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Subterranean Sally 4

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2015 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; FF; F/f; coffin; cage; buried; concrete; sealed; retrieval; bond; cuffs; gag; bfold; collar; dress; heels; mask; encase; enclosed; cons; X

story continued from part three

Part Four

I lay there for ages crying into the mask. Feeling betrayed like her in the story, but knowing it was my fault just made it worse. Bob was obviously scared that I’d placed myself in danger again and maybe this ‘extra’ time might snap me out of it.

Repeatedly I replayed that moment upstairs, swishing happily around and grabbing the locket, one of two that I’d kept of Donna’s… this one white, the other black… “OH BLAST!” I screamed into the gag, now remembering the safe key WAS IN THE OTHER ONE! Weeping now at my carelessness, I’d kept the key in there because I’d worn that one with a dark blue dress for the night at the hotel with my girlfriends!

So ‘all I had to do’ was wait for Bob’ to re-establish my text capabilty… so I settled down. Worked hard at doing my exercises and prayed like heck it’d only be the first week…

It took nearly a month!

The screen startled me and I’d almost forgotten how the keyboard worked when I saw communications were up. Bob and Mary standing there and it was mum who was tapping.

‘Dearest Sally. We’re sorry to have kept you down there honey, but felt…’

They stopped as a flow of gibberish came across. I cursed and backspaced, tapping quickly in case he switched me off again.

‘Hi guys, welcome back. But dad, I feel so stupud. My safe key is in the OTHER locket… can you go and chekc’ he read, ignoring the spelling mistakes and I saw his head resting against Mary’s shoulders for a moment. 

He quickly left the room and I nervously waited, my eyes struggling to focus as I’d been in virtual darkness for so long. Muscle-wise I felt really bad, the cramps just permenantly painful now and I swore this was going to be the LAST time I’d be ever down here. He returned waving the key and the ring full of padlock ones. Mary leapt up and embraced him, both bursting into tears and I was crying too, hoping he’d whip the wardrobe doors open and start up the jackhammer… 

‘OK sweetheart. We really should have checked ourselves. I’m gonna kick myself for ages. So I’ll start freeing you tomorrow morning. It’s Sunday night and a bit late to start drilling now…’

I cursed unladylike but knew he wouldn’t budge.

‘Fair enough, and again I’m sorry. I’ve been exercising but still feel shi… Sorry rotten’ I tapped, grinning when Mary waggled a mocking finger. We ‘chatted’ a lot more and eventually an hour later they signed off with virtual hugs, Bob switching my movies and music back on. ‘You’ll need them to drown out the drill eh?’

He was right and I suffered horribly next afternoon as the thundering grew louder. At one point I started tapping out for him to STOP and cover me up again! Thankfully that got backspaced before he saw it. The pair worked SO hard and I screamed with delight when a big chunk of concrete was levered away and I saw the bars of my cage. Now the real delicate work started as they chiselled and dug deeper using manual tools as they worked more out from inside the cage bars. One thump made the coffin creak and I saw Mary gesturing, Bob now realising he’d go through the wood if he wasn’t careful.

The sight of Bob unlocking the cage reduced me to tears of joy. Each one was waved to the camera and I squealed when the last came off and was crying when the top bars were removed. But after hours of labour I sensed they were exhausted just as I could see the full length of the lid. If they carried on they’d be here a long time til I could get up from the casket. Then be taken upstairs and so on.

‘Hey guys, I know you’re close but if you’re getting tired then carry on tomorrow, yes? I don’t want you knackered and the bit getting me out of here will take a long time. Bob I can see you flexing that wrist. Have breaks… before you do some mischief.’    

They cuddled and I saw Mary talking and agreement was reached.

‘OK sweetie, glad you understand and thanks for that, look forward to seeing you in the morning.’

I never slept that night, constantly flicking between cameras and movies heart leaping when I finally saw them reappearing.

‘Hi darling, hope you’re OK. We’re a lot better today so be patient. Think of that lovely bath waiting for you’ Mary wrote and I grinned, trying to ignore the fact that my body odour was starting to affect my nasal passages. Not a real stink but noticeable all the same.

The hoist was brought in to lift me out. Mary warning the power was about to go out briefly. I held my breath obviously and sighed on feeling the coffin lurching upwards… stopping soon afterwards and everything returning, air and light, enabling me to watch as they swung me over onto the carpet. My eyes were streaming with tears as I heard the popping of the covers then the magical wrrring.

“Brace yourself Sally, eyes closed please darling. We’re opening you up now.” Mary shouted and I did.


I was shuddering like anything as fresh air assaulted my nostrils. A hand touched mine and I clasped it… hairy, must be Bob’s and I cautiously tried to open one eye.

“Ahhh… lights down please…” I squealed through the gag. Closing it again as the shock battered me, thankfully they understood and I heard Mary run for the wall and banging something. “OK honey, just a few torches aglow now. Try again.”

This time was more successful and I was crying as I saw the two vague figures alongside me. They too were in tears and we held hands again. “There’s nothing left of you girl…” he exclaimed, stroking my torso and despite the fact I wanted out, just to be TOUCHED by a human again was enough.

Listening as my restraints were unlocked one by one, pressure on my limbs relaxing but I dared not move just yet as it hurt so much. Now the important one and Bob placed fingers on the mask and slowly lifted it up.

“Urrgghh…” I squealed as the gag slid out. Despite the fact I’d recently had a drink I was as dry as a bone. My tongue relieved to be able to stick it out! 

“Bloody hell… you look a mess!” I was told and somehow I grinned. A straw was shoved into me and I drained the whole lot in a couple of slurps.

Remembering one of the stories I so slooowly tried to lift my head up… and failed! Mary massaging my arms and gradually I was able to lift my hands up. Wincing as the pain tore through me. “This isn’t going to work,” Bob said half an hour later as I wailed again on trying to sit up. 

For a moment I thought… and stared at him in shock. “Don’t be daft Sally, you’re not going back down OK?” he joked, reaching in and patting my trembling hands. I smiled wryly and Mary grinned as I got a kiss. We discussed what they would do and Bob left and returned with another drink, this time apparently laced with painkillers. I paused then knocked it back; soon feeling nothing, as my limbs just seemed to lose any sensation, this followed by the rest of me fading away. Bob having said it was the best way to get me out.

What happened next was the thundering headache to beat all migraines I’d ever endured. Waking up in a bed in darkness as I realised my eyes were blindfolded. Wrists lightly bound in padded cuffs, these connected to a waist belt and for a moment I nearly panicked.

“It’s OK sweetheart, I’m here hon,” Mary said as I called out that I was awake. Muscles screaming in pain and she quickly undid my arms. “I’ll turn the lights down before you finish,” she said next so I waited. Wriggling slightly, luxuriating in silk and I assumed she’d done this for me. Finally I slipped it off and looked up to see mum properly and it felt good as she leaned in to kiss me.

Questions followed and Mary sat down and told me how they’d carried me upstairs where I’d been stripped and washed by mum alone then put to bed… two days ago! I’d slept solidly for thirty-six hours… wow! “Yeah, no wonder I feel shi… Oops, need to remember my manners now,” I chuckled and that got me a hug.

Mary acknowledged this and allowed me to sit up, well she helped me, as I couldn’t quite manage that on my own. From here I could see my face in the dressing table mirror and I was appalled. Running both hands over my torso and I was concerned. “Wow, too skinny… not good.” I said and she agreed, saying once I could eat proper food that I needed to get back up to a healthier weight for my height. “Another week or so down there and you’d have been in REAL trouble young lady. I hope… this’ll be the last time you… it’s SO silly for you to keep hiding away like this. Please darling, don’t go down there again…” Taking my hands and kissing them.

I knew she meant well but I sighed, trying not to look upset. “Yeah, I know, but it’s just the way I am Mary. Been like it my whole life as Bob’s probably said, yes?” She replied that they’d spent many hours discussing me, worried that I could need proper psychiatric care if this went too far, but hearing that I was adamant it’d not be happening. “No way, not gonna have someone poking round my head love… period. If you want I’ll talk to Milly or one of my other friends but please… just accept me for what I am. I’ll try to improve I promise.”

She looked at me and finally nodded. “OK, I had to ask Sal, just to see what you’d say. I’ll hold you to your word though. Now it’s nearly lunchtime, fancy trying to get up?”

I grinned and she fetched the kimono as I tried to swing my legs out, somehow succeeding and before long I was upright. Felt horrendous and Mary had to support me for a while as I was walked up and down the room but I was pleased to eventually get in and out of the bathroom unaided. We lurched downstairs and I nearly tripped over my nightie hem, Mary catching me well. Into the kitchen I went, mum behind me and Bob turned, a smile on his face.

“Hiya sweetheart, welcome back,” he grinned and we came close for a hug and kiss. Then I headed for the table and just made it. Flopping into the seat as my head started spinning. Coffee was served into a beaker with straw and it went down a treat. They left me alone in there for a while with a newspaper, the pair obviously talking somewhere else but they did come back an hour later and Bob made lunch for us all.

That was the start of my rehabilitation, a great omelette dinner following, I didn’t even know dad could cook one! “All this time you’ve kept that quiet…” I joked and they both chuckled and gradually they debriefed me as to what had gone on, both their honeymoon, and I remembered to ask Bob how his wrist was. 

“It’s OK Sally. But now you’re our most important worry. Need to get you fit and healthy again. I know what you and Mary discussed upstairs… and despite my best thoughts I’m not going to close the room up. Looks like we’re going to have to accept you as things are. We’ll let you use your coffin for trialing stuff or the odd weekend. But young lady, if you want to go down and be caged too there then the minimum burial time will be a month… no less. Sorry but it’s bloody exhausting digging you out each time. We ached as bad as you did yesterday…” I bridled at that and he waited for the explosion, which never came as I suspected he was testing me. 

I surrendered and gave them both hugs before asking to go back upstairs before I fell asleep again. Mary took me and after looking through their trip photos I was put to bed again, this time unbound.

Over the next few months I was good as gold as I recovered, thankfully with little side effects. “Even your head is getting better,” Bob quipped one day. My friends were glad I was back, Milly especially and we Skype each other at least twice a week. Her relationship with the fellow Californian hasn’t lasted, he got busted for something serious and she was very upset. Least I was able to understand that, Mary saw us talking that night for hours but Mil at least was able to smile by the end of it. “Thanks love, glad to be a help, just wish I could meet you over there sometime.” I replied, hoping that I could have another holiday in the States out of it. 

They finally allowed me to get a part-time volunteer job at the local library and that did wonders for my self-esteem, way better than they imagined. Mind you it’s probably the noisiest place of learning in our town as I chat to other ladies. We giggle watching blokes furtively going into the ‘adult’ section… if only they knew that the primly dressed twenty-something manning the desk has ‘appeared in Vegas!’ 

Didn’t even need to go into the coffin room though I knew Bob was tidying it up. Smoothing out concrete edging, saying that ‘if’ there was a next time it’d just be soil. Eventually curiosity won the battle and I persuaded him to let me in one afternoon while Mary was out for a reason I didn’t know. The carpet and a load of wooden planks were pulled back to reveal his labours. Looking down I was pleased the cage was still there, noticing it WAS anchored after all, heavy bolts at each corner. The sides sloped up from the plinth, a proper staircase at the opposite end from the pipe channel.

Bob led me down and I patted the cage, smiling at an old friend and he grinned at me. “Fancy a quick go?” he asked and I paused. “Well… quick is a month yes?” he nodded and I pouted royally. “Not fair, you teasing me…” but I was smiling and went to climb out. “It’s a month IF you’re in the coffin Sally, but just in the cage, well that is different.”

I stared at him and he flipped up the latches then opened the top and peered in then pointed. “I’ll let you have an hour inside Sally before tea.” That got him a hug and I hurried upstairs to use my bathroom. Arriving back to see he was down there with a box of restraints, locks and so on. Blankets and pillow laid there for ‘comfort’ as he attached some manacles to each corner.

He invited me to step over the edge, his eyes averted as I hitched up my dress, having not worn trousers since my release as I’d been told that from now on I was ‘to act and look like a lady’. So now I stood there trembling slightly, as this was the first time since the coffin that either of them had put me in restraints. A steel belt was locked round my waist and I knew this was only the start. Obeying the order to lie down in the middle of the cage and tidy myself up which only took a moment.

Bob reached in and eased my left leg into a cuff, the clinking and rattling of keys and locks getting me going as the other was done, my limbs splayed apart but thankfully the dress keeping me decent as it was below my knees. Next I reached up and shuddered as my arms were secured, this leaving me x-shaped and utterly helpless. The bondage carried on as chains came from either side to my belt so I couldn’t wriggle.

“That better love…?” he asked, reaching through the bars and stroking my face. I nodded and smiled as his hands went onto my legs, checking no doubt that I was wearing hosiery but only to the knee. “Good girl, you really are learning… shame it’s taken so long eh?” I managed not to scowl and at least he apologised.

The lid came over and I looked at him through the bars… smiling and nodding as he waved the first padlock at me. Keeping me honest Bob made me count each one till I got to the last of ten. I know it’s overkill, even the manacles would be enough but I wanted the job done properly. That’s why I’d challenged him each time I’d been buried.

“Right then sweetheart, you’ve got one hour,” he said and climbed out whistling while I wriggled as best I could. Stopping when Bob began to drag the planks across and I hadn’t been expecting that. Minutes later I lay in the dark as his paces faded and the door slammed shut… lovely!

It was actually Mary who released me later on, coming down and smiling as she saw my predicament. Her hands worse than Bob’s as she gave my torso a damn good grope! Making me squeal as those nipples got worked over and I nearly wet myself trying to jerk and wriggle away. Finally she freed me from the cuffs and belt… then handed me the padlock keys and said I had five minutes to escape from the cage or she’d confiscate the ones left over!

Mayhem ensued as I battled the damn things but made it with a minute to spare and she clapped… cow! Lifting the latches and helping her girl clamber out. We shared a hug and kiss then she said there was a surprise waiting upstairs for me so I had to change into my ‘best’ white number and heels. I tidied my hair first then did make-up, seeing Mary had brought my bag down, also a necklace and earrings. It must be important, as I needed to ‘pass’ inspection before being allowed to go up, clicking happily into the kitchen to see…


Standing there smiling next to dad and I squealed and rushed into her arms, both of us breaking down in tears. “So that’s why you’ve been off Skype since Friday,” I laughed as we disengaged. Looking her up and down, she was SO smartly dressed, a light grey trouser suit with heeled black boots, very sophisticated and I complemented her as we went into the lounge having repaired ourselves. Mary brought us tea then left, allowing me to give Milly another cuddle and this time she kissed me, not just a peck but a full on the chops. Now I knew why she’d come over and to be honest I didn’t mind!

Quite what the others might say, but that was for later. Especially on finding that she was going to be in England for a MONTH. “Oh wow, you’re going to see all the sights… yes?” 

She wasn’t yet sure, it depended on what time I could get off work as it appeared she wanted me to be her guide, that’d be easy as some of the ladies only do a couple of hours a month anyway. In fact I’m one of the more regular attendees so a week or so off wouldn’t hurt. “OK, we’ll work round that, you can come to the library and meet the others as well. Where are you stayi…” and she grinned now and pointed upstairs to our guestroom… wow!

“This was Mary’s idea. It’s Bob and your mum that are sponsoring my visit. I guess they’re hoping it’ll do… us both good, yes? Needed to get away from… over there for a while.” Looking a bit sad now and I knew why, things are not improving in her homelife. So it looked like my sneaky parents were setting me up with Mil, or at least hoping we could keep each other company.

So we chatted the rest of that evening after dinner, which us youngsters cooked, Milly an excellent student who was actually better than I assumed as we laboured earlier. “We’re not all fast-food junkies Sal… be nice.” she squealed on being teased mercilessly about pizzas… burgers, nachos and other like-minded products. Mary chuckling as she came in to see what all the noise was about. Seeing us giggling and she winked at me before leaving.        

It was such a joy to be able to chat to someone my own age that could really understand me and my troubles. We’re not perfect, Milly is the same as we talked out developing problems at home, her parents are in the midst of splitting up and it’s getting her down. Guess this was really why she’d been invited. Despite the fact Mil has her own flat she misses her mum a lot, so it was a lot of tender strokes and cuddled given that night. Eventually I could sense the old jet-lag had done her in so suggested she turn in. Leading Milly to her room and away she went, not emerging til nearly lunchtime next day. Bob and Mary were over at the factory with some builders so not due back til 4pm.

“That’s better honey, you don’t look too rough,” I said, high-fiving her next day as she wandered in, surprised I wasn’t dressed yet as I sat at the breakfast bar reading a paper. My nightie and kimono the opposite of her T-shirt and shorts, a lightweight dressing gown over the top. She came around the counter and slid her hands round me from behind, resting them in my lap as her chin leaned on my shoulder… lips nibbling an ear… nice, and I reached down and clasped her fingers.

“How’s the head?” I asked and got a groan and chuckle before she let go and sat beside me. My hand going to the kettle and making a brew. She’d never tried proper leaf-tea before and liked it, declining breakfast as she guessed we’d be having lunch in an hour or so. Milly also seemed happier today and once we were both dressed and making our meal really perked up.

A shame the weather didn’t help, pouring down so we spent the day at home, not just chatting as I had housework to do, Mil actually helping even though she didn’t need to. “No, I like to be houseproud and pay my way. So accept, or get a tickle…” she grinned and I surrendered. At one point she opened the understairs door looking for the vacuum cleaner and I managed to stop her. “That’s for later honey, when or if you want some serious… playtime.” She stared at me. “You’ve got a real dungeon down there? Holy smoke I thought you were joking…” I said no, then after we’d finished our work told Mil what lay beneath her feet. No surprise she wanted to see it.

We had another drink, then I led a trembling friend downstairs, firstly showing her the playroom and she loved that, wandering around. “Yep, we’ve all been round here. Me and dad, Mary and him, her and me, they’ve played while I was next door and could hear them.” She laughed at that but didn’t ask to be strapped to something, I guess that’ll come soon enough. 

“Right, now the other one. This is more extreme Mil, if you get scared or distressed, just walk out, I’ll understand OK?” I said, unbolting the second door and ushering her inside. Milly’s eyes bugged as I led her in and she saw my casket in real life. Coming closer and peering inside then looking stunned at me. “You spent two MONTHS in there…? Jeez,” she murmured and I nodded. 

“Yeah, the first 500 hours were planned. I must say Bob scared the crap out of me when he told me that he wouldn’t free me yet, because of what I’d done. But thankfully he relented, up I came and since then have only had the odd hour or so mainly to test new food recipes. I’m trying to ‘be a bit more normal’ now rather than running and hiding away. My friends were starting to worry ‘bout me and it’s not fair on them.” She nodded, giving me a hug.

“When you were gone so long even I got worried. Kept e-mailing Mary and I wept buckets when she told me what happened. Think that was why they’ve invited me over to take you in hand, little knowing I’m getting as bad as you if my two don’t get a grip?” a wry smile at that. “Guess we deal with thing in our own way. That’s what makes us so different eh?” I nodded, joking that I didn’t know she was a psychologist and we laughed. She reached down and closed the collar and belt. “Fancy a go?” I asked. Amazed when she recoiled and for a moment I thought she was going to be sick.

“Oh… er… well I don’t know. It’s a bit far Sal…” she gasped and I patted her arm, saying not to worry and lets go. But she held me for a moment then smiled. “OK… but only for a few minutes, yes?”

I agreed discussed it for a while then sent her off to use the bathroom while I oiled all the locks, Milly returning soon enough. We had an embrace then I helped her sit down. The leg and arm struts with their extra restraints had been removed at her request, not wanting to go the whole-hog first time out. I could feel her trembling already as her sneakers were replaced with heels so the footwear would fit into the slots.

To keep her calm I allowed Milly to lock her ankles. The girl’s eyes widening as she twisted the keys and hearing the clunks. “Oh jeez…” she gasped and I grinned, taking them out then indicating she was to lie back. Helping her down and she wriggled a bit as the belt rested on her back, neck easing into the base of the collar. She stared up at me and finally nodded, allowing me to close them both but not yet lock either. I complied and she sighed, feeling the front padding lightly resting on her throat. She’s slightly thinner than I am… cow, so could hardly tell the waistband was closed. Resting her hands on top.

“OK Sal, you can continue… I think…” I let her settle then two clunks echoed round the room. Followed shortly after by Milly’s breathing getting louder. She smiled nervously and another clasp of hands before Milly placed them into the wristcuffs. “Do it love… lock me in.” I nodded and inserted the keys and she closed her eyes as two more clicks indicated her rising level of restraints. I gently stroked her silky-smooth legs, getting a lovely sigh, as I went north above her knees but not to the top. The “Oi, steady Sal” murmur stopping me short. “Spoilsport,” I chuckled and she grinned.

“Any further? Mask, gag, lid screwed-down then dropped into a cage, that locked with…” I started and saw her eyes flick open and she looked a bit scared now. “OK sorry Mil, didn’t mean to push honey.” I said quickly, grabbing her fingers and she squeezed hard. But she didn’t ask to get up and after lying there slowly asked me to put the lid down after all. “No screwing though…” and somehow I managed not to laugh, she grinned too then braced herself. “Right, I’ll time you, ten minutes enough?” 

She agreed and I plugged in the electric cable so Milly could feel air blowing across her legs. “If you want to come out before then, just call ‘want out now’ and I’ll have you up straight away. I’ll not be leaving your side OK?” She thought about it then nodded. I leaned in; kissed her right on the mush and I know she liked that, eyes closing and a sigh. Coming back I reached for the lid and brought that over the top and laid it flush. 

“Oh goodness…” I heard her call but did nothing as she went quiet. Getting to my feet I set the timer then went to look at the cupboard where my foodstuffs were.

Milly lasted eight minutes… 

“OK, eyes closed honey, opening now.” I replied to her calls, the lid up seconds later and I saw her shuddering now. Quickly I unlocked neck and wrists, seeing her chest rising and falling SO fast I thought she was hyperventilating. The last locks were undone and I unbuckled her shoes, the lassie scrambling out and she threw herself into my arms.

“OK sweetheart, well done Milly… you’re safe and out now,” I murmured, stroking her back as she clung on, head buried in my shoulder. Gradually she calmed down and apologised ‘for wussing out’ so soon. Amazed to find that she was only two minutes short of achieving her target.

“It was fine for a while, then I just freaked out in that utter darkness. Tugging at the bonds and so on.” I nodded, having seen the coffin rocking slightly because she could move her upper arms and legs. She looked down at it. “Two months, it must have been… well guess you’re used to it?” I agreed, telling her the story from when we used to use it for charity runs. “I’ve been in and out of this since my early teens, raised a stack of cash and it was fun. Later wanted time alone and it seemed to be right. Now you can appreciate it, yes?”

“Yeah, I can Sal, you’re still a wacko though!” she joked and I laughed. She let me refit the other restraints then looked down, imagining the extra stuff surrounding her limbs then the rest of it. Milly held the mask to her face but couldn’t hack the idea of wearing it properly. “Been gagged before but never like this!” I smiled then showed her how it looked, fitting the feeding tube to the front then placing the mask into the coffin and securing it to the collar. She was soon shuddering again as the last clunk indicated it was fixed.

“That’s it love. There I was, wearing a lovely dress, secured in all these restraints.” I said, pointing to the carpet close by and saying what lay below it. “The coffin was down there in the cage, that secured by padlocks and the whole lot surrounded by at least four feet of concrete. I’d challenged Bob and Mary to make me safer than ever. Think they kept their side of the bargain, it took two days to get me out!” I chuckled.

“What was your outfit like?” she asked so I told her. She’s not a really ‘dressy’ sort of lass. “Yeah, bit hard when it’s 85 degrees eh?” Leading her upstairs to my room and letting Milly look round my wardrobe. “Got some nice stuff Sal, but that’s superb,” she agreed as I held that one up against myself. “It survived two solid months but even when I got out, I wouldn’t have wanted to take it off. Mary eventually got me free of it because I was out cold, guess that long without a shower…” and Milly wrinkled her nose. I went to the mirror and posed again. “Go on Sally. Lets see you in it, please,” she replied. I turned and saw her smiling at me.

I agreed, telling Milly I’d show her how I’d looked. She offered to help and as I needed it said ok. She advanced and we embraced, her hands sliding round and unzipping me. “Thought you might do that,” and she chuckled, allowing me to step out of one and into the other after applying a full-length slip. More stroking once I was secured inside and a pose for her camera followed before we returned downstairs.

“Oh bugger, forgot the obvious… I’ll be back love.” so I hurried upstairs, managing not to trip over the dress and found the tubes, wishing I could leave them off, but I’d offered to show Milly exactly what I’d been like so they had to be added. 

Returning slightly gangly-legged and at least she was polite enough not to laugh… then we both did anyway and a big hug and snog followed. I sat alongside and tried to clip them in but they wouldn’t reach from where my seat was, too close to the headboard. “Oh well, always the obvious, give me a hand love,” I said, firstly opening the other restraints and Mil did so. 

Helping me step into the coffin and she was able to sort the dress out as I sat down. Easing my feet into the slots. I smiled and to avoid straining my back I lay down, managing not to smack my head into the side part of the collar.

Milly looked down as I rested my arms into the open restraints and wriggled, she grinned… easing my collar across. “What you up to hon…?” I asked coyly. She inserted the key and paused, asking if I wanted her to lock it. “Not if you want any tea tonight missy…” 

The lassie laughed… then twisted it anyway, the clunks of the lock making me shudder and she saw my face break into a grin as I patted the metal. “It’s a lovely sound Sally, I can understand why you get off on it. Same as when I test the stuff at work. Plus your playroom next door, after we’ve had tea can you… take me round the place… like properly?” I nodded knowing she wanted to be strapped to something and teased after all. I said I’d do it and she leaned in for a kiss. I waited for her to undo me… but she didn’t, reaching down instead and doing my right wrist. This time I closed both eyes, expecting her to carry on but instead she freed both bits and sat back. Assuming I’d leap out after undoing the pipes and chase her upstairs for a tickle.

“Well I can cook, if you’re just gonna lie there Sal…” she joked and I laughed this time, reaching up and caressing her face, kissing her other hand as it was offered to my lips. That was followed by her mouth clamping across mine when she leaned in again, both hands wandering over my breasts and the rest of my torso. I sat up and this time we had a longer kiss and cuddle and I stared into her eyes… and she knew what was coming.

“OK Milly if you’re going… please lock me in before you go… you know how to do it all, yes?” I whispered.

She rolled her eyes then nodded, reaching up my dress and did the ones either side of the knees, giving my thighs serious attention, both ankles next then the belt followed. Hearing my gentle sighs as she carried on stroking me. Taking both hands and helping me lie down again. “Oh god… Sally what are you doing love?” I murmured and shuddered as Milly arranged my hair because I’d missed the chance. She chuckled and asked me if we were swapping names now! I smiled as she did the collar before the arms were finished off. Holding and kissing my hands for a while then made to get up and leave me till teatime. I let her get to the door…

“You haven’t finished sweetheart…”

Milly came back and my eyes flicked to where the mask was on the bench. She paused then brought it over. Looking for the foodpipe that lay along the top of my pillow. Snipping it in then a final smooch.

I nearly cried on feeling the gag enveloping my mouth. She got me to test the food…”Not too much or you won’t be hungry later on!” and that earned her a thumb-up. A waved two-finger moments later when she whispered ‘Goodbye Milly darling!’ then the lid was gently laid over me and I flicked the TV set on to see…

Amazed to see her returning with the electric screwdriver! Getting to work, those delightful wrrrrsss, all eight counted and she got up, looking satisfied. Guess she doesn’t know about the hole covers but I’ll let her off.

She left me for an hour or so then returned and quietly opened the lid, waking me from a snooze by tweaking a nipple. The question about freedom came next, five minutes later we were hugging and kissing and it felt good, going upstairs and holding hands. Again Milly ‘helped’ me undress then back into my normal attire. “Gonna make you squeal after tea young lady,” I said and saw her eyes gleaming brightly at the thought.

Milly did squeal, shriek, and more as I did as threatened. A sweaty blonde wreck by the time I untied her from the cross. But her twinkling eyes gave it away, she’d loved every minute of it and I guessed that there would be more than one visit, plus she’d probably get revenge sometime in the next three and a half weeks!

She did, on one occasion, Bob and Mary seeing us staggering out of the playroom at the end, hot, sticky and so happy. They looked at each other then me and I winked, their hands clasping then he dragged mum inside saying it was their turn… “IF you’ve finished hogging it!” We scuttled upstairs giggling.

More laughter when Bob took the three of us to watch a football match the first full weekend of her visit. I groaned but Mil wanted to go, just so she could boast to the others at home I guess. For this dresses wouldn’t do so mum and dad arrived at the ground towing two leather biker-jacketed youngsters with chunky heeled boots too. Caused a few ‘phwoars’ in our stand and I saw Milly glowing as she read the programme. Later the stewards told a few guys to tone it down, just as well because my Californian buddy recognised one of the names of a guy who’d played in the Major League Soccer. The US’s version of this division. 

“Yeah, I’ve heard of Brian, gonna be cheering for him,” she exclaimed. Bob laughed and leaned closer. “Don’t you dare missy, he’s the opposing team’s goalie!” She looked crestfallen at us and we creased-up in mirth. “Goalie? You mean shot-stopper, yes?” Dad just rolled his eyes as I cuddled her. “If you say soccer instead of football love, we’ll never get out of here alive, understand?” he whispered and least she took it well. The half-time pie and soup went down a treat. Milly waving at Brian who actually did very well for his team til he got injured in the second half. His substitute let in a couple of late goals so Bob was happy that we’d all had a good time and seen a victory too.

But two days later we had to deal with her parents divorce battle exploding in an acrimonious court exchange that Milly didn’t even know had been scheduled. Because her mum was a senior figure in California politics, dad still a military officer it made headlines, some not the sort I wanted her to see and she got dreadfully upset about it. Put out by the fact her mother hadn’t forewarned during their frequent chats. I asked if she wanted to return home earlier than planned, the lass breaking down and holding me tight. “No bloody way! I’m a bit peed off… you know Sally I can understand WHY you hide away sometimes… I thought it daft, now I’m wondering… whether to have some time in the casket myself!” I hoped she was joking and thankfully, a grin and cuddle later she said that was a step too far. “But if it gets too bad, then I might be asking for a favour.”

Thankfully the judge sorted things out, basically telling the pair to fix this privately and Milly began to smile again, her mum apologising saying she hadn’t wanted to spoil Milly’s trip. We visited London and beyond but she was just happy to be with me. But I was dreading the last week and got a bit irritable with my parents, though I did apologise and they knew why. Bob was giving me a hug while Mary was out in the garden with Mil. He did announce they would be away for one of the last nights before Milly was to leave to give us time alone. They’d also be at the airport, Mary was to drive my car as they guessed I’d be too tearful to manage.

The penultimate evening was very quiet, we had a lovely picnic on the beach a few miles away then returned to the house, just us two sitting together in the lounge, TV off, not talking but holding hands watching the damn clock whizzing round too fast for our liking. At ten PM she squeezed my hand then got up and walked away, not looking back and she trudged upstairs. 

I followed a few minutes later, seeing her door shut, a voice on Skype so she was probably phoning her mum again to confirm her flight times.

I’d just finished my ablutions when there was a tapping on my door, opening it I saw her there, in PJ’s and dressing gown, myself in the usual. Milly looked at me and I knew why she’d come, taking her hand and bringing the lassie close and we kissed. Breaking off I closed the door and locked it, knowing she wouldn’t be leaving me tonight. Her fingers returned, undoing my kimono while mine tackled her robe. Both dropping away and we embraced, hands roaming over our bodies then Mil spoke as she eased me towards the bed.

“I’m ready sweetheart… shall we?”

It was a night I’d never forget, obviously Milly knew what I needed and neither of us cared. We did it all and at the end our commitment was total. After a shared shower I gave her one of my nighties, zipping her in and seeing her expression as the silky fabric rubbed her silly. “Can see why you wear these love. Going to do the same from now on.” Soon we were back in bed lying wrapped in the other’s arms, her fingers unable to leave my tits alone! “Gonna bind your wrists if you don’t stop it Mil,” I chuckled, switching off the lights.

That was how the dawn found us, still entwined and it took a while to untangle ourselves from the wreckage of my bedding. Another shower followed and we briefly went out into town. Bought something very special then returned for lunch that we made together. Then she sat me down in the lounge, holding close and asking a most important question that only I could answer. “It’s going to affect us all Sally, what your outlook will be on life from now on. Please think it over love. What we did last night, cannot be undone.” She even slid off the sofa and knelt at my feet, her hands wrapped over mine, a finger rubbing the back of one as she waited.

I sighed, knowing what was needed, hoping that Bob and mum would forgive me and that Milly… despite her own troubles might understand. Looking down at the lass, her eyes closed as I turned and stared at myself in the mirror nearby. Right, I thought after what seemed a lifetime, leaning down and kissing her forehead then spoke.

“Yes Milly. I’ll do it…” I whispered into her ear. Feeling her tremble and those fingers gripped a little tighter now.

Mil looked up, her eyes watering now then came back alongside and we kissed again. “Thank you Sally. You’ll never regret this sweetheart. That is why you’re going to do this for me this afternoon. I know it’ll be painful… you know it’s the right thing to do… so it’s time… We better go and get… changed.”

If mum dressing me had been special, getting ready with Mil was even better. Every piece of clothing selected was applied between kisses, Milly into her grey suit, me into ‘that’ dress with all the extras. Her hands zipped me up and we were almost in tears as we cuddled. Going downstairs to pose for our cameras by the fireplace to record this event. Checking the photos, seeing her standing behind me because she’s slightly taller, well I’d slipped my shoes off too. Milly’s arms protectively wrapped around my waist and us holding hands, fingers intertwined. Returning up to my room she laid out the pads, a cloth and cords on my bed and I looked at her… knowing the time had come for me to commit myself.

“Bind my wrists honey… then I’ll be ready…” I murmured turning away and placing my arms behind me.

Jumping as she did so, tying both as I wanted them to be done, remembering a story where the last bow comes round the front. I looked down and saw her finishing up, just enough cord to look right. Stepping to one side and nodding at her handiwork in the mirror. Milly picked up the pads and cloth, approaching me and I looked round again for the last time as a free woman. Then she secured them all and I stood there shaking now.   

Milly talked me through each step all the way to the basement. Only releasing me having locked the door first. The coffin ready and I’d already checked the food and drinks then prepared the carpet and planks. The coal hatch open above us. A hugely symbolic handing over of the padlock keys, all ten of the steel devices opened and waiting down by the plinth. She kissed each key then hung them on the hook below my TV set that was now on. The keyboards had already been fitted and tested earlier.

Now things moved along quickly once I was in position. She made me count each restraint as it was secured. One ankle cuff… other ankle and so on. Touching my dress then doing the upper legs. The belt making the loudest clunk and I smiled having had a hug. Collar followed soon enough and the wristcuffs were done last after a long holding of hands. She paused then assembled the mask before applying it. No kiss until it was secured, a surprise but too late now as she reached for the lid.

“Goodbye Sally darling… and thank you sweetheart for letting me do this,” she said then gently brought it over the top. The interior being plunged into the gloom only lit by the TV set. I watched on the big screen as Milly screwed the lid down, now knowing about the caps I listened for the little snapping sounds and the job was finished. I’d taught her about the new electric hoist and she competently worked it into position. 

It was so skilfully done but heartbreaking as a quietly sobbing Milly lowered my coffin into the steel cage. I hadn’t expected her to get so upset, worrying that she might stop and say she couldn’t go through with this idea. Wiping her eyes as she replaced the wires and listening to the fan restarting. I exhaled and watched silently as the cage closed, latches going into position then each of the padlocks was snapped round. The titanium hasps impregnable, knowing the keys were inside the coffin so it’ll never be opened again.

She climbed out and dabbed her eyes before I watched as Milly left the room. Minutes later the yellow hose dangled down and soil began flooding in. This was the worst part as I knew it’d take a while, at least two hours but I saw the level rising all the time. Milly returned, rubbing mud off her suit and boots. A look up and she waved, the mixer must have arrived on time and soon concrete covered the soil and she levelled it off. I’d hoped she was capable, least it looked smooth and I was impressed. She left briefly, me assuming she was signing for the load. I prayed the vehicle was driving away before mum and dad returned and discovered what we were doing.

The hatch was closed and Milly returned and finished up, reading the checklist I’d prepared for the burial, laying the carpet and using tacks in the corner. She gave the camera a thumbs-up then came to the keyboard.

‘There. All done sweetheart. Sally is now safe forever’

I smiled and tapped my reply.

‘Almost Milly my dear. The OLD Sally is now safe, the new one wants to go for a wee…’

She turned to see me by the door holding the spare keyboard, my lover rushing over to give me a kiss. Pleased now that the coffin had been disposed of and I’d never need to use it again. Stroking my dress that she’d not let me bury, saying it was too good to waste. Also why she’d asked to work the session alone, me standing alongside in silence rather than helping as I’d intended. Those touches and stuff during the burial and my gentle nodding at crucial times indicating she was doing the thing right. Milly looked tired but a lot happier now.

“Thank you Mil, for finally helping me bury that demon. It’s why you got emotional as well yes?” she nodded and smiled at that. “I guess Bob won’t be that disappointed his labours down there have been wasted. The cage isn’t as good as the bed next door. Besides he and mum will be happy that I’ve… grown up at last. Plus he gets his games room back!”

We laughed now and had another snogging session before helping repair our make-up. Milly especially wanted me to look good as she backcombed and brushed my hair. I knew why, to be equal to the photos we’d taken earlier on in the lounge. “Stop fussing honey and enjoy some pampering,” she said when I indicated I could manage, “also Sally dear, remember who’s wearing the trousers at the moment,” and I started at that and grinned as I did a twirl. 

“Wow, guess I won’t be any time soon then, I could pop upstairs and change?” and Milly paused and shook her head. “Well, stay like this for tonight at least, plus there’ll be one more day when a ‘proper’ dress is needed, sure you’ll look a stunner in whatever gets planned eh?” and it made me blush as I realised what THAT meant. 

Then she relaxed having finished and I was allowed to do hers, also fixing her nails because she’d messed them up while ‘shovellin’ shit.’ “Just as well Bob cannot hear you speaking like that!” I laughed as she waited patiently for the varnish to dry. Checking my watch…5 PM, should be about right and we ‘passed’ each other as ready then held hands again.  

“Mum and dad should be home soon Mil honey…” I said, looking at my left hand as she let go of it.

“…Guess we’d better go and announce our engagement!”

The end.

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