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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: MF/f; fpov; display; objectify; bond; rope; gag; public; outdoors; leash; susp; feeding-tube; toys; buttplug; cuffs; spreader; cons; XX

Continues from

Part Two

It had been a few weeks since she had last left Nick’s store; she had loved her time as his meatgirl on display; she had felt very sore and stiff but contented with what she had gone through. She had finally lived out most of her submissive fantasies of herself as nothing more than a meatgirl, treated like an object to be sold and used. Though after going through being kept like the other girls, she now knew and realised that couldn’t go the whole way; she wanted to be free to enjoy her life to the fullest. But this desire to again be a meatgirl and be on display in the store was always in the back of her mind.

She hadn’t seen Nick since he had taken her home from the store afterwards and used her body the way that she wanted. Nick had even indulged Emma’s fantasies and had even made a tray for her when they got back to his home, getting her ready for the oven, leaving her trussed up as she was when he’d prepared her for sale, he had carried her home this way. But not having an oven big enough for a whole meatgirl, Nick could only go so far in their playtime, though in the end, he did manage to find out just how sweet her ‘meat’ really was, much to Emma’s delight.

But now, she really felt like she needed to spend some more quality time tightly tied up and placed on display as one of his meatgirls again. Her fantasies overwhelmed her, distracting her from her studies; she knew that she would have to get this need and desire out of her system to be able to concentrate on her university finals. And just as an added incentive, she had finally received a text message from Nick; he was asking her to come and look at his new store.

The next morning, she arrived at the address that he’d given her; she was dressed in just her usual summer clothing, just a dress, sandals, and nothing else, hoping that maybe she could get Nick to enjoy her ‘sweetness’ once again. She found the new store looked larger than the previous one, there was room for several displays in the windows, and as she approached, she could see a couple of meatgirls on display, the old display that she knew all too well to one side and another newer one in the other that had two meatgirls currently attached to it.

Reluctantly taking her eyes off of the windows, she had always loved watching the meatgirls on display spending many hours watching them over the years; she finally headed inside to see what new things Nick had in store for her. Hopefully, she would soon be inside one of the windows, tightly trussed up and just another meatgirl on display, she thought to herself. But as she entered, she saw there was a woman behind the counter. Was she in the right store? Emma was at first surprised at finding her there, she thought that maybe she was one of the meatgirls, but she saw that she was dressed in the same apron that Nick always wore.

Walking up to the counter, the woman asked Emma if she could help, just like she would with any other customer.

“Sorry, but is Nick here?” she asked, still slightly shocked to find a female behind the counter, something that seemed odd to her.

“Yes, I’ll just go get him; you’re sure that I can’t help you?” she asked.

Just then, Nick walked out from the rear of the store and, upon seeing Emma, quickly walked around the counter to give her a big hug. Which Emma was grateful for and returned the welcome. This felt good to Emma, she had missed not seeing Nick, now realising that her feelings for him were more than just friendship.

“Hi Emma, my you look good,” Nick said while looking her body up and down.

“Thanks, Nick, I got your message and came over to check out the new store.” Emma replied, “It looks way bigger than the old one.”

“Yes, well, business has been good, so I’ve expanded. What do you think?” Nick asked.

“It looks amazing, and the displays are perfect.” Emma blushed, when she said that.

“I thought that you’d like the displays!” Nick winked, a smile across his face, knowing full well that Emma saw herself in those displays.

The woman behind the counter had remained quiet as Nick greeted Emma; clearly, they knew each other, but she felt a slight pang of jealousy when she saw the way that Nick hugged this new female. She had some feelings for Nick herself, but as yet hadn’t acted upon them.

Nick then realized that he hadn’t introduced the two women, “Sorry. Emma, this is Nicky, Nicky Emma.” He said, pointing at each.

“Hi Nicky,” said Emma, wondering who she was.

“Nicky is my new business partner.” Nick explained, “We merged our expertise to expand the store.”

“Nick & Nicky, that sounds strange, like a nursery rhyme,” laughed Emma, “but if business is good, then who am I to judge.”

“Nicky was in wholesale before she came here,” Nick explained to Emma and then turned to Nicky, “And Emma here is one of the best meatgirl displays that I’ve ever had.”

“Ah, you’re the girl that Nick told me about,” Nicky said, wondering why a girl would want to pretend to be a meatgirl, but putting it down to her having some bizarre weird fetish.

“Yes, I suppose I am...” Emma blushed, her face turning red.

“So, are you ready for another round?” Nicky asked her. “I heard that sales went up with you on display.”

“So Nick said,” Emma replied, “though I doubt that it was because of me.”

“No, Emma, it was because of you. I still get customers asking what happened to that meatgirl and still ask if they could buy you or one like you.” Nick said. “So, no doubt you had some effect.”

Emma was stunned when she heard this, “But business looks good now; the displays look really nice, so I doubt that you need me?”

“Ah, no, that’s not why I asked you here; you see, I want to put you on display again, as part of our grand opening for this store.” Nick said, “and invite my old customers to the new store.”

“But…” Emma was about to object; she wasn’t sure about being naked in front of Nicky; it felt strangely unusual to her, even though she had been bound naked with other females; they were like her, just meatgirls. Nicky was a different matter.

“And it’ll set up the store, and it would not be right to open properly without you.” Nicky said, “I know that Nick really wants to have you here in the store, so if there’s anything that I can do to help that happen, please let me know.”

“See, we both want you here,” Nick said, hoping to change Emma’s mind. “It’ll be bad luck not to have you on display at the grand opening.”

“But you’re already open.” Emma said, “you have girls on display already; surely you don’t want me as well.” Though deep down, she felt the innermost desire to be back on display, her face flushed at the thought of her bound, naked body on display.

“You know that you really want to,” Nick said, “We both know that you still want to be a meatgirl, even if you don’t want to go as far as being sold and cooked.”

Emma knew that, truth be told, she was more than ready to again become the meatgirl of her dreams and fantasies; it just felt different this time with Nicky there though, but the smile on both of their faces let her know that they really wanted her. And she knew that she couldn’t disappoint Nick, especially with the opening of his new store.

“When is the grand opening then?” Emma asked, admitting to herself that she so wanted to be bound by Nick again, letting some of her doubts and fears go.

“This coming weekend.” Nicky said, “but we’d need you to be ready before then, if you agree. And again, my offer stands to help you in whatever way I can.”

Nick felt really happy that Emma was coming around to his idea. To him having her as his display meatgirl again not only fulfilled Emma’s desires but it would also help him out greatly; he had some doubts in his mind about expending so much in such a short time, so having Emma around felt like a lucky charm.

“Well, if you need me, then I really must be one of your meatgirls again, and we both know, sir, that I cannot say no to you; you know me too well, it seems.” Emma blushed again as she spoke.

“Great, that’s fantastic. Wonderful!” Nick exclaimed; it felt like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders, and clearly, to both of the women, he seemed very relieved that Emma had agreed.

"When can you start?” Nicky asked Emma, taking over the business side of things, “and do you have anything that you want to do or try?”

“I can start whenever you want me, I’ve currently nothing happening at the moment, and truth be told, it has been weighing on my mind so much that I can’t think straight to study,” Emma revealed.

“How about now?” Nick blurted out, clearly excited to have Emma back again. “I’m sure that we can make some space for you.”

Looking at them both, her mind awash with thoughts of being a bound meatgirl again, “I’m happy to do this; it’s just that...”

“What?” said Nick & Nicky in unison.

“Spit it out, girl.” Said Nicky.

“Remember when you had me bound on display in the window.” Emma again blushed at the thought.

“Yes, do you want to go back there?” Nick asked. “I can make it happen.”

“Well, of course, but...” Emma replied, a little embarrassed at the thought of what she wanted.

“But?” asked Nick, some doubt running through his mind now.

“You remember the delivery that arrived, the one that you got so distracted with that you left me on display overnight,” Emma recalled the memory with great delight.

“Sorry, so I shouldn’t leave you bound like that overnight?” Nick asked, feeling slightly guilty when he recalled the scene.

“No, that was fine, and I loved every minute of being bound and displayed, treated like an object. But the thought of me being inside that truck along with the other girls stirred me deeply inside.” Emma said, “I’ve often thought of myself in there with them, being led into the store and treated like one of them.”

“So, you finally want to be a true meatgirl, to be bought and sold?” Nick asked.

“No, silly, she wants to be on the truck when we get the delivery,” Nicky said, realizing what Emma was saying.

“Yes, Nicky is right, and in some ways, you’re right too, Nick.” Emma again blushed.

“So, you do want to be a proper meatgirl then?” Nick queried.

“Yes, and no, you see, I want you to treat me like just any other meatgirl. I want to be delivered and tied like them, then treated the same as them, and put on display however you wish to...” Emma blushed again.

“And then sold?” Nick asked, “To be cooked and eaten?” A bit disappointed that Emma had finally given in to her fantasies.

“No, I don’t want to end up dying; I like my fantasies too much for that to be my ending. But if it was possible...” Emma blushed again, her body tingling at the thought of being someone’s meal.

“I think I get it,” Nicky said, “You want to be delivered in the truck, Yes?”

“Yes, I think that I want to experience that part,” Emma said to Nicky.

“And you want to be treated like the other meatgirls?” Nicky continued.

“So, no special treatment then?” Nick asked. “Just like the other meatgirls.”

“Well, yes again, I guess, but maybe you could, you know...” Again, causing Emma to blush.

“Ah, I see.” Said Nick hoping to make use of her body again.

“I think I can go one better to help you out here.” Said Nicky, interrupting their reunion, slightly put off at the suggestion that Nick uses her while just a meatgirl, and had some thoughts run through her mind.

“How?” Nick asked this time before Emma had the chance to speak.

“Well, remember I worked in wholesale before I came here, so I can use my contacts to get Emma put on our next batch of meatgirls; that way, she gets to ride in the truck along with the other meatgirls.” She stated. “And then upon delivery, we can treat her like the others, totally ignoring her other than as just another piece of meat.”

“Is that what you want?” Nick asked, hoping that Emma hadn’t changed her mind.

“That sounds… like what I wanted...” Emma said, looking between the two, an air of doubt in her voice.

“Obviously, we can’t get you in the meatgirls auctions, as you’d be just another meatgirl, we may then be outbid by someone on price, and you’d end up in some other store or restaurant,” Nicky said, seeing the look on Emma’s face. “But you can definitely go through the wholesaler and be delivered, and there may be a way that I can even get you sold but not eaten, but I would have to find out more on that.”

“That sounds excellent, Nicky, thanks.” Said Nick, relieved that his new partner had come up with a solution.

“Yes, that does sound great,” Emma replied, a little more nervous now.

“You’ll be safe, and you’ll be here on the next truck with the others in our delivery, then we can put you on display from there. Okay?” Nicky asked.

“Please, Emma, I really want you here.” Nick pleaded.

“Okay, when and where?” Emma said, resigning herself to helping out but looking forward to some quality meatgirl time again.

“How about now?” Nicky said, “I just need to make a phone call, and I can then take you over, don’t forget that we really need you for the grand opening day.”

“Now?” Emma blurted out, not expecting things to happen so soon.

“Do you have anything on right now?” Nick asked.

“Well, no, not really, and as I said, I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on my studies, so…”

Emma knew that she needed this as much as they did. “Okay.” She merely whispered.

“Great, Nick can show you around while I make some arrangements,” Nicky replied.

Nick grabbed Emma’s hand and led her out the back, showing her the new stockrooms, which Emma immediately saw herself bound up in; the vision of her hanging there by her wrists straight away ran through her mind, as it did for Nick.

“Want to try?” he asked.

“Yes… sir,” was all that Emma could whisper out.

Grabbing some nearby rope, he turned to find that Emma had quickly stepped out of her dress and was now standing there naked, distracted slightly by the sudden exposure of her now nude body; he recovered himself and soon had Emma’s wrists bound together, he then brought her forward until she was underneath one of the hooks and tied the remaining end of the rope so that she hung there, attached to the hook with her arms up towards the ceiling.

“Tighter…” Emma blushed out, “please, sir.”

Pulling the rope until Emma was now standing on tiptoe and then tying it off, he stepped back to admire the bound female before him; he then had a thought and reached into a box, grabbing one of the contents and returning to the bound girl.

“Open, meatgirl,” was all he said to her.

Emma felt weak in her legs and opened her mouth without hesitation, willingly accepting the gag and wanting him to tighten it as much as possible. She was in her submissive state again, and she loved the feeling of helplessness that it gave her, her body flushed with arousal and the idea of being his plaything again.

“Much better!” Nick expressed his joy at having Emma bound and gagged; he wondered if he should do more to Emma, but knew that Nicky could enter the stockroom and interrupt what they were doing at any moment. He was content to run his hands over her body, taking in the fine female form before him, joyous in having his favorite toy bound and gagged again.

Emma was too lost in her own world to care if anyone should find them; the rest of the world didn’t seem to exist for her at this moment, and Master Nick could do whatever he wanted to his slavegirl; she was his body and soul, he could even use her as a meatgirl if he so wanted, so lost to her fantasies and desires was she at this point.

It was only when Nicky returned with news of what she had arranged that the feeling between the two altered, “Sorry to interrupt you two, but I’ve made arrangements for Emma to be delivered in our next batch of meatgirls.” Nicky explained while looking at what was happening in the stockroom, amazed at how quickly things had changed.

“Oh, okay,” said Nick, disappointed that he couldn’t take advantage of the bound female.

Emma could only blush at being discovered like this, and the gag prevented any words that she may have expressed to apologize for being caught this way in their stockroom.

Nick reached up to start unbinding the rope that attached Emma’s wrists to the ceiling, slightly embarrassed to be caught like this.

“No, leave the ropes,” Nicky said, “And the gag too. I’ll take her like that to the wholesaler; she needs to look like another meatgirl after all. And she seems to be already prepared to join the other meatgirls.”

“Okay, but maybe cover her to your car,” Nick said with some concern, still reluctant to let her go; he clearly still had feelings for Emma, which pleased her.

“Why, she’s just a meatgirl now after all, and people are used to seeing those come and go from stores like these.” Nicky rationalized. “And she wants to be treated just like a meatgirl.”

Nick looked from Nicky and back to Emma, truly now looking like just another meatgirl in the stockroom. “I guess you’re right, but let’s ask Emma. Do you want to leave here like this?”

Blushing again, Emma had to admit that she found the whole situation to her liking, she felt more like a meatgirl with Nicky than she did with just Nick standing there, there was something about her being naked in front of this woman, who remained dressed in her work clothes, after all, she was dressed to handle meatgirls, and it made her feel like nothing more to this woman that what she had asked them for. So, she nodded her approval.

“Great, see, this is what she wants,” Nicky said in a triumphant way; she was happy that she had seemed to have gotten one over on this girl who wanted to use Nick for her own desires; in her mind, she wanted Nick herself, so having this other female on a lesser standing would seem to be better in her thoughts, maybe she get him to see her as some weird freak, and well who would want a woman whose only desire was to be eaten, surely Nick could see the insanity of it.

Nick resigned himself to the fact that Emma, his Emma, wanted to be taken away from him like this, naked and bound in public. He would have to wait until she returned to the store, then he’d get to spend some more time with her.

Nicky reached over and grabbed the rope that was bound to Emma’s hands from Nick; the loose rope was adequate for a leash, for now, to lead this meatgirl to her fate. Pulling on the rope, she took Emma out of the stockroom and led her out through the front of the store. Emma could now see where she was being taken, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be seen naked and bound in public; the cold reality of it hit her.

Feeling the slight hesitancy in Emma, she made a firm pull on the rope, “Behave Meatgirl, or you’ll end up as dog meat,” she hissed at the frightened Emma.

That was all that was needed, and she pulled the now more submissive Emma out of the store and into the street, the last look back at Nick as he stood in the doorway made her wish that she hadn’t gone this far, but it was too late now it seemed, this new woman was now in charge of her, and there was no point in fighting it. Out on the street, some people did take notice of the naked, bound female being led by a rope down the street, but seeing the way that Nicky was dressed, they all assumed that this was merely another meatgirl on her way to meet her fate, and that she would be on someone’s dinner table later that day.

But it wasn’t long before she was pulled off of the main thoroughfare and into a carpark, here Nicky opened her car, she had thought of stuffing the girl in the trunk but thought that she might suffocate inside there on the journey, and she really wanted to have some more fun with this girl. Nicky had a bit of a dominant streak in her, and having a bound, naked submissive, for clearly, that was what this girl was, this was striking all the right chords for her, and she wanted to have some more time alone with the little bitch.

Sitting Emma in the car, she made sure to tighten the seat-belt extra tight, commenting that she was sure that she liked it that way, to which Emma blushed, her secret revealed to this woman. Climbing into the drivers’ seat, they were soon on their way across town to the wholesaler. The whole time the pair were quiet; no words were spoken, indeed with the gag now tighter than before thanks to Nicky, Emma was now mute. An hour later, they arrived at what looked like to Emma just a warehouse-type building, there was nothing unusual about it; she had envisioned in her mind some sort of abattoir.

“Well, here we are, meatgirl; from this point onwards, you will be treated as nothing more; are you sure that you want to go through with this?” Nicky asked, “I can say to Nick that you got cold feet and backed out if you want?”

Emma looked from the warehouse and back at Nicky; she knew that she wanted her to give up, there was a hidden part to Nicky that Emma couldn’t quite grasp as yet, but she knew deep down that she couldn’t let Nick down, even if this woman wanted it, and the reality of it was that she had asked for and wanted this to happen to her, so now she was here, could she do this?

“Well, do you want to continue?” Nicky asked again, expecting her to back out, seeing the doubt on Emma’s face.

Emma merely nodded her agreement.

“Okay then, so as of this moment, you’re a meatgirl as far as anyone here is concerned, the only person who knows is myself, and my former boss Dave, all of the other staff will just think of you as another meatgirl, even the other meatgirls,” Nicky said with some degree of triumph.

“When I take you inside, you’ll be a meatgirl, and you will not reveal yourself to the other meatgirls. I don’t want you upsetting the meat; you’ll affect the flavour.” Nicky added, “And the staff don’t know or care what you want, what your fantasies are, and what end you come to. Understand?”

Emma nodded meekly again.

“Come inside, and I’ll let Dave know that we’re here,” Nicky said, getting out and removing the new meatgirl from her car.

Walking inside the building, Emma felt chilled; a tingle of fear ran down her spine. But she could only follow Nicky, who, when she had gotten her out of the car, had added a rope around Emma’s neck to lead her like the other meatgirls she had seen. It felt strange to be the only one naked among all of the other people in the building, but she couldn’t do anything about that now. And as she was led along a corridor, some staff recognized Nicky and said their ‘hellos’, ‘miss yous’ and other comments, but none of them took much notice of the meatgirl following behind on the rope leash.

They finally met up with Dave, greeting Nicky like a long-lost friend; they were deeply engaged in some short conversation before he eventually looked at the naked female and then remarked to Nicky, “So this is the meatgirl you told me about?”

“Yes, this is the one; weirdly she wants to be treated like any other meatgirl. I’m sure that you can arrange that for me.” Nicky said, staring at Emma like she was something that stuck to her shoe.

“We currently have about 16 of the meatgirls destined to be delivered to your store, and the others will be arriving soon from the auctions; there was some delay over there with stock issues,” Dave said.

“That’s okay, and there’s no real rush on delivery; you can haul them all in one batch, no point in wasting fuel on this one,” Nicky said.

“You’re sure, I can arrange delivery asap if you want. And then follow with the next batch?” asked Dave, surprised that Nicky didn’t want this one back too soon, it seemed.

“We can wait, and I’m sure that she’ll enjoy her time here waiting to be delivered,” Nicky stated, expecting that this was something that both excited Emma and made her fearful as well; she had read Emma like an open book, she knew just how to treat submissive females.

“Bring her this way, and we can put her in the holding pen with the rest,” Dave said, leading the way out of the office side of the complex and out to where the stock was kept. Emma could only follow as Nicky pulled her roughly along behind her.

“Remember that from this point on, you are just a meatgirl, nothing more.” Nicky took great joy in reminding Emma. “No one will come to your rescue, and no one knows who you are.”

“Here’s your stock pen.” Dave said to Nicky, “see, we have a fine selection of meatgirls for your opening.”

“Great, then let’s add this one, and we can move on.” Nicky told Dave, “I want them all fully processed, and I mean fully, as soon as you can.”

“Fully processed, are you sure, even this one?” Dave said, pointing at Emma, who was now bound to a hook in the pen along with the other naked meatgirls.

“Yes, that’s right. I want them to be fully processed here, and then when you have the remaining ones, add them too and then have them delivered when you’re ready.” Nicky said, knowing what she was doing, her dominant side coming out towards the girl now cowering among the other meatgirls.

Emma heard this but didn’t understand, she had never been processed, so she wouldn’t know what lay ahead, but it seemed that Dave, her former boss knew and was concerned enough to ask if it was right. But when Nicky said that she wanted all of the meatgirls done, she knew that her fate was sealed. She was now stuck here; there was no rescue, no white knight to charge in and free the bound damsel; even Nick wouldn’t know.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the clang of the metal gate to her pen being closed; with one final look of triumph from Nicky in her direction, she knew that she was indeed going to suffer the same fate as the others here with her. Alone with the other meatgirls, she huddled as best as she could with them to keep warm. These storage pens were open to the elements, so the air felt chilled, or was that the premonition of what was going to come.

Either way, an hour or so later, for she didn’t know the time, a couple of men entered her storage pen and started to untie the meatgirls from their hooks and join them in a line; they then led them out and into an adjacent building. Here it seemed, was where they would be processed. What that was, she had no idea. Emma shivered, as did the other girls; this was their first and only time; they would not have known either.

The men moved the girls forward, until they reached a couple of other workers. These men then removed the ropes hobbling the girls’ ankles, and then added a solid metal bar between, the cuffs of which tightly encircled each ankle above the foot. They then lifted the girl until she was suspended upside down and attached her metal bar to the chains above; pressing a button moved that girl forward along the line. Each meatgirl was processed in turn, each wore the same ankle device, and each was suspended on the chain, including Emma.

The chain above moved the girls along the line and into a darkened cabinet, here, each was washed clean by powerful jets of stinging water; each girl found out too late that they needed to shut their eyes to avoid the irritation. When Emma’s turn came, she found herself being sprayed, the water appeared to have some form of cleaning agent in it, and it was only when she was rinsed off with clean water that she realized that all of her hair was now gone. She looked along the line at the others, and each was now bald; there was no hair on any of them.

Emma feared that the full processing included them being cut up into smaller pieces, pre-prepared for easier sales, like some of the cuts she had been displayed with in the cabinet.

And as she entered the next machine, she thought that her time had now come, but this machine scanned the girls and added a grading stamp to signify their quality, also added was a stock number. What Nicky hadn’t told Emma at the time was that she would be registered as a meatgirl, just like the others. After hearing this later, Emma knew that there was no going back.

Each meatgirl was then bound, the men removing them from the mechanism, binding a rope hobble to their ankles, then tying the wrists of each one in turn, and finally adding another rope around the necks to lead them out to their new pen to await delivery. Their gags were replaced, and these again had the holes that she had seen back in Nick’s store to feed the girls and water them. Now that everything had been done to them, Emma’s fears started to subside; she was still alive for now, though she was just another meatgirl now, something that she had long desired but never had the courage to follow through with.

She spent the rest of the day and the next enclosed in the storage pen with the other girls; the final batch arrived from the auction and was processed like the others. She wondered if Nick worried about her and if he knew what Nicky had done to her? Though she suspected that Nicky had already spun some story regarding the processing, as it turned out, this would soon be the requirement of all meatgirls in future, that and the grading stamps, so Nicky was just getting everything right for opening day.

Later that day, the girls in her pen were moved, and all of them re-tied, each with their hands behind their backs and the rope leading up to the girl behind and around her neck. All of the rope that hobbled their ankles had been refreshed, as well as another session in the processing line, this time to clean the girl on the inside as well. Emma had never felt so dehumanized before; the whole process to her was something even in her wildest fantasies she could never have ever imagined, though it was something that she thought that she needed to do to fulfil her desire to experience the whole thing.

The girls were moved into a loading dock, here, they were herded onto a waiting truck, again, ropes bound them to the ceiling just like she had seen before. Each girl was pressed and packed against the one behind. The warmth and naked flesh felt nice to Emma; she had grown fond of the other meatgirls in her pen and had used her time there to work out some pent-up sexual energy; she was not normally into other girls, but here it felt right in the current situation, and some of the other girls seemed to share her desires.

Her recall of the events in the pens was interrupted when the truck's rear doors were closed, sealing them inside in the darkness. They all felt the truck move, and all knew that they were on one of their last journeys; what fate lay ahead for them, they could only hope that it was swift and painless. Even Emma thought that this was her last journey too; she had thought that Nicky had made some form of plans for her to get her away from Nick, and to finally fulfil the hidden desires of this meatgirl fantasy of hers.

The truck finally arrived, and the rear doors opened to the chill of the evening; each girl shuddered when faced with what lay ahead. They started unloading the first girl, and then each one followed behind in line, just as Emma had witnessed before. There was Nick, and beside him with the lead girl was Nicky; both tried to avoid eye contact with Emma, who looked down at her feet, not wishing to make contact or give herself away. She followed the other girls in line, the rope hobble making only short steps possible.

Each was ticked off by Nick, and each was scanned to show their stock number for delivery by the driver. The meatgirls were taken inside by Nicky, leading them all to the stockroom in the back of the store. Here each one was untied from the one in front, and then the rope was hung from a hook in the ceiling, including Emma. There was no special treatment or acknowledgment from her, just business, for as soon as these items were stored away, they would then close the store for the night and leave them to be sorted in the morning.

The door to the stockroom closed with what felt like Emma with some form of finality; here she was just another meatgirl along with the others, just like she had wished for. To the outside world, she was now nothing more than a meatgirl, and she was even registered as one, which Nicky took great delight in revealing to her later. But for now, the girls could only huddle together as best they could and endure the darkness in the stockroom, after all, they were just part of the inventory now, a product with no need for luxuries like lighting.

The next morning each girl was awakened when the feeding tubes came to life, the sweet liquid barely wetting their mouths and certainly in no way filled their bellies. They were fodder for others to feed on, not for them to remain fed and watered. The door finally opened after a long wait, it seemed to Emma, and several girls were taken from the stockroom and out into the main area of the store, she didn’t know where they would be going individually but expected some to be on display in the window, while others occupied the other storage and display cabinets she had first seen, that day seemed so long ago now.

The stockroom door closed, finally all of the meatgirls needed for the day were taken, and Emma was left in the darkness again with the remaining girls. Each time that either Nick or Nicky entered, they seemed to totally ignore her, it was as if she had never existed in their eyes. She truly felt just like another meatgirl and wondered how long it would be before she was sold off. The day dragged on, and the only brief interruption was when another girl was taken from the stockroom.

Then all was quiet, and she assumed that the store was now closed, for she hadn’t seen or heard from Nick or Nicky for some time now. Another night with the remaining girls lay ahead, some of the girls started crying, while others sought comfort in the body of the girl next to them, including Emma, their bodies rubbing as a way to keep warm but also to feel some lasting contact with the others, they all knew their fate, and some had decided to make the most of their remaining days. Eventually, the movements stopped; each girl now hung from their wrists, sated for now and tired from their exertions.

The next morning they were woken again by the feeding tube, and shortly after that, with either Nick or Nicky removing one of the girls, but there was also another man who came in and grabbed a girl; he seemed new to Emma, but was dressed in the same aprons that bore the stores name and logo, maybe they had taken on some new staff thought Emma, and then she realized that maybe he didn’t know about the arrangement that she had with the owners. He would definitely treat her like a meatgirl, and she wondered if she would like that.

She didn’t have long to wait, as she was the next meatgirl that he picked up and carried out of the stockroom; hanging her over his shoulder, she could see parts of the store but from her vantage point could see little other than his back and feet. When she was placed down on some sort of table, she could see that she was near to the window display. It seemed that she was destined to be put on display again. This time though, she found herself rolled over so that she was face down on the table, she tried to look around to see if she could see Nick, but he didn’t seem to be there, just this guy and Nicky behind the counter serving customers and taking no heed of what was happening to Emma.

She felt the ropes around her ankles being removed, this was the first time in days that they had been this way, but she knew that it would not be for long. A cold metal bar was placed against her back, and the guy handling her shifted her legs apart like they were pieces of meat, which she guessed they were in his mind. Then she felt the cold prongs being pressed into her rear followed by the invader pressing itself firmly into her sex; these must be the dildos that I had last time, she thought. I’d better relax to allow them access.

Either way, they were going inside her; the guy made sure of that; this was just part of the job to him, he didn’t care for the meatgirls in the slightest, and he thought it strange that the proprietors had requested that the meatgirls enjoy their last days. But they paid his wages, so who was he to argue, and he did get some sadistic pleasure from impaling them on the didoes, making sure that they were firmly in place. Attaching the metal cuffs around the current meatgirls ankles, he moved to the head of the girl lying there.

Emma felt the roughness of the two intruders as they were shoved inside of her; there was no pleasure in having them pushed inside like when Nick had done it to her beforehand; this was pure spite, it seemed to her, the fact that she was just another meatgirl was now not lost on her, she had asked for, and they had delivered on her desires, she was being treated as just another one of the stock to be displayed and eventually sold.

Her hands were then removed from their ropes and pulled behind her and into the waiting metal cuffs. She thought she would be displayed on the one she previously enjoyed, but as she found out, she was destined for something new. Another metal band was placed around her neck, tightly holding her against the pole at the rear of her head. And another was fastened around her waist and above her breasts.

The rough hands of the guy preparing her grabbed her head and forced her to look towards the top of the table, here, he shoved another large rubber phallus into her now ungagged mouth, and straps around her head forced her to bite down on the intruder. Satisfied that he had carried out his bosses wishes, the meatgirl was now ready for the display, and he picked up the bound form by the pole that held her tightly against it. Emma started floating through the air as he carried her towards the window.

Here he placed one end in some part of the mechanism, and then moving the pole, attached the other end to the opposite side. Emma found herself laying face down, this was strange as she thought that she would be standing upright, but at this point, all she could do was wait, bound as tightly as she was to the pole behind her back. The guy left her there and went back out of sight, he soon returned and started doing the same thing to the other meatgirl as he had done to her. A third later joined them on the mechanism, and once satisfied that everything was in place, he started the mechanism.

Emma found that the display she was on started to revolve around; she would start face down but then the machine she was now on would rotate her pole and move her around. The same was happening to the other two meatgirls, each seemed to be revolving around their poles, and each pole then revolved around the others. She finally figured out it was some sort of rotisserie spit that they were on, there were even some warm glowing fake coals underneath them, so it looked to the outsider that they were being cooked.

The mechanism, as it turned, vibrated the poles that each girl was tightly attached to; this in turn worked it was down the pipe and to the intruders deeply bedded inside each one. The slight moans and mews from each girl as they succumbed to the pain and pleasure of their current situation, pleased not only the meatgirls involved, but also the customers who were encouraged to have a closer look and feel the meatgirls for themselves, much to the delight of all involved.

Nick had finally shown himself in the store, he had stayed out of sight as Emma was being prepared. He didn’t know if he could handle treating her the way that she wished for; Nicky had made up a story that Emma had told her that not only should she be treated like the other meatgirls, she wanted to be handled like she was one of them as well, that she wanted to be tormented and abused like the meatgirl she truly had always been, without regard for any of her personal feelings or desires. That’s why the new guy had been the one to prepare her for the new display; he had no clue that she was not a real meatgirl; he would act and treat her like she desired and wished for.

Emma and the other two meatgirls spent the day spinning around on the display, many people had explored every inch of the girls, and several times the display was stopped for the customers to get more ‘ hands-on’ with the three girls. By the end of business that day, each girl had orgasmed several times, each was exhausted from the constant revolving around, and the touches of the many customers who thought it right and proper to handle, slap, pinch, and in some cases bite the meatgirls on display, all the girls were sore, tired and wanted nothing more than to either return to the stockroom or be sold off, including Emma, as she had seemed to have copped the most abuse, with the assistance of Nicky who oversaw the customers when they examined each meatgirl for their quality and tenderness.

Every customer saw that they were registered meatgirls and had been marked as such, even down to the grading stamps on their rears, so they should expect to be poked, prodded, and touched in ways that would normally not happen. Nicky also made sure that the customers knew this, and happily agreed to let wandering hands abuse the meat on display, after all, that’s why it was there for the customer to enjoy. Emma occasionally caught a glimpse of Nicky as she instructed the customer to examine the meat and feel the tender flesh. She seemed to enjoy watching Emma being treated this way.

Emma hadn’t realized, as tired as she and the other girls were, that the store had eventually closed for the night, the lights on their display continued to exhibit their nakedness, the machine continued to revolve around, the probes sunk deep inside each girl kept up the relentless tormenting of their inner parts. The desire for an orgasm had long since gone in each of them; the pain and constant abuse now seemed the only part of their existence. The rest of the store lay in darkness, the staff long gone home, leaving the meatgirls on display in the window suffering long into the night.

In the morning, there was no relief, well, not for Emma at least it seemed, for while there was a brief respite from the constant turning, during which times the other meatgirls were swapped over, Emma found that she would indeed be enduring another day on this display. She could only hope that someone would buy her and take her away from this, though her body did manage to betray her a few more times before she too was removed from the device, she thought that she was done with orgasms, but it turned out she was wrong.

Now totally exhausted, she could only lay there as she was removed from the display, and then rebound with ropes and taken by Nicky back to the stockroom, there Nicky, after again binding her to the hook, she took great delight in hosing Emma’s body down with chilled water, the shock waking her and bringing her back to her senses. She was then just left hanging there by her wrists, gagged and tied up along with the last few remaining meatgirls that had been delivered along with her.

Nick had felt guilty at the way Emma had been treated; when he saw that her beautiful blonde hair had been removed, he questioned Nicky; she informed him that Emma had requested it. She knew that the others were being presented this way and that she wanted to be treated just like them. Of course, not the truth, but he wouldn’t know that, as he had decided to keep his distance from Emma, after all, she had wanted this to happen to her; Nicky had constantly reminded him of this.

And while Emma was being kept in the wholesalers, Nicky had managed to get Nick into her bed, taking advantage of him, using his desires against him, and tricking him into believing that Emma wanted nothing more to do with him, she just wanted to remain a meatgirl and serve her purpose, which he had come to accept, though he didn’t like it, but he knew that Emma had always deep down wanted this for herself, so he didn’t interfere with Nicky and the new guy handling her.

Of course, now that Nicky had what she wanted, she knew that she would have to keep the competition out of the way while she cemented her relationship with Nick. Keeping her for longer at the wholesaler was just part of her plan; having her one of the last meatgirls left in the stockroom was also in her plans, even restocking and leaving her while using the others to take their places in the store, and on display. Emma did come out a few times, though she barely saw Nick; she thought that he had given up on her, so she remained quiet and accepted her fate.

Emma spent the next few days back on her old display, revolving around the pole, she would watch out for Nick, but could only catch glimpses of him, and even then, he seemed more preoccupied with Nicky, so she guessed they were in a relationship now, something that she had hoped would have happened for herself and Nick, but it looked like that she had now missed any opportunity to achieve that for herself. So, she resigned herself to the fact that her desire to be another meatgirl had blown any chances that she had with Nick.

But even Nicky grew tired of having her around, sure the grand opening had come and gone, and she and the other girls had attracted their fair share of customers in, but it wasn’t the same as Nick had previously described it; maybe it was losing the hair that made the difference as Nick had said to her that blondes get more customers in. Too late for that now; the damage was permanent; the hair would never grow back; it didn’t need to, as the meatgirls were never expected to last that long out of the oven.

Her dominant side was currently sated towards Emma, and she knew that the girl was submissive and would have gone through anything for the right master or mistress; even now, she didn’t seem that broken, all the abuse and torment that she had suffered over the past few weeks still hadn’t diminished her desire to please. Indeed, Nicky had taken advantage when there was no one else in the store, closing up and retreating to the stockroom to spend some quality time with her slave, putting her slave's tongue to good use, or so Nicky thought. She was always happy after a session with Emma.

But she had promised that she would be sold, and even Nick had made several comments about keeping Emma too long in the store. He reminded Nicky about her promise to the naïve Emma, who had trusted them to fulfil her desires and experience being a meatgirl for real. But even Nicky couldn’t go that far; she had started to develop some feelings for the poor girl; even though she continued to abuse her, she couldn’t go through with the ultimate fate of every meatgirl.

She remembered that she had an idea that she might be able to fulfil her promise and enable Emma to survive the experience, for she wanted Emma to be her full-time, submissive slave-girl. But a promise was made, and to please Nick, who seemed to be resolved to allow Emma to fulfil her final wish, she knew that she had to act before Nick gave in and sold her in the store. Calling in a few favours she managed to line up a buyer for Emma, which she proudly let Nick know what she had done, but she never told him the details as he didn’t want to know them.

Emma was brought one last time out of the stockroom, again, Nick was nowhere to be seen, just Nicky and the new guy. She was carried over to a table, where they started preparing her for sale. Nicky told her that she had finally been sold, which was strange to the new guy; he only thought of her as another meatgirl. Why would you inform them that they were sold? Still, if Nicky wanted to speak this way to the girl, he knew better than to argue.

Nicky started binding her limbs tightly, making sure to fold her legs and bind each one so that Emma could not move; she would be tied up as tightly as she could make possible; she wanted Emma to enjoy her last journey from the store. When she was all trussed up, feeling like the proverbial turkey that she now was, Nicky bent down and before placing the oversized gag in her mouth, kissed her on the lips, and said for her to enjoy her last moments.

The customer’s delivery van arrived not long after, Emma, now a finely packaged meatgirl, was carried out by the new guy, bemused as to why this one got the special treatment. To him, they were just a product to be dealt with. Handing over the tight parcel of girl meat to the van driver, he was happy to see the last of this one; they had never lasted this long in the store before, and he hoped that things would return to normal now. As the van drove away with a bundle of flesh that was Emma, Nick had watched from afar, and he didn’t want to intervene or stop what was happening; for all he knew, Emma had asked for this to happen to her, and he hoped that she enjoyed her last trip.

What wasn’t known by anyone other than Nicky and the buyer of the meatgirl, was that she was destined for a unique restaurant, one that, while they did have some girl meat on the menu, that would not be Emma. She would be the one serving the food to the customers, though not as a waitress, no, she was the serving platter. All the food was prepared, and Emma was cleaned, laid out, and sometimes bound to the table. The food was placed on and around her naked body, and the patrons of the establishment grabbed the food from her, some with their hands, others used chopsticks, and others pointed at her flesh with forks.

In between, she was kept busy cleaning, and preparing some of the food items; all the while, she was kept naked, chained, gagged, and wore a large steel collar around her neck, acknowledging to the staff that she was a slave and to treat her like one. During her downtime, when there was some of it, she was kept locked away in the basement; on these occasions, the owner of the restaurant would come down and take advantage of her bought and paid for slave. She had the bill of sale in her office, and if anyone questioned it, she could point to the marking indelibly stamped on the girl's rear that she was registered as a meatgirl, so if she wanted to keep her for some other use that it was down to her, and as long as she didn’t free the girl, the authorities didn’t care.

During those times bound and locked away in the basement, she would often be visited by Nicky, and both her new owner and she would take great pleasure in using their slave for their own ends. Emma grew to accept her place, she had always known that she was submissive in nature, and she was finally living the life that, even if she didn’t know what she wanted, was what she thought she deserved. She would always be a meatgirl in the end, it just meant to her that her body was put to other uses, and rather than nourish someone through their bellies, she would seek to satisfy them in other, more pleasant ways, and she found enjoyment in that.

And for those wanting to finish on a happier ending:

Emma continued to live in the basement, a slave to her new owner Lisa until her untimely death a couple of years later; the family closed the restaurant and were horrified to discover the secret dungeon in the basement, and with the live-in slavegirl. They paid Emma a sum of money to go away and not speak about what had happened to her; she moved to a new town, bought a small apartment, and had started getting on with life, even returning to studying again.

It was only one fine summer’s day; she found herself exploring her new neighbourhood, her flowery summer dress making her feel her normal self again, along with one of her favorite wigs. When she came across a familiar sight on her walk, in front was a meatgirl, tightly bound and being carried out to a customer’s car, it stirred up distant memories of her past experiences. And it was only when the guy carrying the meatgirl had turned around did she spot that it was Nick.

At first, neither could believe their eyes, and it was Nick that broke the moment for them when he rushed over to Emma and gave her the biggest hug that he could.

“I thought that you were dead.” Nick blurted out, “Nicky told me that she had sold you to a restaurant.”

“She did, but not as food, more as a serving platter, and full-time slave to the owner,” Emma replied.

“That’s not what she told me, but then as it turned out a lot of things with her didn’t either,” Nick said, the smile now gone from his face, “The truth being one of them, it seems.”

“But you’re here now, this shop...” Emma started to reply.

“Not mine, I’m just the manager; after Nicky took off with all of the money we’d built up in the business, and most of my personal savings too, I went broke, the new store was closed, and it was lucky for me that a friend offered me this place,” Nick said.

“I wondered what happened to her, she used to visit me in the basement at the restaurant, and both her and my owner used me for their pleasure, but she suddenly stopped coming, and I didn’t know why,” Emma told Nick.

“I don’t know exactly what happened to her either. I heard through the grapevine that she had set herself up back in the wholesale business, and the story goes that she used to take some of the meatgirls back to her home, there she would do whatever with them and then return them for sale. That was until she kept one girl for herself, but the girl found a way to escape; when recaptured, she said that Nicky had freed her from her contract to try to get herself out of trouble.” Nick said.

“Go on, spill the rest...” Emma was intrigued and wanted to know more.

“Not much happened, but the story goes that because she had let the girl go, that girl ended her days as pet mince, and Nicky took her place as a meatgirl.” Nick continued, “Though I don’t know if that’s true, and I feel sorry for the meatgirl.”

“Seem like just deserts to me,” laughed Emma, the food pun not lost on her.

“What about you?” Nick asked, “I’d love to know more, and I’m about to close for lunch. Would you like to come upstairs for coffee? I live above the store.” He said to Emma.

“That sounds nice, but I’m avoiding stores that sell meatgirls. I’m still registered as one, a lasting present from Nicky.” Emma told Nick.

“No, not anymore; the registration only lasts a year. The meatgirls are not expected to last that long, so that’s all they get put down for.” Nick told her, “Unless you’ve re-registered yourself?”

“No, certainly not, and I’m pleased to hear about that.” Emma let out a sigh of relief, “and coffee does sound nice.” Though she did love the lingering fact that she was registered, something that deep down excited her every now and then, the fear of being caught again added something to her night-time sessions with her toys.

Over lunch, which Nick made for Emma, they both spoke of what had happened to them since they last saw each other. Emma learned that Nicky had told him many untruths about what Emma had wanted when she was their meatgirl, though in the end, she had been treated as she had asked for, so she had come to accept the way that she had been handled.

And Emma told Nick about some of the things that happened to her once she was sold by her.

Reluctantly they parted after lunch; Nick had to get back to work, so Emma left him with a kiss on the cheek and walked away a now much happier woman. They had agreed to meet up later and talk some more. And as Emma walked out of the store, she couldn’t help but feel the slight itch that she had for her old fantasy life; the sight of the meatgirls, bound and naked, as always, did stir some long-forgotten part deep inside her, and memories of happier times too.


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