Captured and Broken

by Michele Cross

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© Copyright 2023 - Michele Cross - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; bond; conditioning; slave; anal; oral; bagged; cage; collar; dungeon; casket; entomb; gasmask; hood; leash; mitts; nipple; gag; horse; crop; domme; facesit; heels; pain; piercing; nc; XX

Continues from

Part Two

I am awoken from my slumber by the guards as they unstrapped the spreader bar from my leather ankles. Ilsa removes the ball gag from my mouth and inserts a cigarette between my lips and lights it for me. I take a drag and blow smoke out of my mouth, feeling relaxed. The guards unhooked the chain from the armbinder as Ilsa unstrapped the straps on the armbinder and slid off my arms.

The guards untied the leather mittens and slid them off my hands, freeing my leather fingers. I take my cigarette from my mouth and stand up as I am ordered. The guards steady me as I stand. My legs feel like jelly from being in the kneeling position over the night.

I take another drag off my cigarette as Ilsa connects a black leather leash to my collar. She removes the blindfold from my blue eyes, freeing my sight from the darkness and my eyes adjusted to the light. Ilsa tugged on my leash and led me out of the cell and to the shower area.

Ilsa allowed me to take a final drag off my cigarette before removing the cigarette from my mouth. She took the cigarette and put it up to my right nipple ring, causing a burning sensation there and I moaned in pain. Ilsa took a drag and dropped the cigarette to the ground and stubbed it out with her heel .

Ilsa ordered the guards to strip me down. The leather guards are now dressed in full body leather suits. Their leather hoods have a zippered mouth secured by a lock. Their leather boots are military style and on both hands are leather gloves. Ilsa was dressed in a pair of black leather pants with knee high leather boots and a black leather corset. Her hands were covered in black leather opera gloves, her blond hair flowed down on her shoulders. Around her neck was a leather choker. Her 36c breasts have nipples rings with a chain to each of them which each connected to her choker.

The guards started removing the dress after they loosened the straps on the corset part of my dress. I feel myself breathing normal again. The one guard removes my fishnet stockings while the other guard removes my boots. They both pulled my leather panties down to free my caged cock.

The guards then removed the gloves. My hands feel sweaty as I don't have the gloves on. Ilsa unstrapped and unzipped the hood as she removed it from my bald head. I now stand naked before Ilsa and the guards.

Ilsa looked at me commandingly," You have 20 minutes to shower. After that, you will eat and be properly dressed for the day. Get In and start now."

I entered the shower and the glass door was shut and locked behind me. I grabbed the shower head and pulling it out I turn on the hot water and sprayed myself down. I feel the hot water soaking my naked body and feel relaxed and my muscles feel like they are loosening up. I turn the dial and the sudsy foam comes out of the showerhead. I spray myself with the foam from head to toe and waited 5 minutes before I rinsed off. I feel the hot water cut through the suds,cleansing my body of any unwanted hair.The door opened after I finished washing and Ilsa hands me a pink towel to dry off my body.

The air was cool, hitting my body as I dried off. I am instructed to hang the towel up on the rack by the glass door. I hung up my pink towel and Ilsa grabbed me about the right wrist and lead me to the dining area. As we arrived Ilsa ordered the guards to prepare the dungeon for Leather Mistress' arrival.

Ilsa sat me down at a beautiful oak-brown table. Illsa had the guards prepare for me a bowl of fruits, grapes, apples, and oranges. There was a glass of a banana smoothie to drink. Ilsa ordered me to eat my meal. I ate at a moderate speed and then drank the smoothie. It had a funny but yet a good taste.

I asked Ilsa " What was in the smoothie? I can taste something funny in it?"

Ilsa replied, " Just some bananas, some ice and a little female hormone powder. The hormones are to be a part of your feeding regimen to make you more femme."

Ilsa ordered me to wipe my face with the napkin on the table. I stood up from the table after wiping my mouth. Ilsa again grabbed my right wrist and led me to the dressing area.

The dressing area has a closet full of different leather clothes of different colors and shapes. Hoods were hanging on the hat rack inside the closet, the boots are lined up perfectly across the bottom. Ilsa handed me a cigarette and ordered me to smoke as she gathered my outfit for the day. I lit my cigarette and smoked as she gathered my outfit. The first piece of clothing I was handed is a pair of pink leather pants. The pink leather pants have holes for my cock and asshole to be exposed. I slowly pulled the pants up to my waist as i smoke. Ilsa hands a pair of pink spandex socks to me and I pulled the pair of socks over my feet then zipped down the zippers on each side of my ankle on the pants. The pants fit tight and form fitting.

Ilsa handed me a pair of ankle high leather boots.The boots are also pink with 6 inch heels. This is a strap at the top to tighten the boots around the ankles. I stepped into the boots and Ilsa tightened the straps of the boots, forming a tight seal around my ankles.

I was unsteady at first, but I got my gravity centered and comfortable wearing the heels. Ilsa smiled as she lit her cigarette and grabbed a pink t-shirt. The shirt was mesh and had two holes where my nipples and their rings could be exposed. I pulled the pink t-shirt over, careful not to catch my nipples rings. I moaned in pleasure as I brushed my nipples with the shirt.

Ilsa grabbed a pink corset and wrapped it around my waist. She got behind me and tightened the straps in the back, changing my waist from 42 to 38. The corset tightened around,causing me to breathe shallow. Ilsa pulls out a pair of pink leather mittens. Ilsa instructed me to make my right hand as a fist. She slid the pink mitten on my right hand then tightened the pink straps at the end of the pink mitten around my right wrist. Ilsa Ordered me to do the same with my left hand. I tried to move my fingers to no avail.

Ilsa ordered me to my knees for the final piece de resistance and obediently I dropped to my knees. I felt my cock getting trying to get hard, straining against the cage. Ilsa grabs the pink leather hood next. The pink leather hood has a collar with three o rings, one in the front and one on each side. There was a blonde ponytail from the front to the back in a single braid,forming like a Mohawk across the top. I held my head still as Ilsa slid the hood over my bald head. Ilsa pulled the zipper down and fastened the strap behind the hood tight. This caused the hood to fit tight and form fitting around my head and face. Ilsa pulled my arms behind my back and clipped my wrists together.

Ilsa pulled out a small cigar and put it between my lips. She ordered me to puff as she lit the cigar. I felt the smoke fill my mouth and lungs as I took a drag. I felt the smoke coming out of my nose and mouth and I felt lightheaded.

Ilsa informed me, " Leather Mistress wants to train you to smoke cigars as well. You will learn to enjoy all forms of tobacco."

Ilsa hooked a pink leather leash to my collar then ordered me to follow her to the bondage horse. I smoked as I followed Ilsa. The bondage horse was made of oak and covered in black leather. There was a leather cuff on each leg. There was an U stock for the head in the front of the horse.The U stock has 3 little chains on the stock.

Ilsa ordered my pink smoking leather self to get on the horse. I get on the horse with a cigar between my lips, laying down on my stomach against the horse. Ilsa uncuffed me from the back then she and the guards begin to strap down my ankles and my wrists to the legs. I tried to move but I couldn't budge. Ilsa placed my head in the U stock, connecting the chains to the o rings on my collar. She then took the top of the U stock and shut it around my neck. Last Ilsa took my blond braided ponytail and pulled it through the eye hook in the back of the stock, forcing my head to face forward.

After taking the cigar out from between my lips and taking a final drag sheused the cigar to heat up both of my nipple rings. It caused a burning sensation and I moaned in pain. Ilsa snubbed the cigar out on my exposed ass. I felt a burning sensation on my right cheek and smelled the burning flesh, moaning more in pain.

Ilsa grabs a spider o-ring gag and fit it in my mouth, forcing my mouth open. As she tightened the straps, Leather Mistress walked in. I smelled the frankincense in the air. She was dressed in a black leather mini skirt and her legs were encased in fishnet stockings with her leather boots. Leather Mistress wore a black corset that covered her 36c breasts and was tight around her waist. She wore black leather gloves and a leather hood with a blond ponytail out of the top. Leather Mistress was smoking a cigar.

She walked over and took a drag off her cigar. Leather Mistress blew the smoke in my open mouth then covered my mouth, forcing me to blow the smoke out of my nose.

She said," Ilsa, you did well preparing michele here. Put on your gas mask and return to me, my love.As for you, michele, you are about to learn what pain is."

I struggled a little bit and moaned in pleasure as the words ran through my brain. Ilsa ponytailed her beautiful blond hair and pulled the Gp5 Black gas mask over her head. Leather Mistress handed her a cigar. Ilsa Inserted the cigar in the holder and lit it, then blew smoke out through the ports.

While Ilsa smokes her cigar, Leather Mistress put her vampire glove on her right hand. The vampire glove is a glove with little metal spikes on the fingers. Leather Mistress walked toward and behind me. Leather Mistress smacked my right asscheek.and i screamed in pain.Leather Mistress did the same to my left cheek. She took turns smacking my ass hard 10 times. I screamed in pain with each whack, feeling the spikes digging in my skin. Leather Mistress smiled as she heard my screams. I felt blood dripping from my wounds. Leather Mistress dipped her index left finger in the blood and walked in front of me, wiping her finger across my lips and tongue.

" You took that well,michele. Ilsa, michele is still missing something. What do you think that is?"

Ilsa said, " I think she needs two new piercings. One piercing should be her tongue and one should be in her nasal septum." Ilsa took a final drag on her cigar and snubbed it out on the floor beneath her heel.

Leather Mistress said," What a wonderful idea.Ilsa, pierce this lovely smoking slave as I use the leather ca-o-nine-tails on her back."

Leather Mistress grabbed the leather cat-o-nine-tails as Ilsa pulled over a silver tray toward me. The tray hasneedles, a piercing gun, and some jewelry on it. Ilsa takes the plier6xzs and pulls my tongue out.

Leather Mistress takes the cat o nine tails and cracks my back with the tails. I screamed in pain. As Mistress hit me, Ilsa pierced my tongue with the gun. Ilsa slid the silver piercing into the hole then took a small tube of super glue and dripped a drop in the small ball hole and screwed the ball onto the piercing. My tongue felt weird from this piercing.

Leather Mistress cracks the tails down on my back four more times, leaving welts to form. I screamed in pain with each hit, causing the piercing to hit the roof of my mouth. Ilsa took a needle and pierced my septum. I felt the pop of the needle through the septum and then Ilsa took a silver ring and thread the ring through the hole. Ilsa squeezed a drop into the hole of each side of the ball. She put the ball between the ends of the ring and used the pliers to close the ends into the ball.The ring laid against the skin between my nose and lips. I felt like a bull being pierced with a ring.

Leather Mistress said," Now that michele did so well with her punishment and being pierced, I think it is time to set the machine to train her holes. "

The guards wheeled in two machines with dildos on the ends of them. One guard positioned one machine with a 6-inch long dildo in front of me. The guard adjusted the machine with the head of the cock in my mouth. The second guard adjusted the 8 inch cock to aim my asshole. The guard lubed the cock and squeezed some lube in my hole.

Leather Mistress took the remote control and pressed the button to start the machines and the cocks started violating my holes slowly. The cock in my mouth was slowly fucking my mouth, causing me to deep throat the cock. I slowly got past my gag reflex and let the cock slide down my throat. The cock in my ass slowly loosen me up and caused me to moan in pleasure as the cock fucked my asspussy.

Leather Mistress and Ilsa sat in their chairs and both lit their cigars up. Leather Mistress ordered the guards to lay down under the chair and then Ilsa removed the locks from their zippered mouths. Ilsa unzipped her crotch and ass to expose her cock and ball. Both guards started serving the Mistresses as I was being used by the machines.

Leather Mistress pulled the gas mask off Ilsa and kissed her with a smoky kiss. Ilsa kissed her back. The slave's underneath used their tongues to lick their Mistresses’ assholes. Leather Mistress grabbed a black leather hood and slid it over Ilsa's head. Ilsa pulled the zipper down behind her head. Both Leather Mistress and Ilsa took a final drag off their cigars and stubbed them out on the guards.

The guards started to service both Mistresses' cocks and balls with their tongues and mouths. The cocks got hard in the slaves' mouths. Both Mistresses moaned in pleasure. Between the slaves servicing them and me getting worked over by the machines made them horny as hell.

Ilsa said, 'I am thinking we should fill michele's holes with our seed."

Leather Mistress said , "Great idea! I take the front and you take the back side."

Leather Mistress snapped her fingers and the guards got up and removed the machines from their jobs. My mouth and ass felt empty for a brief moment. My asshole was whooping from the cock being pulled from my ass. Ilsa slowly entered her 7 inch cock in my ass as Leather Mistress entered my mouth with her 9 inch long cock. I can smell the frankincense aroma off her.

The ladies drove their cocks in me in rhythm. I started to match their rhythm by backing my ass up on Ilsa and moving my head forward the best I could on Mistress' cock. I felt her cock dragged over my tongue piercing and she moaned in pleasure. The ladies lit their cigars and took drags as they filled my holes with their lovely cocks.

After 15 minutes, the ladies came in my holes. I felt the cum shooting down my throat from Mistress. I felt the cum slowly dripping out of my ass from Ilsa. I felt like a used whore. The ladies pulled out and had the slaves clean their lady cocks in the slaves' mouth.

The ladies put their lady cocks away. They both sat down and enjoyed a cigar apiece as the guards were ordered to unstrap me from the horse. As I was being unstrapped , one of the guards filled my ass with an inflatable plug. The guards squeezed the bulb 10 times to make sure I could not expel the plug from my ass.

After I was unstrapped and helped to stand up by the guards, I walked over to the ladies and kneel before them. I started to use my tongue on Leather Mistress' boots first and I lick the tip of her boot to a shine. I switch to her other boot and continue to clean.

I switched to Ilsa' s right boot and started cleaning her boot with my tongue. Leather Mistress smacked my ass with her crop as I did this. I moaned in pleasure as I shined Ilsa's boot.

After a few minutes I am ordered to crawl over to the dressing area for the night. Leather Mistress and Ilsa sat on their throne as the guards stripped me down to my naked self.

I stood naked as the guards grabbed the outfits and other items for tonight's dressing. One guard handed me a fishnet stockings bodysuit that covered my body from neck to toes. I slipped on the bodysuit, making sure not to snag my piercings. I feel the fishnet suit rubbing against my skin, causing me to moan in pleasure. The other guard made sure my caged cock was out in front of me and my nipples rings were free.

Ilsa walked over and put a cigarette between my lips and had me smoke for the last time for tonight. The guards put a large leather item near my feet as Ilsa ordered me to step into the leather item. The leather item was a leather body bag. The guards pulled the leather body bag over my body and zipped it up. There were three flaps when my nipples and cock were located. I felt the bag tight around me until I couldn't move a muscle. The guards loaded me onto a dolly and pushed me to the cell.

As I was pushed into the cell, I noticed a black casket in the middle of the cell. The casket was laying down in the middle of the cell. Leather Mistress and Ilsa entered the cell, hearing their heels clicking against the cobblestone.Ilsa opened the top of the casket. The top lid of the casket was leather padded with a hose connected to the vent. I also noticed a small TV mounted in the leather padding. The guards were ordered to place me into the mold of the bottom part of the casket and I found the mold was shaped for my body and made of black leather padding.

The guards placed my legs in first. The mold was tight against them in the bag. I couldn't move my legs at all. The guards kept my torso and head up for Leather Mistress. Leather Mistress ordered me to open my mouth and she shoved a black plastic mouthpiece into my mouth. Ilsa handed a black leather hood with only eyes and nose holes to ⁸Leather Mistress. Leather Mistress pulled the black leather hood over my head and I started to see through the hood through my blue eyes. I felt the hood tighten around my head as Leather Mistress zipped it down. I could not spit the mouthpiece out if I wanted to.

Ilsa handed a black Gp5 gas mask to Mistress. Leather Mistress pulled the gas mask over my lathered head, feeling the tightness of the gas mask around my head. Ilsa fitted a black leather collar around my neck and locked it with a lock in the back of my neck. The ladies pushed me down in the mold. I couldn't move my top half at all either.

Ilsa connected the tube to my gas mask filter. I feel the cool rubbery air coming through my nose. Leather Mistress opened the flaps on my nipples and cock. Ilsa hands an electrode machine to Mistress. The machine is a small grey device with a dial and three wires hanging from the device. There are gator clips on the end of each of the wires.

Leather Mistress tugged on my nipple rings, causing me to moan in pleasure. She took the gator clips of the top two wires and connected the clips to my rings. Ilsa pulled out my caged cock and clipped the last clip to my cage. Ilsa slid a urethra tube in my cock and screwed the tube into the cage. The tube has a small ball at the end with a pee hole.

Leather Mistress pressed the first button of her remote, causing me to scream in pain for the shock to my nipples and cock. Even though I felt pain, I was starting to feel pleasure as well. Ilsa and Mistress slowly closed the lid of the casket to make sure the hose didn't get caught and the TV was lined up with my eyes. I felt the lid close on me and I was in total darkness.

Leather Mistress' voice came through the little speaker inside. She said," Your training tonight will be electro shock and hypno video to ensure your obedience. Enjoy, my Leather slave.". Everyone left the cell and then I heard the slam of the iron door shut.

All of the sudden, I saw the TV come to life.The video showed slaves smoking, slaves sucking cocks, and orders from Leather Mistress. I felt the shock when the orders came up. I moaned in pain at first, but that pain slowly turned into pleasure. I felt my mind absorb the information from the videos. The visuals were rewiring my brain, causing my former self to completely disappear. I know now I live to serve Leather Mistress.


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