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Jenny's Delight

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; mum; wrap; packaged; crate; rescue; bodybag; transported; reward; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Jenny had been punished by her husband for again not letting him know what she was doing with Mike. Bound, bagged, boxed and entombed by him, Mike and Sue, she was left to contemplate her fate...

continued from part three

Part 4: Knight to the Rescue

My mind drifted as I lay bound in the crate, my body had been tightly bound first with leather cuffs, then rope had been tied around my limbs, followed by leather arm and leg binders. Over this they had placed me into a latex sleep sack, my mouth had been gagged and a leather hood placed over my head. They, I should tell you now, were my husband John, his friend Mike, who you may recall I was rather fond of, and of course there was Sue, soon to be the replacement of my affections with John. Little did I know that she and my husband were having an affair, here I was being punished for fooling around with Mike, but all the time John had been screwing Sue behind my back, talk about two-faced.

But back to my story. They had then placed my bound body in a crate, strapped it in more like, I could not move, see or call out, I was a total prisoner to my masters wishes. The crate had then been lowered into an old pit that was located in the floor of my husbands’ mechanical workshop, a metal cover plate was then placed back covering the hole and a padlock secured this. I was now just a thing, some distant memory, a package stored away, hopefully for future use. But I figured that if Sue had her way I would not be seeing daylight again. I had visions of concrete trucks filling the hole as John and Sue looked on, smiles on their faces.

Time seemed to stand still for me, I was left alone in my enclosure, my thoughts drifting off to various fantasies, dreams and some nightmares. I would awake with a start, forgetting where I was and finding that my body was securely bound, that no escape would be possible for me, I would have to await my fate and the wishes of my masters. I was unaware of the time of day, the only noises I could hear where when the mechanics were working in the shop above me, I heard them come and go, each time I wondered if they would find me, what would they do to me if they did.

But it would never happen, the only people in the world who knew where I was hidden was John, Mike and Sue, and they had gone away and left me here as punishment. That’s what I was told anyway, but as it turned out Mike had stayed behind, he refused to leave me as they wanted to, stating that he’d be no party to leaving me on my own, without back up or a safety person. John and Sue had left for a vacation, Mike was supposed to tag along, the three of them enjoying themselves, whilst I was their captive. Anything could have happened to them and I would be left here permanently, to die a long, lonely death.

Mike spent his days at work, at nights he would creep into the garage and check on me, listening to my breathing, checking that I was still alive at least. He would sleep over in the workshop near to the pit I was in, he would awaken at the slightest noise, thinking I was calling out to him. The next day he received a phone call from John, he said that they were going to stay on a bit longer as they were enjoying themselves. Mike asked about me, John just said that I could wait until they returned. Mike was shocked at this, I had spent over three days in the crate so far and the weekend was approaching. John would be back sometime next week or maybe the week after.

Mike decided that I’d had enough, he was going to get me out of the hole and release me. But today was Friday, a busy day in the workshop, and as it turned out an even busier day and night for the town morgue. Mike was kept busy with two elderly deaths by natural causes and then just as he was about to close, a fatal accident on the highway out of town. Mike was kept out all night, the accident had to be investigated and he couldn’t remove the bodies until the police allowed it. He finally finished up at 6 the next morning. Tired and suffering from lack of sleep he made his way over to the garage, only to find that the mechanics had already started work. The good news though was that being a Saturday, they would be gone by lunchtime.

He spoke with the mechanic, Steve, about doing some work on his vehicle later and that John had said that it was okay to use the workshop. Mike needed a reason to have his vehicle in the garage so he could remove me without being seen. Mike then headed off and slept, or tried to sleep, he still had visions of opening the crate to find my corpse. He eventually slept for an hour or so, showering to wake himself up, he grabbed a coffee before driving back to the workshop.

By this time I’d heard the mechanics finish up working, it took me some time to realise that they had only worked a short day, my mind was getting a little foggy by now. That meant that if they finished early, this must be Saturday and tomorrow was Sunday and no one would be here. I was going to be alone for the next 42 hours, where were John or Mike, shouldn’t they have released me by now. My mind went into thoughts of something terrible happening to them, I was going to be left here on my own forever. Maybe years from now they would find my body, still tightly bound and enclosed in the crate.

My thoughts were interrupted by sounds coming from above, maybe someone had broken into the garage to steal the tools or supplies, I immediately became incensed at the thought of some low life stealing from us. Not realising that there was nothing that I could have done at that point anyway! What could I do, shout, grapple them to the ground, well I don’t think so, tightly tied, bound in my crate and shoved down a hole with a metal plate locked above me. Not that I really wanted to be found by some intruder, they would be able to do what they liked to me.

It was then that I heard movement directly above me, maybe John had returned to free me, or maybe finish off the job of sealing me in, the concrete truck must be on it’s way. I heard a machine start and then a grinding noise that filled the hole that I was in. I couldn’t see or talk and now I was being deafened as well. Unknown to me Mike had decided to free me from the garage, but John had the only key, Mike would have to break the lock holding the metal cover. He found a grinder on the bench and used this to cut off the lock. He pulled the metal plate off the top of the hole and called out my name.

There was silence as I was still deafened by the noise of the grinder and my ears were still ringing. Mike then banged on the top of the crate, this made me jump, not that I could move anywhere. I tried as hard as I could to make a noise, screaming into my gag. I didn’t care who was up there I just wanted out, to breathe the free air and see daylight again. Though I had enjoyed the tying, binding and enclosing in the crate, being left as an object, but I needed to be released. Well you can have too much of a good thing!

Mike tried to pull the crate up by hand himself, either it was lodged up against something or it was just too heavy, he couldn’t do it. He looked around the workshop and spotted an engine hoist, the type that rolled on casters over the vehicle and was used to pull the engines out. Mike moved this over the hole and lowered the pulley down to the top of the crate. He attached the hook to the handle and gently I was lifted from the hole. From inside the crate I could feel the movement as I was slowly raised out of the hole and looked forward to hopefully my eventual release. But they could have other plans for me, this could just be the start of something else that had lined up for me. At this stage I still didn’t know who was on the outside of the crate, I thought that John, Mike & Sue had returned.

My body was relieved to be laying down again and the pressure was off my body where the straps held me in the crate, my body had to adapt to not being in the upright position. I eagerly awaited the opening of the crate, but this was not to be, after checking that I still responded, Mike loaded my crate and therefore my tightly bound and packaged body into the rear on his vehicle. I heard the rear door close on the van and lay there wondering what would happen to me now. Mike started the engine and moved out of the garage, stopping only to close and lock the workshop door, the metal plate was placed back over the hole.

The vehicle moved off, my fate again in the hands of whoever held me, I didn’t know who it was that now had my bound form in their possession. I was theirs to do with as they wished or desired and there wasn’t a thing I could do to stop them. My thoughts began to wonder at what they could do to me next, what plan or scheme had they in store for me. I lay there listening to the sound of the engine as we moved along, unsure as to where it was that I was going. I drifted off as the gentle throbbing sound lulled me into sleep. I woke when the vehicle stopped and I felt movement of my crate, I was being unloaded, this was my destination and I would soon find out where I was.

The crate was dragged along the ground, the bumps I felt as it rattled along the dirt transferred to my bound body, my head banging against the wood of the crate. Then it stopped and I was lowered down, the sound of the lid being forced as the wood broke and cracked, it had been screwed down with security screws that once down require a special opener. Whoever it was didn’t have this tool and they were breaking the lid to get at me, a tightly bound gift wrapped package. I hope they realise that the contents of the crate were alive and fragile.

After the lid was removed, the straps were undone and I was picked up by two strong arms and carried a short distance, inside a building as the sounds changed. My body was lowered to the ground and they left me there as they moved away. I didn’t know where I was, who had taken me or what they intended to do with me. I was soon to find out though. The footsteps returning, they knelt down beside me and I heard a snap as they cut the small locks holding the zippers on the eye and mouth closed on the leather hood. Then I heard and felt the zipper being opened, the light blinding me after being in the dark for so long. I still had the gag in my mouth so I could not talk. 

My eyes began adjusting to the light, I could see the outline of the person who had my bound body in their possession, the face becoming clearer, it was Mike. I was with him, he was the person who freed me, I would have to reward him, but only after I regained the use of my limbs. Their presence now becoming felt as aches and pains began to course through my body. I needed to use the toilet badly too. Mike shoved a straw into my mouth through the hood and told me to drink a couple of sips. My dry mouth was like a desert as the water ran over my parched tongue, I savoured each drop as it entered my mouth, I had trouble swallowing as my throat had become dry, it hurt to swallow. He let me have a couple more sips and then removed it.

He rolled me over and cut through the lock holding the hood onto my head, he also began cutting through the ropes he tied over the latex sleep sack. Done he rolled me back over and removed my hood, I was still bald underneath, the pattern of the leather hood clearly visible in the skin on top my head. My lips were dry and cracked through lack of moisture, they had sealed me in my tomb without regards to my physical needs, no water, no light and very little air. If they had left me any longer I would have died. Not something I would recommend anyone to repeat at home.

Mike had a very sorry and concerned look in his face as he removed the hood, my face slightly swollen from the effects of the tight enclosure. Mike offered me more water, my latex covered body looked good, I really liked the way it looked in the black shiny enclosure. He helped me lay my head down on the floor and began undoing the zipper of the sleep sack, the pressure easing slightly on my poor bound body, the feel of the cold air hitting the parts of my flesh not covered by the leather binders. Mike pulled me out of the latex enclosure and carried me over to his couch. Laying there I wanted to take him in my mouth, suck his being dry, well at least that part of his body.

He was more concerned with getting me released than using me for his pleasure, or mine for that account. He began undoing the leather leg binder followed by the arm binder. The ropes now revealed, they were close to cutting into my flesh, he quickly cut these with a knife rather than take the time to untie them. He also cut through the leather cuffs that bound my arms and ankles, he was that concerned about getting me free that he wanted to get me out as quick as possible. I didn’t realise at the time just how guilty he felt or his concern with how damaged my body may have been after being bound for so long in that position.

I began to feel it as the blood started to move through my body again, my limbs ached and would not function properly after being immobile for so long. Mike feared that they had done some permanent damage to me. He thought about getting me to a hospital, wondering how he could explain how I came to be this way. After a drink to get my fluids up, he picked me up and carried me to the bathroom, I was placed on the toilet as he began running a bath for me. I was able to relieve myself, but very little fluid passed from my body, well I had been bound now for a few days, with no water or food. Mike then placed me into the warm bath water and began rubbing my limbs to get feelings back into them. He washed me all over and pampered me as I lay there in the bath. 

I could see the troubled look on his face, and said that I would be fine, my legs and arms were tingling, this means that they are recovering. I smiled at him and said that I’d like to go to bed and for him to use me, whilst I was unable to move too much, that he could take advantage of me in my weakened state. He looked at me astonished that I could even think of sex at a time like this, he said that he was really worried about me. I assured him that I was okay and that I really needed him to be close to me now. Mike picked me up out of the bath and carried my still wet body to his bed, he placed me gently down and climbed on the bed beside me. I again asked that he take me as his, I wanted to feel him inside so bad right now that I just wanted him to climb on me and use me.

My body was still not willing or able to move as Mike moved himself over me, he pressed his member against my sex and pushed himself into me, the feeling inside me was overwhelming as he continued his initial thrust into me. I lay there as he moved his penis inside my pussy, moving in and out, the tension slipping as he continued with his movements, the pressure building within me to a long awaited orgasm. I wailed as the waves crashed over me, this had been a long time coming, the wait well worth the climax. My mind seemed to become one with my sexual organs, the flashes of light cascading through the spectrum of the rainbow. Mike continued allowing me to ride out this intense wave of pleasure until I collapsed, I had passed out and lay there unconscious from the sheer exhaustion and exhilaration of the climax. 

As Mike came inside me he became aware that I was out of it, he quickly pulled himself out of me and jumped off the bed. He began to panic, thinking that I’d had a stroke or seizure, which in a way I’d had. After being bound for so long, the release and climax had caused my brain to overload slightly, leaving me unconscious and out of this world. Mike ran to the phone and called a Doctor friend of his that he knew through his work. Mike explained to him what had just happened and the Doctor said that he’d call by, for Mike to keep an eye on me until he got here.

Twenty minutes later, the Doctor arrived but by this time I had come to and was back in the land of the living, much to Mikes relief. Mike told the Doctor what had happened leading up to the blackout, including how I was bound in the crate, which I thought was quite amazing on Mike’s part seeing how much trouble he could get into, keeping someone against their will, tied and locked away. The Doctor shook his head and said that he could see that Mike was still up to his old tricks, how he remembered Sue being tied once or twice, the ropes leaving marks on her wrists when she visited his clinic. He then came over to me and began examine me, looking at my eyes, checking the pupils. Then he looked over my body, on seeing just how bad the rope marks were, he scolded Mike for tying me so tight and for leaving me for so long. Mike explained the whole story whilst the Doctor continued examining me.

He suggested that I go into hospital for a few days so he could run some tests, I said that I’d rather stay here with Mike, but I could call in at his clinic in a few days time for the tests. Mike asked if I really didn’t want to go to the hospital. I nodded my head and said that a couple of days rest would be all I needed. The doctor introduced himself to me, Roger, as he wished me to call him, had know Mike for a few years now. He knew that Mike and Sue were into bondage and had wanted to try to get his wife interested in being tied or in tying him. He’d spoken to Mike on several occasions, he and Mike had worked together for sometime, Roger was the local pathologist as well. So their paths often met as they worked together.

Roger then said that I needed complete bed rest, that Mike was to wait on me hand and foot, my needs were to paramount to anything else. I thanked him and said that I would call by in a couple of days. Mike walked out of the bedroom with Roger and I could hear Roger talking to Mike, it seemed that he was doing all the talking. Mike was rather sheepish when he came back into the room. I could tell that Roger had spoken about the serious consequences of what could have happened. He would have been looking at serious charges if something had happened to me.

I lifted my arms as best I could and asked Mike to lay down next to me, I cuddled up next to him and drifted off into a peaceful sleep. When I awoke Mike carried me into the kitchen where he sat me down and fed me a pasta dish that he’d made. The cold drink of water wetting my thirst, Mike quickly refilled the glass. Then he helped me to eat the food. I had begun to get more feeling back in my limbs and after the meal I was feeling 50% better. He made coffee and I sat there sipping it as he cleared away the dishes. I could get used to this treatment!

Mike carried me into the lounge room and placed me on the couch, the ropes were still laying where he had cut them earlier. I ran my fingers over the remains, a sly look in Mike’s direction, but he quickly picked them up and took them outside. Mike returned and brought me more fluids, pampering me as any guilty man should. I was loving every minute of this, maybe I shouldn’t take advantage of the situation, but it was just so tempting. Anyway he could always tie me up and punish me…

The rest of the weekend I was treated as royalty, Mike was there at my beck and call, attending to my every desire. I did get him to make love to me a couple more times that weekend, but each time he was very scared that the same thing would happen as before and he pulled up short before cumming inside me. Mike made me rest all through the next day, he kept checking on me, making sure that I was okay and never straying too far from my side and refilling my glass everytime I emptied it.

Then on Monday, Mike had to return to work, I would be left on my own if I stayed at the cabin. Mike said that he’d prefer it if I was near him until I’d recovered enough to look after myself. So after breakfast, Mike helped me walk out to his vehicle and for the first time I managed to travel in it up front, every other time I’d travelled bound up in the rear. The journey in to town was pleasant, I hadn’t taken too much notice of the scenery, but after spending so much time in darkness everything looked so much brighter, more colourful.

We reached town and Mike drove into his work, I would join him in his office for the day, where he could continue looking after me. We walked inside and into his office, this was the very room were our relationship began, the room were he’d wrapped me up in plastic wrap. The scene of the initial crime so to speak! My thoughts drifted back to that day, the feeling that I felt then came back washing over me, I needed to be bound again and my mind was already in planning mode. How could I get Mike to tie me up? I knew he’d be very reluctant, if not impossible at the moment for him to even think about tying me.

Mike began going through his work, his desk seemed to piled high with paperwork, well I suppose after having the holiday and then having to attend to me, not only whilst bound but also afterwards. I decided that I’d help Mike with organising some of the papers, going through different forms and orders and prioritising them, so Mike could concentrate on getting the main things done. Mike was pleased that I wanted to help, I suppose it took some of the guilt he felt about me away. I spent the next couple of hours sorting through things, typing some mail for him and generally getting him back on track with his work.

By lunchtime we’d gotten through most of the paperwork, the office seemed to be more organised and I’d shown him a couple of things that would make life easier in the office. Mike took me out to lunch at a local diner, just around the corner from his work. I knew quite a few of the people here as John’s workshop was not far from here either and I used to run his office for him. People were a bit surprised to see me with Mike, they were even more surprised to see me with no hair, but no one asked where John was. He of course was still away enjoying the company of Sue. Mike had telephoned him to let him know that he’d released me, much to John’s displeasure.

We sat there talking for a while, eating and drinking, discussing various things but the subject turned back to bondage, maybe on my part, well there’s no use beating around the subject. I could see that Mike was uncomfortable with talking about it right now, maybe it was because we were in a public place, so I let the matter drop for now. We returned back to the office, I made an excuse on the way back that I had to call into the local store and would meet him back at work. The real reason was I needed some supplies for later.

Mike was busy on the phone when I walked back into the office, so I put my bag down and carried on going through the paperwork. About an hour had gone past, by then we had managed to get everything in order, I’d typed up a couple of letters and brought them to him for his signature. As I leaned over the desk Mike placed his hand on my bottom, running it up and down, sending shivers through me. I smiled back at him and let him continue, soon I was sitting in his lap kissing and getting us both worked up. I decided that I would reward Mike for rescuing me, and slipped down onto my knees in front of him, easing his member out of his pants and using my lips to get him hard. I then took him in my mouth and continued until he climaxed in my mouth, I savoured the taste of his sperm and swallowed it down. Looking up at Mike as I still held him in my mouth, he smiled down at me, holding my head in his hands and running his fingers over my bald head.

I think that eased the pressure on Mike, he felt more relaxed around me the guilt seemed to be lifted slightly. Mike pulled me up and closed his arms around me drawing me closer to him, the smell of his body sending my senses racing. I snuggled close to him, feeling the warmth of his body, enjoying the feeling of closeness and intimacy for the first time with Mike. Our relationship had crossed another hurdle and moved on to becoming more than just Master and slave, or bindor and bindee. Mike was the first to break the comfortable silence, he asked me to come back home with him tonight. 

I didn’t need any time to think about this, I now felt that our relationship would be more, I wanted it to be more than we’d already had. I readily agreed to go with him, but I said on one condition. Mike’s face was intense as he looked at me, his thoughts racing as to what could it be that I wanted. For a second or two Mike fell back on the defensive, maybe I shouldn’t ask him, but I just needed it, desired it and I wanted to have it now.

My mouth was dry as I asked Mike, I said that I wanted him to wrap me up as before, I wanted him to enclose me in plastic wrap and leave me for a while. Mike began shaking his head, he said that I’d had him really worried about what I was going to say. He was still very doubtful and reluctant to tie me up, the Doctor had given him strict instructions not to tie me up for a couple of weeks, but I said that he wouldn’t be tying me up, just wrapping me! I had to work my feminine charm on him to wear him down, but as all girls know, we get our way in the end.

I brought the rolls of plastic wrap I’d purchased earlier, and began getting undressed, I wanted to be naked again with only the plastic covering my body. Mike went out and locked the entry door to the building, we didn’t want to be discovered with me bound in plastic. Mike returned and began wrapping my legs, each was enclosed as before with the plastic wrap running wound several time, each layer making my legs stiffer. He worked the roll up my body covering first my tummy and then my breasts, working the roll over my shoulders and back down. He finished the first roll. Asking me to move my legs together he began wrapping them both, the plastic creeping up, enclosing them together. My love hole was now becoming very moist, the feelings of both the plastic and the bondage having the desired effect on me.

Mike worked the second roll over my body and back down my legs, making sure that each layer was tighter than the last, the plastic covering my flesh. I was now enclosed from my shoulders down to my toes, Mike began using the third roll, starting from my feet and working his way up my body. I was in plastic heaven! I couldn’t move, the plastic layers holding my body stiff and rigid, the heat starting to build up inside the layers and inside of me too! Mike finished with the third roll and picked me up and carried me over to the examination table, laying me down on it’s metal surface, I was now just another body for Mike to deal with. He said that he would not wrap my head this time, he was still too concerned about me to do that to me. I would have to be content with just my body being enclosed.

I could see no point in protesting, Mike had a serious look on his face again, so I just settled back to enjoy my bondage, the plastic wrap tightly enclosing me in it’s grasp. Mike went back to work in the office leaving me to my fantasies, as I lay there wriggling and squirming, delicious thoughts running through my mind. I was becoming a bondage junkie, maybe I was becoming addicted to being tied, this was my latest fix, I needed to be tied. I cleared my head of such thoughts and started to get back into my fantasies. 

My thoughts were interrupted when Mike came back in the room and said that he’d finished for the day and it was time to go home. I looked at him and smiled, I wanted to stay like this a while longer, and I asked him if it would be okay for me to stay wrapped. Mike shook his head, but said that he would carry me to the van and I’d be travelling in the back for the journey home. But as we’d be going outside to his vehicle I would have to be put in a bodybag, as he didn’t want anyone seeing me bound the way I was. My heart leaped at the thought of going into one of those bags again, I had really loved being in the last one, and placed in the body locker too.

Mike brought a new bag from the store room and laid it beside me, he rolled me on my side and placed the bag under me, I was again nothing other than an object for him to move or use. Rolling me back over and towards him he managed to get the bag around my plastic wrapped body, pulling the two sides closer together and starting to close the zip. He looked down at me as he pulled the zipper up the bag, my body now in it’s confines with just my head left, he bent down and tenderly kissed me on my lips, the mere seconds seemed to extend themselves as his lips pressed against mine. I knew now that we would be together and that my life with John was now over.

Before finally closing the bag Mike placed tape over my mouth, he said that he didn’t want his kidnap victim screaming and drawing attention. Under the tape my lips formed a smile, I was going to be his to do with as he wished, a mere plaything or toy, nay a sex toy for his bidding and pleasure. My heart was beating fast as he picked me up off the table and carried me outside to his waiting van, my bound and enclosed body placed in the rear and the doors firmly closed. Mike then drove off with his bondage slave in the rear, thinking of all the things he could do to me, but then that’s another story…


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