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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; fpov; bond; rope; leash; gag; cuffs; toys; buttplug; display; objectify; naked; piercing; sold; trick; cons; reluct; XX

Continues from (the nicer ending)

Part Three

And as Emma walked out of the store, she couldn’t help but feel the slight itch that she had for her old fantasy life; the sight of the meatgirls, bound and naked, as always, did stir some long-forgotten part deep inside her, and memories of happier times too.

It didn’t take Emma long to realise the old familiar desires had returned. Now that she had met with Nick again and knew that he still had a store that sold meatgirls, the idea came back into her salacious mind that she needed to once again allow herself to be bound naked and put on display in the store. She had often dreamed of her days back on display in Nick’s old store and even had to admit to herself that she had enjoyed her time as nothing more than another meatgirl in the new store, used by Nicky and the other man as nothing more than a product to be displayed and sold.

The fact that she had ended up being betrayed and sold by Nicky as a slavegirl to a dominant bitch, who had used her as nothing more than a serving tray to entertain her customers, that was when she wasn’t being kept chained, bound, and gagged in the basement, abused by her and others for their perverse and sexual pleasure. She had become accustomed to her new life over time and had grown to accept the abuse, her submissive side finally breaking free.

Even now, after her previous experiences, she still thought of herself as a submissive, but she had no one to act as her owner or dominant partner, and the thought had crossed her mind to find some way of selling herself as a slavegirl online to a new owner, she missed the control. But the memories of the pain and suffering that she had to endure, though sometimes pleasurable to her own surprise, had put her off becoming another person’s slavegirl, plus the fact was she still felt that as she was now marked as a meatgirl, branded as one in fact, whoever bought her could easily just roast her if they felt like it.

And though she had always admired the meatgirls, often imagining herself in their place, the fact was that she still had no desire to end her days served up on someone’s dinner table. In her darkest fantasies, she had given herself over to several people who took advantage of her, doing all manner of unspeakable acts to her poor, abused body before finally tossing her trussed-up body into some cooking device, it varied depending on her fantasy; and ending up on the plate, her days over and in her fevered mind she was just food to them.

But now that she had moved to a new town, bought her new apartment, and set herself up in her new life. But her old college days were finished, and she felt somewhat lost, her purpose in life up until now, her studies, were now over. She still had plenty of funds left over from the estate of the woman who had kept her as a submissive slave, her family had paid her handsomely to keep everything quiet, and there was no public scandal for the family to suffer. She was just floating, drifting between minor jobs that she regretted as soon as she started them.

Having found that Nick actually lived in the same town as she did, made her think again of her days spent bound by his hands, and the times they had shared in the bedroom afterwards. She had long thought that he and Nicky had developed a relationship with each other; it certainly appeared that way to Emma when she watched them back in the store while bound and on display as just a meatgirl; she had sort of resigned herself to the fact that Nick had preferred Nicky over her.

Now finding out the truth from Nick about what had happened gave Emma the inspiration to see if she could again get together with Nick. Plus, she could again experience her desire to be put on display as a meatgirl, with the public looking at her bound body, feeling her exquisite flesh, running their hands over her bound limbs, the gag preventing any objections that she may have had, not that she did, the meatgirl on display was just an object to them, and Emma loved the way that she was treated. She knew that her desires would someday get her into trouble (again, she laughed at the thought). Still, her overwhelming desire to experience this again, took over any rational thought about any dangers. She spent the night working out some much-needed relief from her pent-up fantasies.

In the morning, she had resolved to visit Nick, and then present her thoughts to him, and see what he felt. Even if she couldn’t get herself put back on display again, she still thought that she could spend some time bound for Nick to use when he had finished for the day, his own personal sex-toy and meatgirl, and she had to stop her own desires taking her back to the bedroom to work off those thoughts. ‘No,’ she thought, ‘I must see if Nick still wants me, so no toys, for now at least.’

Dressing in one of her favourite summer dresses, the bodice tight against her breasts, making them stand out, her waist tightly pulled in, the hemline just above her knees, it was the perfect dress for the occasion. It was warm and sunny as she left her apartment, a perfect day to start what may be a new beginning and headed across town to the store where she had found Nick working. She felt the slight breeze flowing under the skirt of her dress; as always, she wore no underwear; Emma loved the feelings that she got from being naked under her dress, a little bit submissive in her own way of thinking, and slightly naughty.

The ride on public transport over to the store was uneventful, she had caught the eye of several men as she walked, the dress brushing up against her naked flesh, she felt exposed to their gaze, and it sent a delightful shiver down her spine at the thought that they were undressing her with their eyes, maybe even imagining her bound body served up for their delight. She even noticed a few admiring stares from some of the women too, and it brought back memories of serving women as their sex-slave, with them putting her tongue to good use.

Emma finally arrived at Nick’s store; she noticed that there were a couple of meatgirls on display in the window. As usual, she admired them for some time before she eventually distracted herself long enough to actually walk into the store and find Nick. He had just finished serving a customer, quickly getting the meatgirl ready to be transported, the girl bound in his usual efficient style, tightly trussed up like a turkey, her limbs held tightly against her body by the rope that Nick had used on her body and making it easy for the customer to carry.

Emma watched as Nick finished binding the girl, and felt a deep pang of jealousy that she wasn’t the one being tied up like that, and then carried out by Nick to the customers’ waiting vehicle. She was lost in her own thoughts as she continued to watch the bound girl disappear out of the door, Nick then walked back in, and it was only then that the spell was broken. Nick could see in Emma’s eyes her desire to have been that girl, bound and gagged; he recalled the good times when he had Emma bound that way, taking her to his bed and using her.

“Hello Emma,” Nick said, seeing that she was still entranced at the sight of the bound girl. “Nice to see you again.”

“Urm… Yes hello sir… err, sorry Nick,” Emma blushed as she replied, her thoughts now returning back to the store.

“Well, what do we owe the pleasure of your company today? Come to buy something…” Nick questioned Emma, “or to be purchased?” he teased.

“Sorry Nick, you seem to be really busy; maybe I should come back again later…” Emma said as another customer entered the store.

“No, please stay. I really like seeing you here.” Nick replied, knowing just how much he had enjoyed seeing all of Emma back in the day; his recollections of having Emma bound and on display brought back fond memories. And then left Emma standing there while he served the latest customer.

While waiting for Nick, Emma turned and looked at the display in the window; the stand looked like the old one she had first experienced back in the old store. The rigid shiny pole seemed to disappear into the meatgirl on display; Emma knew just how that felt, her mind drifting back to her days on display. She watched as the meatgirl spun on the display stand, her face was held looking up towards the ceiling just like she had experienced, and Emma felt an inner stirring deep inside the pit of her desires.

Her thoughts were again interrupted when she heard Nick calling her name; bringing herself out of her dream-like memories; she brought her focus back to the store and Nick, who was now standing beside Emma. He had continued watching Emma as he served the customer; seeing that she was taking in the display, he knew that Emma was again remembering her time on the display. He, too, recalled those times and had missed not having her on display. The meatgirls were nowhere near a replacement for having Emma on display.

“Do you like the display?” Nick asked, knowing full well that Emma did.

“Yes, they always look so good there on the stand.” Emma blushed, her own thoughts of herself on display revealing themselves to Nick, or so it seemed to her. “Is it the same one?”

“Yes, I managed to salvage it from the store when it closed down, the guy that owns this store, Steve, a good friend who helped me out when things went south, bought it at auction, and we placed it here,” Nick explained.

“It's good to see that you still have it, and that it still works,” Emma said, noticing the slight amount of moisture between the current display meatgirls’ thighs.

Nick laughed, “Yes, well you know that I like to make their final days pleasurable, and it does entertain the customers to know that the girl is enjoying her time up there.”

“Mmm,” Emma replied, again lost in her own thoughts.

“As you well know.” Nick smiled as he watched the reaction on Emma’s face.

“Yes, well…” Emma said, feeling flustered for the time being.

“I’m about to close for lunch. Would you like to join me?” Nick hopefully asked.

“Yes, please, I’d love that.” Emma, now relieved that the initial tension in the store had been broken.

Over lunch upstairs in the flat above the store where Nick now lived, they caught up with what was happening to each other, and how things had changed, their conversation kept strictly away from the previous events that had happened, especially the fact that Emma’s hair had never grown back after her time at the wholesale yard. Emma felt much more relaxed by the end, and was slightly disappointed when Nick said that he had to return to open the store again.

It was now or never, Emma thought to herself; she would have to steel herself to ask Nick if it would be possible to try out the display again, but what would he think of me? Her thoughts all seem to lead to her rejection of what she wanted, and she thought to herself that maybe Nick had moved on and found someone else to share his life with. She was beginning to regret the idea of coming here; she knew deep down that Nick wouldn’t want to see her again. Well, that was what her own mind was telling her.

Meanwhile, Nick sat back and quietly waited for Emma; he knew that she had come for something. After seeing her watching the display, he guessed that she was again having thoughts of being the one on the stand. But he wanted to make sure, and he didn’t want to frighten her off again; after what had happened to her, he was amazed that she still seemed to want to try being a meatgirl again. But he didn’t want to be seen as pushing Emma in the wrong direction, after all, they had just met again after a few years, and he wanted to see Emma more in the future.

“Well, Emma, sorry, but my lunchtime is over, and I have to re-open the store,” Nick announced, “is there anything that I can get for you?” Hoping for a good response from Emma.

“Umm, no…” Emma replied, the doubt currently running through her mind.

“Oh, okay,” Nick said, slightly dejected.

Upon seeing the reaction from Nick, Emma fought her doubts and finally summoned up the courage to ask. “Well…” Emma blushed, “I was wondering…”

“Yes,” Nick said, relieved that Emma had finally said something to his liking, “I would love to tie you up and put you on display.” Regretting speaking his thoughts out loud at that moment.

“Oh, well…” Emma again blushed, but felt her submissive self take over, pushing down her own doubts.

“That was what you were going to ask me?” Nick responded, hoping that he had guessed correctly.

“Yes, please, sir.” It was all that she could muster, happy that Nick had offered.

“I was hoping that you were here for that. I have missed having you on display for me to watch.” Nick told Emma.

“Sorry, I didn’t know if you still wanted me,” Emma said, “After all, you must be fed up with me by now. With my strange desires and fantasies.”

“Don’t be silly, and I could never tire of seeing you naked, bound and gagged, your body on display for all to see.” Nick proudly said.

“Oh, well, in that case, I guess that I should get myself ready,” Emma replied.

“You’d best leave your clothing up here in the flat; the toilet is down the hall. Once you’re ready, come down to the storeroom so I can get you prepared, served up as my new meatgirl on display.” Nick told her.

A slight shiver went down Emma’s spine upon hearing herself being called a meatgirl again, just an object on display. After taking care of her needs, Emma left her dress in Nick’s bedroom, while there, she checked the cupboards to see if Nick had someone else living here, but only found his male clothing. Happy now that she had found that out, she made her way down the stairs to find Nick.

Nick was very happy to see the vision before his eyes; Emma stood there naked, her hands held behind her back, inviting him to bind them there. Emma had also removed the wig that she was wearing; this still slightly unnerved Nick seeing her like this, but all meatgirls now came like this from the wholesaler; it was made mandatory not long after Emma had been kept the last time. But she still looked beautiful in his eyes, even with no hair, there was a certain glow about Emma that captured his attention, and he admired her body and the way that she had looked after herself the past few years. She still looked just like the last time he had gazed upon her naked form.

“Okay, are you ready to go through with this?” Nick asked, worried that she may have changed her mind.

“Yes, please, sir, tie me and treat me like one of your meatgirls, for I am nothing more than that, see I still bear the markings,” Emma said, pointing to the registration mark that she still had on her rear.

“You know that is no longer valid,” Nick reminded her, then teased her by saying, “unless you wish me to register you again?”

“No, sir, I don’t think that would be necessary,” she replied, even though the thought of it happening to her sent a delightful feeling from deep within her body. “I’m more than happy to be just your meatgirl.”

“Well then, meatgirl, time’s-a-wasting, let's get you ready and on display,” Nick said, happy to see her wanting to continue.

Grabbing hold of Emma’s wrists, he bound some rope around them, tying her hands behind her back. Emma loved the feelings that she was getting from being tied up again by Nick, and she looked forward to maybe later being bound and available for his pleasure upstairs after closing. Next, he fastened a noose rope around Emma’s neck; this was customary with all meatgirls and a way of leading them around the store. Leaving Emma’s ankles unbound, as he was running out of time to get her ready, the store needed to be re-opened.

He led the now bound and submissive Emma, his new meatgirl, out into the store. This brought back happy memories for the pair of them, and Nick knew that his day had just that much better by having Emma around, bound and on display again. Emma quietly followed Nick out of the storeroom, slightly disappointed that she hadn’t been fully bound like she had expected to be, but realised that Nick needed to get a move on, so she was content to be partially bound, for now at least, and looked forward to her time on the stand.

Emma watched as the previous meatgirl was removed from the display; she had her hands tied, her feet bound, and quickly sporting a ball-gag that all the meatgirls wore inside the store. Emma wondered where this girl was destined for next. But her thoughts were quickly interrupted when Nick pulled on her own leash and moved her over to the display window. She allowed him to lift her until her feet rested on the base of the stand, the cool metal sending shivers through her naked body.

Nick then adjusted Emma until she stood directly over the two internal probes that would soon be deep inside of her. Her butterflies returned as she recalled the first time that she felt these two, though her time reminiscing was cut short as she felt Nick roughly push them deep with her two waiting holes, her sex feeling full again, something that she had deeply missed. As the probe entered her rear, she had forgotten just how much that filled her, something she would have to get used to again, and while uncomfortable initially, Emma knew that she would grow accustomed to them both.

Moving the display stand upwards until Nick felt that the two inserts were deep enough inside the meatgirl, he began to fasten the two metal ankle cuffs around Emma’s lower limbs, taking the time to touch and feel the soft flesh there. Again while Emma was distracted by the two internal probes, Nick cuffed the metal cuffs around Emma’s delicate wrists, her hands now securely held by the unrelenting solid cuffs, the chain attached to the pole that currently impaled her.

Emma felt each of the cuffs as they closed around her limbs, her freedom gradually taken away from her; Emma checked each one to see that they indeed tightly bound her, and she wasn’t disappointed to find her limbs were now no longer any use to her, she was bound on the display, stuck until Nick removed her later on, but she hoped not too soon.

Looking up, she watched as Nick moved the gag that was attached to the upper pole; the drool of the previous meatgirl glistened in the light. Emma knew that she would have to accept this, the alternative was to give up her dreams, and she opened her mouth, waiting for Nick to finish. The gag filled her mouth just like last time, and it made her look up towards the ceiling. When Nick had finished adjusting the straps, she again looked to the customer like she was on a spit; the two chrome poles looked like they went straight through the meatgirl on display.

Nick seemed very happy to have his favourite meatgirl back on display, and his hands lingered on Emma’s bound body. His touch as he ran his hands over her naked flesh brought delightful goosebumps out on her skin; she shuddered at his touch and welcomed his hands on her body. Still distracted by the vision before him, Nick was brought back to reality when the first customer of the afternoon walked in, the opening of the door bringing him out of his thoughts and fantasies.

Switching the display back on, he checked the bindings of the meatgirl on display one final time. He knew that with the customer standing there waiting and watching, he would have to treat Emma as just another meatgirl on display. He took one last look as Emma slowly started revolving around on the display stand, her naked body capturing his eye, but he knew that business had to come first and began to serve the customer, who had remarked that the new girl looked very delightful.

The store began to get busy, and there seemed to be many customers, more than usual, he thought, and then recalled Emma having the same effect in his old store and wondered if that was the case now. Not that he had time to ponder on his thoughts, the customers needed serving, and soon he lost all thought of Emma being up on the display stand again. Several meatgirls were sold whole, being tightly bound and presented by him in his usual fashion, which Emma had caught a glimpse of when they were carried from the store.

The day carried on, and the flow of customers continued, right up until closing time; there were even a few late buyers of girl meat, which kept Nick busy. Just as Nick was about to lock up for the night, he was interrupted when his friend, who owned the store, entered, and while admiring the meatgirls on display, remarking that Nick had done a great job, especially after he noticed the increase in sales for the day. He then said to Nick that they should go out to celebrate, which Nick couldn’t turn down; after all, he had been deeply in debt when his store closed, and it was only with Steve’s help that he had managed to turn things around for himself.

Though Nick wanted nothing more than to untie Emma from the display and take her upstairs, where he planned on keeping her tied to his bed for the night, but now with Steve here, he knew that he couldn’t reveal Emma’s and his secret, he would have to leave Emma bound and on display, until he returned. So while Nick continued to clean up after his busy day, he left Steve to wander around the store, checking that things were in place.

But as Steve looked at Emma bound there on the display stand, there seemed to be something missing from this particular meatgirl. The rules regarding meatgirls was that they now had to not only be graded, which was done by the wholesaler, but they also had to carry a barcode, which this meatgirl seemed to have. Then Steve spotted that she didn’t wear the current identifying tag that certified her as a meatgirl; each meatgirl in his stores now had to have a tag attached to her body, like the cattle of older times when livestock was in fashion; this was a way of keeping track of the stock in his stores.

Moving to the storeroom, grabbing the required tag and returning, Steve picked up the device to add the tag to this meatgirls left nipple. Nick suddenly realised what Steve was about to do to Emma, but it was too late to stop him; the tag was now firmly fastened in place, the tag attached through the meatgirl’s nipple. The slight jump from the girl caused Steve to laugh. Nick just watched, knowing that he should never have agreed again for Emma to try out the display, and cursing himself for forgetting the new tag system.

Emma could only watch out of the corner of her eye; she had seen the store’s owner enter and heard the name, Steve. He looked nice from what she could see of him as she rotated around on the stand. He seemed to Emma to be taking more notice of her, his hands examining her naked body, and she felt just like another meatgirl at this point, which she loved. Then he seemed to notice something about her and left. She wondered what he had found. Was it the out-of-date registration that was displayed on her body?

She didn’t have long to wait to find out; she felt him return, and then his hands reached up and grabbed her left breast; while Emma didn’t mind him copping a feel, she was, after all, on display for people to look at and touch, which is what she enjoyed about her situation. This was different, more professional, and then she felt the cold metal of a device pressed up against her soft breast, her nipple reacting to the colder feel of the device and standing out further, then she felt a sharp pain as Steve had seemed to add something that pierced her nipple.

Emma shuddered in shock at the initial surge of pain as the device entered her tender flesh, but bound tightly as she was to the display stand, there was little that she could do to either prevent what had happened or react too much to the pain she had felt. She wondered just what had been done to her; why had this happened? But then Emma realised that to Steve she was just another meatgirl on display in his store, so he could do whatever he wanted to her. She now felt something hanging down from her left nipple, and eventually saw as she revolved around, that a plastic tag had been added to her body.

She wondered why Nick had not stopped him, Emma had finally caught sight of him but then realised that he couldn’t say anything or reveal the fact that she wasn’t really a meatgirl, just a kinky bitch who got her rocks off being bound and treated like one. Emma saw the look of horror on Nick’s face after Steve had applied the tag, and she felt sorry for getting him involved in her bizarre fetish. She hoped that this didn’t damage her chances with Nick later on after Steve had left.

“Getting a bit slack there, Nick, can’t have the stock on display like that without the tag in place,” Steve said to Nick, happy now that the model on display was complete.

“Sorry, Steve, it just slipped my mind; just really busy today.” Nick apologised for his error, wondering what was going through Emma’s mind at the moment. Emma, at this moment, felt just like the meatgirl that she so wanted to be, treated like this and then ignored.

But then she heard Steve ask Nick to join him in the bar to celebrate the day's takings, and soon the two men left the store, turning all but the display lights off and locking the door behind them. Leaving Emma still bound to the display, slowly rotating around, her two lower holes filled, the probes deep within her, with the vibration from the motor driving the display to revolve it, carrying up the pole and into the bound meatgirl on exhibit in the window, fully lit to attract potential customers to buy the next day. Her neck aching slightly, being held in a strict position for so long, she had forgotten some of the more unpleasant aspects of being on display, but she would have to endure them.

Meanwhile, Steve had taken Nick out for a meal, then on to a local bar, where the drinks flowed, and by the time Nick had returned to the store, he was in no fit condition to even think about Emma, let alone remember that she was still bound up there. In his drunken state, he just headed straight upstairs and fell onto the bed, falling asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. Emma had watched him as he entered the store, then locked the door before she lost sight as her stand moved her out of his sight, Emma had hoped that he would be releasing her soon, but when she managed to get another look into the store, she found that there was no sign of Nick, she would have to spend the night where she was.

But the morning didn’t bring the relief that she was expecting. Steve was the one who opened the store; Nick managed to join him not long after, but looking much the worse from his session last night, his brain was still foggy, and he got down to getting the store ready for opening. His mind focused as it was on making sure that everything was set for the first customers, and with Steve’s help, they quickly managed to get things done.

Only when the first customers walked in did Nick remember about Emma; she was still bound and on display, and it was only when someone commented about the meatgirl in the window that Nick suddenly recalled placing Emma up there yesterday. Quickly distracting the customer from wanting to buy that particular meatgirl, he soon had the customer leave with another tender girl tightly bound and carried out of the store.

When Steve asked after the customer had gone, why he hadn’t sold the display model, Nick said that it would have taken too long to get that one ready, and after the drinks last night didn’t fancy having to change the display just yet, And then he said to Steve that the current display girl seemed to attract more customers, so it would be better to leave her up there and sell the others that they had in stock. Steve seemed to be happy with that explanation from Nick, and carried on serving the next customer.

There were several offers for the meatgirl in the window. To Steve, it seemed that Nick was right, and he too managed to steer the customers on to other meatgirls, much to Nick’s relief. He knew that he would have to eventually come clean to Steve about Emma, but for now, the fact that he seemed content to leave her there solved his dilemma for the moment.

Emma, meanwhile, was loving all of the attention; many customers had come in this morning and seemed to make a beeline to her, their hands running over her tender flesh, feeling just how soft and juicy she was, commenting to both Nick and Steve who were serving them that the display model was prime meat, and that some even offered extra to buy the display meatgirl. Emma was worried that she would end up being sold, Nick didn’t seem to be in any rush to free her or take her down, and he hadn’t revealed to Steve that she wasn’t a real meatgirl either, which started to make her wonder if he would be capable of selling her.

All she could do was stand there, bound to the display, and revolve around while customers touched and fondled her body. She would have to wait and see what would be happening to her; she was worried that she would never make it out of the store, unless as a tightly bound package. The thought of her ending up like that sent her into another orgasm, which the current customer quickly noticed and made a comment on.

Lunchtime came, and usually, the store would close, but with the two of them there, it seemed perfectly okay to continue trading, as Steve had said to Nick. And he said that Nick should take his lunch first, while Steve looked after the store, pleased with the amount of trade that they had so far today.

Nick was reluctant to leave Emma alone with Steve, but either he had to reveal the fact that Emma was not a meatgirl, and face the possible consequences, and in turn, humiliate Emma by revealing her secret, but he knew that he couldn’t do that to Emma. His thoughts were that he would change her out when Steve was on his own break, saying that he needed to rest the meatgirl, and add another from their stock to the display.

Leaving Steve alone in the store to serve the latest customer, Nick headed upstairs; he needed some pain relief as his head was still pounding from the effects of too much alcohol last night. Once he had taken a couple of pills, he managed to drink some water; though he didn’t really feel like eating, he helped himself to a quick snack. Rushing to get himself back down to the store, he knew that he needed to make it convincing and that he had taken enough time on his break; one quick stop to empty his bladder, and he would return.

It was with a look of shock and horror that he returned to find that Steve had not only managed to take Emma from the display stand, but that he was now currently trussing her up for the customer to take with them. Luckily the customer had told him that the girl should be delivered by them later that day, and had left it in their capable hands. Steve had just completed binding the meatgirl into the required delivery mode, her limbs tightly bound against each other, trussed up into a small package, easy to carry out to his waiting van.

Emma had finally stopped rotating and felt the machine stop, but because of the gag holding her head in position, she couldn’t see who it was that was currently untying her. When she did manage to look around, she saw that Steve was currently speaking with a customer; he had managed to sell her to him and was about to get her ready for him to take away. Looking around, she saw no sign of Nick and wondered if he had left her to be sold. Steve had attached a ballgag to her mouth, her jaw still ached from the display stand, and she found that she couldn’t close her mouth to prevent him from gagging her.

She felt like she had been betrayed again, Emma had trusted Nick, but here again, she was being sold, though this time she expected it to be her last journey; she would soon be on a serving platter somewhere. Emma felt that she no longer had any choice in the matter; she was just a meatgirl after all, it seemed, and that Nick had given her what she had wanted. Not that she herself knew that she wanted to go this far, but it seemed to her that fate had intervened and that she was now being bound and made ready.

Not that she minded the tight bondage, she loved the way that Nick had tied her when he had placed her in the display cabinet that time; Emma loved watching the way that the girls were so tightly bound that they couldn’t move, trussed up little packages being taken out of the store, Emma always felt jealous when she saw them going, but now she would soon be joining them on her own journey.

Emma felt the ropes securing her being tightened by Steve; if she hadn’t been sold, she would have loved to have him tie her this way. He seemed to get things even tighter than Nick, which Nick had told her was tighter than he usually did, having gotten carried away when he was binding her. But now, with Steve, Emma found that she was quickly and efficiently trussed up; she felt like she was nothing more than an object for him to deal with; he never spoke when binding her and just continued conversing with the customer.

Fully expected to be carried out of the store, never to see it or Nick again, Emma had seen the other meatgirls tied this way and carried out, and knew that she would now soon find out what that felt like. But the customer then requested that Steve deliver the bound bird, as he called the tightly trussed meatgirl, to his address later that day. Paying for the meatgirl and then leaving, Steve finished trussing up Emma and then began to carry her bound body towards the front of the store; his vehicle was just parked across the street.

He was stopped at the last moment; Emma had felt Steve pick her body up from the counter and then start to carry her out of the store when she heard Nick cry out for him to stop. Steve turned to find out what the matter was, Emma hanging from the rope strap he had made when binding the meatgirl, as he usually did.

“What?” Steve asked.

“Stop; you can’t sell her,” Nick replied.

“Sure I can; she brought more money than any other we’ve sold today. The client paid top money for her.” Steve said to Nick, unsure why this particular meatgirl was different from the others.

“You can’t sell her,” Nick pleaded, repeating himself, still shocked at what he was seeing.

“But I already have,” Steve said proudly before turning and heading back towards the door.

“Stop, please, Steve… she’s not really a meatgirl.” Nick finally revealed.

“What? But she’s been on display; she’s tagged and clearly marked as a meatgirl.” Steve told Nick, “There is no reason not to sell her; that’s what we do.” He thought that Nick was still worse the wear from last night.

“That… that’s not a meatgirl; that’s Emma. She’s my girlfriend.” Nick finally admitted, guilty for having to reveal the truth.

“Your girlfriend?” Steve questioned Nick, “have you been interfering with the stock?”

“No, she’s not stock; she is my girlfriend,” Nick told Steve. “Really, she is.”

“So, you tie up your girlfriend and display her as meat,” Steve said, “And she likes that? What kind of person would do that to a woman?”

Meanwhile, Emma was listening to what was happening; she was hoping at this moment for the ground to open up and swallow her. The fact that her secret had now been revealed to Steve deeply embarrassed her; in some way, she would have rather been sold as a meatgirl than to face this man and admit to the fact that she did indeed enjoy being treated like this, got off on being treated like this.

Nick deeply embarrassed himself, finally admitting that Emma did enjoy this kind of thing. “She likes the idea of being a meatgirl, even being treated and kept like one, but not ending up in someone’s dinner.”

Steve still held onto the rope holding the tightly bound Emma, and she hung there suspended from his hand, twisting slightly as Steve gestured about how ridiculous the whole thing was.

“Sorry Nick, I don’t believe you; what sort of girl would want to be treated like that, especially knowing what happens to these girls,” Steve said, shaking his head in disbelief. “And anyway, she has been sold to the last customer, who is expecting delivery of this particular meatgirl.”

“But…” Nick tried to interrupt.

“No buts Nick, she is nothing more than a meatgirl now; she knew that going in, it’s even got the marking to prove that she wants this; why would she get herself marked as certified if not so?” Steve questioned, “And she’s even got the grading mark.” Pointing to the markings on Emma’s rear.

“And I’m not about to disappoint the customer, and you should know that the customer comes first in our business.” Steve continued, “I’m sure that she will enjoy being delivered if she so wants to be a meatgirl, if not, it doesn’t matter; she’s going to be delivered.”

“Sorry, no, you can’t…” Nick pleaded again, “Please ask her yourself if she’s a meatgirl and if she indeed wants this.”

“I’m not in the habit of talking with meatgirls, and in fact your way of handling them, while I didn’t mind, I thought it was slightly odd that you gave them some form of pleasure before being sold, perverse even.” Steve told Nick. “So, I think that maybe you should start to look for some other form of employment. Something else that suits your particular fetishes.”

Emma continued to hang from the ropes holding her, knowing that her last chances of surviving this hung in Nick’s hands. But to her, it seemed that Steve was determined to deliver her to the customer. She knew that if Steve carried her out of the door that there was nothing that anyone could do to save her, she would be cooked later today, and her final moments would be feeling the heat of some oven somewhere.

“Okay, Steve, take the shop and everything in it; it’s yours anyway; just let Emma go.” Nick pleaded, “I’m sorry to have been found out like this and having to let you know about Emma, I admit that it was just a game that we played, something that Emma loves doing, and I get to enjoy seeing her tightly bound and on display. Without her, I don’t want to carry on.”

Steve looked at Nick, then down at the bound bundle of female flesh that hung from his hands. Still unsure of what had been happening here, but he had trusted Nick. He had wanted to help out an old friend when he was down on his luck. But he still couldn’t believe that Nick would do this, and that the girl that currently was bound for delivery actually wanted this to happen.

“Okay, Nick, I’ll give you a chance to explain, but if I’m not at all satisfied with what you have to say, then she gets delivered to the customer, understand?” Steve said, and carried a relieved Emma back into the store.

Nick then told Steve about the times that Emma had been bound in his old store; after watching her eyeing up the girls on display, she had wanted to try it out to see just what it felt like. And from there, the relationship developed, Emma had experienced several different types of display in her first few days as a volunteer meatgirl, and she remained in my store for a week. That’s when I had her on display that I found that I had an increase in customer flow. She had blonde hair back then, and that seemed to draw their eye.

Then later, when I moved to the new store and expanded, I felt that I just had to have her again on display, call it a lucky charm or whatever, but after getting more customers, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to have her bound and on display when the opening day arrived. But she said that she had one condition, and this is where the markings happened.

She wanted to be delivered with the other meatgirls in the truck, and then be kept like them.

I didn’t know that my then partner Nicky had changed things after they had left, betraying Emma and myself, and she actually had her processed like the other girls. That’s why she no longer has any hair and the reason for all of those markings on her skin. That marking, by the way, is out of date, but Emma only recently found that out when she discovered me running this shop.

Nicky was treacherous to both her and myself, using us both for her own ends; she even later sold her to a restaurant, tricking me into believing that was what Emma wanted, thinking that Emma had finally found her desired fate, which I found out later wasn't true, and that Emma was kept as a slave by the owner, not served up on the menu. Finally relieved to have told his story.

“Wow, that’s some story, I can’t say that I believe all of it though,” Steve said, having placed Emma down on a bench while he listened to Nick, but leaving her still tightly bound.

“It was only the other day that Emma showed up and asked to be put on display again, and you must admit that she did look good up there,” Nick replied, hoping that he had managed to save Emma.

“But you never said anything before now, and I even placed the tag in her nipple.” Steve exclaimed, “You should have said something before I had sold her. Now she is waiting to be delivered, something that really is out of our hands now. I think that I need to speak with you out the back.”

Emma was left alone in the store, still bound and gagged, trussed up for delivery, and expecting that to still happen to her. She thought that Steve had made up his mind to carry on with her delivery to the customer, and that Nick would soon have to find another place to live and a new job as well. She saw the two men walk out towards the storeroom, and out of her hearing.

A few minutes later, she saw them both walk back into the store; it seemed that Nick was wiping some tears from his eyes; he looked downtrodden, like he had lost the fight to keep her. Emma then felt Steve grab her bound body again in his hands, the rope binding her becoming tighter, and he started carrying her towards the door. She then heard Steve talk to Nick.

“I’m sure that you’ve made the right choice, Nick. I would hate to have to lose you both as a friend and an employee. I guess that you’ll have to find another girlfriend, one that doesn’t want to be treated like this.” Steve said as he carried Emma, holding her up slightly and looking at her like she was something not worthy of his time and energy. “I’m sure the customer will appreciate her as well.”

With that, Emma felt her bound form carried out of the door, the last view of Nick as she was carried out, and the door closed behind, leaving her feeling that he had given up on her, and that maybe Steve was right; she thought, I must desire to be nothing more than a meatgirl, and that Nick deserves better than me. And Emma resigned herself to that fact as Steve continued to carry her towards his waiting vehicle, that Emma was finally destined to discover her future, something that she had denied herself for so long.

Steve placed Emma’s bound body in the rear of his van, dropping her down onto the surface as he would with any other meatgirl, but then he said to Emma, “Sorry, but we both agree that Nick is better off without you, you’re only a meatgirl after all, why would he want to share his life with someone who wants to be eaten.” Then something happened that Emma didn’t expect; Steve placed a hood over her head, telling Emma that it would be better if she didn’t know where she was going.

Laying there as he spoke, Emma could only agree, resigned to the fact that she was on her way to be delivered now and that Nick had indeed approved of this happening to her. Was this to be Emma’s final destiny? Did she really want to experience all that a meatgirl goes through? Emma guessed that she did and was finally allowing her submissive self to go through with it; with Steve’s help, it seemed Nick was too attached to her for that to happen.

Hearing the rear doors close and then the van start up, Emma felt the movement of the vehicle. The van's interior was sealed from the driver, so she couldn’t hear or try to speak with Steve, even if Emma could object through the tight ballgag that stuffed her mouth. She could only lay there and contemplate her fate, and Emma again wondered if Nick would be happier without her; she seemed to be a burden to him with her strange wants and desires.

The journey continued, and it was only when Emma realised that the van had stopped, did she think that it was now that she was ready to be delivered. Any thoughts of freedom now long gone from her mind.

As Emma lay there, she was facing the front wall of the van; the doors were behind her at this point, not that she could see them with the hood blocking my vision. Emma’s body shook as she heard them open, whether out of fear or desire; Emma didn’t know nor cared at this point. She knew that her time had finally come; Emma had gotten what she deserved and was only sorry for dragging Nick into all this; she hoped that he would eventually forgive her.

Then she felt hands reaching in and pulling her bound body from the van; Emma was picked up and carried again by the rope handle that Steve had fashioned. She guessed that she was currently outside, the cooler air hitting her skin, and she wondered where she was. The person carrying Emma never spoke, though she guessed that it was Steve, and like he said, why would he speak with a meatgirl, so she didn’t expect anything else. She was then carried inside to a room; the sound echoed from the wall as he walked.

Her bound body was then placed on top of what felt like a metal surface, maybe she was in a hotel kitchen or something, it certainly sounded like a kitchen should sound like. Emma was left there on the surface, the hands releasing her bound body, the stretched ropework that bound her relaxed and she fell limp onto whatever surface that she had been placed on.

“Here’s the meatgirl you wanted.” Emma heard Steve say to someone, “Enjoy.” Was his final remarks and then heard footsteps moving away.

Now there were other softer footsteps, and cold hands running themselves over her skin.

“My, you feel juicy and tender.” Emma heard a female voice say, and then her vision was flooded with light as the hood was removed. Emma found that she had been delivered to a kitchen of some sort, and that the person currently examining her body was dressed like a chef, her clothing clean and white. Emma could only lay there and take in where she was. This was it; she was going to be made ready; her final destiny was here and now.

“Okay, meat, let’s get you stuffed and ready for the oven.” She informed the meatgirl, and then went about the kitchen getting things ready.

Emma lay there now, accepting of her fate, these were her final moments; so she had best enjoy them, as there was little that Emma could do now to prevent this from happening. The ropes were removed, and finally, she was able to stretch and move, but Emma found that she either didn’t want to or that her body no longer responded and continued to just lay there as the female chef carried on getting the meatgirl ready. The chef was somewhat surprised that Emma seemed to accept her fate, knowing something about her background. But then, she had prepared many other meatgirls beforehand, and so she was used to handling them should the need arise, and knew just what to do if the meatgirl didn’t cooperate.

She cleaned the meatgirls body, taking great care to get to every part of her, and once satisfied that she had completed that task, moved on to coating the body in oils, rubbing the liquid into the girl's soft, supple skin. Laying there, Emma watched her working; she seemed very detached from seeing her as anything other than a piece of meat, which she guessed to her that was what she was. The chef then adjusted her body, added pieces of garnish to the girl’s skin, and coated it with some sweet-smelling sauce.

The final degrading moments of Emma’s life were spent with the chef’s hands pushing several vegetables into places they don’t usually belong. Emma felt humiliated but did nothing to stop what the chef was doing to her. Emma was again trussed up with rope, once that the chef was happy with the way that she had prepared the girl’s body, her my legs were again folded and tied, her arms bent behind into a reverse prayer position, something that hurt Emma initially but knew that she didn’t hold it for too long. She was then gagged with an apple shoved deep into her mouth, firmly held behind Emma’s teeth.

Now trussed and ready, Emma felt her body being placed onto a tray, along with several vegetables that, thankfully, were not inserted into her. Then she felt the tray being picked up and carried, it was then placed into what looked like an oven, the tray sliding inside with the bound meatgirl on top. With the oven door closing behind her, Emma lay there waiting for the heat to build up and cooking her until she was ready to serve.

But there was something wrong; the oven, while it felt warm, didn’t heat up as she had expected. Emma lay there wondering what was going on, and maybe she was just made ready to cook later. Then the oven door opened, and her tray was carried out, she was then placed onto a trolley of some sort, and then something metal, shiny metal covered her entire bound body. Had she been cooked and not realised it, did this happen with other meatgirls? The trolley then moved with her still on it.

It didn’t take long to reach its destination, and the tray was picked up and placed on some sort of surface. She could hear muffled voices outside of the metal covering, and then it was pulled away to reveal that Emma was on a round white table inside of a restaurant, and that there were two guests sitting there waiting to dine on her flesh. But surely I hadn’t been cooked properly, she thought to herself, I am still alive; this was not what I had expected.

Then Emma saw who the two guests were, each with their dinner forks in their hands. It was Steve and Nick. It turned out that they had planned the whole thing. What Emma didn’t know was that Steve had indeed believed everything that Nick had told him, and that together they had decided to carry out Emma’s desires, her long-held fantasy of ending up as just another meatgirl.

While they had left Emma bound on the bench in the store, they had prepared another meatgirl to replace her, and had secretly transported her out to Steve’s van, then covered up her bound body; she too was bound and gagged the same way that Emma was, though at the time she didn’t know this. Emma was then transported to a girlfriend of Steve’s who had agreed to carry out what they wanted to do to her.

The chef had then prepared Emma, as she would any other meatgirl, and even placed her in the oven to ‘cook’, and when a suitable time had passed, she had then served Emma to Nick and Steve. Emma had finally experienced what she had so longed for, and it was only when they finally stopped teasing the bound meatgirl, displayed for their delight, that Steve left Emma alone with Nick, to enjoy his dinner, as they had put it. And he did, though it took a while to get those damn vegetables out!

Later, Steve took Emma aside and said that while he didn’t mind her playing a meatgirl in his store, in fact, he wanted her for his own store display sometime in the future. He wanted to let Emma know that once she was again bound and ready, either on display or just as another meatgirl in the store, he too would have a delightful morsel that would be hard not to sample.

Hopefully, he would again soon have a meatgirl on display again, Emma thought to herself…


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