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Merry Christmas From Everyone

by Davion

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Part 2: Arriving Early, Leaving Late.

As Kelly had heard the two men talking about, they did have two more pickups, which meant that there were two more sets of people on Christmas Eve trying to get their packages delivered on time, or early.

Since Jim had left her ear plugs out Kelly was able to hear each and every one of them exchange Merry Christmases with each other. Without anything else to do, except enjoy the continued ministrations of the pussy dildo, she was able to count each and every one of them. Thirteen more, thirteen more Merry Christmases from people trying to coerce these guys into delivering packages early. Even without Jim being a jerk, he was right this was a fatal flaw in her plan.

True to their word she felt the truck pull up to a stop after the second pickup. She heard the door of the truck roll up, and then felt herself being lifted again onto the dolly.

At least Jim had done that for her, getting her to Mike’s early meant that she didn’t have to worry about spending the night in a warehouse. She really hadn’t been looking forward to that.

As she was rolled to a stop, she assumed at the door, she heard one of the men knock.

A moment later she heard the door open.

“Merry Christmas ma’am, we have a delivery here for a ... Michael Bill” the first man said.

Kelly was confused, ma’am, who had answered the door. Was she at the right house? She started panicking. She upset herself so much, and the dildo pulsing in her pussy had her so close that she came right there on the doorstep in between three people.

Luckily for Kelly, any sounds that escaped the box were covered by a yell.

“Mike... get down here you have a package” Mike’s mother yelled up the stairs, “Merry Christmas guys, busy day?” she asked the delivery guys.

“Just the holidays ma’am” replied the first man.

Kelly was thrilled at hearing Mike’s mom’s voice, although she was horrified that she was at home, she was supposed to be gone with Mike’s dad to Florida for the holidays.

“What’s up mom? Whoa that a big box!” she heard Mike say.

“Yes it is, where do you want these men to put it?” she asked.

“Can you guys get it up the stairs into my room” she heard Mike ask.

“Sure thing guy, just get us a hand through the door” said the second man.

She felt the box get lifted, and then she felt the box being carried up the stairs. A moment later she felt herself getting put down, presumably in Mike’s room.

“Thanks guys! Merry Christmas!” she heard Mike say.

“Merry Christmas” they both echoed back one at a time as they went back down the stairs.

She heard Mike walking around the box in a circle. She just hoped he would shut the door before he opened it.

Suddenly she heard a tap, on the door, “What’s in the box” she heard his dad ask.

Kelly decided that if the box got opened right now, that she would simply die of shame.

“Can’t tell you dad, the letter on the outside that came with it says ‘DO NOT OPEN TIL CHRISTMAS’ Mike said.

Kelly was shocked. She hadn’t written that on the card. It must have been Jim.

Before she had time to comprehend that, Mike’s dad started again.

“Ok, well me and your mom are off for the airport, Merry Christmas Mike, no trouble while we are gone”

Kelly heard Mike laugh, “Merry Christmas Dad... Merry Christmas mom” he yelled down the stairs.

“Yeah, yeah” his mom yelled back, “we are late honey, let’s go!”

Kelly heard Mike’s dad laugh as he walked out the door and she heard him walk down the stairs. She heard the door close, and then it was just her and Mike.

Kelly wished with all of her might that Mike would open the box early, despite what it said on the letter. She heard him walk back into the room, and she could hear him circling the box, running his hand along the top and the sides. At one point he even gave it a hard shake, which sent Kelly’s nipple bells jingling. Mike seemed to stop when he heard that, almost confused.

But before anything else could happen, Kelly heard Mike’s phone ring.

“Hey dude” he answered, “Yeah, they finally left, come on over”

Kelly had no idea who he had been talking to, but now she was back in panic mode. She definitely did NOT want Mike to open the box if someone else was coming over.

Luckily, after hanging up, Mike left the room. She could hear him walking downstairs.

Kelly breathed a sigh of relief, which turned into a moan against her will. The up and down of emotions, and the constant attention of the dildo in her pussy was bringing her closer to yet another mind shattering orgasm. Trying to hold out as long as she could, but knowing that it was just a matter of time, Kelly’s body finally succumbed to the absolute bliss that was yet another orgasm.

It was probably a good thing that she was as well confined as she was in the stand, she thought as she calmed down. Otherwise her thrashing probably would have knocked the box open. In fact, Kelly had to admit, it was weird, and yet so good, to orgasm in a position where any movement at all is not a possibility.

As she was thinking on that, and trying to calm down her libido, which thanks to another orgasm and her once again heightened sensitivity, was becoming a problem. She heard a knock on the door at the bottom of the stairs. She heard Mike walk down the hall and open the door.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS MIKE!” she heard Jim shout from the door.

Kelly was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Knowing that it was Jim at the door meant that she probably wouldn’t have to worry about Mike opening the box until he left. She was so happy that it was Jim, that she didn’t even care that Mike shouted the Christmas greeting back at his friend, triggering the clock to add more time, yet again.

The next thing she heard was the two of them coming up the steps.

Kelly’s mind went into panic mode again. Maybe Jim would convince Mike to open the box, it would be terrible if Jim was here when the box got opened up. What if one of them heard her climax? What if... ... Kelly’s mind kept coming up with more and more drastic scenarios, but as Mike and Jim entered the home, she heard the ‘ping’ of Mike’s Xbox turning on, and moments later she heard gunfire and explosions coming from Mike’s surround sound.

With all of the noise in the background, she couldn’t really hear what the two of them were talking about, but she could hear Jim shout out every time he killed Mike.

“Special Delivery, Merry Christmas”

Silently Kelly prayed that Mike would do well in the game and not die so often, but as Jim continued his killing streak she succumbed to the fact that there would be a few more hours on her clock.

The nice thing about Mike turning up his surround sound, was that when Kelly was forced by the dildo in her pussy to yet another climax, there was no way either one of them could have heard her.

After a few hours of shooting each other in the virtual world she heard the game be turned off and both Jim and Mike talking about how it was getting late.

The next thing she knew, they were both standing up, and then they walked out of the room and downstairs.

Mike came back upstairs after seeing Jim out of the door. He had talked about opening the gift at midnight, while he and Jim were standing at the door, and although Jim had talked him out of it, Kelly was hoping that he would come upstairs and just open it up. She didn’t think she could make it through the night without having another orgasm, and if she woke Mike up, even with just the little noise she was able to make, she knew she would never live it down.

Hearing Mike walk into the room she was hopeful, but she heard him walk right past the box and over to his desk. A moment later she heard him dialing the phone.

“Come on Kelly, pick up...” she heard him say as he paced back and forth.

Kelly was thrilled that he was calling her, even if she couldn’t answer. Everyone likes to know that their friends and fiancées are thinking about them. Kelly could tell that Mike had got her voicemail because she heard the phone flip closed and heard it hit the bed as he must have tossed it over there.

“Well” said Mike, “I guess I will just have to go from memory tonight”

Kelly was very confused by that statement. She strained to hear more, but all she heard was Mike grabbing a few tissues, and then the beep of his remote control turning off the lights.

Kelly was now very nervous. She had hoped that the climax that had consumed her while Jim was here would have satisfied her for the night. But knowing that she was alone with Mike, all trussed up, stuck in this box and unable to do anything about it was just too much. She knew that at some point that she wouldn’t be able to control it, and she just hoped it wasn’t enough to wake Mike.

That however is when she heard Mike’s breathing pick up, and she realized that the tissues weren’t for wiping his nose.

Kelly was beside herself. She knew that Mike masturbated, everyone did, but it wasn’t something that she wanted to hear, especially not when the box she was in was sitting right next to his bed. The thing was, as Mike’s breathing got heavier, Kelly realized that her breathing was getting heavier as well.

She hated herself so much right now. She was in such a state of arousal, that the sound of her fiancée getting himself off was getting her off. The thing was, her hatred of the situation was just making it hotter for her. As Mike’s breathing got more and more ragged, Kelly’s was getting faster and faster as well, and as Mike grunted his way to sexual pleasure Kelly too climaxed. Once again she had the weird feeling of thrashing around, and yet moving nowhere. As she came down from the sexual high, she listened to hear if Mike had been alerted to her, but luckily for her, Mike was so lost in his own pleasure that he had not heard her.

“Ah... much better,” he said. Kelly heard him roll over, and soon she was listening to him snore.

Despite the fact that it had caused her to have her own orgasm, Kelly was disgusted by what had just occurred. She wanted to think to herself that Mike didn’t do that on a regular basis before going to bed. AS she was thinking about that, she recalled what he had said, ‘I guess I will just have to go from memory tonight’. Is that why he called her every night before he went to bed?!?

Kelly was thoroughly disheartened by this discovery. Here she thought that Mike called every night to be romantic and gentlemanly, but it turns out he just needed to hear her voice so he could get off before going to sleep.

Momentarily disgusted by her fiancée, Kelly’s libido finally calmed down, and she was able to drift off to sleep. Her last thought before dreams took her, was that everything would change tomorrow when Mike opened his gift.

Part 3: Christmas Morning

Kelly woke up, what she assumed was the next day, when Mike went to roll out of bed, and accidentally kicked the box. He hadn’t seemed to have hurt himself though as she heard him, as she groggily came out of sleep herself, walk into the bathroom.

The next thing she heard was the very loud noise of Mike’s morning pee. He hadn’t shut the door when he had gone into the bathroom, and with the house quiet, besides the noise of liquid falling into other liquid, she had nothing to block out the sound.

She justified to herself that it was only because he thought he was alone that he was acting like such a pig. But as she heard the toilet flush, she heard Mike walk back into the room, but she had never heard the sink turn on, he hadn’t washed his hands either. Kelly had always thought that she wanted to know everything about Mike, but she was now realizing that there were things best left unknown.

As Mike walked back into the room she heard him cut a wet fart as he walked past the box, and then sigh contentedly. Her stomach was rolling, there was no way that he was really this much of a pig when she wasn’t around.

As she heard him finish crossing the room she heard the squeak of his desk chair, and then heard him typing on his computer. He stayed at his computer, typing and laughing for what seemed like hours to Kelly. Here it was Christmas Day, and he had not even opened this huge present that was sitting right in his room.

After what seemed like three eternities, but was really only an hour in real time, Kelly heard the chair squeak again as Mike stood up. She heard him grunt as he stretched and she heard him walk up to the box. The next thing she heard was the rustling of the bow as Mike picked up the letter, and then the tearing of paper as he opened the envelope. Much to Kelly’s delight and horror he started reading the letter out loud.

Delight because she was able to hear his reactions to what she had written in real time. Horror because, she realized, as he was reading, hearing him read the words was REALLY turning her on.

“Dear Mike, Merry Christmas. I’m sorry I couldn’t be here when you opened your gift, but I really think that you will like it.” Mike started, “First and foremost, I want you to know that I love you, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. But, there is one thing in our relationship that I would like to change just a bit, and I think that this gift might be able to help with that.”

Kelly, knowing where the letter was going, was so hot and horny that she was surprised steam wasn’t coming out of the box.

Mike continued reading, “As you know, I really REALLY like bondage, and the thought of ‘rape bondage’ or ‘BDSM’ really turns me on. I know that for the most part you are fairly vanilla, but I want to try to convince you that a little bit of kink can be a lot of fun.”

Mike paused there, as if thinking about the words that he had just read. In fact he paused and then before continuing reading she heard him say to himself.

“I really hope this isn’t some kind of creepy sex toy.”

Kelly was crushed as she heard her fiancée say those words. All of this work, all of the effort, everything she had gone through, and when Mike opened the box he was going to hate it. She was so upset that she was almost in tears. The only good thing was that the crushing despair had killed any desire that was stirring between her legs.

Mike kept reading after another moment, “With that in mind, I got you a personalized sex toy. Trust me, I just know that you will love it. I will be coming home from my grandparents early, and I hope that when you are finished with your new toy, that I will be able to stay with you until your parents get home. We will have a lot to talk about. Now, back to business, for the record there are some things to know before you start to use your new toy. But first, open it up, once you see it, the instructions will make a lot more sense”

Kelly heard Mike stop reading. Then all she heard was silence. Then out of nowhere, she hadn’t heard Mike move, she heard his phone dialing, he must have put it on speaker. She actually heard him put the phone down on top of the box before the person on the other end picked up.

“Hello” said the voice on the other end of the line after a few more rings.

Kelly realized that Mike had called Jim.

“Hey Jim, Merry Christmas” Mike started.

“Merry Christmas buddy” Jim replied, “What can I do for you?”

She heard Mike pause before starting into what he had to say.

“I need you to help me move this box. It is too heavy for me to get it down the stairs by myself” Mike said.

“Ok, I can help you move the box, by the way, what was in it?” Jim asked.

“I have no idea” Mike replied, “I haven’t opened it, and I don’t think I am going to.”

“Why not?” Jim asked.

Kelly could hear the quizzical way Jim phrased the question, trying to get Mike to explain.

“Kelly got me some stupid sex toy, I don’t want that kind of thing around, I need to get it down to my car so I can drive it back over to her house and leave it in her garage. She is at her grandparents for the holidays and I would rather have it there where she can see it and return it when she gets home then sitting in my bedroom taking up space” Mike replied.

Kelly could not believe what was being said. It was over, and she knew that even if Jim didn’t help him that he would find someone else to carry it down the stairs. If he got her back to her house, he had a key, and he really could leave her in the garage, and although she wasn’t with them, her parents really would be gone for at least three more weeks. She could die. Her only hope was that Jim knew the plan, and would hopefully come over and help her.

She was so distraught that she almost didn’t hear Jim’s reply to Mike’s request.

“You aren’t even gonna open it. Dude what kind of fiancée are you. She gets you a personalized gift, and you aren’t even gonna open it. Not cool dude, not cool”

She heard Mike throw an exasperated sigh, “Fine I will open it, but after I see that it is sick and wrong, I want you to come help me move it.”

Kelly would have kissed Jim, hell she would have done things to Jim that would have strained the monogamy or her relationship to Mike. Well she would have if he was here, and she wasn’t stuck inside the box. With just that one simple statement he was going to get Mike to open, the box. One more time she found herself in his debt, and with this new found joy came a rebound of the feelings that the dildo had been bringing her ever since she woke up.

She heard Mike pick up the phone, and then heard the loud ‘whoosh’, as Mike pulled the top off and the box walls all fell down, revealing Kelly, in all her latex glory, and the two dildos still being pumped into her.

The feeling of being revealed like that, and the feeling of exaltation of her plan coming to fruition was almost enough to bring Kelly to climax. Knowing however how thin the line was that she was walking down, she somehow found the strength to keep the pleasure from erupting out of her.

“What the ...” Mike trailed off, then all was silent for a moment.

“Jim, I gotta call you back,” Mike said.

Mike stood there for a moment, staring at his fiancée, being held by four latex sleeves, wearing a white and polka dot bodysuit, with a full head harness and blindfold. He had never seen her like this before, and she looked sexy as all hell, and with the kitty theme of the outfit, she somehow made sexy look cute too.

Kelly heard Mike hang up and then she heard the phone hit the bed as Mike picked up the letter, turned to the next page, and kept reading, now faster than before.

“Yes Mike, you can pick your jaw up off of the ground. I am your present, your own personal sex toy.”

Mike stopped reading for a moment and looked at her, and then continued.

For however long is on the clock, I don’t want to be your fiancée. I don’t want to be your girlfriend, I don’t even want to be an acquaintance. As long as there is time on the clock, I just want to be your very own sex toy. Move the top of the gift box beneath me and see how much time you have to enjoy your new toy”

She heard Mike stop reading as he bent down next to her and she heard the cover come off of the digital readout.

Mike read the inscription aloud, “Until this clock hits 00:00:00, I am simply a toy you got for Christmas, not even a human being. Please have fun playing with me anyway you choose” as he finished the inscription she heard a pause and then a gasp, “79 hours, 42 minutes and 30 seconds”

What!?!, no, that couldn’t be, Kelly thought to herself. As the fact of how much time was read out loud Kelly found herself in shock, and that shock mixed with the ministrations of the dildo pulsing away at her had her right at orgasm’s door, but somehow she once again held out against her body’s desires.

Kelly thought to herself, as soon as she had her body back under control, she had heard a lot of Merry Christmases, but it could not have been that many. As Kelly’s mind was trying to figure it all out, Mike went back to reading.

“Remember, if you have any question or concerns there are manuals for everything in the accessories drawer of the base. As for the instructions, they are fairly straight forward.”

Kelly heard Mike rustle the papers of the letter as he turned to the next page, “First I want to always have all three holes filled, either by you, or one of the toys that come as my accessories. Always being filled will be my constant reminder that I am nothing but a toy, simply here for your pleasure and nothing else”

Kelly heard Mike pause.

“Three holes?” he questioned.

She heard him walk close to her, and heard his reply when he realized her ass had been filled as well.

“Ah... I see” he said, then continued reading, “Secondly, and this should be fun for you, the nutrient paste that is included in the set, in addition to sustaining me, is also a powerful birth control supplement. As long as I get a serving of the nutrient paste at least once a day, you can cum me in me all you want, and I can’t get pregnant”

Mike stopped to think about that for a moment, he had never been in Kelly without a condom on before. He was looking forward to it, but didn’t know if he trusted a ‘paste’ to be proper birth control. He shook his head to clear it, he was obviously focusing on the wrong part of what he was reading.

Kelly heard Mike pause reading again. She was worried that she might have gone too far with all of this, but a moment later Mike kept reading.

“Finally, I just want you to know, this is not a joke. I have done this of my own free will. All that I want is for you to use me, abuse me, and take pleasure in me for as long as there is time left on the clock. Remember, I am nothing but a toy, just something to be used for your own pleasure and amusement. My wants, needs, desires, pleasure, none of it matters, all that matters, is the happiness and enjoyment that your gift can bring. Your toy awaits to be used, enjoy!”

She heard another pause as he again turned the page, “PS the clock is set so that it might randomly add time. It is NOT a glitch, just something to keep me guessing and to give you more time to enjoy your toy”

Mike stopped reading as he came to the end of the letter, and there was a silence in the room, broken only by the gentle whirring of the two pumps pulsing in and out of Kelly in their ceaseless motions.

All of a sudden Kelly was afraid, everything, all of her planning, all of her hardship to get here was riding on the next thing that Mike said. Kelly thought she would have a heart attack just waiting.

Finally after a few more moments she heard.

 “Yay!, I got a new toy for Christmas” shouted Mike enthusiastically.

With those words the orgasm that she had been fighting to control escaped her completely, and, in front of Mike, she came and came and came as the waves of pleasure continued to wash over her. It was absolutely the best orgasm that she had ever experienced.

For his part, when Mike realized what was happening, he just stood there silently and watched his fiancée, trapped with no place to go, attempt to thrash around and writhe in pleasure.

“Well, it looks like the batteries work,” he joked as soon as Kelly had settled down.

Kelly beamed. Not only did Mike seem to be ok with what was going on, but he felt comfortable enough to make a joke about it. This might turn out even better than she thought.

“I can deal with this, it is weird as hell though” she heard Mike say.

She heard him walking around her in a circle, “You do make a very cute little kitten” he said with a laugh, “and sexy too!” he said with a fake growl.

Kelly did the only thing she could do, and she waggled her feet in response, to which Mike laughed. Then after a moment’s pause he reached forward and started to tickle her feet.

Mike watched as Kelly laughed into the gag, and tried to get away, all to no avail. After just a few moments though he stopped tickling her, besides he always had plenty of time to tickle her more later. “Well, it looks like I can tickle you all I want now, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it” he said.

As he said it he slowly ran a single finger from the heel to the toes on her left foot, which caused Kelly to shudder involuntarily. As he ran his finger slowly across her other foot as well, she heard him circling her again.

He stopped behind her and she could feel his hand caressing her left butt cheek, “I guess if you aren’t you, then my new toy will need a name” he thought out loud

He paused for a moment. “Screw it, I am just gonna call you kitten, you look like one anyway. Ok kitten sit tight, I am going to go grab a shower and then we can have some fun.”

Kelly heard him walk out his door and toward the bathroom down the hall.

Kelly was thrilled, her plan thus far was working, if it hadn’t been for the ring gag, she would have had the biggest smile on her face.

As she heard the water for the shower turn on in the bathroom she knew that she was going to be alone for a while, and since she was so happy, and the dildo already had her so close again already, for the first time since it had been turned on, Kelly actively tried to aid the dildo in her pussy in completing its task of bringing her to climax.

However, after a moment, she realized just how little she could do to increase the pleasure that she was feeling. The latex prison that she had conceived held her too well immobilized. She realized that she actually probably had more control over not having an orgasm then the other way around. At the moment though, nothing could bring her spirits down. Kelly simply decided to wait for Mike to come back from the shower.

About ten minutes later, still hoping that the dildo would bring her to climax again but having no luck, Kelly heard the water in the shower turn off, and a few minutes later she heard Mike walking back down the hallway towards his room.

She heard him moving around, getting dressed it sounded like. She heard him picking up things, at one point her entire world moved as Mike moved the standoff of the bottom of the box so that he could fold up the box and store it somewhere out of the way.

The entire time that Mike was tidying up, all Kelly could think about, was that she wanted him inside of her right now. Unfortunately it seemed like Mike had different plans, as, besides moving the stand, he did not so much as touch her as he moved about the room.

This was when Kelly came to another realization. She had completely become exactly what she wanted to be, a sex toy, but she had done too good of a job at transforming herself. She realized that she wanted to be used by Mike as his toy, but in between times being used she realized that she might have to wait quite a while before he did anything with her again. Suddenly Kelly had another thought. Mike thought that this was weird, he had said so, and it might mean that he doesn’t take advantage of her as much as she hoped that he would.

Now slightly worried, and hoped that she was wrong. Her newly found self doubt completely shut down her libido, she tried to calm down enough to maybe catch a nap. She didn’t know how long Mike would be cleaning up, and she didn’t think she would be able to fall asleep anyway, what with the two pumps still merrily chugging away, but she wanted to try. She wanted to make sure she was ready whenever Mike decided that he wanted to use her.

Kelly jolted awake as she realized that the gag pump had been turned off. She couldn’t believe it, but it seemed that she had fallen asleep. As she tried to stretch she remembered that she couldn’t, and sufficed with clenching and unclenching her fists, and curling and uncurling her toes.

Feeling a little bit more awake she realized a few things. First, and not that surprising, the dildo was still pulsing into her pussy, only now, her body being refreshed and recharged, it was driving her up the wall. It seemed that while she was asleep her body had relaxed to the point that the dildo had pushed her arousal back into the red zone, and now that she was awake, she was HORNY, and on the verge of climax.

Second, she realized that she heard Mike opening the reservoir door on the gag dildo, and after hearing him squeeze in the nutrient paste, she heard the door being closed, and moments later the pump started again.

“I hope you like the cherry flavor, it was the one on the top when I opened the drawer” Mike said, “By the way, there are some fun looking toys in that drawer.”

Kelly was thrilled to hear Mike say that, she had worried...

Before she could finish that thought she heard a ‘whishhhh’ sound, and then she felt her left butt cheek explode in pain right where the riding crop had struck it.

She let out a yelp of pain that partially made it through the gag dildo, and she heard Mike chuckle.

“So it seems like I have your attention now,” said Mike.

Kelly heard the ‘whishhhh’ sound again, and barely had time to brace herself before the crop came down again, this time on her right butt cheek. This time however the yelp of pain was mixed with a moan of pleasure. Kelly realized that the small amount of pain, mixed with the pleasure from the dildo was rapidly bringing her to...

She didn’t have time to finish that thought as Mike brought down the crop once more, again on her right butt cheek. This time Kelly knew that there was almost no yelp, just moan, as her body began to enjoy the sensation more and more.

“Well, at least I know that you are enjoying yourself” she heard Mike say.

In quick succession the crop fell three times.

Kelly found herself moaning her pleasure into the gag with each strike of the crop, and after the third strike she found herself still moaning, as the pain and the pleasure had built up into an inferno inside of her. She was right on the edge, and it was driving her to insanity.

That’s when the next blow struck, harder than the first few, and with a tremendous muffled moan, Kelly’s body let loose of an enormous orgasm. Kelly could barely breathe as the waves of pleasure seemed to be drowning her. She had never had an orgasm in that way before. As she tried to recover, and tried to control her breathing, which was a bit hard to do with the gag dildo still pumping in and out, she heard Mike put the riding crop away.

“Well I am glad I could help, kitten, you seemed like you really needed that,” he said. “Now be a good kitten, and I will be back. It is time for me to get some lunch.”

Kelly was momentarily confused, and then pain took the place of confusion. As, while she heard him walking out the door, he had given her a firm slap on the ass. With it still tender from the crop, it felt like he had started a fire of pain.

After a moment however, she was past it and realized that Mike had said something about lunch. Kelly sighed, she had really hoped that he would play with her more than that. She had hoped that the first time they ‘played’ that he would have completely taken advantage of her.

She stopped and thought to herself: Maybe it was better this way, her having to wait was making her want it more and more. What was the old phrase, “Hunger is the best spice,”, well, she was hungering for Mike, and she knew that when he finally took her, that she would love it.


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