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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Continues from

Part Nine

Emma knew that deep down that she would eventually end up like this, her weird fantasies bringing her to her own downfall. Here she was hanging upside down naked, her bound ankles had been attached by the men working here in the factory to the chain that would carry her to her last moments. She watched as she hung there as the line of meatgirls before her move towards some distant machine, the dark interior looked very menacing, the whole production line turned the meatgirls into processed meats.

She thought back on how she had gotten herself here, she had gone behind Nick’s directions for her time as a meatgirl, Emma had wanted to experience being back in the wholesalers again and then being delivered to Nick’s store to surprise him. She had been dropped off there by Louise, Steve’s girlfriend. Emma was in her natural meatgirl state, that being: naked, gagged, and shackled with ropes around her wrists and ankles, just like she loved and had done on so many occasions. She was a meatgirl again, and to everyone else there that is what they thought that she was.

Only this time something had gone wrong, Louise had brought her over to one of the holding pens, somehow, she had managed to persuade the staff here that this was just another meatgirl and needed to be added to the stock, something about being returned by a customer. Emma had been expecting to be taken to Steve’s new wholesale business, but Louise had taken her some place else, not anywhere that Emma had been before. And then as she roughly pushed Emma into the pen with the other meatgirls had said something about finding out that Steve had used her while he had her tied up as a meatgirl in his store.

Emma was shocked when she heard this from Louise, she had always felt really guilty about it and especially after meeting her and then being prepared by her in her kitchen to be served up to the guys as their tender meat dish. Emma thought that Louise hadn’t known about what happened, and anyway it was before Emma knew about Louise being Steve’s girlfriend. But she still felt the shame of hiding such a secret from her, giving the way that Louise had been so friendly and accepting of her. Emma felt deeply sorry for what she had done with Steve, even though it wasn’t her fault, she still felt that it was.

After being shoved into a pen with the other meatgirls, Emma had turned to try to apologise but the gate to the pen was closed and Louise had walked away leaving Emma to her fate. As she slowly walked over to the group of meatgirls in her pen, Emma felt very guilty and thought that she deserved to be punished like this for being so wicked and evil. But she had a slight hope that Louise had been playing a game with her, and that she would eventually be delivered to Nick, and everything would be alright, and that Louise would never do something like this to her.

But that was not to be, the meatgirls in her pen were soon taken to be processed, the cleaning and the grading done as usual at the wholesalers. Unknown to her the pen that she was in with the other meatgirls was waiting for a buyer, but they didn’t have to wait around for too long as they were sold that afternoon and were herded out to the delivery truck. Emma felt that small thrill and excitement that she was being delivered, she loved being treated like the others, this is why she had asked Louise to help her, but when the rear of the truck opened at their delivery destination, she then saw where she was.

The processing factory that she had seen before when she had been taken from the store by the gang of thieves, it was the same one but this time there was no Livestock Squad to come to her rescue, nor were Nick or Steve there to save her. They had no knowledge of where she was or what her plans had been, it had been arranged just between her and Louise, it was supposed to be a wonderful surprise for Nick to find her with the other meatgirls delivered to the store.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the meatgirls started to be unloaded, she followed behind in line with the others being delivered. Bound and gagged she couldn’t protest and even if she did, they either wouldn’t believe her or couldn’t not be bothered, they dealt with meatgirls every day, and any trouble was swiftly dealt with as Emma found out when she didn’t move quick enough for one of the handlers liking, the electric prod giving her a shock. She very quickly got back in step and followed the girl in front of her into the factory.

They were very quick and efficient and started getting the latest batch of meatgirls ready to be processed, all were hung by their ankles onto the hooks on the production line, each then moved down the line, their arms now hanging down towards the floor. The machinery moved them closer to the processing machines as each meatgirl was added to the line, the whole thing automated past this point, the meatgirls disappeared into the first machine, and from there were turned into product that came out the other end.

As Emma hung there, she regretted going against Nick’s advice, he was right about her, she was going to get herself in big trouble one day and it seemed that today was that day. Hanging there she started to accept her fate, there was nothing that she could do about it now. She watched as each meatgirl entered the machine and they disappeared. She wondered what it would be like in there, and she hoped that it was painless.

When it was her turn to enter the machine, everything went dark, there were no lights inside of the machine and then she felt something around her neck…

Emma woke when she felt the tugging of the collar around her neck, Nick had hung her by her ankles down in the basement and she had been left here for nearly an hour, she had drifted off into her fantasies and hadn’t realised that she had managed to fall asleep. The tugging of her collar was Nick grabbing hold of it and moving himself closer to Emma’s opened mouth, his erect member brushing against the warm lips and finding the moist mouth of his ring-gagged and bound sex slave.

It was part of the games that they played down here, she seemed to be spending more time down in the basement, where she was kept as Nick’s ‘sex slave’, which she loved. The games kept getting better each time that they played, she adored it when Nick had bought her the collar and she proudly wore it around their home and even outside of it. That was when she wasn’t bound, naked and gagged as a meatgirl in the storeroom in the shop, she knew that she couldn’t wear it there, but in her mind, she proudly wore it for her love, her submissive side now out in the open for Nick.

Having been woken from her dream by Nick using her mouth, she quickly turned her attention to the thing inside her mouth, her tongue running over what she could of Nick’s solid member pushing deeper into her warm, wet mouth and towards her throat. She would have loved to use her latest weapon on him, she had been to the same tattoo parlour that added the ‘sold’ sticker to her rear, while there she had her tongue pierced, the little ball that sat upon the top of her tongue seemed to drive Nick wild when she found the little spot on his penis, it drove him crazy and had him cumming her mouth very quickly.

Nick hadn’t known that Emma had been having one of her dreams, his only concern was making good use of the bound slave in the basement, he had tied her upside down, something that they both seemed to like lately, and leaving her hanging there for a short while before coming back and taking advantage of the only hole available to him to satisfy his lust for the bound slave. He knew that Emma wanted him to just take her and use her for his pleasure, it was just another one of her submissive fantasies that they both got enjoyment from.

Tonight, was special as Emma would be away for the weekend at some exhibition, she would be going with Susan from the display company, they had requested that the last display that they had made for the new store feature in their exhibit stand, and reluctantly Nick had agreed after much pestering from Emma and as a favour to Steve. And the fact that Emma would be kept safely by Susan, who had outlined every last detail of the trip with Nick, even down to where they were staying, how she would be displayed etc. and that she wouldn’t leave Emma’s side, had managed to persuade him to allow her to go.

When he had finished using his bound slavegirl, he noticed that Emma had another tattoo on her body, as she hung there, Nick could clearly see tattooed just above her vagina on the soft pubic mound, clearly visible since her time in the wholesale yard had permanently removed all of her hair, there was the words ‘Nick’s Meatgirl’ in small but legible lettering. He smiled as he saw this, he was always amazed at the things that Emma did for him, he had never imagined where his life would be without her, she had certainly changed things for the better in his mind and has never regretted the day that she first walked into his store.

The next morning, he watched as she walked out of their home, Susan had come by to pick her up for the journey to the exhibition, the place was several hours away and it seemed unusual to Nick to see his Emma leave wearing clothing, he laughed at the thought, too used to seeing her naked and bound, this was not something that he would ever get used to. With a final kiss Emma was off and would return next week, he hoped that everything would go alright, he always had a nagging feeling that things with Emma never went the way that they were supposed to. But he had a store to run and had better get himself over there and start his own day.

Leaving Nick behind felt strange to Emma, this was the first time since her overnight stay over at Andy’s store for the display, and it felt odd to her, but she was looking forward to seeing the place that they were going to and spending some time back in the display. The journey was long but uneventful, Susan was really nice to her, and they spoke nearly the whole way there, and she did find out that Susan and Andy had started seeing each other, Emma hoped that they had after seeing them back in the store.

The hotel was excellent and the room that they were sharing was comfortable, but there had been a mistake in the booking somewhere and they only had a queen-sized bed to share. Emma didn’t mind as long as Susan didn’t, and told her so, they accepted the room and headed up to unpack. Emma didn’t need to hang her stuff in the closet, what she was wearing was all that she had brought in the way of clothing, her bag only contained rope, gags and other items necessary to keep her tied up this weekend. She expected to remain naked throughout the weekend. Susan was slightly taken aback when she saw the contents of Emma’s bag.

“Well, I am going to be displayed as a meatgirl most of the time I’m here.” Emma told her.

“Yes, but I didn’t think that it would be the whole weekend.” Susan replied.

“But that’s why I’m here, remember once you have me bound and on display that is all I am.” Emma said, “And maybe after dinner we can teach you how to truss up a meatgirl.” She winked to a stunned Susan, the reality sinking in.

When they returned Susan headed into the bathroom, when she returned there stood Emma naked, she had laid out several ropes and a couple of gags on the bed. Emma asked her to bind her wrists with the rope that she offered her, and gave her instructions on the best way to tie them without pinching or causing her any discomfort. Once that was done, Emma checked the way they were bound, then directed Susan to another cord of rope, this was for her ankles she explained and sat down on the bed waiting for her to start tying them. After a couple of tries Susan had them tied the way that Emma had wanted and watched in amazement as the bound girl seemed to love the way that she was bound.

“Okay, gag next.” Emma said to Susan.

“Really, I mean it seems easy to put in place, maybe tomorrow…” Susan started to say, but was interrupted by Emma.

“Please gag me and then help me into bed, I want to remain bound for the night.” Emma asked, her smile disarming any concerns that she had about leaving her this way.

“Okay, but only if you’re sure about this?” Susan asked, still slightly astounded that this girl seemed to love being kept like this.

“Thank you, Susan, yes, I’m sure.” Emma responded.

After placing the gag in Emma’s open mouth, she quickly tightened the straps holding the ball-gag in place in Emma’s mouth. Then she helped the bound girl into the bed and covered up her naked body under the covers. Turning in herself Susan was slightly worried about leaving Emma this way and moved closer to her in the bed to check on her, seeing that the bound girl was fast asleep she laid back down and was soon asleep herself.

During the night Susan awoke to find herself tightly wrapped around Emma’s naked body, somehow during the night she had rolled over and cuddled up next to the naked girl. And it appeared that Emma liked this, her body moving slightly against hers, she seemed to be rubbing herself against Susan’s body. She moved away but it seemed that the bound Emma wanted to feel her close against her, so moved back and laid her hand over the girl, and that was how she found herself in the morning.

The exhibition hall was across the street from their hotel, so Emma was disappointed that she couldn’t arrive naked and bound like the meatgirl that she was supposed to be. She would have to wear the summer dress that she had worn for the journey down here. She shocked Susan again when she stepped into the dress, but didn’t put on any type of underwear, explaining that she never wore any, naked under the dress was how she left their hotel room. After a small breakfast on Emma’s part, she would be bound and gagged all day, so didn’t want to be too full, and she was used to living off the same nutrients that the meatgirls drank.

They walked over to the hall, many people stared at the two of them especially Emma, she seemed to entice the gaze of many admirers, both male and female. There was something about Emma that was special Susan concluded to herself, maybe that was why she attracted so many people whenever she had been displayed in the stores, she had heard the stories from Andy about the sales being exceptional whenever they had Emma in the stores. And she started to witness this herself as they walked into the hall.

Emma was disappointed that she couldn’t strip off and be bound, then lead into the hall as just a meatgirl for the display, the organisers wouldn’t like that she had been told by Susan, in fact the display that she was going to be on had been slightly modified to not reveal as much of Emma’s girly parts to the audience.

This was the last time that this particular display would be used, after the last time that she was displayed with the dildo embedded deep within her, there had been a couple of complaints from some members of the audience. A new cage would have to be made, this one fully encasing the meatgirl within the cage, with her legs kept firmly shut and there would be no attachments to provide the poor meatgirl any last moments of pleasure.

But on a happier note, the cage in its original form would soon be added to the growing collection of toys that Emma and Nick had in their basement, and Emma would again be able to experience the delights that the display gave her. Emma was looking forward to that. But for now, she would have to remain less exposed, as Susan had termed it, but that she would still be held in the cage over the fake barbeque and slowly be ‘roasted’ over the coals.

They reached the stand that the display company had hired for the event, Susan led Emma through to the back and there told her that it was time to get ready. Emma was very quickly naked, again this caught Susan by surprise, but it seemed that this appeared to be this girls’ favourite state, she smiled at the thought. She started binding her wrists and once done soon had her ankles bound, this was something that they had agreed on when Emma was disappointed that she couldn’t walk through the hall naked.

“Okay, forget that I’m Emma, from now on I’m just a meatgirl that you’ve borrowed for the display, please treat me the same as any other meatgirl.” Emma said to her, then opened her mouth waiting for the gag.

With her false hair dropped along with the dress that she wore, she now looked like a meatgirl to Susan, she even bore the markings on her body, she had seen them before when getting her ready those other times, but it still disturbed her every time she saw it on Emma’s naked body. A permanent reminder that she was nothing more than a meatgirl, with no rights or freedoms that others experienced. She wondered why Emma enjoyed this so much to go that far, not knowing the full story behind the markings, she had assumed that Emma had them placed on her own body.

Though Emma in her own mind would have done this to herself, even if she hadn’t been through the wholesaler, the markings let her know that she was a meatgirl, and she proudly wore them. Though the hair loss had been a shock, she had grown accustomed to it now, and could even take advantage and change her looks by simply wearing a different coloured wig or hairstyle. So, every cloud has a silver lining she had thought.

“Right meatgirl, let’s get you out on display before the hall opens.” Susan said to the naked, bound, and gagged girl standing there.

Pulling her out into the main area of their display stand, a couple of other workers from the company’s local office had shown up to help. At first, they were stunned at seeing the naked girl standing there, the ropes binding her and the gag firmly in her mouth. But Susan told them that this was the meatgirl that they had sent over with the display stand, and after getting over the initial surprise they soon joined in to help set up the display.

Emma loved the way that she was moved around by these people as they got the display and her ready, to them she was just a meatgirl, she loved that, and she felt the first stages of her own arousal rising within her at the way they moved and prodded her naked body. She was just a product to be placed on display it seemed, and they got on with the task at hand, they had a schedule to keep.

They had the display ready and brought over the meatgirl to add to it, the cage laying open ready for the meat to be placed inside. While they were getting the stand ready, Susan had taken Emma out the back again and had started to add the basting sauce to her body, like before this not only made her look like she had been cooking for a while, but the oil also gave her body a sheen that made her look like she was hot and sweaty from being cooked over the coals for so long.

Now that she was ready, she re-tied Emma and brought her back over to the stand, where she directed the two workers to pick up the meatgirl and place her on her back inside of the cage. They were a bit hesitant to handle the bound naked girl, but Susan insisted, calling them both silly, and that this was just a product like any other. They got over their initial fears and picked up the meatgirl placing her down inside the cage, they adjusted her body and head to fit into the supports that held them.

Once inside the cage Emma felt her excitement building, her tummy had butterflies and that warm, wonderful feeling down below started to build within her. She knew that she was going to love her day, and though disappointed that she wouldn’t get the same pleasure that she had the first time that she was in this display, she looked forward to spending her day as her dream meatgirl.

The assistants adjusted the meatgirl in the cage, her legs, and feet into the lower part, holding her legs open and revealing to them her moist sex in all its glory. Susan chuckled to herself as she looked down at the sight before her, she knew that Emma was loving all of this and had no concerns in keeping this way all day. Emma opened her mouth to accept the metal gag in her mouth, the guy adjusting it had shaky hands, nervous with his first time this close to one of these meatgirls. Which made Emma smile.

The top of the cage was brought down, sealing her inside the display, the two assistants tightening down the fastenings on each side of the cage. Meanwhile Susan had added the metal covering over Emma’s sex, it would be locked away from view from now on, and only Susan had the key. With a small tap on the metal covering she smiled at Emma, “There, locked and secured.” She said, and dangled the key in Emma’s vision, “Shame if I should mis-place it.” She laughed.

The assistants, not understanding the joke, dismissed it and carried on setting up the display. Soon everything was ready, and they placed a cover over the entire display. Emma lay there and watched as the sheet covered up her naked, caged body, it was nearly showtime she thought to herself. She heard everyone moving around setting up other things and a couple of announcements through the speakers in the hall of the doors opening.

The first day was a ‘trade day’ as they had called it, it was just people from the various companies that were invited to attend and see the displays for themselves, able to speak with the company reps and maybe do some business. That and members of the press and trade journals, with a few taking pictures of the meatgirl on the display and questioning the staff on the stand about it.

The owner of the display company was there as well, he was Susan’s boss, and he was the one that pulled the covers off to reveal the caged meatgirl to the assembled crowd. The company was incredibly pleased with all of the work and effort that they had put into this display, and the boss was very happy it seemed when he saw the live meatgirl revolving around in the cage. His hands exploring the naked flesh held tightly inside the cage, his thoughts of having this meatgirl in his own backyard barbeque, wondering what she would taste like.

Emma spent the day and late evening slowly rotating around in the cage, there had been many people come through the stand and there were several hands that had touched her body, some stunned to find a real live meatgirl inside the cage thinking her to be a dummy, others wondering if they could buy the entire thing complete with the live meatgirl inside. Which, when Susan told her later, brought out Emma’s inner meatgirl desires, she had thoughts of being sold and taken away to be used by her new owners.

When the first day ended, Emma had expected that she would remain where she was, she was quite content to stay there, after all it had taken a while to get her ready, so if she stayed it would make things easier for everyone. But Susan told her that she had promised Nick that she wouldn’t leave her side, which she hadn’t other than to use the toilet and get some lunch. Leaving the assistants in charge of the meatgirl and under strict orders not to leave it alone. So, a reluctant Emma found herself being released from the cage. She was stiff and sore after being restrained so stringently for so long, but she was happy with how things were going so far.

Putting on her dress she found a problem with the way that she had been prepared, the oil and sauce covering her skin rubbed off onto her dress, marking it and leaving an oil stain. She recalled the last time that she had the ‘magic sauce’ applied to her body by Susan, it had taken days to wash off, the oil repelling the water as she tried to wash her body. And walked over to Susan, who was waiting for her.

“Sue, we may have a slight problem.” Emma said and held her arms over the marks on her dress. “It took me a couple of days the last time to wash it off.”

“Oh, sorry,” Susan replied, “maybe we can get something to remove the coating back at the hotel.”

“I doubt it, and I can’t sleep in the bed like this, you’ll get covered in it too.” Emma laughed, recalling last night.

“Oh, I guess you’re right, but what can we…” Susan started to say, then said, “hang on, I may have an idea.”

Leaving the stand and Emma alone for a few brief moments, Emma stood there looking around, the occasional person walking past looking at her as they made their own way out of the hall.

Susan returned, “Got it!” she announced, but would not let Emma know what ‘it’ was.

Back at the hotel, after a quick bite to eat in their room, Emma couldn’t go down to the restaurant looking like she was, and it was late anyway. After taking care of their bathroom routines, they both stood there in the bedroom, Emma looking at Susan wondering what she had planned.

“Well then let’s get ready for bed.” Susan said, a smile on her face, teasing Emma.

Emma held out her wrists, and a slightly flabbergasted Susan grabbed the rope that they had used last night and bound her wrists. “Really, after being bound all day, you want this?” Susan questioned as she carried on binding the offered wrist.

“Please, you did agree to what I wanted to come on this trip, that I would be bound and gagged the whole time.” Emma responded, “And although I can’t for obvious reasons do that outside of the room, inside it’s another story.”

“Okay, you have me there.” Susan replied, as she bound the girls’ ankles.

Once tied to Emma’s liking, she grabbed the ball-gag and told her to open her mouth, which Emma willingly did. Once that was out of the way it was time to reveal her solution to the problem of the magic sauce coating her body. One of the other companies that were there had some mannequins on display. They had brought them in canvas bags that covered them from head to toe, encasing them inside and keeping them safe.

When Emma saw this, she squealed with delight, and nodded her head as Susan told her that she would be sleeping inside the bag overnight. Helping the bound girl inside of the bag, Susan started to close the zipper on the outside, the bag tightened as it closed and Emma was loving the way that this felt to her, she hoped that she could get one of these for herself, for Nick to put her away, after he had used her of course.

Once Emma was fully covered, Susan had brought the zipper up to her face, looking at the way she was smiling behind the gag she knew that she was enjoying it. Susan felt a slight thrill of excitement and arousal at the way that she was treating Emma, having her bound inside the bag, the way that she was closing the zipper sealing her in, having full control over the naked, powerless girl inside gave her a feeling deep down that she found that she enjoyed. And a wicked side then took over her, she had thought of just closing the zipper just so far to keep the bag closed, but after a brief stop to see the way that Emma was smiling back at her, quickly closed the bag the entire way.

To Susan it felt incredibly naughty in a strange way to have the power over the bound, gagged and naked bagged girl, she had never really had any tendencies towards other women like this before, but this was something else. Not sexual in the sense that they were going to be physical and join each other in bed, it was more of having control over another this way, they were reliant on you for their wellbeing. You could do whatever you liked with them, it slightly disturbed her to feel like this, but she enjoyed the feelings all the same.

Susan felt her own arousal building within her own body, and she felt that she needed to work off the sexual tension that had been building up all day having this naked female around her, the sight of her inside the display distracted her on several occasions, and now having her bound and bagged in the hotel bedroom, was turning her on. But she knew that having Emma in the bed with her would probably lead on to other things, a path that she didn’t want to explore for now. So she lay the bagged body down on the nearby couch, placing some cushions to prevent her from falling off.

Then deciding that she’d better tie her to the couch, it would be safer, and that was how Emma spent the night, bound, held inside the bag that tightly wrapped around her body, the oil from the magic sauce making the fabric stick to her skin. The ropes binding her to the couch only added to her enjoyment. Then the slight moans she heard coming from over on the bed, she knew that Susan was enjoying having Emma bound like this too.

The next day they were back in the hall, Emma was back in the cage, they hadn’t spoken about last night, other than Emma thanking her for the wonderful time she had spent. The assistants now used to dealing with the naked meatgirl, quickly had her back in the cage and the display was ready. Today was a public day, so the cage display was set up behind a screen and people would have to enter the stand to see it. The day was much like the one before it, many people coming through to see what the company offered, several meatgirl stores came in to look at the display, they had heard of it and seen it in the magazine article and wanted their own version.

Emma again rotated around the entire day, lost in her own fantasies of being a meatgirl, the occasional touch of her body only adding to them. The day finally came to an end, and they were back at the hotel, Emma again insisted on the whole thing as the night before, which Susan obliged, as she had her own pressing needs to deal with. But once she was bagged and bound to the couch again, Emma heard someone else enter the bedroom. Though there was some conversation between Susan and the other person, she couldn’t make out too much of what was said, and she didn’t care, she was away in her dreams.

The sound of two people making love on the bed brought her out her little fantasy for a brief moment, but soon drifted off into a blissful sleep. It was only in the morning did she find out that Andy had come for a visit, the smile on Susan’s face told it all to Emma, and how much she had enjoyed last night. After breakfast they headed back to the hall for the final day, and soon she was back in the cage, spinning around and enjoying the touches and conversation about her, treating her like the object that she so loved to be.

The end of the day came, and the assistants started to pack away the displays, but for some reason they left the meatgirl in her cage. Once they were done, they departed, thanking Susan for trusting them and the good weekend that they had at the event. The cage now stopped rotating and Emma wondered when she would be free, it would be a long journey home, but she was looking forward to seeing Nick again.

Susan seemed to disappear for a short while leaving Emma alone in the stand, she didn’t know what was happening with her, but she knew that she was stuck here until she freed her, so lay there content to stay locked away in her cage. Then she heard footsteps, and a cover was thrown over the cage, there were no voices to give themselves away, she hoped that it was Susan but wasn’t sure. The cage part of the display was removed from the stands, and the cage carried from the hall.

Gagged and caged Emma could do nothing but accept this, she felt the cooler air outside as they left the hall, even with the covering of her naked body, a chill ran through her. Was this the cold or the slight thrill that she was getting from being treated like this, she thought to herself. Then she heard what sounded like the rear doors of a vehicle being opened and her caged body was placed inside, the doors of the vehicle closing leaving her in no doubt that she was stuck here.

More items were placed inside the vehicle with her, but at no time did she hear any of them speak, she wondered if she had been sold to one of the other meatgirls stores that had visited the display, maybe Susan had tricked her and made some money on the side from selling her like this. Her thoughts interrupted when the vehicle started to move, and she was off to some unknown destination it seemed.

It was a long trip and Emma had fallen asleep, after her adventures all weekend she had no hope of staying awake, and it was only when the vehicle eventually came to a halt did she wake up. The sound of the rear doors opening, then the handling of her caged body, she was somewhere, and she guessed that she would soon find out. Her cage was carried into a building, then down some stairs, there was no sound to give away where she was, but the room sounded slightly familiar, the eerie quiet sounded like somewhere she had been before.

Even in a quiet room there are sounds, and if you’re there long enough you sort of recognize them, they sounded familiar to Emma because she had been here before. Once the cage had been taken to where it was, the rest of the display stand was in place and the cage again rested on the two stands that held the cage while it spun around. The cover was removed to reveal a smiling Nick looking at his caged bird as he called her, behind him was his co-conspirators Andy & Susan, they had bundled her cage into Nick’s van and she had been brought home and the display set up again, though this time in their basement.

All of them laughed at seeing Emma’s reaction, they had guessed that she thought that something else had happened to her and allowed her to think that, only to surprise her when they revealed where she was.

“Okay, guys, thanks for your help, I owe you big time for this.” Nick said to the two standing there.

“Not a problem Nick, always happy to help.” Andy said, then turned to Susan, “Well we best be getting home, I know a certain person who is going to be trussed up and available tonight.”

Susan blushed at what Andy had said, her face told everyone there that she wanted this, especially after seeing Emma bound all weekend. Andy had even bound her, at her request, when he visited their room in the hotel last night. Nick and Andy had come down to spring this surprise on Emma and seeing the bagged form that Emma was on the couch had stirred something deep within her, much to Andy’s enjoyment.

Leaving Nick alone with Emma, they headed home for the night that would change their lives from this moment on.

“Okay meatgirl,” Nick said to the caged female, watching as a slight shudder went through her body as he called her that.

“Well, it was a long day, and I’m very tired, so I’m off to bed.” He said to Emma, then reached for the switch as he started the motor that rotated the cage. As Nick headed towards the stairs he turned and took one last look at the caged meatgirl as she slowly rotated around.

“Night, meatgirl.” He said, then turned and headed up the stairs, leaving Emma alone in the basement in the dark. Slowly she turned in her cage and wondered when she would be released, but hoped that it wasn’t too soon. The basement now quiet, apart from the sound of the motor as it turned the cage, and of course the occasional squeal of delight from the caged meatgirl, the part that had been missing from the display now firmly buried deep within her sex, bringing many wonderful orgasms throughout the night.


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