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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Part Seven

Emma woke up and felt that familiar itch that she gets from time to time, snuggling up next to her sleeping husband, Nick, she knew that she would soon be asking for him to bind her and place her inside the storeroom, it was going to be another one of those days with her as part of the inventory, her wrists bound to the ceiling hook and her naked body rubbing gently up against one or two of the other meatgirls inside the storeroom.

After Nick had woken and bound her wrists and ankles, he had carried her down to the storeroom and left his wife, now just another meatgirl, hanging there between two others. Nick was always happy to indulge his wife’s desires, even though he missed having her smiling face around, he knew that Emma needed some precious time being kept and used as one of the meatgirls. And he had come to expect that she wouldn’t be changing anytime soon.

As always when he had Emma bound as part of the stock, the day turned busy, and he had plenty of customers to serve. He was surprised later on in the day when Steve arrived, and after seeing the sales figures said that they needed to go out and celebrate another successful trading day. Nick hadn’t told Steve anything about having Emma in the storeroom, he thought that he may have seen her when he ventured in to check on the meatgirls and as he hadn’t mentioned it, Nick thought that he wanted to play along and let Emma enjoy her day.

Locking up the store at the end of the day, both Steve and Nick headed out to their favourite restaurant, where Louise the owner had made them a delicious meal, followed by several glasses of fine wine, so in the end Nick had to stay over at Steve’s home, unable to drive back to his apartment above the store. He also knew that Emma would be loving her extra time inside the storeroom, though he had only planned on leaving there for the day, he missed her too much in their bed at night, that plan had now changed it seemed.

Meanwhile back at the store eyes had been watching Nick and Steve as they left the store, locking up for the night and heading off; they were followed briefly to make sure that they wouldn’t be returning. Back at the store several men clad in dark clothing began to seek out what they had come for, they started by cutting off the power and knocking out any alarm system that the store may have had. Then breaking in they quickly headed to the storeroom and its valuable cargo of meatgirls, the lock on the door was no problem to them, they came equipped to deal with any obstacles.

Cutting the lock, they now had access to what they had come for and quickly started moving the bound meatgirls out to their waiting truck, laying the girls on the floor in the rear of the truck, this was just an ordinary looking vehicle, not one that specialised in meatgirl delivery with hooks and refrigerated storage. They moved quickly and efficiently, they had done this many times before and were used to handling the meatgirls, carrying them out over their shoulders until they had every last meatgirl on board and after closing the rear doors, heading off with their stolen goods.

Emma had been having a wonderful day inside the storeroom, she had been tied up and gagged and then placed in among the other meatgirls, Nick had even tagged her and entered her into the inventory. This always made her feel like she was one of them, and she loved it when Nick treated her the same as the other meatgirls, this is what she desired and wanted, she knew that she would have to give Nick a very special reward later on in their bed.

When the storeroom door opened, she was surprised when the lighting didn’t come on, it was automatic, and every time the door was opened by Nick it turned on the lights. This was strange, but relaxed thinking that maybe there was a power outage or something. She had expected Nick was coming in to get her from the storeroom but was shocked when there seemed to be several men coming in, grabbing the other meatgirls and carrying them out. She thought that something was not right, but bound and gagged as she was, she knew that there was little that she could do about it, and after seeing Steve come in the storeroom earlier, though he hadn’t seen her, thought that maybe that they had organised another little surprise for her to enjoy.

So, Emma relaxed herself when she felt the hands of one of the men on her body as he grabbed hold of her body and hoisted her over his shoulder like the sack of meatgirl that she was. Though it did feel odd that the truck that they were using wasn’t a normal meatgirl van, and she was thrown in on top of a couple of other meatgirls, they didn’t seem to be very gentle in the way that they were handling the goods. The rear doors closed not long after the last meatgirl had been thrown inside, landing on top of Emma and the truck headed off.

Emma lay there among the other meatgirls, all still bound and gagged, and rubbed herself against the body below her, well the truck’s movements aided her in that, and it felt nice to be up and close with the other bodies, she knew that she should enjoy this while it lasted. The journey seemed to go on for some time, and for Emma the longer the better, and she was just near to reaching her first orgasm when she felt the vehicle stop, dashing her desires in doing so.

The rear doors were opened, and the cargo was soon unloaded, it had been a good night’s haul for the thieves, they had grabbed the stores stock after a fresh delivery had been made just as their contact at the wholesalers had told them. This would be a particularly good payday for them all. The meatgirls were placed into a wooden pen inside the abandoned barn that they used to store their goods. It had been a long and successful night and it was time to get some much-needed rest before they would sell the goods later after nightfall.

After being carried and placed down on the dirt floor, Emma had looked around to see where she was, half expecting to see the grinning faces of Nick and Steve as they revealed themselves on another trick, they had managed to cook up for her. But she could see anyone other than the guys who had grabbed and carried the meatgirls, and this place looked old and dirty, somewhere that you should expect to find anything other than livestock, maybe that was what she was now she thought to herself. Not realising the danger that she was currently in.

She settled herself down and expected that she would soon be free, or that maybe the plan was to ‘sell’ her to someone else, she thought, used to being treated like another meatgirl, just like she always wanted to be, and her mind drifted off to her time being prepared to be served up as the main dish in Louise’s restaurant. Emma looked at her fellow meatgirls, and she wondered what was going through their minds at the moment, even though Emma knew that they all knew what it was they would eventually become, she still thought that maybe some were enjoying their last moments.

None of the meatgirls seemed too concerned with where they were she surmised, after all they were used to being dealt with like this, to them she thought, this was just another place in their journey from farm to wholesaler, then sold via a store like Nick’s and eventually ending up on a plate. So, Emma relaxed, her initial fears that something was wrong were dismissed from her mind, she felt that she should enjoy the experience, and would relive this in her fantasies back when she was at home in bed.

The meatgirls had spent the day inside the dusty old barn that they were currently being kept in, and other than the occasional guy checking on them they were left standing or laying down inside the pen that was holding them. It was only once the sun had started setting did Emma see more people enter the barn, again they all seemed to know what they needed to do and started to hoist the meatgirls over their shoulders and carry them out of the building.

When it was Emma’s turn, she didn’t resist and allowed the guy to throw her over his shoulder, again they seemed a little bit rougher than she would have expected them to be if this was one of Steve’s pranks. She tried to get a good look at where they had been kept, thinking that maybe she could get Nick to keep her here for a long, naughty weekend, his own personal meatgirl that he could take advantage of. She was thrown inside the truck with the other meatgirls, again this wasn’t gentle, and actually hurt this time, and she started to worry that maybe that this was real after all.

With the final meatgirl loaded, the truck's rear doors were closed, and they headed off to their contact to sell their latest haul. The thieves were happy with the amount that they had been offered for their stock of meatgirls and were looking forward to spending the money later on that day. The hand over went off without a hitch, the meatgirls were transferred to the other truck that the buyer had waiting, and once the unloading had been completed, they left with the money, leaving behind the meatgirls that they had just sold, what happened to them afterwards not their concern, they were just product to be dealt with.

The new truck that Emma found herself in was smelly and dirty, it looked to her like it could do with a good clean, and was that blood that she saw, she couldn’t be sure, but it made her realised that this was serious, something had indeed gone wrong and that she was actually being treated as just another meatgirl, part of the haul that this truck contained. She was stuck between several other meatgirls, she even had one on top of her bound body, something that in normal circumstances that she would thoroughly enjoy, but these were not usual circumstances so there was little joy in what she was experiencing.

The new truck had started its journey, and it was many hours before the truck came to a halt, inside the rear Emma expected to be moved to another location, maybe her final destination, She had been thinking about Nick and Steve on the journey, and still felt deep down that this was somehow part of a plan, but it felt too real to her, and although she had been in similar situations, they had always treated her less roughly and more like the way that she wanted to be handled. She didn’t mind the hands grabbing any part of her body, she had grown accustomed to that being bound and on display in the stores that Steve owned, but she felt more like meat with the way that she had been moved by these new guys.

Emma had felt the truck stop and the engine turn off, again she expected to be moved somewhere else, where she didn’t know or care at this point. Then there were several loud voices outside of the truck, then all went quiet for a while, then the rear doors of the truck were opened, and several flashlights shone into the interior. She heard a couple of people speak, something about confirming that the livestock was inside the truck like they expected to find it. But no attempt was made to move the meatgirls from the rear of the truck. The rear doors were closed and eventually the truck was back on the move again.

She wondered what was going on, it all seemed very strange to her. Who were these new people and what was all the shouting and loud voices about? Again, being tightly bound and gagged and buried in the back of the truck with the other meatgirls there was truly little Emma thought that she could do at this point, she would have to wait and find out later.

There was another long, hot and musty ride in the back of the truck, there was little ventilation in the rear and with several meatgirls piled on top of each other the heat soon built up in more ways than one, and for Emma though she found pleasure in being this close to other meatgirls like her, this was proving to be a little too much, and she found herself blacking out along with several other meatgirls, from the heat and lack of air.

Eventually the truck reached its final destination, and the rear doors were opened, at first sight it looked to some that were there that some of the meatgirls had died in transit, not something that they wanted, it was better to sell them alive as there was more profit in that. It was only once they started to remove the new product that they found that they had only passed out and were eventually coming back to life with the rear door open.

They started carrying the meatgirls, who were still bound like they had been back in the store they had come from, moving them to a holding pen. Emma looked around as she was carried over the shoulder of one of the men, they were dressed in the standard white uniforms that she had seen something like before, and then when she was placed into the pen with the other meatgirls she realised that this looked similar to the wholesale yard that Nicky had taken her to.

With the last of the meatgirls unloaded and placed in the pen, the gate was locked securing the precious cargo inside. The two men left standing there after the workers had left smiling at the latest batch of meatgirls inside the pen, there was some talk that Emma caught bits and pieces of, and it seemed that the guy that had brought the truck load of goods had just sold them to the wholesaler, who was happy to take the entire delivery, with no questions asked.

Emma spent the rest of the day inside the holding pen, the only contact was with some of the workers who came in to connect the gags that the meatgirls still wore to the feeding system that helped to maintain their saleability, the meat had to be healthy to be sold after all. Emma had forgotten the last time that she had eaten anything, and the cool liquid quenched her thirst, though it didn’t fill her tummy she knew that it would keep her alive and her thoughts turned to quenching other desires now that the danger had seem to pass.

Again, she expected to see either Nick or Steve to turn up anytime soon, she had been kept like this for a long time, though she thought, she had been kept for much longer but in those circumstance in was in one of Steve’s stores, or when Nicky had sold her to that woman, she felt a shudder at the memory of those times. To distract herself in the meantime she thought that she would indulge in her favourite pastime and stand amongst the others who seemed content to rub their bodies up against each other, seeking warmth and comfort from their fellow meatgirls.

The next day the meatgirls in her pen were herded out and taken to the processing area, Emma had experienced this before, this was where she permanently lost her own hair, and had been marked as a meatgirl. The others had also been processed at a wholesaler before being delivered to a store, so they all knew what was about to happen and followed on behind the next meatgirl. Though some were herded off in a different direction, Emma and the remaining stock were taken to be cleaned and made ready for sale again.

The men who worked here were used to dealing with the livestock, as they referred to them, and quickly and efficiently had each one strung up by their ankles hanging from the chain that would take them through the processing machinery. Emma felt the ropes that had bound her for so long removed, only to be replaced with a solid metal bar, the metal cuffs holding firmly around her ankles as she was hoisted up and hung by her feet from the chain. After each meatgirl was added the chain moved along getting closer to the machines that would be seeing to the meatgirls that needed to be cleaned.

When Emma reached the dark insides of the machine, she felt the warm jets of liquid start to spray her body, she knew from experience to keep her eyes closed and mouth tightly wrapped around the gag, this stuff stung and tasted bitter, not something that she enjoyed, other than the whole being processed like she was nothing more than a meatgirl herself. The probes entering into her soon took care of anything that needed to be cleaned out from her, leaving her feeling very empty inside.

Once on the other side of the cleaning machinery Emma watched as the men removed the meatgirls before her, rebinding them and fastening a rope around their necks, forming a line of meatgirls waiting to be moved to another inside pen, like the last time she had experienced this. After Emma’s turn and being re-tied, she stood there waiting for the last meatgirl to come off of the processing line, then they were taken to another pen, their gags connected to the feeding system and then left to await whatever was next.

After another night inside the holding pen of the wholesaler, Emma wondered when she would be moved or returned home to Nick, surely, he must come for her soon she thought to herself. The cool liquid feeding her woke her up from the restless slumber that she had managed to get while inside the holding pen. She watched as a couple of the workers entered her pen and started to move the meatgirls into another line, she too was moved and stood behind another meatgirl, the ropes connecting each to the one in front, so she expected to be delivered back to the store sometime today.

They were herded out from the pen and out to a waiting truck, here each meatgirl was hooked up by their bound wrists to the hooks in the delivery trucks ceiling, each meatgirl was pushed down the line until that stood close to the one in front, and Emma felt another girl pushed close against her own back. Once the entire delivery was loaded, the rear doors were closed and the truck started, heading off to deliver the goods.

But again, something was not quite right, Emma had figured that she would be heading home, being placed back in the storeroom by now, this seemed to be taking longer, much longer than it was when she had been delivered before. And her suspicions were again raised that something was odd when the truck stopped, there were again loud voices outside and then all went quiet. Once the rear doors were finally opened the meatgirls were unloaded, this looked like some form of factory, and when she looked up, she saw a sign for processed meats.

She had seen their products before on the shelves, thinly sliced smoked meats immediately came into her mind, packaged, and placed in convenient sizes for the buyer to enjoy. She had been moved to a meat packing factory, this would be her last moments she thought, and blacked out, falling to the ground, her last thoughts of her body being sold to many people to enjoy, and never again experiencing her desires to be a meatgirl, or see her beloved Nick again.

When she woke, she looked around, she half expected to see herself hanging by her ankles from some processing line, but she felt the soft warm bedding that covered her, and the nice soft mattress under her, something that she hadn’t realised that she had so missed and longed for. Then she looked around and saw Louise sitting not far away from her in a chair, she was reading a book and hadn’t noticed Emma waking.

“Where… where am I?” Emma asked, her voice rasping from her dry throat.

“AH, you’re finally awake Emma,” Louise replied, walking over to where Emma lay and placing her soft hand on Emma’s forehead. “Relax, you're safe now. It’s all over.”

“What... What happened to me? Asked Emma, who still couldn’t believe that she wasn’t dreaming this.

“Wait, and I’ll get Steve to explain the whole story, he knows what happened,” Louise told her, leaving her alone for a few minutes.

Emma looked around, this wasn’t her bedroom, it was much larger, and she noticed the windows were open and the birds outside were chirping, it felt more like she was in the country than back in her home in the city. She could only lay there thinking to herself that this dream would soon end, and her nightmare would soon begin, the last memory she had was of the factory that she and the other meatgirls had been delivered to.

As she looked around, she saw the faces of Steve and Louise enter the room, they both seemed happy to see her and approached the bed where she lay, she wondered where her Nick was, but thought that he would be right behind them, and waited to see his smiling face.

“Hello Emma, welcome back to the land of the living,” Steve said.

Emma tried to speak but was told to save her energy and listen to what Steve had to say.

“Well, it seems that you’ve been off on one of your adventures again,” Steve laughed, but was given a stern look from Louise, this was no time to joke she said.

“Ah, right, yes,” Steve stammered, knowing not to push his jokes too far, “Well, you were part of a set up I had made with the livestock squad, unknowing of course, I would never have placed you in that dangerous a situation, I didn’t know that Nick had placed you that morning inside the stockroom.”

“And…” Louise added.

“Yes, I seem to owe you and Nick an apology for putting you through all this.” Steve blushed, looking very guilty at that moment. “The livestock squad had contacted me regarding the thefts of meatgirls from local shops and wanted my help, they had noticed that some members of the gang had been staking out Nick’s store and seemed to be waiting for the next delivery, which happened while you were bound inside the storeroom if you recall.”

“The plan was for me to place a tracking device inside one of the meatgirls, which is what I did that day when you may have seen me enter the storeroom, I’m sorry that I didn’t spot you or that Nick never told me that you were inside there, I would have taken you out if I had known.” Steve again told Emma that he was sorry and hoped that she would forgive him.

“Then once in place, we would leave the store that night, I had to get Nick away to allow the gang to break in and take the stock of meatgirls, I didn’t think in all of the excitement and planning that you may have been in the store. When I didn’t see you when I visited, I assumed that you were away, and not indulging in your favourite pastime.” Steve smiled, his memories of having Emma as his own meatgirl coming back to him.

“So once the thieves broke in and took the stock, they would be tracked to where they would take the meatgirls, the livestock squad followed behind at some distance, but at one point lost the signal after the truck went through a tunnel. But they eventually managed to find it later, after a tip off from part of the gang, who was dissatisfied with his share of the profits.” Steve continued.

“But the livestock squad wanted to catch the bigger fish, not just these little minions who did the grunt work. There were many others involved in the thefts, some that even surprised the squad members.” Steve stated, “So they kept a very low profile and allowed the gang to on-sell the goods, and then they moved in once the truck reached the border, it seemed that you were destined to be exported out of the country.”

Emma was shocked at what she was hearing, she had thought that this was another of Steve & Nick’s tricks on her up to that point, then she began to realise just how much danger she had been in.

“I’m sorry Steve for putting you and Nick through all of this, I didn’t know that this wasn’t another one of your schemes to treat me like the meatgirls that I like in my fantasies.” Emma replied. “I feel so stupid for putting you through this.”

“NO, Emma don’t think like that, please, we all love that you want to experience being a meatgirl and are happy for you to do that safely in our care, and you do look good when placed on display.” Steve added, with a smile on his face.

“Steve, not now!” Louise interrupted, giving Steve a look that he knew meant he was in trouble, “Tell Emma what happened next.”

“Well, the livestock squad had stopped the truck at the border, but had left you all in the back, you were just meatgirls to them after all. The truck was then moved to the wholesaler, it was supposed to be just to recover the stolen goods, but that didn’t happen.” Steve told Emma; he seemed upset that things hadn’t gone how he expected them.

“The goods that were stolen were supposed to be transported back to the stores that they came from, but one of the squad members had an agreement with the wholesaler to sell on the goods and they would split the profits, I was told that I would be compensated for my loss and that I would be able to buy fresh supplies from my own wholesaler,” he told Emma.

“But by now I knew that you were part of the stock stolen, Nick had told me the following day once the burglary had been discovered. But I couldn’t let the livestock squad know that, they would have taken a very dim view of us treating you like that, and I think that we would have been in some very serious trouble with the authorities.” Steve explained, which Emma nodded in agreement, she didn’t want to get them into trouble by indulging her silly desires.

“So, I had to let the whole thing play out, the other more trusted members of the livestock squad had suspected that one of their own was ‘on the take,’ as they had later described to me. So, they let the stock go through the wholesaler and then be sold to the factory, where you were finally taken too.” Steve stopped for a minute for it to sink in.

”Then the raid happened, I made sure that I was there as I said I wanted to recover the stock that had been taken, but also to see that things didn’t go any further with you involved. I had to make sure that you were not simply left to be processed along with the others. But not to let on, at the time, that you were only playing at being a meatgirl.” Steve said, “That was until the moment that you passed out, then I had to reveal to them that you were not part of the stock.”

“It took some convincing on my part, they still couldn’t believe that someone would allow themselves to be treated like this, though one of the female squad members had come across it before,” Steve stated, “And with one of their own being involved and the whole gang rounded up, they seemed very keen not to continue with finding out more about you. They released you from the rest of the meatgirls and I carried you to the back of my van, placing you inside still trussed up, I had to make it look like I was recovering some of my stock, I was told.”

“Then I brought you here to our home, and Louise has been taking good care of you since.” He turned to look at Louise standing there, “She has been by your side, when Nick hasn’t been here, that is.”

“Nick, where is he?” I asked, suddenly realising that he wasn’t here.

“Don’t worry, he’s on his way. I had to send him home as he was physically exhausted from all the stress and worry that happened the moment you were taken.” Steve said to Emma, “Please he feels very guilty, again, for placing you in this situation, so please go easy on him, He’s a good guy in all of this.”

“Yes, he’s been very good to me,” Emma replied, “And I don’t blame any of you for what happened to me, in other circumstances it would have been very enjoyable, and I would have thought something that you would dream up for me to experience.” A smile formed on her face as she spoke.

“Yes, I guess that it would have been, except for the danger that you were in.” Steve replied, “And I didn’t manage to get back the stock that was taken that day, they ended up, well let’s not go there shall we. It was lucky that we managed to find you and rescue you, and you’re safe now.”

“Yes, get some rest, Nick will be here soon.” Louise said to me, as Steve got up to leave the room and she was about to follow.

“Louise, before you go, can I ask a favour of you.” Emma whispered, “I don’t want Nick seeing me like this, could I get your help with something.”

“Sure, whatever you need, clothes, a bath you name it and it’s yours.” She replied.

It was a stunned and surprised Nick and Steve when they saw me next. I was still naked, but I was bound and trussed up like a turkey, gagged and presented to them on a large platter in their dining room. Louise had carried out my wishes, getting me bathed and prepared, then while Steve was out of the way had taken me to their kitchen where she coated my skin in some sauce that she had quickly made, more for the look than the taste she told me.

Once she had me stuffed, bound and ready she had laid me out with a salad that she made, she is very efficient in the kitchen being a chef of many years. And I was soon placed on the dining table along with plates and everything set out for a feast. I was in my happy place again, after all of the recent trauma and sadness I wanted this to be a happier ending to the whole thing.

They all sat down and enjoyed their meal, I was the centrepiece to their feast, and there were compliments given to Louise in her making such a fine spread. It made me incredibly happy that they were treating me like I was just there as part of it. And it was much later that Nick got to enjoy the finer parts of my body, and I his…


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