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Things You Do For A Story

by Christina Marie

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© Copyright 2007 - Christina Marie - Used by permission

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Ah, the things you will do to write a story. All I was trying to do was finish up part two of the story “Surprise Package”. I ended up with an adventure I had to write about instead. I just wish I had pictures to go along with it. Maybe I will do it all over again and get some pictures.

I got up this morning and with everyone else in the house gone, I figured it would be a great time to dress to the hilt and finish up part two of the story. So off I went, shaved all over, put some makeup on, and slipped into this purple top and brown skirt. Of course you can’t forget about the nylons, shoes, fixing the hair and then just a touch of perfume! As always I was in heaven.

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Now I was in the mode for doing a little writing. So I sat down and started in. As I did I took time to chat with some friends online and do a little video conferencing. They talked me into slipping into something a little slinkier and I just couldn’t say no. Come to think of it, I never have. LOL So off I went to change into one of my slinky black dresses. It also just happens to be the one I like to tie myself up in too. Convenient isn’t it.

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Soon I found myself strapping my feet together. And then I slowly worked my way up my body. Next was the knees followed by some rope around my lower legs. My upper legs seemed a little loose, so I tied them together as well. I was not going anywhere fast. That felt so good, I had to continue. Granted the people online were telling me not to stop!! So I kept going. In time I had the rope over my shoulders and slowly formed a body harness to eventually strap my arms and hands too. Then I strapped the penis gag on. This is what I looked like, except I had my short hair on.

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I wrapped a rope around my upper arms and pulled it tight. Good thing I am nice and flexible, because I was also able to strap it to the body harness making sure I couldn’t pull it away. Last but not least I worked on my wrists. The rope went around my wrists, in-between my hands and then strapped to the body harness. I couldn’t even pull them away from my body. Now I was tied up nice and tight. Stuck and struggling. It’s every bondage girls dream.

I stayed like that for about two hours and decided to untie my arms, but I left everything else in place. I continued to work on the story, but I ended up wondering what some of the idea’s I had would be like. I thought about being tied up in a suitcase and the suitcase being placed in a luggage bag strapped to the bed of a truck. I was intrigued and wondered what it would be like. I had the suitcase, the bag and the truck after all.

So since I couldn’t really walk out there, I slid across the floor, hopped out into the garage, and pulled down the luggage bag.


I placed it in the back of the truck and strapped it down. Since I didn’t have the suitcase I just decided to climb in. The straps I attached to the side of the truck were so tight I could barely get into it. I did manage to get in eventually. And to complete the job, I put a lock on the outside of the bag so I couldn’t get out quickly. I couldn’t put the lock in the actual holes in the zipper, but I did lock the zipper strings together. I could slip my hands outside the bag if I had too. That’s how I put the key outside the bag. Soon I was giddy with excitement and worked my hands behind by back and retied them. It was no easy thing to do.

As time passed I tried to get free and couldn’t! I started to panic. It’s a bad thing to do when you’re tied up like that. I did regain my composure and calmed down. I was able to untie my hands and open the bag up. It was such a wild feeling. It would get so much better though.

I stuck my head out of the bag taking a break and then all the sudden the garage door opened. My wife was home and I was tied up and still in the bag. She came walking around the corner and poked the bagged with her finger. She took my gag off and I told her what I was up too. I asked her if she was going to be leaving again soon, and she said she had to run to get some groceries. I asked her for a favor.

“You want me to do what?” she said. I wanted her to take the truck to get groceries with me strapped in the back of it. Of course I didn’t think that was going to happen. She asked if I could handle it and what if someone would see me. I had that all covered and she agreed.

She unzipped the bag and detached the cords holding it down. With her help I strapped my hands behind my back and she tied them completely. With the last of the rope she made sure I couldn’t get them loose. Now I was stuck. She asked me if I was sure about this to which I said yes. She strapped the gag back on me nice and tight and then stuffed some blankets in to puff the bag up to make it look full. She zipped the bag closed and I watched the light disappear. Soon I heard the click of the lock. Then I heard the belts being attached to the sides of the truck. She tightened them down real tight so I wouldn’t be sliding around in the bed of the truck. It felt so awesome being tied up nice and tight inside that bag with no escape.

I heard the garage door open back up, and then she backed out. I could feel the cool outside air on the bag as she took off down the road. It was such an exhilarating experience. I had no problem breathing or staying cool in the bag. After about 10 min we reached our destination. I heard her open the door, close it, and set the alarm on the truck. I heard the clicking of her heels as she walked away.

There I was, tied up in the bed of a truck, locked in this bag and people passing by. My wife told me later she was inside for about 35 minutes. I kept my composure so I wouldn’t panic. That could have been very, very bad if I would have! I heard people walking by and talking all the time. They were so close, I know some of them looked in the bed of the truck and saw the bag with me in it. I stayed as still as possible when I heard them.

The best and the scariest was when something touched the bag. I thought somebody was probing to see what was in there at first. I found out later it was just people throwing empty bottles into the bed of the truck. Couldn’t they find a trash can instead? Eventually I heard my wife come back and unlock the truck.

The bagger asked if she wanted the groceries in the back or front of the truck. She said just stuff them in the bed with the rest of the luggage. I got a kick out of that. It was so cool feeling him put the groceries around the bag.

She fired up the truck and headed home. When we got there the kids were home as well. I could hear them asking where I was. She said I was busy at work, packing for a trip. They bought it. It also explained the stuff in the bed of the truck.

They helped her take in the groceries. About a half hour or so later my wife came out and unlocked the bag and released my hands and zipped it back up. She told me I have about an hour to get out of it and get cleaned up before they got back from eating dinner out.

I heard them come out, hop into the car and leave. I worked on getting my elbows untied and then unzipped the bag. I untied myself as quick as possible and then headed into the house for a shower. They came home while I was in there. I had perfect timing.

I must say spending all that time tied up was exhausting. I did that 4 days ago and I am still sore from it. I had what I needed for the story, so that was a big plus. I just can’t wait to do it again. For those of you wanting to try this, make sure someone is close by so you don’t suffocate yourself, or if you panic you could hurt yourself. I didn’t really have anyone, so it was a little dangerous, but god it was so much fun! Now I have to find a new adventure!



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