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Jenny's Delight

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMF/f; cartrunk; transport; bond; gag; punish; naked; shave; rope; straps; toys; insert; nipple; torment; binders; bagged; packaged; crate; entombed; denial; reluct; XX

Jenny had tied herself on Mikes porch to await his return and wasn't disappointed by the results, an afternoon in bondage as his slave, but then to her delight she discovered something more...

(this part inspired by the comic serial "Katya" )
continued from part two

Part 3: Punished!

You may recall that I’d tied myself up on Mike’s porch to await his arrival at his cabin. Mike had then left me bound until later, when he took me to his bed and bound me spread-eagled and used me for his pleasure (and mine). Later on I’d found a latex catsuit that had belonged to his ex-wife, Mike had helped me put it on, the feelings that I got when wearing latex for the first time just made me want to reward Mike, which I did on my knees, if you know what I mean!

After some suggestion on my part Mike had taken me down to his cellar, where he bound me, still covered in the delightful latex to the X-frame on the wall of the cellar. It was only after he’d tied me that I revealed that I hadn’t told my husband John that I was coming to see Mike. I couldn’t see any problem with this, after all they had both used my bound body for their own pleasure, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander I say. Except in this case my goose was about to be cooked!

I’d done this before to John, tied up by Mike and I’d not told him where I was, we had an ‘open’ relationship, you know where we both get to fool around but it’s usually when we are both together at some swingers party. The relationship between Mike and myself was beginning to step over the boundaries, not that we’d ever spoke about boundaries, you just accept that you’ll both do the ‘right thing’ by each other I suppose. 

Well any way, the first and last time that I’d done this Mike and John had hatched a plan, I’d been taken from the morgue, where Mike had tied me up, and they had taken me to Mike’s cabin, where they both proceeded to bury me, whilst I was still wrapped up in the cling film. A gas mask had been placed over my head, which allowed me to breathe through a tube above the ground. I was left for some time whilst they went fishing. They came back later and used and abused me for the entire weekend as their sex slave. It really wasn’t much of a punishment on my part was it?

Now that I’ve brought you up to date, let’s get back to me dressed in latex, bound tightly to an X-frame in Mike’s cellar, the gag done extra tight as punishment from Mike for not telling John again. I was left in the dark, unable to move my limbs, tied as they were to the wooden beams of the cross. The only thing I could move slightly was my crotch, well hey a girls gotta have some fun! I was able to rub myself against the rope that was tied tightly against my sex, my little nub was able to move itself against the stiffness of the rope, through the latex that encased it. I wasn’t able to get myself off but I was having a damn good try at it.

My thoughts were interrupted by the light streaming in from the open door, Mike stood there looking at me trying to hump the rope between my legs. He shook his head and began walking down to me. He began untying me but left the gag in place, my limbs had started to go numb, I hadn’t realised just how long I’d been tied up here. They had agreed to leave me overnight in the cellar whilst they got things ready for my next ‘punishment’. It was now well past midday and I’d just spent nearly 20 hours bound in the cellar.

Mike took hold of my wrists and tied them behind my back, he tied them extra tight and the rope dug into my skin. I tried to complain but the gag was still in place and all that came out was a moan. My ankles were similarly bound and Mike then hooked me over his shoulder and I was carried up the stairs like a hunk of meat. A beautifully bound and latex clad hunk of meat mind you! I was off in fantasy land again, here was the bound damsel, trussed up and held by her capturers until the ransom was paid by my rich family.

I was brought back to earth when I was thrown into the boot of Susan’s car, I looked up to see the broad smile on her face as she slammed the trunk lid closed on me. I was again bound and in the dark. Mmmm! Maybe my kidnappers were delivering me at the money change over point. My mind went back to its fantasies as the car started and I was driven off to an unknown destination. The car journey seem to take a long time, I was being taken on a journey, Sue had been instructed to drive me around for a couple of hours, whilst Mike & John got things ready for me. So Sue decided to travel to a shopping mall in the next town, here she parked the car, luckily for me undercover and left me whilst she went shopping.

Sue spent the next couple of hours blissfully shopping, whilst I was left bound up in the trunk of her car, left alone in the car park, unable to break free or even call for help due to the gag in my mouth. I could hear people walking passed me, here I was bound in the trunk, clad head to toe in latex, I began to wonder what would people think if they knew I was in here. What if the car was stolen and driven to some location, imagine the surprise on their face when they open the trunk and find a bound woman in there. My mind was working overtime again as the car thief called his mates on his cell phone to come over and have some fun.

My thoughts were interrupted when Sue returned, dumped her shopping in the trunk and started the car. On the journey home, Sue’s car seemed to find every pot hole and bump in the road as it got closer to town, I had a thought that she was deliberately hitting each and every one of them to get at me. My thoughts went to the damage that she was doing to her suspension and the cost of the repairs! That seemed to be a suitable revenge on my part, not that I knew that John had been seeing more of Sue than he let on, and that she’d be able to work off the repair bill with sexual services. But I was to find that out later.

The car came to a halt, I heard the door open and Sue climb out then her footsteps went away. I was left in the trunk for what seemed like hours, but in reality was about 40 minutes. I must have dozed off as I awoke with a start when the car engine started and the vehicle moved, it was being backed up closer to the garage that was owned by my husband John. I heard the sound of the large roller door as it was opened and the car moved in through it. After they closed the door the trunk was opened, there stood John and Mike, they were both dressed in black overalls, their hands covered in black gloves. Sue was standing beside them holding two hoods, both black to complete their outfits. They had left them off to show me who it was, that who it was going to be doing the punishment. I had no idea of what they were going to do to me.

I was then hauled out from the rear of the car and carried by them both into the middle of the workshop. I could see that they had gotten everything ready for me and was concerned when I saw the large crate, it’s lid currently closed. I was beginning to fear that they were going to go too far and really do something serious to me, the looks on their faces didn’t bring much relief either. Egged on by Sue they both began to untie me, once the last of the ropes were removed they took the latex catsuit off of me. Sue commented that it was hers anyway, why should I get any pleasure out of wearing it. 

A shiver ran down my spine when she then said that I wouldn’t be needing the suit any more anyway!

Now standing naked in front of the three of them, handcuffs were placed on my wrists, holding my hands behind my back as Sue lead me off to the toilets. She roughly pushed me down onto the pedestal and ordered me to use it! I was pretty full by that point, having been tied all night and most of the next day, then bound in the trunk until what now seemed like early evening. Sue was abrupt and pulled me off of the toilet as I finished, she pushed me over to the sink and held onto my shoulders, pushing me down to the floor. She spread my legs and sprayed some cream on my pussy. It began tingling straight away, and not two minutes after she’d applied the cream than she was washing it off along with my pubic hair, not that there was much to begin with.

She then sprayed a hose over me, cleaning any sweat and dirt off of me, I wouldn’t have minded if she hadn’t only used cold water on me. Next she pulled me up off the floor and sat me on a chair, she lashed rope around my waist and over my shoulders effectively securing me to the chair. Now bound by her hands I could only await her next move. It was quick in coming as she began cutting, more like hacking my hair off in clumps. She continued working on my hair until it was short all over, then came the electric razor, she moved this over my head taking great delight in shearing whatever hair I had left on my head. I knew Sue was the local hairdresser, hell I’d even let her do my hair in the past, but after today I was definitely going to have to find a new hairdresser!

Sue finished cutting my hair with the electric clippers, the remains of what had once been my beautiful hair now strewn around the ground at my feet. She took great delight in showing me what I looked like in the mirror. All that was left was a slight bristle covering the top of my head. But then she applied more cream and again two minutes later I was bald! She was exacting some sort of revenge on me, whatever for I didn’t know. I hadn’t yet found out about her and my husband, so whatever she was doing to me now was out of pure spite. Maybe she thought that when John saw me he would finally reject me in favour of her. Who knows what went through her mind at that point.

She was interrupted in her plans by the sound of John calling and asking what’s taking so long. How long does it take for a woman to pee! The look of shock on John and Mike’s face as I was lead back into the room, told me that this wasn’t part of the plan and that Sue had gone too far. But it was too late to stop now, they had planned this and they were going to go through with it.

John and Mike pulled the hoods over their heads, they were now totally covered in black. Sue had retreated back to the toilet after she’d seen the looks on their faces. I was pulled over to stand beside Mike whilst John began placing leather straps around my wrists and then my ankles. My arms were pulled behind my back by Mike and a padlock was placed in the rings of the leather cuffs, my wrists were once again secured behind my back. John then placed a collar around my neck and locked this in place with another small padlock. I was their slave again, to do as they wished with me and I just stood there passively awaiting whatever they were going to do with me next.

John then placed a ball gag in my mouth and adjusted the straps behind my now bald head, he then placed another small padlock to hold the gag in place. All I could now do was mew through the ball held tightly in my open mouth. I was again silenced to await whatever fate they had in store for me. In the meantime John couldn’t help himself and ran his fingers through my now moist pussy lips, feeling the smooth skin as his fingers pressed against my flesh. He commented that he should have done this to me years ago.

Mike picked up a corset from the workbench, it was one that I’d worn on many occasions, especially when we’d attended a few liberal parties, the kind where you pick up someone’s car keys and spend the night with them. The corset was wrapped around my waist, it was only a mid-rift type corset, one that starts under my breasts and ends over my tummy. This gave me a nice little ‘pot belly’ look, well John seemed to like it judging by the bulge in his overalls! They then did the bindings in the rear pulling the corset tighter and tighter until the two sides met and the laces were then tied, cinching my waist, I had to adjust my breathing as it was now harder to breathe. I hadn’t noticed the slight alteration to the corset until the next stage of my binding.

Mike went down on the floor on his knees, he placed one hand on my left ankle and the other on my right, he then moved my legs apart as John began opening a box in front of me. Inside I could see two rubber dildoes, they were both the same size and I immediately realised just where they were destined to go! Without much fanfare or lubrication on John’s part the first intruder was pushed home into my, luckily for me, moist love hole. The feel of the cold rubber as it entered me took my breath away and luckily Mike held onto me as I steadied myself after the initial shock. Next I was laid down on the floor on my tummy, I knew that the other one was about to enter me too.

My head was pushed onto the ground and my arms pulled above me, whilst John came behind me holding my legs apart, my knees pressed into the concrete floor with my bottom in the air, exposed and waiting for the next rubber intruder. This time John took his time and rubbed the end of the tip around my wet sex, giving some lubrication before plunging it into my rear, twisting it as he drove the rubber phallus into my abused hole. Even so I still had tears in my eyes as he pressed the thing into me, the effectiveness of the gag proven beyond doubt as my screams were all but silenced by it.

I lay there for a short while getting used to the two rubber plugs as they absorbed the heat of my body. I was then hauled to my feet by strong arms, held in place whilst a rope was threaded through a ring at the back of my corset. I hadn’t noticed this before, this was something new that had been added, I looked down and saw another in front of me too. The rope was then brought between my legs, threaded through the two rings in the top of the rubber dildoes and brought up to the ring at the front of the corset. Here John took great delight in pulling on the rope, causing the rope to bite into my sex, pushing my labia aside and rubbing directly against my tenderest flesh. 

The rope felt like it was cutting me in two, the look in John’s eyes through the openings in the hood told me the whole story, this was his revenge. This was his way of punishing me. As he tied the rope tightly, I let more tears stream down my face, Mike noticed this and raised his hand to wipe them away. I’m sure that he would have stopped at this point until he was told by John to start binding me.

Mike then brought some rope over from the pile on the floor, it looked like I was going to be wearing quite a bit of rope judging by the size of the pile. He began binding my wrists together, I thought this strange at first as they had already bound my wrist with the leather cuffs and padlock. But Mike had other ideas and the bindings were tighter than the cuffs would have allowed. He then began binding my elbows together, pulling them until they met behind my back and pushing my naked breasts out in front. Here I was naked with two men in hoods, my arms now tightly bound behind my back, gagged and both holes filled. My fate whatever it was, was now more surely in their hands.

They both lifted me off of the floor and lay me down on the cold concrete, no blanket or rug was laid down for me to rest on, I was merely an object to them, something that they were currently working their plan on. Just another piece of meat to be packaged, just another body to get ready on Mikes part and something else for John to tinker with, his rough mechanics hands scratching over my soft, smooth skin.

John placed another small padlock between the leather cuffs, now my legs were secured I couldn’t run from here even if I were able to. Mike brought more rope and began tying my two big toes, he used more of a yarn than rope. He ran it through and around my toes several times before knotting it off. There was still several yards left and he began tying this around my feet. Criss-crossing several times until my feet were bound. He then bound my ankles with thicker rope, cinching off after several turns. He repeated this below and above my knees. I was more tightly tied than I’d ever been in my entire life.

All during the bindings they rarely spoke and this added to my unease, they were like two nameless hooded figures tying me into submission, binding me and taking away my ability to move, speak and soon see, I was just a naked plaything to them, my thoughts or feelings didn’t enter into what they were doing to me. 

I was left on the ground tied tightly as they took photographs of my naked, bound body. They had stopped several times to take images of me with whatever bindings they had applied. I felt exposed as hands ran over the soft mounds of my breasts, another hand started to feel the flesh of my tummy, pushing into the pliable flesh then working their way down to my thighs, whilst the other continued with my other breast. I was getting very turned on by now, the feel of their hands over me, the tightness of the ropes binding me, the submission to whatever they wanted to do to me, all this and more was sending me onwards, my juices were flowing, I was ready for them to take me, use me, do whatever to me, just let me cum!

Alas it was not to be, playtime was over, I wasn’t going to allowed to climax. They rolled me onto my front and placed my arms into a leather binder. I thought that the ropes were tight enough to secure me, after all I was bound with leather cuffs, a padlock held them together then ropes worked their part pulling my wrists and elbows even closer, until the flesh pressed into each other. But now I was to experience the tighter feel of the leather armbinder. They worked it’s inky blackness up over my arms, my elbows and then my upper arms. The zipper was pulled closed, pulling my arms closed together, straps were then tightened and another pushed under me to be fastened in front, pulling my arms tightly against my back.

I felt totally trussed up, the proverbial turkey at Christmas! I couldn’t move now even if I wanted to, the tightness I was now experiencing was totally new, I could only lie there waiting there next move. Rolled over onto my back by strong arms, I saw the leather leg binder in John’s hands. They quickly placed my legs inside and closed the zipper before rolling me over again onto my front, my legs were now one, enclosed in the black leather, a belt was tightened around my waist ensuring that the leg binder would not come off. The smell of the leather mingling with the scent of my body, the aroma from my sex joined into this perfume, turning me on and judging by the bulges both boys too! Rope was then tied between the bottom of the arm binder to the bottom of the leg binder near my ankles.

They stood me up again, I balanced on my bound feet enclosed as they were in the leather binder, and more photos were taken and then came the straps. Mike had brought over a handful, they were all going to be placed on my bound body, binding me ever tighter and tighter. Ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, waist, above and below my breasts, were all the places for the straps, each one pulled tightly by John, making sure that they dug into my flesh. 

Sue then re-entered the workshop, she’d been watching from the office as they bound me into this position. From the look of her she’d also been toying with herself as she had that flushed look about her. She approached me with her hands behind her, she bent down as she stood next to me and began sucking on my nipple. Both men just looked on, holding me in place as Sue continued with her warm mouth on my teat. I began to get aroused, which was her objective, my nipple proudly stood to attention from her ministration. What came next took me by surprise, although from what Sue had done earlier I should have expected. The initial coldness of the metal is what I felt first, closely followed by the pain as the nipple clamp closed down on my erect flesh.

She quickly repeated the closing of the other clamp on my other nipple before it had the chance to react and get itself out of harms way. I stood there as she flicked her fingers at each clamp in turn, inspecting each ones effectiveness at clinging onto my now very tender nipples. I winced and a tear formed in my eyes as she continued tormenting each nipple, if the gag wasn’t in place a few chosen words would have been directed in her direction.

My sight was temporarily taken away as a leather hood was placed over my head, the eye and mouth holes were adjusted to their respective spots. The zipper at the rear of the hood was then tightened, closing the hood tighter onto my face. A lock was then placed behind my head through the zipper and a ring, the hood was now in place until my masters decided otherwise. John then began closing the zipper at my mouth, again another lock ensured this was sealed. Then he closed first one eye hole then the other, he then placed a lock to connect these two, closing my vision and now making me blind.

Hands then began moving me across the floor, I was directed by my capturers to another spot in the workshop, I couldn’t see what they had planned for me next, but didn’t have long to wait to find out. I heard a rustle at my feet, then I was lifted from behind by two arms encircling me, pressing into my chest, pushing the breath out of me, my feet left the floor and I felt something began to enclose them. It was tight, it was cold, it was…it was latex!

They began enclosing my tightly bound body in a latex sleep sack, easing me into it’s clammy folds, the latex crept up my body like some being swallowing me. I felt as though this thing was alive and it’s jaws were enclosing me, pushing my body down it’s maw to be swallowed whole. All three of them began adjusting the latex sack around my body and soon the zipper was closed sealing me in. My senses were heightened by the all over feeling of the latex, again like the catsuit I'd worn previously, it absorbed the heat of my body and adjusted to it’s form. The longer I was in the latex the more it seemed to become part of me, my flesh becoming one with the rubber.

Mike then started to apply more ropes to the outside, several criss-crossed my body making me more rigid and stiff. My ability to move had long since gone, shortly after my ability to escape their clutches. I was their prisoner now and I was totally in their hands. I again felt several hands on me through the ropes, the latex and other bindings. I was now being carried, I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. They laid me down in the crate, Sue had taken the lid off whilst Mike had tied me. Several straps were then applied to hold my bound, latex covered body inside the box. Whatever movement I possessed was now totally gone, I was strapped down into the crate, I wondered if they were going to ship me somewhere.

John picked up the lid and before closing took great delight in telling me that he and Sue were now going to be lovers, that they were going away with Mike for a while and that I would be staying here indefinitely. I was going to be placed in an inspection hole for the workshop that no one used any more, it was normally covered over with a metal plate, people didn’t notice it. John stated that he was going to lock me down there as my punishment for screwing around with Mike, maybe he would just leave me here for good. The lid on the crate was secured with several screws, I then felt the crate being lifted and carried over to the hole, I was lowered into the small hole feet first, it had just enough room either side to get a hand in. The crate was lowered down until it hit the bottom, which from my memory was just over two metres. I was now left standing in the crate, down a pit in the floor just big enough for the crate it seemed.

I then heard the sound of the metal plate being moved over the floor above me, then it finally came into the opening, fitting in to the flange that held it in place. I was now bound, roped, trussed, covered in latex and enclosed within a crate, and now locked away in the floor of John’s workshop. He’d placed a lock through the metal plate so no one could release me. He’d toyed with the idea of welding it closed, but Mike said that would be unwise, in case of an emergency, so John’s plan was shelved for now.

John and Sue then left, they went back to her place where they made love, the thought of me locked away as I was, drove Sue wild with desire. They left the next morning for their holiday. The workshop opened as usual the next morning and I could hear the sounds of motors and spanners all through the day. At night Mike crept back in to check on me, he listened to the sounds on my breathing but he could not release me for John had the only keys. I could only contemplate my fate, tied within the confines of my crate. I had no idea how long I would be left here for or indeed if I would be released. If Sue had her way I doubt if I would ever see daylight again.

Story continues in part 4: Knight to the Rescue


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