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Jasmin My Gorgeous Girl in a Bottle

by Garsponlin

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Storycodes: M/f; bottle; fantasy; strip; naked; shave; depilate; bond; chain; corset; gag; hood; intubate; toys; insert; glue; nipple; encase; sealed; display; objectify; voy; trick; stuck; cons; X

Jasmine and Greg have been going our for months and Greg had moved into her house full time they are both very like minded and have a really good relationship.

“How was your day today Jasmine.”

“Really good I did a bit of shopping and visited a friend, so yes I had a very good day what about you.”

“Yes I had a good day as well it probably wasn't as good as yours though just delivering stuff to rich people. Ok what rubbish have you bought today?”

“It's not rubbish and its right in front of you in the fireplace.”

“Do you mean that large bottle.”

“Yes, that's the one and its not rubbish.”

“Ok tell me why it's not rubbish.”

“That is not a bottle it's a Carboy and its very rare.”

“Ok it's a Carboy but it's still rubbish, what on earth is it for?”

“It was used many years ago to contain acid and now it's just an ornament and I love it.”

“Ok well I suppose if you enjoy it that's ok, but what's the attraction?”

“I just find it fascinating, I try to imagine what it would be like to be inside it looking out, I know it's not possible but I can still fantasize.”

“That is so kinky you really are quite deep aren't you.”

Greg does notice that Jasmine is looking really intently at the bottle.

“Tell me more about your fantasy I promise I won't laugh.”

“Ok but if you do I will hit you.”

“I'm serious tell me I find this sort of thing fascinating.”

“Ok my fantasy is to be tied up tight and and put inside it and the Carboy filled with water so I would be just an ornament but a living one. I would have to be able to breath of course but I know it's not possible so that's it really.”

“And if it was possible would you do it?”

“Yes I would like a shot.”

This has really shocked Greg and he goes very quiet.

Among other things Greg loves making things and he spends hours in the garage working on stuff, Jasmine is happy for him to do this as he does a lot of improvements in her house.

“It might be possible, but it's going to be very difficult, I have a few idea's of how to do it but even if it is possible, I think if you did do this you may be in there for ever. I think it would at the very least be difficult to get you out again safely and I bet you haven't thought about being fed and going to the toilet.”

This time it's Jasmine who goes very quiet and it's several minutes before she speaks again.

“So long as you can find a way to get me out again safely I would do it. I would just want to spend a few days in there, no longer, as regards the eating and toilet I have done some research and there is a way round that, there is a local company that makes a very special liquid food there is no waste at all the food is converted completely into energy, so you see that won't be a problem at all. I have already bought some and its delicious.”

“Ok leave it with me and I will think over how I could do it, in the meantime have a think about how you would want to be displayed.“

Jasmine gets instantly very horny, the thought has been on her mind for a very long time, what she hasn't told Greg is that she has been looking at the Carboy for months in the window of the second hand shop and only just got the courage to ask how much it was, the man in the shop was so pleased to sell it that she bought it very cheaply.

Greg has two hours before bedtime so he goes into the spare room and sits down at his computer, he has a cad program on there so he plays around with different ideas till he finds one that he thinks would work, he prints it out and starts to make a wooden frame, he has it roughly assembled by the time he wants to go to bed he will finish it tomorrow evening and hopefully he can modify the Carboy tomorrow evening as well.

Jasmine is already in bed when he gets there and as soon as he turns the light off and gets into bed she jumps him, she is really horny he has never had sex like this before. In between being shagged by Greg she talks to him.

“Ok don't keep me in suspense can you do it?”

“I believe I can, so what I need to do is cut the bottom off the Carboy, put you in and glue the bottom back on again.”

“Wow you are so clever,  but can you get me out again that's the deal breaker for me.”

“Yes I think I can.”


She is so randy that they don't get to go to sleep till two and he needs to be up at seven, so tomorrow will be very tough for him, and with what he intends to do in the evening he will be bushed, so he may need to get her in the Carboy later in the evening so he can get some sleep.

Jasmine doesn't work so she stays in bed, when he gets up he has some breakfast and he rides over to pick up his first job and then sets off to ride to the clients business address, even while is riding he is thinking about Jasmine and the whole Carboy thing, and even on his bike he gets an erection just thinking about her tied up inside a water filled bottle, he is full of ideas about what he wants to do to her.

The day almost whizzes by and as soon as he has done his last delivery he drops by the sex shop to buy a couple of items, then he heads to Jasmine’s house, she hears his motorbike and opens the door for him that is the first time she has done that.

“Your dinner is ready, so have a shower and I will serve it.”

He has a shower and comes back downstairs she only lays out a place for him and just sits at the table watching him eat.

“Are you not eating tonight Jasmine?”

“No I was hoping you might put me in the Carboy this evening, so I thought it best not to eat, I have also taken a strong laxative just to make sure.”

“Wow you are keen, ok I will try but there is still a lot to get ready.”

He finishes his dinner and gets on with assembling the special cutting frame, it takes him an hour to finish it, then he bolts his angle grinder to it and fits a diamond cutting blade. Jasmine is sitting waiting in the lounge when he walks in.

“I need the Carboy now.”

“Ok take it.”

He does and locks it into the frame and sets the grinder cutting as it does he slowly turns the Carboy in the frame, if he has got it right the cut should join up and it does now the bottom of the Carboy is separate, he looks at the cut and it's perfect just how he hoped it would be.

“Ok Jasmine I have done it come and have a look.”

She does that and just stands looking at the Carboy with its bottom cut off while rubbing her fanny.

“This is just perfect, I can't thank you enough, have you got the right glue to fix the bottom back on?”

“I have it's very special stuff guaranteed not to leak.”

“Excellent I really want this to be perfect, by the way have you worked out how to get me out in a week?”

“Yes I have I won't tell you how though.”

“Great I know you will be in total control of me but I do trust you.”

“You can, I wouldn't do anything to harm you.”

“I know you wouldn't,  you do  need to learn how to feed me, the instructions are written on the sides of the container.”

Jasmine has written out exactly how she wants to do this, Greg is a bit shocked but he will still do it. He goes to the toilet so he doesn't get distracted, and by the time he gets back to the garage Jasmine has got undressed and is standing by his work bench. He picks her up and lays her face down on his bench and picks up the first of the chains, she puts her arms behind her back and he starts chaining her.

“Do it really tight, I promise I won't make a noise.”

Greg's first job is to chain her wrists and elbows tightly together, he pulls the chain as hard as he can, any harder and it would cut her skin and he doesn't want that, he does the same with her ankles and she doesn't make a sound, he is really impressed by that, the last job is to padlock all the chains .

“Are you ok?”

“Yes fine, lets get on with it.”

“I fancy putting you in a tight corset you know how it turns me on.”

“I'm ok with that, go for it.”

Greg goes into Jasmine's bedroom and get a thick rubber corset out of her wardrobe and brings it downstairs, he puts it on her straight away, then he turns her onto her front and starts lacing it really tight till he cant do it any more, then he ties the laces into a knot and pours super glue onto them so they don't come undone.

“You look amazing Jasmine, I have never gotten your waist as small as that before.”

“You really are a kinky devil aren't you!”

“I just want you looking as horny looking as possible in the bottle.”

“Its not a bottle, its a Carboy.”

“Ok its a Carboy.”

Now its the part she has specified, its very extreme but very erotic, she wants all her hair to be shaved off including her eyebrows. 

“You have specified that you want your head painted with hair root killer afterwards, you do know that you will be bald for ever don't you.”

“I do, I want to look really kinky in there, hopefully you will take lots of video and digital pictures so I can see them when you get me out, and I have lots of wigs to wear if I don't like myself with no hair.”

“I promise I will take plenty of videos and digital pictures of you, I actually think you will look very sexy without any hair and eyebrows.”

“So do i.”

He is really pleased about all this, it will make what he wants to do to her a lot easier. He gets everything ready and lifts her off the bench and sits her in a chair, then he shears all her hair off including her eyebrows as per her instructions, he finishes by wet shaving her, she had gorgeous long blonde hair but it's all gone now.

He paints all over her head, face and body with hair root killer and waits while it works, then he washes it all off.

“Ok it's time to gag you, do you want to say anything before I do it?”

“Not really, just don't worry about hurting me, you know I enjoy pain.”

Greg wants to do this part quite differently to the way she wanted to do it, what he has in mind is much more extreme.

He wants her to breath through her nose instead of her mouth, so he gets a large rubber ball and covers it with silicon glue, she can't see what he is about to do as she has her eyes shut, so he forces the ball into her mouth straight away, she realizes what he has done as she can't breath through her mouth any more and she gets a bit agitated and tries to talk, but she can't before the silicon glue sets Greg superglues her lips together and then glues a shaped patch of latex over her mouth, she does struggle a lot when he does that.

“I know this is not how you wanted to do this, but trust me this is going to be a lot more erotic.”

She is shocked by the gag and the latex patch, but she has no idea that he has glued her lips together, but she does trust him and she realizes that she doesn't really have any choice, so she just nods.

“I promise you will love what I have in mind for you.”

He slips his fingers in her fanny and she immediately gets very randy, he deliberately plays with her for some time and now she is so horny that she doesn't really care what he does and she closes her eyes.

“Ok keep your eyes closed, I have a surprise for you.”

She does and he pours lots of special glue and hair root killer onto two shaped pieces of latex and he quickly presses them into her eye sockets, he holds them in with the palm of his hands till they are set now she can't open her eyes at all now, and she does struggle when he does that, she even tries to scream but its impossible, she has to make a big effort to calm down, when she has stopped struggling he does the same with two bigger pieces of latex and glues them in as well.

“That's better try and keep calm you should be ok to breath through your nostrils, you just need to practice.”

Now for the part he was most looking forward to, he has left the item in the pannier of his motor cycle so he goes out to it and retrieves the bag, when he gets back Jasmine is obviously very horny so he strokes her tits that really gets a reaction.

“I need you to sit still for this bit.”

He gets her sitting upright and pushes an audio receiver deep into her left ear, then he fills both up with wax now she can't hear anything, so he turns the transmitter on.

“Can you hear ok?”

She nods at that.


This part she definitely won't like so he will need to work fast, so he paints her head, face and neck with special glue/skin preserver, gets a very stretchy black latex hood out of a bag and stretches it onto her head and neck, the hood has two long breathing pipes attached to the nostril holes so he pushes both in till they won't go in any further then he smooths the hood on.

“Try not to struggle its making it harder to smooth the hood.”

Jasmine is really shocked by that, but she does stop struggling and he finishes smoothing the latex, he lays her back down onto the bench and slides a zapper into her fanny, she has no idea what he has just done, all she does know is she quite likes the feel of it he superglues it closed, and then glues a shaped piece of latex over it so it can't come out, then he glues with silicon glue two long clear plastic pipes deep into her nostrils.

“I have just glued your breathing/feeding pipes into your nostrils, I know you are struggling to breathe now, I will shorten the pipes when you are in the Carboy, that will make it easier for you to breathe.”

It will take some time for the silicon glue to set so he tapes her onto the bench and leaves her to make himself a coffee, within half an hour he is back and by now Jasmine is laying very quietly on the bench, he lifts her up and fits a three inch deep rigid stainless steel belt round her waist, its very small and self locking so he has to really push to get the two halves to lock together, on the back is a metal ring so he pulls her feet up and secures her ankles to it with a chain then he padlocks it on.

While he is at it he chains her knees tightly together as well, she has no idea what he has just done although she can feel a lot of pressure round her waist and knees, she has pierced nipples with rings through them and he wants to make her look even sexier, so he removes the rings and replaces them with real gold ones with a gold chain joining them together, they cost him an absolute fortune but he really loves the way she looks now.

“Ok Jasmine its time to put you in the Carboy.”

Greg gets the Carboy and stands it on its neck then he stacks lots of cushions round it to hold it like that, he also raises it up onto two pieces of wood so the neck is off the floor

Jasmine is not at all happy about not being able to see, that was what she was really looking forward to and he has spoiled it for her, she has decided she doesn't want to do this any more, she knows this is the last chance she will have, so as soon as he removes the tape securing her to the bench she starts really struggling, but Greg has anticipated she might do this so he just ignores her and carries her over to the Carboy, he feeds her breathing/feeding tubes through the neck of the Carboy then he lowers her in head first. Now she is just laying by the neck of the Carboy, she can move slightly but not enough to make any difference, Greg using a glue gun pumps lots of the special glass glue sealer over the bottom and also on the cut off part, he has to wait for a few minutes then he puts the two parts together, to make sure he lays a bag of sand on it and goes off to make himself another coffee and its another half hour before he is back.

Jasmine is still where he left her she can't really move so she hasn't got much choice.

The bottom is firmly glued on so he cuts the excess glue off with a craft knife and polishes the cut so its now almost invisible, he turns it slowly over and she slides round the inside till she is at the bottom, its a bit heavier than it was with her in it but he still lifts it quite easily, he has already closed the curtains in the lounge so he carries it in and puts it onto a stand that he made specially for it on the coffee table.

He gets the hose from the garage, connects it to the tap in the kitchen and puts the other end into the neck of the Carboy and turns the water on, as it starts to fill Jasmine lifts off the bottom and when it's nearly full he pours anti-algae and special skin preserver chemicals in, she hadn't realized that she would become very wrinkled after a few hours in the water so he has found a suitable chemical to stop that.

He finishes filling the Carboy with a kettle, then he feeds the two pipes through the wooden bung he has made and carefully taps it into the neck with a rubber mallet till its flush, then he stands back to have a good look, now Jasmine can move about properly he is really pleased with how it's all gone, he can't help feeling very randy when he sees her in the bottle, it was her idea but he really loves it now.

“Hi Jasmine you do look amazing, I'm so glad we did this I think I love you even more now, sorry about your eyes but you will get used to it. I suppose I need to tell you why I did what I did, you know how much I love sex and now you are in there its impossible, so I will have to find other partners to do it with and I don't want you seeing me shagging other women, so this is the best solution. I will admit I love having you like this, you look so sexy and erotic, over time I hope you will forgive me, anyway for now I hope you enjoy your new home, wriggle sexily for me so I can video you.”

Even though she had second thoughts, now she is in the Carboy she does feel ok so she does as he asks.

“Excellent, you look gorgeous, keep doing it like that and I will leave the video camera running.”

Greg has no intention of videoing her he just wants to see her moving sexily. 

Even though Greg is doing as she asks, she can't stop thinking about what he said, she will only be in the Carboy for a few days, so she can't work out why he can't manage without sex for that long and what did he mean by over time? She really wanted to do this but now she is not at all sure, but she is intelligent enough to know that she is now in the Carboy for as long as he wants to keep her in there, for she does get very horny when she thinks about that, she decides she will behave as sexily as she can while she is in there.

Greg adjust the two tubes so Jasmine can move about and when he is satisfied he trims the pipes by about two feet, so there is now about two inches protruding from the neck of the Carboy, now Jasmine can breath a lot easier.

It's now quite late and he is very tired, so Greg spends the last half hour reading about how to feed her and he realizes quite quickly that he will have to get a different feeding kit to the one that Jasmine got as its only suitable for a breath through gag.

Greg makes a note of the telephone number and address for the company that makes the food as he wants to find out about getting the right kit and he is hoping they can supply it, otherwise he and Jasmine have a real problem.

The pain from the chains has faded quite a lot and Jasmine is managing to breath ok now, but she is really hungry and so far there is no sign of Greg feeding her, she never really thought it right through and now she realizes just how vulnerable she is.

“Ok its been an amazing evening, but i'm really tired now so I need some sleep, I have turned the video camera off so you can relax now, try and get some sleep  and I will see you again in the morning.”

Greg sets the zapper on very low with the remote control before he turns the lounge lights off and goes up to bed.

He is so excited that he struggles to sleep but eventually he does, what he has just done is quite unique to have put a live and chained woman into a large bottle and filled it with water is just amazing, he is really sure that it has never been done before.

Once he does go to sleep he sleeps very deeply but still wakes early and although he needs to get up, he just lays there thinking about Jasmine and he immediately gets an erection, he would have normally given her a good shagging but he can't so he masturbates himself.

He takes his time getting showered and dressed, he goes downstairs into the lounge and stands and watches Jasmine for some time, she has slept deeply for most of the night but is now fully awake and is feeling quite scared, he increases the zapper slightly and that has an almost immediate effect, he won't talk to her this morning as he wants her to get more used to being just an ornament, he is convinced that its the right way to deal with her.

He looks at the clock and realizes he has to get a move on, so he covers her Carboy with a sheet and draws the curtains back so if anyone looks through the window they won't see her, he won't have time for breakfast so he will get something to eat later, he locks the front door and rides to his first job.

Its midday before he gets a chance to phone the company making the liquid food.

“Hi I hope you can help, my girlfriend Jasmine bought some of your special liquid food and I need to feed her with it, the problem is she is only able to breath through her nose, so do you supply anything to do that.”

“Yes we do, I do remember her as it happens so come round and I will give you a kit.”

“Don't you mean sell me a kit.”

“No the kit is free, we only charge for the food.”

“Thank you so much, can I come and get one today.”

“Yes, anytime before five.”

“I can come over in the next few minutes if that's ok.”

“Great see you soon.”

He is on his way to his next client so first he drops off at the factory where the special food is made.

“Hi come in.”

He is quite shocked by the bosses appearance, she obviously very female and is dressed in the most sexy outfit he has ever seen and she is a real looker. Greg follows her into the office she gets a kit and instructions out of the cupboard and hands them to him.

“Just follow the instructions, if you have any problems feeding her give us a call, by the way did you chain her up and put her in the bottle like she wanted?”

“Yes she was really up for doing it, so I did put her in, come and see her if you want, I’m quite proud of it to be honest.”

“I would love to.”

Greg puts the feeding kit in his panniers and rides to his next client.

The food company boss writes down Greg's phone number in her diary so she can phone him tomorrow, she is really intrigued by what he has told her.

Greg has to work a bit later to finish his jobs and he doesn't get home till after seven, the first thing he does is draw the curtains in the lounge and pull the sheet off the Carboy. Jasmine is completely unaware that he is there and moves about very slowly and she only starts moving quickly when Greg turns the transmitter on.

“Hi Jasmine I hope you are feeling good because I have a wonderful surprise for you.”

She is very confused as to what the surprise could be.

Greg follows the instructions to the letter and prepares the first feed, he connects oxygen to one nostril pipe and turns it on then her feeds the main tube into her other nostril till it can't go in any more, she can breath but with some difficulty so he needs to get this done quickly, so he fills the container up with liquid food and pumps plenty of it into her stomach, he then pulls both of the tubes out and turns the oxygen off.

Jasmine is a bit shocked and frightened by that, but within a few seconds she feels really randy and she forgets all about wanting to be got out.

Greg is blown away by Jasmine's movements and he gets a huge erection, this is so perfect he couldn't be happier, he decides he won't tell her yet about wanting to keep her permanently  in the Carboy in case she gets upset, he is hoping after a couple of weeks  she won't want to be got out anyway.

Any doubts Greg had about the whole thing have completely disappeared, he now has an absolutely unique live erotic ornament and he is really going to enjoy it.

He turns the zapper up to four and Jasmine moves about in an even more sexy way, she forgot to tell him about the sexual supplement in the liquid food, so he assumes she is just enjoying  the zapper.

He has to cook his own dinner now but he is ok with that, and when he has finished eating he spends the rest of the evening sitting on the sofa with a glass of whiskey and enjoying watching Jasmine, she is so randy now that every few seconds she wriggles her whole body he gets really turned on by that.

story continues in part two



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