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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; rope; pregnancy; naked; display; objectify; gag; susp; cons; X

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Part Ten

Today was a day for some good and some bad news for Emma, the bad news was that her many wonderful times spent as a meatgirl were going to come to an end, which was really disappointing to her, she loved spending time either on display or kept in the storeroom with the other meatgirls, her wrists bound and held above to one of the hooks in the ceiling. Spending some quality time rubbing her naked body against the other meatgirls, it was a blissful way to spend the day, her mind lost to her desires and fantasies, any other thoughts forgotten about until she was brought back to reality when Nick brought her back out from the storeroom to take home at the end of the trading day.

But the good news was that she was now pregnant, the instant test kit had provided a positive result, as well as the tests done by her own doctor. As she would be having the baby growing inside of her, and the resultant changes to her body that came with pregnancy, the soon-to-be baby bump in her tummy etc, it would definitely reveal the fact that she wasn’t just another one of the meatgirls. So, Emma knew that her days as a meatgirl were coming to an end, and even afterwards she would be spending her time looking after the baby, so there would be no moments left to indulge in her fantasy world.

After revealing the news to Nick, her husband and sometimes willing (or less than willing) partner in her meatgirl dreams and desires, she knew that when he found out that he would not want to put her and the baby at any risk from danger. She had already experienced many situations that could have ended her days, served up on a plate to someone who had not known that Emma wasn’t really a meatgirl after all. And when she told him the good news, it proved her theory right, her time as a meatgirl was now officially over.

But she had managed to get one last time to experience her dream, after much persuasion on her part, and getting him to agree right after giving him some really enjoyable oral pleasure, the piercing in her tongue working its magic, she had got Nick to allow her one final session in the storeroom. She knew that there was no way that he was going to put her on display in the store, which she didn’t mind too much as they had a couple of the old displays now down in their basement playroom that she could continue to use whenever she wanted. The thing that she desired most was to spend some time just being a meatgirl along with the others, kept out of sight and stored away until they were sold.

She was slightly surprised, even bemused, when Nick had actually agreed to allow her last time to be over 24 hours long, she would get to spend the night locked in with the other meatgirls and left hanging there by her wrists, getting to enjoy her last moments. She thought that it was maybe the good news that had mellowed him, or the oral sex, but normally due to his concerns and her past encounters, she wasn’t allowed to spend the night. It had been okay when they lived over the old store that Nick had run, but not now that he was in the larger store that Steve used to run, there was no accommodation over the store for him to keep her safe.

There were some other changes that would also be happening to her body, not only the baby growing inside of her, but that she would have to remove or modify the markings on her body that she had either willingly added or were part of the processing of becoming a meatgirl when Nicky put her though the wholesale yard, these had signified her as a registered meatgirl, and even though her registration had long since expired, the numbering and barcodes would give her away when viewed by the other doctors and nurses that would be seeing her possibly naked during childbirth.

Having arranged an appointment with her tattoo artist friend, the same one that had placed some of the ink on her body and had also done the piercings that she now wore, she would soon no longer be seen, when she was naked that was, as just another meatgirl, the markings either removed or replaced and covered by other tattoos. Though the loss of her hair could easily be covered up with a wig, the markings on her body were another matter. She didn’t want them to know about her secret desires or her past life, and it would be embarrassing for both her and Nick trying to explain why a certified meatgirl was giving birth.

Now that things were set in place, Emma knew that the time had finally come to see her last time in public as a meatgirl. With a couple of days to go to the visit to see the tattooist, and before any changes had been made, it was now time for her to spend her last night as a meatgirl, stored away and enjoying the company of the others inside the storeroom with her.

Turning up at the store with Nick, they had arrived shortly after opening, the store had been opened this morning by Jason, one of Nick’s assistants, and there was just one customer being served by Jason. Emma was dressed as she always did in one of her favourite summer dresses, something else that she would have to give up shortly she thought to herself, at least for a few months. Her bald head hidden under a wig, the short bob-like cut currently in style. So, to anyone seeing her, Emma appeared to be either another customer or worked along with Nick in the store.

But once the customer had been served and had gone, it was time for Emma to again become the meatgirl of her dreams. Taken out to the back of the store and standing just outside of the door to the storeroom, she quickly threw off her dress, and her shoes, which was all that she wore, Emma had long given up wearing anything under her dresses. The hairpiece soon joined her clothing in the bag that Nick was holding, and now she was ready for Nick to make her into just another meatgirl.

Emma was slightly shocked when Nick told Jason to prepare the latest meatgirl, handing him the rope that would bind her wrists and ankles. Though Jason appeared slightly hesitant to do this to Emma, he quickly had her wrists fastened, he had done this so many times now to meatgirls that he thought that he could do it in his sleep. Binding her ankles, the same as the others, making sure that the ropes were not too tight, but tight enough that she couldn’t get herself free, he was finally happy with the way that he had tied Emma.

“Right, just add the gag and then stick this one in the back of the storeroom.” Nick told him, and before leaving him to the task added, “But make sure that she is placed tightly up against the others in there.”

Standing there naked, and now bound, Emma was still stunned at the way that Nick was treating her, she had expected that Nick would bind her and place her in the storeroom, but by getting Jason to do it she felt even more like a meatgirl now, maybe that was his plan she thought to herself. Smiling at Jason before opening her mouth for the gag, waiting for the mouthpiece to be inserted, she felt very submissive at this point, something that she loved even more than being a meatgirl and something that she felt was wired deep within her being.

While it all felt slightly strange to Jason, he knew that Emma enjoyed being treated like this, he had seen her before hanging in the storeroom on many occasions naked, bound and gagged. And he also knew that she was very special to Nick and the other guys in the stores, hearing about her reputation for increasing sales and even seeing her in the window on display himself, he knew how good she looked. He also understood that he could never sell her to a customer, which was set in stone from day one of him joining Nick in the store.

Now that the newest meatgirl was ready he hoisted her over his shoulder, the slight squeal coming from Emma as she hung there causing him to smile. Opening the door, the lights flickered on revealing the contents of the store, hanging there by their wrists were several meatgirls all just waiting to be sold, slightly surprised by the additional meatgirl, normally they arrived in batches, herded from the truck into the store before being placed on the storage hooks.

Several eyes watched Jason as he carried the latest meatgirl to join them in the storeroom, he then dropped the meatgirl down onto her feet and left her standing there while he adjusted the stock of meatgirls hanging there. Moving one forward, the hook holding her wrists held by a track in the ceiling, it made it easier to move the meatgirls closer to the door when new stock arrived. Now that a space had been freed up, he placed the new meatgirl onto the vacant hook and then attached the feeding tube. Then he moved the meatgirl that was Emma forwards until she pressed up against the one in front, and he did the same to the one behind so that Emma was now sandwiched between the others. The hooks locked in place kept them close to each other, not that it was really needed as they tended naturally to close in against the others around them, both for comfort and warmth.

Satisfied with the way that the new meatgirl was safely stored, he gave her a cheeky slight tap on her rear with his hand, his way of letting her know to enjoy herself. No words had been spoken, she was just another meatgirl after all, so he had better treat her like one, especially in front of the others. Leaving her hanging there, he walked out and closed the door behind him, plunging the storeroom back into darkness. And then went back to serving the customers in the store, and was kept busy for most of the day, putting it down to the ‘Emma effect’ that she had on the business.

Finally, the store closed for the night and a tired but happy Jason locked up and headed home, Nick had left not long after dropping Emma off, saying that he had things to do and would come by sometime tomorrow to pick up Emma before closing time. Leaving him in charge to run the store, just another normal day, despite the fact that Nick’s wife was now stored away with the other meatgirls.

Inside the storeroom Emma hung there by her wrists, the ropes holding them firmly but comfortably to the hook above, her feet resting on the cold floor. After Jason had left, leaving her in darkness, she had started to feel with her body the meatgirl in front of her, and also loved the attention that she was getting from the one behind her. Being sandwiched between the two meatgirls always felt really special to Emma, and she spent many hours inside the storeroom rubbing her own naked body up against the others either side of her.

Eventually wearing herself out, a couple of orgasms had run through her, now finally exhausted she found herself drifting off into wonderful dreams of her being kept as a meatgirl, her time in the wholesaler and being transported filling her visions of her being nothing more than part of another delivery. During the night she woke a couple of times to find either one of her companions in the storeroom rubbing themselves up against her, then joining in until they were all eventually sated in their desires and succumbed back to sleep.

Emma woke in the morning when the feeding system started to provide her with much needed fluid and nutrients, each meatgirl getting just enough to maintain their bodies until their eventual sale, the meatgirls having to be kept healthy for retailing. Now that she knew that another day was about to start and that this would be her final time as a meatgirl, she again got her body close to the others and all three joined in their erotic dance. The only interruption was when Jason entered the room, the door opening turning on the lights, blinding them after being so long in the darkness.

Other than taking another meatgirl out to be placed on display, she didn’t see Jason again for some time, and she wondered where Nick was, she had expected to see him walk in at some point, and even though he may have left her there, he would still have to check on her, but he didn’t enter the storeroom. So, Emma thought that he was just giving her what she wanted for the final time, leaving her alone with the others to enjoy her time. But Nick had other things to do today, so was kept busy elsewhere and had planned to call in to the store later to eventually collect Emma.

Unknown to Emma, Jason had received a call from a friend in the business and had been told that they had just been visited by the local inspection department, they were the ones that made sure that things were kept safe and that the proper standards were maintained in the meatgirl industry. He was told by his friend that he had overheard that his store was next to be inspected and wanted to warn him before they turned up unannounced. Jason had some experience with the inspectors, his last place of employment was shut down when they visited and found that the paperwork was out of order, there were several meatgirls that were from an unknown supplier, his boss had got them cheap, but the paperwork wasn’t there for them.

Jason immediately knew that he had a problem, he had Emma in the storeroom, and she wasn’t listed as part of the stock, she hadn’t even been tagged as per usual, Nick not wanting to damage her nipples with the baby on the way. And Nick had left with Emma’s clothes, so he couldn’t just untie her and let her go, so in his panic he came up with a plan, it was he thought his only option with the time he had left.

Emma had been enjoying her time inside with the other meatgirls, she was getting close to having another climax, but was interrupted when the lights came on and Jason entered the storeroom. She was slightly surprised when he walked directly over to her and started to quickly remove her from the hook, roughly throwing her over his shoulder he carried her out. Emma had expected to see Nick there waiting for her, sending Jason in one last time to get her, she thought that this was all part of the game.

But then she found herself carried over to the preparation table and placed facedown, like she had been so many times before, she waited to see what was going to happen next. Emma looked around and saw that there were a couple of customers inside the store, so she knew that she couldn’t ask Jason what was happening, she would have to wait. Jason then started to untie the ropes holding her ankles and then started to re-bind them, her calf against her thigh, like she was being made ready for delivery.

She laid there and let Jason continue to bind her, still thinking that Nick was just giving her a last moment as a meatgirl. Her hands were then tied tightly behind, and more ropes added to make a carry handle for the tightly bound package that she now was. Emma loved being tied this way, she had experienced this many times now, and by many hands, so was used to having the guys binding her like this and lay there enjoying the feeling that she got from the tight ropes. And anyway, she knew with the gag still in place that she couldn’t say anything, but just grunt through her gag when Jason tightened the bindings.

But Emma was slightly surprised when she was handed over to the female customer standing there, with Jason commenting that he hoped that she found the meatgirl to her liking. The woman began to carry her out from the store, and as she approached the entrance, she saw two men enter; they looked very official, but when they saw the woman with the bound meatgirl, one held the door open while the other offered to carry her burden out to her car for her.

The woman it seemed to Emma was slightly flustered but accepted their offer and handed over the bound meatgirl, Emma was then carried out to the waiting car and was placed inside the trunk, the lid closing sealing her inside. She wondered what was going on, had Jason really sold her, it certainly appeared that way, and who was this woman that had bought her? Hearing the car engine start, Emma knew that whatever happened to her now was out of her hands. But she hoped that this was one of Nick’s games.

Eventually the car stopped, and Emma guessed that they had arrived at her final destination, with the trunk opening she managed to get a look around, it seemed to be some suburban neighbourhood, and then she felt the woman reach for the ropes that formed the carry handle and pick up her bound body from the car. She was carried along a short footpath, the sounds of things happening in other gardens, lawnmowers and other machinery, the world around her continued and the way that the woman carried her, even speaking with someone she guessed was a neighbour, letting her know that to them she was just a meatgirl, ignored for the most part, just acknowledged as someone’s next meal.

The woman had ultimately carried the trussed-up package that was Emma into her kitchen, placing the meatgirl down on top of the counter, she then left her there while she did some other tasks, Emma felt like she had been sold and that she would eventually be this woman’s next dinner. Something wasn’t right and that she had gotten herself into another one of those situations that she seemed to find herself in, the thoughts of Nick warning her about her times as a meatgirl coming back to her.

But when the woman returned to the kitchen, she immediately started to remove the gag from Emma’s mouth and apologised for keeping her like this.

“Sorry but Jason called me in a panic, the inspectors were about to drop by the store, and he didn’t want them to find you there.” She explained, then continued, “Also sorry about putting you in the trunk, I had no choice, those two men were the inspectors and I didn’t know what else to do.”

“That’s understandable.” Emma replied, still unsure who this woman is, and where she was now. The woman seemed intent on leaving her bound like this, there was no movement on her part to start untying her, so Emma left it up to this woman what happened next.

“Sorry, I keep apologising, this is all so very strange to me,” the woman appeared flustered, not knowing what to do with the bound package laying there on the counter.

“No, please don’t apologise, you were just helping Jason out.” Emma said, and continued, “I’m Emma by the way and you’re…”

“Oh, sorry, there I said it again, I am so befuddled with what’s happening, I’m Jason’s wife Cathy.” She sputtered out.

“Please to meet you Cathy, Jason’s a wonderful guy, you’re very lucky.” Emma responded.

“Pleased to meet you too Emma, and yes Jason is very kind to me, even though I can be very ditzy sometimes.” Cathy said, still confused at having a conversation with a bound meatgirl.

“Lucky for us that you turned up just in time, I doubt that the inspectors would have been happy finding me among the stock.” Emma laughed, putting Cathy slightly more at ease.

“Yes, that would be embarrassing.” Cathy replied, then realising that she had a naked female still bound by her husband laying there on the counter top. “I’d better untie you; it must be very uncomfortable to be tied up like that.”

“No, to tell you the truth, I actually quite like it,” Emma told her, “I’m comfortable with being bound like this.”

“Oh, I could never…” Cathy started to say, then said, “But then I couldn’t imagine being one of those… things either.” Pointing at the trussed-up meatgirl laying there.

“You mean a meatgirl,” Emma replied to a stunned look on the woman’s face. “Yes, I admit it is very strange wanting to experience this.”

“Well, strange is one way of putting it, I guess, but never in a million years would I imagine myself in your place.” Cathy told her, still no nearer to untying the bound Emma.

“I guess that I’m wired differently, I have always admired the girls on display in the window, and have experienced it several times myself, it’s a feeling that comes over me, or should I say overwhelming desire to be treated like this.” Emma replied.

“I guess that I’ll never understand it…” Cathy said. “Each to their own I suppose.”

“So, Cathy, what did Jason tell you to do to me?” Emma asked, wanting to change the subject, this woman certainly didn’t seem to see things from Emma’s point of view. “What was the plan?”

“Well, other than picking you up from the store and treating you as just another meatgirl, there was no plan.” Cathy told her. “I think he and Nick will be here shortly to pick you up. Once the store has closed, I guess.”

Then she heard the sound of a vehicle pulling up outside, “Sounds like they are here.” Cathy said and headed over to the window to check.

A shocked and slightly panicked looking Cathy quickly returned, “It’s my mother!” she stuttered out, “What am I going to do?”

“Hide me,” Emma responded.

“Where?” Cathy was now in full panic mode. “She’s nearly at the front door, and she has a key…”

Emma quickly looked around, she was too big to fit in any cupboard, the large looking oven seemed to be the only possible hiding place, and quickly suggested it, “Quick, over there, stick me inside.”

“What, no, there’s no way…” Cathy replied, “I couldn’t…”

“Well, it’s either that or I guess you’d best introduce me to your mother and explain why you have me trussed-up on your benchtop.” Emma responded. “I could just be a meatgirl that Jason had sent home.”

Quickly seeing no other option, she grabbed the rope handle that she had carried Emma in with and then hurriedly opened the oven and placed the trussed-up meatgirl inside.

“The gag!” Emma quickly said. “Just in case she finds me. Remember I’m just a meatgirl.”

“Oh, yes of course,” Cathy responded, still very flustered at being in this situation. Pushing the gag roughly into Emma’s mouth, and fastening up the strap, before closing the oven door leaving the bound meatgirl inside.

Cathy had just finished hiding Emma when her mother walked in, she wondered why her daughter looked so flustered but put it down to the girl suffering from stress as she always had it seemed. They both made something to drink in the kitchen, their conversation covering various topics as Emma listened in from her spot inside the confines of the oven, hoping that Cathy didn’t give her away.

It all felt very comical to Emma, she had been grabbed from the storeroom by Jason, who had then trussed her up for delivery, she had then been carried out at first by Cathy, then by one of the very inspectors that she was supposed to be hiding from, and now she found herself inside the oven in Cathy’s kitchen, still bound and gagged, waiting for either Cathy’s mother to find her or leave. She wondered why she got herself into these situations, especially when she spent any time as a meatgirl, it seemed.

It was warm and stuffy inside the oven, even though there was no heat to cook her fine meat, but she found herself drifting off to sleep, it seemed like she had been left inside for some time and didn’t know when or if she would get free, so relaxed in her bondage and drifted off.

She awoke to the sound of the oven door opening, she had first thought that Cathy had finally gotten rid of her visitor, or that her mother was the one to find her bound like this, either way she no longer cared. But the face that looked in wasn’t female, it was Nick, and he quickly pulled her from the oven.

“Well, this bird looks to be well cooked.” He remarked to the others standing there.

“Sorry, like I said I didn’t have any other option other than to let my mother find her,” Cathy told Nick, “And she did suggest it.”

“Yes, and knowing your mother she would have stayed and helped prepare the meatgirl for the oven.” Jason said, “She does tend to be overbearing at times.”

“I’m sure that this little bound package enjoyed having you shove her in the oven.” Nick responded, looking down at the flushing red cheeks of his wife. “And even if you and your mother prepared her for dinner she wouldn’t have objected, would you dear?” Again, seeing Emma turn red let them know that she would have, the gag preventing her from any fake denial.

“Oh, I didn’t realise…” Cathy said, “Maybe I should have let my mother find her.”

“No, you did the right thing,” Nick reassured her, “Especially as this is her last time as a meatgirl, isn’t that right Emma?” With the bound meatgirl nodding her head in response.

“She’s expecting.” Jason told Cathy.

“Oh my, and we have to celebrate.” Cathy now excited at the baby news, babies she knew about, not this whole meatgirl thing.

“Another time maybe, for now I’d best get out of your hair and leave you in peace.” Nick replied, “And it’s time that this meatgirl went home to her own oven.”

“But aren’t you going to untie her first?” Cathy asked, still stunned that the girl remained bound.

“No, I didn’t bring her clothes, and it would look odd to your neighbours seeing a naked woman leaving your home, unless she’s trussed-up like a meatgirl and taken out to my delivery van.” Nick said to her, “Plus she likes being kept like this.”

“Yes, I guess the neighbours would be asking what was going on, they’re always looking at what is going on around here.” Jason replied, with Cathy nodding her head in agreement.

“Thanks for your help today,” Nick said, “See you tomorrow, Jason, and a big thanks to you Cathy for stepping up at the last moment.”

Nick then left carrying the bundle of naked meatgirl out to his waiting van, placing her inside the rear of the van and then heading to the driver’s seat. Inside the rear Emma found herself placed beside two other meatgirls, these were on their way to being delivered by Nick, and Emma would have to wait inside the van for a while longer, her meatgirl dreams and desires letting her mind wander off to imagine herself on the delivery round, finding herself dropped off along the way.


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