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Subterranean Sally 3

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2020 - Wingco - Used by permission

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story continued from part two

Part Three

One that I thought was going well over the next six months or so. Mary was becoming a frequent visitor to the house. In fact one day I’d arrived back from work expecting them to be home but Bob was alone. Querying this he seemed surprised then admitted she’d gone dress shopping. “Not for THAT type of dress love…,” he said quickly enough but I suspected an announcement might be sooner than later. 

Downstairs too was becoming interesting. Not just Dad and Mary, but Ms Harrison and myself! I’d surrendered my vibrator to her one morning, spending the rest of the next two hours regretting this. “Come on love, just one more for the sisterhood, surely you can take it…” she muttered as I hung there blown away by a series of explosive ones!

While she didn’t understand my coffin and the ideas behind it she didn’t mind if I played in it. The two of them locked me in one afternoon and I lay there listening as he took her circuit training, round the playroom rather than a gym. Over the next what seemed to me like hours he tickled, thrashed, more tickling then finally vibrated her to a climax! Her squealing woke me up from a snooze! 

Once I thought it long enough I quietly knocked on the lid (my wrists were not secured) and Bob released his girl. Me looking at a tired Mary wrapped in blankets and asleep on the bondage bed. We cuddled and I asked if I should free her. Bob cruelly shook his head no then carefully padlocked the cage shut with my assistance. Leaving her cellphone dangling off the bars. Upstairs much later on I received a call from a desperate lady who needed the loo!

They got engaged on Christmas Day, fifteen months after our USA trip. Bob having asked me first if I minded. Of course I didn’t, she loved us both now and I was in tears when he popped the question after a great dinner made by me and she’d said yes. “Least you’ll be able to remember that date,” I laughed and got hugs for that.

The wedding was planned for the summer but I was amazed when in March Bob announced he was selling his company and retiring. He’s only 55 I thought and was a little dismayed at that. “Oh, I thought you’d be happy that I’d be here. As you’ll be leaving too, we’re gonna have more than enough money for years to come, yes?”

I wasn’t however. My role might be small in the company but I’d earned it on merit and was proud of that. While being ‘the boss’ girl had helped there were some who’d thought otherwise but I proved to them that I was capable, now he was taking it away. Didn’t he understand that I wanted to earn my own money, also you easily get bored if playtime is all the time and we had a frosty talk that afternoon and he groaned when I got stroppy. “I’ll help Mary with her work as she wants me and Milly to model the restraints for the calendar, but I’m not leaving, OK?” He sighed and nodded then left me be.

My pigheadedness came back to haunt me. Within two months of him leaving I was forced out, devastated to have been told I was being demoted to secretary rather than the managerial position I occupied. The new owner regarded women in engineering companies as ‘tea-girls and typists’ so if I didn’t comply then tough luck. A long tearful chat with Mary and Bob that night was enough and my notice went in next morning. 

So now unemployed but after moping about getting in Bob’s way I decided to have a weekend in the coffin to do some thinking alone. He seemed quick to comply and helped set things up on the Friday, the drinks and stuff much tastier now I’d worked out how to get it right. Also teaching Mary how it worked. The lid went down and he screwed me closed. I half hoped he’d bury me but instead shifted the casket to one side and they didn’t use the basement at all. A nice quiet weekend followed and I was much happier when freedom came on the Sunday night. 

Mary moved in two months before the big day as she had offers for her place. A fat cheque landed in our accounts even after the eye-watering tax bill and she was quick to see I got a share. Grateful for that we went to for a little dinner to celebrate. Both of us looked great, me in my black dress, Mary in the midnight blue outfit worn the night we’d had in San Francisco. After the meal I bumped into a couple of former work colleagues and decided to allow the others to go home while I stayed out for an hour or so. “You behave yourself, young lady,” he grinned waggling a finger and Mary chuckled.

“Nearly thirty now, I can cope! Besides I’ve had my regulation two drinks, I’m only on the coffee now,” I grinned and waved them off, Margie and Katryn waiting patiently by the door. We went back in, sat down with a steaming jug of best Colombian brew and I caught up on news from ‘the coalface’ Marge saying it was bad there now, both women were thinking of quitting. “You got out just in time Sally love, we’re going to give it another month then I‘m out too. Kat will probably follow,” and I saw her nodding.

A tray of cocktails arrived twenty minutes later and I looked at the others, none of us had ordered and I was puzzled til the bartender said three guys in the corner had sent them across. We turned and saw my nemesis from the company and two of Bob’s engineers, one who’d left shortly before me, Maurice raising his pint glass in salute. “Guess it’s a ‘no-hard-feelings’ round,” I joked and the others grinned. We dithered as they were rather OTT for us, blue green and lastly an orange one with cherries and stuff jutting out on sticks. “Girlie drinks, for girlies I’ll bet they’re probably saying,” Kat joked and we all giggled. 

“Well, a shame to waste them…girlies…” I smiled so picked the green one, Marge went for blue leaving Kat, with orange. “Bottom’s up…” Katryn said then I daintily sipped mine, hoping it’d be some sort of mint flavouring. I rolled it over my tongue… 

“Oh bloody hell…” I wheezed, trying not to cough, “It’s foul, what the heck is it…?” and Marge stared at me having knocked half of hers back. “Water…quickly Sal…” she muttered and thankfully this place has iced jugs of the stuff on a central table. I came back and she grabbed a glass and put that back in one. “I’m gonna complain ‘bout these,” Katryn growled and I was nodding, water being drunk now as I tried to get the taste out of my mouth. 

Margie sat there staring at the remains of her drink and I thought she was shaking. “You alright Ma…?” I began and she shook her head. “No, I feel rubbish…” she muttered and I turned to look at Maurice’s gathering to see what their reaction was, only to see they’d gone! The bartender wiping down the table as he cleared the glasses. We needed help and I went across, not feeling that brilliant myself now as I reached him.

“Excuse me buddy,” I said, tapping his arm. “Those drinks you gave us that these guys bought, I think they’ve been spiked. My mates are in trouble,” and he turned to look in surprise. Seeing me standing there, looking peaky and his face fell as he peered over my shoulder at Marge who was leaning back, eyes closed with Kat coughing too. “OK missy, you go sit down, I’ll call for an ambulance, OK?” I nodded and thanked him, wobbling back to the corner, falling into my seat and I looked back to see him on the phone, waving off a customer who wanted serving. 

He came across with a bucket and towels, just in time as Margie grabbed it and threw up, thankfully straight into it. “Right, done the call love, they’re a bit busy so it’ll be as fast as poss, OK?” 

Well it wasn’t but at least he was serious and I thanked him, asking the guy to shoo off a couple of people watching us. He did so and they left, one saying women shouldn’t be drinking if they couldn’t handle it! I told him in no certain terms to clear off and a few people stared at me. Feeling shameful seeing Kat was crying, Margie slumped against the cushions and she really was shaking now. I was pleased to hear sirens getting closer and soon I was wincing as they were right outside, the lights flashing SO brightly.

Two guys thundered in, hi-viz jackets a welcome sight as their bags dropped onto the sofas and they began working on us, naturally Margie was first while an arriving police officer sat down and tried talking to me about what happened. I wasn’t really in the mood, my mouth was dry despite the water but I gradually told him. Naming the three guys but the copper said he didn’t believe me! “You girls just cannot handle your booze! I’ve seen it too often in this town.” Even the bartender got brushed off when he tried to confirm what I’d said was the truth. Raising his voice and the officer told him to back off. I was getting anxious now, tears not far away because of his attitude. 

“Think you better ring his station, get a real one here, not a guy on a power trip” I said to the barman who did his best not to grin. Only for officer idiot to reach over and jab a finger into my chest telling me to shut up. However it went further forward than he expected and it poked me on the nipple. “You dirty bastard!” I shouted, making more people turn and stare. I also swatted his hand away and he jumped to his feet while I staggered to mine.

“Right, you’re under arrest love…” he snapped, reaching for his cuffs and even the paramedics looked up from their work on Katryn and one protested, “she’s done nothing wrong, leave her be…” But before I could react he’d cuffed my left arm and was twisting it behind me. I squealed and he grinned then grabbed my other arm, slapping it in and securing them tight. Now I really screamed as he pushed me down onto the sofa, my head striking the side and I felt faint now as he stood there warning me not to struggle or else. Getting on his radio to try calling for reinforcements. 

The only help that arrived was for me. Several guys came over having realised what was happening, two of them grabbing the officer and wrestling him to the floor and now it really kicked off. Someone, an older lady even helped me sit down, my head pounding and I felt sick, but with the damn cuffs on could do nothing except cry and she wiped my eyes with a tissue, that bit of kindness probably stopping me freaking out. 

A hulking great guy found the handcuff keys in the struggling policeman’s uniform and freed me, saying he was actually a fellow officer, a Detective Inspector no less but from a different station and he’d sort this out. Showing the ambulanceman his warrant card and Jason, the kindly medic nodded to me. “It’s gen missy and thanks Sir, now lets get you treated love.”

My wrists had marks on from the cuffs and he fed me painkillers or something like that. Making me drink way too much liquid too and I desperately needed the loo. The lady who’d done my face took me there, turned out she was the D.I’s wife and we vanished into the disabled cubicle where I vomited explosively into the bowl. I didn’t realise that was the intention, to flush the drugs out of my system but she waited till my heaving stopped, turning round and I paused… “I’ll wait outside honey,” she chuckled and stepped away, closing the door allowing me privacy.

Emerging after a clean up, with empty bowels I grinned tiredly but was worried about what Bob and Mary would say when they found out. Mrs D.I helped me reaffix my slap then led me back to the bar. Most of the crowd had gone, so had Margie and Kat in the ambulance but I shuddered on seeing more policemen there, convinced they would arrest me again. But my helper’s husband was doing a sterling job, having witnessed the whole thing and soon I watched my second nemesis being cuffed and led away by others. 

I gave a statement then asked about getting a taxi home, only for Bob and Mary to come in moments later and they looked aghast. I burst into tears again, rushing into their arms and hugging both tightly to me. The D.I sat us down and assured me that no further action was being taken against me, but that it was unlikely that they’d be able to prove it was Maurice or his cohorts who’d drugged our drinks. Even the barman was appalled, he’d deposited the tray on their table, only to be called five minutes later and told to bring them to ours. “It HAD to be them, Sir,” he stormed and I nodded in agreement but just wanted to go home and forget about it.

Mary drove us back and I thanked them with hugs before fleeing in tears to my room. Bob later knocked on the door but I refused to open it and he said if I needed him I just had to ask. Right now I wanted to be alone and politely said so, blew a kiss then threw myself into bed.

That event really battered my self-confidence, way more than the demotion. I was convinced everyone had it in for me and panicked when asked to go to the shops. Mary did a magnificent job and after two weeks of ‘house arrest’ she coaxed me into town to pick up the dress I’d be wearing for their wedding. Not quite a bridemaids’ one but an outfit to do me justice. The smile I had on modelling it in the shop proved that maybe I was getting over it now. 

Not so when we got confirmation that the inquiries were being dropped and I began to worry again. Even Bob was starting to get concerned. They were due on honeymoon three days after the wedding, but if I couldn’t get a grip then they might have to cancel it. “Well how else can we get round it?” he sighed in the kitchen. I managed not to throw a strop and said I would consider staying in my coffin for that time til they returned.

Mary was amazed at the idea. “But it’s almost three weeks darling, surely your food and stuff would run out?” she said but I shook my head. “No, I’ve been tweaking the system for a long time, testing it for ages. It’s why I haven’t used it for a month while checking out ideas. I know it’ll be fine, trust me guys.”

They sent me outside to cut the lawn and discussed it and on return an hour later gave their consent. But suggested I Skype Milly first to ask her opinion. Mary knew I talked often with the Californian so that night I called her. Upset to discover Mil couldn’t get a visa to attend the wedding having been invited so commiserations were offered. We talked for ages and I said what I’d proposed. “Well if that’s your way of dealing with it Sal, and your folks okay it then I guess it’s a yes from me too. You’re a wacko love, just let me know when you ‘return’ OK?” I agreed, waved her goodbye and switched off. I went downstairs and looked at them. Mary knew and came across and hugged me. “OK honey, we’ll do it.” Bob nodding and I challenged him to make me safer than ever before. “Yes sweetheart, I’ll try to do that. I promise.”

The wedding was a quiet affair. Just them and me, two of my girlfriends and some of Bob and Mary’s closest acquaintances at the registry office. I managed not to sob as I handed the rings over, feeling nice in my new dress and heels. Once the event was done we had the reception at a local pub and soon they retired to the house, I went to a hotel with my friends to give them space and this time we managed not to get in any trouble!   

Since deciding to ‘go down’ for the time required I’d been asked not to go below stairs. Bob worked tirelessly alone doing heaven knows what. Mary and I went out frequently at his request sometimes all day and I’d love to know what he was up to. But a promise of ‘no peeking’ was to be obeyed or I’d have to stay up.

Now the day dawned and Mary helped me dress. And what an outfit too, not a real bridal gown but a formal silk one all the same. No train or veils but it looked stunning and I cried when she first showed it to me. “I read the stories love, it’s the best I could do…” she said and got buried in hugs. Make-up and hair followed then finest underwear was supplied and she allowed me to fit the tubes alone.

I was trembling as finally I was eased into the frock and it was drawn around me and zipped to my neck, lastly stepping into three-inch heels. Going to my dressing table I grabbed one of Donna’s favourite lockets from my jewellery box and slipped the necklace around. Dropping it inside the dress where it nestled into my cleavage. Mary took many photos then showed me them and I nearly wept again. “Don’t you dare smudge…” she joked, holding hands as I promised her I’d be alright. “I know darling, its going to be painful for us to be apart but I understand.”

Bob met us in the living room, a smile developing as he saw me. “You look lovely sweetheart…” and that almost set me off again. We carefully embraced then both parents as I saw them now took my hands and gently escorted their girl downstairs. Dad unlocked the door and told me he’d made significant improvements to my resting-place and hoped I’d like it.

They weren’t kidding as I peered down, seeing a concrete plinth at the bottom of the slab sided hole, much deeper than before but I was very pleased to see what lay on top of it. A thick steel barred cage, much stronger than the bed and Mary said my coffin would be lowered into it, the top would be secured then filling could commence. “I have checked love, you’ll still be the proper six-feet down but also caged.” That earned them hugs as they briefed me on the procedure, as my air system would have to be temporarily switched off when the casket was lowered inside the frame. They’d signal when it was done and I could breathe again. I agreed… so it was time.

It was half an hour of lovely cuddles, strokes and kisses from both as they secured me in my coffin. Mary helping where possible as she was guided through the new restraints that even I didn’t know about yet. Having sat down and started sorting my dress I was surprised when Bob came over with a long pole with two open manacle sets on it. Getting me to undo my shoes and Mary to assist in lifting my legs away and he slid it underneath. Then I lowered them, feeling the new metal either side of my knees as I wriggled back into the heels, Mary buckling them again.

He stared at me and I nodded as the first loop over my left ankle was closed and locked, then he did the other before Mary held up the dress allowing Bob to secure the two either side of my knees. “Wow, they’re amazing… cannot move them at all,” I said, trying to wriggle as he stroked my stocking tops. I flushed and Mary saw this. “What is it about hosiery that turns men on?” she chuckled, giving me a hug while Bob grinned and leaned back allowing her to tidy me up again. She smiled and reached for my torso and helped me lie back as dad held my hands. “There you go honey,” she said and I grinned and he let go, asking me to keep my arms up til he’d fitted extra restraints. 

I glowed and obeyed as Bob reached into a bag and produced two more sticks with cuffs on then he leaned into the casket. Screwing each one into the bottom segment of my wrist cuffs. Telling me now to lower both arms and again I complied. Realising that these new ones would not only hold my wrists but the upper ones either side of the elbow could now secure the rest of my limbs too…wow.

Mary locked each one then caressed my face, seeing me tremble now and she leaned in and kissed me. “Excited sweetheart?” and I nodded. A grin from Bob then he fitted the computer pads under my fingers as for once my hands would not be taped, nor was I wearing gloves.

This was our combined masterstroke and had got me really happy that it worked. With half a Qwerty-style keyboard under either side I would be in control of my own feeding system. A proper monitor had replaced the old sat-nav screen and with my right hand I could use the track-ball to select various options from a menu. This would enable me to feed myself, but allow me to watch pre-recorded TV movies, check the security cameras for the house and more. Everything was backed-up to a solar-powered generator that lives in the shed.

I’d not be able to e-mail or go online, nor watch live stuff, they’d drawn the limit at that in case I got anxious or scared. But our extensive collection of films and music was mine now. I looked up to the left and saw my screen in the lid now live, replicated on the big set by the cupboard and Mary told me to tap out a message. 

Being an experienced typist I’d had no problems when testing this while lying down in bed and they smiled as the words flittered onto the screen, only one spelling error and a quick backspace corrected myself.

‘OK so far. Like the new restraints dad. Well done. I’m ready to continue now. S. xxx.’ 

They read and embraced. “See, told you it’d be fine,” I said, seeing Mary relaxing now. Still think she’s worried about what I’m doing. She paused and stared then I said yes, allowing her to lock the collar and she did, the solid clunk making my heart leap as Bob went to fetch the mask. Arriving back and clipping the feeding hose into my gag. “It’s time sweetie, to commit yourself, remember the last time,” he said. My eyes watered as they both came in to kiss me for possibly the final time.

“Yes, do it, please bury me.” I whispered. 

Bob fitted the mask bits together and soon I sighed as it was secured in place. A food test followed; raspberry, nice and I gave them a thumbs-up. They clutched my hands and gave me a squeeze, Mary gently stroking my body, rubbing a nipple and that earned her a gagged sigh and she smiled then sat back to help Bob with the lid. My eyes watered again as it folded over the top and everything went quiet. Watching the pair begin assembling the hoist to lower me into the cage. Soon the straps were attached and a wave followed then I squealed feeling the coffin move. Mary climbing down the ladder to stand alongside the plinth as it came over. Stopping me short, a knock and warning to hold my breath while the power was disconnected. She pulled out the cables and I shuddered as the draught from the fan slowed to a stop.

I watched in amazement as my casket descended again towards the plinth, a faint knock as it tapped one end of the cage and Bob paused but Mary pushed it over and soon the wooden coffin was resting on the bars at the base inside. Then she reconnected the tubes and makes a signal, allowing me to exhale. Was only thirty seconds without the fan but it felt more and I was pleased to feel the air returning. 

Bob confirming with her that it was working again. “Yeah, you can start breathing again Sally dear…” she called out , me hearing that through the wood so I did! Had another drink and sending a message to prove it all was fine and I got a thumbs up from both. The tubes were laid into the channel that ran to the wall so they wouldn’t be affected when the couple started filling the void with several feet of earth.

My dad came down too and I heard the delightful wrrring as he screwed me shut. Having left it til then in case the power failed while being caged, but soon enough I watched him snap the hole coverings across and we went onto the next part of my incarceration as he left the plinth. Mum now laid a plastic tarpaulin over me to protect the wooden exterior.

Mary then lifted up the door and brought it over the top, laying it into the frame, moving the five hasps from each side across and beginning the task of securing the big padlocks all around. Noticing she was using the blue ones from a box marked ‘Sally’s.’ rather than her own. Oh cheers lass, she’s using my own gear to bind me so I hope they can remember where my keys are. I do, we’ve agreed to keep our own and mine are in the safe in my bedroom.

Each click of a lock could be heard as she pushed the metal in. Keys aren’t necessary until you’re ready to undo them so you better not get caught out, which is why we’re so careful but eventually all ten were secured. She wrapped them tight in bubble stuff to protect them from the soil and that I hadn’t thought of doing this… nice one Mary, I’d forgive you!

Mum climbed out and the ladder was withdrawn. The light flared and I guessed Bob was upstairs opening the coal hatch. Moments later the yellow pipe dangled down and she placed it down one side of the plinth. I didn’t hear any thumps but was surprised when a few minutes later she looked up, waved then moved the end to the other side. Once in position she waved again then came to the bench, picked up the camera and pointed it down at me… and my heart jumped… with pleasure as it appeared they were serious at taking up my challenge.

The first side was full to the plinth level; this side was also rising… with CONCRETE! And I saw it soon level with the top. The flow kept coming and gradually as Mary moved it round the void the coffin began to disappear. I could hear the odd rumble as bits hit the side and it got louder as she moved up to where my head was. Finally like rain on a roof she put the nozzle onto the lid right above me. Thankfully I assumed the noise of the mixer outside stopped her hearing my squeals of joy as the last vestiges of the coffin vanished, the bars of the cage following soon after.

Eventually the flow became a trickle and Bob appeared, helping to smooth out the topmost layer until it was like the rest of the floor but a darker colour. The hose was withdrawn and they left me for a while. Returning later to tack down the carpet and clean up any mess.

We’d calculated I’d be down here for about 500 hours, or just under three weeks, giving them time to get over their jetlag before digging me up. Now I watched Bob set up the timer next to the TV and computer box and he input the target, correcting it as at one point he’d tapped out 5000:00:00! Wow, five thousand hours and I texted ‘Don’t you dare buddy,’ and got a wave of apology and a laugh from mum before it was reset.

000:00:01 it began and I was on the running clock.

They looked at the TV set and saw my latest message appearing.

‘That’s good enough guys’ well done. I feel perfectly safe now. OK?’

The couple kissed and waved… then grinned as the next line followed.

‘Right, clear off and have a great vacation… and behave yourselves… will always love you forever. Sally. xxx.’

Saw dad laugh and cuddle Mary, another wave then they walked to the door and out of my view. 

I worked out that the minimum of concrete surrounding me from any direction was four feet so least I was right in saying I was safe now! While exciting to be buried under this amount I knew it was going to take a mammoth effort to free me in three weeks time. But to me it would give me some serious thinking time to work out how we can make it better on the NEXT occasion.

Sipping iced coffee and watching a movie I was loving this. Wriggling slightly as even in the new cuffs there was a little give. I paused the film… to check the time… again.

004:55:05. Nearly 1% of the way already! And it made me grin.

With a proper calendar and clock on the computer I regulated my ‘sleeps’ to UK daylight. Each one brought me a few hours closer and waking up to find I was past the first 100 hour mark I let out a little squeal, knowing mum and dad were safely in Asia and unable to hear me! Didn’t feel that stiff either and worked hard at flexing whatever I could. Also checking my food levels and we were ahead of target. I worked out that even after 500 hours I had another 50 hours of supplies left, though the choccy drink seemed to be running out sooner than the banana!

More cheering at 250. THE HALFWAY POINT and by now things were starting to ache. I’d got bored with films and just spent time flicking round the cameras. Seeing our lovely garden in daylight, though the grass was a little long, guess that’ll be my first duty once I’d recovered from this.

It seemed to get slower as I passed 350 and by 400 I’d had enough, wishing they’d return sooner. Knowing that they would be in the air between hours 430 and 445 was hard and I shuddered, praying their plane wouldn’t crash. Not that I’d know of course but it stopped me watching Airplane!

The last few hours seemed SO LOOOONG but I knew they were safely home now, I’d seen the car on the drive two days ago, a very tanned Mary carrying cases, no sign of Bob… Oh there he is and my heart pumped, seeing his right wrist had a plaster cast on it and his wife doing all the lifting. “The silly sod’s busted his arm!” I murmured, a faint smile then it faded. That meant he’d not be able to use the jackhammer to break me out and I cried myself to sleep at the idea of spending more time here. Over the next day or so I watched through various cameras as they worked to tidy the place, dusting, polishing and so on. But not coming downstairs, unless they visited while I was asleep so I scolded myself for thinking they’d abandoned me.

499:58:59 and my head was in bits. Praying… waiting for the door to open and I watched as it continued its climb.

499:59:50… 51… 52… 53… come ON! I thought and THERE IT WAS! 500:00:01… 02… 03…

“HI MUM!” I screamed into the gag seconds later, seeing Mary, wearing a very pretty dress and heels walking to the machine and peering at the screen. Seeing my welcome home message that I’d tapped out for them. Trouble being she wasn’t going to be digging me out clad in a frock like that.

She waved to the camera that showed the wide-angle view of the room, opening the bigger cabinet where my foodstuff was. I bet she wasn’t going to check the other cupboard where three weeks of waste was present! I’ll say that’s another job for me. “You made the mess, you’ll clear it up!” Bob would joke and I sighed.

Mary connected the spare keyboard and I flicked screens to see what she was writing.

‘My dearest Sally, we’re home and thanks, we did’ A good start I thought and so replied I was glad, and nice tan!

She smiled and undid her sleeve, sliding it up to reveal her arm and it was a lovely colour, I’d reckon mine were lily-white by now.

‘We’re going to free you soon I promise. I’ll have to hammer as you’ve probably seen Bob’s arm. The old fool fell off the escalator at the airport. All the way to Asia and back no problems but 30 miles to go and wallop! Not a bad break but sore all the same. Bit like you I guess?”

How true and I said so, I was aching like hell despite the exercises and could they please hurry up!

‘Patience darling, after all this was your idea’ she wrote, well truth hurts so I apologised, seeing Bob arriving too and carrying the toolbox, opening the bigger cupboard where the jackhammer was. For a while they spoke… and I thought he seemed a little put out as he prepared to start lifting the carpet. Then Mary was back on the keyboard.

‘Sally honey, Bob says he’ll manage the hammer after all, but he cannot find your padlock keys for the cage. They’re not in the box as expected?’ I paused then remembered they were in my safe upstairs so started tapping.

‘My bedroom, in the safe, key for that is in my jewellery box, tell dad to look for Donna’s white locket in…

I froze in shock, an icy ball materialising inside and I stopped writing, seeing her waiting for the rest. My fingers pausing above the keyboard. Because Donna’s locket was AROUND MY NECK!

“Noooo….!” I wailed into my gag, realising what I’d done. Remembering the way I’d swept that locket up and applied it after dressing, but forgetting my safe key was still inside it for security!

These bloody padlocks were sold as everything proof! You’d need a diamond cutter to get them off. It’d be quicker just to chop the cage to bits rather than the locks and I sobbed at my stupidity. Bob might say it was MY FAULT and I wouldn’t blame him, as it WAS.

My third strike and out perhaps? I hope not and they watched as I tapped out another message.

Hi, its’ your bloody silly girl here. Bob, I’m so sorry dad. I’ve got myself stuck again. The safe key IS in Donna’s locket as I said, but I’m wearing it. Honestly folks, I’m so sorry… please help me… please get me out.’

I saw Bob’s shoulders slump and he slammed his good hand into the wall. Making Mary jump and step away from him. Watching dad jabbing angrily at the floor and she raised both hands, obviously pleading with him to calm down. He did so and they came closer and embraced and a long kiss then he pointed to the cupboard. She nodded and left while he paced about but at least he cooled off a bit. Reaching for the floor and patting right over my grave but not starting to untack the carpet as I expected.

Mary returned and I saw her carrying more foodstuffs. Getting to work and filling the hoppers, so at least I’d have choccy… But I wanted FREEDOM! Not drinks so began tapping.

‘C’mon guys. There’s enough to last a couple of DAYS already. It isn’t going to take that long… is it?’

Bob stared as Mary read it out and he came over, gave her a hug then eased his wife aside and started typing and my eyes widened as I began reading…

‘My dearest beloved daughter. I hoped never to write this, assured you’d think yourself OK down there. With what I’d done, the extra restraints and all that. But it looks like you HAD to push the boundaries again, just like Donna’ did once, and like her have got caught out. I warned you to check things carefully and I’m deeply saddened you’ve not done this. We were looking forward to giving you a hug, but now feel you don’t deserve it. So for the moment I’m going to wait, until you tell me what you want me to do with you from now on’

I was horrified and tapped a load of gibberish, pleading but to no avail as texts flew between us. 

His at first placatory, mine getting increasing hysterical. On one I said I hated this now, him and everything, but not Mary, hoping to keep her on my side. I regretted it as soon as I saw her reaction, a jabbing finger like when she’d got stroppy with the plumber last year. After that blast I saw them have a long discussion then Bob returned to the keyboard, Mary’s hands massaging his shoulders.

‘Sally, that’s not what we expected from our lovely girl and I’m sorry you feel that way. Your mind needs to be the same as your appearance. So here goes and believe me when I say that I hate myself for having to write this. You are to remain in your casket for the foreseeable future. There is no point digging you up if we cannot open the cage, the bars are titanium and not able to be sawn through with my gear. Mary doesn’t approve but I’m also going to fine you privileges for this first week…’

I screamed at that, too shocked to even tap a retort. If the cage wasn’t bolted to the plinth and I didn’t recall that, then surely they could just bring the whole lot up and leave it on the carpet. His screwdriver SHOULD be able to undo the lid even inside the cage. Then he could reach inside and get the restraints off, well at least unlock the collar and the ones on my arms. Then I realised that it’d mean I could not be fed without that damn mask and I knew that I’d need to stay put down here!

ANOTHER WEEK or more?  The words flowing on as I started weeping at this crushing blow.

‘Food will remain the same, in fact Mary’s going to improve the recipes, give you better drinks. I’ll just leave the count and the clock/calendar running so you can judge your days, the total coming down so you know how long to go. No text for a short while and no movies or music either, they’ll be reinstated when I decide you deserve them, so it’s up to you. After that things will surely improve, as long as your attitude does. By the time I’m ready to bring you up we expect the Sally that went down to be gone, a newer happier one to replace her, like she was when I first did you, remember? Please accept this without making a fuss, it’s the way forward for all of us and you know it.                      Love Bob and Mary xxx’

Was really struggling tiredly in my bonds now. Trying to claw my way out, but like her in the story there was no chance. They were just too well locked on, plus the cage, plus the padlocks, plus the concrete and I screamed and wailed for ages until I slumped in defeat. I think at one point Mary actually could HEAR me through the floor, she’d turned and peered down right at the spot where I was buried and she really was getting upset now.

Tapping my surrender came SO painfully now. 

‘Sadly for me I have no choice but to accept. I know it was wrong, just an honest mistake, but I will learn from this, I promise. I’ll become what you desire, and sooner than you hope. My everlasting love to you both, Sally. xxx’

They read it and Mary burst into tears, hugging Bob tightly and I too was sobbing. They broke off and mum walked away leaving dad with me. He too was crying for a while and I tapped carefully now.

‘Dad. I’ll promise again to do the right thing. I’d even cross my heart (if I could move my arms!) I will become the lady that you two will be proud of. I’ll keep cheerful despite the situation I’ve put us all in, and I’m sorry to have spoiled the end of your trip. The enormity of what surrounds me is crushing, but I will be stronger for it. Could you ask mum to let Milly know, she’ll probably say I’m a crazy cow, and that I DO deserve this punishment. Hope your arm’s better when you’re ready to bring me up. Once again I’m sorry. Love, Sally. xxx’

He wiped his eyes and looked at my last, and I got a thumbs-up!

‘My darling Sally. That’s a good start sweetheart and I pray it continues. I’ll tell Mary to do that. Keep exercising love, guess you’ve lost a bit of weight already so wriggling will suffice…’ 

I even grinned at that, if he was using affectionate terms again, his sense of humour was now showing as well then maybe… before he dashed my hopes. 

‘Now I must depart. If this continues I hope to free you sooner than expected. Be brave honey. Dad. xxx’

He tapped some stuff into the computer and I sighed and saw the menu vanishing and I assumed it to be replaced just by the date, clock and countdown. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see him leave too.

I waited a while then opened them again. Peering at the darkened room, TV screen with today’s date and the time, and it was just after lunch. Barely an hour since they’d been about to free me.

30/09/2014 15:01


I stared… surely not as I read it again as it dawned on me and I did the maths.

4998:57:59… 58… 57… 56… it went…

“That’s nearly 30 weeks, you can’t… it’s not fair,” I squealed “Daddyyyy… NOOOOO…!”

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