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Merry Christmas From Everyone

by Davion

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Storycodes: M/f; sex; bond; gag; oral; cane; toys; cons; XX

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Part 4: [Time Remaining – 78:37:42]

As soon as Mike started to make his way back up the stairs Kelly was once again alert and waiting. He had been downstairs long enough that her arousal was once again peaking, and she really hoped that now that he had eaten, he would be more than willing to fully “enjoy” his new toy.

As Mike walked into the room Kelly almost purred as he ran his hand across her butt and up her back.

“Alright kitten, let's see just how good of a Christmas gift you are,” Mike said.

With that Kelly felt the gag dildo stop, and the next thing she knew Mike was unscrewing it from the locking ring.

Kelly, hoping that this was just a prelude of things to come, eagerly awaited what she knew was coming. Sure enough she heard Mike bend over, and then she felt his slightly flaccid penis pushed through the locking ring and into her mouth. Immediately she went about using her tongue to get him rock solid.

Mike for his part simply allowed her to get him hard, and once he was rigid he started sliding his cock back and forth. Kelly was trying her best to please him, and as she felt him lean forward a bit she thought that he might be getting ready to unload. Instead he simply pushed deeper inside her mouth, and used his new position to tickle her soles as he rammed his now raging hard on deeper and deeper into her throat.

Kelly didn't usually take Mike this deep while she was giving him blow jobs, so she was having some trouble controlling her breathing not to mention the fact that she was having a hard time breathing because she was laughing so hard because of Mike's tickling of her feet. Both of those reasons, plus the dildo in her pussy, was causing her to come closer and closer to yet another orgasm.

Between the three, Mike must have found the noises she was making sexy because with little extra effort from Kelly, Mike rammed his cock as deep as he could and unleashed his seed. As the warm mess hit the back of Kelly's throat she came as well.

As Kelly tried to catch up on her breathing, coming down from her orgasm, she had another thought of something she had not planned for. Kelly usually was not a swallower when she sucked Mike off, but in this position she really had no choice. As Mike gave a few extra pumps into her throat, Kelly got her first true taste of her boyfriend's seed, as she swallowed everything that he had deposited into her mouth.

Mike pulled his dick out of her mouth and she felt him immediately push the gag dildo back into place. Fortunately for Kelly at the moment he did not turn back on the pump. Although her mouth was still full, this was the first time in about twenty hours that Kelly did not have something pounding into her mouth.

As she heard Mike stand up and move around the room, she heard him open the drawer and rummage around for a moment. Having seemed to have found what he was looking for, she heard him sit down on the bed. It must have been either one of the manuals, or the book, because she heard Mike muttering to himself as he was reading.

Although the pussy dildo was still pounding away, Kelly felt relaxed. It seemed her libido was finally taking a break. Either that or maybe she was just numb finally from the constant torment. Either way she tried to rest as much as possible in her current position.

After about fifteen minutes of reading, Kelly heard Mike stand up, and walk towards her. Stopping just short of her stand she heard him bend over, and she heard the side panel of the stand pop open.

“There it is,” she heard Mike say.

Then she heard Mike pull out the power cable before she heard him rummaging behind his TV, probably trying to find an outlet to plug it into. Apparently he found an outlet, because the rummaging stopped and she heard the “beep” of the stand that signified that it was drawing AC power.

“There we go, wouldn't want these pumps to run out of power,” Mike joked with a laugh.

Kelly heard Mike rummage through the drawer again. This time when he stopped he didn't say anything for a while. Then Kelly felt two things. The first was the gag dildo pump being turned back on. The second was the vibrator from the drawer being pushed up against her clit, and turned on, at full power. Between the pussy dildo hammering away at her, and the vibrator, Kelly was aroused and almost immediately in orgasmic bliss.

That's when she felt the cane strike her for the first time. Falling and striking her ass the explosion of pain was only matched by the explosion of her orgasm. But Mike didn't stop. He laid into her with the cane for a good half hour. Her ass, her back, he swung it underneath her and hit her boobs as her bells jingled away. He even used it on her feet; Kelly thought that her feet had hurt the worst.

Throughout it all the dildo and the vibrator mixed with the pain had her in a constant state of pleasure and orgasmic release. Kelly lost track of how many times she climaxed as the rush of all of the different feelings just crashed over her like waves on a beach.

Then all of a sudden, Mike stopped.

“Well kitten, I have to be somewhere soon, I will see you later,” he said.

With that Kelly heard Mike walk out of the room and down the stairs, leaving her upstairs. To clarify, leaving her upstairs with the vibrator still on high.

Kelly didn't even have time to be upset that Mike was leaving as the vibrator, even with the pain removed, still had her cumming like clockwork. All Kelly knew was arousal, orgasm and then arousal again as her sensitivity continued to climb with each consecutive orgasm. Eventually when the orgasms started to get painful, that was just enough pain to mix with all of the pleasure and that just turned up the heat and the intensity of her orgasms.

[Time Remaining: 68:44:32]

By the time Mike returned, and Kelly hadn't even heard him come back, she was a mess. Moaning and groaning and panting through her gag, Mike smiled as he walked in and saw her.

“Did kitten have fun while I was gone?” he asked.

Even if Kelly would not have been bound, she was in no state to answer him, as his return coincided with another wonderful climax.

“Lets see if we can't calm you down a little kitten,” Mike said as he turned off the vibrator. A moment later he stopped the pussy pump and the gag pump too.

Kelly was still breathing hard. It had been tiring and she was exhausted. But the next thing she knew, Mike was unscrewing the gag dildo, and as it came out of her mouth his rock hard member was pushed in. Kelly had absolutely zero energy to pleasure Mike's cock, but he seemed to have other things in mind as he immediately began fucking her mouth.

Normally Kelly would have been shocked. This is not something that they had ever done. But in her state she was just glad Mike was doing all of the work. A few minutes later Mike's cock spasmed and she felt his hot seed unload into the back of her mouth. Mike left his cock in her mouth just long enough for her cursory attempt at cleaning it with her tongue after she swallowed. Then she felt him pull out and replace the gag dildo.

A moment later she heard Mike getting into bed, the beep of the remote of the lights, and Mike saying, “Good night kitten”.

Kelly was sore and worn out and exhausted, but at the same time she was thrilled. For the first time in 40 hours she didn't have something pounding away at her. She was still stuffed, but without the constant movement, she might get a good night's sleep. As she drifted off she heard Mike begin to snore as well. She smiled to herself as she fell asleep. She had given Mike the best Christmas present ever.

[Time Remaining: 58:14:56]

Kelly woke the next morning to a hard open-handed slap on the ass.

“Wakey wakey!” she heard Mike laugh gleefully.

As she heard him walk out of his room and into the bathroom she was still shaking away the fogginess as she heard Mike again taking his morning pee. This time Kelly was more upset then the day before. Mike knew she was in here, the least he could do was close the door. After a moment she heard the toilet flush, and was glad to hear the sink running and Mike washing his hands. As she heard him walk back into the room she was “treated” to three more quick slaps on the ass.

“Come on, wake up kitten.” Mike mockingly said as he tickled Kelly's feet, causing her to waggle her feet and squirm in her bonds in response.

Kelly heard Mike walking towards her head at the front of the base and expected the gag dildo to be turned on, but as she heard Mike walk to the front of the base she instead felt the gag dildo being unscrewed.

“Ok kitten, lets see what you can do with my morning wood” he joked as he pulled out the dildo and replaced it with his very hard cock.

Kelly was instantly upset and repulsed. Mike hadn't even showered, and now he was making her give him a blow job. She decided that she wasn't going to do it, maybe if she didn't do anything Mike would understand, and take a shower.

Mike seemed to wait a moment, but with Kelly not doing anything Mike slid his cock out of her mouth, and replaced the gag dildo.

Kelly inwardly smiled, obviously Mike had understood. She heard him take a few steps towards the door, but instead of walking out of his room, she heard him stop and then she felt the pussy dildo being unscrewed.

“Mmmmhghh...MmmmhghhmmmMmmmhghh” Kelly struggled to make any noise possible as she waggled her feet and her pawed hands.

Anything was preferable to what she knew was about to happen. This would be the first time Mike had used her this way, and she REALLY didn't want it to be like this.

“Oh... you had your chance, kitten” Mike said with a mocking laugh. “But now your owner is gonna have some fun. Besides... this will be new, we have never done it without a condom before.”

Kelly knew there was nothing she could do, but she tried to fight against it as much as she could. But as soon as the pussy dildo was pulled out of her, she felt Mike's stiff rod thrust into her moist and waiting pussy.

“Ahhhhhh, that feels so good!” Mike said as he started sliding his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

Kelly hated what was happening, but she was starting to enjoy herself, the feel of Mike inside of her without a condom was phenomenal. But... something was different. Normally when they had sex, Mike started at a slow pace, and gradually got faster. Kelly had assumed that was how he had sex in general, she didn’t realize he was only doing that for her benefit. This, what he was doing now, was just using her.

She came to that realization, almost at the same time that Mike shot his warm gooey seed deep into her pussy. She had barely even had time to register that he was fucking her, let alone time to come to a climax, and he had already came.

Even as Kelly was having that thought, Mike was already replacing the pussy dildo, and screwing it back into the locking ring. His load was still in her pussy, and its warmth was a weird feeling, as it filled in all of the crevasses around and under the dildo.

“Ok, let me go clean up,” he said, then stopped, “What am I talking about, my new toy, kitten, can clean me up.”

As he said this Kelly heard Mike step back up to the front of the base and once again the gag dildo was being unscrewed. He couldn’t be serious, Kelly thought to herself with horror.

She had given Mike blow jobs plenty of times, but he hadn’t been inside of her first, and he hadn’t been covered with his own cum as well as her juices. But before she could even finish the thought of how disgusting this was, Mike had pulled the dildo out through the ring gag. Before Kelly could even make a sound, Mike had thrust his still semi hard penis back in its place.

Kelly tried to hold her tongue against the bottom of her mouth and away from the disgusting dick that had been thrust into her mouth. For his part Mike didn’t seem at all bothered.

While Kelly was trying to figure out why, human anatomy gave her the answer. As Mike’s penis deflated even more, it ended up resting on her tongue anyway, despite how hard she tried to avoid it.

Unable to avoid it, she still refused to lick it, or clean it in any way.

“Come on now kitten, be a good toy and clean your owner” Mike mocked in that same cheerful laughing voice.

Kelly thought that for someone who had to have his arm twisted into even opening the box, that Mike was having way too much fun with the situation.

But even as she was thinking that, another thought popped into her mind. Isn’t this exactly what she had said she wanted, to be used as nothing more than a toy? That was exactly what she had written in the letter, as far as he was concerned, Mike might just be trying to follow her wishes.

With a heaved sigh she decided to be a good toy, and started licking and sucking Mike’s cock, cleaning off both her juices and any of his cum that remained on it as well. It wasn’t that bad, she thought to herself briefly.

She couldn’t even keep up the inner lying to herself, who was she kidding? It was awful, but it got worse when Mike decided that she wasn’t doing a good enough job of cleaning him down by his base.

Leaning forward against her face, he pushed himself hard against her. “Come on kitten, clean it all” he said, as he gave her a firm and hard slap on the ass.

As he pushed his cock as far through the ring gag as he could manage, Kelly’s nose was pushed into his pubic hair, which was moist with her own sexual juices and reeked of sex, sweat and body odor. Taking that scent in with every breath turned what was disgusting, into something that was just vile. Kelly tried her best to clean Mike as quickly as possible, just so she could get a lungful of fresh air.

Eventually Mike pulled out of her, and she felt him slide the gag dildo back into her mouth.

“See kitten, that wasn’t so bad. Now it is time to relax," He said as he was screwing it into the locking ring.

With that Kelly felt the stand she was on being rotated. Then she heard Mike sit down in his desk chair, and she heard the ‘pop’ of the TV turning on. Then she heard the squeak of Mike leaning back in the chair, and a moment later she felt his feet propping themselves up on her back.

“Well kitten, you said you wanted me to 'use’ you, so now I am. ‘Using’ you, as a foot stool that is” he said in that same cheerful mocking laughing voice.

Kelly was coming to hate that mocking, laughing voice.

With that said though Kelly heard Mike pick up his laptop from his desk, and moments later she heard him typing while the TV droned on in the background.

Kelly inwardly fumed at Mike’s joke about ‘using’ her. When she had put that in the letter, this was NOT what she had particularly had in mind. In fact, nothing was going as she had thought or planned that it would. She had thought that Mike would open the box, see her, and be thrilled and happy, and that he would 'use' her, but she had expected the same Mike that she had always known and seen, not “disgusting habits” Mike.

As she hung there thinking about and cursing her predicament she wished that Mike would have at least turned on her pussy pump. As long as she was going to be stuck and filled, she at least wanted to be enjoying herself.

When she was putting the idea together, she never thought about being stuck during the ‘in-between’ time that would inevitably come up while Mike wasn’t “using” her. Of course, that was made worse by the fact that she stupidly picked a phrase that literally EVERYONE was saying. She knew that she was going to have to get used to a lot of ‘downtime’ over the next few days.

[Time Remaining: 56:40:48]

It had been about an hour and a half of Mike watching TV and using her as a footstool, and his feet were beginning to make her back sore a bit. The good thing was that the TV gave her a way to keep track of time. Mike hadn't said much during the time he had been using her as a footrest. But when his phone rang she heard the beep of him picking up the call.

“Hello” he paused, then said, “Oh hey Jim, sorry about not calling you back right away.”

Another pause. “Oh no everything is ok, what was in the box was just... weirder... than I thought it would be,” he said.

Kelly completely resented that statement, there was nothing weird about her. She realized that Mike thought that he had to lie, but why couldn’t it at least have been a lie that made her sound good?

“No, I won’t be needing your help getting it down the stairs” he said, “Yeah, it turns out this toy has some use to me after all.”

Some use?! Kelly fumed to herself.

“Yeah, I think I will keep it, well at least till Kelly gets back with her folks,” he said.

Kelly stopped listening after that as Mike and Jim started talking about some game. What they were saying meant absolutely nothing to her without any type of context, and to be fair she really didn’t care.

What she did care about, was that at some point during the conversation, Mike decided to cross his ankles. Now instead of two heels distributing weight on her back, Kelly had one heel pushing all of the weight into one spot and it was beginning to hurt like hell. Unable to make any sort of complaint however, she was simply stuck waiting for Mike to move his feet to a different position on her back.

Mike and Jim talked for what Kelly counted as two and a half shows before they finally hung up. As Mike hung up the phone she heard him put it on the desk, and then pick his laptop back up, and then she screamed into her gag as he dug his heel into her back as he must have been adjusting how he was sitting in his chair.

Even past the dildo gag Mike had heard that sound.

“Oops, sorry kitten, forgot you weren’t a normal footrest, but hey, you did say you wanted me to “abuse” you, so, you’re welcome” he said in that grating mocking voice, and then laughed at his own joke. Kelly felt him readjust his feet, and then go back to typing on his computer. It wasn’t funny, she thought to herself, that had really hurt.

After about five more minutes of typing Kelly heard Mike’s stomach rumble.

“Well, it looks like it is time for lunch.” He paused, “But how about a bit of fun beforehand?”

Kelly felt him crouch behind her, and began to unscrew her pussy dildo. As it came free from the locking ring, she felt it being pulled out, and then she heard Mike grimace.

“Well... it looks like all the cum is still on this thing from earlier,” he paused, “Here kitten, you can have lunch too.” He laughed mockingly again, “just think of it as a 'creamsicle’.”

With that she felt her gag dildo being unscrewed and pulled from her mouth, but despite any noises that she could make the 6” dildo that had been in her pussy fucking her for twenty some hours, that had marinated in her own juices, and her own cum, and now with Mike’s semen covering it, was shoved through the locking ring and screwed into place.

Kelly tried her hardest to keep any part of her mouth from touching the dildo, but this one was 2” longer than the one that had been filling her mouth previously, and even without moving it was just teasing her throat with its tip.

That’s when Kelly heard Mike setting up the pump on the front of the stand.

She tried making any noise that she could, but the dildo was just too good at keeping her quiet, and the more noise that she tried to make, the more her tongue came into contact with the absolutely disgusting thing in her mouth. Inevitably though, Kelly felt the plunger get attached to the back of the gag, and then moments later it began to slowly pulse back and forth.

“Here you go kitten, I even slowed it down for you so you could enjoy your treat,” Mike said with a mock cheesy sincerity.

When the pump was started the dildo was immediately pushed straight into Kelly’s throat. She had never taken that big of a cock this deep before, and she somewhat started to gag as the dildo made its presence known against the wall of her throat.

Mike did not seem to notice however as she realized that he had leaned over behind her. Right as she was about to have a panic attack about choking on a dildo, she felt Mike push into her.

Kelly realized that she could not split her attention between trying to keep her tongue from tasting what was in her mouth, and trying to successfully take this dildo into her throat. As she stopped concentrating on her tongue, almost of its own accord, it placed itself against the bottom of the dildo, and as the dildo slid back and forth she could feel Mike’s slimy cum, as well as her own juices, being licked up by her tongue.

She was so wound up in trying to make sure she did not choke, and trying not to think about the tastes that were in her mouth right now, she completely missed the fact that Mike, while pounding her pussy with his dick, had once again cum inside of her.

Her first thought on the topic was when he pulled out of her, and she heard him thinking out loud.

“Ok, so how to avoid the same problem as last time, hmmm” he muttered to himself.

As Mike sat behind her thinking, Kelly had finally got a rhythm going with the dildo, and no longer felt that she was about to choke. Her mind freed from that task, she felt the warm contents of Mike’s testicles that was now within her making its way back out and dripping out of her pussy. At this point, Kelly was no longer worried about being embarrassed but she did not think that she could ever feel shame like this.

After quietly sitting behind her for a few minutes Kelly heard Mike open the drawer of the stand.

“Alright,” he said, “let’s see about getting you some real lunch kitten, let’s see, mmmmm, cherry”

Kelly heard the drawer close, and then she heard the click of the gag pump being stopped. She felt the gag being unscrewed, and she could not have been happier when he removed it from her mouth. Although, by this point it was basically clean.

“Wow kitten, you did a really good job on this, I’m glad my toy works properly, now do me,” he said as Kelly all of a sudden felt Mike’s cock being pushed through the ring.

Remembering what had happened last time, and not wanting to have to repeat that particular memory, she set about trying to clean him as well as possible, as quickly as possible.

When Mike pulled out of her after a few minutes she heard him say, “Wow, I guess I should give you more treats, huh kitten, it seemed to make my toy even better. Speaking of treats, enjoy your lunch.” He turned the pump back on for her gag dildo.

Kelly felt him screw the 6” dildo back into her pussy, before she heard him leave the room and walk down the stairs toward the kitchen, but once again he left the pump off so the dildo just sat restless filling her pussy. She sighed to herself. Left alone and bored again I guess.

After getting a few pumps in, the gag dildo started spurting out Kelly’s lunch. The nutrient paste did not taste good, but Kelly knew she needed it, both to keep her strength, and to keep her from getting pregnant, especially since Mike had started cumming inside of her.

 As she was trying to get used to the taste of the cherry flavor, all of a sudden, something warm and gooey dropped onto her tongue in its place. That’s when she realized how Mike had decided to solve the problem of his cum dripping out of her. He had opened the reservoir on the gag dildo, and allowed it to all drip in there, and then he just squeezed the nutrient paste on top of it.

Kelly wanted to cry. Mike wasn’t even here, and she was still taking his cum down her throat. Unfortunately there was nothing she could do, and as she waited for Mike to return the entirety of the cherry paste, mixed with Mike’s cum, slowly spurted and dripped its way out of the dildo and down her throat.

[Time Remaining: 51:20:12]

It was a while before Mike came back from downstairs. Kelly had lost track of counting the TV shows, but she thought it had been at least three or four hours.

Whatever show that had been on, had just ended, and as Kelly listened to the familiar end theme music all of a sudden it got muted. At first she thought that Mike had come back and muted the TV, but then she heard characters from the show talking.

“From everyone here at the Disney Channel, we just want to say...”

Kelly knew what they were gonna say next, but even knowing what was coming she prayed she was wrong.

“... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your friends here at the Disney Channel” they finished with cheesy enthusiasm.

With that the ending of the theme music came back up to full volume, and then it cut to commercial.

Now Kelly really did start crying, and she cried even harder when she realized that the tears were just being absorbed into the padded blindfold.


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