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Surprise Package

by Christine Marie

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© Copyright 2006 - Christine Marie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; suitcase; car trunk; transported; cons/nc; X

How did I end up like this? I can’t believe this is happening to me! I know, every story seems to start like this. All I was supposed to do is take a couple pictures for Jim so we could make some quick cash. I am too far ahead for you, let me back up and start over. That is the best thing I can do for you.

I got up this morning and Jim gave me a call.He wanted me to come over for a quick photo shoot. I said sure, not a problem, but I have to get ready first. So I hopped in a nice tub of water and started shaving.I can’t stand having any unsightly hair anywhere. After the shower I needed to dress in something really sexy. So I pulled out my silky brown and white dress. I have been really picky when I dress though. I like to dress slutty once in a while, but I figure you can look sexy not doing that. I just want to have that perfect look.

As like with any lady getting ready, I was out the door in about and hour and a half. That was fast for me today. I drove over to Jim’s house and told me how sexy I was. He almost couldn’t resist me at all, especially when he pulled me close for a hello kiss. That throbbing cock sort of gave it away. LOL

We started taking by taking some pictures outside. It was such a beautiful day outside to boot. Stand here, stand there, and now show me that beautiful smile. "God you have nice legs and ass," he kept telling me.

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He asked if I would mind slipping into another dress and take a couple pictures with me being tied up a little. I said, "Sure, I guess that would be ok." This was the first time he was going to do such a thing. He has been taking pictures of me for such a long time that I trusted him implicitly. After he gave me a quick peck on the cheek, I did my quick change and he started to take some more pictures. The first ones were just regular shots.

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"That looks great!" he told me. "Now lets move outside and I will be real gentle with you." He took pulled out some velcro cuffs and strapped them to my wrists and ankles. As he tied my hands above my head and pulled my legs apart spread eagle he just kept telling me how hot and sexy I was like that. "No damsel in distress is complete without being gagged", he said smoothly. He started rubbing his hands up and down my legs, up my dress, groped me, and kept kissing me. I was so enjoying myself. It felt so good.

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Soon as he was done taking pictures he asked if I would like to try something new. I said, "Sure, what did you have in mind?"

"How about some more bondage pictures?" he asked. I said okay. He asked me to slip into this new slinky black dress he bought me. Fit like a glove, and felt really nice too.

"In order to start, could you bend over the suitcase so I can tie your hands behind your back. This red rope will look so good on you. Let me know if it is getting too tight." I told him it was fine and then he tied more rope around my waist and over my shoulders and cinched it tight.


It was one hell of a strapedo as he called it. It was so tight I couldn’t even get my hands free.There was more rope in the suitcase.So he placed me in front of the suitcase to pull the rest of the rope out. Then he started to tie my feet and legs together. I asked why he started to pull my shoe off, what about the pictures he was supposed to take. I was always in heels for that.

"I have something in mind for you Christina!"

11 12 13

"I have been in talks with other friends on line and have worked out a slight deal. Great for me, not so good for you I am afraid." As he continued to talk he removed the other shoe and then placed it into the suitcase.

"You see Christina; you have spent the last several years toying with me. You have been such a tease and frankly I am tired of it. So I talked to my friend Gus. He thinks he knows how to make you mind me. Only one problem for you though. He lives in New York, and since you won’t leave Arizona, we are going to send you first class on an airplane. Ok, how about I will be first class and you will be my luggage!" he told me.

As I started to protest he gagged me and then started to shove me into the suitcase.I tried my best to struggle and get free. The more I tried to kick him away the more he just kept pushing me into the bag. "I know you don’t think you will fit in here, but I have taken your measurements and you will fit just fine. I am sorry that I have to keep you gagged, but it is so we can make it though the airport."

He forced my head into the bag and then pushed my legs into the bag. "There you go Christina, as I said, you will fit just fine into the suitcase." he said.

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And with that he started to close the suitcase and zip it up around me. I tried to struggle and get out, but there was no way, with my hands tied behind me so tight, it was impossible. I tried to tell him to let me out, but all I could muster was an "MMPPFF."

17 18

Slowly but surely I felt the confines of the suitcase around me get tighter and tighter. I could no longer struggle to get free or even call for help because of the gag. Soon not even light was coming in.

19 20

"Well that’s it Christina, your all packed away ready to go. But first, lets make sure no one can take my girl from me," he said. And with that I heard the click of the lock and then I felt him doing something to the suitcase, but I couldn’t tell what.

21 22

I felt myself being lifted up and then being wheeled away. It was a bit of a rough ride, I started getting scared, and tried to struggle again, and Jim said to just stop trying, I was going whether I wanted to or not. He told me to hold on just a second while he straightened the trunk out so he could get me in there.

23 24 25

I felt myself being lifted up and plopped down into the trunk of the car. I tried again to say something. There was no response from Jim at all.

26 27

I heard the lock come off and then there was light again.

"I just want you to know Christina I am doing this for us. I have loved you for a long time and just wanted you in my control. Now I will have that chance. Good bye for now Christina, next I see you it will be in New York. Enjoy the ride my love." Jim said.

28 29

With that I felt the confines of the suitcase become tight once again and the light disappeared. Then I heard that click of the lock again. I kept telling myself, he is just playing with me. We joked all the time.

30 31

Then I heard the trunk lid slam shut. I started to panic again, struggled, tried screaming, all that came out was muffled sounds.

32 33

Then I heard the car start up and then it started to pull away. Is this nothing but a dream, is he messing with me and this is an elaborate joke? If it is, it’s not funny.

Yet here I am, on the way to an airport unable to do anything, helpless.

To be continued?


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