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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; rope; display; objectify; naked; gag; bagged; vacuum; susp; hood; climax; sold; transport; trick; buttplug; oil; cons; X

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Part Eleven

After the birth of her new baby girl, Emma spent all her waking hours devoted to taking care of the new arrival; her thoughts of her time as just another meatgirl now put well back in her mind, and when not taking care of the baby she spent time working on getting her body back into shape. There were the rare and wonderful times that, while the baby was asleep, content after feeding from her, that she and Nick got to spend some alone time either playing with each other in bed or with her tightly bound to the bed and available to him to use her. She liked those times and recalled the many hours and days that she had spent bound up previously, bringing back some very happy memories as well as the long-forgotten bad ones, but she didn’t focus on those; that was a whole world away now. She was quite content to stay home and take care of Nick and the baby that had come into their lives. 

It was a few months later, and now that the baby was more settled that she didn’t need to be the one offering the baby care, Nick’s sister, who now lived close by, was coming over to let Emma have a break, which was warmly welcomed by the couple, who took advantage and headed out to have a meal together, just like normal times before the changes in their life. But with Nick spending more time away on business, Emma felt that she was being neglected, and left at home with the new baby; her whole life had rapidly changed, she had gone from playing with Nick as his own meat girl to the wife left at home, taking care of the house and baby, something she was not used to, and she found that she really missed her former life.

Speaking with Susan, who was now engaged to Andy, he still ran the old store where she had met Nick again after her first adventures had taken place. Emma had heard from her that the meatgirls were now packaged differently when either being delivered or taken by the customer from the shop; there had been complaints made about meatgirls being paraded naked in the streets, so her display company was trailing a new machine. This piqued her interest, and she knew that she needed to find out more, her mind stirring with the pleasant memories of her time as nothing more than another meatgirl, the long-forgotten itch that she felt when she wanted to be another meatgirl and treated like one, coming back to her. Emma knew that she wanted to try or at least see what changes had been made. So she arranged with Nick’s sister to take care of the baby for the day, saying that she had a few things to do while Nick was away, but Nick’s sister was very happy to have the baby for the day.

So, with things arranged and the baby now safely being cuddled and kissed by Nick’s sister, Emma headed over to Andy’s store to check out the new packaging machine, her thoughts drifting back to her days as a meatgirl. Upon arriving, she immediately noticed the difference in the store from the outside; gone were the clear windows that she had stood for many hours while on display, now replaced by a misted glass from the bottom to over halfway up, hiding the displayed meatgirls inside from public view. Inside, she noticed the display stands now further back behind the repositioned counter, and the shop felt much smaller with the new changes, the displays now hidden behind the counter as the meatgirl on display stood there for all to see, but certainly not attracting the customers from the street as they previously did when she was there on display.

Andy had just finished serving the last customer, when he looked up and saw Emma standing there, he looked stunned to see her there unexpectedly, but soon got over his initial shock and came around the counter to give her a hug. “Welcome, Emma, so good to see you.” He said.

“Nice to see you too,” Emma replied, returning the warm hug. “It’s been a while.”

“Yes, it has,” Andy replied, still unsure why Emma had turned up unannounced. 

“What happened to the store?” asked Emma, looking around at the changes, “And the display?”

“Ah, yes, the display,” Andy now started to catch on, “We still have it, as you can see, but we’re no longer allowed to show the meatgirls off to the public while naked.”

“That’s weird!” Emma replied, “They need to be displayed naked to show the quality of their meat.”

“I know, but there were some complaints made about it, so the government started to crack down on the public displays, hence the new windows and the layout of the shop,” Andy told her.

It was then that Emma noticed the meatgirl on the display; she seemed to be wearing some sort of cover hiding her feminine charms out of sight and pointed to it.

“Yes, we had to cover them as well, we tried just moving the display back to where it is now, but the inspectors came in and ordered the meatgirls to be covered up down there while on display,” Andy informed Emma.

“But they didn’t seem to mind having her breasts on display; talk about double standards,” Emma replied, the meatgirl on display looking at Emma directly in the eye, and she seemed to agree with her too.

“Well, they reasoned that the meatgirls nipple tag and grading still needed to be seen by customers, so hence the breasts are left uncovered.” Andy replied, “Not my choice.”

“Stupid if you ask me. Why do they listen to these people?” Emma responded, “Sheer lunacy. I loved looking at them on display; they looked so nice, trussed up and available.” Saying that brought memories back for not only Emma but Andy as well, of her time as a displayed meatgirl.

The conversation was interrupted when another customer entered the store, and Andy went back to the storeroom out back to fetch this person's order. While she was alone with the new customer, she had the feeling that this guy was eyeing her up, it made her feel like she was on display again, and she tried to remain quiet and focus her attention on the other things in the store, but enjoyed the fact that he saw her as just another meatgirl, she had missed this. The spell was broken when Andy returned; in his hands was a pre-packaged meatgirl, one that the customer had ordered earlier and had now come to collect. The meatgirl was packaged in plastic, and you couldn’t see her skin through the covering; over her head was a cloth sack, so her entire being was covered from head to toe. Grabbing the tight package from Andy, the man thanked him, then turned and smiled at Emma, and then headed out the door taking his new meatgirl out to whatever he was going to use her for.

Emma had watched intently as Andy had carried out the pre-packaged meatgirl and then hand over to the waiting customer; she looked at the covering that coated the meatgirl’s body and wondered what it was like, what was it made from and of course, if they were still trussed up like she had been on previous occasions. Andy had caught sight of Emma watching him carrying the meatgirl, he thought that she would be surprised to see the new changes, and wondered what she would be thinking about them.

“Well, that’s another one sold,” Andy said, breaking the spell that Emma seemed under at the moment.

Emma still couldn’t get the vision of the packaged meatgirl that she watched the customer take away, something deep down was stirring in her tummy, and a familiar itch started to stir within her. She knew that she would have to find out more.

“So, how do you store the meatgirls now? She seemed to be already prepared. Do you keep them like that now?” Emma asked.

“No, just the ones that have been sold and are either waiting for pick up or delivery, otherwise, we keep them just like you remember.” Andy replied, “Come back and have a look if you want to.”

Emma walked around the counter and followed Andy out to the storeroom, opening the door the familiar lighting now coming on and there towards the back of the storeroom, were the naked meatgirls waiting to be sold, tied like she had been on many occasions with their wrists bound by rope and attached to the ceiling hooks, their ankles tied together, but otherwise left like she remembered. It stirred forgotten memories within her, but she knew that she couldn’t give in to the experience of being back there; her time would be limited, even though Nick’s sister told Emma to enjoy her day out and not to worry about the time she returned.

Next to the meatgirls and against the opposite wall, there was a new rack or shelf, upon which there were two more meatgirl packages waiting to be delivered. Encased and wrapped, their delivery labels attached to the outer covering. Emma looked at them and had some questions for Andy, but that would need to be done back outside the storeroom, as she didn’t want to upset the meatgirls there or let them know that she was once one of them too, but had moved reluctantly on to her new life. Once the door was closed, she started to ask Andy her many questions, he seemed overwhelmed by them and turned to Emma and asked her, “Would you like to see one of the meatgirls being prepared?”

“No, uhm, no…” Emma blushed as she spoke, “well maybe…”

“Would you like to be the next meatgirl being prepared?” Andy asked her, seeing the look on Emma’s face.

“Me, no I couldn’t….” Emma stuttered, her mind lost on visions of her packaged and waiting.

“It’s the only way to really answer your questions.” Andy told her, “So get yourself ready to be trussed up again.” And laughed as he said so. Knowing that she would really enjoy being back as a meatgirl.

The only thing that Emma could think of at that moment was the packaged bird that had seen being taken away, and the thought of herself being in that situation, and found herself absent minded kicking her shoes off, while removing her wig and placing it on a nearby shelf, her summer dress was soon pooled around her ankles, and she stood there naked with a surprised Andy looking at her naked body standing there. He couldn’t believe that Emma had done what she had in front of him, but he certainly enjoyed the sight of her naked body, but knew that he needed to take charge of the now naked meatgirl before someone noticed the naked woman standing there, while not currently bound and gagged.

Grabbing some rope he walked behind Emma, who seemed lost in her own mind at the moment, taking hold of her wrists he started wrapping the rope around the soft flesh, binding her hands behind her back. She stood there and began enjoying the feel of the rope as Andy tied her hands behind her back; this was what she had missed, and what she needed, she realised, so she allowed Andy to bind her wrists. And when he presented the gag to her, she willingly opened her mouth and welcomed the ballgag to enter and silence any verbal desire for this not to continue, the feel of the straps as they tightened about her face and pulled the gag deeper into her mouth, a welcome sensation and she ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth feeling the gag now firmly fixed in place.

Now suitably bound and gagged just like a meatgirl should be, Andy guided the now naked meatgirl out to the preparation table to be made ready for the customer. Lifting her naked body and laying her face down, Emma felt the coolness of the surface of the table against her breasts, now pressed against the smooth surface, she was content to let Andy treat her just as he wanted, and lay there as she felt his hands began to add more rope, binding her limbs like she recalled she had been many times before. Lost in her own world, she didn’t seem to have a care in the world at this moment; this is where she wanted to be.

Andy happily continued to give Emma what she wanted; though he was surprised that she wanted this to happen again to her, he was going to make sure that she got the full experience again. Adding more ropes to bind her legs, he soon had them tucked up underneath, her knees now pressed into her chest, tied in place so that she couldn’t move, the final rope around behind her trapping her legs in the now familiar trussed up position that all meatgirls get to experience, before being taken away to their fate. With her legs now firmly fixed in place, all that was left was the additional binding of her arms and the addition of the carry strap that she remembered hanging from when taken from the store. Andy continued to bind Emma’s arms, but the carry strap that she was used to was no longer added, which came as a surprise to Emma.

“Okay there Emma? Or should I just call you meatgirl from now on?” Andy asked her, seeing that she was wriggling her body to check on the bindings holding her body in place.

The gag prevented her from speaking, but she communicated that she liked it when he called her ‘meatgirl’, something that sent delightful shivers and goosebumps over her naked flesh.

“Best get you ready for delivery then, meatgirl,” Andy said and watched the reaction from Emma when he called her that; he liked playing with her and had missed having her bound and on display in the store.

Emma just wriggled her body, trussed up like she was there was nothing that she could do, nor wanted to do to prevent what would happen to her afterwards.

“Right then,” Andy said as he grabbed the trussed-up meatgirl, and carried her over to the newly added machine, placing the naked, bound and gagged meatgirl down, “Ready or not, here you go!” 

Pressing a switch, Emma felt the machine pull her bound body inside, the sound of air hissing around her as the plastic bag was pulled over her naked body, covering her until it reached her neck. It all happened so fast that she didn’t have time to enjoy the feeling, but as soon as the bag contained her body, the air was suddenly sucked out, closing tightly against the bundle of female flesh that was contained inside the bag. Finally, the vacuum part finished, sealing her body inside the bag and tightening the binding of her body, she felt tightly encased within the bag, and she wondered if the original binding was still needed with the bag now nicely restraining her inside. Emma tried to move but found that she was unable to, the bag now kept her tightly bound and secured; she would be stuck here until Andy released her. Her thoughts were interrupted when the machine moved her now-bagged body out from the main part of the machine.

“Well, what do you think?” Asked Andy.

Emma couldn’t reply, the gag still prevented her from speaking, but the smile that formed on her face told Andy all that he needed to know.

“Right then, meatgirl, let’s put you on the rack to await delivery.” She felt Andy grab hold of her bagged body, but before he picked her up, he placed a cloth sack over her head. Emma was now blind as the bag cut off all sight; all she could see was the light in the store through the bag, but she couldn’t see anything else. Then she felt Andy pick up her bagged body and carry her back to the storeroom; there, he placed her on the shelf next to the other meatgirls awaiting their turn to be delivered. Satisfied that the latest package wasn’t going anywhere, he left the bagged meatgirl on the shelf and left the storeroom.

Emma’s world went black as the lights went out when the door closed, and she rested there, taking in the familiar sounds and smells of the storeroom; while she could join the other meatgirls in their joyful playtime, she relaxed and listened to the moans and groans of them as they rubbed their bodies against each other. She began to wonder when or, maybe if, Andy would be releasing her; she hadn’t told him of her plans for the day other than Nick’s sister was taking care of the baby. But bound and packaged like she was, there wasn’t anything that she could do but wait and see how things went. At one point, she heard the storeroom door open and Andy enter, then she felt him rubbing her rear, which was nice, but then she realised that he was adding a sold sticker to her bound form, along with another with the delivery address on it.

Thinking that maybe he had actually sold her, brought out a wonderful climax that ran through her tightly bound body; even Andy felt it as he rubbed her delivery label on her rear, and continued to rub her soft flesh until she finally settled, her orgasm now spent, the last throes of her delightful sexual ending now subsiding. With one final friendly slap on her rear, Andy left her alone again, her mind lost in her old meatgirl fantasies of being sold, taken and used, before ending her days in some oven somewhere. When she finally recovered, she was back in the darkness of the storeroom, the gentle sound of bodies rubbing against each other being music to her ears. 

Eventually, the storeroom opened again, this time an unfamiliar voice began talking, “These the three for delivery?” he asked.

“Yes, the labels are already attached, and the customer has already paid for the goods,” she heard Andy say.

“Right, best get them in the van then; they won’t deliver themselves, will they!” the other voice laughed.

Emma could feel the movement of the shelf as one of the meatgirls was picked up by the delivery driver. Next, she felt hands grabbing hold of her bagged body, it seemed that Andy would be the one taking her out to the van, and on the way he said to Emma, “The guy is new, and doesn’t know about you, so play along and enjoy the ride.” He then carried her out of the store and placed her trussed up form next to the other meatgirl. With the third and final meatgirl secured inside the van, the driver climbed into the driver's seat, the wall between him and the meatgirls blocking out any sound they may have made. 

Feeling the vehicle move, Emma wondered where she was being delivered to, and who would be taking care of the parcel of female flesh that she now was. The driver was a bit harsh with his driving; the quicker he delivered these meatgirls, the sooner his shift ended, so drove as fast as possible but managed to keep to the speed limits so as not to get a ticket. The meatgirls in the back bumped into each other when the vehicle turned, as he hadn’t bothered to secure them with any straps. Eventually, the van stopped, and Emma heard footsteps walk to the rear of the vehicle, the doors open and the sound of one of the meatgirls being lifted and then the doors close, the sound of footsteps drifting away as the driver carried the meatgirl to the customer. Emma was startled when she heard the engine of the vehicle restart, the slamming of the driver's door brought her back to her senses, her mind had drifted off while the guy had been making the delivery, but now she was back in focus, it would either be her or the other meatgirl next.

It turned out to be the other meatgirl, Emma was left alone in the back of the van while this meatgirl was delivered. Then the driver climbed back in and drove to make his final delivery for the day, to him the meatgirls were just products for him to deliver; he had no thoughts about their wants and desires, their previous lives or even why they ended up as nothing more than products to be consumed. He thought himself lucky to have a job, and it was easy driving most of the day making deliveries of the meatgirls to waiting customers. On days when there were few deliveries, he found himself joining the trucks taking their cargo from the wholesale yard to the various stores that sold the meatgirls. He loved the feel of the soft girly flesh in his hands as he carried them from the vehicle and into the storerooms, they hung over his shoulder as he carried them and sometimes his fingers ‘accidentally’ slipped and found the hidden pleasure centre between their legs, savouring the fragrance left on his fingers later between deliveries.

But these shop deliveries were sealed up, so there was no chance of having any fun; he had heard of drivers taking advantage of the tightly trussed-up females, and had also heard of their sacking and he didn’t want to risk that happening to him. He had heard some dark whispers of drivers who had played up being taken to where the male version of meatgirls were processed, ending their days served up on platters, as sliced and cured meats. So it was hands off when it came to these deliveries, not that the meatgirl in the back of the van would have objected; well trussed up and gagged, she couldn’t complain, not that this one would have, but he didn’t know about the special package that Emma was. It was more likely that the customer would ask questions as to why the packaging had been broken, especially over the most succulent parts of the female anatomy, one treasured by those that enjoyed meatgirl flesh.

The van stopped one last time, Emma knew that she was about to be carried by the driver to the customer who had bought and paid for her; hearing the van door open, she prepared herself, the hands picking up her packaged body and throwing her over his shoulder, he began walking up the path to drop off the last delivery. He watched as the door opened and saw a beautiful woman standing there; she motioned for him to enter and didn’t seem to say anything, directing him to carry the meatgirl and place her down on the table. He was happy to accept the tip that she offered him, and it was only when she got to the door did she thank him for the package. Thinking it slightly strange, but putting it out of his mind, he headed home and his waiting computer, his thoughts on the game that he would soon be playing, blocked out any other distractions.

Emma lay there where she had been placed on the table, she wondered where she was, but with the bag still over her head, she couldn’t see any distinguishing features that she may have recognized. She seemed to be alone, left on the table and began to wonder when she would be prepared for the oven, for surely that was where she was destined to end up, Andy having sold her and given her the ‘full-experience’ like he had told her. Finally, she heard footsteps, the sound of heels of hard flooring, then a voice that she recognised, “Seems like you can’t leave your old self behind; the inner meatgirl seems to have come back.” The voice laughed.

The cloth hood was then removed, and there stood Susan, dressed like she had just returned from work, “You shocked the maid when you were delivered; she wasn’t expecting the package that Andy had told her to expect.” Susan continued, “And my, what a fine package you do make!”

Emma wriggled as best as she could, looking up at Susan, the gag still prevented her from speaking. She then felt Susan reach behind her head and undo the strap, pulling the ball-gag from the meatgirls mouth, “There, that’s better. I need to ask you some questions.”

Licking her lips, Emma looked back at Susan, who then brought her a drink, inserting the straw in her mouth, Emma sucked the cool liquid and quenched her thirst. “Thank you.” She said, the first words she had spoken since this morning.

“So, what do you think of the new packaging method?” Susan asked, her hands running across the plastic bag that contained the meatgirl that was sealed inside. “It's my design.”

“It’s very snug! Nice and tight.” Emma replied, her body responding to the touch of Susan’s hands, and delightful feelings running through her tightly bound body.

“That’s the plan, sealed up tight inside the bag, locked away from view.” Susan told her, “We had to do something after the complaints and the crackdown.”

“It’s a great idea. I certainly can’t move inside of here; the bag seems to stick to every inch of my body and gives me an all-over hug.” Emma responded, still loving the touch of Susan’s hands.

“That’s the vacuum; it sealed you inside; there’s no way to break the bag; it’s very strong. You’ll need to be cut out when you’re prepared for the oven.” Susan smiled; her hands had drifted to the meatgirls behind and found the sweet spot between her legs, rubbing there and sending wonderful feelings through Emma, who remained stuck in the bag.

“Urgh, it feels so good…” Emma let out a guttural reply.

Susan removed her hands, much to Emma’s dismay, “Yes, I bet it does, especially for kinky little meatgirls like you!” she laughed.

“But one thing that has run through my thoughts, is why do you still need to bind the meatgirl, after all the bag prevents any movement on her part?” Emma asked.

“Well, Andy enjoyed binding you, and used more rope than we normally use, but we do still bind the meatgirls, not only to prevent any movement, but also they are pre-prepared for the customer to deal with when removing the bag, the meatgirl is still trussed up enough to stick straight in the oven, should they want to, or keep bound while they prepare them, maybe stuff their holes and coat their skin in whatever sauces they wish to use.” Susan had said to Emma, her hands again drifting between Emma’s legs as she spoke about stuffing things inside meatgirls. “I bet that you’d like that!”

The thought of things being stuffed into her available holes brought out some delightful shivers that ran through her entire being. Susan’s hands in just the right spot at that moment helped to reinforce the thoughts. She knew that she would indeed love to have things shoved into her, preferably some warm and fleshy like a male appendage, but other things would be nice while she remained trussed up and available.

Susan moved her hands, and Emma felt the gag being pressed back against her lips; she opened her mouth and allowed Susan to replace the gag, slightly surprised but content to allow it to happen to her. The bag then recovered her head and the light was taken away from her. She wondered what Susan had planned for her. She heard her move around the kitchen, then the sound of metal hitting the surface next to her. Emma wondered what was going on, was she going to cook her after all?

She felt her trussed-up body being picked up and moved, then placed down on a cold surface. It also felt slightly slippery and oily, like she was being placed in a baking tray, but one that was large enough to contain her bound form. Next, she felt hands on her, and the cool air as the plastic bag that had contained her body was cut away, revealing the tied-up meatgirl inside. Once the plastic was removed, she felt the cold liquid being poured over her back, and hands starting to rub it across her skin. All while this was happening, Susan hummed to herself, like she was getting their next meal ready, content to work in the kitchen after her long day at work. Then Emma felt hands move down her body; something cold was pressed up against the outer folds of her sex, then with a push, the thing entered into her until she again felt the touch of Susan’s hands as she reached her pussy, the thing, whatever it was, was now fully inside of her. It was shortly followed by another at her rear, that too was quickly pushed home by Susan. 

Satisfied that she had prepared the now stuffed bird, Susan picked up the metal tray and carried it over to the oven. Emma lay there wondering what was going on, surely she was going to cook her, but it certainly felt that way. She had heard the oven door being opened before she was carried and placed inside. Emma still couldn’t see with the bag over her head, but knew the sound of being placed in the oven, she had been inside one a couple of times now. The sound of the door closing was the final thing that Emma thought that she would hear, but at the moment, the heat hadn’t started, so Emma lay there wondering what was happening to her, and if she would ever get home again. It was only later, when Andy returned home from the shop did Susan reveal what she had done to me, opening the door my tray was brought out and left on the oven door. 

I then heard Andy say, “Seems like she needs basting, the meat looks a bit dry.” And I felt more oil being poured over me, before being pushed back in the oven. 

Eventually, the tray was brought out and carried over to the table again, “Well, I hope that our meatgirl has enjoyed her experience?” I heard Andy say.

“I think that she did.” I heard Susan reply. “Are you sure you don’t want her for dinner? She looks so tasty.”

“No, I think that our little meatgirl package needs to return home,” Andy replied.

“Shame, I bet she would melt in the mouth,” Susan said, while laughing.

The bag was removed and then the gag. Andy then grabbed hold of a nearby towel and started to rub the oil from Emma’s still bound body. “Maybe we need to stick her in the shower,” Susan told him. 

Emma was then picked up and carried through to their bathroom, where she was placed on the floor of the shower, the warm water hitting her skin, finally something warm but not something that would be cooking her, she thought.

Susan then walked in, she had stripped off in the bedroom, and she was now naked like the meatgirl and joined her in the shower, much to Andy’s delight. He watched as Susan’s hands worked over Emma’s body to remove the oil that she had coated her with. At one point, she reached behind Emma and removed first the thing that she had shoved into her sex, handing this to Andy like a trophy, who stood there amazed as he watched his woman play with the bound meatgirl. The rear plug was also removed, and Susan placed this in the corner of the shower. Emma now felt empty inside without the intruders, but relieved at the same time. 

Susan’s hands returned to exploring Emma’s bound form, still trussed up like she had left the store earlier that day, her hands felt good to Emma, and again the hands found the pleasure centre of the bound meatgirl, bringing a delightful orgasm out of her body. Now sated, Emma lay there as Susan continued to play with her. Andy watched the goings on in the shower, and so turned on was he that he was soon naked himself and joined the girls in their playtime, with Susan’s body draped over the bound package that Emma was, Andy taking Susan from behind until they both climaxed. Eventually, Susan recovered enough and told Andy to untie the meatgirl, which he quickly did, much to Emma’s dislike; she had liked being kept bound as their plaything, something she had missed in her relationship with Nick, she knew that she needed to get him to bind her in their playroom more often, and leave her there until he wanted to use her.

Finally, most of the oil was washed off, Susan left Emma to get to the last parts; exhausted from her own climax, she made ready a towel for Emma to use to dry herself, while she worked on her own body. They all left the bathroom, happy with today's events and what had been done to Emma; even Susan had to admit that she had enjoyed playing with her, and hoped that one day soon that she would get to enjoy her own personal meatgirl again. Emma dropped the towel and walked over to give Susan a friendly hug; pulling the towel away, Susan reciprocated and joined her in placing her arms around each other’s bodies. Andy watched on, stunned at the vision before him, the towel that he wore around his waist doing little to hide the growing erection. 

“Sorry Mister, you’ll have to leave that for later.” Susan told him, “Emma needs a ride home.”

Handing Emma a bag, she brought out the contents, her shoes, dress and hairpiece. She had hoped that she could be returned home trussed up again as just a meatgirl, but knew that she needed to head over to Nick’s sister to get the baby before heading home, and she didn’t think that she would appreciate having a tightly packaged bundle of female flesh dropped off at her home. So it was that she reluctantly dressed herself, adjusted the hair on her head, and placed her feet in her shoes. Andy then drove her around to Nick’s sister, leaving her outside, and then heading home, he had something that he needed to do with Susan, and there would be ropes involved, he thought to himself. Emma walked in and quickly returned to her old, non-meatgirl life, the baby hearing her voice, began crying for her, she was back in the real world again, and she wondered how long it would be before she experienced another day like today.


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