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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; naked; display; objectify; toys; buttplug; climax; cons; XX

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Part Five

It had been a few days now since Emma had left his store; a weekend had passed by and he still hadn’t heard from either Nick or Emma. Steve’s part-time worker had just returned from leave on Tuesday, and this left him able to take some time away from serving and concentrate on other things, one of the most pressing was what was happening over at his other store that Nick ran. He thought that he would check out what had happened, and why he hadn’t heard from either one about his little trick.

Leaving the store, the drive over was easy with very little traffic, and when he arrived at the store everything looked fine from the outside. Steve walked in and greeted Nick, who had just completed serving a customer. He didn’t want to bring up Emma, feeling slightly guilty about abusing her when he had her tightly trussed up, but Steve wanted to see what Nick’s reaction was when Emma had been delivered.

“So how was the new delivery on Friday?” Steve asked Nick, trying to probe but without giving too much away.

“Oh, that was fine.” Nick replied, not thinking it too strange that Steve would ask about the stock. “It was really busy on Friday when they arrived, so I had the driver put them away.”

“They all still here or do you need some more?” Steve asked, still trying to find out about Emma.

“No, they’re all fine, though I haven’t had too much of a call to pull them out yet.” Nick said, “Saturday was pretty quiet, just a few sold. I was closed on Sunday, and yesterday I only moved one, so I am still pretty well stocked.”

Steve was slightly disturbed that Nick hadn’t seemed to find out that Emma had been part of the stock that had been delivered, surely, he would have seen Emma as she was led into the store? He thought. Or even seen her with the other meatgirls when he did venture in the storeroom. His thoughts were interrupted when Nick spoke again.

“Sorry Steve, I’ve been distracted a bit, what with Emma gone to see her family and I broke a tooth over the weekend and was seeing when I could get away to try to get it fixed.” Nick told him.

“Oh, sorry to hear about the tooth, well you’re in luck, my worker has just got back, so he’s running my store, I guess I can run the store for a while and give you the time to get your tooth fixed, that’s if that’s okay with you?” Steve said, thinking that with Nick gone he could check up on Emma.

“That’ll be great, I think I can get in this afternoon, just let me check.” Nick replied and went upstairs to call his dentist.

Meanwhile, Steve decided to check in the storeroom, opening the door he could see that once the light came on that there were several meatgirls inside, all hanging by their wrists from the hooks above their heads, just like they normally would. But looking in from the doorway he couldn’t see Emma, but after walking inside, at the back of the storeroom and behind the others stood Emma, still bound and gagged.

Steve was shocked to find her like this and immediately moved towards her, but as he got closer, he saw that she was shaking her head at him. He was just going to pull the gag from her mouth to check that she was okay, but she again shook her head and pulled away. Clearly, she didn’t want to Steve to set her free or speak with her in front of the other meatgirls, Steve didn’t know why but guessed that she didn’t want the others to know that she wasn’t one of them, just like he had told her to do.

Hearing Nick coming back down to the store, Steve left the storeroom and closed the door behind him, leaving Emma again back in the darkness. He would have to wait and bide his time to find out more. Nick, having come from his apartment above the store, saw Steve leaving the storeroom, and asked if everything was okay.

“Yes, all seems fine, just checking what we have left, I like to know what I’m selling.” Steve replied. “How’d you go with the dentist?”

“He can see me later today, that’s if you don’t mind running the store, I know it’s your day off, but I’d appreciate it if you could.” Nick told him.

“Sure, not a problem, it’s nearly lunchtime anyway, why don’t we close up and head out for some lunch, my treat.” Steve said, still not sure what was happening with Emma.

“That’s great, there’s a nice place around the corner, just let me change and we can head off.” Nick replied.

Steve and Nick then locked up and headed out for some lunch and to catch up on other events away from the business side of things. Though the last time that they both went out, Nick ended up drunk and had left Emma stuck on the display stand all night. After lunch they both returned and while Nick served the latest customer, Steve just got on with some other tasks that looked like they needed doing, just to waste some time.

Eventually Nick left for the dentist, Steve told him not to rush back and that he would close up for the day. Now that he was alone in the store, he could now get to see Emma and get some much-needed information about what was happening since she had left his store. He had just started walking back to the storeroom, when he was interrupted by a couple of customers. It took him a little while to serve them and a few more but eventually he managed to venture back to the storeroom.

Walking inside he saw the other meatgirls hanging there looking at him, each expecting to be taken out and sold, that was what they were here for after all. But Steve went straight to the rear and grabbed the ropes binding Emma to the hook and pulled her off, then picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder he carried her like he would have with any other meatgirl from the room. Now safely outside the storeroom, he placed Emma down on the ground and began removing her gag.

Now that she was out of earshot of the other meatgirls Emma knew it was finally safe to talk to Steve, clearly, he wanted something from her, otherwise why would he have tried to speak to her earlier. Putting a drink bottle in her mouth Steve watched as Emma gulped down a few drops of the cool water, her mouth was dry being gagged for so long, even after being kept hydrated by the feeding system.

“What happened?” Steve asked. “I shipped you over here late Friday, it’s now Tuesday, how are you still waiting in the storeroom?”

Emma gasped, it had been that long, she had lost all track of time, being kept stored away in the dark she didn’t know if it was day or night outside. “Sorry, Sir… I didn’t realise.”

“Hasn’t Nick seen you yet?” Steve asked her, thinking that maybe he had but had left her there to punish her.

“No, Sir, as you can see, I was at the back of the storeroom, when the driver dropped me here, I was at the back of the queue, and as we entered, I thought that Nick would have seen me.” Emma told him.

“And did he?” Stave asked.

“No, Sir, he was very busy at the time and had the driver put us away in the storeroom, and for some reason I was placed at the back by him.” Emma replied.

“Ah, that’s probably my fault, I had told the driver that you were to be placed at the back when delivered, and then to lead the meatgirls into the store with you at the rear. Clearly, he didn’t understand why, just thinking that you were just another one to be delivered and he must have taken what I asked of him literally.” Steve then said. “He was only supposed to deliver you, and Nick would then be checking the new batch off, and I expected him to find you then.”

“It seems that we were already tagged and placed into the stock system back at your store, Sir.” Emma told him, while looking down at her nipple tag, “I heard him tell the driver that there was no need to scan these as they had already been done, and to just hang us in the storeroom, which he did and then left.”

“But Nick must have checked on the stock afterwards?” He asked her.

“Not really, Sir, he came in once or twice to fetch another girl, but they were closer to the front of the storeroom, with me being at the rear. I guess he didn’t look too closely at the other girls hanging there, thinking that we were just stock waiting to be sold.” Emma answered.

“Well that certainly wasn’t what I had planned when I thought about this. Sorry Emma, let me untie you and set you free, I think you’ve been bound much too long.” Steve said as he moved towards the ropes that bound Emma’s wrists.

“No, Sir, please stop.” Emma pleaded.

Steve was stunned and took a step back, surely after all this time she would want to get free and back to her normal life. And asked her. “Why?”

“Sorry Sir, but I want Nick to find me, that was what we had agreed on back at your store when you suggested this to me. And I want to remain this way until he does.” Emma responded.

“But it’s been days, and who knows just how long that will take.” Steve told her, “I don’t think that I could stand to see that.”

“Again sorry, Sir, but that was what I agreed to do, and also not to reveal myself to the other meatgirls that I wasn’t one of them, that’s why I asked you not to take my gag out back inside the storeroom,” she said to him, “If it takes a week for Nick to see me, then I am more than happy to take my chances.”

“But what if he doesn’t see you, and then sells you to someone?” Steve asked.

“But he will recognize me once he gets to see me, so that won’t happen, and again I am prepared to wait and take that very slim and remote chance.” Emma countered. “And there’s no one else who works in the store, so it’s only going to be Nick that finds me.”

“Well, I don’t think that’s a very good plan to leave you here for Nick to eventually find you, that may be days away yet.” Steve again told her, thinking that maybe all the time kept as a meatgirl had changed Emma in some way.

“But Sir, that’s my wish,” Emma stood her ground, “and you did agree to do this for me.”

“Yes but…” Steve started to say.

“Sir, did you or did you not say that I would be delivered here as just another meatgirl?” Emma asked him.

“Well, yes but…”

“And did I agree to what you proposed?”

“Yes, you did, but again…” Steve tried to say.

“And have I fulfilled my end of our agreement?” Emma came back with.

“Yes, you have.” Steve wondered where this was going.

“So, as I’m still a meatgirl, please place me back in the place I was in the storeroom and then leave me there,” Emma asked him. “Please Sir…” she added.

“You want to remain here as a meatgirl?” Steve asked her again, still not sure what was going on here.

“Yes, Sir, I wish to remain here as another meatgirl.” Emma answered.

“And you want to go back in the storeroom, even though you don’t know when he will find you?” Stave asked Emma.

“Sir, yes, that is my wish, I want to remain a meatgirl until Nick find me.” Emma said to him, hoping that her thoughts and desires had gotten through to Steve.

“Okay then, but I’m not happy about leaving you here like this, but I will respect your wishes.” Steve said, “You best open your mouth and let me re-gag you then.”

Emma was about to allow Steve to replace the gag, then said, “Thank you Sir, thank you for what you have done for me.”

“Sure, if this is what you want?” Steve asked.

“Yes Sir, it is,” And opened her mouth for Steve to replace the gag, but then said, “And place me back where you found me, please, I don’t want any special treatment.” Thinking that he would place her at the front so that Nick would spot her.

“Okay, now open…” Steve said as he placed the gag back in Emma’s mouth, still concerned in what she had said to him, he didn’t want to leave her like this, but he still felt like he should do as she requested and be placed back as another meatgirl. And then taking her back into the storeroom he made sure that she was again on the same hook that she occupied previously, and then walked back out and closed the door behind him.

Steve returned to the front counter, he couldn’t get his mind off of Emma and her desire to remain in the storeroom, even when a few customers came in and he served them what they wanted. He even managed to sell one whole one, taking her from the storeroom, and then binding her in his usual fashion for the customer to take with them, a tight package of meatgirl flesh. All the time that he was binding the girl he thought of the time that he had trussed up Emma like this, and then what he had done to her afterwards.

“You seem happy in your work,” the customer said to him.

“Yes, it’s very satisfying to see them like this,” Steve replied, looking down at the bound package on the table and seeing Emma in her place.

He thought some more about Emma and her wishes as he carried the latest trussed up package out to the customers vehicle, standing there as he watched the now happy customer drive off, he turned and looked back at the store. There in the display window was another meatgirl on display, slowly rotating around on the display, and then an idea struck him.

‘Well Emma wishes to remain as a meatgirl,’ he thought, ‘so as she’s just another meatgirl I can do what I want with her.’ And headed back into the store.

It was getting closer to closing time and Nick hadn’t returned, so Steve began to tidy up and get things either stored away or cleaned up. He had thought of his plan the rest of the afternoon and now was the time, he thought, to put it into action.

Heading back to the storeroom, he walked inside and grabbed Emma’s wrist rope, then with one swift move draped her over his shoulder and carried her out like the piece of meat that she was. Emma couldn’t object to being treated like this, not in front of the others in the storeroom, it wouldn’t be fair to them she thought, and would wait until they were outside again to remind him that he had agreed to leave her as a meatgirl.

But instead of placing her back on her feet just outside of the storeroom like he had before, he carried her into the main part of the store and over to the window. As she was hanging limply over Steve’s shoulder, she didn’t know if there were any customers inside the store at that moment, so she would have to keep up the appearance of her as just another item to be sold. But once he placed her feet back on the ground she saw where she was, and was about to object, when Steve pointed to the meatgirl currently on display.

She knew that she needed to remain quiet, her agreement with Steve was not to let the others know her secret, so she was stuck like this for the moment. Steve left her standing there while he saw to a last-minute customer. Emma watched as the other girl continued to slowly rotate on the display, it brought back fond memories of her time up there, and she was distracted until Steve returned to her and he then began removing the other girl from the display.

Again, with the other girl in earshot she could speak, and just stood there watching. Eventually he removed the girl and bound her like Emma was, placing a gag in her mouth, her wrists and ankles tied with rope, ready to go back to the storeroom Emma guessed. ‘That’s where she should be at this moment’, Emma thought to herself, and wondered what Steve was playing at.

Now that the display was free, he began untying Emma’s ankle ropes, leaving the gag in place and her wrists bound. Then he lifted her up and began to place her on the two recently vacated double dildoes that stood on top of the main pole, each one lubricated by the previous occupant as Emma slowly sank down on to them and accepted their girth inside of her. While she was adjusting to having the two probes deep inside of her, Steve cuffed her ankles with the metal cuffs that were attached to a bar that was fixed to the main pole.

Steve took a minute to admire the way that she looked on display but knew that he didn’t have much time left before he needed to close up. Removing the ropes binding her wrists, he then guided Emma’s hands behind her and then fastened them there with the metal wrist cuffs, the chain making sure that she couldn’t move them. To him Emma, though slightly angered at what he was doing to her, seemed to be accepting this pretty well.

Emma had just gotten herself comfortable with the two intruders, she didn’t feel happy with what Steve was doing with her and she would let him know that he had gone back on his promise to her the first chance that she got. But with the other meatgirl still standing there, bound and gagged she still couldn’t say anything. She thought to herself that she wouldn’t be the first to break her agreement she had with Steve, and start to talk, even though she was still gagged at the moment she thought that she could still express her thoughts about what he was doing to her.

Steve, meanwhile, pleased with his change of plans, just carried on getting Emma ready for the display. Now that he had her bound to the display, he just had to pull down the upper pole and place the gag part in her mouth and then she would be ready, and he could explain his plan to her. After making some final adjustments to the display, he stepped back and again admired the sight before him; he must admit that she did look great up there.

Moving back to the other meatgirl he grabbed her and carried her back into the storeroom, placing her wrist rope on the hook that Emma was recently bound to. Happy that things were going as planned, he headed out, closing the storeroom door behind him, then turning the lock to seal them away for the night. Now back to see Emma and let her know his thoughts.

Returning to the window, he looked up at Emma as she stood there fixed in place to the display, he hadn’t started it yet as he wanted to have a few final things to say to her. He thought that she would be angry with him, but he didn’t care and would let her know that.

“Well, I guess that you’re upset that I took you out from the storeroom.” Steve said, not expecting an answer from the gagged girl, her head now fixed in place only allowed her to look at the ceiling, or just to the side if she struggled to. He continued.

“I did promise to keep you as a meatgirl, that you must agree, seeing where you are.” He smiled as he spoke. Emma then realised that he was right, he was keeping her as she asked.

“You asked me to keep you as a meatgirl, but as one of them I can then do what I want to you. Agreed?” Steve asked, to which Emma thought about then nodded as best she could in agreement.

“So as a meatgirl I can do as I want, which I have done, and you’re now on display as one of them.” Steve told her.

Emma again thought about it, her anger at Steve’s betrayal dissipated slightly, she began to realise that she had indeed agreed to remain a meatgirl in the store, though she had wanted to remain in the storeroom. But she had been tricked by him it seemed, but at the moment there was little that she could do about it, being bound, gagged and on the display stand.

“Well, you’re still a meatgirl as I promised, and sometimes they get displayed to advertise to the customer what’s available, and just how good you girls look.” Steve said, “And you do look good up there.”

Blushing at his comment, she then looked at her reflection in the mirror, yes, she had to admit that she did look good, and again she had to concede that as a meatgirl he could put her on the display, even sell her if he so wanted, she thought. She reminded herself that she had asked him to keep her as a meatgirl, and that was what he was doing, even if it wasn’t in the spirit of their agreement.

“I must admit that I was tempted to take you back to my own store and put you on display there, but then Nick would not have seen you like the last time you were in my window,” Steve revealed to her.

The thought of bound again in his store gave her delightful thoughts, and even sent a wonderful tingle down her spine. Even though she had coped some pretty serious groping from his customers, she found that she loved the experience, and wondered to herself if or more likely when she would allow him to keep her as his meatgirl again.

“Well, meatgirl, I think that we’re done now,” Steve announced, “Time to start closing.” He then reached over and activated the switch to start the motor that rotated the display, he watched on as Emma slowly started to revolve on the display.

Emma felt the machine start and then her view changed as she spun around, catching sight of Steve as he looked at her for a moment and then headed back to the counter to finish up.

Turning off the main lights in the store, Steve was about to leave and lock up, when Nick returned from his trip to the dentist.

“How was it?” Steve asked Nick.

“Painful!” Nick replied, holding his right cheek.

Steve laughed, “Well it’s done now, and I’ve gotten everything cleaned up and I was just about to lock up.”

“Thanks Steve, that’s great, thanks for your help today.” Nick replied.

“No problem, you fancy a quick drink?” Steve asked.

“No, sorry can’t, the dentist gave me some pain killers and said that I shouldn’t drink. I think I’ll just head up and get an early night, but I’ll take you up on that offer later.” Nick answered.

“Okay, well I best be getting off then.” Steve said and headed towards the door. “Oh, and by the way I changed the display over as well, so you’re good for the next day or so.” Making sure that Emma heard what he said. “Night.”

“Good night.” Replied Nick, and locked the door, not taking more than a quick glance at the display when Steve mentioned it. Not seeing Emma up there as she rotated her back was towards him when he looked up. Nick then headed upstairs for some much-needed sleep. The painful tooth had kept him awake most of the weekend.

Morning came and from her position Emma watched as the sun rose over the buildings opposite her window, the street started to be busier with people hurrying to work, some taking the time to look at the meatgirl currently on display, some she guessed where wondering what she would taste like, while others would be choosing whether to roast her in their oven or on a spit. Emma just continued to rotate around, her thoughts on other things and wondering when Nick would eventually spot her.

But even when Nick eventually came down and started his day, he still didn’t take any notice of the display, other that to see that it was still working, to him it was just another meatgirl on display, and thankfully after Steve told him that he had changed them over, he wouldn’t have to do that for a day or so. The display kept the girls hydrated and fed via the tube in their mouths, just like the gags in the meatgirls in the storeroom.

It was much later in the day, when in conversation with a customer about the currently displayed meatgirl, and how much would she be to buy, did Nick get closer to the display and take notice as the girl spun around to face him. It was then that he realised that this was Emma on the display, and quickly directed the customer to another meatgirl, even offering them a discount for the other one, which they gladly accepted.

But once that customer was served and out the door, Nick was just about to see what was going on here with Emma on the display, when more customers arrived to interrupt him. The day got busier, and it wasn’t until the last customer of the day had left, did he get a chance to finally speak with Emma. Stopping the display rotating he stepped up and began removing the gag, but left the metal cuffs for now, he was more interested in finding out how she got there.

“Hi Nick,” was all Emma could say.

“What, how did you get here?” Nick, still confused, asked her. “And when?”

“Ah, that’s a bit of a story, I’ve been here since Friday I believe, or so Steve told me,” she told him.

“Steve!” Nick exclaimed, “he did this to you?”

“Only because I asked him to.” Emma replied.

“Asked him, when was that?” Nick queried.

“That’s the when part of your previous question, you see I was in that last delivery, but it didn’t turn out as planned.” Emma responded.

“Friday, you’ve been here since Friday!” Nick responded, “Why didn’t I know?”

“Well, you were busy when me and the other meatgirls were delivered from Steve’s store, the driver had been told to leave me until last, the plan was that you would see me when you scanned us all in.” Emma said, “But that didn’t happen.”

“Clearly, but even so, I should have noticed you in the storeroom at some point.” Nick said, still confused about what was happening.

“The driver made the mistake in what was asked, and he placed me at the back of the storeroom, so unless you came back there you wouldn’t have seen me.” Emma stated.

“But Friday, today’s Wednesday, someone should have said, or let me know,” Nick uttered, “and Steve should have said something before now.”

“I made Steve promise not to reveal our secret.”

“Our secret?” Nick exclaimed, “Have you been seeing Steve behind my back?”

Emma blushed, she had given away more than she planned to, the part that she had actually gone away to be kept by Steve as a meatgirl was not supposed to slip out. But now that it had, she thought that she should tell Nick everything, which she did, except for the part where Steve had her trussed up and used her, that part would remain her secret.

Nick listened as Emma told him about her time over at Steve’s store, and why she was there. He felt slightly upset that she hadn’t confided in him her desires to be a meatgirl and be on display, but realised that he had been treating her a little differently after finding her again and what Nicky had put her through.

He felt embarrassed that he hadn’t seen her on display in the window when he took the others over to restock the store, even when Steve waved at him while standing next to Emma, bound and on display for all to see. He decided that he would listen more to Emma and see what she wanted from him. Though he didn’t want to lose her again, and he told her that.

“Silly, I am yours, there is no one other than you.” Emma responded to Nick, “I belong to you. I’m your own personal meatgirl.”

“You’re my meatgirl, I guess you’re right.” Nick said with a sly smile. Reaching up to replace the mouthpiece in Emma’s mouth and adjusting the pole, she was now stuck back on the display stand as he had found her. Any expression from her at this point was now not considered by Nick.

“Well, meatgirl, as my meatgirl, I get to decide when and if I remove you from the display.” He said to her, before reaching over to restart the motor. He continued as he watched her slowly spin, “And as you heard Steve say, I don’t need to change the display for the next day or so.” And gave her a small playful slap on her rear, leaving her there and walking back to the main counter.

Picking up the phone he rang Steve, “I’ve found your little surprise!” he told him, there was some brief conversation between them, some laughter and then in the end Nick said, “Now about that drink you promised, I’ll be over shortly, see you then.”

Nick put the phone away and after checking on the rest of the store, headed towards the front door. Looking up at the display as it rotated around, he smiled, she looked like she was happy and enjoying herself, and he guessed that the motor was doing its thing to her insides. The slight leakage around the top of her thighs gave her away.

“Well, meatgirl, I’m off to see Steve and catch up, tomorrow's another day and I expect that I’ll be very busy, tending to all the customers that you usually bring in.” Nick said to her, “You’d better hope that I don’t run out of stock, after all, you’re just a meatgirl now and available should the need arise.” As he said that he watched a shudder go through her, clearly, she had just climaxed, the thought of being sold always turned her on, and he knew that, though she didn’t need to know that there was no way that he would actually sell, but he like to dangle the thought.



NB: Emma lasted another day on the display stand, but in the end, Nick couldn’t leave her there, he replaced her on the display, leaving her bound with ropes, thinking that she was headed to the storeroom, but as they got close, she saw that he was carrying her upstairs. There he kept her bound for the night and made good use in sampling the delights of his own personal meatgirl.

They married not long after, having found each other again, they didn’t want to part, and she moved in with Nick. The marriage ceremony was something special, with Emma having been taken by Steve over to his girlfriends’ restaurant. There she was prepared, ‘cooked’ and then placed on the silver serving tray, taken out to the main area where Nick was waiting along with a few friends, and they were wed as Man and meatgirl. The final reveal to everyone there as the lid was removed, some thinking that this was the main dish, well to Nick she was.

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