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Merry Christmas From Everyone

by Davion

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© Copyright 2020 - Davion - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; packaged; bond; sex; oral; crop; toys; paddle; machine; enslave; reluct; nc; XXX

Continues from

[Time Remaining: 66:10:03]

After about an hour of silently crying into her blindfold Kelly heard the sounds of Mike coming back up the stairs. As he walked into the room she heard him walk right up to the front of the base and unscrew the gag dildo from the locking ring.

“Ok kitten, get me off so I can grab a shower and get to work,” Mike said as he removed the gag dildo and stuffed his mostly flaccid cock through the ring gag.

Kelly was past trying to be rebellious and she simply started licking Mike's cock as it slowly got harder in her mouth, although she was upset that he was making her do this 'right before his shower'.

As Mike got hard in her mouth he started sliding back and forth, and in short order her tongue had him shooting off again into the back of Kelly's mouth.

This time without even waiting for her to lick him clean, Mike pulled out and screwed the gag dildo back into the locking ring. Then Kelly heard him walk into the bathroom and she heard the water start for the shower.

As she heard Mike in the shower she suddenly had another thought. She had completely forgotten that Mike would have to go to work at some point. Originally she didn't think there was enough time on the counter for that to be a problem, but now it looked like he was going to leave her here for hours while he was at his job.

As she just hung there dejected she heard the shower stop, and heard Mike walk back in after a minute or two in the bathroom. As he walked into the room he ran his fingers over the sole of her left foot, briefly tickling her through the latex. Otherwise he completely ignored her as he got himself ready for work.

As she heard him walking, with his heavy soled work shoes toward the door, she heard him stop.

“Right, almost forgot,” she heard him say as she heard him kneel down by the stand.

He saw the countdown clock. “Hey! There's extra time. Alright!”

Right then she heard the click of the gag dildo, and a similar click of the pussy dildo as the two started pumping into her. Then she felt Mike fiddling with something else, and at the last moment before it turned on, she realized that it was the vibrator again. She felt it turned on, and all her other thoughts went out the window as she was once again thrown into a high state of arousal.

“Have fun while I am at work, kitten, I'll be back to play later,” she heard Mike say.

The next thing she heard was him walking downstairs, and then the door opening and closing. All she heard then was the noises she herself was making as the first orgasm of what would be a long afternoon took her, and she was lost to arousal and climax.

[Time Remaining: 65:35:38]

Kelly heard the door burst open as the vibrator and pussy dildo were still doing their work on her. The sudden jolt calmed her enough that she was able to hear the door slam and Mike tromp up the stairs before the orgasm consumed her and she thrashed and moaned in her bonds.

“Well I'm glad someone is having fun,” Mike said angrily as she felt him turn off the vibrator. “You get to sit here having fun all day and I have to go to work and get bitched at all day, but I'm glad you were having fun.” He was shouting.

The next thing she felt was both the pussy and gag dildo pumps being switched off, and then she heard Mike throw something, probably a piece of clothing, into his closet, hard enough to make a noise that she audibly heard.

“But I am glad that you got to have fun all day” Mike complained loudly as she felt the gag dildo being unscrewed and removed. “Well now it is my turn to have fun today.” With that Mike slammed his cock through the ring and into her mouth

“Well come on kitten, do something already!” Mike shouted.

Kelly was actually a bit scared, she didn't know what was going on, or why Mike was so angry, but she knew better than to disobey so she started licking and pleasing Mike's cock as well as she could. But after only about a minute she heard Mike throw a sigh.

“Fuck it, I'll do it myself,” he said in anger.

As soon as he said it Kelly felt him place both hands behind her head as he began to fuck her face hard and fast. It was too hard and fast for Kelly and she started choking as Mike continued his assault on her mouth. Luckily Mike quickly came, shouting his load into Kelly's choking throat. For a moment Kelly thought that she would choke to death on Mike's cum, but after a few hard coughs it all went down her throat and she could breathe again.

For his part Mike didn't seem to notice her plight as she heard him violently pull the drawer on the stand open. Hearing him pushing things out of the way. He seemed to have found what he was looking for as she heard him grab something and pull it out of the drawer roughly before she heard the drawer slam closed. She then heard him throw whatever it was on the bed before she heard him stomp out of the room.

Kelly had no idea what was going on, but she was sure that Mike had gone through a terrible day at work. Usually he would call her and complain about it and calm down, but at the moment that wasn't an option. In her position, Kelly knew that there was nothing she could really do to help him.

As she was thinking this she heard him stomping back up the stairs, slightly less heavy sounding though, he must have taken his shoes off. As he came back into the room she heard him walk over and put a few things on his desk before walking over towards her. The next thing she knew he was forcing the gag dildo back through the locking ring and screwing it back in. Then she heard him basically throw himself into his desk chair, before, not gently, he swung his feet up onto her back.

She grunted into her gag, but Mike seemed to ignore it. She heard him lift one of the items off of the desk, and she heard the sound of liquid being poured into a glass of ice. Kelly also realized that Mike hadn't poured much liquid, and that’s when she caught a whiff of what it was Mike was pouring, it was some kind of strong liquor.

Now Kelly was really worried, she really didn't want to be around Mike while he was in this mood, especially if he was going to drink, but there was nothing that she could really do at the moment.

She listened to the silence as Mike drank one glass and then poured another. Kelly hoped that Mike had calmed down, he hadn't said anything in about 20 minutes when she heard him put the glass down again on the desk. Then all of a sudden he swung his legs off of her, switched on the pump controlling the pussy dildo and cranked up the speed to about ⅔ its max. 

It had been at about ⅓ to ½ power until now, and the new speed was instantly arousing. Kelly was so distracted by the dildo in her pussy that she didn't hear Mike move and the starting of her gag dildo, also at a higher speed came as a complete shock. It wasn't going too fast for her to handle, but she was not prepared for it.

Suddenly Mike started talking, slurring just a bit. “Well Kelly it was in the drawer, so I am assuming that you want me to use it, and at the moment it is the only one that looks like fun.”

With that she heard a quick movement from Mike, and then a split second later absolute pain filled her world.

There were three items in the drawer that were meant to be used as pain play toys. The riding crop produced a lightning bolt of pain, but it was confined to a very small area and faded quickly. The wooden rod, was thin and flexible and struck a straight line of fire that lingered just enough that a second strike in the same area built upon the fire of the first, working itself into an inferno of pain.

What had struck Kelly square on the ass was the third item, the paddle. It was a wide flat wooden paddle, and it hit like a truck. It covered a large area and when it struck the pain echoed, and worse it didn't fade away. Worse than that, in Mike' current state, he had swung it a bit harder then he needed too, and probably a bit harder then he had meant too.

Kelly tried to scream out in pain, but due to the gag filling her mouth, all that came out was a loud moan, which Mike took as the opposite of what it was supposed to convey.

“Oh you like that do you?” he said as the paddle crashed down on Kelly's ass, drawing out another scream-turned-moan.

“My little kitten pain slut, you just like everything don't you. You make me sick," he said as he crashed the paddle down against her, again and again. 

It was minutes of this as Mike continued to paddle Kelly. He was silent, but Kelly was anything but as each stroke of the paddle produced another screaming moan. Most surprising to Kelly was the fact that in spite of the pain, she was still aroused as Mike continued to beat her. After about 10 minutes of thought Mike seemed to get upset, and Kelly heard the paddle thrown across the room.

Once again she was scared as she heard Mike stomp towards the front of the base and again turn off the pump as he unscrewed the gag dildo. Knowing what was coming next, Kelly was licking Mike's cock as soon as it crossed through the ring.

“Oh so now you are my willing toy huh? Is that how this works” he said meanly as Kelly did everything she could to please him.

“Well we will see who gets the last laugh” he said as he pulled out of her mouth. 

Kelly was confused, Mike hadn't cum, she had basically had just enough time to get his dick moist with her saliva. That’s when she felt something she hadn't expected, Mike was unscrewing her ass plug.

For the first time since this all had started Kelly found herself with nothing in her mouth.

“Ugghghghghgh," was the only noise she was able to make as she felt the plug coming out of her ass.

She heard Mike throw the anal plug across the room and she heard it hit the wall. As it did, scared, Kelly stopped making noise.

“Oh, I'm sorry kitten, did you not want this? Because in your note it said all three of your holes were mine, and this is the one I want” he paused. 

“So SHUT THE FUCK UP” he yelled, “You are here to please me, not the other way around.”

As he said this Mike grabbed her heels, which were in perfect position for him to use to center himself, and roughly thrust himself into her ass. Kelly couldn't help it, and as he thrust into her ass for the first time she let out a long and loud moan from her ring gagged mouth. Mixed with equal parts pain, and to her shame, pleasure. 

Mike thrust repeatedly in and out as Kelly kept moaning.

“What? Do you like that kitten slut? Of course you do, you are such a whore I bet you just love this” Mike shouted as he kept fucking Kelly's ass.

As much as Kelly wanted him to be wrong, the feeling of a dildo in her pussy and Mike in her ass was VERY arousing, and she was very close to cumming. Kelly was trying her best not to though, as she knew that Mike would never EVER let her forget it if she did. It seemed that Mike's pleasure was growing as well, as Kelly heard his breath coming faster and more ragged. It seemed the pleasure was growing and growing and growing, Kelly let out a long pleasurable moan, and moments later Mike did as well.

“Ohhhhhh yeah” Mike sighed out as he came in Kelly's ass. 

“Did you like that Kitten Slut” Mike laughed at her mockingly, “Of course you did.”

Kelly felt Mike pull out of her ass and move back towards the front of the stand. She sensed him bending down next to her, and then heard him walking once again toward the back of the stand. Then she felt the plug being pushed back into her ass.

She knew immediately though that this wasn't the one that had been in there recently, it was bigger. Kelly then realized that Mike must have picked up her gag dildo and used that to plug her ass.

As Kelly was having this moment of clarity she felt Mike unscrewing the plug in her pussy.

Kelly could not figure out why though until Mike walked to the front of the base and stuck the still dripping pussy dildo into her open and waiting mouth before he screwed it all the way into the locking ring.

Kelly only wondered briefly what he was going to do with her pussy opening before she heard the drawer open and close. She had just enough time to brace herself before one of the larger dildos from inside the drawer was roughly shoved into her, thankfully, dripping pussy, the new dildo filled her completely.

With that, Mike started both pumps, at the same higher settings from earlier.

“Enjoy Kitten... I am going to get some sleep” he slurred, still fairly inebriated, “Things are gonna be different from now on...”

With that last sentence, Kelly heard Mike get into bed. She had no idea what he meant, but she knew she did not like it, but she had no time to think about it, as the new dildo in her pussy was fucking her hard and fast, and she was being taken harder and faster then she ever remembered. 

As she came to her first orgasm with the new dildo, Kelly knew it was going to be a long night.

[Time Remaining: 43:12:42]

Kelly awoke the next morning, choking, and it took her a moment to realize that it was Mike's cock that she was choking on. She must have passed out from exhaustion during the night, because she had not even felt Mike stopping the pumps, or removing her gag.

“Come on bitch, get me off before I get angry, ” Kelly heard Mike growl out.

Frantically she tried to control her breathing as she did everything she could with her tongue to please Mike. However not even 2 minutes later, Mike pulled out of her with a growl of frustration.

“Fine have it your way Kitten, you always seem to work better after some “inspiration” anyway,” Mike said, with sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Kelly heard the drawer open, and braced herself for what was coming. As she felt the sting of the riding crop against her ass, she was just thrilled that Mike had not chosen the paddle, but then she felt the fire from the rod against her left sole, and she knew that she was in trouble.

As Mike went alternatively with the rod on her feet, and the crop on her ass, Kelly could not help but scream moans through her ring-gagged mouth. Mike simply laughed and continued, seemingly enjoying the sounds he was forcing her to produce. After about twenty minutes Mike finally spoke again.

“Ok Kitten, lets try this again,” he said, and shoved his rock hard cock into her open and waiting mouth. 

Kelly immediately went about trying to please him, but to her surprise, Mike continued the onslaught with rod and crop. Hoping that it would stop if Mike came, Kelly did her best, moaning in pain as she took Mike as deep as he would push into her. 

When Mike finally came, Kelly was crying once again into the blindfold, not that Mike would ever know. She then felt the gag dildo being screwed back into place, as she heard Mike set up the pumps, and to her surprise, the vibrator as well. 

As he turned on both pumps, and the vibrator, Kelly was once again forced into a high state of arousal, the pain lingering from her ass and feet just driving the fires within her higher. Unlike earlier times though, Mike did not leave her. She heard him sit in his chair, and soon after felt his feet resting on her back as she heard his Xbox turn on, and Mike seemed to be settling into some game.

It did not even take long enough for the game to load though before Kelly found herself moaning long and deep into her gag as the first orgasm took her.

She heard Mike, back to his same self-assured mocking laugh, “I am glad you are enjoying yourself Kitten, I will love to hear the noises you make as I play my game.”

Kelly almost did not even comprehend the words Mike had said, her body was focused entirely on one thing, and one thing only. The high speed, and size of the pussy dildo, mixed with the ministrations of the vibrator, and Kelly was aware of nothing else, she did not even realize immediately that Mike had removed his feet from her and had left the room until he swung them forcefully back on top of her later, and she only had the mildest of notions of when Mike momentarily paused her gag dildo to fill it with the nourishment paste. 

However with the bigger dildo, Kelly did not even taste the paste as it was pushed directly down her throat. It was all she could do to swallow it without choking as the pleasure continued to crash over her wave after wave...

[As the clock continues...]

The days seemed to fly by for Kelly, and she had no idea how many of them had passed, as the pumps only stopped when Mike wanted to use her for his own personal pleasure. The vibrator, well it never stopped.

Kelly found herself in a state of constant arousal and climax.

Whenever Mike was at home, he treated her like the toy that she had asked to become. When he wanted to use her, he did. When he was upset or angry he took it out on her with the rod, the crop or the paddle. When he was bored with her, he would use her as a foot rest as he played Xbox or just watched TV. 

When he went to work she was left with the pumps running at full speed, and the vibrator set on high, and by the time he got home she was always just a mess.

Mike had to admit, he liked having Kitten at his mercy, fulfilling all of his needs and desires. But he was starting to miss having a fiancee, I mean Kitten was great, but he needed more then just a fuck toy...

Part 5: Time Runs Out [Time Remaining: 00:01:00 – Unknown number of days later...]

Pleasure was all Kelly knew. She had lost track of all means of trying to keep track of time. All she knew was the pleasure of the dildos and the vibrator. 

The wave of constant pleasure has her always at the peak and the orgasms were almost constant. Just as she was cresting a particularly powerful climax she heard three beeps... and then the pumps and the vibrator all shut themselves off.

For the first time in what felt like forever, nothing was stimulating her.

Exhausted and with no external stimulus, Kelly passed out.

[ Time Remaining: 00:00:00 – Some time later...]

As Kelly came to, she realized that although still full, the dildos and the vibrator were still turned off. Having finally got a restful amount of sleep, she was alert, and trying to figure out what had happened.

That's when it hit her. The beeps. It was the noise the stand made when the timer ran down to 0.

Kelly couldn't believe it, she had made it. She was so excited. She waggled her feet, as it was the only movement she could make.

It was then she realized that she was all alone. 

She stopped trying to move and focused intently on listening for any noise... she didn't hear anything. Mike must be out of the house.

Well, she thought to herself, she would just have to wait for him to get home.

[Time Remaining: 00:00:00 Some time later...]

Kelly jolted awake as she heard the door slam downstairs. She realized that she must have fallen asleep while waiting for Mike to get home.

She could tell he was definitely home now though as she heard him talking down at the bottom of the stairs. She figured he must be on the phone, and could not wait for him to get upstairs. But as she heard him start walking up the stairs, Kelly heard something she never expected. Another voice. Mike was having a conversation with a real person, and they were walking up the stairs. 

Kelly started freaking out. She did NOT want anyone else to see her like this.

She started listening more intently as Mike and the visitor made it to the top of the stairs. It seemed that Mike was telling a story, but just now was Kelly catching some words.

“... so it was like, Merry Christmas to me, ya know,” she heard Mike say.

Any response from the visitor though was drowned out by a single soft beep the Kelly heard from the base. Hearing the beep Kelly was a little bit confused. But it was what she heard next that was even worse.

“Keyword recognized, Program resetting. Program reset default: Maximum Time.” Said a soft spoken computerized voice.

Kelly sighed with regret. She remembered when she was setting the program that it asked about a reset keyword. Kelly had left it at default, thinking that default meant there wasn't a keyword. She had also left the reset default time to maximum, because it had been the default setting, and the instructions for resetting it were really long. 

Well, the maximum time was 27 hours, Kelly could live with that, right as Kelly was having that thought however she heard the computerized voice again.

“Time now set at 99 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds... beep beep beep.”

Kelly froze, no that wasn't right... but as the 3 beeps sounded the pumps and the vibrator all started up again at full power. So as Mike opened the door to his room, he found Kelly exactly as he had left her.

“See, didn't I tell you, weird right,” she heard Mike say before hearing a laugh from his visitor.

Kelly couldn't believe Mike was showing her to someone, she was crestfallen. But at the same time she thought she had recognized that laugh.

Although the pumps and the vibrator were at full strength, Kelly found that she was not immediately climaxing again. It seemed like all of the rest she had gotten had finally allowed her body to reset itself. 

Kelly held out as long as she could, trying to get more information about this visitor before she was lost again to a never ending stream of arousal and orgasms.

“Hey, why don't you sit down and put your feet up. I can give you a foot rub while we talk. Kelly would never let me, she would always say her feet were too ticklish,” Kelly heard Mike say.

With another laugh she heard the visitor say, “Oh Mike, that sounds wonderful.”

Kelly's mind froze, she knew exactly who Mike had brought up to the room with him. It was Kareya.

Kelly knew her from the movie theater she used to work at, she had no idea how she had met Mike though. The only time Mike had ever even seen her was when Kelly had pointed her out to him one day at COD.

While her mind raced trying to figure everything out, Kelly heard the familiar sound of someone sitting down in Mike's office chair, followed by the feeling of someone putting their feet on her back. However this time there was far less weight on her back, so Kelly could only assume Kareya had sat down in the chair, and was now using Kelly as a footstool.

Kelly did not think she could have felt this low. Not only was she stuck, for basically forever because of a stupid reset program. But now she had to deal with this too.

As she was having that thought she heard Kareya, “Oh Mike, that feels soooooo good. Kelly was an idiot not to let you do that for her.”

Kelly fumed indignantly when she heard that, but it came out only as a moan. Kareya was talking about her as if she wasn't even in the room, despite the fact that the girl’s feet were currently resting on her back.

“She really does like this, doesn't she?” Kelly heard Kareya ask Mike.

“Yep, my little kitten pain slut.” he laughed that obnoxious laugh when he answered.

Kareya's voice took a note of curiosity, “Pain slut?”

“Oh sure,” Mike responded, “you see that rod on the bed... go ahead and smack her feet and ass with it, and she will be cumming and moaning in no time.”

Before Kelly even had a moment to be upset, she heard Kareya gleefully say, “Ok!”

Still faster than Kelly could imagine the rod was striking her square on the ass. As she moaned out in pain, the pleasure that she had been trying to hold back so she could figure out exactly what was going on broke through.

Kelly found herself moaning and writhing to a wonderful orgasm of pleasure mixed with the pain of the rod, which Kareya had been flogging her ass and feet with in rapid succession. 

Kelly couldn't believe it, this girl was having Mike massage her feet, as she used Kelly as a foot rest, and now was torturing Kelly with the rod. Kelly was so upset, at absolutely everything that was going on right now... but the pleasure, after the first orgasm was just too much. As Kareya kept up her torment, Kelly just kept moaning and thrashing, and was soon lost again to the constant arousal and pleasure...

[Time Remaining: 86:23:47:23 – Days Later...]

Kelly had no idea how long it had been, as she had been thrown back into the realm of constant arousal and climax. 

She was still aware of being used by Mike, but it seemed less and less, although her being used as a foot rest, both for Mike and Kareya seemed to be happening more and more.

Kelly only really was able to tell the difference between the two because whenever the lighter feet were on her back, she seemed to be in store for pain, more often then when the heavier feet were on her back.

On this day however, after a particularly heavy orgasm, she felt the pumps being turned off, first her gag dildo, and then her pussy dildo. Following that the vibrator was turned off as well. Without the constant stimulation gone, Kelly's mind came back, and she was able to take stock of her surroundings.

The first thing she heard was Kareya's voice, “So Kelly, or should I call you Kitten, how are you enjoying your new status, as Toy.”

Knowing she couldn't answer, Kelly did not even try, but she did take note that Kareya WAS using her as a foot rest while talking to her. 

“I asked you a question, kitten!” Kareya said in a stern voice, accompanied by using the riding crop to strike Kelly right in the middle of her left sole. 

Kelly squealed in pain. Without the pleasure to counteract it, the pain of the crop was unbearable.

Kareya continued, “That's better... Now, how are you enjoying your new status as Toy?”

“Uggghhh” Kelly moaned out, not knowing how else to respond.

Kareya giggled before responding, “Well it is good to know that you are enjoying yourself. I just had to make sure before Mike went through with his new plan.”

Now Kelly was very confused, and a little frightened, what was Kareya talking about. Luckily she wasn't going to have to wait long to find out.

“You see, he can't keep you, for one,” Kareya paused for effect, “because he has me now, and for a second he has to get rid of you before his parents get back from their trip, it's lucky that they have already extended it for a week. He also knows that you love your new place in life, so he has been brainstorming ways to make everyone happy. Personally I think that his plan is perfect. So, I just wanted to say goodbye for the both of us.” She paused once more, “and I wanted to play with you myself just one more time.”

With that Kelly felt the feet swing off her back, and she heard Kareya bending down next to her. She felt both the dildos, along with the vibrator all turn on again, and all of them were at their highest setting. 

Kelly could not help the way her body was reacting, and with all of the stimulation she almost missed Kareya sitting back down and putting her feet back on her back.

However there was no missing the sting of the crop that Kareya was using on her feet and ass. Swinging hard and fast the pain was more than Kelly had felt so far, but all she could do was moan and scream into her gag dildo as it hammered deep and fast into her mouth. 

After about an hour of the worst abuse Kelly had yet faced, and about fifteen mind-shattering orgasms. Kelly finally felt Kareya remove her feet from her back and the crop stopped striking her as well. However, with both dildos still pounding into her her arousal was still skyrocketing. 

As she was lost to another orgasm, she heard Kareya moving about the room. 

First she heard her digging through Mike's closet, and then she heard the drawer on her base open as it sounded like Kareya was putting things into the drawer. 

It wasn't until she heard the drawer close and felt Kareya start to push her stand that she began to realize what was going on: Kareya was putting her back into the box!?

Kelly tried to struggle as hard as she could, but no matter what she did, she could not move an inch, and all of her efforts simply drove her to yet another exhausting orgasm. 

Apparently having sensed Kelly's struggle, Kareya spoke up again, “Oh, don't worry Kelly, everything is going to be just fine.”

As she finished speaking she actually patted Kelly on the head before bending down and turning off all of the devices. Kelly would have been outraged by the sheer condescension if she wasn't surprised at the abrupt halt of all of the stimulation.

“Now, just a few more modifications, and we can have you all ready for Mike to take you downstairs when he gets home.” Kareya said as Kelly heard the drawer open once again.

Kelly then felt the ass dildo being unscrewed and taken out of her ass.

She then heard Kareya shift to the front of the stand and remove her gag dildo as well.

For a moment Kelly's mind rebelled at the ideas that ran rampant across her imagination, but luckily her imagination was wrong, and the ass dildo did not go into her mouth, instead her gag dildo went into her ass. 

Kelly had never had anything that big in her ass before, and the sheer size forced her to moan as Kareya slid it home.

“Oh, that’s a good girl, you like that, don't you?” Kareya cooed at her as she patted her ass.

Kelly's grunt of indignation was met only with a giggle from Kareya and another pat on the ass.

“Ok, what is next?” Kareya asked herself as she removed the pussy dildo from Kelly.

Kelly had a good feeling she knew where it was going, and soon enough it was being pushed through her mouth ring and locked into place. 

If she thought that her ass felt full, she now knew it could be worse. She almost felt like she was choking on this new bigger dildo, and it wasn't even turned on yet. All of her time deep throating the dildos was the only thing that was going to stop her from choking to death, she thought to herself. 

It was then that she heard another item being pulled from the drawer, and before she had a moment to think about it, she felt the largest dildo being shoved quickly and firmly into her still dripping pussy.

Once again, the size of the dildo forcing a moan, this one stifled by the gag dildo however, and once again Kareya giggled. 

“Yes, it is quite large isn't it? I know you will enjoy it!” she said as she ran her hand from the top of Kelly's ass, all the way up her spine, before scratching the top of her head around the straps for the head harness. As much as Kelly wanted to be upset, the scratching of her head did feel REALLY good. However it ended as soon as it started. 

“Alright, let's get these turned on, and get this box all closed up.” Kelly heard Keraya say.

All of a sudden she felt the gag dildo start up, however it was at a ridiculously slow pace to what she had been experiencing. Forcing itself deep into her mouth, before slowly withdrawing, and then inexorably forcing itself again deep in her throat.

As she was concentrating on her breathing with the new predicament, she heard Kareya messing with the plunger at the back of the stand. 

“We want to make sure that you are ready and willing when you arrive at your new home, kitten.” Kelly heard her say. She could swear that, even though she couldn't see it, that Kareya had an evil smile on her face when she said that. However, evil smile or no, Kareya was still manipulating things on the base. 

The next thing Kelly felt was the vibrator that was resting against her clit was turned on again. However it was now at the lowest possible setting. To be fair, Kelly was all right with this, maybe if the pussy dildo was slowed down as well she wouldn't be cumming over and over again. 

As she heard the switch thrown for the pussy dildo though, Kelly got a surprise. It was the ass dildo that began plunging its way in and out of her. 

Kelly heard Kareya laugh, “I bet you weren’t expecting that, were you?”

Kelly was speechless, not that she could speak anyway. She was in so much shock that Kareya had the sides of the box up and in place before she realized what was going on.

“Ok Kelly, well I would like to thank you” Kareya said, “If you hadn't of done this to yourself, I never would have been able to steal Mike from you.”

Hearing this, Kelly tried everything she could to do anything, but only succeeded in drawing another giggle out of Kareya.

“Don't worry, I will take good care of him, you just enjoy your new life,” Kareya said.

With that Kelly felt Kareya fill her ears with the ear plugs that were still hanging on the inside of the box.

Thrown into deafness, Kelly didn't know what to do. All that she knew was that was the gag dildo taking up most of her attention, and the ass dildo, although not feeling bad, not giving her the arousal she needed, the vibrator was going to be just enough to drive her mad with need by the time she got to wherever it was that she was going.

It was later, Kelly had no way of knowing how long that she felt the box picked up and moved. She tried making as much noise as she could, but knew that it would never be enough for anyone outside of the box to hear her. The box was moved twice again before she felt the familiar vibration of the truck engine that clued her in that she was on a truck, but where she was going, she had no idea. 

Part 6: New Beginnings [Time Remaining: 84:19:32:12 – Days Later...]

Kelly was burning up. Not with the heat, but with desire. The ministrations of all of the devices would have had her panting like a dog in heat had her mouth not been occupied.

It seemed like forever that she had been in this box, and to make things worse, she was getting REALLY hungry. She knew that even the nutrient paste would taste great at this point. 

Kelly couldn't tell for sure, but she thought that she had been transferred more than three times onto different modes of transportation, even, she thought, onto a plane at one point. 

However as the current truck that she was on stopped, and the engine was turned off, she felt herself being lifted, and then she felt the feeling of a dolly tilting her sideways. They hadn't used dollies at what she assumed had to be the warehouse, so she was fairly certain that she was at her final destination. 

Kelly felt the dolly tip down level, for a few moments as it stopped moving, and then she felt herself being tipped again, as she felt the bump of going over a door frame. She was pushed a few more feet, then tipped level again as she felt the dolly being pulled out from underneath her. 

Then she felt nothing, her box was once again just sitting. 

Kelly had realized almost as soon as Kareya had put the ear plugs in her ears, that Jim had done her a favor all that time back. She knew now that being able to hear what was going on around her, even muffled by the box, was much preferred to the torture she was facing now.

Afraid that she was once again in a warehouse, Kelly steeled herself for another long night, and it was at that moment that the sides of the box fell away, and she heard a very familiar voice.

“Well, hello Kelly,” Jim said. Hearing Jim's voice filled Kelly with hope. Jim would get her out of this. Kelly was so happy that she started wiggling her feet in glee.

When Jim noticed this Kelly heard him laugh, “Well I guess you are happy to see me.”

Waggling her feet even more frantically, she heard Jim laugh again.

This was all finally over she thought to herself, Jim would let her out, and then, to show her appreciation, she would ride him like he had never been ridden before. 

Even as Kelly was thinking this, she heard Jim speak again, “Hey look, a letter.”

Kelly heard Jim step forward and she felt him lift something from her back. She realized that the last stroke up her back Kareya gave her must not have been her trying to be comforting, but her taping the letter to her back. 

Well it didn't matter now, Kelly was just minutes away from being free. She was still so excited that she almost missed Jim start reading the letter out loud.

“Hey Jim, it's Mike, I hope the package got to you ok. There is a 2nd letter in this envelope which is written to you from Kelly, I have read it, and I have left some comments of my own at the end of it as well. I hope you are enjoying the new job you got in California, and I hope that the next time we see each other you will have some great stories for me. Anyway, I hope things will work out for you and Kelly, everything will be explained in the letter, and in my notes after, Yours, Mike.”

Kelly didn't know what to do, she was frozen in fear. She had never written a letter to Jim, and what did Mike mean that he hopes things work out between her and Jim. With mounting dread she heard Jim start to read again.

“Jim, I am so sorry for tricking you, but I wanted everything to be perfect, and a surprise when I arrived here for you. But before I go any further could you please fill my gag dildo, it will have been a long trip, and I will be starving.”

Kelly heard Jim stop reading. Quickly she heard him move to the base, open the drawer and pull something out. He quickly unscrewed her gag dildo.

As soon as he did Kelly started grunting through the ring gag.

“Don't worry,” she heard Jim say, “I saw Mike's note that you like the cherry the best, it is the one I grabbed from the drawer.”

Kelly, once again shocked into silence, stopped making noise, and by the time she returned to her senses Jim had already had the gag dildo locked back into the ring gag and the pump turned back on.

As Kelly heard Jim continue reading the letter she was at least partly thrilled that she was getting something to eat, finally, however with this new longer dildo it was all going straight down her throat. She almost cried that she wouldn't even be able to taste a little bit of it.

“Now that I am being fed, let me get down to the real cause of all of this. I love you, Jim. I always liked you, I liked hanging out with you when you, me, and Mike would all go out and do things, and I always silently envied all of the girls that you went out with. It wasn't until things between me and Mike started getting stale though, that I realized just how much I wanted you.”

Jim paused there for a moment, and Kelly was stuck thinking about just how screwed she might be here. Mike had constructed a letter that, at least to this point, sounded very plausible. Kelly didn't have much time to ponder this though as Jim again started reading the letter.

“We both know that I have a huge kinky side, and yours is a known fact as well. After a while, well Mike was just too vanilla for me. That plus the fact that people were right, he didn't always treat me great in public, which I know I said I didn't mind, but deep down I always kind of resented him for. So I came up with this plan, which was basically an ultimatum for Mike. I had you get me all dolled up, and had you send me to Mike, in the letter that accompanied me was Mike's last chance to make things work. I told him how I felt, and I told him that this is what I wanted our relationship to be like.”

Kelly's fear was starting to rise, this letter that Jim was reading was making far too much sense, and Jim had no way of knowing, without letting her out, that it wasn't really from her. As this was going through her mind, Jim kept reading.

“Well you know what happened, he called you before he even opened the box, thank you by the way for getting him to open it. When he did open it, well lets just say that I was definitely NOT what he had in mind. However, I didn't want him to let on that he didn't like the gift because I still wanted to be able to surprise you. I don't want you to think this is just some joke either. I went to a lot of lengths to get here to you like this. I quit my job, sold my car, told my parents that I got a job out of state and was moving, sold almost all of my possessions, a check for the majority of the amount should be in the envelope of course with some being taken out for shipping costs and the piece I gave Mike for helping me pull this off.”

Kelly was stunned. Her mind was barely comprehending at this point what was going on. Her only thought was, Mike couldn't have planned this alone, she could almost smell Kareya's hand in this. Even as she was thinking this through, Jim just kept reading.

“That money is for you, I know some of it will go into purchasing nutrient paste for me, but the rest of it is all yours, no matter what happens. Hopefully knowing that, you might start to understand how serious I am in all of this.”

Kelly was so lost that she almost missed all of the next part of what Jim was reading.

“There are some things that are definitely different from when you helped me into this get up the first time. The first being, that unlike when you were sending me to Mike, I am now filled with all of the larger dildos. I would have used them with Mike, but I didn't want to quite freak him out that much. But I knew that you would understand.”

Hearing that Kelly realized that this letter was going farther than just giving her as an offering, it was giving plausible reasons for absolutely everything. She was now hanging on Jim's every word just trying to figure out how screwed she was.

“You will also notice that the ass dildo has been super-glued into the locking ring. I love the feeling it gives me while it is in there, it is why I had them ship me with that dildo pumping instead of the one in my pussy.”

Kelly could have killed Kareya with her bare hands. After hearing that she knew that this was Kareya's doing, she was the one who had made the final arrangements to her outfit. Kelly wondered if Mike even knew about this letter. Kelly was so filled with rage she had to force herself to keep listening to Jim's reading of the letter.

“You will notice that the smaller dildos were not even put back in the drawer, however no worries, their removal freed up space for some other fun toys.”

Kelly cringed inwardly, she was almost afraid to find out what those “fun toys” might be. She didn't have to wait long as Jim kept reading the letter.

“The first is a tongue extender, everyone knows that you love feet, but what fewer people know is that you like it most when people worship your feet. With the tongue extender, which yes works even with me ring-gagged, it will force my tongue up and out of my mouth, which will allow me to lick your toes and your soles while still in this outfit.”

Kelly sighed inwardly as she heard Jim bend down and check the drawer. 

She did know that about Jim, she had found out about it from Corrine, and had asked Jim about it. When she had asked him about it, he confirmed it, but had asked her to not tell anyone about it, not even Mike. Kelly hadn't been able to stop herself from sharing that with Mike though, and now that betrayal of Jim's trust was coming back to haunt her. This would be another reason Jim would think this note was actually from her. She brought herself out of her own thoughts when she heard Jim start reading again.

“The second new item is an adapter for the sleeves that are connected to the base. It will allow you to take me off of the base, but leave my arms and legs still held tight by the sleeves. This way I will be able to move around on my elbows and knees. You don't have to use it if you would rather, leave me hanging, but it just gives you another option.”

Kelly was confused, and excited hearing about that one, she had been hanging so long that she had almost forgotten what the ground felt like, and a chance to lay down. She was just dying for a chance to lay down, she had been almost since the 2nd night that she had been with Mike. She was drawn back to the present as Jim kept reading.

“I am sure that you will come up with extra toys as well that can compliment the others that you know are already in there. Now as far as what I am looking for, I know that you might not feel the same way about me that I feel about you, but I know that if I give you permission, you would still use me in ways Mike never would. Have me worship your feet, fuck me, have me suck you dry, bring your friends over and have them use me as well. Also feel free to use the earplugs, I love the feeling of having zero way of knowing what is coming next. I make a great foot rest for when you don't really feel like playing with me, and I am a great way to relieve stress and anger after a hard long day.”

Kelly was once again thrown into a world of fear. Jim really would use her too. He was a Dom, if she said she wanted him to use her, he would. He probably wouldn't think any of this was weird either, the letter was just doing too good of a job making it sound like this is exactly what she wanted. Once again Kelly forced herself to listen to Jim reading.

“Mike and I found a way, without the controller that you have, to set the time as high as possible, it should be somewhere just above 80 days if everything went according to plan. That is how long I would like to remain like this as your play thing. Well that is not true, I would like to stay like this forever, but I would like to stay like this for a minimum of 80 days while you decide if you want to keep me or not.”

Kelly found herself again unable to fathom what was going on. 80 days like this, and then maybe forever? It was just on autopilot that she went back to listening to Jim reading. 

“Now, I am not trying to say that I want you to fall in love with me, although I would be overjoyed if you did. I just want you to use me and care for me. I don't care if you have a girlfriend, I will serve her as well, just let me be near you and with you. I just know that deep down, this is what I want in life, to be your toy. To feel like I belong, even if I only belong as an object, not as a real person.”

Now Kelly knew without a doubt that she was screwed. She had talked to Jim multiple times about not feeling like she belonged, it was exactly the kind of thing that she would say. Deep down, Kelly was starting to make peace with the fact that she was not going to be getting out of this outfit anytime soon. Even as she was lamenting her position, she heard Jim keep reading.

“Please Jim, at least for the 80 days, if after then you no longer want me, you can get rid of me. But please, leave me in the suit.”

WHAT?! Kelly screamed mentally.

Jim kept reading, “If you do not want me, then I know this suit is where I want to remain. If you no longer want me after the 80 days, I want you to use the super-glue that is in the drawer and super glue all of the locks closed. If you no longer want to use me after 80 days, I understand, give me to a friend, or a fetish club. I am sure that there are people you can find who would love to use me as I am, and if I can't be with you, this is how I want to face the world. 

Kelly started crying at this point. She now knew that she might spend all eternity in this suit, and in the end it was all her fault, as her tears absorbed into the padded blindfold, Jim unknowing, kept reading.

“So there it is, that is my request of you. I look forward to all of the fun and pleasure that we will have together. PS I had Mike turn the vibrator on very low, so if everything went to plan I should be EXTRA EXTRA horny, please don't leave me wanting for long, or do and we can see just how long I can go without it.”

Kelly heard Jim pause and flip pages, before he started reading again.

“So Jim, I know I couldn't give Kelly everything that she wanted, and I really hope that you can. I left some extra notes in there for you, but by this point you know all you probably need to know. Call me to let me know that she got there safe, won't you? Mike.”

As Jim finished Kelly waited, to see what he would say. But instead of saying anything all of a sudden he stepped up to the base, and began mercilessly tickling her feet.

Kelly attempted to thrash to get away from Jim, but she was too tightly bound to move more than a few centimeters, and her laughter could be heard even past the large dildo that was still threatening to choke her.

It seemed like forever that Jim tickled her, but eventually he slowed and then stopped all together.

“Well that was fun” he said as she heard him sit down next to the base, “ I love tickling people, and I just know how ticklish you are,” he said as his fingers briefly caused her to spasm as they quickly tickled the middle of her sole.

He stopped almost as soon as he started though, almost sooner than she could even register it happened, and then she felt the vibrator pick up its pace.

It felt so good, after those days and nights of constant arousal and climax, she was desperate. Kelly moaned and groaned as the vibrator drove her closer and closer and closer...

“Not yet!” Was all Jim said as he abruptly turned it back down to its abysmally low setting that just continued to taunt Kelly. 

She was breathing hard now, both from the tickle attack and from having been so close, and denied, she wanted it more then she had ever wanted to cum before in her life. 

Suddenly without warning Kelly felt the vibrator kick into the higher setting again. She moaned in pleasure as once again she came closer to the climax that she so desired...

'No no, not yet” Kelly heard Jim say again as once again once before she could climax he turned the vibrator back down, to a setting Kelly could only guess was named torture. All Kelly's thoughts and laments from a moment ago were lost now, in the haze of her sudden NEED to orgasm

Three more times Jim brought her right to the edge, and three more times he backed it off right before she could cum. It was driving Kelly crazy. 

“Ok Kelly, lets try out this new toy Mike said he added to your drawer,” Jim said as Kelly heard him open the drawer on the base.

She felt Jim remove the gag dildo, and then she felt something pushed into her mouth and forced under her tongue. She felt Jim pull the straps tight behind her head, and when he did, the object under her tongue pushed it up and forward. To Kelly's surprise it pushed it right out through the ring gag. Kelly didn't even think her tongue was that long.

“Ok Kelly, lets see how well that tongue of yours can lick my toes. If you do a good job, I will let you lick my soles too, and if you do a good job on them, then maybe I will let you cum” Jim said as Kelly felt him turning the base to face a different direction.

Kelly heard Jim sit down, and a moment later she felt him press his big toe against her tongue.

Kelly didn't do anything. 

She quickly thought to herself, that maybe if she didn't cooperate that Jim would just let her go. It wasn't the worst option right now. She tried to run through all of the pros and cons as fast as she could.

Jim must have wanted her to act faster because as she was thinking she felt his toe move off of her tongue, and then she heard him stand.

“Well, maybe I just need to give you a little more incentive, Kelly” Jim said.

As he did Kelly felt the vibrator once again hum louder as the higher setting was reached.

Five more times Jim led her to the edge, and five more times he denied her. 

At this point, Kelly wanted it, she was almost willing to do whatever it took to get it, but a few things stopped her.

First, she really did think that Jim might let her go if she was uncooperative.

Second, she really did NOT want to lick and worship Jim's feet.

And third, she knew that if she gave in now, she would never have it in her to try to be uncooperative again. 

Once again she heard Jim move back to the chair, and once again she felt his big toe press lightly on her tongue.

“Okay Kelly, new rules, you will have to lick my toes, worship my soles and then maybe I will think about giving you an orgasm tomorrow” Jim said.

Even in her state of quasi-rebellion that made Kelly stop and take notice. What if her plan of uncooperative silence didn't work? She didn't want to get herself in trouble on day one.

As these thoughts were passing through her head she once again felt Jim's toe move and she heard him get up and sit down next to the base again.

She knew what was coming next, and on cue the vibrator got turned up again, and again her desire, need, want, arousal grew and grew and grew. 

Again Jim brought her to the edge and back five times, but after the fifth he turned the vibrator up again as he started speaking.

“Look, Kelly, I know that you have never licked anyone's feet before, I know that you told me that you were not a huge fan of feet in the first place, but you knew that I was going to ask you to do this if you gave yourself to me.”

As he was speaking Kelly was getting closer and closer to the orgasm that she had so long been denied. However despite being in the middle of a monologue Jim's timing was still perfect, and he left Kelly right on the edge as he continued.

“So I am going to give you one more chance here to change your mind. Because if you aren't going to lick and worship my feet, then I will not need 80 days to decide if I want to keep you or not.”

All of a sudden Kelly's mind was razor sharp and paying attention. Did Jim mean that he would super-glue her in and give her away immediately?

She got the answer right away, as if Jim was reading her mind, “I know a couple who live out on a ranch who would just love to have someone like you around to fulfill their needs and desires at all times. Neither one of them will ever fuck you in the pussy, but the good thing for you is, neither of those guys has a foot fetish.”

As Jim was speaking, he again turned up the vibrator. Kelly tried to concentrate, knowing that no matter how much she wanted it, Jim was not going to give her the orgasm she desired.

Jim was literally talking about handing her over to a gay couple, where she would most likely spend the rest of her life as a blow job toy for two guys who literally would not care at all about her.

Then and there, as once again the vibrator died down to its lowest setting, Kelly decided that rebellion wasn't going to work, and that she would do her best to be the best toy Jim could ever dream of owning, because that was a much better option then the others she had in her possible future. If her choices were a life with Jim, or a life of sucking off gay dudes who would see her as nothing but a toy, she would pick Jim one hundred times over.

She heard Jim stand and move back to the chair, she heard him put his feet up again, but before he pressed his big toe once again to her tongue, he stopped.

“Ok Kelly, last chance, I know you might not like it, but the sooner you get used to it, the better it will be for you. So here we go, you get to lick my toes, worship my soles, and if you do a good job, I will keep you until the timer runs out and we will see if this arrangement can work, and sometime in the near future if you keep being good, you can have that orgasm that you want” Jim said.

As soon as Kelly felt Jim's big toe brush against her tongue she felt like she almost lunged forward trying to lick it as best as possible. 

Jim, it seemed, was content just to lean back and enjoy his new toy.

Kelly didn't really know what all Jim would want, but he definitely did, as whenever he seemed to think that she had done an adequate job he would line another toe up on her tongue.

Kelly had to admit that for a guy, Jim's feet barely smelled at all, and he seemed to keep his nails trimmed as well.

As Kelly was finishing up the last toe, she was curious as to how she was going to be able to lick Jim's soles, as she couldn't move her head at all.

However as soon as she was finished with the last toe, Jim simply placed his feet, heel first, on her tongue, and then dragged it down across her tongue. Kelly's tongue would go all the way across his sole back up to his toes, and then Jim would repeat the process.

Kelly was glad that she really didn't have to do anything during this part, as he tongue was tired from trying to impress Jim while licking his toes. 

After Jim finished using Kelly's tongue on both of his soles, Kelly heard Jim move his feet away from her, “Good girl Kelly, I am glad to see you got over your fear of feet, maybe this will work after all. I guess I will have a while to figure out if I want to keep you or not, but you definitely are on the right track if you want to stay.”

After saying that Kelly heard Jim stand and walk out of the room.

Kelly didn't know why, but she was beaming. She had made Jim happy, and he had complimented her for it. That was so much nicer then the way Mike had treated her, even at the beginning. 

Kelly realized that she might actually like being Jim's “good girl," isn't this exactly what she wanted from Mike?

She also realized that Jim had left the tongue extender in her mouth, she was glad that she wasn't choking on that monster dildo anymore. She also knew, with her tongue in that position, that it wouldn't be long before Jim came back to continue to break in his new toy.


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