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The Handmade Basket

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2019 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; basket; bond; sex; shrinkwrap; reluct; nc; kidnap; sold; slave; XX

Continues from

Trevor is feeling so good all these years of making what he thought was a comfortable living and bingo he hits the jackpot he has only ever had just over £30,000 in his bank account then overnight just as he was about to go into overdraft it's £500,000 now he wants more a lot more.

“Hi Abdul, just a quick call to make sure the shipment is ok.”

“Yes it's excellent, if you can find more I will be happy to pay you for them, so long as they are as good as the last two.”

“I will see what I can do.”

Trevor just needed to confirm before he did it again. He will go to the club on Saturday to see if he can find another gorgeous girl he can send. It's only Tuesday so he has plenty of time to prepare.

He spends some of his time buying expensive clothes for Saturday evening. He also spends time on his computer searching for sites that teach you how to chat up women. His production of baskets is now well down as he spends time on his new project.

Saturday evening seems to come round really quickly. He still has the hired Merc, so that's what he uses to go to the club. He waits till eight thirty before leaving to drive there.

It's only been three weeks since he was here previously and he recognises a lot of the people from the last time. This time he will be more proactive, he got lucky last time but he can't rely on that.

"Hi, can I buy you a drink?"

"You can. I will have a whiskey and water."

He gets two drinks from the bar and hands the whisky to a very tall and totally gorgeous blonde female.

“I saw you in here a few weeks ago with a very sexy looking girl.”

“I guess you might have done, why?”

“I was just jealous that's all.”

“Jealous, why was that?”

“I wanted you that's why.”

“Well you have me now.”

“I do and you are so much better looking up close.”

“Well you are quite a looker yourself."

Trevor has to stop at one alcoholic drink but Pauline doesn't and she gets very drunk the same as Yvonne did.

“How did you get here tonight?”

“Taxi. I like to drink so it's a no brainer really.”

“Can I offer you a lift home?”

“I thought you might take me home with you."

“What no husband or boyfriend to go back to?”

“Not a chance. I like my freedom too much to get permanently involved. No I live on my own and it will stay like that.”

Trevor can't believe his luck two gorgeous women without anyone to worry about them when they disappear.

“Ok let's go now.”

He leads her to his car he opens the door and she practically falls in he has to do her seat belt up for her as she is so drunk.

He has had a few more improvements to his house, like new windows so it looks really good now. He pulls up in front of his main door and helps Pauline out. She almost staggers into his house and he takes her straight upstairs into his bedroom. She lets him undress her and he picks her up and puts her to bed and she falls asleep straight away. It's looking like he won't be getting any sex tonight.

By the time he goes to bed it's nearly midnight so he gets in beside her and climbs on top even though she is still very drunk. Amazingly she responds and he gets amazing sex.

When they do finish and go to sleep it's a very deep one for both of them. It's Pauline who wakes first followed a few minutes later by Trevor. He is woken when she gets hold of his penis and strokes it.

“You really are a horny woman Pauline.”

“I don't get enough sex, so you are the one that gets it.”

It's another two hours before they both get up they shower together and it's a very sexy one. He helps her to get dressed in her club gear. He can't help getting another erection when he straps her high heels onto her feet.

“What do you want to do today Pauline? Should I take you home or do you want to stay it's your choice?”

“I would love to stay here with you if it's ok.”

“Great sit in the conservatory and I will make us some breakfast. That's if you are hungry.”

“Yes please, I'm starving.”

Trevor notices that she seems fascinated by his basket pictures. One in particular she keeps going back to. He finishes making breakfast and lays it out on the kitchen table.

“Ok, all ready.”

“Your pictures are fascinating. Did you make all those baskets?”

“Yes every one, why?”

“You must be really skilful. The one that is woman shaped I find fascinating.”

“Yes that was one of the most difficult to make. Did you notice the woman inside?”

“No I didn't.”

“I couldn't have made it without a live woman in there.”

“She must have been very brave to do that.”

“I guess so but she kicked up such a fuss I had to get her out a few seconds after I took the picture. I did intend to take lots more but all I got was the one as I had to destroy the basket getting her out.”

“I wouldn't have done that.”

“Really? Ok if you want to do it for me I would be really grateful.”

“So long as I can have some of the pictures that is.”


They spend the rest of the day having sex and chatting. He is over the moon with how everything is working out. The conversation turns to what turns them on and it's Trevor who talks first.

“I will admit I really get turned on by bondage. What's your thing?”

“I have never been tied up but I have fantasised about it so I guess that is mine as well. You can tie me up when you put me in the basket if you want.”

“That would be brilliant. Tomorrow is going to be quite a day”

The thought of being bound in the basket is already making Pauline randy and she jumps Trevor. He doesn't mention the gag, he will do that when he has got her bound. He is hoping she will be so randy by then she will just let him. They spend most of the day and evening having sex from being a virgin a few weeks ago he is now a sex addict. By the time it's bedtime both are exhausted, so as soon as their heads hit the pillows they go to sleep.

Trevor is used to getting up early when he needs to work so he is up showered and dressed even before Pauline wakes. She only has her club gear to wear so that's what she puts on. He won't make breakfast as he wants her to take a laxative later. She doesn't query the lack of breakfast, gets in his Merc, and they are soon at his workshop.

“Make me a coffee and you had better take a laxative. You will find some in the kitchen cupboard. I don't need you to be wanting out before I have taken all the pictures.”

Pauline does that and spends the next hour on the toilet. By the time she is back in the work area she is really emptied out.

“Sit down and I will do you after have finished this basket.”

She is really enjoying watching him work knowing that she will soon be just a basket herself.

“Ok done. Let's get you in. Stand still for me so I can tie you up.”

He doesn't need to tell her to put her arms behind her, she does that herself. He ties her elbows and wrists as tight as he can. She doesn't yell but she does grunt a bit.

“I love it that you are dressed up its going to be even more erotic.”

“I hope so.”

He ties her knees and her ankles really tight and before she can react he pushes a large breath through ball gag into her mouth and does the strap up at the back of her head.

“I know we didn't talk about a gag but it's so much more sexy this way.”

Pauline was a bit shocked at first but she can't do anything. Now it's done she quite likes it, but she is a bit concerned when Trevor starts wrapping her with clear plastic and shrinking it on her with a hot air gun.

Trevor cuts a hole for the gag tube to come through then he hot shrinks the plastic onto her head. He does another two layers on her head and body, then cuts the breathing tube flush. Then he gets a large, very stretchy, black nylon bag and puts it on her. He has to sew another four on her before she can't be seen through them.

She is quite rigid now so he lays her on his workbench and starts making the basket. He works really fast. Within a few minutes the base is done and he has lifted her onto it she can't move at all. To keep her upright he has to tie a rope round her neck and attach it to to a beam. Even though he has done the rope up on her neck as loose as he can, she still struggles to breathe. The difficult part is making the basket tight but he does that. Slowly the basket gets higher, till finally he can do her head. He has to remove the the rope to do that and its done so he stands back to admire it. Now it just looks like a woman shaped basket. He puts his ear up to where her mouth is and listens for her breathing. When he is satisfied that she is ok, he carries her into his store room and leans her against the wall. He will label her later when he has made more baskets.

This is not how Pauline imagined it, but she is loving it and she is actually hoping that Trevor won't get her out too quickly.

He finishes his last basket at five and carries it into the store room. All of them are due to be sent to his client in the far east, so it's easy to label them. The woman shaped basket is still exactly where he put it, so he knows nobody will detect Pauline. He locks the store room door and emails the courier company to collect them.

His last job before he goes home is to email Abdul to tell him about Pauline.

"I hope you like this one. I have done this one a bit differently she is dressed in her club gear, latex mini-dress, high heels, the lot. I think she looks really sexy so I hope you agree."

“P.S. she is in the woman shaped basket.”

Luckily the courier collects this evening before he goes home.

Just a week later he gets an email from Abdul.

"Thank you so much this one is the best yet. You should have the money in your account now"

He checks his bank account and sure enough the money is in there.

He won't be working tomorrow as he will be out buying himself a new and very expensive car.


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