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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; naked; display; objectify; gag; susp; bedtie; frogtie; analhook; cook; trick; cons; XX

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(Just had to write this part, even though I thought I’d finished with Emma, here’s another course).

Part Six

The last few months had been wonderful for both Emma and Nick, after their wedding they had grown much closer to each other and having moved all of her belongings into Nick’s tiny apartment above the store, it felt more like home to her now. And after finding out more about Emma’s time over at Steve’s store in his display, and the reasons why it happened, Nick had reluctantly allowed himself to relax more with Emma and her desires about being another meatgirl.

He still was slightly nervous each time that he allowed her to indulge in her fantasies and made sure that she remained safe throughout her time spent as either a display in the window or stored out the back in the storeroom with the others. Though he was reluctant to allow her to go over to do the same in Steve’s store, he had given in when both Emma and Steve had pressured him to just spend a day in the display window.

Now it was getting near to Emma’s birthday, Nick knew that he should do something special for her, but was unsure what he could do, he wanted it to be something that she would enjoy, but also something that would remain in her memory for a long time to come. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t think of anything, so in conversation one night over drinks with Steve they had hatched a plan together.

Emma awoke early one morning to find that Nick was tying her ankles together with some rope, she didn’t mind that he was tying her up, she loved it when Nick took charge of her, and she had spent many blissful hours bound to the bed while Nick played with her body like an exquisite violin. And then there were those very special times when Nick just kept her as just another meatgirl, to give her what she wanted, and this looked like one of those days to her.

She just lay there and let Nick bind her, watching the way his hands gently bound the rope around her ankles, shortly followed by her wrists, Emma knew from the way that she was now being tied that she would be spending her day as another meatgirl, something that she really enjoyed, and had previously told Nick that she needed every so often. But she mostly wanted it to be a surprise to her, and not give her a choice whether she was going to be a meatgirl that day, though there were other days when she would ask him to bind her and put her in her place.

Now that she was fully bound, Nick moved up the Emma’s mouth and after a brief kiss told her to open her mouth, which she did and felt the touch of the gag mouthpiece that all of the meatgirls wore, this would be connected up to the stores feeding system when she was either on display or stored away. Emma felt her submissive side rise up deep within her, she loved the feeling of being under Nick’s control, it gave her a warm fuzzy feeling throughout her body, she felt very special at times like this.

Fixing the gag in place, Nick now had Emma ready and grabbed the rope binding her wrists, picking her up from the bed and hauling her over his shoulder. He heard a squeal of delight from his bound meatgirl and knew that she was enjoying what he was doing to her. He loved having her tied, and then playing with her, bringing her to a wonderful orgasm or two, but today was not one of those days, and it was nearly time for the store to open, so any playtime would have to wait.

Nick carried his newly bound meatgirl over his shoulder and downstairs to the storeroom, unlocking the door and opening it, he watched as the light came on inside to reveal the other meatgirls that were waiting to be sold, each one held by their wrists, the rope binding them to the hooks in the ceiling of the room. They watched as he carried the new meatgirl into the room, though they didn’t know that this was his wife, they never would, that was what they had promised each other when they had spoken about her time as a meatgirl, she wanted it to be their secret. So, to the others she was just another one like them.

Taking the bound package over to a spare hook, placing her feet on the floor Nick lashed the rope over the hook, he watched as Emma adjusted her position, he was always amazed that she adapted so quickly to being tied like this. He then connected the gag up to the feeding system, like the others he had to make sure that the goods were suitably healthy for sale, the nutrients that each one received was just enough to maintain them while they waited in the storeroom until they were sold.

Grabbing hold of one of the nipple tags that each meatgirl wore, he placed the device against Emma’s left nipple and pressed the trigger, leaving behind a stock number tag hanging there. Emma had grown used to this; she had even had her nipple pierced to allow easier access for these tags to be placed on her. And each time that she was placed in the store as another meatgirl she had to have a new one applied, to match up with the latest batch of meatgirls that were in stock, she had made sure that Nick knew to do this after the first time with Steve.

Nick grabbed hold of the scanner and held it against the newly applied stock tag, the machine beeped like usual to indicate that it was ready to add this new meatgirl into the inventory, all that was needed for him to add Emma as another meatgirl was the registration number that was forever marked onto her body, even though she was no longer registered as a meatgirl, she still proudly wore the markings and refused to have them covered up or removed.

Once he had added her into the stock list for the store, he turned and looked at the newly added naked, bound, and gagged meatgirl, without her hair she looked the same as the others. He had placed Emma between two other meatgirls, he knew from their chats that Emma loved it when he did this to her, and the two other meatgirls seemed to like having their new found companion in the storeroom, for each was now gently rubbing up against the new meatgirl.

Nick watched as Emma reciprocated and rubbed herself against their naked female flesh, each gaining some pleasure from the simple actions that they were performing. He loved watching this, it was very erotic watching them do this, even more so when his Emma was one of the meatgirls involved, though he had to catch himself and not pay too much attention when Emma was involved so as not to give away that this meatgirl was special to him. But it was still enjoyable to his male mind, something very special that the girls shared, and teased his erotic fantasies late at night when he was alone in his bed.

Reluctantly he had to get on and prepare the store for the new day, and for something else, but he didn’t want to give anything away to Emma, to her this was just another day when she could indulge in her meatgirl fantasy. Leaving the storeroom, he could hear the soft contented moans of the three meatgirls as they rubbed up against each other’s bodies and knew that Emma was content for the meantime to stay in the storeroom.

Closing the door behind him, leaving the occupants of the room back in darkness, something that they had all become accustomed to, they were just stock to be sold after all. Nick headed out into the main part of the store, the display stand was still rotating in the window, the meatgirl on the display reminding him of the many times that he had Emma bound up there and wondered if he should put Emma up there again later, but there were other things on his mind today and looked forward to them.

The store opened to the first of many customers that day, it always seemed busier when Emma was one of the meatgirls, especially when she was up in the window on display, he didn’t know why, it was just one of those things. Lunchtime came and went, and he had just opened the store again, after checking on his Emma and the other meatgirls in the storeroom, when a truck arrived outside the store, it was not a delivery day, but then he recalled his conversation with Steve.

Meanwhile inside the storeroom Emma had just managed to climax from the gentle rubbing of her two companions, it had been building from the moment that she was placed in here. She had seen Nick enter to check up on her, but as they had agreed he had treated her like the other meatgirls and had ignored her, other than a quick glance in her direction, that was their entire interaction. Happy that she was going to be left here for the rest of the day, and hopefully longer, Emma relaxed and pressed up against the girl behind her, the warmth of her body felt nice in the darkness.

Her pleasant thoughts were suddenly interrupted when three men walked into the storeroom. She didn’t know who they were, but they seemed intent on the meatgirls that were held inside the room. One of the men told the others to grab the meatgirls and carry them out, which they started to do. She heard Nick standing outside and seemed to be angry with the man in charge, and as she listened to what small snippets of their conversation that she could hear, it seemed that the current stock of meatgirls hadn’t been paid for. Something that she thought was odd.

The meatgirls were efficiently removed from the storeroom, each man carried a girl over each shoulder like the pieces of meat that they were, they left them tied by their wrists and ankles, something that they didn’t usually do when moving them from the truck to the store, they would usually be lead in tied to the girl in front, led in-line and herded into the storeroom where they would be checked off before being tied in place. But not today it seemed, it was all very unusual and out of place.

Soon it was the girl in front of Emma that was grabbed and carried out of the room, leaving Emma and the other meatgirl behind her the only ones left. But soon she was grabbed and hauled up over the shoulder of one of the men, she was then carried out of the storeroom just like the others, and she wondered if Nick would stop them from taking her. But when she was carried through the main store section, she could hear Nick still arguing with one of the men that there was some sort of mistake, that he was sure that Steve, his boss, would have made payment for the stock, and was on the phone to Steve trying to sort things out.

To Emma it seemed that Nick was too distracted by what was going on to see that she was being taken along with the other meatgirls out to the truck. She didn’t want to give herself away and thought that maybe Nick would quickly grab her before it was too late, but she soon found herself being placed in the rear of the waiting truck, her bound wrists attached to the hook above her, and her feet placed down on the floor. The man then pushed her forwards against the next meatgirl in the line, and she then felt the last remaining meatgirl added behind her.

She was still in shock at what had happened to her, she thought that any moment that she would be taken back out by her Nick, though she was in some small way enjoying being treated like this, she felt that small fuzzy feeling deep down inside of her building, but then the thought occurred to her that she was inside a truck loaded with meatgirls and she was going to an unknown destination and fate. That started to scare her, she thought that maybe she should have done something, but bound and gagged as she was, there was very little that she could have done to stop them.

The rear doors of the truck closed, plunging them all into darkness, it was when she felt and heard the truck engine start that she started to realise that to them she was just another meatgirl, part of the stock that they had taken from the store. She had hoped that the mistake had been realised but either Nick was too distracted or had been overpowered by the way that the girls had been taken, that he hadn’t come to realise that she had been taken with the others. To the men she was just part of the inventory, she even wore the tag with her stock number on it, so they didn’t know that she really wasn’t a meatgirl, but there was no way of letting them know.

The truck moved off with the contents safely stored, the vehicle carried the meatgirls to wherever they were destined to be sold. Emma wondered if they were taking her back to the wholesaler, she remembered her time in the holding pens and the way that she had been treated at Nicky’s insistence, she had asked them to treat her like the other meatgirls and even to process her like them, which was just what Emma had asked for, though not realising just what that meant for her in the future, the permanent loss of her hair and the registration markings on her body.

But Emma thought that it was worth it in the end, she would even go through the whole process again if she could, just because she had ended up where she was with Nick and their happy marriage. Though today she was slightly worried, she felt more like a meatgirl than at any other time, even her time on the display stands didn’t make her feel like this. She hoped that by now that Nick had realised that she was gone from the store and that he was on his way to rescue her.

Eventually the truck came to a halt, the engine sound finished, so she guessed that they were back at the wholesaler and would soon be placed into a holding pen, but when the rear doors opened, she could hear the sounds of the street outside, people walking by, occasionally looking at the meatgirls as they were unloaded. Then it was Emma’s turn, she felt the strong hands of the delivery guy pick her body up and throw her over his shoulder, it seemed with very little care or regard to how she felt about it.

Emma watched as best as she could from her vantage point hanging over the shoulder, she could see that she was being taken from the truck and into what looked like another meatgirl store. As she continued to look around, she looked to see that this all looked fairly new inside, she thought that maybe she had been delivered to a new store setting up for business, the display in the window wasn’t there like back in Nick or Steve’s stores. The floor was covered with various bits and pieces, a few cardboard boxes and other stuff, certainly not yet open for business.

She felt a hand grab the tag that was attached to her nipple, then she heard the beep of a scanning machine, it seemed that she was being added to the stock of meatgirls in this new store. Then the guy carried her further into the main part of the store and out the back, here she saw the familiar set up of the storeroom, the tiled floor, and then the feet of the other meatgirls that were already in the storeroom. She felt the guy move his shoulder and flip her, then her feet hit the cold floor and before she could react, in one quick motion her wrists were attached to a hook above.

Now that she had been delivered and placed in the storeroom the guy left to fetch the next one. Emma looked around at her new surroundings, it felt familiar, just like any other storeroom that she had been inside of, but this was something different, for she was no longer playing at being a meatgirl, she really was one now it seemed to her. They had treated her as part of the stock, even had moved her like the others and entered her into their system as one, and to her mind it even felt that this was what she now was.

Again, though she felt more scared than she had ever felt before, she still felt deep down inside of her that warm, familiar feeling starting to develop in her, that strangely wired part of her that desired and longed for this to happen to her, and she started moving her body against the girl in front of her, that meatgirl feeling the contact started to react back. Emma continued to watch the comings and goings of the delivery men as they carried the last of the meatgirls and hung them in place, then she saw what looked to her like the store workers dressed in their aprons come in to check on the delivery.

Emma didn’t know these two men, she had never seen them before and after they had briefly inspected the new delivery, they had left closing the door behind them, the light going out again plunging the meatgirls into the darkness. Emma felt the familiar movements of the two meatgirls that she was currently placed between, their gentle caress the only moment of pleasure in this otherwise stressful day. That was where she stayed for the rest of the night, the store now empty outside, she was just part of the stock waiting to be sold now, her fears mixed in with the desire to fulfil her fantasies.

The following morning, she was awoken by the feeding system giving her some liquid form of nourishment, this would be her breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the foreseeable future until either she was sold, or Nick came to her rescue. She began to wonder if he would ever come, had he given up on her, allowing her to be taken and sold to another store, would he continue to allow her to be treated like this, or had he even worried about her during the night? She had so many questions going through her mind at the moment, but again felt the distraction of the other meatgirls moving themselves against her and gave in to her feelings.

Emma had started to resign herself to her fate, she had watched as the new store workers had come into the storeroom and began to remove a couple of meatgirls and take them out to the main store, she knew that she would never see them again, for she knew what their fate was once they left the storeroom and began to wonder when it would be her turn to join them. Maybe they were going out for some sort of display, she hoped that was the case.

Again, she thought of Nick and Steve, where were they, why hadn’t they come for her, did they even know where she was, she certainly didn’t, this was a different part of town that she didn’t recognise from her brief view last night when she was carried from the truck. Her mind was distracted by her thoughts, only interrupted when another girl was taken from the storeroom. Then for some reason they came and sought her out, there were other meatgirls in the storeroom and she had thought that they would be taken first, giving her time to be rescued, but they had removed her from the hook the guy was carrying her out like any other meatgirl.

She thought that she was being sold, after all the display should have been done before the store opened, she knew that those girls taken after were being sold to whichever customer had bought one of the meatgirls. And that was what she was expecting to happen, it certainly seemed that way as she was carried over to the preparation table, this was where they trussed up the girls for delivery, she had experienced this a few times herself, and loved the tight way that she had been bound by both Nick and Steve in the past.

Now she was in the hands of this new guy, he dropped her body down on to the table without any care, it winded her as she made contact with the table and let out an audible gasp at being treated like this, not that the guy handling her seemed to care, He carried on getting things ready, getting the ropes that were going to bind her limbs ready. Looking around as best she could, Emma saw that there were customers inside the store, one even looked like they were waiting for her soon to be tightly packaged body.

She had guessed that she had been sold to this person and would soon be on her way out of the store to her final destination. She lay there and accepted the fact that she was just a meatgirl to them, there was no point in any struggle on her part, and that both Nick and Steve had given up on her at this point, leaving her to her fate. As the ropes that currently bound her were removed, she put up no resistance to what the new guy was doing to her, this was her end she had come to accept.

The man dealing with the naked meatgirl was a bit stunned that there was no struggle on the part of the girl that he was dealing with, he had expected there to be some form of protest or resistance from her, knowing who she was and her background. But he carried on regardless and started to bind her lower leg to her thigh, he did the same to the other leg, then he ran a rope between her knees and behind her back, tying the meatgirls legs tightly against her body. Just like he had done with many others before, this one seemed to like being bound this way, there seemed to be a slight leakage of moisture from down below, which gave him a sly smile.

Now that the meatgirl that he was preparing had her legs bound to her body, he carried on with binding her arms, again folding, and tying them with rope against her body. Now the final part of preparing this special package; Emma felt something cold against her rear, then the feeling of something being pushed into her rear hole. At first it was cold and shocked her, but soon took on her body’s warmth. She then felt the guy binding her pull it tighter into her, binding some rope to part of whatever had been put inside of her and then pulling it along her back.

The anal hook was something new to the guy dealing with the meatgirls, the others just got rope tied from their ankles to another around their neck or head, forming what would be their carrying handle for the customer to take them from the store to their home. But he was happy to go along with what he had been instructed to do with this particular meatgirl and get her ready. He then took the gag from her mouth, again she didn’t object but remained quiet and accepting, which he thought was very strange, but had some prior knowledge that she would be like this.

The new gag entered her mouth, this certainly was different to how she had been prepared on previous occasions, even when she had been delivered to the restaurant or the Mistress that had bought her from Nicky. The gag filled her mouth, and after fastening it around her head, had a rope attached to it from the hook in her rear, pulling her head back and making her look forwards from her place on the table. Finally, he had her tightly trussed up and made ready for delivery. She thought that she would soon be on her way out of the store, but she was surprised when she was carried over to a new display.

Here she was handed over to a woman, she had been making sure that the new display had been made ready for its first run. She worked for a company that specialised in making store front displays, even those in the meatgirl trade, it wasn’t her place to comment or regard the trade in females as strange, most had seemed to accept it once it started. Her only goal today was to make sure that the new display worked and that her customer, the store's owner, was happy with the display. She had no concern for the thoughts and feelings of the item that was to be displayed.

After inspecting the tightly bound meatgirl that had been handed to her, she had a slight flush of arousal at the way the girl was tightly tied, the packaged bird as she had been expected to call it certainly looked very tasty, but she had a job to do and needed to get on. The store had opened early, she had thought that she had a day or so to get the thing ready, but here she was rushing to make it all work. Grabbing her bag of stuff that she needed to make the display girl ready, she started.

Emma had watched as she was handed over to the woman, she had at first thought that she had bought her and was going to be taking her from the store, but was surprised to find herself placed on a trolley with this woman fussing over the way that she looked. Her hands seemed to be everywhere on her body, checking the ropes that bound her and the hook in her rear. Emma didn’t mind the feeling of the woman’s soft hands against her skin, it felt nice after the rough treatment from the other guy.

Fetching a spray bottle from her bag the woman started to spray the bound meatgirl, the mixture inside the bottle would not only make the girl look like she was covered in oil, giving her a shiny appearance but also colour her skin to make it look like that she was being cooked. The orange dye in the bottle mixed in with the oil changed the way that the female bundle looked, gone was the paler skin and now an all-over deep, darker skin tone, making her look like the roast bird that she would eventually end up as.

Satisfied with the look of the skin, the woman moved the bound package over to the display that she had set up in the store window. The stainless steel of the display and the glass windows looked very much like an oven from the outside, except that this one was extraordinarily bigger to display the contents within, from both sides of the display. Now all she had to do was mount the display inside the oven and make sure that everything worked.

Se at first felt a little bit shy at the next part of getting the meatgirl ready, the gag that it was wearing had a ring that kept its mouth open and she would be fixing a shiny pole in place, it fitted easily and she pushed it as deeply as she could into the meatgirls mouth until she thought that she heard the thing started to cough, and knew that she had gone far enough. Next though was the bit that she wasn’t looking forward to, the other part of the display would be inserted into the thing’s vagina.

She had thought of asking one of the men in the store to do this part for her, it didn’t revolt her to touch another female down there, she just knew that she wouldn’t like it to happen to her. But they both seemed to be busy at the moment and she knew that they expected to have the display up and running as soon as possible. So, she knew that she had no choice, and even though she knew that this was just another one of those meatgirls that ended their days on someone’s plate, she still felt weird at doing this to it.

She justified it to herself that the thing couldn’t object, she was just part of the stock of the store waiting to be dealt with, and her hands picked up the pole and she moved her hands closer to the bound meatgirl. She felt that she should have at least added some form of lubricant but was slightly shocked to discover that the girl had created her own, as the pole slipped easily into the waiting hole. She again pushed it as deeply as she could until the meatgirl reacted, it seemed to go a long way into her, she wondered to herself if she could go that deep in her own sex.

Now happy that that part was over, she got on with the rest of the display. There were a couple of double ‘U’ shaped hooks that slid over the two poles, one would be on either side of the products head, and the other over the tightly bound thighs and rear. One final pole went under the bound meatgirls body and connected up to the two poles inserted into the holes of the meatgirl, and once she had adjusted and tightened everything, she was ready to place the trussed bird into the oven display.

Moving the trolley over closer she moved the bound meatgirl into place, one of the guys that worked here had come over to help lift and place the meatgirl into the display. He was impressed with the way the meatgirl had been prepared, she certainly looked like she had been roasting for several hours from the colour of her skin and the oil coating her body. They lifted the trussed-up package into the display oven, the two poles connected to others inside, the woman adjusting them to make sure that they all connected and supported the display meatgirl while inside.

Emma had laid there watching the way the woman was preparing her, in between watching what else was going on in the new store. There was still no sign of Nick or Steve, it seemed that she had been abandoned by them and that this was now her place, which she grew more to accept the longer she was kept and treated like another meatgirl. The pole had entered her mouth through the hole in the ring gag, she had no way of stopping this and only let the woman handling her that she could take no more when it reached the back of her throat and her gag reflex kicked in.

But more indignation was to come, she had grown used to Nick pushing the double dildoes into her when she was displayed back at his store, but here she was being handled by this woman and although she had enjoyed the touch, warmth and companionship of her fellow meatgirls while being kept in the store room, this was different, more business-like, she was being treated like any other meatgirl and being made ready for display, she knew that she relax and enjoy it, these could be her final moments after all.

The cold pole as it touched her outer part of her sex made her jump, which seemed to make the woman hesitate slightly, but then felt her press on and push it further into her waiting sex, she had been turned on by the binding by the guy tightly trussing her up, so she knew that she was wet down there, but didn’t realise just how much until she felt the large pole easily enter into her, it seemed to find no resistance, and she felt slightly embarrassed that she felt so turned on by what was happening to her, but knew that her internal desires would love the way she was being used.

Now that they had picked her up, she found herself in what looked for all intents and purposes a rather large oven, were they intending to cook her inside of the store she wondered, it looked that way from her perspective and could only wait to feel the heat on her skin once they fired up this display. It seemed that they were going to cook her in the store, maybe she was some special opening day offer, “Have a slice of meatgirl’ type of deal to entice the customers to buy more.

The woman that was getting the display ready certainly seemed intent on doing this to her, but all Emma could do now was endure her last few h moments and take in her surroundings inside of the oven. She wondered what she would taste like, she had never eaten a meatgirl, having spent many hours dreaming of being one, and then acting out those desires and fantasies she had never felt the need to even attempt one small bite, she felt like she was one of them and that she would betray them in trying to sample what they tasted like.

With the final adjustments in place, the display was ready for its first trial run and she started the mechanism that would rotate the meatgirl inside of the oven. Everything seemed to be working as she watched the bound meat rotating around on the two poles that had been inserted into it. The pole underneath was suitably hidden that would keep the meat in place as it rotated, the double hooks worked to keep the meat on the pole as it moved. The rope that she had added made sure that the meatgirl didn’t move off of the pole, she didn’t want the display damaged by a falling meatgirl.

Happy that everything was working so far, she switched on the display lights, the inside lit up the meatgirl as it continued to rotate around, the lighting making it look like the meat was being roasted in the oven, that was the goal of the display. The heat from the lamps making the meatgirl sweat made it even more convincing that it was being cooked in there, but cooling fans took away most of the serious heat that would build up with the many hours that this was supposed to work.

Inside the meatgirl thought that it was now time for her to be cooked, Emma felt the machine start and she rotated around on the poles that had been inserted into her, and her body bound tightly to the pole under her made sure that she didn’t slip. But she was surprised that she didn’t feel the heat that she was expecting to cook her. She tried looking around to see if they were working but couldn’t see anything. Then the lights came on, which at first blinded her, then she started to feel warm inside the display and her body reacted by sweating.

Surely this wasn’t enough to cook her flesh, the heat felt no worse than the display lamps back in Steve’s store, sure she felt warm, but this wasn’t a heat that she had expected to cook her body. Maybe, she thought, that would be coming next and prepared herself for that to happen, but it never came. Emma continued to just rotate around inside of the display, the slight heat build-up nothing more than any other display, and she even heard what sounded like fans above her.

Satisfied with how the display was progressing the woman that had set up the exhibit called over the two guys to see the new display. They both looked at the meatgirl as she rotated around inside, the view looked very realistic from their initial viewing, and they all moved outside to see the display from the street. It looked like an oven with a meatgirl being roasted inside, and even a few passers by commented on the new display, wondering if they were now selling cooked meats.

Heading back inside, they all looked at the display and were given a demonstration on how to use the new oven presentation. The switches were turned off and on, the meatgirl inside stopped rotating briefly, and then the lights went out, and then back on again. Emma was wondering what was happening, but then realised that the woman was showing them how to use the display. Opening the door to show just how the meatgirl was fixed in place, one of the guys commented that maybe in future it may be easier to bind the pole while getting the meatgirl ready, which they all agreed on.

Emma meanwhile just listened to what they were talking about, it certainly seemed that they were impressed with the new exhibit, she even thought that it was certainly original and never in her wildest imagination would she have ever dreamt up such a scenario like this. But gagged as she was, she could share her thoughts on what she thought of the new addition, though as just another meatgirl she doubted that they cared what she thought, she was just product to them. Her thoughts interrupted when the door closed, and the mechanism restarted.

Satisfied with the way the demonstration of the device had gone, the women closed the door and restarted the motor, followed by the lights. She told them that the cooling fans came on with the lighting, it was automatic, otherwise you may end up with a slowly cooked bird inside the oven, she joked. The two men smiled when she said this, and she wondered if they would be cooking this meatgirl themselves later. Though she felt that they were eyeing her up as their next meal, and she felt the sudden need to leave them before that happened.

Leaving her to clear up the last remaining parts of her display the two men went back to their tasks, each one taking another look at the new display, both knowing that the bound bird inside would be there all day and into the night. That was the agreement that they had with the owner of the store, though neither guy was used to dealing with such strange requests, they knew that they had better please the owner, their jobs depended on it.

The rest of the day was uneventful, the woman had packed and left a few hours ago, and there was a small stream of customers to keep them busy on the first day of trading. The grand opening would be held on the coming Friday, but having opened earlier than expected that was still a day or so away. Finally closing time came and the two guys started closing up for the day. It had been quite successful, even though they thought that it shouldn’t have been so busy, they didn’t mind as that was what they wanted, for the new store to be successful and please the owner.

Closing the outer door of the store, the lights having been turned off, the only lights were now on the two displays in the windows, one the meatgirl roasting away in the oven, the other rotating on an upright spit, they had been instructed to place two meatgirls on them, and one of those was the one inside the oven, the other chosen at random, which they were used to. The strange request to place the other seemed bizarre but they were being paid, so they didn’t care. With one last look at the store, they both headed off to their homes, ready for some roasted meat after watching the girl spinning in her oven.

The following day was just as busy as the last, they had to order in more meatgirls to cope with demand, which the new store’s owner brought over with him from one of the other stores that he owned. The meatgirls were brought in and added to the stock, then the owner checked on the day's takings and didn’t seem too surprised by the number of customers, he it seemed was used to seeing this happen but didn’t explain why to them. He just went about the store checking things were in place for the grand opening.

He looked at the displays in the window and checked out the new oven exhibit but stayed out of sight of the meatgirl bound tightly inside as she continued to rotate around inside. Again, the two guys thought this odd, and even asked if he wanted a closer look at the new display, which he declined, but said that he was happy with how it looked. And asked how long had the meatgirl been inside, after he heard their reply, he seemed okay to continue to leave it inside the display for another day, telling them that he wanted this one to remain in there for opening day tomorrow.

To them she was just another meatgirl, they didn’t care how long she was kept in the display, they both knew that there was something special about this particular meatgirl, they had been briefed by the owner before it had arrived with the others, so knew that they needed to treat this one slightly different, but had been told by the owner that the meatgirl must be treated like the others but not sold.

After the owner left, they spoke about his visit and while it did seem strange to them that this one was being treated specially, but also as just another part of the stock, they both accepted that this was what he wanted from them and got on with their day. Which again, turned out to be busy, maybe it was something to do with the new display they figured, not realising the effect that Emma had on the store when placed on display.

Another day over, they tidied everything in preparation for the grand opening tomorrow, turning off the light but leaving the displays running as instructed, they headed home for some much-needed sleep, it would be a long day tomorrow.

Meanwhile inside the oven display, Emma had wondered just how long that she would be kept in here. She had half expected to be taken out and replaced by now, her body sold to the next customer that came in to buy a whole roaster like her. She thought at one point that she had heard a familiar voice, but from her spot inside the display she couldn’t see too much out of the glass windows on either side of her, the machine rotating didn’t allow her to look at anything for too long, it made her feel a little queasy inside if she concentrated to hard on watching things.

Even though her body felt slightly numb in places she was in no discomfort as she continued to rotate around, whoever had designed and made this had made sure that the displayed meatgirl was at least comfortable and able to endure long hours inside the display. And with the pole deeply pushed up inside of her it did offer some much-needed relief and pleasure from the long hours that she had been kept here, it reminded her of the double dildoes on Nick’s display, the motor sending vibrations deep within her body. This one seemed to keep her on edge but not allow her to go over and achieve any final outcome, unlike Nick’s which she had climaxed on many times.

She doubted that she would have that pleasure again, it had been a couple of days now that she had been taken along with the other meatgirls and delivered here. There had been no sight of either Nick or Steve coming to rescue her from this new store, she felt deep down that she maybe had pushed Nick too far in her desires, and that maybe he was leaving her to her fate now, this was what she had wanted to happen after all.

The next day dawned, Emma woke to see the sunlight streaming in the window, she continued to rotate around inside the display, her mouth fixed to the gag and the other pole firmly planted deep within her sex. She felt like she was being spit roasted inside the oven and she guessed that was what the designer had intended. She watched, when she could, the street outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of some familiar faces but was disappointed and accepting that they had left her here.

The two men had showed up, and after a brief check on the display had got on with getting things ready for the big opening day. Emma saw a few people waiting outside for the store to open, some seemed to be pointing at her inside the display and she wondered what they thought of the trussed up meatgirl being cooked for their pleasure. The door to her oven was opened several times that morning, many hands had felt her sweaty body, each going away slightly disappointed that the meatgirl wasn’t being actually roasted, but ended up buying their own to take home.

The official opening was at 10am, with the local mayor coming to cut the ribbon to officially open the store. The stores owner was there along with a couple of other friends and seemed very pleased with how things were going, several glasses of bubbly were served to the locals and dignitaries, and many commented on the new display oven and wondered if they would be selling roasted girl meat in the future, which the owner told them that maybe one day.

Emma heard the crowds and watched several people look in on her as she remained in the display, each again taking the opportunity to touch the meatgirl inside. Then she heard the door opening again, and then more hands, this time in much more delicate and intimate places than the others had dared to venture. Then she heard a very familiar voice.

“It seems that you like the new display Emma, or should I say meatgirl,” the voice said.

Emma was stunned, as she turned, she looked as best as she could at the face of Nick, he was looking in on her as she rotated on the display, his hands had found that she was indeed enjoying being on display. She was shocked but happy to see him here; she had thought that he had left her, but now it seemed that he was here, and she wondered if she would be free soon. Then another very familiar voice spoke.

“Well Emma, it seems that you’re drawing in the crowds again,” Steve said to her, “And as the owner of this new store that makes me very happy.”

Again, Emma was stunned, had they planned this all along, it certainly seemed that way.

“Happy birthday Emma.” They both said, their hands touching her naked body.

She had with all that had happened to her forgotten about her birthday, and she started to tear up, part relieved that she hadn’t been forgotten and partly that they had gone to so much trouble to make this happen for her, well she hoped that they had made this a surprise for her birthday and not sold her to the new store, she could never be too sure with Steve being involved, and all the others that had their hand in this.

“Well, you look well roasted in there,” she heard Steve’s chef girlfriend say, “I bet that you’ll taste wonderful later.”

Emma wondered what she meant, but any chance to find out was taken away when the oven door was closed, and she was left inside to continue rotating on the spit. Would they ever release me, they didn’t seem to be in any rush to, and what was meant by that comment from Louise, the chef who had served her up to Nick and Steve before.

The store was very busy, many satisfied customers left with their own meatgirls, while others came in to look around and check out the displays, Steve it seemed had picked up on Nick’s ideas to have the meatgirls displayed in the windows, it brought in more custom and it definitely did when Emma was placed on display, they had proved that at both Nick and Steve’s sown stores and now with the new one.

They had finally let the two new guys in on the secret about having Emma on display, and even they had to agree that though very strange, it did seem to work at getting the customer in the store, the last few days had been very busy, not something that they had expected to happen. And they both asked if they could keep her on display for another day, which they were surprised by the answer but accepted.

Finally, the last customer left, the grand opening day had gone well, the store owner and his friends had left the running of the store in the capable hands of the two new guys, they seemed to know what was expected of them and dealt with the customers as Steve expected of them. So, he was happy to leave them to it, and head out to celebrate the latest store’s opening.

Nick meanwhile had managed to get a moment alone with Emma, he had told her about their surprise and said that he hoped that she liked her birthday present, something that she would remember for a long time he thought. Though he did apologise for leaving her thinking that he had abandoned her, he had indeed checked on her several times, though he remained out of sight and had even watched her on the store’s security cameras as she was prepared for display.

Emma thought that at that moment that Nick would be taking her home, having stopped the display rotating while he spoke with her. But he made no effort to remove any part of the display that kept her in place, which she thought odd, but as she wasn’t uncomfortable, she was happy to hear Nick speak with her. Pleased that she hadn’t been left here with total strangers after all, and that this had been part of their plan all along.

But any thought that Nick was about to release her was quashed as he closed the display oven door and then reached over to re-activate the mechanism that made her spin around. She saw him stand and walk away, leaving her here, surely, he was just joking, playing one of his games on her, maybe to teach her a lesson she thought, be careful what you wish for. It seemed that she might have just got that.

The next time that she saw Nick, he was standing outside with Steve and Louise, they were watching her inside of the display, waving when they caught her attention, and Nick seemed to be with another woman, as they turned and headed off to celebrate the new store. Leaving her in the display, slowly rotating around. She thought that they would be back soon, but she watched as the day ended and the two men who ran the store started to do their final clean-up for the day. She had hoped that they may have been told to remove her at the end of the day, but again they didn’t seem to be moving anywhere near her.

The next time that she saw them as she rotated around, they were both outside as well, it seemed that they had finished for the day and locked up leaving her on display for another night. She later found out from them that they had asked to keep her for another day, expecting Steve to say no but he had agreed to their request; even Nick had said that Emma had been good for business, and that she was his lucky charm.

He too had agreed to let them keep her for the next day’s trading, being a Saturday, they had expected it to be busy, but they found themselves rushed off their feet and didn’t even give the display meatgirls a second thought. It was only when Steve rang and told them to have the meatgirl packaged and ready for pick up did they finally release her from the display, thanking her for allowing them to use her and asking when they could have her back in the store again.

But as instructed, they didn’t untie her, the gag was replaced with a ball gag that Nick had left behind, the ropes that bound her body like a trussed-up turkey remained, even tightened any loose ropes and she was left next to the display cabinet, where Steve eventually came and picked her up from. Carrying her out to his van, he placed her in the back and drove off without saying anything to Emma, just thanking the guys for all of their work. She again felt more of an object than a normal human female, though she knew that she would never be normal in any sense of the word, she loved this all too much.

Emma found herself carried from the van and into the restaurant that Louise owned, she was the head chef as well and took charge of the meatgirl that Steve had delivered. Again, she took the time to wash and prepare her, Emma lay there as Louise worked on her, eventually retying her back into the trussed-up form that she had been delivered as. Placing her on the metal tray, Emma felt herself being wheeled into the main area, moving the tray onto a table, and being left there.

Then the cover was removed to the sound of a few voices, all wishing her happy birthday, cheering her with glasses of bubbly, while she continued to remain gagged, naked, and trussed up like their next meal, which she guessed that she was. More food and wine were served, which made her feel very hungry, but it seemed that she was not here to eat but to be the main dish, which she started to love the idea.

Prepared, glazed and served up as the main dish in the banquet to all of my friends who were invited to celebrate my birthday, including my Nick, the two new guys from the store, the chef and Steve, the man from the wholesaler who had arranged for my transport, and several other friends that I’d known over the years, even Nick’s sister had come, even though she felt that it was strange that I wanted to be treated like this, she knew that her brother loved his wife with all his heart and would do anything for her.

Eventually after much drinking and feasting, the party guests slowly took their leave, Emma had been the centre of attention, but had remained as she was served, which she had enjoyed, even though she wanted to join them. The lid being replaced to cover my naked, bound body made me wonder what they were doing to me, I had expected that once they had finished their meal that I would eventually be free. But again, it seemed that I wouldn’t be, the tray that I had been placed on was moved to a trolley and I felt it being wheeled out from the dining area.

My bound body was then picked up when we arrived back in the kitchen, and I was moved over to a large box and placed inside. Someone made a comment on taking the scraps home, and I felt the box being picked up and carried outside, someone else made a comment that really, they were too full and that they should just dispose of the remains of the food in the scrap bin. Then much laughter as the box was placed down on the ground and I was finally released from the ropes binding me.

My limbs felt like lead after being trussed up for so long, and I had to be carried by Nick to his car, placed in the back seat, his sister joined me and gave me a hug, leaving her covered in the grease and sauces that Louise had coated me in, we both laughing at the mess I was making.

“Maybe you should have placed the scraps in the bin,” I giggled.

“It’s not too late.” Nick said, teasing me with that wonderful smile of his.

After a lovely bath and some much-needed food, I was carried into our bed and placed down gently by Nick, his sister had left us to get reacquainted she had said as she headed to her hotel. But as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was fast asleep, dreaming of my time inside the oven slowly roasting away, all cares and worries now long forgotten.


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