Captured and Broken

by Michele Cross

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© Copyright 2023 - Michele Cross - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; conditioning; smoke; gasmask; manacles; X-frame; dungeon; bodymod; crop; discipline; domme; leather; nc; XX

I sit in a dark, padded cell in a straight jacket with nothing underneath it but a pair of scrubs. I heard the rain outside the window. I don't know how I got here or what happened.

You are wondering who I am. Let me see, I work in the accounting field. I am very good, crunching numbers like no one's business. I am 5'8, about 220 pounds. I have a stocky build from playing hockey for 8 years. 

All of the sudden, the steel padded door opened. A lantern shone in as I tried to see who was there. The light blinded me as I was picked off the floor by two guards. As I am dragged out of my cell, my eyesight comes back as I look through my long brown hair. 

Each of the guards are dressed in black leather hood and a collar around the neck. Both of them are muscular, dressed in only leather pants and boots. Their leather gloved hands held me tight as we walked down the long stone corridor. We were being led by a leather clad assistant. 

She was 6'0, blue eyes and very fit. Her long blond hair was in a ponytail, swaying side to side as she walked. She was dressed in a white blouse with a pair of black leather pants, knee high black leather boots and a silver collar around her throat. I can smell her perfume, like a sweet apple blossom in the springtime. 

She and the guards continued to walk down the stone corridors to our destination. I could hear the clicking of the boots against the cobblestone floor as we walked. I felt the cold floor as I walked barefoot with them. 

After many twists and turns, we finally reached our destination. We entered a well-lit room. The room looked like a medieval dungeon. There was a black wooden stock in one area with a shower area with a chair and a silver tray by it. I saw an x rack against the left stone wall. In the right corner of the dungeon there was a room like the one I was imprisoned in.

In the middle of the dungeon, sat a 6'0 female dressed like Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS, sitting on a stone throne. The light hit her shiny black leather boots. Her beautiful black leather legs crossed as she watched us enter. Her 36c breasts poked out her white blouse,which was unbuttoned enough to show her cleavage. Her hands were covered in long black leather opera gloves. Her right hand held her brown cigarette as she smoked. She was wearing a SS kommandant hat on top of her lovely blond long hair.

The guards pushed me to my knees in front of the leather-clad she-wolf. The leather assistant said, "Here is the worthless prisoner that you asked for, Leather Mistress."

Leather Mistress smiled as she looked through her mirror sunglasses.She said in her dominant voice, "You are wondering what is happening. Let me explain."

She took a drag off her cigarette and continued. "I have been watching you working for the company as an accountant for some time. I noticed you didn't mingle or talk to anyone but me. So I did my research on you. I had your home computer hacked to find out your darkest pleasure of crossdressing and bdsm. What was interesting was your love of women dressed like how I am now administering the punishment."

She continued as she took another drag and said, "I bided my time. Last night, I set my plan into motion. Here you are now in front of me."

The leather-clad assistant dropped a newspaper in front of me. It read in the headline, "Local accountant dies in a house fire."

I remembered now. I was watching Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS on my 65-inch TV. I remembered smelling a sweet odor in the air as I felt my eyes droop and fall asleep. 

Leather Mistress stood up from her throne and walked toward me. She slapped me hard with her right hand as she dropped her cigarette against the cobblestone, stomping it out with her heel. 

She said, "My guards here sprayed your vents with a knockout gas and set your house on fire as they left. There is no trace of you any more. I announced at the company meeting that you had died in the fire."

She ordered her guards to take me over to the shower area. The muscular guards dragged me over to the shower area as I heard Leather Mistress with her lovely follow behind us. The leather assistant opened the glass door to the shower area. Leather Mistress sat down in the chair next to the area and watched as I was escorted in by her goon squad.

At this point, I don't know what to think of my situation. A part of me tells me to fight while the other part of me is getting excited over the domination. I am thinking to myself, maybe I have a chance to run. 

The shower area had a long silver shower head coming out of a grey granite wall. The drain was in the middle of the grey cobblestone floor. There was a set of manacles hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room. The glass walls surrounding the area were as clear as a lake on a summer day.

The Leather Guards forced me to kneel in the middle of the shower area. They took turns undoing the straps of the straight jacket. I started to struggle against my captors as soon as my arms got free. The guard on the left punched me in the gut as soon as I got up, trying to run and I fell to the ground with a thud then the guards finished taking the jacket off of me. Both guards jerked me up with ease by my arms. The guards cuffed the manacles around each wrist. I was then hanging from the ceiling like a prisoner. The leather assistant walked and ripped the scrubs from my bottom half, forcing me to be naked in front of my captors.

I am trying to catch my breath as I am being stripped, thinking “What did I do to deserve this?” I didn't mess with anyone. I did my job like I was supposed to. Right now, I need to keep my wits about me. I will find a way to escape.

Leather Mistress' voice came over the little silver speaker in the corner. She said, after she lit her cigarette, "Resistance is futile. You are wondering what brought you here to this point. You brought to my attention about the missing 450 million dollars from the company. Darling, let me tell you something. There was never any missing money. I planted that seed to trap you."

She continued to talk , as she took a drag off her cigarette , "When I first met you, I knew I had to own you. Now, here we are. The beginning of the stripping of your old life."

The assistant put on a leather rain overcoat and turned the shower on. The hot water came out of the shower head as the guards stepped outside the glass door. The assistant grabbed the shower head and pulled it from the wall, extended by the long hose by which it was connected to the wall.

The assistant sprayed me down with the hot water. I felt the hot water against my skin. She soaked my long brown hair, making me look like a drowned long hair rat. My muscles loosen up more from the hot water and I started to feel relaxed. The assistant turned the nozzle on the shower head and a sudsy foam started to shoot out. She aimed the shower head at me and started to cover my body from neck to toe with the foam. 

While she let the foam set on my body, she started to cut my hair. I felt my long locks falling to the ground Leather Mistress told me, "Losing your hair is the start of becoming the new you."

After the assistant cut my hair short, she covered my head with the same foam. I feel defeated,yet determined to get loose when they uncuff me. After 15 minutes, the lovely assistant sprayed hot water on me to rinse me off. I watched my hair go down the drain with the water. I felt cool air hitting my body from head to toe, causing me to shiver.

The leather clad assistant signaled the guards to come in and get me. The guards entered and uncuffed me from the manacles. They started to escort me out of the glass door when I bolted for the hallway. I started to run but the guards caught me before I hit the corridor. One guard held me as the other guard punched me in the stomach. I fell to the ground again. They each grabbed an arm and dragged me to the X rack.

I felt defeated again. The guards cuffed each wrist to the x rack. Facing the wall, I struggled to get free. With my back toward Leather Mistress, I felt a sharp pain across my back. My back felt like it was on fire. I screamed in pain. Leather Mistress was using a leather whip on me to strike me.

Leather Mistress stared me down. "I wasn't planning to hit you,but your defiance needs to be beaten out of you. Scream all you want; it won't do you any good and it is music to my ears."

Leather Mistress cracked the whip across my back again, causing me to scream in pain. She lit a cigarette and took a drag as she hit me with a third strike. I felt the welts forming on my back.

After the 5th hit, my back starts to bleed. Leather Mistress smiled as blood started to flow. I feel exhausted and feel my body on fire. Leather Mistress finally put the whip after 5 more hits. I nearly passed out from the last one.

She said, "I think I have broken you now. Do I need to continue?" I shook my bald head no.

She snapped her leather fingers and the guards uncuffed me and turned me around to cuff my wrists and ankles to the X. I was in an X form and at the mercy of this Mistress.

Leather Mistress grabbed and twisted my left nipple. I screamed in pain while at the same time, feeling some pleasure. The twist caused both of my nipples to get hard. The assistant pushed a silver tray over to the area.

Leather Mistress lit her cigarette as her assistant grabbed a needle and pierced my left nipple. The assistant slowly threaded the ring through the hole of my left nipple. She clamped the end of the ring together, forming a perfect ring. Mistress flicked the ring and I moaned in pleasure. 

Leather Mistress smiled and said, "See pain can be pleasure. Let it take over." She took a drag off her cigarette and blew the smoke in my face. I coughed from the smoke.

The assistant did the same thing to the right nipple,causing me more pleasure. Mistress smiled as she blew out some smoke. Both of my nipples were pierced.

Mistress grabbed and twisted my cock, forcing me to scream in pain. She said, "Your cock belongs to me now. It shall be placed in a cage." Mistress snapped her fingers. The assistant handed Mistress a metal cock cage. Mistress slipped the ring around my cock and balls to the base of my cock. She slipped the cage over my flaccid cock. She was handed a nut and bolt. She fed the bolt through the hole where the cage and the ring meet. She took the nut and screwed the nut on the bolt. The assistant handed her a wrench. Mistress used the wrench to tighten the nut. She tugged on the cage and it wouldn't come off. 

Mistress said, "Perfect. You will not get hard unless I allow it. Time for the next step."

Mistress asked her assistant to hand the gas mask to her. The gas mask was black and gp5 style. Mistress slowly pulled the gas mask over my bald head. The mask engulfed my head. I smelled the leather from the mask. I felt myself trying to get hard,but to no avail. My cock was straining against its new captor.

The assistant connected a tube to the filter part of the mask. The assistant handed the connected tube to Leather Mistress. Leather Mistress lit up a cigar and blew the smoke into the tube. I inhale the smoke in my mouth and nose. I started to cough violently. I was not a smoker. She took a big drag off the cigar and slowly blew into the tube, causing me to cough some more.

Leather Mistress said , "That is right. Suck the smoke in. I am planning to make you my smoking leather slave."

After 20 minutes Leather Mistress finally finished her cigar. I was very light headed and my mouth was dry. Mistress ordered the assistant to get a glass of water for me. The assistant obeyed and brought a glass of water over to me. The assistant stuck the tube in the glass and I was able to suck the water, curing my dry mouth. 

Leather Mistress said, "It is time to break you some more. Ilsa, get the violet wand. Bring two cigars this time."

Ilsa obeyed her Leather Mistress and grabbed the violet wand from the cabinet.She also grabbed two cigars from Mistress' throne. Ilsa walked back over. I heard her heels click against the cobblestone floor. Ilsa handed over the wand and a cigar to Leather Mistress. Leather Mistress ordered Ilsa to light both cigars as Mistress turned on the wand. I heard crackling from the wand. Both she-wolfs took a big drag and took turns blowing smoke in the tube.

Leather Mistress took the wand and slowly ran it up the inside of my right leg. I moaned in pain as I felt the shock from the wand. Ilsa was blowing her smoke into the tube as Mistress was tormenting me with the wand. I felt the volts going through my body. Both Leather Mistress and Ilsa took turns blowing smoke into the tube and using the wand on my body.

After an hour of torment, the torment was over. My body was exhausted from the pain and pleasure from the wand. I was very lightheaded from the smoke. Mistress took off the gas mask to let me breathe some fresh air as Ilsa had me drink some cool water. The guards uncuffed me and dragged me over to the chair.

The chair was made of oak. There was a strap on each arm and a strap on each front leg. There was a leather collar chained to the chair as well. The guards pushed me in the chair and started strapping me in. Leather Mistress ordered Ilsa to bring over the Oculus Rift headset and the muzzle with a gag built in. Ilsa obeyed her lovely Mistress and brought the items over. Leather Mistress slides the headset over my head,covering my eyes and ears. Ilsa pushed the gag in my mouth and strapped the muzzle around my head and tightened the straps under my chin. Leather Mistress took the leather collar and fitted it around my throat,locking me in place.

Before the visual part of the headset was turned on, Leather Mistress spoke through the earphones. She explained that for the next 24 hours, I will be watching training videos on how to smoke, service men and women, and finally how to serve her. She finally flipped the visual part on, causing the images to come to life. 

During the next 24 hours, I watched videos of smoking, how to service men and women, and how to serve Leather Mistress. I felt my mind absorbing the information I saw and heard. I felt my last part of defiance leave me. In my mind, I was only to serve Leather Mistress as a smoking leather slave. I crave leather, the smoke and most importantly, Leather Mistress. 

Finally after 24 hours, the headset turned off. I felt the headset and muzzle removed by Ilsa. The guards then unstrapped me from the chair under Leather Mistress' watchful eyes. I got out of the chair and kneels on all fours to begin to clean Leather Mistress' leather boots with my tongue.

Leather Mistress smiled as she took a drag off her cigarette. Leather Mistress said, "I see I have finally broken you in body,mind, and spirit. It is time for the final phase before the claiming. Follow my guards and Ilsa to the stock for the final phase."

I said, "Yes, my Leather Mistress, your command is mine to follow."

I followed the leather guards and the beautiful Ilsa over to the stock. The stock was made of oak. The stock had three holes, one for a head and two for the wrists. The cushion for the head and wrists was red leather with a little padding. Ilsa opened the top part of the stock up as the guards directed me where to place my head and wrists. Ilsa pulled the stock down, trapping me in the stock,bent over at the waist. Ilsa fitted the lock and clicked it together. I heard the lock clicking, sealing my fate.

Leather Mistress pushed a tray over to the area. It had ink on it with a tattoo gun. Ilsa took off her leather gloves and her beautiful hands in a pair of black latex gloves. Leather Mistress ordered Ilsa to tattoo my upper left shoulder with Leather Mistress' brand. 

Ilsa started to tattoo my left shoulder. I felt the needle piercing my skin. I felt the burning as the ink took to my skin. Leather Mistress took a cigarette out of her pack and placed it between my lips. She lit the cigarette and I slowly took a drag off the cigarette. I felt the smoke entering my lungs. I felt so relaxed as I smoked.

After an hour and four cigarettes, Ilsa was done. Leather Mistress smiled. Ilsa took a picture and showed it to me. It was a leather hood with “Property of Leather Mistress” around it. I smiled at the beautiful artwork as Ilsa lather the tattoo goo to help the healing.

Mistress ordered the guards to bring her my new outfit for me to wear. The guards pushed over the cart to the area while Ilsa released me from the stock. Ilsa handed me a pair of black leather panties with a hole for my ass. I slid the panties over my ass. I felt the cool air hitting my anal entrance. Ilsa handed me a pair of fishnet stockings. I slid each stocking over my legs,feeling the laces rubbing my skin. I felt my cock straining against the cage,trying to get hard.

Ilsa put a pair of black slide on leather boots in front of me. I slide my right foot in the first boot, watching the boot engulfed my foot and fit perfectly. I did the same with the left foot. Ilsa handed me a black leather dress with a built-in corset. The dress had three straps in the front with a zipper down the back. It was cut to show off my nipples and its rings. There were shoulder straps for helping me to perfect posture. I stepped into the dress. Ilsa helped pull the dress up over my body. I felt the leather slide over my skin, making me horny. I slid my arms in the shoulder straps as Ilsa zipped the back of the dress. Ilsa walked in front of me and tightened the straps, forcing my waist to go down from a size 42 to 38. The tightening caused me to start taking shallow breaths. 

Ilsa picked up a pair of leather gloves and ordered me to put my hands out. Leather Mistress smiled as she smoked her cigarette as I was being transformed into her version of a leather slave. I felt the leather gloves slide over my fingers. Ilsa took a leather cuff out of the cart and cuffed my right and then my left wrists. Ilsa placed a lock on each wrist to make sure the cuff would not come off. Ilsa ordered me to kneel 

Leather Mistress walked over with a leather item on her right hand. Leather Mistress stood in front of me. 

She smiled and said, "Say goodbye to your old self. Welcome in the new you, michele."

Leather Mistress slid the black leather hood over my head. The hood started to form to my face like a second skin. My brown eyes look through the eye holes. My nose lined up with the nose holes. My lips poked out through the mouth hole. Leather Mistress zipped the hood down. The built in collar of the hood was tightened by the strap in the back, letting the o-ring rest against the front of the collar. 

Ilsa walked over with a small silver tray. She opened the little case and pulled out a contact. She set the contact in my right eye, then the left eye. Ilsa picked up a tube of crimson red lipstick and painted my lips. I felt my lips being painted for me to be the slut I am.

Leather Mistress led me over to the mirror. I see a beautiful leather slave ready to serve. The dress goes to my knees. I noticed that there is a blond ponytail hanging out of the top of the leather hood. My brown eyes were no more due to the contacts turning them blue. Leather Mistress completed my look by placing a cigarette between my lips. I lit my cigarette from the lighter that Ilsa was holding. I felt complete. I reached down and touched my nipples as I smoked. I moaned in pleasure.

Leather Mistress ordered me back to the stock. I followed her as I smoked. Ilsa and Leather Mistress directed me into the stock and shut the top down. Ilsa locked it again. Leather Mistress positioned herself behind me. Leather Mistress pulled her 9 inch long,hard cock out of her pants. She lubed her cock up. She took the lube and squeezed the tube in my hole. Leather Mistress ordered Ilsa to take my mouth.

Ilsa walked in front of me and unzipped her pants and pulled out her 8 inch hard cock and slowly started to penetrate my mouth as Leather Mistress penetrated my ass. I feel full in both ends. As they start to fuck me, I started to suck Ilsa's cock and back up on Mistress cock in rhythm. Leather Mistress and Ilsa both light up a cigarette and smoke as I am being split roasted by the beautiful she wolves.

After 20 minutes, Leather Mistress and Ilsa came in my mouth and ass. I also came at the same time. I feel relaxed and happy. Both ladies pulled out and had the guards kneel before them and cleaned their cock with the guards' mouth. Leather Mistress is handed a 2 inch wide butt plug by Ilsa. She drove the plug in my ass. The plug kept my ass full and her seed in me. 

After the guards finished cleaning Leather Mistress and Ilsa's cocks, the guards released me from the stock and led me to the cell. Ilsa opened the door. The cell was a padded black leather room. There was an eye hook in the middle of the room. The guards pushed me to my knees. 

Leather Mistress ordered the guards to prepare me for the night. The first guard slid the leather mittens over my leather gloves. Ilsa tied the mittens tight, causing my hands to form a ball. The second guard slid an armbinder over my arms behind my back. This caused my breasts to push out front of me. Ilsa tightened all four straps around my arms. Leather Mistress inserted a cigarette in between my lips and lit it for me to smoke. I inhaled the smoke and blew out my nose. As this was happening, the guards pushed the spreader bar through the eye hook and cuffed the bar to my ankles. The armbinder had an o ring on the hands area and the ring was chained to the eye hook in the floor, preventing me going anyway. I was in a kneeling position smoking before my Mistress. 

Ilsa pulled a blindfold over my newly blue eyes, causing me to see darkness. Leather Mistress takes the cigarette out of my mouth and takes the last drag. Leather Mistress kissed me French style,letting the smoke enter my mouth and lungs. Ilsa placed a red ballgag between my crimson lips, tightening the straps forcing the ball gag deep in my mouth. 

The guards and Ilsa departed from the cell. Leather Mistress kissed my leather forehead. She smiled as she lit her cigarette. She walked out of the cell.

She turned and said, "Good night my sweet leather slave. Your real training begins tomorrow." She slammed the iron door shut.

I heard the door shutted, sealing my fate. All of the sudden, I feel the plug come to life in my ass. It slowly vibrates to work me up and cut off. I moaned in pleasure,awaiting for the morning to come.


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