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Jasmine My Gorgeous Girl in a Bottle

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2020 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; sex; climax; bond; latex; prepare; corset; gag; hood; permanent; intubate; toys; insert; glue; encase; bottle; sealed; display; objectify; nc; XXX

Continues from

Kim has something on her mind and she really needs to talk to Greg about it so she phones him...

“Hi Greg, how's the girls?”

“Fine, is that Kim?”


“Why don't you come round, then you can see for yourself?”

“Okay I will I need to run something by you anyway.”

“Great, see you soon.”

Greg gets changed out of his work clothes and puts a coffee sachet in the machine so it's ready for Kim.

He sits down on the sofa to wait and it's only a few minutes before the doorbell rings.

“Come in Kim, you are looking really good tonight.”

“So are you.”

The two Carboy girls have just been fed so they are very lively.

Kim bends right over to look at them, making her latex dress ride up to show her pussy. Greg can see she has on crotchless tights and no knickers and he can't help getting an erection.

“I can see what you had for dinner Kim!”

“You shouldn't be looking.”

“It's difficult not to.”

“Are you saying you don't want to shag me?”

“No, I would love to!”

She pulls her skirt right up and bends over the back of the sofa and Greg gets on with it. Kim is so responsive it makes Greg even more horny and the sex goes on for ages. Finally it's finished and they both crash out on the sofa.

“That was amazing, you are quite something Kim.”

“You are pretty tasty yourself Greg.”

She puts her hand In his unzipped fly pulls his penis out and puts it in her mouth and it all starts again. While she is sucking his cock she is looking intently at the two girls in the Carboys. It's obvious to Greg that really what's turning her on but he doesn't care, he has never experienced anything like this before.

It's nine thirty when she puts his penis back in his trousers and zips his fly up.

“That was amazing Kim, you can come round again.”

“I will. I promise there must be something about you that makes me do this.”

“I reckon it's the two girls in the Carboys.”

“That makes sense, I do feel randy when I'm near them. Okay I had better tell you the main reason I came round.”

“Okay, go for it.”

“I have been giving the whole Carboy thing a lot of thought, and I actually think there is a massive business opportunity here. What I propose is we set up a business offering, to put either a wife or a husband in a Carboy. Just think there must be hundreds of rich people in bad relationships who would jump at the chance to do this. They wouldn't want their partner killed just put under their control.”

“Okay I understand that, but what sort of money would be involved?”

“I reckon you could charge a million pounds, maybe more. I would get the clients, you would actually put them in. My cut would be 10% and yours would be 90% what do you think?”

“That is awesome. Okay let's do it, even if we only get a couple it's a life changing amount of money.”

“Perfect, I will come round tomorrow evening and take lots of digital pictures of the girls so I can show them to prospective clients.”

“Just one thing, keep all this quiet, apart from prospective clients that is. We don't want any problems from the law do we?”

“I had already thought about that, so don't worry it will be kept discreet.”

“Let's have a drink to our new venture.”

“Yes let's!”

They sit down on the sofa with a glass of wine each and toast the two Carboy girls.

“Why don't you stay the night, I need a bit more shagging?”

“Okay, but I need to go to work early.”

“So do I.”

Both Jeanette and Jasmine are very lively tonight, as Greg has increased the percentage of supplement again. Kim stays with Greg every day, she only leaves the house to go to work.

A week goes by and she finds their first customer. She is so excited she almost phones Greg on his mobile, but then waits till she gets to his house.

“We have our first customer!”

“Brilliant, when do they want it done?”

“As soon as we can do it, and the guy wants extras so it's £1.3 million.”

“Wow, that is amazing! Okay do you have all the measurements?”

“I do.” Kim hands Greg the sheet of paper with all the measurements and what the customer wants done.

“I will need a few days to get this stuff made so it's going to be Friday at the earliest.”

“I will tell him.”

The following day Greg drops by a company that makes custom latex outfits and orders what he needs. He also pays extra to get it made quicker, then it's the DIY store for some heavy duty plastic zip ties. Kim has told the client it's going to be Friday and runs over the logistics, so Greg and the client know what to do.

Friday dawns. It's a cold but sunny day, and Greg loads his new van with a precut Carboy, the various glues, sealers and latex, as he is going to do it at the clients house. Kim has already gone to work so it's all down to Greg. He has to use his satnav as the client’s house is right out in the country approached by a long gravel drive. He also has to use an intercom before he is let in through the main gate.

“I have no idea about all this, my husband only said he had a surprise for me, so drive up to the house and show me. He isn't here at the moment.”

This is not what Kim told him but he still drives up to the house. It's not a house, it's a mansion.

The client’s wife answers the front door to him and even Greg is impressed. She is in her late thirties, but stunningly beautiful and he instantly gets very horny. She comes out and asks for the doors of the van to be opened so she can see inside. She has barely focused when her husband comes up behind her.

“Go indoors now, if you resist I will shoot you.”

She turns round and is horrified to see Dave her husband standing there pointing a gun at her. “Okay.”

Greg gets the Carboy out of the van and carries it inside. The wife is just standing in the lounge shaking, with the husband pointing the gun at her.

“Sorry about this,” the husband says, “I didn't want to drug her. I want her to experience everything that is being done to her.”

Greg goes back out to the van and gets the rest of the stuff out to carry it inside. When he gets there the husband has got his wife to undress. She is just standing in the middle of the room, naked and still shaking.

“This is Greg. He is the one who is going to do all this. What's going to happen is you will be bound and gagged, put into a latex outfit, and fitted into that glass bottle. It’ll be filled with water, so you will be alive, but just an ornament for my friends and my own amusement. If you had been a nicer person this wouldn't have happened, but you have actually made my life hell. I could have killed you, but this is by far the best solution.” He turns to Greg, “okay, go for it.”

“Okay Julie, this won't take long. The first thing is to bind you, so put your arms behind your back for me.”

She is so shocked, she does it without thinking, and he uses heavy duty zip ties on her wrists and elbows. It's a lot easier than chains as he is able to pull her elbows together easily. He does her ankles too, and gets her sat down on the sofa while he does the rest.

“Open wide so I can gag you.”

She looks at her husband; he is still pointing the gun at her, so she opens her mouth. Greg forces a rubber ball in and sews her lips together. He runs a bead of super glue along her lips, pulls the thread tight, and knots it off.

“Close your eyes for me.”

She does and he paints organic glue into them and onto two pieces of shaped latex. Then he pushes them in and holds them till the glue has set. He then gets a rubber corset and laces it onto her already small waist, as tight as he can. He also locks a two inch wide stainless steel belt on top of the corset. Then he turns her onto her stomach, pulls her ankles up and secures them to the ring on the metal belt with more zip ties. Then he zip ties her knees together and cuts all the plastic ties flush.

“You can put the gun away now.”

The husband does that and Greg props the wife upright and shaves off all her hair, including the hair on her fanny, then paints on a hair root killer. He waits for several minutes then he washes it off. Next he fits an audio receiver into her right ear and fills both up with wax. Then he paints her head, face and neck with skin preservers and glue, and pulls a rubber hood on right down to the bottom of her neck. He glues the two nostril extensions in at the same time, then he smooths the latex to remove any air bubbles. The final job is to pull the latex costume onto her. It's been deliberately made very tight, so it's quite a job to line her nostrils up and do the zip up. The last thing he needs to do before putting her in the Carboy is to silicon glue two pipes into her nostrils. He also glues a strip of latex over the zip to stop any water entering the garment.

“Okay, that's all done, so I will get you in the Carboy now.”

Julie is in a state of shock. She really didn't see this coming, to say she is regretting what she has become is a bit of an understatement.

Greg gets the Carboy, turns it upside down onto two pieces of wood and wedges cushions round it to keep it in place. He feeds the two plastic pipes through the neck and lowers Julia in. It’s a bit late but she does struggle when he does that, but now she is right inside the Carboy she can't really move. He paints lots of sealer/glue onto the bottom of the Carboy and the part that he has cut off, before putting them together and sitting on it until it's set. After half an hour he gets off and carefully turns the Carboy over. Julia slides round the inside till she is the right way up.

“Where are you going to keep it?”

“On the coffee table. That way I can see it easily when I'm watching TV.”

Greg stands it on a wooden stand on the coffee table, trims the excess sealer off and polishes the whole Carboy. Once he is happy with that, he puts a hose into the neck, connects the other end to a tap in the kitchen and turns it on. As the water level goes up, so does Julia.

“This is truly wonderful, I'm so glad I did this.”

“I bet Julie isn't!”

“No, but she brought this on herself to be honest. If she had been a good wife I wouldn't have done it.”

The Carboy is nearly full so he adds anti-algae chemicals to it and tops it up to just under the neck. Then he looks for leaks but there are none, which he is really pleased about. Julia seems okay, so Greg pushes the two air/feeding pipes through the holes in the bung and taps it in till it's flush. He then adjusts the pipes, trims them and glues them to the bung so they can’t move. Then he tidies everything into a sack and takes it out to the van.

When he comes back he stands next to Dave and watches Julie as she wriggles in the Carboy.

“There is enough food for a month so after that contact Kim and she will supply more. The feeding kit is next to the food so you just need to read the instructions. If you have any problems phone me.”

“Fantastic, I will transfer the rest of the money later. And thanks, this is awesome!”

Julie isn't so terrified now and isn't as panicky. In fact she seems quite calm and has stopped struggling. Greg shakes the guy’s hand and leaves, the gate opens as he approaches and starts closing as he drives through. By the time he is at the end of the drive it's fully closed. Kim phones him on his hands-free and it auto-answers.

“The balance is already in my account, so I assume it's all done?”

“Yes, and it went perfectly.”

“Roll on the next one!”

They get together at Greg's house and not surprisingly both are very horny and they have sex on the floor of the lounge. Back at the mansion Dave has got himself a drink and is sitting on the sofa watching Julie. She is already a lot calmer now and is moving in a quite erotic way.

“Just think, no more shopping, cooking or arranging dinner parties. Now you are just an ornament. I will feed you before I go to bed, so just try and stay relaxed and keep moving like that, it’s so sexy.”

Julie feels like she is the only one who has had this done to her. She has no idea she is just one of three Carboy girls. The latex has already shrunk as it's designed to, so every part of Julie's body is showing through. David can't get enough of looking at her nipples as they are now really big.


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