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Jenny's Delight

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; chairtie; outdoors; rope; naked; gag; handcuffs; toys; M/f; bond; cuffs; chain; hobble; latex; catsuit; X-frame; cellar; punish; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Jenny had experienced the joys of being wrapped, bagged and even buried at the hands of her husband and new found lover, but she still craved more bondage...

continued from part one

Part 2: Bound for Discovery

It had been a couple of weeks since I'd seen Mike, my husband John and I had been busy working, or playing bondage games with different knots that John had learnt from Mike. I should explain here that Mike is my husband’s friend, we have been playing bondage games together for the past few weeks ever since Mike had spent the evening at our home watching videos of me being tied by John for our home videos, they were put on by ‘accident’ by John, he still claims that it wasn’t deliberate. Since then I have been bound in a variety of ways and used by both men for our mutual pleasure. I had come to love being tied by Mike’s expert hands and had sought him out on several occasions to get him to tie me up.

As you probably already know I loved to be bound tightly, used & abused; the tighter the better, one of the bondage sessions between John and me even went overnight with me tightly bound down to the bed, each limb attached by rope to a bedpost, the reason it continued all night was that we both fell asleep after making love. I was a bit stiff and sore in the morning, but that didn't stop John from taking advantage of his bound wife and having a 'quickie', not that I could do anything to stop him bound as I was.

That was last night, but now I needed a hot bath to ease my aching body, John had left for work by the time I had dressed, I wondered what to do with myself today, I had no outstanding work to finish, and anyway I didn’t feel like working today, I was feeling saucy and wicked. I needed to be tied; I had this feeling deep down in my tummy that desired me to be bound tightly. I knew that John would be busy all day at work, the garage business was flourishing, work seemed to come from everywhere and he’d had to take on a couple of mechanics to cope with the work. That also meant that I couldn’t be tied up in the office anymore, I had surprised John a couple of times by turning up in handcuffs, he’d taken the hint and trussed me up in his office, checking and using me every once in a while. 

With that option now gone I thought of Mike, he hadn’t been around for two weeks, he’d been away at some convention and had a small holiday as well. I picked up the phone to ring Mike and check that he’d returned, it rang several times and I was beginning to think that he was still away, I was just about to replace the receiver when I heard Mike’s voice. Damn it was a recording, “Mike here, sorry but I’m unavailable right now, please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you.” Damn again, now what would I do.

I began to hang up but decided to leave a message anyway, “Hi Mike it’s Jenny here, I just rang to see if you’re home...”

Just then I heard Mike’s voice, “Hi Jenny, sorry I was screening calls. How are you?” 

“Great now that you’re here Mike!” I said, “I was hoping that you’d returned and was around today.” 

“I’m still officially on leave until Monday, that’s why the answer phone is on. I didn’t want to be disturbed by calls about work,” he said. 

“How was your trip?” I asked. Mike went on to tell me everything that had happened while away, he even told me about the date he’d had on the trip. I had overwhelming feelings of jealousy at this, it was strange, I had only known Mike intimately for the past month or so and already I was feeling possessive of him.

The conversation continued with Mike telling me about his attempts at windsurfing, it was a comedy of errors by the sound of things. Mike then asked me what I’d been doing, saying that he could bet I’d been up to no good whilst he’d been away. I blushed on the phone lucky he couldn’t see me. “Oh you know me Mike, just the usual.” I said. The conversation started to fall apart, we seemed to have run out of things to say, we both wanted to say something to each other but no one would take the first step. I asked Mike, “What are you planning to do today?” Mike said that he’d had some work to do at his cottage and would be there all day. With this a plan began developing in my mind, I said my goodbyes to him and much to his disappointment finished the call. After hanging up on Mike I ran around the house putting my devious plan into action.

Within thirty minutes I was prepared and driving out of town in my car towards Mike’s weekend cottage, I’d thought about leaving a note for John but decided that I wanted to be with Mike alone for a while and knew that if John found out about my plans he would want to join in. Mike’s weekender was about forty minutes outside of town, I seemed to have made it in twenty-five, I was very eager to be in place before Mike arrived, although he hadn’t told me what time he would be coming out here. I quickly parked my car out of sight behind some trees close to the cottage; I wanted to surprise Mike when he arrived. Gathering up my goodies I headed up to the porch at the front of the building. The porch was covered by a roof and went along the entire front part of the cottage, sitting to one side was a rocking chair, and this would be ideal for my plans. The cottage was set back from the road, very little traffic went along this road and you could just about see anyone sitting on the porch from the road.

I quickly stripped off all my clothes and left them in a small bundle behind the chair, the bag I’d brought from the car contained several items of bondage goodies, cuffs, gag, blindfold etc. I had planned to tie myself to the chair, naked and bound awaiting for my Master to return home to use me as he saw fit. To give myself a bit of fun while waiting I pushed my favourite vibrator inside me, switching it on it came to life with a start, the vibrations began to send pleasant feelings through my body. I sat down on the chair and prepared to tie myself down. First came the gag, a red ball gag, the straps were fixed behind my head with a small padlock. I adjusted it in my mouth and whimpered through it a couple of times to hear myself, I love the sound of my mewing through the gag, its one of my turn-ons. 

Now I turned my attention to my legs, these would be bound to each leg of the chair, this would leave my legs open and my pussy exposed. I started with each ankle securing each to the lags of the chair, then when satisfied I moved on to my knees, a piece of rope soon held these to the arms of the chair forcing my legs further open and reveal my treasure. I looped another piece of rope around my waist, tying this off behind me. Picking up another piece of rope I ran this below my breasts through the chair and back over my shoulders to cross over between my ripe mounds, feeding them through the rope below my breasts and up again to circle them tightly. I finished off by tying the ends by looping them around my chest and binding the knot in front. All that was now left was the blindfold and the cuffs. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use the blindfold and after some thought I decided to leave it resting in my lap in the hope that Mike would find it and use it on me. I picked up the cuffs and placed one end on my left wrist, moving my hands behind the chair I placed my right wrist in the clasp and quickly closed it. The clicks sealing my fate.

I was now fully self-bound on Mike’s porch, naked and bound by my own hand. My body’s movements causing the chair to rock slightly as I adjust myself, the vibrations starting to build me up into my first climax. As I came around from my orgasm I sat there thinking about my situation, here I was bound to the chair naked, slightly visible from the road and available to anyone who wanted to use me. Mmmmm!

As time passed I began to have thoughts about Mike not arriving and I had not left a note for John telling him where I was, what if Mike decided not to come out today? I could be bound here for sometime, my thoughts were disturbed by the sounds of a car coming down the road, here’s Mike I thought and prepared myself for him but the car continued passed the cottage and down the road. I wondered if they’d seen me, my thoughts drifting back to my present predicament. I tried to escape from my bonds but I was too well tied for that to happen, besides the keys to my cuffs were inside the bag behind me and currently out of reach.

The vibrator within me was beginning to bring me closer to another climax, I could feel the moisture build up between my thighs and I let myself fall into the orgasm, it must have been the thought of no escape but I came for some time, sweat began pouring from my brow as I whimpered into my gag. I slumped into the chair as the waves crashed over my body and my energy seemed spent, I was a limp rag as the final throws spread through my body. I must have drifted off into sleep because the next thing I knew I was awoken by the sound of a car pulling up in front of the cottage, I awoke with a start but was held firmly by my bondage. I looked at the car but couldn’t see the driver through the tinted glass, the car came to a halt just by the steps, it wasn’t Mike’s car as he only drove his works vehicle. I began to panic, who was this and how would they react to finding me bound here. 

The car door opened and out stepped Mike, a wave of relief swept over me as our eyes met. Mike closed the door and walked up onto the porch, he examined my bound body and as our eyes met again I tried to smile behind my gag. He smiled at me as he continued to check my bondage, then to my surprise he untied some of the ropes and retied them tighter, he then saw the blindfold sitting between my legs, picking it up he held it over my eyes and fixed the straps behind my head cutting out the light. I heard him walk away and off of the porch; I was left bound to the chair as he began unloading the car. I listened to his footsteps as he moved around the cottage, then I heard sawing and hammers banging, he’d began working on the cottage and was leaving me bound to the chair. Luckily the vibrator was still alive, the buzzing was beginning to have its effect on my bound body and soon I was in another climax. Mike must have been walking passed me as I came and heard my moans through my gag, I came to earth when I felt Mike touching my body he reached down between my legs and felt the vibrator inside me, he grasped the end and withdrew it from me. I now felt very empty and missed the feeling of the vibrator. Mike scolded me for enjoying myself without his permission and said that I would have to be punished for being a naughty girl. Shivers of pleasure swept over me at the thought of this.

Mike then left me and continued with his work, all I could do was wait until he untied me, which would now be much later as part of my punishment. Finally I felt Mike’s hands on me, he began to untie me from the chair, first my body then he moved down to my legs, as he removed the rope securing my ankles he replaced this with leather cuffs and then placed a small chain between them. He then removed the handcuffs and replaced these with more leather cuffs, the blindfold and gag he left in place. Mike helped me stand and I hobbled along the porch, the chain between my ankles only allowing short steps. He helped me inside and took me into the bedroom, here Mike laid me down on the bed he unclipped the chain and secured my ankles to chains fixed to the bed, he repeated this with my wrists and I was now stretched on his bed. Mike left me shortly and when he returned I heard him getting undressed and then felt him climb onto the bed. He whispered in my ear, “I’ve missed you!”

We made love, or rather Mike made love to me as I was bound to the bed and couldn’t move. It was sheer passionate bliss as he ran his hands and tongue over my naked flesh, spending time on my most sensitive parts and finally bringing me to orgasm by using his mouth on my, by now, very hot pussy. Mike then climbed up the bed and on top of me, he eased himself within me and rode me for his pleasure, it didn’t take him long as he was extremely turned on by now. I could feel Mike becoming harder as he thrust himself within me and then gushing his sperm into my love hole. He lay there on top of me as we both returned to earth, Mike’s breathing slowing as he drifted off into sleep leaving me bound to the bed. We both awoke mid-afternoon, by now I was stiff and sore from my bondage and desperately wanted to pee. Mike unfastened the chains that held me to the bed, removing the blindfold but not the gag; he again placed a small chain between my ankles but fastened my wrists in front. I wriggled off of the bed and made my way to the toilet.

Mike was busy in the kitchen when I returned, he was still naked as was I, I moved along side him and tried to cuddle him but with my wrists still bound I couldn’t. Mike then removed the clip holding my wrists and we held each other for a while. I pointed to the gag and Mike took the hint and removed it, my jaw ached from being held open for so long and I moved it from side to side to ease the soreness. Mike had started to prepare something to eat, I said that I would do that; he then went back to the bedroom to get dressed.

He said that he still had a lot of work to do today to the cottage, I asked if it was okay for me to stay, Mike replied, “Yes.”

After we’d eaten Mike got on with his jobs while I cleared the kitchen. Still naked and my ankles bound I moved around the cottage looking into rooms and exploring. In one cupboard I found a box of photos, placing them on the table I started to look at them, there were several family photos but then it got onto more interesting ones, a woman was bound in what looked like the cellar of the cottage. I should know it intimately as I’ve been bound down there several times. This must have been Mike’s wife; he’d said they used to play bondage games before. Several of them were of her bound in a variety of positions or to one of the devices in the cellar. Then she was dressed in this shiny black material and bound to the cross frame, she was covered from head to toe in this material, I discovered several more of her wearing this outfit, tied to the saw horse and in the stocks. I put the photos down and continued to explore. 

At the back of the cottage was a large walk-in cupboard, there were racks to hang clothing from, there were several clothes, coats etc hanging there. Further towards the back was what I had been seeking, the shiny black material I’d seen in the photo. It was smooth and cold to the touch; it had a liquidy feel to the material. The smell was rubbery and invaded my senses. As I was running it through my hands, Mike walked in, “Caught you!”

I jumped as he said this; I’d been discovered in my searching and felt like a naughty schoolgirl. “Ah! I see you’ve found the latex.” Mike said.

“Latex?” I asked.

“Yes that’s what my wife used to wear in our bondage sessions.” Mike continued, “She used to love the tight feeling it gave her.”

With the words ‘tight feeling’ my body started to react, I felt my pussy start to become moist again. “Could I try it on?” I asked Mike.

“Mmm! I dunno, you have been naughty today and don’t deserve any more pleasure.” Mike said. I pleaded with him to try it on and said that I would do anything he wanted to. “Anything?” Mike asked.

I dropped my eyes in submission and lowered my voice, “Yes, Master.”

Mike grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the cupboard, taking me into the bathroom he said that I’d better pee again as I would be wearing the latex suit for a while. As I finished wiping myself, Mike gave me a bottle of talcum powder to use on my body; he gave me instructions to cover myself with it as he went to get the latex suit. I was white all over when he returned, he held in his hand the black latex suit that I’d discovered. He told me to sit down on the toilet and he knelt down before me holding the suit open for me to place my feet into. The feel of the latex as it covered my flesh was exquisite, cold at first but soon warmed to my body and it was tight against my skin. He told me to stand and eased the latex up over my legs, enclosing my thighs within the black material. Next came my sex and bottom, this was squeezed over my rear and forced tightly against my pussy. As the latex eased over my stomach, shivers went through my body, goosebumps appeared on my exposed flesh. 

I placed my hands and arms within the smooth latex as Mike continued to place me within the suit, now my body was covered by its clingy, grasping feel, all that was left now was the hood. Mike pulled this over my head finally enclosing me within. There were holes for my eyes, nose and mouth, pads covered my ears blocking out sound. Mike then began pulling the zipper at the rear, enclosing me inside the latex suit, making it tighter. When he’d finished I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror, my smooth white skin was now the deepest black, a sheen reflected the light from the window. Mike locked the zip clasp in place with a small padlock; I was now secured inside the suit until my Master wished to release me. I ran my hands over the latex and could feel my body beneath its smoothness, my body tingled at my touch and my nipples protruded, trying to poke through the rubber.

Mike then ran his hands over me, feeling my soft flesh through the latex. He picked up a cloth with one hand and some cream with the other and began to rub it all over the latex, turning the cloth over he began to polish the latex until it shone. It really began to show off my body, its beautiful curves and more interesting features. You could clearly see my pussy lips through the latex; it seemed to cut it in two. I again looked in the mirror and had a wild thought flash through my mind. I then said to Mike, “This feels wonderful, why had you kept it secret from me until now?”

Mike replied, “I wasn’t sure that you’d be interested.” 

“I’m very interested, especially with the feelings that this suit is creating in me. How do I look?”

“You look fantastic! Walk around and show me.” Mike said.

I began to move around the bathroom, bending slightly, wriggling my curves to show myself off. I could see from the bulge in Mike’s pants that he was very  clearly interested, I couldn’t resist myself and walked over to him and rubbed myself against him like a cat. I ran my latex covered hands over his body and down to his crotch, I then fell to my knees and unzipped his solid member, pulling it out I held it in my hands. I looked up at Mike, his face was beaming like a schoolboy with chocolate, I lowered my head down and took him in my mouth, running my tongue over the top of his penis. My mouth slid down over him enclosing it in its warmth as my hand slid down to play with his balls. I continued to play and suck him until he reached the point of no return, his member grew bigger as he approached his climax and I readied myself to accept his salty cum, swallowing as it hit the back of my throat.

I remained on my knees with his penis in my mouth until the last drops of cum had been passed, I gently kissed it before placing it back in his pants. I looked up from my submissive position into Mike’s eyes; clearly he’d enjoyed my reward. I eased myself off of the floor and embraced Mike.

“Mike you think I look good like this?” I asked.

“Y-yes.” Mike stuttered.

“I bet I know where I’ll look even better.” I replied.

A knowing smile formed on Mike’s face, “I'm sure you’re about to tell me,” he said.

Lowering my eyes I said, “Well there’s somewhere down in the cellar that I think I’d look good fixed to dressed like this.”

“Tell me.” Mike said teasingly.

“You know… the cross on the wall, the one your wife was tied too in the pictures.” I mumbled. Mike grabbed my hand and lead me from the bathroom and down the hall, when we reached the door to the cellar my heart began pounding at the thought of what was about to happen.

Mike turned on the light as we entered and walked down the steps, there against the wall was the object of my desire, an ‘X’ frame fixed to the wall, it had straps to hold limbs in place. Mike walked me over to it, “Are you sure you want this?” he asked.

“Mike I’ve been on here before, I love being held against it, on display and open for all to see and use, ever since the first time you tied me here I’ve fantasised about being here again. Now dressed as I am with the latex, I’m doubly sure.” I said as I stepped in front of the cross, placed my feet on the two steps that held my feet off of the ground and held my hands above my head.

Mike moved forward and held my wrist against the wood, he fastened the strap around my wrist fixing it in place. He repeated this with my other wrist and then the straps around each ankle, I was now tied to the cross but that was not all that Mike had planned. He moved over to a cupboard against the wall, opening the doors he sorted through various items until he found what he was looking for. He returned and began tying straps around my arms so that I was fixed to the cross at wrist, forearm, elbow and upper arm both sides. Next he repeated this with my legs, more straps held me at mid-thigh and knees. Rope was looped around my waist several times, each tighter than the last and then passed through my crotch at the top of my legs, Mike made sure that the binding was tight. He used more rope to secure my chest to the beams, crossing over between my breasts. Now I was fixed tightly to the wooden cross and unable to move myself or break free, I was in sheer bliss.

Mike stepped back to look at his handiwork, “My god, you were right you do look much better up there, I must get some photos of you bound there.” he said.

“Mike,” I said, “surely you’ve forgotten something?” 

“I was coming to that, be patient, it’s not like you’re going anywhere in a hurry!” Mike laughed. 

Returning to the cupboard Mike found what was required and walked over to me bound on the ‘X’ frame. “Mike before you gag me I should tell you that I haven’t told John where I am.” I said apologetically.

“Why not? He does know about our sessions, doesn’t he?” Mike said accusingly.

“Y-y-yes Mike, don’t be angry with me, I just forgot to leave a note for him.” I tried to look truthful but it was hard when completely covered in latex.

“You remember what happened to you the last time that you ‘forgot’ to tell John!” Mike replied.

‘Mmm!’ I thought I certainly do! “Yes” I tried to say meekly.

“Maybe you didn’t learn the last time” Mike continued, “just maybe you deserve more of the same!”

I was getting wetter at the mere thought of what could happen. Mike walked up to me and forced the gag in my mouth, he then fixed the straps extra tight around my head. “Maybe I should leave you to think about your actions.” Mike scolded. With that he turned around and left the cellar, turning the lights out as he went and I was left alone in the darkness very securely fixed to the cross.

As I hung against the cross in the cellar enjoying myself immensely, Mike in the meantime had tried to contact my husband John at work and tell him what had happened, but John was currently out looking for me. Mike was about to leave to try and find John when the phone rang, Mike ran over to answer it. “Hi Mike.” It was Sue, Mike’s ex-wife. “How are things? How was the trip?” she asked.

“Sorry Sue but I can’t talk at the moment, I was just going out the door to find Jenny’s husband.” He replied.

“Problems Mike?” Sue asked.

“Sort of, Jenny’s here but John doesn’t know and now he’s gone off looking for her and she’s tied up in the cellar.” Mike said.

“Well I saw John about five minutes ago, he was looking at someone’s car in the street around the corner from here.” Sue replied.

“Look could you see if he’s still there and ask him to ring me he at the cabin.” Mike asked.

“Sure, no problem.” Said Sue.

Mike hung up the phone and awaited John’s call. Twenty minutes went by then thirty and still no call. Mike decided to ring Sue and see if she’d got hold of John. The phone rang for a while, eventually Sue picked up the phone, “Hello!” she said.

“Hi Sue, it’s Mike did you find John?” asked Mike.

“Sure he was right there where I said. He’s here right now I’ll put him on.” With that she put the receiver down and Mike heard her footsteps walk away from the phone. Mike then heard the handset being picked up.

“Hello Mike,” said John, “Sue’s told me all about Jenny, as far as I’m concerned you can keep her.” He said angrily. 

“Wait a minute John it’s not my fault that she didn’t tell you, I just found her tied up on the front porch.” Mike quickly replied.  “She only told me a few minutes ago that she hadn’t told you, I think we need to fix her!” 

“I’ll fix her alright!” said John, “but not right now as Sue is keeping me company if you know what I mean!” 

“Oh!” said Mike, “then I’ll leave her where she is until you turn up?” 

“yeah leave her there!” John laughed.

Meanwhile down in the cellar I was too engrossed in myself to worry about the events unfolding upstairs, my thoughts were disturbed when the light flicked on and Mike entered the cellar. “John’s really pissed that you didn’t tell him where you were going!” Mike said.

“Mmmpph!” I tried to reply the gag holding back the words.

“He told me to leave you there until he arrives, whenever that will be. He’s currently at Sue’s, my ex and seems to be enjoying her company.” Mike smirked.

“Mmmppphhh!” I said.

With that Mike turned and walked out turning off the light as he left. Now I was in hot water, what would John say or more important what would he do. There was nothing I could do right now to stop them doing anything to me.


Story continues in part 3: Punished!


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