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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2022 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; fpov; display; objectify; public; susp; naked; toys; insert; impale; bond; cuffs; climax; feeding-tube; rope; oral; cons; XX

Part One is based on ideas from short stories written by Bloodgeyser and Sawukir, but rewritten by me to change the outcomes. And while technically a vore-type story, this deals more in the bondage and objectification of the character, she's more a 'product to be dealt with'. (edited 26/09/22)

Part One

Sitting at home feeling bored and lonely, Emma was currently in the last semester of her time at university; her work had been completed and assignments submitted, so she had nothing to do and no one to do things with. Living away from home, while she enjoyed the freedom it gave her, she missed having family around her, especially at times like these when her friends were all away. Her apartment felt empty.

Her mind wandered, and her thoughts drifted to her kinkier more submissive side, Emma had long had a secret fantasy that she would try to indulge in whenever she could, especially at times like these to get over her boredom, with many hours spent working out her desires with one or several of her toys. But Emma thought that she should wait until later to venture down that avenue, and decided to visit her friend Nick in his store and indulge in one of her favourite pastimes; at least this would get her out of the house she thought.

Her friend Nick ran what used to be a local butcher’s shop, but he found a more niche market and had turned to selling meatgirls, which seemed to be growing in demand. The shop was usually busy, which wasn't what was interesting to her, but what captivated Emma more was the prospect of seeing one of the meatgirls on display in the window. She would stand there and watch as the display slowly spun around, the meatgirl bound and naked, stuck in the display window for all to see, just an object for others to see, touch and feel.

Plus, now being 25 years old, she thought of herself as being too old to become a meatgirl; they were usually girls aged 18, young and tender, and came from poorer backgrounds, though the causes that girls ended up being sold as meat was usually down to bad situations, family issues and a variety of other reasons, stuff that she didn't concern herself with when looking at the display, though she had even heard that some girls actually volunteer themselves, a desire to be eaten overcoming their natural instincts for existence.

Being a nice sunny day, she decided to dress in one of her favorite flowery summer dresses; she loved the way they felt against her skin. Throwing on a pair of sandals, she was ready to head out. Most days, she never bothered with underwear, she loved the natural feel of being naked under her dress, and Emma couldn't remember the last time that she'd worn a bra; she thought that her small breasts really didn't need them. The sun felt warm on her skin as she made her way to Nick's shop. It was a good day, and she was looking forward to seeing one of those girls on display.

She had often fantasized that she was one of those girls on display, she had often thought of what it would be like to be in their place, what it would be like to be nothing more than meat. Emma would visualize herself as one of those girls in her mind, naked, bound and gagged. Seeing the girl on display usually sent a shiver of delight down her spine, the idea that she would put herself in their place, to be inspected, examined and prodded by the customer did turn her on, she would be helpless to stop them, but the reality of ending up on the dinner plate usually ended any desire to turn herself into a meatgirl.

But today, Emma was to be disappointed; her desire to watch one of the display girls was dashed, as the window was empty along with the other displays that Nick usually had. Frustrated that she couldn't spend some quality time gazing at the window display meatgirl, feasting her eyes on the naked girl and feeding her fantasy fuelled mind, the vision of the girl was usually taken home in her memory for Emma to use in her own personal playtime, typically with the aid of one of her trusty toys until thoroughly sated and drifting off into pleasant dreams.

Entering the store, she found her friend Nick behind the counter, "Hi Nick, how's it going? What's up with the window display? Where are the meatgirls?" she asked, frustrated that the windows were empty.

"Oh. Hello Emma," happy to see her smiling face; he had always enjoyed seeing her. He continued, "Well, it's been a very busy week. I've had a run with the whole roasters, and then to top that off, my shipment of fresh meat was delayed at the wholesaler, so now all I have is a case full of cuts.' He waved his arms at the fresh meat cabinets.

"And with no whole meatgirls to show off and attract customers to bring them in, the sales have dwindled." He said, and then smiled at Emma, "But at least I have a tasty girl to talk to now, though."

"Oh, that's not good, I really only came down to see the meatgirls on display, it's really nice to see them put on show, but now I suppose all I can do is talk with you." She teased with a cheeky smile.

Nick laughed at Emma's comment, "Surely you have better things to do than be here with me, like hanging out with your friends, getting out and enjoying their company, free to do whatever you want. While I'm stuck here in the shop, by myself, and now without even a good meatgirl to look at to while away the time".

"Sorry to disillusion your ideas of my busy lifestyle, but all of my friends have gone home for the holidays, so I'm stuck here bored and alone," Emma replied.

"Sorry about that," Nick thought for a few moments, his eyes appraising the girl standing before him, before speaking again. "But that gives me an idea that could be of benefit to both of us. I really need a meatgirl to display and attract the customers into the store, and you're looking for some way to entertain yourself to relieve your boredom, so in a way we can both get what we want if I just show you off in the window."

Emma's eyes widened, shocked at the suggestion, "What? No way! Sorry Nick, I'm not going to turn myself into a piece of meat just to kill some time!"

"No, no, no." Nick informed her, "You don't understand. Sorry, I should explain; you don't have to become a meatgirl just to get put on the display. I know that all meatgirls in the store are for sale, and eventually end up on someone’s dinner plate. But my idea is that we could agree for you to be on sale by consignment, that way, you would then have the opportunity to accept or refuse to be sold in order to have someone take you home for dinner. This way, you could spend the day as a meatgirl, occupying some time on the display stand and then go home safe and sound after I close for the day... unless, of course, you want to sell yourself."

"Well, that sounds a whole lot nicer and easier to take when you say it that way, and less risky, I guess," Emma said, calming down a bit, getting over her initial shock, "But I still don't think that I want to be put up there naked and on display, for people to ogle and scrutinize as a potential dinner." But as she talked about being on display, her body betrayed her desires, her voice trembled, and her legs felt weak, her face flushed, and she could feel the first signs of her arousal at the thought of doing this run through her.

Nick could clearly see that she was getting excited by the prospect of being a meatgirl for a day; he knew that she loved the idea of being one of those girls, and he had watched her on many occasions as she stood and stared at the girls as they rotated around on the display. He had guessed that she saw herself up there on the stand and had often thought of having Emma displayed in the window, something that would run through his mind on many occasions, especially on those lonely nights at home.

"Come on, Emma, you know that you want to try it, I bet that you’ve often imagined yourself in their place. You'll be perfectly safe, and I guarantee it will be a lot of fun." Nick said to Emma, "Just think of yourself on my display platform, completely naked, bound to the pole with people walking around admiring your beautiful body, stopping to examine you and talk about what a delicious roast you would make."

Emma's mind shut down at Nick's description; she had always wanted this; she knew deep down that she yearned for this. Her desires overwhelmed her own common sense, she felt giddy with the prospect of living out her dream. She felt her own submissive side willing her to give herself over to her fantasies, in the final moment of weakness, her mind awash with images of her body on display, she could only whisper her reply, "Ok."

That was all Nick needed to hear, stunned that she had accepted, but happy that she had agreed to his suggestion. So, before she could change her mind and back out, he quickly grabbed hold of her hand and moved her to the rear of the shop and pulled her into the stockroom. This was where the meatgirls were stored when not on display; there were several hooks hanging from the ceiling that held the bound wrists of the meatgirls while waiting in storage. Emma looked up at them and had visions of herself hanging from one of those hooks, the rope holding her in place.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Nick speaking to her, "Okay, first you'll have to take all of your clothes off; you have to be naked for the display. You can put them in this container for later." he told her, handing a plastic container to Emma, he then continued, "And since you're not converted into a true meatgirl just yet,” he teased, “You don't need to be fully cleaned inside and out for sale. I'll just give you a quick wipe down to make sure that you're fit for display purposes."

Emma started to stutter out an objection to this, but the excitement of the situation got to her, she was lost to the moment, and she soon found herself remotely peeling off all of her clothes and placing them in the bin, without another thought. Nick watched Emma as she undressed; she was even better naked than he could have ever thought in his wildest imagination; her physique was fantastic, not an imperfection to be seen, and no lines on her body from any underwear.

Grabbing a clean towel and soaking it in some warm water, he began wiping down her body from head to toe. Nick was enjoying being this close to her and touching her exquisite body, but he had to concentrate on the task in hand, and make sure that she was free of any unwanted dirt that might turn off customers when they inspected her body. As he continued to clean her body off, he made a mental note of what delicate meat she had; her body structure was lean, and he wondered what she would taste like.

The business side of his mind then engaged; he judged that Emma was about 5'2" and weighed just under 120 pounds; she was just the right size for one or two people looking for tender meat to grill, maybe even roast, though he thought that maybe a spit roast would be more suited to her body. Emma clearly took good care of herself as her skin was soft and supple; even on the soles of her feet, he found a tasty appetizer before the main meal he contemplated when he cleaned them last.

'She really is a perfect meatgirl, and the clients always seemed to love the blondes better,' Nick thought to himself, still enjoying touching Emma's body, 'She'll probably attract a lot of customers; blondes always seemed to get more foot traffic, more than the brunettes. I just hope that they won't be too disappointed if they can't buy her.'

Standing there naked and exposed in front of Nick, the feeling that she was getting from being washed like this, and the thought currently running through her mind that she was being prepared for sale, was enough of a turn-on for a few drops of her own natural lubricant to start dripping from Emma's cleanly-shaven pussy and slowly trickle down her thigh. Nick saw it, he loved the reaction that Emma displayed from his touching, and he knew that customers liked to see the girls having fun, so he decided not to wipe it off.

"Alright, it looks like you're more than ready for the display. How do you feel, meatgirl?" Nick asked.

Emma shuddered a little at being called that; something stirred her deep inside upon hearing her being called that, "Uh, I'm a little nervous… but I guess excited too!"

"Well, I'm going to take you out, put you on the display stand now, and then leave you up there so you can get the full experience. Something that I expect that you've really wanted to try for some time." Nick said before easily picking Emma up and throwing her over his shoulder, carrying her like any other meatgirl, and then transferring her out to the front of the shop where she would finally get displayed. Emma hung there limply over Nick's shoulder, feeling just like one of the meatgirls, her mind lost to her desires.

The display stand was a small round moving platform in the store's front window on a raised shelf. In the centre, it had a shiny metal pole sticking out through the floor with a double rubber dildo on top that could be adjusted to perfectly fit into the meatgirl being displayed; this alone, when adjusted properly, would trap the girl on the stand, impaled on the dildos with no way to remove their body up enough to remove them. To finish the display another hollow pole ran down from the ceiling and into the meatgirls mouth; once set up correctly it looked like the girl was already spitted and ready to cook.

Nick carried Emma to the stand and stood her up on the platform. Emma felt butterflies forming deep in her tummy as she was being placed into position. She had herself seen dozens of meatgirls on display on this stand, and she knew they had all eventually ended up as cooked meat. What she hadn't realized as she had watched them from outside, was that the girls got 'entertained' as they slowly revolved around on display; the hidden dildos, as she now found out, not only deeply filled the meatgirls' lower holes, which she felt as Nick placed her up on them but made it impossible to get free from.

Luckily for her, each was already lubricated for easier entry, and she slowly sank down on them, each one pushing deeper inside of her wanting body, her tender flesh teased and tormented by the intruders, and while no stranger to having things filling her, having both openings filled at the same time was beyond her wildest dreams, it was like having two lovers using her charms for their delight. While she was getting used to the invaders and adjusting herself on them, Nick had now secured Emma's ankles to the base of the pole, and metal cuffs now encircled Emma's ankles; she was stuck here until he released her.

Nick raised and adjusted the lower pole some more so that each dildo was now fully inserted into her pussy and rear, and then locked them in place, and they were now hidden deep inside her and from anyone viewing from the outside world. Emma yelped as each one pushed further into her, and though cold at first, they soon warmed due to her own internal lust and heat, and as she settled down and her body grew accustomed to them, the initial discomfort turned more into pleasure, and she was soon experiencing her first minor orgasm of the day, one that sent a light stream of her cum dripping down the pole.

While Emma was currently distracted, lost to her own desires, Nick quickly cuffed Emma's hands behind her back with a pair of matching stainless thick metal cuffs, the chain connecting them locked to the display stand. Satisfied with the lower part of the stand, Nick then stood next to Emma and lowered the upper metal pole towards Emma's mouth to finish off the display. Emma, now slightly recovered, looked up at the mouthpiece; if she accepted this, she knew that she would be unable to speak; she would become nothing more than another meatgirl on display. But the prospect of fulfilling one of her fantasies outweighed any misgivings that she may have had, and she opened her mouth, and willingly accepted the mouthpiece.

Now making the final adjustments to the display, locking the upper pole so that the mouthpiece remained tightly in the meatgirls mouth. To Nick this was just an everyday occurrence, every time he did this, it simply felt like part of his normal routine of getting the store ready. But now with Emma on the display stand, this was something special and beyond his wildest dreams, and he couldn't believe his luck in managing to get her to agree to be one of the meatgirls on display, something that he could have only dreamt of. Now it had become a reality, he knew that his day had just got a whole lot better.

Emma meanwhile found that her vision was now very restricted; with her mouth wrapped around the mouthpiece and attached to the pole above, it made her look up towards the ceiling, and her ability to see was restricted to just either side of her head or up to the store's ceiling. But after Nick had finished adjusting his new meatgirl for display, she found that as she began to slowly rotate, she saw that she could see her own body reflected in the mirrors on either side of the display window, not only that but she could see people out on the street in the reflection. She had often watched the girls on display, and now she knew that they could see her as well.

She was pleased that she could also see her own body attached to the display stand; Emma looked at her bound, naked form as she slowly rotated and she realized that she now looked just like any of the other meatgirls that she had always admired, now she had become one of them, her exposed body revealed to the world outside and to anyone passing by and stopping to watch her slowly rotate. Overwhelmed with her own building desires, that and the vibrations that the mechanism of the display stand sent through the pole and up via the dildos firmly located inside of her, she was surprised to find that this was just like one of her favorite toys. Her thoughts were interrupted when suddenly her body shivered as she felt another orgasm run through her, her legs felt weak and trembled with the aftershocks, with only the display stand managing to hold her upright.

Nick watched as he witnessed another orgasm run through his latest displayed meatgirl, this always seemed to get them at this point, it amused him when it happened, and he knew that he was giving the girl maybe one of the last vestiges of pleasure left in their short lives before ending up on the plate. Though he never felt guilty when supplying these girls to his customers, he did want to ensure their last days were pleasant. And he was pleased that Emma also seemed to be enjoying her time on the stand; he certainly loved watching her.

Nick then had a sudden thought; he left Emma on the stand and headed back out to the stockroom; when he returned, he walked up to the new meatgirl rotating on the display, "Sorry, Emma, but the rules state that every meatgirl is graded and must have that displayed on their body. And seeing that you're now my new meatgirl on display, I can't be seen breaking the rules, can I, so I will have to apply the grading stamp." Emma felt the cold press of the stamp as he pressed it against her rear right cheek, the red ink now proudly displaying that Emma was a grade-A specimen, certified as a meatgirl of top quality.

Emma couldn't believe that he would do that to her, trapped as she was, helpless to stop him, but then remembered that every meatgirl comes graded for her meat quality, and that clearly, she should be no exception, otherwise who knows what trouble she could bring Nick having her displayed without the mark. But deep inside, she now felt more like the meatgirl that she had always dreamed of being, this mark now showed her as nothing more than another meatgirl on display, ready to be sold.

Nick, now happy that he finally had another girl on show to attract the customers, made one final check of the new display; he rechecked that the cuffs were locked, and that Emma couldn't move, even if she wanted to, though he knew that she was quite content to stay where she was. He guessed that Emma had long desired to be a meatgirl, but that she just lacked the courage to give in to her desires, happily for him she seemed to have finally given into her darkest fantasies, in his eyes she was the perfect meatgirl to be on display. Now satisfied with how she looked on the stand, and knowing that he needed to get on, he gave Emma a playful pat on her bare bottom before heading back to the counter to be ready to attend to any customers that came in.

Emma was almost drunk with excitement as she began slowly rotating in the display window of the shop. She was overcome with the sensation of the dildos sticking up deep within her, as well as the thrill of being in a situation she had always fantasized about but had never allowed herself to get into before now. She wondered if she would go all the way, giving in to her innermost secret desires, and her thoughts as she slowly rotated on the stand turned to darker visions of her body on a spit roast, slowly revolving over the coals, the heat searing her skin as she slowly cooked, all the while her own natural juices flowed down her legs, pooling on the base of the stand.

Her next orgasm came quickly when she saw the first passer-by stop outside the window; he looked her up and down, clearly admiring her tender flesh, giving her a thumbs-up, and even licked his lips before continuing down the street. Knowing that she now looked like nothing more than meat on the hoof to anyone who passed by, it was the most exciting feeling Emma had ever had. Even when no one was looking at her, seeing her own reflection in the mirror and window was enough to turn her on. Slowly turning there naked with her hands bound behind her back made her look like the meatgirl she had always fantasized about being. Seeing herself like that also kept her in a continuous state of arousal.

She was constantly squirming and rocking up and down on the dildo to the point that, as Nick watched, he wondered how long she would be able to keep up that rhythm before she gave out, exhausted from the overwhelming orgasms that she was clearly having. Luckily the mouthpiece kept her cries from the pleasure she was getting to mews and whimpers, so as not to distract any customers. But he couldn't help but to admire the naked girl as she slowly revolved around in the window.

Over the next few hours, dozens of people stopped to watch Emma as she slowly turned in the window. Many of them then went inside to buy cuts, and some even stopped by the display stand to examine Emma and start to feel the flesh on her thighs, belly, and breasts, their hands running over the flesh on offer. She was especially popular with a group of young lads who seemed to grab and squeeze every square inch of Emma's body until stopped by Nick. Every touch to her body made her shiver and tingle all over. She'd had orgasmed at least a dozen times by noon when Nick was starting to clean up to get ready to close the shop for lunch.

Emma had undoubtedly brought a lot of customers into the store, and Nick had seen a marked increase in sales from the day before when he hadn't had any meatgirls on display. And as much as Emma had enjoyed her time as a meatgirl up until now, and while she didn't really want to end up on someone's dinner table, she was a little disappointed that no one had made him an offer for her meat yet. Still, she had had an amazing day so far, and she was only halfway through it. Being a meatgirl was everything she had imagined it would be, and she was left weak in the knees and tired from the constant excitement she had felt while on display. She had lost count of the times that she had cum but knew that she was looking forward to some more; she certainly wasn't ready to stop just yet.

Nick closed the shop for lunch, locking the front door as he left to have his meal, a final glance at the meatgirl that was Emma on display in the window, still revolving around on the stand. He hadn't even taken the time to stop it or remove her from the display, in fact, she had felt ignored by him when he left for lunch. The store was now quiet, and she was alone; this made her feel even more like an object on display; she was after all it seemed that she was just another meatgirl now, so why would he bother with me? I'm here to be displayed and sold, she thought to herself, her mind adjusting to now being just a part of the inventory.

The afternoon went the same as the morning, there were more customers entering the shop, and sales were up on the previous day; Nick was delighted to have his new meatgirl on display; he was so busy that for a short while, he had even forgotten that it was Emma up there on the stand, and not just another meatgirl like there usually was. It was only when a customer offered to buy the whole roast that Nick recalled that it was Emma on display.

"Sorry, but that roast is on consignment, I could ask for you, but I doubt that I will be able to sell it to you today," Nick told the customer, though he did wonder if she was now ready to sell herself, he really didn't want to lose his latest meatgirl, as she was very good for business. The customer left his number and departed, but not before taking a few last few lingering touches of the meatgirl on display.

After the customer left, Nick walked up to Emma and turned off the display, and she took a moment to realize that she had stopped moving; she had grown accustomed to her new world. "How are you doing there, meatgirl?" he asked.

Emma tried to speak, but the mouthpiece prevented it; she could only mew and slightly wriggle her body, trying to indicate to Nick that she was fine and not ready to come down.

Nick laughed at seeing her display, "Just thought that you'd like to know that I've had an offer for you; the customer liked what he saw, it seems, just like I do."

Thinking that Nick had sold her sent a tingle throughout her body; though she had trusted him not to sell her, she had thoughts that maybe she would like the idea; the thought of laying on some dinner table somewhere had undoubtedly crossed her mind a few times while bound, naked on display. Her thoughts were then interrupted when Nick spoke again.

"But I told him that you're not for sale, not just yet anyway, you're too good for business, you seem to be attracting the customers in with your display, and I have certainly enjoyed watching you as you slowly revolve around in the window." Nick told her, then asked, "Do you need a break, or are you happy to see out the day?"

Emma wriggled and shook her head as best that she could to let Nick know that she did not want to come down just yet; she had found that she loved being a meatgirl on display, just as she thought that she would, bound, helpless, and an object for people to see and feel, so no she didn't want to stop.

Nick seemed to get the message, "Okay," and turned on the display again; Emma started to revolve around again, now happy and content to be a meatgirl for a while longer and wondering whether she would eventually give in to her darkest fantasies and let Nick sell her. Her mind was awash with images of her being presented on some dining table, in a fancy house, trussed up and baked, her delicious meat mounted on a silver platter ready for her buyer to consume.

The day continued like the morning; Nick remained busy; it seemed like a non-stop stream of customers, during which there were a couple of offers for the displayed meatgirl, which Nick reluctantly turned down, but took their details in the hope that Emma would finally give herself over to her inner meatgirl, well she was on consignment, so all offers had to be accepted. That and he had a fresh consignment of actual meatgirls arriving soon, so he knew that he could sell one of those instead of Emma.

Nick eventually served the last customer of the day; it was time to close the shop; it had been a good day, and he was exhausted, but just as he was about to finish up, he spotted a large truck pull up outside the shop. This was the late shipment that he had been waiting for. He quickly headed out to greet the driver, leaving Emma still rotating on the display stand, totally forgetting that she was even there, so preoccupied with the restocking of the store was he.

Emma had also noticed the truck pull up in front of the shop. She could see as she rotated into view the sign on the side of the truck that said in large letters: "Randolph's - Meatgirls of great quality and perfect flavour." She could see the rear doors open, and the naked meatgirls seemed to be hanging by their wrists to the roof of the vehicle. There seemed to be many of them in the rear, packed tightly against each other; she envisioned herself amongst them, her naked body against theirs.

But Emma continued to spin on display, so she was having a hard time watching the truck as her body had turned on the stand, and she was now looking at her own naked reflection in the mirror, admiring how she looked and comparing herself to the fresh meatgirl delivery. With her back to the shop entrance, the platform she was stuck on was turning very slowly, and she really wanted to see the cargo that the delivery truck was bringing to the shop; she was excited to see the new meatgirls.

Emma could hear the conversation between the delivery man and Nick as they entered the store, and now that her body had turned a little more, she could finally see back into the store, and she watched as at least thirty meatgirls entered in a line, they were all naked, gagged and wore ropes around their ankles which hobbled their steps. Each one was also attached to the one in front, with their hands bound behind them, the rope going from the wrist of the girl in front to the neck of the one following, and Emma watched as they were led into the shop.

Emma imagined herself in their place, bound to the girl in front, and being led into the shop, just another delivery of meatgirls, just like me, she thought, and watched as they were taken out to the stockroom in the rear. Nick was preoccupied with the new delivery; it was something that he had been waiting for, now finally here, but at the end of the day, he was just looking forward to heading home, but now he had to take care of the new meatgirls before he could head out.

Out of sight of Emma, who had now rotated to look out of the window, Nick took each new meatgirl and hung their tied hands up onto the hooks that hung from the ceiling in the stockroom, and then he placed a feeding pipe to each gag that the girls wore, a small hole through the centre enabled liquid nutrient to enter, just enough to maintain a meatgirl while they were awaiting sale.

While Nick was busy out back, the delivery man left the shop without so much as looking at Emma, and it was obvious to her that the delivery guy just saw Emma as another ordinary meatgirl like the others that he had delivered and didn't pay any mind to seeing her naked in the display case, used to seeing naked meatgirls every day. She could hear the activity in the rear of the store but couldn't see, but she remembered seeing the hooks and had thought at the time that she could see herself placed on one and left there stored as just another meatgirl.

Clearly, with what happened next that they were both distracted, Nick with the new delivery, and Emma lost in her own world of becoming another meatgirl. Nick had totally forgotten about the display, and having Emma bound there naked, as in his rush to leave, he merely turned off the lights in the shop, leaving through the main door and locking it behind him. It was only when Emma rotated to see inside the shop that she saw the room now in darkness. Nick, it seemed, had failed to remember that he had Emma bound and on display.

Emma just continued spinning in the window where late office workers and passers-by were ogling her, weighing up their options of having her on the menu. She felt more like a meatgirl at this point than any other time, left alone in the store, on display, just an object rather than a person, her desires overwhelmed her, and she clutched her muscles tightly around the phallus buried deep within her and came one more time.

In fact, Nick had not only forgotten that Emma was the one on the display stand, but he was also used to leaving a meatgirl there on display; at the time he had thought of her as just another meatgirl, and the new delivery had wiped her from his memory, for now, he was too preoccupied on getting home and working off some of the pent-up frustration of watching the meatgirl on display all day. It was only when he awoke early the next day did he remember that he had, in fact, left Emma on the display stand, but clearly, there was nothing to be done about it right now; she would have to wait.

Emma kept spinning on the display as Nick walked into the shop in the morning; she had enjoyed watching the sunrise from her vantage point, she felt content. Her desire to find out what being a meatgirl on display was like had been all that she had expected, and more in her mind. Though she was tired and sore from being tied up all night, her feet hurt from standing in place, but she was happy to see Nick finally arrive, though to her surprise other than quickly checking that she was still breathing, he left her on display and headed back to the rear of the shop. Emma was stunned; was she just another meatgirl now? It clearly felt that way to her.

Nick returned and started leading the other meatgirls out from the rear of the store, placing each one on display. Emma continued to turn on the stand slowly, the two poles holding her body in place as she slowly recovered her senses from the latest powerful climax, her mind again accepting that she was nothing more than a meatgirl on display. Her previous life now over, she was what she had always desired to become, in her mind she was just what she had longed for all these years, she was just waiting for someone to come and buy her now, she was ready.

As her rotation continued, her mind resigned to the fact that Nick now saw her as nothing more than livestock to be displayed, another meatgirl waiting for her fate. Emma watched, when she was able to, as Nick continued to put the new stock out on display. It seemed strange to her that he had hung some of the new meatgirls in a group of three on a hook in the internal display against the rear of the store.

The three meatgirls seemed to Emma to be rubbing their soft bodies against each other, the one in the middle appeared to be very excited to be bound there, the breasts of the meatgirl behind her were rubbing on her back, and the meatgirl then returned the gesture and rubbed her buttocks against the crotch of the meatgirl behind her. As she watched, the meatgirl in front rubbed her buttocks against the one in the centre, and the meatgirl in the middle rubbed her boobs on the back of the meatgirl in the front; for Emma to see that erotic dance was such an arousing sight that it caused her to suffer yet another minor orgasm at that moment.

On the last hook, Nick winched one meatgirl up, her wrists bound above her head to the hook, leaving her unable to move from the spot, and he then left another next to the main display cabinet with her hands tied in front, and the rope around her neck pulled to a hook above. Now that he had more meatgirls to display and sell to his customers, he took advantage to make sure that they were shown to maximum advantage; his many years selling meatgirls has shown him that how they were displayed was most important when attracting the customer.

Nick then walked out of Emma's sight; when he returned and had pulled another meatgirl out of the storage hold and brought her forward to the display window, and he then pressed the button to stop the turntable finally. He unlocked Emma's legs and lowered the display stand, the removal of the dildos leaving Emma feeling empty. The mouthpiece was then removed, her mouth felt like it should have something inside it, and Emma had thoughts of letting Nick know just how much she had appreciated being his display meatgirl and was ready to drop down on her knees to show him. But then she realized that she was still inside the store and visible to passers-by.

Nick removed her wrist and ankle cuffs and then helped her down from the stand, removing the ropes from the new meatgirl and placing those ropes around Emma's neck, tying her wrists, and then leaving her standing there for the moment. Emma stood still, unable and unwilling to object to his tying of her hands, she still felt like a meatgirl, and clearly, they remained bound when waiting to be sold; she was it seemed no exception; maybe Nick had really sold her, and she would have to await the customer to pick her up.

Meanwhile, Nick put the new meatgirl on the display stand, making sure that the poles were well in place, then locking the metal cuffs around her limbs, just like they had been with Emma, and after finishing up, he activated the turntable. Then turning and taking hold of the rope around Emma's neck, pulling on it told her that she had to follow him. Emma looked up at the girl that had replaced her, the smile that they shared at that moment seemed to know that they shared the same enjoyment from being on display, and also of being a meatgirl.

Emma was very excited, she felt very submissive to him at this moment, and she followed Nick without questioning his order; her thoughts of pleasing Nick were interrupted when they arrived at the new side display. Nick then took the rope holding the wrists of the meatgirl in the middle that connected her to the hook above, moving the girl over to one side.

Nick turned and said to Emma, "Emma, the possibility of me selling you today as a meatgirl is now nil with them here, but since you happily agreed to display yourself as a meatgirl for me, and I'm not ready to let you go just yet, we are going to do the following." He waited to see if there was any objection on her part. There was none.

"Your hands will remain tied with this rope; as a meatgirl, you will remain naked, bound, and gagged at all times. I will hang you here on this side display between these two other meatgirls. They usually take several days to be sold but make a great display in the store. And as you already know, the ones in the front displays always sell faster than those further back."

Emma looks at Nick, and looks at the two meatgirls, and eventually says, "But clearly, you don't need me anymore! You have enough stock to display?"

"But Emma, you've certainly earned the right to rub between these two other meatgirls, and believe me, you're going to enjoy it," Nick said to her. Then without waiting for Emma to reply, he moved her into place and then tied the rope around Emma's wrists to the hook above and dangled her between the other two meatgirls. Nick inserted a gag into her mouth, a small hose was attached to the gag for feeding, and he finished up securing her just like the other meatgirls in the side display.

Emma felt very submissive with the way that Nick was treating her, she loved the way that he seemed to take charge of her and force her to do what he wanted of her. She found that she enjoyed Nick having control of her, her own freedoms taken away from her, kept naked and bound by him, this felt right to her, she had finally found her place.

Satisfied with what he had done, Nick activated the cooling system in the cabinet, and the two meatgirls began to rub their bodies against hers, which led Emma to have some beautiful orgasms throughout the rest of the day. She just felt like another one of the meatgirls hanging there, each bound and naked; she wondered what she looked like. She imagined that there was now no difference between her and the other meatgirls; she was just one of them. Nick was again so busy that he lost track as he had several customers to serve, leaving Emma bound, naked and hanging on display between the two meatgirls all day.

When Nick was finally closing up the shop for the night, after yet another long and successful day, carrying out his usual routine like he always does when going home. He then recalled that he still had Emma bound and naked in the store, but when he approached and saw that she had reached her final orgasmic peak and had passed out along with the other meatgirls in the side rack, Nick decided to leave Emma there, it would be a shame to move her as she seemed to be enjoying her time as a meatgirl, and he had to admit that she did look good there. There was clearly no difference between the three meatgirls hanging there; Emma just looked like the others; his thoughts of her as just another meatgirl turned him on, and though he wanted to, he knew that he couldn't take advantage of her.

Looking around one last time, he turned off the lights in the shop leaving only the main window display lit, and walked out, locking the door and leaving the only lights in the store on the meatgirl spinning on the main display stand and went home to eat, and dream of Emma as his possibly his next meal, or something to warm his lonely bed. Wondering again if she would ever consider changing her mind or that maybe he could put that beautiful body of hers to some other use.

It was well past midnight when Emma finally recovered from her orgasmic blackout and saw that all of the lights in the shop were again turned off, slightly surprised that Nick had left her again, maybe she was really just another meatgirl in his eyes, and that sometime soon that he would sell her. Emma was distracted again when she felt the naked bodies of the meatgirls on either side of her stir again and press themselves against her own body, and they all again began their erotic dance, rubbing themselves against the bare flesh presented to them, enjoying the feeling of the naked flesh of the other two meatgirls as she moves.

After yet another orgasm eventually washed over her body, she remained in the display, her arms hanging there from the rope above, her wrist bound and fixed to the hook above. Now sated and stuck as she was, she looked around the store and then over towards the main display where she saw the meatgirl that replaced her spinning slowly on the lighted platform in the window, a pang of jealousy ran through her that she was not the one still up there on display, she had loved being up there.

But those thoughts were soon lost, and it only took a few minutes for Emma to fall asleep again from the exhaustion she suffered from being a meatgirl all day. Her dreams of again being on the display stand, another piece of meat displayed to everyone, then drifting to her being sold off to some buyer as Nick betrayed her trust, her final moments were of her body being prepared, stuffed and basted, and ending up roasting in an oven. Her ultimate forbidden fantasy, would she be willing to give herself over to them.

The next morning Nick opened the shop and walked quickly through to the stockroom, but as he passed the meatgirls out of habit, he touched each one's breasts and ass, including Emma's, without looking at them, something that he usually did, but to Emma this made her feel more like the other girls on display, maybe he had changed his mind overnight and that he was going to sell her after all. That thought sent a delightful shiver through her body, and she rubbed herself against the other two meatgirls that were bound with her, though more in comfort than seeking pleasure.

In the stockroom, Nick changed into his butcher's smock without realizing what he had done with Emma. It was only when he returned to the side rack where a naked Emma remained tied, did he realize that he had treated Emma as just another meatgirl, though he guessed that she would have loved that, judging by the way she had enjoyed herself yesterday. He knew that her desire to be a meatgirl would be something that she had always wanted to fulfill. She had always admired the girls that he had on display, and he thought to himself that deep down that she knew that she wanted to be in their place.

He removed the hose from the gag in Emma's mouth; she had been automatically fed along with every other meatgirl in the morning, the girls have to be kept in good shape for the consumer, after all. Nick then looks at Emma, who is still clearly excited but very tired, and asks her, "So, did you like being a meatgirl for the last couple of days?"

Emma, now finally ungagged but still bound, looks at him and though very tired and her voice was barely heard, "Yes, very much, Sir! Thank you."

Nick looks at her, admiring her naked body, which he doesn't seem to tire of, and asks, "Shall I take you down now, or do you want to stay another 24 hours as a meatgirl in the side rack?"

Emma looks at the body of the meatgirl that she has in front of her, and she feels the one behind her as she continues rubbing against her own naked flesh; her own base desires take over again and says, "Please, Sir, leave me here as another meatgirl." Nick, seemingly unaware of the change in Emma's demeanour towards him, was more than happy to have Emma around for another day. He quickly replaced the gag and left her bound between the two other meatgirls, and headed off to get ready for the customers.

Later after opening the shop, Nick sold a meatgirl while Emma watched from her vantage point as he prepared it for the woman who bought it, tying up the girl so that the customer could easily take the meatgirl home; her limbs were trussed up and her body packaged like a turkey. The girl was then carried out of the store from the rope that connected her hands and feet, presumably on her way to the oven of the woman who had purchased the meatgirl. Emma had a slight shiver run through her at the thought that she was the one bound, made ready, and carried out of the store.

Emma then watched as Nick took one of the meatgirls from the stockroom and carried it to the display case, but before noon that meatgirl also left to become the lunch of whoever bought her, and Nick put another meatgirl in her place, which again was sold shortly after. By mid-afternoon, the next meatgirl left the butcher shop, and before Nick closed the shop for the day, another meatgirl became dinner for a small family of 3 people; the adult woman looked old and clearly obese; beside her stood a fat but well-dressed young male and a 16-year-old girl who looked thin, possibly malnourished, she was barefoot, ragged and clearly neglected compared to the boy.

Emma listened as the girl asked her adult woman, her mother, Emma assumed, "Why is she a meatgirl?" And the woman turned and said to the girl, "Why, because she was a disobedient girl and naughty girls are turned into meatgirls! So, you must be a good and obedient girl, or I'll sell you as a meatgirl."

Emma watched as the girl approached the now trussed-up meatgirl they had bought, and touched her buttocks, and then turned to see the other meatgirls who were in the side display; the girl walks between them and approached Emma; she touched her on the leg, buttock, belly, and breast, examining her body. Finally, the girl looks up at Emma, and the girl stands on her tiptoes and whispers close to her ear, "She will sell me as a meatgirl anyway when I grow of age; my stepmother's an evil witch, she is going to turn me into one of you anyway, so I'm never going to be a good enough to please that mean old woman."

Emma looks at her, surprised at her honesty, winks at her, and smiles at her even with the gag in her mouth. The girl understands, and both the girl and Emma smile in complicity; then Emma thinks, the poor girl already knows without a doubt that she will end up one day or another served at her stepmother's table one day or sold through a store like Nicks.

Later as Nick closes the store, again happy with the day, tired and sore, and finally happy to end the day, then after turning the lights out and tells all of the meatgirls, "Sleep tight meatgirls, tomorrow some of you will be lucky, and by nightfall, you'll be another family's dinner!"

Nick walks up to Emma and touches Emma's butt cheek, admiring the soft flesh on offer, his mind wondering what he would do with her, but his needs were more pressing, then turning and heading to the door, he left, locking up and leaving her as just another meatgirl on the rack. Emma again left bound, naked and gagged again felt just like another part of the stock, an object waiting to be sold, this was wonderful to Emma’s inner submissive self, she was happy that Nick had left her like this, treating her like she desired from him, she was no longer Emma to Nick, in her mind she was just another meatgirl on display.

Emma, after losing count of the times that she had climaxed while bound in the display between the other two meatgirls, had finally come down from her erotic high; rubbing herself against them all day had now exhausted her desires. So, she decided to ask them as best she could with the gag in her mouth to the two meatgirls next to her, how they had become a meatgirl and even with the difficulty of the gags in their mouths, one managed to reply. "Sold by my family." While the other said, "I was sold to pay off my debt."

Emma, to the best of her ability, turned with her back to the wall, and now that they could see each other's faces, they turned to look at her expecting an answer as to why she was there, and Emma admitted, embarrassed and slightly awkwardly, "I'm only here just playing a meatgirl; it's been one of my fantasies, but I feel sorry for you and your bad luck."

The meatgirl in front said, "Don’t be silly; we’re happy to be sold and have accepted our fate, so go back to your life, and stop playing a meatgirl, or you'll eventually give in and end up in someone's oven.”

The other looks at Emma and says, “When he frees you, please buy me and eat me. Please, I'm a meatgirl; I want someone nice to eat me roasted.”

Emma shook her head, agreeing with them both; she slowly scooted up close, put her head next to the meatgirls' heads, and told them, “Good night, my fellow meatgirls!”

Nick arrived early in the morning and touched all the meatgirls hanging on display while he walked through to the stockroom just as he had the previous day, now without feeling guilty about touching Emma, who he saw as just another one on display. When he returned, he was clearly pleased and dressed, ready for another day. After checking on the displays, he eventually walked over to Emma, took the hose and gag out of her mouth, and asked her, “Did you like being a meatgirl for the last 24 hours?”

Emma briefly replied, “Yes, Sir.”

Nick asks again, “So, do you want to go on for another day?” He felt reluctant to let Emma go after keeping her in the store as another meatgirl; it was nice to have her around, and he had grown very fond of her, and seeing her bound like this.

Emma submissively says, “Well, sir, I don't have anything to go back for.”

Nick looks at her, amazed that she seemed to want to continue being a meatgirl, but pleased at the same time.

Emma then slips back between the two meatgirls and rubs up against them, then, she looks at Nick and says, “Sir, I hope that you don’t mind but I talked to them both last night, and this one wants me to eat her, and I want to buy her if I can.”

Nick looks at Emma; his look changes from being pleased with Emma to something more serious and says, “No! I cannot allow that. You are just feeling sorry for her after spending the night with her. You’ll buy her from me, take her home but then not eat her. You’ll then release her. But when they recapture her, and they will, you will then have no choice but to take her place as a meatgirl, and she will end up as nothing more than sausage meat, or worse, pet food. Sorry, Emma. I'm not selling it to you! They will have to end up in someone else's oven.”

Emma was shocked that this could have been her fate; she realized that she would have indeed released her, she would have be unable to cook the meatgirl, she was far too caring ever to consider doing that, and she certainly didn’t want to end up in her place, the reality of the moment briefly shook her, even though her mind had drifted to being sold and eaten, her mind now clearer, she had no desire to experience that part of a meatgirls existence. Her thoughts were interrupted by Nick speaking again.

“And I’m not going to tie you back up with these two; clearly, you’ve grown too fond of them, so I can give you the option, you could go back on the display stand in the window, or you could try out something else if you wish?” Nick said, still slightly displeased at what Emma had asked of him, but wanting to keep Emma around.

“Well… I was wondering, no, it sounds strange...” Emma hesitated.

“Come on, girl, spit it out; the store is about to open,” Nick replied.

“Sir, the girls that you sell...” Emma said meekly.

“Yes, the girls that I sell, what about it?” Nick asked, still unaware of her submissive gesture towards him.

“Well, sir, you tie them a certain way...” Emma blushed.

“Yes, it makes it easier to carry,” Nick stated the reality.

“I want you to tie me like that, please, sir.” Emma barely whispered.

“You want to be trussed up and made ready for sale?” Nick questioned, thinking that maybe she had relented and decided to sell herself.

“Yes, but… but not sold, sir, just tied up like them, and then maybe you could place me somewhere on display,” Emma asked as meekly as she could.

“Well, there could be some space in the cabinet here, next to the cuts of meat; it’ll be chilly for you, but I can do that if you so wish,” Nick told her.

“Yes, please, sir. And if I could ask… one last thing, could you place a sold sticker on me, I want to be treated like the meatgirl that I am,” Emma replied, her face blushing.

Pulling Emma by the rope leash around her neck, he leads her over the bench that he uses to prepare the sold meatgirls for delivery, her wrists were then untied, they had been bound in front and held on a hook the past two nights. Emma stood still as she watched Nick begin to grab some more rope, he then began to tie her hands securely behind her back, when he had completed this he asked, “Not too tight for you?”

Emma was lost in her own world; in her mind, she was being made ready for sale, her buyer would be here soon, and she had to be made ready. She could barely manage a whimper of acknowledgment.

Nick continued tying Emma; he was clearly enjoying this, certainly having her tightly tied up was something on his wish list of things to happen, so this was very pleasing to him. Laying her body down on to the bench and grabbing hold of her lower legs and pushing them against the rear of her thighs, he made short work of immobilizing her legs. Years of practice made this very easy for him to bind the latest meatgirl that he had sold. More rope was tied around her body, and under her knees, then Nick pulled the rope tight. And Emma’s legs were tied against the sides of her body, a truly tasty-looking package, he thought.

Emma felt herself being trussed up even tighter than she had seen before, her feet now connected by rope to her bound wrists, her legs firmly tied under her, her elbows were tied so tight that they met in the middle of her back, she had never been so stringently tied up. She felt Nick tie some more rope around her ponytail; pulling this back made her lift her head and look straight ahead. She didn’t know that she would be able to maintain this position for too long; her body was already complaining.

Nick had finally tied the last rope around Emma’s body; she was now tied up like the other meatgirls that he sold, no the fact was that he had bound Emma up even tighter; he had enjoyed tying her body so much, and had gotten carried away slightly overdoing some of the ropework that bound her. But it was too late now; he had a store to open, and she would have to remain bound as she was until he had the time to free her, or maybe, his thoughts then turned to leaving her that way and then taking her home after work.

Lifting up the now trussed-up package that was Emma, he carried her out to the storefront display, and began placing her bound body in the display cabinet; he moved over some of the cuts that were on display there and then placed Emma’s bound body on a serving tray, he adjusted her position until she could see out from the cabinet she was in and inside the store, she would be able to watch the customers as they bought their girl meat, and dream that she would be sold soon.

Finally, he remembered to grab the sold sticker that she had requested, and he took great delight in slapping it on her rear, his hands lingering on her naked flesh, rubbing the sticker in place and savouring the feel of her smooth skin. Then leaving her on display like the meatgirl she now was, he went about the store, changing some of the other displays in the shop. The girl who had replaced her on the stand was taken down, and she was replaced by the girl who had asked Emma to buy her. Emma knew that Nick would make sure that she would soon be sold that day.

The customers finally entered as the store opened, many commented on the display around the store, and some even asked about the meatgirl in the display cabinet, but upon seeing the sold sticker, they bought the next available meatgirl that they could. Several girls were sold that day, including the two that had shared the space with Emma the previous day. By lunchtime, Nick was ready to relax, the morning had been hectic again, and he was happy to close for a break.

Then he remembered that he still had Emma tightly bound; he would have to make sure that she was okay before having his lunch. Reaching in, he easily lifted her tightly trussed up body and carried her back to the stockroom; it was now empty of the other meatgirls that had arrived the other day; such was the run on them that he had nearly sold out again. He removed the gag from Emma’s mouth and gave her a drink, his hands running over her now cool naked flesh. She had been in the chill cabinet most of the morning.

To Emma, Nick’s hands felt delightful; the touch and the warmth of them as they rubbed her body felt really lovely. She looked up at Nick’s face and watched as he continued to rub some warmth back into her skin.

“Well, Emma, how was your morning?” Nick asked, his hands absently rubbing Emma’s breasts.

Emma felt her dry mouth, the gag and the cold had dried up her saliva, making it difficult to speak, but the water that Nick had given her allowed her to speak; ever so quietly, she told him, “I’ve enjoyed being on display, sir, but it was a bit cold in the display cabinet, I can’t seem to feel my hands and feet.”

“Oh, sorry, that’s because you were really tightly tied, give me a moment, and I will remove the ropes binding you,” Nick said, his mind clearly not focused on her wellbeing, and started to reach for the ropes.

“Stop, sir, please stop.” Emma managed to cry out.

“Sorry, does it hurt?” Nick asked, worried that he had damaged Emma in some way.

“No, no, it’s not that sort of pain, sir, it’s kind of nice in a way, and the feeling of being so helpless and bound is… arousing.” Emma blushed as she spoke.

“So, I guess that you don’t want to be untied?” asked Nick, confused.

“Well, yes, I guess I should, sir, but there is one thing that has been on my mind the whole time I’ve been here,” Emma stated.

“And what is that?” Nick asked, wondering what, if anything, he’d done wrong.

“Sir, you’ve not taken advantage of me the entire time I’ve been here, bound by your hand and helpless, you’ve been a perfect gentleman to me, and I respect that,” Emma stated. “But…”

Nick didn’t know what to think at this point; he, of course, had the natural desire to use and abuse the bound woman before him, but he thought that she wanted nothing more than to be just another meatgirl in the store; he was confused, “So you wanted me to take advantage of you?”

“Well… I’m bound, trussed up, and helpless, sir,” Emma stated, “so before you untie me, could I do something for you in return for all you’ve done for me?”

“There’s no need...” Nick started to say but was interrupted by Emma.

“I need to do this, sir; please let me help you. I want to do this for you.” Emma said. “And judging by the erection you get when touching my body, clearly you want to have me.”

Nick sat there unable to say anything; his own desires for Emma had shown through, it seemed; though he had tried to hide it, he guessed that Emma had seen that he clearly desired her.

“Before you untie me, sir, please, I want to feel you in my mouth. I’ve wanted this since you took me down from the display stand.” Emma stated. “My body seems to be tied up at the moment, so it’s not on the menu, but maybe later...”

Nick quickly dropped his pants and, moving Emma’s bound body into position, was soon enjoying the inner warmth of her mouth, his hand running through Emma’s hair, holding her head in place. Emma went to town on the offered member; finally, she had gotten what she wanted, desired, and had waited for all this time. She savoured the exquisite taste, the salty pre-cum, and finally, the reward at the end, holding her mouth fully on his erect member and, with the help of Nick’s hands on the back of her head, took him as deep as she could as he released himself inside her mouth.

Wasting no time in getting every last drop, Emma continued to enjoy herself and managed to bring Nick around for a second try. Finally, they were both sated, Emma now happy that she had gotten what she wanted, and Nick pleased that he finally managed to fulfil one of his fantasies regarding Emma.

Unfortunately, the clock never stops; Nick suddenly realized that lunchtime was over; he hadn’t even begun untying the ropes that bound Emma. Cursing himself for being so stupid, it was only when Emma managed to swallow the final drops and clear her throat to speak did he stop and listen.

“Sir, thank you for that, but clearly, I’ve used up your lunch break, the store needs to reopen, and the meatgirls are not going to sell themselves.” She reasoned, “Please leave me tied up, I’m not in any pain, and you need to hurry back to the shop.”

“But Emma…” Was all that Nick could say before Emma spoke again.

“Please, sir, I want to remain tied; please re-gag me and place me back on display again,” Emma asked. “And maybe you could take me home later and find out just how sweet I taste.”

Placing the gag firmly back in her mouth, Nick returned her trussed-up form back into the display cabinet. His day had just gotten much better, and he wondered as he took one final glance at the bound female body on display, just what she meant by tasting her sweet meat? But that he would find out later.


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