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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; fpov; bond; rope; display; objectify; gag; leash; susp; cuffs; collar; grope; climax; feeding-tube; X-frame; sex; cons; XX

Continues from

Part Four

Emma having finally recovered from her treatment at Steve and Nick’s hands, being prepared by a friend of Steve’s, then placed in an oven to ‘cook’, and ultimately being served up on a platter in a restaurant, she had realised one of her deepest, dark fantasies to its end conclusion and survived. Now, having found each other again, they both had started to see each other on a more regular basis, and while she loved having Nick bind and gag her, their playtime seemed to be more strictly in the bedroom and not down in the store.

Though she did enjoy some quality meatgirl time at Nick’s hands, she was mainly just bound and kept out of the way in the storeroom, her wrist bound with rope and attached to the hooks that held the meatgirls that were waiting to be sold. She was kept naked and bound this way, while Nick ran the store, the gag preventing any communication with the other meatgirls, and other than rubbing their bodies against each other, there was little contact with them.

Emma missed being one of the girls on display, Nick seemed unwilling to do this to her again, he had told her that as she always seemed to end up in some form of precarious situation when they had played previously, so Nick said that he was very reluctant to again put Emma in harm's way. In fact, she had spoken with Steve about his reluctance to have her on display again, and Steve had expressed what Nick had said about her to him, that he didn’t want to see anything bad happen to Emma again.

But then Steve suggested that Emma should take him up on his previous offer and get herself put on display in his store. He would make sure that she would be safe, and that she would be able to enjoy her time as his meatgirl. She felt that she would be cheating on Nick by allowing herself to be bound in Steve’s store. But then Steve suggested that they could keep it a secret from Nick, and that he had a plan that could help Emma with Nick’s problem.

Even though she felt like she was betraying Nick, her desire to be bound and put on display overcame any reluctance that she had. She had missed being treated like she so desired, even though she always at some point came to grief, her submissive desires to be kept naked, bound and gagged, put on display and treated as an object, seemed to overwhelm her more rational side of thinking. And Steve’s kind offer of help seemed like the ideal solution to her problems.

With the details sorted, she let Nick know that she would be out of town for the next few days and hoped that he didn’t miss her too much, but was happy to see that Nick was pleased that she was going away to see her family. She left Nick’s store and headed over to Steve’s on the other side of town, the journey over was uneventful, she wore her usual outfit of a summer dress and nothing else, and again she caught the eye of several men, looking her fine body up and down. She was happy to see that she was still attractive to the opposite sex, indeed she also found a couple of females checking her out as well.

Steve’s store was bigger than the one that Nick currently ran, it looked more like the store that Nick had run previously with his old partner Nicky, the thought of that woman sending shivers down her spine after all that she had put Emma through, and brought back several memories of the days that she was kept by her, some good but mostly bad. Looking into the windows she saw a couple of meatgirls on display in the store front, though they didn’t seem to be bound to anything like Nick had in his windows.

Entering the store she found Steve, he had just finished binding a meatgirl for delivery, the tightly trussed up package of female flesh bringing back some fond memories for Emma. Her thoughts of herself bound that way distracting her for the moment, and it was only when she heard Steve’s voice did she manage to break out of her trance-like state.

Seeing the look on Emma’s face as he finished up binding the sold meatgirl, he smiled knowing that she was seeing herself bound like that and teased, “Seems that you like the way this girl is bound. Brings back memories, does it?”

Emma stood there silent for a brief moment, then replied, “Yes… it does Sir.”

Steve thought it odd that she should call him ‘sir’, but then realised that Emma was deep down a submissive person by nature, that’s why she loved being kept bound and treated like a meatgirl, he had surmised. But now knowing that he would change the way that he was going to treat her from now on, in his mind he liked his women submissive to his desires and thought Nick very lucky to have found one like Emma.

“There, all finished.” Steve announced as he completed binding the female before him, pleased with the result and also finding out a little more about Emma’s deepest desires. “Now, what can we do with you?”

Emma blushed, she had thought that it would be easy for her to give herself to this man, after all he knew what she wanted, they had talked about her fantasies on a couple of occasions, while having some social drinks. She thought that she may have told Steve too much about herself, but then she also assumed that he already knew everything about her hidden, or not so hidden desires and fantasies. She stood there silent for the moment, again taking in the image of the bound package before her.

Steve felt like he needed to take charge and broke the silence, “Well girl, you’ve agreed to come here and be my display model, have you changed your mind?”

“Sorry… Sir, no I am ready to become your latest meatgirl on display.” Emma blushed as she spoke.

“Well, we best get you prepared, I can’t have my freshest display girl standing there all day, I have things to do and stock to sell.” Steve told her, “You’d best follow me.”

“Yes Sir,” Emma whispered, her voice changing to become softer and quieter than normal.

Seeing the smile appear on Steve’s face as he turned to lead her out to the storeroom helped Emma feel more at ease, she had looked forward to carrying out his plan on the way over, but now that she was here the full reality of about what she was going to let happen to her made her doubt her decision to agree to this. But she was here now, and her feet seemed to willingly follow after Steve, any reluctance of her part now seemed pointless.

When they got to the storeroom, Steve turned to Emma and said, “Now this is your last chance to back out, though I doubt that you wish to, but I am willing to offer this to you. Will you go on or give up?”

Emma was confused, she had already given herself in her mind, sure there were some lingering doubts but she felt that she trusted this man, she knew deep down that she couldn’t give up at this point, she so much wanted this. Emma adjusted her eyes so that she looked at the floor, her hands clasped in front of her, and then spoke again in her soft voice, “Please, Sir… I want to become your meatgirl, I want you to treat me like you would any other, and that any desires that please you, I am yours to use.”

Steve was more than happy at this point, he had guessed that Emma was submissive and would give herself to him as a meatgirl, just like she had done previously from what he had heard, but to allow him to use her, was he hearing that right? And he asked her again, “You wish for me to keep you here as another meatgirl?”

“Yes, Sir… please.” Emma responded, her eyes remained looking at the ground.

“And you want me to treat you like any other meatgirl?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir, treat me just like the other girls… “ Emma said, “But I ask that you not sell me to end up on a plate. As much as I may desire it, and I have some experience of it. I don’t want to end up as someone’s next meal.”

“Understood, so I won’t sell you as food then.” Steve teased, getting a slight reaction from Emma.

“Sir, I am happy for you to treat me like the others, in fact I would prefer it if you did.” Emma blushed as she spoke, hiding her face from Steve.

“Okay, from this moment on you’ll be kept and treated like the others, is that what you want?” he asked, trying to clarify what Emma desired. He had never had anyone wanting to be used this way, it was all very strange and unusual to him. “I want to get it clear in my mind what you want? And what limits I can go to.”

“Yes, Sir…” Emma felt deep inside her mind that she wanted nothing more than to experience again what she had felt at the hands of Nicky, but was feeling reluctant to express those desires.

“And you wish me to use you in any way that I see fit?” Steve asked, still slightly confused.

“Yes, Sir… please once I am naked and bound, I am no longer in control of what happens to me… if you wish to use me in whatever way you see fit, then please do so.” Emma quietly replied, and then said, “Once bound I am a product to be dealt with, I am no longer the Emma you know, just another meatgirl like the others, and even if I disagree, please disregard any reluctance on my part.”

“Well, I’m not too sure what you expect me to do with you, you are after all in a relationship with Nick, and although I must admit that I do have some desires to do some things with you, after all what man wouldn’t, I don’t know if I would be willing to go that far.” Steve said, trying again to get some clarity.

“Please Sir, don’t get me wrong, I do love Nick with all my heart, but when I am bound, I want you to feel free to do whatever you want to me. I am nothing more than something to be used and kept.” Emma spoke, “And sometimes our desires take us to places that we may not have gone before, but know that I am perfectly prepared should you so wish.”

“Okay, I now understand, I think, but for now we best get you started.” Steve said to her.

“Please, Sir, from this moment on I am nothing more than your bound meatgirl, I beg you, please treat me as you would the others.” Emma then said to Steve, “And please keep me bound at all times like them too.”

“Agreed, I will keep you bound, gagged and under my control from now on.” Steve said, “But I have one last request of you.”

“What is that Sir?” Emma asked, wondering what that could be.

“I want you to remain a meatgirl while here in the store, but during that time I don’t want you to reveal to the other meatgirls in any way that you are not one like them.” Steve told her. “You will be treated the same as them, bound the same as them and displayed the same as them.”

“Thank you, Sir, that is my wish and desire.” Emma responded.

“Then strip, meatgirl!” Steve commanded, which Emma quickly complied with, her dress removed revealing her body in all its naked glory.

“Hands!” Steve commanded; his thoughts distracted upon seeing Emma naked. Grabbing some nearby rope, he bound her hands in front of her, her wrists now secured. Emma seemed very subdued by the change in Steve, and she was pleased with the way that he was treating her.

“Open!” Was his next command and placed the ball-gag into her waiting mouth.

“Stand!” he commanded Emma, and then began binding her ankles together, hobbling her ability to walk. Pleased with how things had gone so far, he knew that he would enjoy having Emma around the store for the next day or so. The time that she was to remain here hadn’t been agreed to, but now having her bound, naked and gagged he knew that he was the one in charge and only he would determine how long she remained this way.

Looking at the naked, bound and gagged Emma, now his latest meatgirl, he realised that she was missing something. Her nipple tag. He was pleasantly surprised to see that Emma had had her nipples pierced after he had applied the tag last time, the ring that went through her left nipple was soon changed over to the stores tag, the other nipple ring joined the other in Steve’s pocket, she wouldn’t be needing them any time soon he thought.

Now that she was prepared, he placed a loose rope around her neck and began to lead his bound charge into the storeroom, where all of the current stock of meatgirls were waiting to be sold, their wrists bound to the hooks hanging down from the ceiling, their mouths sporting the same gag as Emma now did. With her wig removed she looked just like the others in the storeroom, and if he didn’t know better, he would have just sold her like one of the others kept there.

Pulling her over to a spare hook, he fastened the rope from her wrists up to the hook, leaving her to her fate, and then without a word spoken he closed the door and left her in the darkness of the storeroom along with the others in his inventory. Emma was pleased with herself, her arms now held above her head, all that she could now do was stand there, she was now stuck and held captive by this man that she had given herself to, she had turned herself into her fantasy creature, one that she so longed for and desired to be.

When Steve left the storeroom, returning to serve his customers, he was still not believing his luck in getting Emma to agree to him using her like this, but he needed to focus on the task in hand and soon the store was busy and he forgot about having Emma bound in the storeroom. Meanwhile Emma had taken the time to check out some of her fellow companions, she felt their naked flesh brush up against hers, which brought back pleasant memories of her time bound and enjoying the soft, female skin of her previous fellow meatgirls.

Emma lost all track of time, the darkness inside the storeroom not letting her know that the day was wearing on, it was only the odd occasion burst of light when one of the meatgirls was brought out to be sold, that broke the spell that Emma felt being kept here. But enclosed away like this from the outside gave her no idea just how long she had been bound here. Not that she minded, she had wanted this, to be kept like this, ignored and treated like the others, and she was very happy with the ways things had gone so far.

Meanwhile out in the store, Steve had finally seen to his last customer of the day, he was looking forward to seeing his girlfriend later this evening to work off some of the pent-up sexual feelings that had been building in him since having Emma bound, naked and stored away. Taking the time to check up on the meatgirls in the storeroom, not something that he usually did, but with Emma there he wanted to make sure that she was okay. He needn’t have concerned himself, she seemed to be very content to remain where she was, he watched as she ground her body against the other girl in front of her, while another rubbed her own body against Emma’s.

The display was very arousing to his male ego, he had witnessed this many times before and he didn’t begrudge them indulging themselves in their final few moments, after all they would all soon be sold and end their days upon someone’s menu. But seeing Emma joining in gave him some extra thrill, not something that he expected, and he watched the three meatgirls gyrate against each other for much longer than he would normally.

He turned and left them to get on with what they were doing, closing and locking the storeroom door, the light going out inside plunging the contents enclosed inside into darkness, they were just stock after all. He then went about locking and closing the store for the night, leaving Emma bound where she was, and he headed off to meet his girlfriend, expecting to ease some of his sexual frustration out on her.

The next morning Steve arrived back at the store, refreshed and ready for another day, he wondered what was currently going through Emma’s mind after leaving her in the storeroom overnight. He hoped that he hadn’t overstepped the mark with her, he was new to all this, and he was feeling his way. Once inside he knew that the first thing that he should do was to check on Emma, unlocking and opening the storeroom door, he looked in and saw that she was currently sleeping, hanging there like the others, each one propped against the others’ bodies, allowing them to get some semblance of sleep.

Content to leave her there for the moment, he went about getting the store ready for his customers, and then began to make changes to the meatgirls on display. He knew that today he would have to have Emma bound and displayed in the window, something that he knew that she would enjoy and he looked forward to seeing her bound, her naked body on display in his store, though more for his desires than for the customers, who would get to share that vision.

Leading the current display girl back to the storeroom, not something that he would normally do but he wanted to check on Emma and ask if she was still okay. With the other meatgirls out of the way he knew that she would be able to speak, without the others knowing that she was not really one of them, but living out her fantasy. Unbinding the rope that held her wrists to the hook above, he pulled on the rope leash around her neck and made her walk out of the room. Closing the door behind them, sealing the others inside, he had a brief moment to speak with her.

“Are you okay?” Steve asked Emma, while looking her up and down and taking in her naked body.

Emma couldn’t speak with the gag still firmly in her mouth but indicated to him that she was fine. A smile passed over her mouth as best as she could to let him know that she was happy.

“Right, then let’s put you on display then.” He said as he pulled her leash and moved her out into the main part of the store. “Sorry I know that I shouldn’t speak with you like this, but I had to check.”

Emma again nodded, but she was happy that the message had gotten through to Steve, that she wanted him to treat her like the others, and he didn’t usually speak with them. He had said that back in Nick’s store, and she wanted him to continue that with her here.

Happy to follow on with his directions, he pulled Emma over to one of the window displays, unlike Nick’s store; these didn’t have any toys attached to distract her or give her some form of pleasure. She would just be bound, her naked body available to any customer who wanted to sample her delights, and she would be unable to stop them as she found out later that day.

The display stand that she was about to be fastened to had a shiny metal pole going from the base up to the top of the cabinet, this was where the motor mechanism was located and would enable her to be rotated while bound to the pole. Attached to the pole were metal cuffs, the lower ones that Steve fixed around her ankles held her legs apart, further than she had been used to. Her wrists were placed into the metal cuffs hanging down from the top of the pole, the chain would not allow her to lower them, and she found that after Steve adjusted them all of the slack was taken away from her, her ability to move was now restricted.

Added to this was a metal collar which he fastened around her neck, the sound of the locking mechanism as it clicked shut let her know that she was stuck here until he wanted to change that. The collar was then fixed to the pole behind, and she found that she couldn’t move her head in any direction. Another metal band was placed around her waist, pulling tightly against her slim waist, it closed around her pulling in her flesh and giving her a much slimmer waistline. This too was fixed to the rear pole, she was now held securely to the display stand.

Steve checked one last time that everything was fitted correctly, and then cleaned up any marks that he had made in the chrome finish. Satisfied that he now had his latest display model in place, he stepped back and activated the motor, which started the whole display to rotate around inside the cabinet. He watched as Emma revolved around, firmly bound to the pole, her skin glistening in the lighting, and looked on as he watched her briefly struggle against the metal bindings.

He didn’t know if she was testing her limits or just getting comfortable, but figuring that Emma loved being bound and displayed like this he guessed that she was trying to extract some form of pleasure from her current situation. Not that he thought that she could, it wasn’t designed to give the meatgirls any happiness, it was just a way to display them for customers to check out the goods, and then buy them. He moved away from the distraction that Emma currently presented to him, he knew that he needed to get on with the other displays and open the store.

Once he had the other display up and running, he moved a couple of other meatgirls out for presentation around the store. Satisfied with how everything looked he opened the front door and waited for his first customer of the day. The store became busy pretty quickly, and he did start to wonder if Nick had been right about having Emma bound and displayed, she certainly seemed to be drawing a crowd, and there were a few times that he had been so busy that he lost track of watching her.

Emma had started to enjoy her new surroundings, being bound like this and on display again was something that she had missed, Nick had been reluctant to place her in that situation again. She found that she had missed being viewed and treated this way, the many touches, pinches and general fondling of her bound body had felt nice to her. Though sometimes they seemed, in her mind, to go too far, after all she was just a meatgirl not some sex object for them to get their jollies from. With her legs held the way that they were, she found that sometimes hands seemed to find places that would normally be off-limits, but bound and gagged, she had made herself available to their touches, so she would have to accept the occasional grope here and there.

One woman even managed to push her fingers in between and find her hidden places, bringing them out to find them slightly wet from her own internal lubrication, the woman smiling at her as she licked the juices from her fingers and winking knowing that Emma was getting off on being treated like this. Emma could only endure what she was experiencing and was quite pleased when Steve finally served her and she left the store, unhappy that she couldn’t purchase the current display.

The afternoon continued like the morning, the store was busy and Steve spent most of his time serving the customers, occasionally catching a quick glance at the naked, bound form of his latest display. Emma seemed to be enjoying her time up there, she certainly seemed to him to be getting plenty of attention. He wanted to ask her if she was relishing her time on display, but knew that she wanted to be kept like the others, and that he shouldn’t even try to ask her anything again, she had made that clear.

Finally, the day concluded, he had been busy the entire day, he hadn’t even stopped for lunch such was the flow of customers into his store. Exhausted but needing to clear up, he soon had things back in order, but now he looked forward to just heading home and getting some much-needed rest. Looking at Emma as she slowly rotated in the display one last time, before deciding to leave her where she was, after all she was now just like the others, and wanted to remain that way, and he would usually leave the display models in place when he closed up to attract future customers.

Switching off the lights, and then locking up the store, standing outside he looked at his display windows and watched the gentle rotation of the meatgirls on show, satisfied that he was doing the right thing by Emma and leaving her bound and on display, he turned and headed to his van, the only thing on his mind now was getting home and some desired food and rest. Pleased again with the way things had gone, the way that he had bound and displayed Emma had been one of his best decisions judging by the turnover from the day.

Meanwhile Emma continued to rotate around, she had watched as Steve went about the store cleaning up before closing, she had hoped that he would leave her in place, she had no desire to come off of the display at this moment. Even though she had copped some abuse from a few of the customers, she was content to remain bound to the display, though she would have liked some form of sexual pleasure from being kept like this, but she was happy with the way things had gone for her. She felt like Steve had gotten her message that she wanted to be treated like this, and that pleased her and she looked forward to what was to come for her.

The next day Steve entered the store, he began making preparations for the days trading and he decided to leave the displays as they currently were, the only thing that he did was clean up the chrome bindings on the displays, that and wipe up some of the fluid that seemed to have run down Emma’s legs overnight, it seemed that she had found some way of pleasing herself after all. Adjusting the other meatgirls, he soon had things in place and the first customers entered the store.

Again, things got very busy and he lost track of the time, and also completely forgot about having Emma bound and on display, to him she was just another meatgirl now. One on display and available for customers to examine and check out the goods, which several of them did, more so with Emma and the woman from the previous day returned and continued her abuse of Emma’s bound body, bringing out a much-needed orgasm from the displayed female.

Emma at first thought it wrong for this woman to be seeking out those parts that were supposed to be out of bounds, but the more that the woman’s fingers explored her more pleasurable spots, the less that Emma objected to being treated like this and settled in to enjoy what was happening to her. A couple of other customers stood by and watched what was happening, taking great delight in the way that this woman was abusing the meatgirl. In their minds that was what they were for, something to please their owners, either in the bedroom or the pot.

Eventually after bringing out a very gratifying orgasm out of the bound meatgirl, she grew bored and moved on to other things and with a knowing smile, left the poor trussed meatgirl to her fate. The only other time that Emma grew close to gaining some form of pleasure was when she was being touched up by two teenage girls, their giggling giving away the fact that they were mistreating the display model and Steve eventually coming over to ask them to leave the display alone.

Another eventful and busy day over, Steve again went about clearing the store, he was about to close up for the night but then remembered that Emma had been bound in place on the display for nearly two days now, he felt it was time for her to get some much-needed rest. Looking at her bound there, he almost changed his mind. She seemed to be content to stay there, but he knew that he needed to change out the display anyway, and also let Emma get some rest from the prying hands, her soft skin showing some signs of bruising. Feeling slightly guilty in ignoring her while the store had been busy, but he justified it in his mind as this was what she had wanted.

He began to remove the metal bindings that held her to the pole, at first, she seemed reluctant to leave the display, but after scolding her and telling her to behave or she would be the next one sold, he saw that she gave herself up to his commands. Removing the final bindings, he then bound her wrists like before and then placed a noose around her neck and pulled her towards the back of the store, taking her to the storeroom, her steps halted by the ropes he had bound around her ankles, leading her to where the remaining meatgirls were currently awaiting sale.

Binding her wrist rope to a spare hook, he checked that the feeding tube to her gag was in place and then satisfied with the way that she was now placed, he grabbed hold of another meatgirl and walked her out and over to the display stand, sticking her in place where Emma had just been bound to. The door to the storeroom closing behind him, and with the light going out inside the room letting Emma know that she was now here for the night, Steve would not be returning and would soon be leaving for the night. The sound of the lock closing sealed the meatgirls inside.

The light bursting into the room woke Emma up from her slumbers, she had spent part of the night rubbing her naked body up against the others in the storeroom, and she felt exhausted from both the lack of proper sleep and being tightly bound for several days now. Though she was not ready to stop, not that she could she realised, but she hadn’t spoken with Steve about how long that she had wanted him to keep her like this, and now that he was no longer speaking with her, which she had desired, she had no way of communicating with him to find out.

The rest of the day was broken only when Steve entered to fetch the next meatgirl to be sold, each time totally ignoring Emma, which he thought was what she had wanted him to do. He had now grown accustomed to seeing her naked, bound body standing there along with the other meatgirls, so he didn’t feel so distracted like he was when she had first arrived. He had more or less now treated her like the others, and she wasn’t getting any special treatment from him.

Emma spent the entire day enclosed in the storeroom, with only the occasion break of when another girl was taken out, that and the feeding tube keeping her hydrated and fed, though it wasn’t what she was used to, her stomach began to feel empty as the amount of nourishment was the bare minimum required to maintain the meatgirls, they were not expected to last long after being processed back at the wholesalers.

 Later on, hanging there in the darkness, she heard the lock being closed on the door to the storeroom, he hadn’t even bothered to come inside to check on her or the others, and she now knew that another day had passed and that she could only wait in here to see what the next day would bring.

The next morning Steve again arranged the display models, trade had been down yesterday with Emma stored out back, so he decided to have her back on display again. This time she was brought out to the other window, this instead of a pole to be bound to, was a cross-like frame or X-frame, her wrists bound to the metal fastenings on each upper arm, holding them firmly in place. Her ankles brought out further than the previous display and the metal cuffs holding them against the lower arms. A strap held her around her waist so that she couldn’t move from her position and finally a collar held her head in a fixed position to a metal bar attached to the wooden frame.

She was standing there spread-eagled, every part of her body was now available to any wandering hands, she would be unable to object to their touching her, the gag stopped her from speaking and the bindings now held her tightly against the framework that she was bound to. Satisfied with how she was bound to the display, Steve got on with getting other things ready, he had actually treated her like she was just another meatgirl, in fact he felt that she was just another part of his stock, he felt free to do with her as he wished now, emboldened by her seeming reluctance to object to the way that he was using her.

Again, the store seemed to get busier, more customers came in than they did the day before and soon he thought that he would start running out of stock. The storeroom was getting emptier by the hour, and it would be a day or so before his next batch would arrive. But he had a solution up his sleeve, his other store had just gotten their delivery of fresh meatgirls, so he rang and asked for them to bring some over, he would replace them when his own stock turned up.

Emma was again attracting the customers, they seemed to gravitate towards her as they moved around the store, waiting to be served by Steve. Emma watched as the same woman who had abused her the other day walked past her window, then she realised that the same girl was on display again and turned and entered the store. She made a beeline for the poor displayed meatgirl and started to explore her body in ways that she was unable to before, having her now displayed and available like this gave her the chance to really go to work and abuse this bound female.

At one point or another Emma had climaxed a couple of times before the woman started to really abuse her and inflict some pain on her tormented body, it was only when the vehicle turned up from the other store and a string of fresh meatgirls enter that the woman slipped out of the door, leaving a bruised and sore Emma bound to the frame. Emma watched as the woman smiled as she again walked past her, looking at her through the window, she seemed very happy with herself at what she had done to her victim.

As Emma looked out, she saw the vehicle pull up, and then the new meatgirls being led out of the van, but what shocked her the most was that it was her Nick that was bringing them into the store. She wondered if Steve had set this up, and what would happen if Nick discovered her bound and on display in the window. She was concerned that he would find her bound like this, but it seemed that he was more concerned in getting the new arrivals through the store and put away.

Once that was done, he spoke with Steve for a short while, briefly taking in the display in the windows from the rear of the store, not taking too much notice of them, to him they were after all just more meatgirls waiting to be sold. Nick then left, he had his own store to run, he again didn’t notice Emma bound where she was in the window. To him they all looked the same these days, now that they were bald, there was little to distinguish them from the others, not like the old days when they had hair. Which he missed.

Emma watched, afraid that he would eventually recognize her, but also wondering what he would do if he found out her secret. But in the end, he didn’t seem to notice her bound there on display, which disappointed her in some way, she thought that she had something special with Nick and that he would spot her in a crowded room. But not today it seemed, and Steve came over to check on her, waving at Nick as he stood next to the woman that he loved, but failing to see her bound there, just another girl on display.

“Well, I guess that you really are just another meatgirl after all.” Steve said, not really looking at Emma, but making his point. And then moving off to speak with his next customer.

Emma resigned herself to the fact that she did seem to be another meatgirl, this was what she had longed for and desired above all else and now the reality of it started to sink in. The rest of the day went by in a blur, and soon she watched as Steve again locked up for the night, leaving her bound and on display in the window. She wondered what he had planned for her next, and when or if he would eventually free her.

Morning came and Steve again prepared the store, opening to his first customers and totally ignoring the bound displays in the windows. He would eventually get around to switching the displays, but in the meantime, he found himself busy with serving the customers. The day continued the same as before, more hands, more groping, she felt numb to their touch now, she was just an object to them, and she felt more like one the longer she was left there bound and on display.

Emma was pleased when Steve finally managed to find the time to remove her from her current display, and after a brief time locked away back in the storeroom, she was then brought out by Steve and taking over to his workbench, it was here that he prepared the meatgirls for delivery, having sold them. Thinking that maybe he had now gone back on his word and sold her, she just stood there accepting whatever that he was going to do to her.

He didn’t give anything away, treating her like she so wanted to be, not communicating his plans for her at the moment. To her it seemed that she had been sold and that he was now going to prepare her, binding her tightly for either pick-up or delivery. Either way it was out of her hands now, she had accepted this when she first came here, she wanted to be used like the others and it seemed that she was about to get her wish.

Laying her facedown on the workbench, slightly surprised that there was no objection on her part to what she thought was about to happen to her, Steve had thought of changing his mind at that moment, but only briefly, he knew that deep down that she wanted this, her own deepest dark desires had led her to this point, he was just giving her what she craved. Removing the ropes that he used to bind her when in the storeroom, he left her laying there for a moment, thinking that this was the moment that Emma would try to stop what was going to happen to her. But she didn’t move, she just lay there waiting for him to start binding her,

Steve began tying her wrists behind her back, her arms were limp in his hands, she seemed too far gone to even put up the slightest resistance to him. Her elbows were then bound, the rope pulling them tightly together, thinking that must hurt, it would he thought, if he was bound this way, but Emma seemed willing to go on. Next were her legs, each thigh bound to her lower limb, held tightly in place with the rope binding them. He then pushed more rope through her bound legs and around her back, folding her up into a small bundle of delightful meatgirl flesh.

More rope was then tied to her bound wrists and pulled down between her rear cheeks, pulling it tightly so that the rope nestled against her rear hole, and then tying the other end to form a loop around her neck, not tight as to restrict breathing, more of a way to hold her arms in place so that she could not move. He added a couple more ropes, not usually done for delivery, but he wanted to make her feel like a tightly bound package, which she now was.

Pushing the gag into her mouth, he was again surprised that she willingly accepted this without question, and for a moment he thought that maybe he had gone too far and broken her spirit. Not that he had intended to do that to her, he just wanted to make her feel that she was nothing more than the meatgirl that she so wanted to be. Now it seemed to him that she was just like any other waiting for their new owner, eventually on their way to their next and possibly final destination.

Though that wasn’t what he had in mind for Emma, he had enjoyed having her around, even though at times it had been too busy for him to take advantage of having her bound there for him to watch and admire. He could see that she had indeed enjoyed herself, but for the life of him he still couldn’t understand why she so loved this. He put it down to her being kinky and submissive, the latter part proved to him beyond a doubt, he had never met someone like her.

Now that he had completed binding her, he picked up the carry rope that he had made around her body, he then began walking towards the rear of the store. Emma thought that he was taking her back to his van parked outside for delivery, but he turned and carried her bound body into the storeroom, placing her down onto the floor and then leaving her there. The light went out after he closed the door, she wondered what was happening, but assumed that the customer would be coming by later to fetch her.

It didn’t seem that long ago that he placed her inside the room, when he returned, picking up her bound body and placing her onto a trolley. He then wheeled her back out into the store and moved her over beside the main counter, here he left her and again got on with serving other customers. Some commented that the package on the trolley looked delicious and wondered if it was still available for them to buy, but each time Steve informed them that this one was sold.

When the last customer had been served and Steve had closed up the shop, Emma had wondered where her buyer was, why hadn’t she been collected. After all Steve had informed several customers that she had been sold, she then wondered if Steve was going to deliver her on his way home. But that was not the case, as he began wheeling the trolley back towards the storeroom, stopping briefly outside of the door.

Steve meanwhile was in two minds as to what he would be doing with the tightly bound package he had before him, his original plan was to tease her and make her think that he had indeed sold her, like he figured that she had realised this by now. His other plan was to finally make use of the bound meatgirl, she had been so tempting and his desires for her had not been diminished when he had been indulging in sexual activities with his current girlfriend. All the while he was thinking of Emma as he used his own partner during sex. He couldn’t get her out of his mind.

And now seemed to be the greatest opportunity, it appeared that Emma had finally given in to her desires to become a meatgirl, the lack of resistance on her part when he had bound her like this, made him think back to her original offer for him to use her as he wished. She was his for the taking now, but could he go through with it. He knew that she wouldn’t object, or so he thought, and being bound like she was could not stop him from doing anything to her. The memory of her request came back to him “…if you wish to use me in whatever way you see fit, then please do so.”

His mind now made up, it was now or never, and he hoped that he was doing the right thing, it certainly felt that way to him. Moving some of the ropes binding her, adjusting them so that he had free access to her innermost pleasure, he felt his own arousal rising up as he played with the bound female. Emma meanwhile had suddenly realised that things were changing between her and Steve, the fact that she was still her bound like she was and not off to some unknown destination, made her realise that Steve had some other plans for her.

Bound as she was, she couldn’t object to whatever Steve wanted to do to her, she realised that and had hoped that he would recall her telling him that once bound, she was his to use as he saw fit. It had taken some time to reach this point, again it seemed like Nick had been with her, reluctant to use her like she so desired. In fact, she loved it when she was tightly bound, and then taken by whoever wanted to take advantage of her trussed body, yielding to their cravings to use her.

Steve wasted no further time, as soon as he was ready, he thrust himself deep into her waiting, inviting and thoroughly wet channel, plunging himself deep into her, and pulling her bound body towards him on the trolley. He lost himself in his lust and desire for her, gone now was any reservations that he may have had about taking her this way, his whole world at that moment seemed to only exist to satiate his built-up lust and desires for this bound meatgirl, one who had been teasing him with her body the day that she entered his store.

Emma felt him plunge deep inside of her, it felt good to have someone take her this way, she had wanted this to happen to her, and had been disappointed that it had not happened sooner. Her tightly bound body felt as one with her own sex, she felt at this moment like that was her entire being, now wrapped tightly around the solid member pounding deeply into her like never before. She didn’t want this to end, so caught up in the moment, but knew that at some point, and probably too soon for her, this would stop.

Steve felt himself building up to his impending climax, soon he would be shooting himself deep into her waiting cavern, he couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to, lost in the sheer carnal pleasure that he was experiencing for the first time. Finally, the flood gates seem to burst and wash out of him and into the tightly trussed-up package that he had taken advantage of. His mind blanked out such was the power behind his orgasm, and for a brief moment thought he saw stars before his eyes, then felt his knees buckle and he fell forwards on the bound form before him.

Emma felt the climax growing inside of her, she knew that very soon Steve would cum deeply within her, and was pleasantly surprised and shocked as her own orgasm rolled over her body, just as Steve finally exploded deep within her. She grunted out her cries of pleasure though the tight gag that filled her mouth, her bound limbs making it impossible to move, enhancing the overwhelming orgasm that she felt. This was what she had waited for for so long to finally realise, her fantasies were now fulfilled.

Coming back down to earth after his own powerful climax, Steve now felt guilty at taking advantage of Emma, though he knew that she had expressed her desires to be used by him should he feel the need, he still felt slightly that he shouldn’t have gone this far. Leaving her bound on the trolley Steve sat down to gather his strength back, his knees still felt weak, and his whole body felt shaky from the climax he had felt wash over him.

The power that he had felt when using the bound meatgirl, that was previously Emma, was something that he had never experienced before, was this his own inner demons coming to the forefront or had he always just repressed this part of himself. It seemed that Emma brought out some deeply hidden parts of his inner self, and he wondered if he could go back to his former life, the changes in his attitude towards women and especially meatgirls would never go back to the way that they were.

Emma meanwhile was content to remain where she was, her own orgasm though not as powerful as when she was being abused by the hands of the woman who played with her in the store, was satisfied with how she had been used by Steve. And the tight bindings that still kept her as a packaged bundle waiting to be delivered still felt good to her, she was in no hurry to get free and hoped that Steve would keep her like this for a while longer.

Once Steve felt like he had recovered enough, he looked over at the tightly bound package, and felt like he needed to find out if she was still okay. He knew that Emma had expressed her desire to remain bound as just another meatgirl while in the store, but after having been kept and bound for a few days now he thought that maybe the charm and idea of remaining as she was had finally worn off.

Walking over the trolley that Emma had been placed on, her limbs still trussed up with the many ropes that he had bound her with, he looked at her, amazed that she had wanted this to happen to her. And after a while admiring her naked form, he moved around and began to remove the gag from her mouth. Emma was thinking that maybe Steve wanted to take advantage of her again, and she prepared herself to be used by him again, but she was disappointed when she heard him speak to her.

“Sorry Emma,” he said to her, “but I needed to know if you’re okay with what just happened?”

Emma, not wanting to speak, her throat slightly dry from being gagged for so long, but she felt that she had to let him know that she was fine with what he had done with her. “Please, Sir…” she rasped, “I am yours to do with as you wish.”

“But…” he started to say, but was interrupted by her.

“Sir, I am happy with the way that you have kept and used me, I am nothing more than another meatgirl, and you have certainly treated me like that.” Emma told him. “Please continue to keep me like this, and take advantage of me when I am bound.”

“It’s been a few days now, surely you need a break?” he asked.

“Sorry, I seem to have lost track of time, I didn’t realise how long I have been kept here bound.” She replied. “but I am content with how I am at the moment.”

“Even after I had abused you?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir, I am. But even if I did object that wouldn’t matter to me or to you, I had asked that you treat me like this, and you have fulfilled my expectations.” Emma said to him. “And even if I had never wanted you to take me like that, you could always have just sold me afterwards to get rid of the evidence.” She smiled up at his face as she said that.

“Well, what makes you think that I haven’t sold you? You are trussed up ready for delivery!” Steve teased.

Emma was slightly shocked when she heard this, surely he hadn’t sold her, but deep down in a way she had hoped that he had. “Well, Sir… I am yours to do with as you desire.” Her body shivered at the thought of being taken away to some unknown destination.

“Then I best replace the gag and take you out to the van then.” Steve teased her some more.

“Sir, that would be fine with me, but first I want…” she said to him.

“Want what?” Steve replied, slightly angered that she had some sort of demand of him, “and what gives you the right to question me.”

“Sorry sir, it was just something that I wanted to do for you before you took me away.” Emma quietly said, seemingly she had upset Steve with her questioning of him.

“And what was that?” he said, wondering what request that she would come up with now. But seeing her now slightly crestfallen. He knew that whatever she wanted was now lost.

“I am sorry, please Sir, gag me again and take me away, I shouldn’t have questioned your treatment of me, please ignore my silly request.” Emma spoke, slightly disappointed that she couldn’t please her new master with her mouth.

Firmly re-inserting the gag into the girl’s mouth, he had heard enough from this meatgirl, he hadn’t come to realise at that moment that his demeanour towards Emma had changed so much, that he began to enjoy treating her like this, sure she wanted this herself, but this was something more and he wondered to himself if he could give up having her like this. He would need some time to think, and at the moment he couldn’t be bothered with her, so after gagging her again he pushed the trolley with her bound body back into the storeroom and then closed the door.

Now with her out of his sight, Steve could think and get his mind straight as to what he wanted, having her around was just too much of a distraction. He knew that keeping for much longer was out of the question, Nick would be expecting to see her soon, though he did consider letting him know that he had kept his girl bound in his store at her own request, and that maybe she didn’t want to go back to him. But his friendship with Nick went too deep for him to do that.

Emma lay there on the trolley, still bound and ready for delivery, she wondered if she had pushed Steve too far, he certainly seemed different to when she first arrived here, he had changed in the way that he saw her and treated her. It made her feel less than a woman and more of a meatgirl like she had so desired, but even though she had come to love the way that she was treated, she knew that eventually she would either give in to her inner-most desires and allow herself to be sold. The other meatgirls had told her this a while ago, their words coming back to haunt her.

After spending some time away from the distraction that Emma created in him, he knew that their play could turn to other things, something that he eventually concluded that he couldn’t do to her or Nick. Returning to the storeroom and pulling out the still trussed-up bundle of female that Emma currently was, his hands running over her soft, tender flesh, he shook himself out of his daydream and started to remove the gag in her mouth. At first she seemed to reject what he was doing to her, she seemed resigned to the fact that he had sold her like he teased her before, but he persevered and pulled the round gag from her mouth.

“Silence!” he commanded her, he saw that she was about to say something, but he didn’t want to hear it. Emma laid there, and upon seeing that her master was ordering her again, she stopped herself from speaking, a slight shiver running through her body at the way he was treating her.

Seeing that she was now complying with his command, he said, “Well slave, for that’s what you really are, even if you can’t admit it to yourself. I think it’s time that we ended our little game, I find you too much of a distraction, and I think we are going down a path that neither of us really wants.”

Emma remained silent.

“And while having you here has been fun, the sight of your beautiful bound body certainly brought in the customers, as well as pleased me. I think that Nick will be missing you very soon, and wondering where you have gotten too.” Steve told her, which pleased Emma.

“So I have one more surprise lined up for you and for Nick, that is if you are willing to continue as you are?” Steve asked.

“Please, Sir… may I speak?” Emma asked. And after a nod from Steve continued, “I have enjoyed being kept here by you, and treated like the others, but I think that you’re right, I feel myself willing to be sold by your hands to someone, something that while in my imagination would be great, I know that in real life it would be the end for me.”

“Okay slave,” Steve said, “I’ll let you in on my surprise, and if you agree I will re-bind you and place you back with the other meatgirls, if not then I think that I need to release you and let you go before we both regret what could happen.”

Steve again nodded in agreement, “Please Sir, let me know of your plans for me.” She listened as he told her his ideas, in the end she agreed with his proposal and found herself again bound and gagged, rubbing her naked body against the few remaining meatgirls in the storeroom that night. Once she had agreed Steve had simply untied her from her tight bindings, and then re-tied her ready to go back with the rest of the stock, stored away again for later use.

He was pleased that she had accepted, and as he closed the door to the storeroom took one last glance at all of the meatgirls inside, each seemed to remain close to the others, either gaining warmth or comfort from their fellow companions. Still slightly amazed that Emma wished to continue, but he knew that come tomorrow things would have to change, he now had a plan in place and would stick to it. He knew that he would enjoy what was about to happen, and knew Emma would too.

Emma had spent her last night in Steve’s bonds and locked away in the storeroom, she had agreed with what he had proposed and wondered if Nick would find out. The warmth of the other girls took her mind about what was about to happen to her. The light coming on again let her know that Steve had returned and was now getting his store ready, she watched as a couple of others were taken out by him, and then another was placed back in the storeroom with her. It seemed that Steve was once again ignoring the fact that he had her bound and gagged, and treated her like she was just another part of the inventory.

Later in the day, Steve’s plan started to take shape, the new batch of meatgirls had arrived at his store, and taking in the new consignment distracted him for a short while as he placed each new meatgirl on the hooks in the storeroom. To Emma it appeared that he had either forgotten or changed his mind about her. But in the end, she need not have worried, he was just having her experience some last minute doubts, teasing her again.

Now that the delivery was stored away, Steve re-entered the storeroom and grabbed the rope that bound her wrists to the hook above her. Pulling on the leash rope around her neck he walked her out of the storeroom and into the store itself, and without so much as speaking or acknowledging the fact that she was anything other than another meatgirl, he carried on out of the store to the waiting truck.

Inside of the truck was a batch of meatgirls that Steve had ordered for Nick’s store to replace the ones that he had taken when his own stock ran low. Emma looked up briefly to see where she was being taken, she knew that this was part of Steve’s plan and willingly accepted as she was placed inside the truck, her wrist attached to the hook. Steve had placed her at the rear of the truck so that she would be the last to be unloaded over at Nick’s store.

To the driver she was nothing more than a meatgirl waiting to be delivered by him, Steve had not told him anything other than he needed to add this last one to his delivery. Not that he cared either way, he was used to seeing them bound, naked and hanging there in the rear of his vehicle. Just another day for him, and as soon as he had these at his next destination the sooner that he could finish his day.

Steve gave her one last look, unseen by the other meatgirls hanging there, the smile on his face letting Emma know that he had enjoyed having her in his store. She watched as he left, feeling slightly dismayed that he had not wished to keep her, but also pleased that she was headed back to Nick. The inside of the truck was dark, she felt the truck pull away and she felt the sway when the truck moved or turned a corner, bumping into the girl in front of her.

Eventually the truck stopped, she realised that they had arrived at Nick’s shop and that soon she would be found out. Nick saw the truck as it arrived and was about to head out to help with the new supply, but he was distracted and kept busy with customers, so left it to the driver to move the delivery to the storeroom out back. All the new batch had been scanned at the other store, and each bore the nipple tag that showed them by their inventory number, so he was content to let the driver put them away.

Emma was surprised not to see Nick come out to greet the new delivery, he usually did but today it was different, and she could only follow as the driver led the girls in-line out of his truck and into the store. She spotted Nick as she entered, and wondered if he would notice her amongst the other meatgirls, which to her surprise he didn’t. She was then walked out back, here the driver began the task of fastening each new girl to the hooks, their bound wrists now holding them in place.

Once the last one was done, he left them there and closed the door behind him, shutting off the light inside and leaving Emma again back in the darkness among the other meatgirls. She had hoped that Nick would come in to find her, but he didn’t bother coming back to the storeroom other than to lock the door before leaving for the night. Emma was now left for another night wondering what was going to happen to her, though at the moment she was slightly distracted by the other girls around her rubbing themselves against her, their pleasure and hers now foremost on her mind.


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