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The Handmade Basket

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2019 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; craftsman; wicker; baskets; offer; naked; bond; rope; balltie; gag; wrap; shrink; nylon; encase; objectified; packaged; shipped; cons; X

Trevor had been making wicker baskets for more than twenty years and had built up a thriving business exporting all over the world with his standard and bespoke lines, he prided himself on being able to make a basket to almost any design and had created some really amazing ones. He has several commissions to complete this week so time to get stuck in.

Before he could get going the door bell rings and who should it be but Lori, the last person he wanted to see, she hangs around the workshop regularly and is a bit of a pain, although she is a stunner, very small but with a stunning figure and a really beautiful face, but she is still a bloody nuisance always turning up when he's really busy.

"What do you want Lori? I’m really busy today."

"My mum slung me out again and I had nowhere else to go and I really enjoy watching you work, some of your designs are really incredible."

"I didn't realise that you felt that way about my work, but as I say I’m really busy today, so if you want to stay just sit down in the corner and watch me, you can make a coffee if you want and I will have one, black no sugar."

"Ok thanks for letting me stay, I promise I won't disturb you."

Trevor has completed two commission baskets by midda,y so he was pleased with the day so far and Lori hadn't bothered him at all so far, ok time to take a break.

"Time to take a break Lori, make a coffee for me and have one yourself and thanks for keeping quiet while I worked."

"No thank you for letting me see what you do, I’ve never really taken much notice before of how you do it, you make it look almost easy, maybe you could teach me someday."

"Maybe, but it's hard to take the time off to teach, I’m always so busy you should really get yourself a job, then you would have some purpose in your life."

"The only job I fancy is what you do, can I ask you something, you might be a little shocked when I tell you what it is."

"Ok what is it that is so shocking."

"Can you make a basket with me inside it, you would have to make the basket around me so I wouldn’t be able to get out once it was completed. I think that would make that basket unique wouldn't you say, a one off, maybe you could sell me for loads of money, you can imagine the advertisment, buy one of my handmade baskets with a live woman in it."

"Bloody hell! Are you serious, plus the basket would be wrecked to get you out, definitely not, you have really blown me away with that one, what is going on in that beautiful head of yours?"

"So you think I’m beautiful do you, that's fantastic I feel really good about that and I think you are beautiful as well, particularly the way you work. I find it really quite erotic and the thought of you making the basket around me higher and higher and then finishing it would be amazing and you could tie me up first, so you could keep me in there for ages and I promise I wouldn’t call out to be released quickly."

"Ok let me think about it overnight and I will let you know if I will do it, I must admit it is something I'd have never thought of, so it would be a one off, but if it gets you off my back it would probably be worth it, so go home and get your mothers permission in writing first."

"I'm homeless, my mother has thrown me out and told me to never return, so I don't need her permission. I can do exactly what I want anyway, I’m eighteen so I don't need it anyway, can I sleep in your workshop tonight, I promise I won't make a mess."

"You don't give me much choice really, ok there is a bed upstairs in the storeroom, but please don't touch anything if you do it's all off and you will have to find yourself a proper job."

"Thank you Trevor, you won't regret it, I will make you another coffee."

"Ok I’ve got three more baskets to complete today, so chill out and let me get on."


"Ok Lori, I’m off home don't eat anything tonight otherwise if we do the basket thing tomorrow you will have to come out before I have finished, in fact take some laxatives there is a packet by the bed, sleep well and I will see you tomorrow."

"Thanks Trevor, I can’t wait for tomorrow, I really hope we can do it."

"I can’t promise, but I will think it over thoroughly."

The more Trevor thinks about Lori in a basket, the more randy he gets, he has loads of idea's to make it perfect, he unlocks the workshop door and Lori is already up with a cup of coffee ready for him, now that's enthusiasm.

"Good morning Lori I hope you slept well?"

"Yes I loved it here, it’s so quiet and I slept really well."

"Ok that's great, I have had a long think about what you want me to do, so to put you out of your misery I’ve decided to make you into a living basket, so you can relax, although I’m not sure you can cope with this, but we will see."

"I'm sure I can handle it, although once the basket is finished I wont be able to stop it anyway."

"Ok lets have that coffee and talk over what to do, I have six commission baskets to make today, so I may have to do yours in between, although I do work fast as you know."

"Whenever you are ready, I have spent a long time on the toilet so I should be all cleaned out, I will probably have to go to the toilet again to get rid of this coffee."

"Ok just relax for a while till I have made four commission baskets then I will start yours, can you look through my catalogue and choose a suitable one, but try and keep it simple, bear in mind you are going to have to fit in it."

"Ok Trevor, don't worry I am in your hands so I’m sure it will be perfect."

Trevor worked hard to complete the four baskets and decided to do the other two as well to leave the rest of the day to deal with Lori, so he worked right through till 3.30, you could see that Lori was getting a bit irritated, but this is the best way as it's unknown territory, you don't seal a live woman in a basket every day.

"Right Lori have you picked a basket?"

"Yes I think one of these three would be great, what do you think?"

"Well the first one won’t work it's too small and I can’t scale that one up, but the second one looks perfect, I may have to adjust it a bit but that one will look great and you should be comfortable in it, so if you are happy we will make a start, you really need to take all your clothes off as I want to make the basket as small as possible. I hope you are not embarrassed by that, I also want to take some digital pictures if that's all right, just say if you don't like the idea."

"No, I would prefer no clothes anyway, so let’s get started and I would love to see the pictures afterwards."

Lori undresses and stands by Trevor's work table, she looks amazing Trevor has a hard time not showing his excitement.

"Ok Lori climb up onto the table for me and sit with your knees up to your chest and you arms behind you, as I will need to tie you up first to make you suitable to fit in the basket, don't worry I won’t let you fall."

Lori climbs onto the table and tries to scrunch herself up as small as possible.

"Right Lori, I’m going to tie you really tight with rope, so just relax and I will get started."

"Do it as tight as you can, I can handle it."

So he starts by tying her wrists together tightly and then her elbows, he ties them so tightly that she makes a grunting sound but she doesn't cry out, then he knots them to make sure they can’t come undone. He leans her against the wall to stop her falling, then her ties her ankles and knees together, then he secures her knees to her chest with more rope, he pulls it really tight and ties it off. Ok she looks small enough to fit now, so he makes a start on the basket. As he works he re-measures Lori to make sure she has just enough room to fit in there.

"Are you ok Lori is it too tight? I can loosen it if you are uncomfortable."

"No it's fine I can move my hands enough to keep my circulation ok and I feel ready to do this, so when will you start to make the basket it's getting quite late now."

"I'm starting now so it should be high enough to put you in the basket in about an hour, so just relax, by the way do you need to go to the toilet to get rid of that coffee?"

"Yes, can you put me on the loo while I’m waiting, it's best to make sure that I’m all cleaned out."

Trevor puts Lori on the loo and tapes her on with some duct tape to make sure she doesn't fall off, the basket is soon ready, its about a foot high so it's time to place Lori in the base. He removes the tape and lifts her off the toilet and lifts her into the basket base, it's a bit tight but she fits ok. Trevor takes her out ready for the next stage, this is going to be very tricky he is not sure that she will like this.

"Ok Lori can you close your eyes for me I want to seal them shut, don't worry it will make sense a bit later."

"All right Trevor, that's ok I’m really enjoying this, it's even better than I imagined it, how long will you want to leave me in the basket for? I think I can manage at least a day."

"I would think a day would be plenty, but I would monitor you to make sure you where ok, now can you close your eyes and keep them closed till I have finished."

Trevor sticks two circular pieces of duct tape over each eye and presses them down with the palm of his hand to seal them, then he puts two larger pieces on and presses them down just to make sure.  

"Right Lori, I’m nearly ready to start making the basket round you but there are a couple of things I want to do first, I hope you like them, they are not optional as I’m going to do them anyway, first I’m going to gag you, I don't want you to start moaning that you want to be released before I want to let you go, and also I’m going to cover you in shrink wrap and hot shrink that on, that will make you even more compact, then cover you in black nylon net so that no one will know you are in there, they might be able to see you through small gaps in the wicker so this it the best solution.

"No, you can’t do that and as for the shrink wrap no way."

Before Lori can speak again he pushes a breathe through ball gag into her mouth and secures it tightly at the back of her head, she tries to speak and just makes a mumbling noise, next he starts wrapping the shrink wrap on and completely covers her, he has to cut a small hole for the breathing tube, then with the hot air gun he shrinks each layer on so it gets tighter and tighter, it draws her legs  tightly into her chest, several more layers eight in all and she's done now he can make the basket a lot smaller.

He has several black nylon bags that he uses to cover delicate items when he sends special orders, they are very stretchy, he cuts the breath through gag pipe flush with the gag and start to pull each one on her, the first one goes from her head to her feet, the next from her feet to her head and he stitches each one closed, it only takes him about two minutes to do each one, finally the ninth one is pulled on and sewn closed.

He picks her up and lifts her in and pushes her right down into the bottom of the basket, she starts wriggling but as the basket gets tighter that will stop.

It takes about two hours to finish, but its finally done he has made the basket with a wide base, a small lower part, a rounded middle and going into a small neck so it will look good in any contemporary room, he bets she would love to see the finished basket but she obviously won't.

He has taken loads of digital pictures for his album just in case he gets a request to do another one like this.

She never thought it would be like this, her guess is that he has finished the basket and is standing there admiring his work, she feels ok now that she has got used to being like this, she knows it up to him to let her go she can’t do anything now she is just an ornament.

The label is addressed to the best far east buyer of his baskets as a bonus basket in gratitude for all the products that he has bought over the years, he will be really pleased when he finds this one includes a beautiful young woman. Trevor sticks plenty of FRAGILE stickers all over it to make sure it doesn't get damaged, as it’s a lot heavier that his normal baskets, he loads it into the container with all the others ready to be collected by the courier in the morning.


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