firmly on the control wires jetting out from the back of the shaft. “It sticks to the skin and can only be removed with this spray.”

“mmmppphhh, mmmmmppphhhh, mmmmmmpppphhhhh!” Tammy screamed into the gag, as Nora tugged and tugged on the clamp she had glued in place.

“You’re right, that’s not coming off.” She giggled.

“Here,” the man said, handing a double-ended snap-lock clip to Karl. “We need to fold her up to make her fit into that case. Use those D-rings sown into the leather. I’ll hook her ankles to her ass. You do her neck to her knees.”

“mmmmmpppphhh!” Tammy complained as the pressure of being folded to fit into a 3-foot tall suitcase tightened all the leather bonds even more.

Karl connected the control wires for the butt plug, dildo, and nipple clamps to a small battery operated control box and attached it to Tammy’s right side with Velcro.

“One final item before we pack her,” the man said. “This will complete her pleasure.”

He held a full face, padded blindfold, gag strap combination in front of her to see. It would be strapped over her face and around her head with only her nose poking out through an opening.

Tammy had to fight back another orgasm when the straps compressed the hood and her packed cheeks even more, sending her in to total darkness.

“mmmmmmpppphhh!” Tammy’s scream was completely unheard.

She felt hands pick her up and place her in the suitcase.

The sound of it being zipped shut and the loud click of 2 more padlocks securing it from prying eyes and hands left a cold feeling in her heart. Knowing there was very little chance of escape until she was delivered to her Master.

They changed vehicles several times and Tammy could hear the bustle of people at the airport. She uselessly screamed as much as her bound body would allow, attempting to garnish any notice to her plight.

“Have a good flight and enjoy your new life, slave.” Judith said loudly enough for Tammy to hear her.

Their plan was running like clockwork.

Tammy felt the jet take off and would have fell into a pit of despair, except, Karl had put the control box for the butt plug, dildo, and clamps on a timer and Tammy had been occupied the entire flight with the instruments of torment.

She had no idea of time or distance. She had no clue to her destination. All she had was the depressing image of Mike searching for her. And, it too would be taken away by the burring sounds of the dildo and plug and the unforgiving delight and discomfort of her nipples being sucked and chewed unendingly.

After the jet landed, Karl delivered Tammy to her new future.

“Greetings from Mr. VanNorkin,” She heard him say. “Your purchase is in this case…. And, if I may be so bold, an excellent purchase it is….”

Tammy sensed the case being rolled on soft carpet. She tried to again gain control of her panic by slowly breathing in and out through her nose.

She was lifted from the floor and the case put on something soft.

“A mattress,” Tammy thought. “Oh no! The bedroom!”

Desperation began to fill her chest, when, she heard the zipper on the case.

“These keys open the locks on the back of the sheath.” She heard Karl say. “OH, yes… Almost forgot, this spray is needed to dissolve the adhesive on the clamps. You want some help getting her out of there.”

Tammy felt hands lifting her out of the case. She trembled with fear, but, that odd sensation was beginning to return. In the back of her mind she could feel this man’s cock ripping into her bound body. She tried to push them away, but, her body would not allow it. The double snaps were released and with much agony her legs and body were forcibly straightened. Karl’s voice echoed farther and farther away followed by the sound of a door closing.

Her screams of pain and a sudden flash of pleasure raced through her when she felt hands fondling her chest a moment later. She was carried and placed in a chair. She felt something being wrapped around her, holding her upright to the chair back. The smell of candles being burned filled her nostrils. Then, she felt heat near her left breast. The odor from the candle increased.

“OH NO!” Her mind screamed. “He was going to drop hot wax on her.”

She readied herself for the intolerable pain. Then, she felt the first drop. It burned. A muffled scream filled her ears. Then, a second drop and a third. Her body felt like it was on fire.

“Wait,” her mind suddenly said. “That’s not hot, just wet…”

Confusion began to cloud her exhausted mind. Then, she felt her left nipple be freed of it’s tormentor. Then, the right followed.

The straps on the leather face plate were released and for the first time in hours she could see.

Tears filled her eyes and her heart raced.

Standing at her side was Mike. His face beaming and his eyes full of love.

“Want me to get you out of this?” He asked.

Tammy looked around the room. They were in a hotel suite. In front of her a candle light dinner awaited. She could hear soft music in the background.

“I promised you I would never miss an anniversary,” Mike smiled, as he reached behind her to begin the arduous task of removing her from her bonds.

Tammy paused for a moment, then, shook her head. She nodded at the clamps in her leather lap, then, looked at her husband. Her eyes twinkled and he grinned as he replaced the tormentors. And, then sat back in his chair.

“There will be plenty of time for him to explain later, right now…” Tammy thought. “There should be at least one more explosive orgasm left in her. Mike enjoys watching me climax. And, then, she can be released. They’ll eat and drink to their love. Mike will carry her to the bed. He’ll make wild passionate love to her. After all, it has been nearly 10 days for him too. And finally, they will fall asleep in each others arms.

He is her soul mate, her one true love. The person she was meant for.

She will always remember this anniversary and Valentine’s Day.


story continued in Tammy's Bondage Application

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