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Jasmin My Gorgeous Girl in a Bottle

by Garsponlin

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Storycodes: MF; bond; sex; climax; M/f; drug; prepare; strip; shave; corset; gag; hood; intubate; toys; insert; glue; nipple; encase; bottle; sealed; display; objectify; voy; stuck; cons/nc; X

story continued from part one

Part 2: Jeanette

Jeanette the boss of the liquid food company can’t wait any longer she has been thinking about Greg all day she really fancies him so she phones him with her mobile.

“Hi Greg Jeanette here I can’t stop thinking about what you have done with your girlfriend and I was wondering if I might come over this evening to see her“

“Yes of course you can I will text you the address”

Greg does that and immediately he gets a reply.

“Thanks for that I will change first then I will be over I guess in about an hour”

Greg texts back “Ok see you then”

Jeanette has a quick shower and gets dressed in the sexiest outfit she has, it’s a very tight black latex mini dress and six inch heels even she is turned on by her own image in the mirror, she spends a long time doing her makeup and hair before she is satisfied with how she looks.

She locks her apartment up and drives over to Greg's house.

As soon as she pulls up on his drive he opens his front door to greet her and she does take her time getting out of her car so he can get a good look at her long legs.

“Wow Jeanette you look stunning I hardly recognize you come in.”

She follows Greg indoors he shuts the front door and shows her into the lounge, even though she knew what he had done to his girlfriend she is still blown away.

“She looks stunning I really don't know how you got her in there, but it was so worth it you must be really proud.”

“I am, she was the one that wanted to do this, all I did was find a way to make it possible but now she is in there it’s me who is getting most of the pleasure”

“By the way she is wriggling it’s obvious she likes it as well”

“Yes I think she does, for some reason she started moving like that just after I fed her”

“You don't know about the supplement in the food then”

“No what's that about”

“Your friend bought the liquid food with the strongest mix of supplement we do, I will explain what that means”

Jacqueline explains what the supplement does and how it will make Jasmine very randy, and eventually forget everything about her previous life.

“She must have wanted this to happen to her, she is a very kinky girl”

“Yes we always go over with the client what will happen to them if they get fed a mix as strong as this one, we even get them to sign a form to confirm that they heard it all”

“I think I understand everything properly now”

Greg gets himself and Jacqueline a glass of wine and they both sit next to each other on the sofa chatting and its not long before she unzips his flies and puts her hand on his penis, he is a bit shocked by that but within a few seconds he has her skirt pulled right up and is shagging her over the back of the chair doggy style.

Even though she is being shagged Jeanette can see the Carboy clearly and the sight of Jasmine in there is making her even more randy.

“I want to be tied up and gagged, can you do that to me?”

“Yes of course stay there and I will get the stuff”

Greg almost runs upstairs Jasmine was heavily into bondage, so she has loads of gear in her bedroom he gets several gags, lots of chains and padlocks and goes back downstairs. Jeanette is still bent over the chair back with her arms already behind her back, so he chains her wrists and elbows as tight as he can, she does make a slight noise when he does that, but that stops when he gags her with a big penis panel gag, she has put her legs together so he chains her ankles and knees again, he does it as tight as he can and gets on with shagging her with her legs tightly chained together it make it hard to get his penis into her fanny so he has to lube it.

She is insatiable and so is he and the shagging goes on for hours, he does have to take a break every now and then but she makes it plain by her wriggling and mmmmphing that she wants more and its eleven o'clock when they have finally finished.

“You are amazing, even Jasmine couldn't go as long as you, shall I untie you now?”

Jeanette shakes her head so he leaves her still bent over the chair back.

Greg doesn't ask again he just chains her to the chair, she doesn't object to that so he adds lots more chains to make sure she is secured properly.

“I'm off to bed now so I will release you in the morning”

Jeanette shakes her head at that so he leaves her to get some sleep, he has already added coloured lights to the Carboy's stand so he leaves them on so Jacqueline can watch Jasmine all night if she wants to.

Greg can’t believe his luck, having a gorgeous sexy girl tied up downstairs, along with Jasmine is so erotic he would love to keep her, but he knows she will have to be released in the morning. It’s some time before he manages to get to sleep.

Jeanette is getting used to the penis gag now, she did struggle when Greg pushed it right into her throat she has never had anything like this in her mouth before, and she did have a problem breathing for a few minutes, she is a bit disappointed that Jasmine seems to have gone to sleep and is not moving much but she can see her chest moving as she breaths, she eventually goes to sleep herself.

It’s the morning and just getting light so Greg just lays there thinking about last night and he instantly gets very randy after laying in for half an hour he gets up, showered and dressed.

Jeanette always gets up early and even though she is tied up tight she still wakes just after it gets light, she instantly remembers what happened she can’t move and she is starting to feel very vulnerable.

Just then Greg comes into the lounge.

“Good morning Jeanette, I hope you managed to get some sleep last night, I think it would be a waste not to shag you again before I release you”

Greg is really horny this morning, but he still has to lube his penis again before he can get it into her fanny,  even though she can hardly move its obvious that she is loving it and he shags her for more than an hour, as he pulls his penis out she wiggles her bottom he takes that to mean she wants more.

“I would like to leave you like this all day and shag you again this evening, are you ok with that?”

Jeanette is so horny now that she nods at that.

“Is your business ok without you?”

More nodding she has her manageress trained to deal with everything when she doesn't come in as that does happen quite a lot.

Jasmine is awake and moving about in the Carboy, Greg doesn't talk to her, he just gets on with the feeding she reacts straight away to that he loves watching her wriggling so erotically.

Greg is already thinking about whether to put Jeanette in a Carboy as well and the thought is making him very horny, Jasmine told him where she bought hers from so he will drop by the second hand shop to see if they have another one.

He needs to draw the curtains so he puts a sheet over the Carboy and another over Jacqueline before he draws the curtains back, he locks the front door then he rides over to his workplace.

Jeanette is annoyed that she can’t see the Carboy now but the sheet seems to keep her calm and she dozes off again.

Its midday before Greg gets a chance to drop into the second hand shop.

“Hi my girlfriend bought a Carboy from you recently and I was wondering if you might have a another one?”

“We have loads how many do you want? Come and see”

Greg follows the shop owner into the store room and it’s full of Carboys, some smaller, some bigger and some the same size there must be more than twenty.

“If you want the lot I would do them at a very special price!”

“Ok what's your price for all of them delivered?”

“£100 delivered today so long as you are local that is”


Greg pays cash for them and writes Jasmine's address down.

“I will be home by six can you deliver them then?”

“I will see you just after six”

Greg has no idea what he is going to do with all of them but the price was so low he just couldn't turn it down.

While he is riding he is going over in his mind what he can do with the Carboys, he is hoping that Jeanette will agree to be put in one as for the others he has no plans.

He struggles to finish on time and he has to ride very fast if he is to make it to Jasmine's house by six, and it’s just after when he rides onto the driveway and even before he opens the front door the guy from the second hand shop pulls up.

“Hi I will open the garage door for you can you give me a couple of minutes”

Greg hasn't got time to check on Jeanette or Jasmine so he goes straight into the garage and opens the door and helps the delivery man to unload all the Carboys.

“We found another few so you can have them for free so there are twenty six altogether”

“Thanks I hope they all go in”

They have to stack them three high to get them all in leaving just about enough room for Greg to work.

Finally it’s all done and the driver goes home leaving Greg to lock up, he does that and before he does anything else he closes the curtains and pulls the sheets off Jeanette and Jasmine.

“You have the most sexy arse I have ever seen Jeanette, give me a few minutes to get changed and I will shag you.”

She has been waiting for this all day and she gets instantly very horny.

Greg has already got a huge erection and he has to lube it again to get it in her fanny, this time he only shags her for about half an hour as he needs to feed Jasmine.

He does that quite quickly Jasmine's reaction is instant so he makes himself some dinner and sits on the sofa watching her wriggling and writhing. Jeanette is also very randy and keeps wriggling her bottom for him to shag her again but he needs her to get a bit calmer so he can talk to her and it’s an hour before she does stop wiggling her bottom.

“I had a real result today I managed to buy twenty six Carboys, so I was hoping you might agree to go in one as I think having the two of you on the coffee table would look really stunning”

Jeanette is really shocked by what Greg has just said and struggles big time, but she is chained so tightly that it’s impossible for her to escape.

He needs to get another rubber hood with only nostril holes in it plus a few other things, so while she is still secured he goes out to the sex shop and buys them, when he does get back home Jeanette is still struggling to get free.

“I can see you are still excited, so I will get on with preparing a Carboy for you it shouldn't take long”

Greg knows exactly what to do now, so he cuts the bottom of the Carboy in half the time, it’s a bit cramped in the garage so he has to make more room by stacking some of the Carboys four high.

Jeanette is exhausted and sweating profusely it’s a mix of terror and excitement.

“I think it best if I chloroform you, it will make it much easier for both of us.

She does try not breathing when he puts the chloroform rag over her nose but she can only hold her breath for a minute before she has to breathe and within a few seconds she is unconscious. He removes the gag and all the chains and carries her into the garage and carefully removes all her clothes, she will be out for some time so he props her up and pours a glass of strong laxative into her mouth making her cough but her reflexes work ok and she recovers quite quickly, then he carries her into the toilet and holds her onto the pan and she is soon all cleaned out, then he puts her in a hot bath and washes her all over, she does start to come to while she is in there so he has to chloroform her again.

He dries her and carries her over to the bench in the garage so he can get her ready, she already has quite a small waist but he wants her to look identical to Jasmine, so he fits a rubber corset on her and laces it up as tight as he can, she also has pieced nipples so he removes her rings and replaces them with his own with a chain between them, this time they are stainless steel as he can’t afford gold this time but it will still make her look very erotic, he will need to talk to her so he pushes an audio receiver deep into her left ear and fills both of them up with wax.

He turns her over again and gets on with chaining her arms behind her, everything that he does to her is more or less the same as Jasmine, so it’s a lot faster than before, she does show signs of coming too so again he gives her another dose of chloroform and she goes back to sleep, he pushes a large rubber ball into her mouth with lots of silicon sealer on it and sews her lips together, then he glues a latex patch over her mouth now she can only breath through her nose.

He pushes a zapper into her fanny and sews that up as well then he glues another shaped piece of latex over that, he needs to shave all her hair of so he does that and paints her all over with hair root killer he washes it all off and dries her as she is still unconscious. He glues her eyes shut with pieces of shaped latex then he paints her head and neck with skin preserver/glue, he waits for a few minutes then he pulls the hood on, he pushes the two breathing/feeding pipes deep into her nostrils and smoothes the hood out, when the glue has set he glues two long plastic tubes into her nostrils with silicon glue.

Lastly he fits a stainless steel belt round her waist, it’s the same size as the one on Jasmine and he has to use a lot of force the get it to lock together so that proves that Jeanette's waist is slightly bigger, now he can pull her chained feet up and attach them to the ring on the belt. She is now ready to be put in the Carboy so he  does the same as he did with Jasmine and props the Carboy upside down on cushions and wood supports, then he feeds her breathing/feeding tubes through the neck and lowers her in head first, he glues the bottom on and puts the bag of sand on it, he will have to wait for half an hour before he can finish so he goes back into the kitchen to make a coffee and sits down in the lounge to wait. He won’t tell Jasmine that she has company till it’s all done.

Jeanette is coming to when he goes back into the garage but it’s too late for her to do anything to stop this and anyway she is wedged so tightly by the neck of the Carboy that she can’t move hardly at all, so he trims the excess glue off the Carboy with a craft knife and polishes the join till it’s almost invisible, then he carefully turns the Carboy the right way up and pushes the two breathing/feeding tubes through the wooden bung, now that Jeanette is the right way up she can move a bit more.

He carries the Carboy into the lounge and lowers it onto a stand on the same coffee table that Jasmine's is on, hers is in the middle so he slides it to one side and puts the new one next to it, he now knows how long it will take to fill the Carboy so he puts the hose in turns the tap on and goes into the kitchen again to make another hot drink. Jeanette is fully awake now and at first she has no idea where she but she realizes when she feels the water on her body and panics she struggles to breath at first then she forces herself to calm down and her breathing gets slightly easier..

Greg comes back into the lounge to see how the filling is going and he can see that Jeanette is struggling a bit which he finds quite amusing.

“You need to calm down its pointless you struggling like that”

The Carboy is nearly full now so Greg turns the tap off pulls the hose out adds the skin preserver and the anti algae chemical, then he tops it up with a kettle. Jeanette has stopped struggling now and is just gently moving about in the water.

“That's better it’s nearly all done”

Jeanette is a very strong willed person, she is not used to being told what to do, so Greg will have to use the zapper quite a lot to get her trained.

He adjusts her feeding/breathing pipes and taps the bung with his wooden mallet in till its flush then he stands back to admire his work.

Now he has done it he feels really excited that he has managed to get this very beautiful and strong woman into another Carboy, a few days ago it never occurred to him to do this but now he has two.

He can see that Jeanette is struggling to breath so he adjusts her breathing/feeding tubes and trims over two feet from them so they stick out of the bung about two inches the same as Jasmine's.

“You should be able to breathe better now Jeanette”

She can and nods to confirm that she heard him.

“I'm going to feed you the special liquid food now so hopefully that will make you feel better”

She is very hungry so she nods again, Greg gets straight on with it and its soon done she knows what the food does but she has no choice and she is instantly very randy.

In all the excitement of putting her in the Carboy he has forgotten to find out if she has anyone at home that might be worried about her, so he phones her apartment several times and gets no reply so he is quite relieved by that, he will phone her business tomorrow to talk to her manageress to see if there will be any problems with her business.

He sits down on the sofa in the lounge with a glass of wine to watch what the two Carboy girls are doing and they are both wriggling in a very sexy way so obviously the supplement is doing its stuff, he decides not to talk to them tonight as they both seem very randy.

In spite of her anger at having this done to her the supplement is so strong that she can’t resist it so Jeanette is now on the way to being completely controlled by it, she invented it so she knows how powerful it is.

Greg has no qualms about putting Jeanette in what is in reality a large water filled bottle, in fact he really enjoyed it he wants to do this again and again, he knows apart from Jasmine any girl he puts in a Carboy will probably be unwilling and that thought makes him very horny, he wants to get lots more girls into bottles to add to his collection, it’s become an obsession now.

Before he can settle down for the rest of the evening he has a tidy up, Jeanette's clothes are still on the floor of the garage so he picks them up and puts them in Jasmine’s wardrobe in her bedroom.

Greg sleeps soundly all night and when he does wake up he feels really refreshed, he is not convinced that everything is not just a dream and it’s not till he in is downstairs and in the lounge that he is sure it’s all real, he carefully feeds Jasmine and Jacqueline without talking to them, so they just focus on the effect of the supplement, it’s all part of the plan to get them to be just sexy objects in a bottle and already Jasmine is well on the way, its eight o'clock before he is all finished so he covers both Carboys with sheets and draws the curtains back.

He locks the house up and rides to his first job that is to collect a parcel and take it to another office, after that he has some time before he needs to be at his next job, so he calls into the office that supplies the liquid food.

“Good morning”

“Hi what can I do for you?”

The woman that answers the door to him is quite spectacular, quite tall with a fantastic figure and really long legs she is dressed up really sexy in a tight black leather mini dress and very high heels.

“Hi my name is Greg and my partner Jasmine bought some of your special liquid food with lots of supplement in it and I need to buy some more”

“I do remember her, how is she getting on with it?”

“She loves it, I just need to make sure I have enough”

“Really I should only supply her as we have very strict rules as to who we sell it to”

“Well she is not in a position to come in, so she sent me”

“We may need to wait till my boss comes in, she is the one that gives out permissions”

“If you mean Jeanette she is at my house and like Jasmine she is not able to come in herself”

“So she is at your house is she, I was wondering where she had got to, I bet you have her tied up don't you”

“It’s a bit more complicated than that”

“That sounds intriguing, if I could see her that would put my mind at rest”

“Come round this evening and I will show you, I promise she is ok, by the way what is your name”

“Its Kim, I will do that and I will bring the liquid food with me, if she says its ok you can have it”

“That's fair I will see you later then, here is my phone number and address make it after eight just in case I have to work a bit later”

Greg leaves the office and sets off to his next job, he can’t get the image of the girl at the office out of his mind  but he gets on with his work he will try and get home as early as possible.

He has ridden a lot harder than he normally does so he gets home on time and the first thing he does even before her gets out of his motorbike gear is to feed Jasmine and Jeanette, so he closes the lounge curtains and pulls the sheets off the Carboys, both of the girls are hardly moving and it’s not till he feeds them that they get lively.

Greg has a bite to eat before his visitor arrives and relaxes on the sofa enjoying Jasmine and Jacqueline's sexy antics.

Just on eight his doorbell rings.

“Hi come in, you look good”

“Thanks, so do you”

She follows him into the lounge and just stands there is shock looking at the two Carboys.

“Is one of those Jeanette?”

“Yes she is the one on the right”

“I never expected anything like this, I just thought she would be tied up, how on earth did you get them in there?”

“That's my little secret see if you can work out how I did it”

Kim goes over the Carboys carefully but she eventually gives up.

“I am baffled I can see them in there, but how you did it is a mystery”

“I promise I will tell you one day”

“It might spoil it to be honest, there is something very kinky about all this, how long do you intend to keep them in there?”

“To be honest there is no way to get them out without seriously injuring them or even killing them so it's permanent really”

“Wow really”

“Yes effectively they are in there for the rest of their lives, I am hoping that the liquid food will eventually control them so they will be just very erotic living ornaments”

“If you feed them twice a day for two weeks with it they will definitely become that”

“Can I have the food now?”

“Definitely and I have just realised that Jeanette's business is now all mine”

“So you approve then”

“So long as I can come and see her occasionally, yes is it possible to speak to her?”

“Yes you just need to use a transmitter”

Greg hands the transmitter to Kim and shows her how to turn it on.

“Hi Jeanette it's Kim here, how are you I know you can't talk so just nod to confirm you can hear me”

Jeanette is shocked to hear from Kim she has given up ever hearing her voice again and she nods furiously.

“You look stunning I know how much you like bondage but this is on a whole new level, Greg won't tell me how he managed to put you in there but I have to say you look so kinky and erotic”

Greg takes the transmitter from Kim and turns it off.

“That's enough I don't want her upset”

Jeanette can't stop wriggling she is so excited to hear Kim's voice she is hoping now that she will be released soon but within a few seconds the zapper gets turned onto maximum by Greg and the wriggling turns into struggling.

“She seems to be very lively now”

“Yes she is”

Kim has no idea that Greg has just done that as he has the controller behind his back.

After a few minutes he turns the zapper off and almost immediately Jeanette stops struggling.

“That was so sexy she must really love it in there”

“I think she does”

“I would like to come back tomorrow evening Greg if that's ok I want to spend some more time with her”

“Yes of course you can, just one thing can you manage to run the company now that I have Jeanette permanently in a bottle”

“No problem she was meticulous in keeping records of her experiments and she trained me so I can do anything she did”

“Excellent let’s have a drink to celebrate I think we are going to be really good friends after all this”

“Hopefully more than just friends”

Jeanette is in shock this was not what she planned at all, and she knows because she invented the liquid food that eventually she will be just a sexy ornament and there will be nothing she can do about it.


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