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Merry Christmas From Everyone

by Davion

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© Copyright 2020 - Davion - Used by permission

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Kelly’s friend Corrine has decided to detain herself in a latex bodysuit, immobilized in a big Christmas present box and have herself delivered to her boyfriend as what she called, ‘The Best Christmas Gift Ever’.

Having been in on Corrine’s plan from the start, Kelly was taken in by the idea, to the point where she herself had purchased everything that she needed to do her own version of the ‘Gift’. Having been scared to try it however, Kelly prepared herself for the ordeal, but chose to wait on her decision till she saw how the idea went for Corrine. (See The Christmas Nightmare Part 1)

Having seen the idea in person, Kelly immediately decided that she was going to follow through with it, and called her other friend Jim to help her out. She was sketchy on the details over the phone, but she knew Jim would come help her, she told him that she needed help on a present for her boyfriend, Mike, who also happened to be Jim’s best friend. We pick up the story at Kelly’s house on Christmas Eve morning.

Part 1: Preparations

Kelly was so excited. Ever since her friend Corrine had shown her the idea she had for sending herself as a gift to her boyfriend, Kelly had not been able to stop thinking about the concept. Putting yourself in a package and shipping yourself, the very thought had her blood pumping.

She looked at the list she had in her hand as she walked out the door and out to her car:

  1. Make sure all equipment has arrived and is ready to go... check
  2. Fast for three days... check
  3. On morning of Packing give self triple enema... check
  4. After enemas, and shower, go out to spa for 'mani-pedi' and wax...

Kelly checked that one off as she got into the car. She wanted to be absolutely perfect for Mike, so she figured waxing and a depilatory rinse would keep her hairless from the neck down far longer than the amount of time she would need it to. Backing out of her driveway, she was thinking to herself, yes this is going to be perfect.

Pulling back into her driveway a few hours later, Kelly felt like she herself was perfect. She loved the feeling of getting home from the spa, everything was as perfect as it was ever going to be. As she got out of the car she walked into the house, put her things away and then looked back at her list:

  1. Get things prepared for when Jim arrives to help...

She checked that one off as she started pulling out everything that they would need. She set up the package box, flat of course, on the floor, and then maneuvered the stand that she had purchased on to the middle of what would be the bottom.

She set out the body suit, and the talcum powder that she would need to get into it.

She set out all of the items that would be ‘traveling with her’ on one table, and all of the items that would be stored in the base of the stand on a second table so Jim could check them off of a list when he made sure they were packed.

She had everything just the way she wanted it when there was a knock on the door. Kelly looked out the window and saw that it was Jim. She took out her list, saw that everything was checked off, threw the list in the trash, and then went to open the door for Jim.

“Hi Jim, I am so glad you could help me with this gift for Mike,” she said as she let him in and led him into the living room.

“Yeah, anything to help out a friend, so what do you need, someone to tie a bow or something?” he asked.

Kelly smiled, “There is actually a little bit more to it than that” she started, “Can I ask you a serious question?”

“Sure,” Jim replied.

“If I asked you to be a gentleman, and help me with something, and then forget it ever happened, could you do that... Please?” she hated that she sounded like she was practically begging.

“Sure, what do you need” all of a sudden Jim looked concerned for Kelly.

“It’s nothing bad, it’s just well...” Kelly trailed off as they made it to the living room, “I need you to help me with my gift for Mike, and it involves you seeing me naked, and inserting things into me, and please you are the only person who I know who I can trust to help me and be a gentleman about it, and I real want to do this, and I will do ANYTHING you want if you will just help me this one time” now Kelly knew that she was begging, but at this point she just knew that she needed his help.

“Kelly calm down, I’ll help” he said, “and I will do it because I am a good guy, you don’t have to promise me anything, and I swear I will forget everything I see as soon as I walk out the door”

Kelly was so happy she jumped at Jim and hugged him, “Oh thank you so so much.”

“Kelly calm down, now what do we need to do?” he asked as he gently extricated himself from her furious hug.

Kelly started stripping as she was talking, “Well first I need you to help me get into the latex body suit.”

Jim nodded and went and picked it up as Kelly finished undressing.

Kelly thought she would be more nervous as she finished stripping out of all of her clothes. Jim had never seen her naked before, not even in a bikini, but for some reason, perhaps just because she was so happy that he was helping her, her inhibitions went right out the window.

For his part, so far Jim was true to his word, he didn’t even comment when he turned around and found his best friend’s fiancée stark naked.

Picking up the talcum powder, Kelly covered herself completely, and then walked over to where Jim was holding the bodysuit waiting for her. As he held it open, she slowly right leg first, stepped into it, slowly working her leg down, and then forcing her foot into the foot of the leg of the suit. Jim bent over and adjusted the fit till it lined up perfectly before holding the other leg open so she could step into that one as well. After stepping into both legs, Jim pulled the suit up to her waist, before leaning down and smoothing out the latex up her legs.

Kelly had to admit, stepping into the latex and feeling it flow across her body had gotten her a bit heated, but feeling Jim smoothing it out all the way up her legs had her breathing a bit heavily. Kelly had always been really easily turned on, and just this much was pretty much an overload, but she kept herself together, this was for Mike.

Having worked the suit all of the way up to her waist, Jim adjusted the fit so that the two holes at her front and rear entrance lined up correctly. He started pulling the suit up higher, but suddenly Kelly stopped him.

“Before you pull the suit all of the way up we need to put on the head harness first,” Kelly said.

Almost on automatic Jim grabbed the leather harness and went about trying to get it on Kelly, but she stopped him again.

“Once you put that on me I will not be able to speak or see, so I am trusting you,” she said.

Jim nodded.

“Now, before we go any further, I want you to know that I want to use you as a life line. In that black box over there is the control module for the stand. I have already programmed everything for this time, but I don’t want the device connected to it while I am using it, too much could go wrong. So if you could hold on to it, and the instruction manual, if there is a problem Mike can call you and you can bring the control panel over and fix it,” she stated plainly.

Jim nodded again.

“Ok, well I am trusting you, please, please, please, show me that it isn’t a bad idea,” Kelly finished.

Jim nodded one more time, and then proceeded with putting the head harness on the now cooperating Kelly.

Kelly already had her hair up in a high ponytail, so that wasn’t a problem. Jim carefully inserted the ring into Kelly's mouth, being very careful, and then tightened it and the top strap up to a reasonable level, after pushing Kelly’s ponytail through the appropriate ring on the harness.

Jim noticed that the harness leather had been dyed white, and when he was making sure Kelly’s ponytail was where it should be, he noticed the two pink cat ears on the harness as well. He smiled, but said nothing. Moving down to the attached posture collar, Jim carefully raised Kelly’s chin and then situated the collar so that it lined up with the harness, before tightening the buckle on it as well.

Kelly felt a little bit uncomfortable as Jim finished, but she figured it was just because she wasn’t used to the collar, that and the fact that the built in padded blindfold on the harness had pitched her completely into darkness. Other than a bit of mild discomfort, it all was going perfectly so far, and just the thought of everything was driving her up the wall and she was very wet, as well as horny.

Jim however was either unaware of this fact, or was deliberately ignoring it as he worked the latex body suit up her chest and held the arms straight so Kelly could slide her arms into them. Jim noticed, as Kelly’s arms fit into position, that there were no hands, that the arms ended in what looked like slightly cartoonish cat paws. Jim smiled again, but again said nothing.

Kelly knew that the next part was going to be weird no matter what. The suit didn’t have a place for her breasts, just two padded cut outs on the torso. But Jim was almost professionally distant as he helped her breasts through the openings before pulling the zipper from her navel, between her breasts, the nipples of which were rock hard, up and over the posture collar, and to the neck of the suit.

Stepping back for a moment he looked at Kelly in the suit, and realized what it was. Kelly was a cat girl, possibly even ‘Hello Kitty’, if ‘Hello Kitty’ had a bondage fetish. The body suit was white with pink polka dots and the harness was white with pink ears. The overall effect was very cute, and Jim knew Mike would love it.

Kelly, sensing that Jim had backed away, pointed one of her pawed hands towards the table.

Seeing her gesture, Jim walked over and found a list of tasks which needed to be accomplished before all was said and done:

  1. Lock all zippers and buckles, the locks are in the small box on the table

Jim looked and saw that there was in fact a small box on the table. Picking it up and opening it he saw three locks. He thought it was weird that they did not have holes for keys, but he was just following directions. He began with the zipper in the front.

Kelly could feel Jim lining up the Zipper with the locking rings. The thrill was getting stronger, and as she heard the first click she almost became weak in the knees. Jim had been right in noticing that there were no keyholes for these locks, they would only open after the program ran in the computer built into the stand. So as she heard the first click she knew there was no going back. As Jim moved behind her she felt him fiddling with the posture collar, he had to tighten it a bit before she heard the snap of the lock, but it was no different fit wise then it was before.

The ring gag was a different story. Kelly knew that she had been forced to tighten Corrine’s a bit for the lock to fit properly, but Jim had tightened hers to the point where it crossed the line into slightly uncomfortable. She thought about trying to make a noise, but stopped herself. It wasn’t really that bad, and she would probably forget about it in a while anyway. Besides this was for Mike, she could deal with a bit of discomfort.

Meanwhile, Jim had walked back over to where the list was on the table:

  1. Help me into the sleeves on the stand.

Jim walked over to Kelly, and helped her walk over to where the stand was, before helping her down to her hands and knees. This though is where Kelly was glad to have Jim here. Unlike her trying to help Corrine into the sleeves of her stand, and having a lot of trouble, Jim simply lifted Kelly up, and waited for her to fold her arms and legs appropriately before guiding her into the sleeves.

Bending her arms at the elbow, so that her ‘hands’ were up by her shoulders, Kelly’s arms went into the sleeves first. Elbow first, the sleeves held her arms perfectly, the latex compressing them together and making them next to useless.

Similarly, Kelly bent her legs at the knee and was lowered knee first into the leg sleeves. Compressing her legs together the same as her arms, Kelly’s heels were being pushed against her thighs. Kelly couldn’t believe how well her legs compressed. She couldn’t move them at all, and could just waggle her feet a little bit, which she did just to prove to herself that she could. Then she froze.

Kelly knew that Jim had a HUGE foot fetish, and due to how ticklish she was, she never let him anywhere near her feet, and here she was, now effectively trapped, and she was waggling her feet right in front of him. She braced for anything that was going to happen, but nothing did.

Kelly breathed a sigh of relief, Jim must not have noticed, Kelly thought to herself. A lot of other things she knew he would never do, but even she wasn’t sure that his word on being a gentleman would extend to something as innocent as a little tickling. Luckily though, for her, it seemed that fate seemed to be on her side. She realized that she had not heard Jim move and she wondered where he was.

Jim, having moved away from Kelly after seeing her waggling feet was having an internal debate, but for the moment it seemed that helpfulness won out as he looked at the next item on the list.

  1. Butt Plug. Using the smallest dildo. Lube it up with the lube on the table, use a LOT of lube. Then put some lube on my asshole as well. Slowly work the dildo into my ass, and then screw it into the locking ring. Yes, I know I have never done this before, but I want to be perfect for Mike, so do it.

Jim looked from the instructions to Kelly and back again, then shrugged and went over to the table to find the appropriate materials.

Kelly was all of a sudden VERY nervous. She was mentally going over the instructions, and she knew which one Jim was reading. But she had seen Corrine do it, and she seemed not to mind in the least, so Kelly knew that she could do it too. Besides she could just picture the look on Mike’s face. Kelly was however glad that she had purchased a smaller dildo set then Corrine had, the five pieces in her set were, 3”, 4”, 6”, 7” and 9”.

Kelly was still thinking about the dildos when she felt Jim’s finger, covered with lube, circling her puckered back door. He was slow and methodical, and God save her, it was turning her on so much that she could not believe it. Just his finger working the lube, had her dripping, and when he pushed his finger up inside to spread more lube she let out an involuntary moan. Immediately feeling embarrassed Kelly didn’t know what to do.

Jim on the other hand, continued on like nothing had happened. Kelly was thrilled that Jim was being so gentlemanly about this.

Removing his finger, Kelly knew what was next, and moments later she felt the head of the dildo pushing against her asshole. Jim had lubed it well though, and it slid in with minimal effort. She heard him screwing it into the locking ring, and then got her first shock. Jim was pumping the dildo into her ass. It felt weird, but strangely pleasurable in a small way. Before she could say anything though Jim spoke up for the first time since he had put the harness on her.

“I am just making sure to spread the lube all the way inside Kelly. The last thing you want is to let it get dry and then get shoved up there” he said.

Kelly had to agree, and decided that until something actually happened that she would trust Jim’s judgment.

She heard him get up and moments later she heard the water running in the kitchen. She heard the water turn off and Jim walk back in, she heard him pick up the list:

  1. Pussy Dildo. Using the Medium-sized dildo, slide the dildo into my pussy and then screw it into the locking ring.

Kelly read the memorized text to herself as Jim was reading it off of the paper. She knew that no lube was needed here, and Jim must have guessed because he was next to her quick enough and had slid the dildo into her pussy and had it screwed down and locked in before she even realized what had happened.

Kelly made a mental note that when this was all over Jim needed a huge gift for being such a gentleman.

Jim walked back over and grabbed the smallest remaining dildo, he was halfway back over to Kelly when he figured he should check the instructions, just in case:

  1. Gag Dildo. Using the smallest dildo remaining, push it into the ring gag, and screw it into the locking ring.

Just as he thought, he smiled and walked over to Kelly. Quickly, but carefully he slid in the gag dildo and locked it in place in the locking ring. He found himself in a good rhythm and walked back over to the instructions to see what was next.

  1. Filling the Reservoir. It will be at least 24 hours before Mike opens the package, and I will need some kind of nourishment. Taking one of the tubes of nutrient paste, open the reservoir door on the gag dildo, and squeeze the paste into the dildo. Then shut the reservoir door.

Jim found the nutrient paste, and picking one at random walked over and opened the reservoir and filled it before shutting the reservoir and going back over to the instructions.

  1. Packing the Drawer. There is a drawer in the base of the stand. Please make sure it has all of the essentials inside:
    • Riding Crop
    • Paddle
    • Wooden whipping rod
    • Book: ‘The Erotic Pains of Love: A Beginners Guide to Light Pain Play’
    • Lube
    • Extra Dildos
    • Instruction Manual – Dildos
    • Instruction Manual – Stand
    • Instruction Manual – Nutrient Paste
    • Vibrator – Hitachi plus Vibrator Stand

Kelly was a bit nervous as she heard Jim start to pack the drawer. She knew that he had a thing for some of the tools that he was packing up in there. Specifically the thin wooden rod that was in there, she had been told at some point by one of his girlfriends that he was quite good with one of those. Bringing it down in such a way to cause the greatest pain, with the smallest effort, but when Kelly was talking to her, the look on her face had Kelly thinking that she hadn’t minded the pain at all. Kelly herself was torn, she didn’t really think that Mike would use any of the pain stuff, at least not really use it, maybe just play around and tap her with it a bit, but on the other hand she really wanted to feel what it was like to be helpless and paddled, and caned.

Part of her hoped that Jim would just take the wooden rod and just go to town on her, but true to his word of honor, he simply packed the drawer and then walked back over to the list of instructions.

  1. Electric Pumps. Set up the electric pumps on the base. Attach plunger arms to back of dildos. Plug them into the base. Turn on the pumps.

Kelly heard Jim grabbing the pumps, and bringing them over to the stand. She was excited. This was the point when she was helping Corrine that she knew that everything was perfect, she could tell just by how Corrine had reacted to the dildos being turned on.

She waited patiently as she heard Jim setting them down, adjusting them, tightening the thumbscrews, attaching the plungers, plugging them in. All the while she had a foreboding feeling that she had forgotten something very important. Then Jim turned on the pumps, and it all became VERY obvious.

Kelly had forgotten to put in the instructions what settings to put the pumps at, and when Jim turned them on they were both at FULL POWER. Immediately, the gag dildo started jack hammering into her mouth, and even a bit into her throat, Kelly hadn’t counted on the extension away from the base being quite as far as it was, and she was thrilled that she chose a small-sized dildo for her gag.

Almost worse was the dildo in her pussy. With as hot and horny as she was, it rocketing away into her was quickly driving her right to the edge. Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier, and she knew she was moaning as well as curling her toes in pleasure.

Jim must have known something was wrong, because he immediately started turning the power down on the gag dildo, probably thinking that he should fix that one first as that one had the possibility of choking her. Unfortunately, that left the dildo going in her pussy just long enough that Kelly came, and came hard at that. As she was in the throes of orgasm she could feel Jim turn the power down to a more reasonable setting.

Kelly was so embarrassed that if Jim could have seen her face it would have been beet red, luckily for Kelly however he could not see her face under the harness.

That however is where Kelly’s luck ran out however. You see Kelly was one of those types that once they came, they became extra sensitive down there, so even though Jim had turned the pussy dildo down to a level that normally would not have done anything for her except leave her wanting more, now that same level was stoking the fire back up. Kelly just hoped that she could hold herself together until she was safely in the box.

She heard Jim get up after turning down the pumps and she started thinking to herself, as he walked back over to the table, she tried to recall what the next instruction was:

  1. Check the charge on the batteries in the base.

That was it. She knew she was right too when Jim leaned over next to her and lowered the panel to see what the charge on the stand was. Luckily for Kelly Jim read it out loud, 95:58:41, which allowed Kelly to confirm that the stand was in fact fully charged and ready to go.

After checking the charge, Jim walked back over to the instructions, he was coming down to the final few on the list:

  1. Attach Nipple clamps. Yes they have bells.

As Kelly heard the tinkling of bells she knew that Jim was on #10. This differed from Corrine’s Gift. Where Corrine’s suit had covered her breasts, Kelly’s did not, and she decided that as long as they were going to be out there, they should be festive. Kelly had found a set of nipple clamps that were adjustable, and she had set them tight enough to stay on, but not tight enough to cause her any pain. She was very happy about that fact actually. As Jim carefully placed them on her nipples, she heard them ringing softly as the dildos pulsing into her moved her just fractionally enough to set the bells to ringing.

Kelly heard Jim laugh to himself. She couldn’t really blame him, and as great as he had been so far, she didn’t even care.

Jim walked back over to the table with the instructions:

  1. Lift top of gift box on stand, Insert controller cable, hit the ‘Start Program’ button, put the top of the gift box back on the stand.

Jim grabbed the control device out of the black box where Kelly had said it was, and he walked back over to the stand. He didn’t know how he hadn’t seen it before, but there was a thin green and red gift box on the base of the stand. Lifting the top off he saw underneath it a red countdown clock. The numbers currently were off. Written above it were the words, ‘Until this clock hits 00:00:00, I am simply a toy you got for Christmas, not even a human being. Please have fun playing with me anyway you choose’. Jim smiled as he plugged in the controller and hit the ‘Start Program’ button. The numbers all of a sudden came to life and Jim saw it start counting down from 27:00:00. Jim did some quick math. It was almost 5 o’clock now, so figure it gets to Mike by 10 o’clock in the morning. He unwraps it and sees that he has just under 10 hours to play with his toy.

“Merry Christmas Mike,” Jim said, to no one in particular.

As soon as the words left his mouth he saw the counter jump from 26:58:24 to 27:58:23. At first he thought that it was a glitch, and he started to grab the instruction manual, but then he remembered Kelly saying that she had specifically programmed it herself. Smiling Jim put the top back on the box, and got up to go look at the instructions.

“Merry Christmas indeed.”

When Jim said it the first time Kelly froze, well metaphorically speaking. She knew that when he said it that if he had started the program an hour would have been added onto it. Hopefully Jim hadn’t seen it. When she heard him say it again she got even more nervous, but he seemed to have said it while walking away from the stand, so it could have just been coincidence. She knew that he was on the last instruction:

  1. Close up box. Insert Ear plugs. Put the top of the box on. Tie Bow

Put letter in slot on top of box. Wait for Delivery Truck. Clean up. Go Home. THANKS


She heard Jim walking over and heard him fold up the sides of the box and lock them all into place. As she felt him lean into the box next to her she was surprised when he whispered in her ear.

“It was a good plan Kelly, but I am gonna leave the ear plugs out so you can hear exactly when it goes wrong. Oh, and for the record, I have been wanting to do this since I got you in those sleeves.”

With that she felt his fingers attacking her latex covered soles and toes. With nowhere to go and no escape, and not even the ability to scream her laughter, Kelly was writhing on the inside as Jim’s ticklish attacks drove her up the wall. She found herself becoming more and more aroused the more he tickled her and soon enough she was moaning and writhing and trying to thrash about all to no avail, the sleeves were too well designed. Between the dildo in her pussy, and the tickling of her feet she climaxed a second time, and then again a third time in short order, both times right in front of Jim. After the second climax in a row, Jim stopped his ticklish torments, but Kelly felt like she would die of embarrassment.

“Don’t worry Kelly, I am about to walk out the door and forget about all of this anyway. Merry Christmas,” he said as he gave her a light slap on the ass before she heard him put the top on the box.

Kelly was absolutely pissed at Jim. How could he do that, how could... she stopped. Thinking about it, he was a perfect gentleman the entire time. If the cost of that was him tickling her to an orgasm or two, she would have nothing bad to say about it. Except that now her pussy was even more sensitive than it was before.

Jim got all of the other instructions accomplished and cleaned up while waiting for the delivery truck. When it finally arrived Jim had the box waiting next to the door. When they knocked he opened it almost immediately.

“Merry Christmas gentlemen,” he said.

“Merry Christmas,” said the first man.

“Merry Christmas,” echoed the second.

“Well it’s right here for you” Jim said.

The two men got the box on the dolly and wheeled it out to the truck.

As Kelly felt the dolly bump over the door frame she heard Jim talking to the guys.

“Sure I’ll sign. There you go guys. Thank you, Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” said the first man.

“Yeah, Merry Christmas,” echoed the second.

Kelly decided right there and then that she was going to kill Jim. She felt herself being lifted as the two men were putting her box in the back of the truck, she heard the door start closing, when she heard Jim start yelling for the guys to stop.

“Guys, guys, wait, quick question for you. How much Merry Christmas will it take to get you to drop this off on your way back to your warehouse?”

“What do you mean ‘How much Merry Christmas’?” asked the first one.

Jim replied, “Oh you know, $50 dollars buys a lot of Merry Christmas, doesn’t it?”

The second man smiled as he caught on, “Sure, $50 buys a lot of Merry Christmas, but we have two other pickups to make.”

“Oh come on guys, Merry Christmas, it’s the holidays,” Jim said, “how about $100 of Merry Christmas, that buys a lot of Merry Christmas.”

The guys looked at each other, and then back at Jim. “Done, $100 of Merry Christmas, and it gets dropped off on the way back.”

“Thank you guys, you just saved me, Merry Christmas guys, Merry Christmas to you and your families” Jim said cheerfully.

“Merry Christmas,” said the first man, this time sounding for once like he meant it.

“Yep, Merry Christmas indeed,” said the second man.

After that, Kelly heard the door slam closed and the engine start up as the truck started off down the street. Yep definitely gonna kill Jim she thought to herself, painfully.


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