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Runt 2: Kidnap Fantasy

by 64Fordman

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© Copyright 2014 - 64Fordman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; cuffs; rope; gag; captive; suitcase; encased; transport; hotel; drawer; locked; boxed; delivery; stuck; tease; denial; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: Kidnap Fantasy

I love the games we play and have no problem suggesting, okay maybe demanding that we act out ideas I have. Lately I’ve been stuck on the idea of being kidnapped, I haven’t worked out the details but somehow it would combine all of my favorite games.

It was time to get ready, after a few minutes work with my teeth the knot came loose and I was soon in the shower. Not knowing what Nicole had planned I put on underwear and a bathrobe and would get dressed later.

When Nicole came home she took me into the bedroom and removed my robe and bra and pushed me onto the bed, using the cord from the morning to tie my hands behind my back.

“I thought we were going out but this is just as good.” I said.

Nicole removed my panties and tied my feet.

“Oh we are going out, you were just a little overdressed.”

Nicole pulled a suitcase from under the bed and opened it next to me, climbed on the bed and placed me inside.

“Where are we going?”

“Can’t say, it’s an abduction and I’m on a schedule.”

Nicole lowered the top and closed the zipper, I heard the snitch of the padlock locking the pull tab of the zipper to the D-ring on the side of the case and felt the leather straps being pulled tight and buckled.

“I’m putting you by the front door, you’ll have to be quiet.”

A horn sounded and the front door opened, the next sound I heard was a vehicle door closing. After a short drive I felt myself being lifted and put down and Nicole thanking the driver.

The suitcase was pulled on its wheels and when we stopped I could hear the sounds of a train or bus station.

“You okay in there?” Nicole said.


“We’re ahead of schedule and have some time to kill, so I’m going to store you while I browse the shops.” Nicole said.

I felt myself being lifted and pushed.

“I’ll be back.”

Then the sound of the locker door slamming shut and the noise of the station became barely audible. In the dark solitude my mind drifted back to the summer after High School graduation.

My cousin had invited me to visit her for two weeks. I thought it would take days of begging but my parents just told me I could go, well, I was 18. Chesney lived in a medium size city but compared to my little town it was a metropolis, she had just finished her third year of college and worked at a pet shop, so you know where this is going.

I would explore the city when she was working and either meet her back at her apartment or at the pet shop when she got off and we would go out and have fun. On Thursday of the first week I went to the shop, they were setting up a special display in the front window that caught my attention and I asked Chesney what it was about.

“We’re holding a fundraiser this weekend, four people will be locked in these cages to raise money and awareness for animal cruelty. We have Ann, the shop owner, and two girls from my university, I’ll be spending the night here as the safety person and our fourth girl dropped out so we need to find someone who...”

“I do.”

“Wants to be locked.”

“I do.”

“In a cage.”

“I do.”

“For the whole weekend.”

“I do.”

“Wow, I didn’t know you were this passionate about the cause? You’ll be padlocked in the cage at 8am Saturday morning and released at 8pm Sunday night, you’ll get two 15 minute restroom breaks a day, otherwise you’ll be on display in the front window the whole time, are you still our girl?”

“Oh yeah, I’m totally your girl.”

Saturday morning I was ready, I chose comfort with pajama pants, socks and a t-shirt, the other women did the same. The identical cages were stacked two high and separated by a couple of feet with signage on either side to explain the cause and what any donations would be used for. Each cage had a thick soft cushion on the bottom and a small pillow, I got a cage on top. At 8am the padlocks were snapped shut and the shop was open for business.

Chesney was taking pictures of us in the cages telling me it was to create buzz on social media.

At times the four of us talked quietly or took naps, except me. People constantly walked past the shop and stopped to stare, some pointed or tried to talk to us through the window and others pressed their faces against the glass. I was locked in a cage on public display and I didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

A van pulled up in front of the shop from the local news channel. Within minutes Chesney was being interviewed by a female reporter on the sidewalk in front of the window as the cameraman filmed us through the glass. As Chesney spoke she occasionally pointed through the glass as the camera filmed. When they packed up and drove away I realized my fate, I would be shown locked up on the six o’clock news, thousands of people would see me helpless, an object of curiosity while countless viewed me on the internet. This had turned out way better than I expected.

When I got home I was dying to tell my mom about the experience but was afraid of how she would react. I had no idea the best summer ever wasn’t over yet.

* * *

My mom got a call from a friend whose family ran a summer camp, my brothers had been there but not me. Due to circumstances they had lost some counselors and the completion of their season was in jeopardy. Since I had earned life guard certification in High School, it was decided my mother and I would spend two weeks as substitute camp counselors.

One afternoon I was sitting on a towel on the shore of the lake drying off after swimming with a group when two campers came up carrying a spine board saying they were practicing rescue skills. They did a good job rolling me onto the board but when they started to ‘secure the victim’ they used cloth strips to tie my wrists to the hand holds and my legs to the board. After strapping my head down between the blocks and applying the rest of the restraints I had to say they did an excellent job, I was completely immobilized.

They each took an end and carried me back to the mess hall where a first aid class was going on, while campers were being bandaged and splinted I was put on a table. After a while my mother walked up laughing and high fiving the boys who strapped me down to this thing.

On the last night of camp there was some commotion in the activity hall. I wanted to see what was happening, I don’t know why I grabbed my mother’s arm and pulled her with me toward the circle of spectators. As we penetrated the crowd it was like entering an ant colony, losing hold of my mother I was swept in and placed down on the floor, my arms were pulled behind my back and my feet were tied. A blue bandana passed before my eyes and was pulled between my teeth and tied behind my head, all while my legs were folded and tied to my wrists.

The area cleared and I looked around, all the female counselors were in the same situation. I saw my mother about ten feet away facing toward me, a green bandana tied between her lips, her arms stretching behind her and the bottoms of her bare feet held together above her head, the look on her face one of acceptance.

Her eyes meet mine and her expression instantly changed. Yes mom, this was all my fault, but no matter, a few minutes of scolding, annoying. Seeing my mom hogtied and gagged, priceless.

* * *

I was being pulled out of the locker.

“We’re getting on the train in a few minutes.” Nicole said.

I felt every bump and vibration when the train started moving, not sure if I was with Nicole or in some baggage compartment, what I did know was the train seemed to be coming to a stop just as it got up some speed.

The suitcase was rolling again, we crossed a street and then the wheels were definitely on carpet. I heard Nicole talking.

“Nicole Ames.”

“Yes Miss Ames, your room is almost ready and we’re holding a package for you, we have you down for a suite?”

“I have to use my reward points somehow.” Nicole said.

“Your room will be ready soon, can I offer you a complimentary beverage in the bar while you wait?”

“Thank you, and can you have my bag and package brought up?” Nicole said.

“Absolutely, here’s your room key, please enjoy your stay.”

I was carried and put somewhere.

The next time I was carried and put down I could feel things being put next to and on top of me and I knew I was on a luggage cart.

We got on an elevator.

No one knows where I am now, some porter is taking me through the hotel delivering bags, what if he leaves me in the wrong room?

The cart rolled off the elevator and down the hall.

“Justin, can you give me a hand for a minute?”

“You bet.”

I felt the cart bump the wall and stop.

Don’t just leave me here Justin, I could be stolen.

Justin returned and we started and stopped and I heard doors as bags were delivered and then it was back on an elevator.

On another floor I was picked up, carried and placed on my side with something on top of me, then a door closed and it was quiet.

It wasn’t long before Nicole arrived, she opened the suitcase on the bed and rolled me onto the duvet.

“Did you enjoy your ride with the porter?”

“I would’ve enjoyed it more if my hands weren’t tied.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Nicole said untying my feet, “stretch your legs.”

I went to the window, not worried about being seen so high above the street.

“Drexel’s is over there and I can see the stadium, is this the Elmwood?”

“Yeah, we’re only twenty minutes from the house, I could have driven here tomorrow morning; it’s not even a conference really, more of a presentation, I would have been home by midafternoon. I just thought this would be way more fun.” Nicole said.

“It’s awesome.” I said almost crying.

“Happy birthday.”

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too. How about Chinese for dinner?”

“Isn’t that great place on the next block?”

“That’s one reason we’re at the Elmwood, here’s another, luggage lockers.”

Nicole went to one of the beds, lifted the skirt and pulled a large drawer made of plastic coated steel rod from under the bed frame. She took the box the porter brought to the room and placed it in the drawer. When closed a hasp welded to the bed frame went through a slot on the front of the drawer, Nicole took a padlock from her purse and placed it on the hasp snapping it shut.

“Only offered at the Elmwood, keeps your stuff nice and secure.”

“What’s in that box anyway?”

“Clothes for work tomorrow, lugging your ass around was hard enough so I sent my stuff here from one of those shipping stores.” Nicole said.

“You’re so cleaver sometimes.” I said.

“Time to put you away.”

Nicole sat me on the other bed and tied my feet, then put the open suitcase on the bed and opened the drawer.

“You’re going to lock me in there?”

“You don’t want to be kidnapped from your kidnapping.”

After being placed in the suitcase and zipped up I heard Nicole apply the lock on the suitcase, felt the leather straps being buckled and the case lowered into the drawer, my excitement building with each step of the process. The drawer slid closed and I heard the padlock snap shut.

* * *

I woke to the sound of Nicole’s voice, having no idea how much time had gone by.

“I’m going to get dinner, and maybe stop for a drink if that bartender is still there, he made a great Lemon Drop; I’ll be back.”

I heard the door close.

I must have drifted back to sleep and awoke when someone entered the room, various noises could be heard as they moved around, but none involved opening the locker. I knew it must be Nicole but my still groggy mind and pitch black confinement was like the expanse of the universe for my imagination and it began to conjure everything from the maid to a burglar and even the ghost of a deceased hotel guest until the snap of the padlock opening brought me back to reality.

“What the hell were you doing?” I said sitting up in the open suitcase, the room was dim and the table, now in front of the window looking out over the lights of the city, was set with food and a small cake in the center.

“Wow.” I said.

“Shall we eat?” Nicole said, untying my feet.

“I gotta pee.” I said.

Nicole went to untie my hands but I pulled away.

“I might escape, I’ll let you know when I’m done.”

Nicole dried me, dropped the toilet paper into the bowl, flushed and washed her hands. Walking toward the dinner table I saw Nicole’s sketch book open on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

“What are you working on?”

“Some new styles with a retro look for next spring.”

“Pantaloons.” I said.


“My Aunt Marion thought they were very stylish.”

“Children’s department, pantaloons, a whole family of fashion gurus, who knew.”

“I know I’m small, but we’ll see who’s laughing when we’re on social security and I’m still getting carded at clubs.”

“And the waiter is still asking if I need a booster seat for my child.”

“Okay, that guy was a jerk.”

“And they still make you stand next to the ‘you have to be this tall’ sign at the amusement park.”


“And the elf at the mall still thinks you’re there to see Santa.”

“She’s here all week ladies and gentlemen. Can we eat now?”

Using chopsticks Nicole fed me and herself from several small containers, and offered sips of wine from a plastic cup while engaging in conversation like any other meal. Later we snuggled in bed watching television until it was time to sleep.

“You mean time to play.” I said.

“We’ll play when we get home, I have one more surprise I think you’ll like.”

“I think you just like torturing me.”

“Well, maybe a little; time to put you to bed.”

“I thought we were in bed?”

“Kidnap victims don’t sleep up here.”

Nicole kissed me, put me in the suitcase and locked me under the bed for the night.

The next morning Nicole was getting herself and me ready, as I waited for Nicole to take me back into the bathroom to dry my hair, my hands still tied, I thought it was odd that the box of clothes on the other bed was a box within a box but didn’t question it as I was hustled back to the bathroom.

I watched in silence as Nicole got dressed in a white blouse with peach skirt and jacket, matching flat shoes completing the outfit. Removing a roll of packing tape from the inner box she placed her clothes from yesterday, makeup, and other belongings into it and taped it closed.

Nicole took the outer box and placed it on the bed next to the open suitcase that was next to me.

“Time to get you packed up.”

My feet were tied and I was lifted into the suitcase, I assumed she was going to lock me under the bed while she went to her meeting.

I heard the familiar sounds of securing the suitcase, then the sound of tape being pulled from a roll, and finally Nicole’s voice.

“Hi, Concierge please, this is Nicole Ames in 1224, I have two packages I need to send across town; you can; thank you so much, goodbye.”

“Nicole, what are you doing?”

“Just be quiet and enjoy your big adventure.”

I was carried again, the knock on the door told me I must be next to it.

“Hi, these two boxes have to go to this address.”

“Yes Ma’am, they should arrive by 3PM.”

“Perfect, thank you.”

I felt myself being jostled around and heard ratchet noises, then being tilted back and rolling down the hall, finally an elevator ride then traffic noise.

After rolling for a minute or two we stopped, I was lifted onto a surface, then the sound of vehicle doors closing.

I must be in a delivery van.

The engine started and so did the two alarm fire between my legs. The van continued, stopping and starting as it made its way through city streets until it stopped, backed up and the engine shut off.

The sound of a door closing and the twin beeps indicating the doors had locked confirmed the driver had left, leaving me sealed in a box in a delivery van who knows where. Whatever part of my brain that was responsible for the fire between my legs just called in another alarm.

The wait seemed like an eternity, since the only thought on my mind was getting my hands to a certain spot, but Nicole made sure that would be saved for later.

The driver returned and the van was moving. After more stopping, starting and turning the van came to a stop and my box was removed and placed on the hand truck. A short roll and I heard Nicole’s voice telling the driver where to put me.

“You handed me over to some strange delivery guy; that was awesome?” I said, now sitting on the bed at home still tied hand and foot.

“Relax,” Nicole said, “You were with Dave the whole time.”

“Your brother?”

“I had him help with your birthday present and delivering you was half the job, the other half is down here.”

I rolled over so I could see over the edge of the bed as Nicole bent down and grabbed the handle of a wooden drawer mounted under the bed, turned it 90 degrees and pulled it open showing the interior surfaces were padded and covered with a flower print fabric.

“Dave installed it while we were at the hotel, the handle is also the lock; what do you think?”

“I love it.”

I swung my legs off the bed stepping into the drawer and Nicole helped me lie on my side in a relaxed fetal position. Nicole slid the drawer closed and turned the handle, engaging the lock with a click.

“It works perfect out here, how is it in there?” Nicole said.

“Great, it’s dark but there’s plenty of air and it’s very comfortable.”

“Alright, I have some chores to do.”

“Wait, I thought we were going to play, I’ve been dying for two days?”

“I’ll check on you later.”

“I love you.”

* * *

I’m standing in my new apartment, a one room studio with a single window that looks out on a brick wall, the symbol of my new life, a life that consists of going to work and checking my phone for messages from Nicole. Three months ago everything was perfect, it seems like three eons since Nicole left, I still don’t understand, she used words like unfulfilled and dissatisfied. She hasn’t texted me in over a month, I asked her that day why and she just looked disgusted and told me she hopes I figure it out. Maybe I’ll feel better when I go home for Christmas next month.

“Can I come in?”

“Yeah mom.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to come downstairs and eat?”

“When I was sick you used to bring a plate up here.”

“You were a child, now you’re an adult.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Did you even try to call Nicole to wish her a Merry Christmas? It’s not just other people’s responsibility to take care of you. Well, if you get hungry you know where the kitchen is.”

I brought Nicole’s number up but couldn’t make the call. Maybe dad could help, he was still in the den watching TV.

“Hi Honey, come on in, are you feeling better?”

“No Dad, I’ve been hurting for a long time, and I don’t know how to make it stop.

“Remember the baseball game at the family picnic when it was your turn to bat and the ball hit you in the arm?”

“Yeah, it hurt, what’s that got to do with anything?”

“What did you do after you got hit?”

“I quit playing of course.”


* * *

I check for the hundredth time while I’m waiting to board the plane for the flight home, but there’s still nothing from Nicole. I think I’m wearing a grove in the glass, disgusted I turn the phone off and stuff it in my backpack.

On the plane I close my eyes as thoughts swirl through my head.

Ambushed by my brothers.

Dressed up like pirates.

Tied to a chair in my dad’s office.

Did you even try to call Nicole?

‘I hate that’ luncheon.

You’re an adult now.

Making mom walk the plank.

I quit playing.

It’s not just other people’s responsibility.

“Miss, Miss, we’ll be landing soon, could you put your seat up please?”

It’s not just other people’s responsibility to take care of me, it’s my responsibility to take care of other people. Was that it, were my parents that protective or was it just an excuse, was I choosing to live like a child? Nicole paid the bills, took care of repairs, I don’t even remember the last time I went to the grocery store much less giving any thought to what Nicole wanted in our intimate life. She went out of her way to give me what I wanted and I stopped giving back. I quit being a partner, I quit playing.

Waiting at the baggage claim I got my phone out, there was a text from Nicole.

‘Offer on house, meeting with agent there Thursday 3pm.’

I’ve been dreading this moment, it’s our last link to each other. I need a plan, it’s time to think like a partner, no, it’s time to think like a pirate.

Zero hour, 3pm, I pull up to the curb in front of the house, a contractor van is in the driveway and the garage door is open. As I walk up Dave and Carl come out.

“You’re all set, good luck.”

“Thanks guys.”

Inside they had done outstanding work. I slowly walk around admiring their craftsmanship, arms and upper body tied to the chair back, feet held off the floor by rope tied to the heels of her shoes, there was a pillow case over her head but the moaning revealed she was gagged, Nicole wasn’t going anywhere.

I pulled the pillow case off.

“Hello Nicole, you’re probably wondering why you’ve been kidnapped and helplessly bound and gagged, well, I felt I owed it to you. I want to repair our relationship, I know it was my fault, that I was being selfish and immature, but all that is going to change, I will be an equal partner in our regular lives and a giving partner in our intimate life. I love you and I want you back. Do you agree to these terms?”


“Okay, here is how it will work. On the first of each month we will each draw a card from a deck much like this one, the person who draws the high card will be in control of the games for that month. This will make the time spent not in control random, could be a month, or it could be two or three. Do you understand?”


“Any questions?”

“Mut amout ree etate magent?”

“I took care of her.”


“I canceled the appointment, jeez I’m not Dr. Evil… don’t even go there. Now, the house has to be taken off the market and I would like us to be moved back in by New Year’s Day, I’ll make all the arrangements. I will need your help with one thing, I’m going to need new clothes. By the way, you lost the first draw.”


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