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The Handmade Basket

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2019 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; basket; bond; shrinkwrap; reluct; nc; kidnap; sold; slave; XX

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Trevor has been working hard on his orders it's been over a week since he sent the basket with Lori in it to his customer in the Middle East.

He doesn't get many phone calls most of his customers contact him via email or letter so at first he doesn't notice it but it keeps ringing so eventually he answers it.

“Hi Trevor, Abdul here.”

“Hi Abdul, what can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to say thanks for the special basket.”

“I'm not with you, what special basket?”

“You know, the one with a girl in it.”

“That one. I had forgotten about that.”

“Yes she was in a bad way when we got her out and it's taken quite some time to get her recovered.”

“To be honest I didn't expect her to survive I just needed to get rid of her.”

“Well if you have more like her send them, I can sell them for lots of money. I could have sold this one but she is so gorgeous I decided to keep her.”

“I have to admit, she is quite a looker.”

“She is more than that she is quite stunning.”

“What have you done with her?”

“She is part of our collection now, we have to keep her chained up as she does keep trying to escape but we like that. It proves she has spunk, so if you have more like her send them, we will pay big money for any you can send.”

“Exactly how much are you prepared to pay for each one?”

“£500,000 so long as they get here alive.”

“Wow, really, leave it with me I'm sure I can do that.”

He exchanges a few more pleasantries and finishes the call.

Trevor is shocked he basically put Lori in the basket to get rid of her, so what Abdul has said really makes him think. Lori was the only female that came round so where he is going to find more like her he doesn't know.

Even though he is a bit of a loner, he decides he needs to go out he has read that the best way to find a partner is to go out to a nightclub. So he spends an hour looking online and in the middle of town is what looks like the perfect place. He has no suitable clothing so he takes the afternoon off and goes into town has a haircut and buys a whole load of modern clothes from a very trendy men's clothing shop.

It's only Monday and he has learned that the best time to go clubbing is Friday or Saturday, so he has plenty of time to work on his look.

He goes to a pub every night to practice his people skills and by Thursday he has managed to chat up a girl, not a stunning one, but still a girl.

He is actually a virgin and he has no intention of changing that, all he wants to do is pull a really stunning female and he works out the only way he can do that is to pretend he is very rich, so on Friday he goes out and buys lots of gaudy jewellery and an Omega watch. He has spent £20,000 but with the potential to get £500,000 it's worth it.


It's Friday and Trevor packs up early so he can get ready he spends over an hour in the bath and shaves himself thoroughly, he wants to look as good as he can. He books a taxi, puts all the jewellery on, along with the Omega watch and gets dressed. He won't go to the club till late, he wants it to be really busy when he gets there.

The taxi arrives so he locks up, gets in, and within half an hour he is walking in. As he thought, the club is heaving, so he gets a drink and mingles and it’s not long before a particularly sexy woman starts chatting to him.

"I haven't seen you here before."

"No this is all new to me."

"Okay, stay with me I will make sure you enjoy yourself."

Trevor can't believe it, he has only been in the club for a few minutes and he seems to have pulled the most gorgeous girl here.

"Thank you so much can I buy you a drink?"

"Yes, make mine a prosecco."

He plies her with drink and after two hours she is really drunk and slurring her voice.

"Shall I take you home?"

"You can take me to your house if you want."

"Don't you have someone at home worrying about you?"

"No, nobody, I live on my own so I can do what I like. I promise you won't be disappointed if you take me to your house."

Trevor can't believe all this it's so perfect he is already mentally spending the £500,000.

"Okay, let's go."

He has to help her to the taxi, she is very unsteady on her feet. He has had his house professionally cleaned and freshly decorated during the week so it actually looks really good now. He has also replaced his bed and various other pieces of furniture just in case he pulled, he also has new bedding.

The taxi pulls up outside his house and he helps Yvonne to get out. She is so drunk he puts her straight to bed. He has only seen Lori in the nude before, but as soon as he takes Yvonne's clothes off he realises she is even shapelier. She is completely out so she has no idea what he has just done.

He turns all the house lights off and gets into bed with Yvonne. Even though she is sparked out she does react when he touches her pussy, and within seconds he is having his first ever full sex.

She sleeps very deeply as he does and it's eleven o'clock when they wake.

"I'm sorry I got so drunk last night, I have to thank you for looking after me."

"You were very drunk, but it was no hardship to look after you."

They get up and she has a shower as he does before they put their clothes on. As soon as they get downstairs she sits down on his sofa.

“Are you up for a fry up?”

“Yes please.”

He goes into the kitchen and starts cooking while she looks at his photos on the wall. Most are of baskets he has made, some are really intricate. She walks into the kitchen where Trevor has just finished making breakfast.

“Okay, sit down and I will serve it.”

She does and they eat without talking to each other till they have finished.

“That was delicious thanks, I really needed that.”

“I did as well, do you want me to take you home now?”

“No, if you are happy for me to stay that's what I would really like.”

“You can stay as long as you want, but be aware, I will be going to work Monday.”

“I'm guessing you do something with wicker baskets by all the photos in your living room?”

“Yes that's what I do.”

“It's obviously profitable, your Omega won't have been cheap.”

“It is, most of my baskets are custom made.”

“Wow, I never knew there was so much money to be made making baskets. What's the most unusual basket you have made?”

“That's easy, it's the one with a live woman in it.”

“Tell me more! Like, did she do it willingly?”

“She did, I wouldn't have done it any other way.”

“Did she talk to you while you did it?”

“She couldn't, she was tied up and gagged.”

“I bet she didn't consent to that!”

“She did, I wouldn't have done it otherwise.”

“How did you get her out without destroying the basket?”

“I didn't, she was posted out to a customer in the Middle East.”

“This is amazing I have never heard of anything like this before. Is she back home now?”

“No she is still out there, I guess she quite likes it.”

“Would you mind if I came to work with you on Monday? I find all this really fascinating.”

“Of course you can.”

Trevor is really pleased and all he has done is tell the truth, with a few variations and Yvonne has accepted it. Now all he hopes is that she decides to do it without him needing to persuade her. He makes a huge effort to keep her entertained all weekend and she seems to really fancy him, so he has lots of sex. In a way he is already having doubts about the whole thing, then he remembers the £500,000.


It's Monday and Yvonne is up before he is she gets dressed and makes breakfast while he is still getting up. He has hired a top of the range Merc so that's what he uses to take her to his workshop.

“Love the car it must have cost a fortune.”

“It did but it's better to spend my money on this, rather than give it to the taxman.”

She is so pleased, it couldn't have worked out any better, she has landed a really wealthy guy. At least that's what she thinks.

Trevor's workshop is immaculate, not like his house was before he had it done up. He unlocks the front door and they go in.

“Make us a coffee while I get started.”

She does that and sits down to watch him work he has ten baskets to make today so he gets on with it she loves watching the baskets form as he works.

“You are so skilful. I can't believe how fast you work!”

“I wouldn't make the money I do otherwise.”

“Would you have time to put me in a basket?”

“Really? Do you mean like I did with the other girl?”


“Do you realize you would have to be tied and gagged? Have you done that before?”

“I haven't, but it's a new experience, so I'm up for that I just don't want to be posted.”

“Okay, when I have finished this lot I will do it. I need you to take some laxatives, there are some in the kitchen cupboard.”

Trevor is very honest, so he makes sure he hasn't agreed to anything he didn't want to. He gives her a catalogue so she can choose the basket shape and she picks one out in a few minutes.

“Excellent choice. Okay, I should be finished by three so we will do it then.”

Yvonne is so excited and when it's three she has already got undressed ready, even though Trevor is still finishing his last basket. She does spend quite a long time in the toilet, as the laxatives have kicked in now.

“You are going to love this.”

He lets her put the breathe-through gag in herself, but he does the straps up so the gag is pulled into her mouth as tightly as possible. She puts her arms behind her and he duct-tapes them together.

“Okay, let's get you taped up.”

He lifts her onto his work bench and gets her to pull her legs up to her chest, then he tapes her tightly like that. Slowly he tapes her from the feet upwards. He has to lay her on her side so he can tape her underneath. Finally he tapes her head.  Now she is completely covered, apart from the gag tube. He needs to hot shrink plastic onto her, so he does the first layer. When it's shrunk enough he does the same with several more layers, till she is as small as possible.

He cuts the gag tube flush, and covers her with the nylon bags, sewing each one closed before fitting the next. He puts enough on so you can't see through them, she is a bit panicky now and does try and get free, but it's too late. He starts making the basket, once the base is made he lifts her onto it and slowly the basket gets higher. This time he makes the basket even tighter than he did with Lori's so she can't move at all. Finally it's done and he fits a cork bung into the neck to finish it. He knows she can't hear so he doesn't bother trying to talk to her.

Trevor lifts the basket off his work bench, carries it into the store room and stacks it with the other baskets. He has enough to send out, so he labels everything ready for the courier. He avoids putting fragile stickers on hers as he doesn't want to draw attention to it, then phones the courier company and arranges for everything to be collected in the morning.

He then phones Abdul to tell him a new special basket is on its way now it's all done he is much more relaxed and is already planning his next special basket.

Just over a week later the £500,000 appears in his bank account with a note that simply says ‘thanks’.


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