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Runt 1: Bondage Games

by 64Fordman

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Part 1: Bondage Games

My eyes were closed as the tingle of Nicole’s kiss dissipated.

“Gotta go, I’ll see you later.” Nicole said.

“You’re just going to leave me like this?” I said.

“You mean tied up or horny, you can get yourself out of that.” Nicole said.

“What’s the big emergency at a fashion designer anyway, someone’s panty line showing?”

“I wouldn’t bring up fashion emergencies if I were you.”

Leaning back against the headboard I swung my bound feet onto the bed, rested my tied wrists on my stomach and looked over my Sesame Street footie pajamas.

“There’s nothing wrong with being small, just because I shop in the children’s department.” I said, now talking to myself.

Sharing a birth month we always take a week off to celebrate, but Nicole was called in for some reason. My life with Nicole is so perfect, she always takes care of me and indulges my crazy ideas, I can’t believe it’s been ten years, and now I’m turning 28, yet my childhood still seems like yesterday.

My father’s pet name for me is Runt, he says I’m the runt of the litter, not in a mean way, he is always very protective. I’m a middle child with two brothers, though you wouldn’t know it, I was always mistaken for the baby, and while the three of them went on adventures and did things like playing football and racing mini-bikes, I stayed home with mom so I wouldn’t get hurt.

One day I was in the living room playing while she read a magazine. The pet carrier we used to take our old house cat to the vet was in the corner. I put it next to her and it was just big enough for me to fit in.

“Mom, close the door.”

“You want me to lock you in?”


“Okay, you want to get out?”




How about now?”


“Okay, you let me know.”

Mom put a pillow on top of the carrier, put her feet up and went back to reading.

When I woke up I was back in the corner, I called to be let out but mom wasn’t there, just Mr. Macgregor on the back of the sofa staring at me. The next 45 minutes would affect me in ways I still may not understand.

That experience evolved into a game we would play where I would get locked in the carrier and mom would carry me around the house as she worked until she needed to carry something else, then I would be left, either under a bed, or in the basement laundry room, or on the picnic table in the back yard when hanging laundry. Not knowing how long it would take her to come back was the best part of the game, though I couldn’t explain why, it felt good to be completely dependent on her.

I don’t know why that game stayed strictly between my mother and I, but all that changed in high school when I discovered my ability to fit into tiny spaces could be used as an icebreaker to overcome classmates reluctant to talk to me. It also provided new ways to enjoy the game.

One time I was at the Laundromat with two friends while one of them did her family’s laundry. As the machines ran they pushed me around in a laundry basket and up to an unused washer. I pulled myself inside, kicking my shoes off as I drew my legs in and my friend closed the door.

After a few minutes of laughing and joking my friends decided to go next door to the pharmacy to get some sodas, the basket was put in front of the washer and they left. I pushed on the door but it was locked. At first I thought if someone came in they might not notice me, then I saw the basket in front of the washer with my shoes in the bottom. The fear and excitement of being discovered trapped in the washer sent a feeling through me I liked. When my friends returned I didn’t want to get out so they left me locked in until they were ready to leave, making the game that much better.

Then one summer a family moved to town with a daughter my age named Becky and she and I became friends. One hot summer day and we were wearing swim suits and running through the sprinkler in her backyard. I had been eyeing the dog cage and asked Becky to get in with me. Becky’s older brother Adam showed up with a friend, they used zip ties on the latches to lock us in, positioning the oscillating sprinkler to cycle water over the cage every couple of minutes and delighting in the screams.

When that got old the boys picked up the cage and put it in the inflatable kiddie pool that was now relegated to bathing the dog, placing the hose with the sprinkler removed in the pool, turning on the water and running away.

We were laughing and screaming as the water rose. I was next to the door and tried to open it but wasn’t strong enough to break the plastic ties. We tried to get the hose out of the pool but it was out of reach.

Using our hands to push water out through the bars of the cage quickly proved worthless but comical. The water reached the top of our stomachs and began pouring over the side of the pool.

The laughing and screaming continued until we both realized the water had been shut off and turned to see Becky’s father standing at the faucet.

“Hi Dad.” Becky said.

“Hello Rebecca, Hello Samantha, you girls get into a bit of a pickle?”

“Hello Mr. Meyer, we’re kind of stuck in here.” I said.

“I see that, well it’s a hot day, you two should stay cool until your brother gets you out, then the pool will already be filled to give the dog a bath like I told you this morning.”

“Yes sir.” Becky said.

“Have fun, nice seeing you Samantha.”

“Goodbye Mr. Meyer.”

One night I slept over at Becky’s house. We were in the basement family room with her brother Adam. They started wrestling and Adam pinned Becky face down on the carpet, then grabbed a piece of rope from the pile of toys and games that lined the edges of the floor. With eyes wide and mouth open I watched him tie her hands behind her back. Being tied up was something I hadn’t considered, but seeing her flooded my mind with new ideas.

“It’s okay, we do this all the time.” Becky said.

“Let’s give her a real show” Adam said.

Adam fished another piece of rope from the pile and tied his sister’s feet together. Becky squirmed around on the floor to demonstrate the limits of her mobility.

“Tie me up.” I said.

I laid face down on the floor, a feeling growing down deep as Adam found more rope. The minute my hands were pulled behind my back and I felt rope circling my wrists I knew this was a game I wanted to play.

Adam sat us back-to-back against a support pole and tied us to it and each other. After a few more minutes of struggling and giggling he spoke to his sister.

“Should I do it?”

“Do what?” I said.

“Something we like to do so I can’t talk.” Becky said.

“Do it, do it.” I said.

Adam got a roll of duct tape, tore off two strips and tacked them to the pole above our heads. He pushed a pair of socks into my mouth, then smoothed the tape over my face sealing my lips. Becky was right, losing the ability to talk certainly improved this game.

I squealed through my gag when Adam pulled both my socks off my feet, I expected him to tickle me, and the thought of being tickled while tied up and gagged was somehow thrilling, but he returned to his sister. When I heard Becky’s moans I realized my socks were being used in her mouth and that the socks in my mouth must be Becky’s. Somehow I still found it strangely exciting.

“Everybody okay down here?” Becky’s mother said, now standing next to us.

The indignation of having my friend’s worn socks stuffed in my mouth and the embarrassment of my own socks being pulled from my feet while I was helpless to stop it mixed with the thrill of being caught tied up and gagged by her mother sending a wave of pleasure through me.

Adam was laying on the sofa playing a hand held video game.

“We’re okay mom.” He said.

Becky grunted and nodded her head.

“How about you young lady?”

Becky’s mom was looking right at me, smiling as if she were offering me a glass of lemonade. I grunted and nodded.

“Don’t keep them tied up too long.”


Apparently being tied up and gagged was a normal activity in this family. I felt cheated, why didn’t my brothers know about this, was it their lack of interest in scouting, was there a handbook they should have gotten and was it available at the library? I needed answers. The sleepover took my fantasies in a new direction.

I continued to spend time with Becky, and Adam continued to feed my interest. At the same time I was inducting myself into Becky’s circle of friends and found several of them had brothers or cousins like Adam providing plenty of outlets to play this new game, but it was time to go to college.

Nicole and I were assigned as roommates our first semester and became instant best friends. I had never met anyone like Nicole, she acted like she didn’t notice I was 4’ 4” and weighed less than 65 pounds, but she could see into my deepest thoughts.

One Saturday I woke up late after a movie night, beer always affected me more, and found my hands cuffed behind my back and Nicole gone. I smiled as I thought about the possibilities of this game when my phone chimed. The text from Nicole said she was at the library and to go to 314 to get the key.

I easily brought my hands to the front but was stuck in the My Little Pony onesie pajamas, having no choice I headed out. 314 was Patty and Lisa’s dorm, two girls we hung out with sometimes, and when I got there they had no idea what I was talking about.

As I stood in the hallway another text came in; ‘did I say 314; I meant 512, sorry.’

As I made my way to the fifth floor, I could hear the giggles and hushed comments from other students, not sure if they were about the handcuffs or the pajamas.

Debbie in 512 was a classmate of Nicole’s, and after she stopped laughing she told me the key was taped above the door of my dorm. I took a different route back so different people could laugh at me and found I couldn’t reach the key and had to ask some guy to help me. I didn’t understand why the embarrassment and exposure were enjoyable, but Nicole apparently did, and her enthusiasm and creativity led me to believe she had some background though she never described any, but I would soon learn her secret.

* * *

As the semester ended I found out my parents would be traveling and I would be home alone during the break.

Nicole invited me to spend a weekend at her parent’s vacation home during an annual party they held for family and friends and described the place as a former ranch that was redesigned just for this party. There was a large main house, another large building designed like a bunk house, and an area with electric hookup for family and friends who come in motor homes and trailers.

It was a warm day and I chose a sleeveless knee length sundress, white with pink trim and little pink hearts and a pair of pink flip flops for the drive and put my hair in braids. I arrived late and a young man in a white button down shirt and red vest motioned to pull my Volkswagen Beetle up to the gate.

“Welcome to the Ames family extravaganza.”

His name tag said Steve, he opened the door with a smirk on his face.

“Yes Steve, I’m old enough to drive.”

“Yes ma’am, go straight up this walk to the party, I’ll take care of your car and bag; can I have your name?”

“Samantha Meadows.”

Steve wrote my name on a tag and attached it to my overnight bag and I headed for the party.

I couldn’t believe the number of people, it looked like a state fair with activities going on all over. With no idea how to find Nicole, I started walking through the crowd and saw some people organizing an activity, there were a bunch of lanes drawn on the grass with chalk dust. I knew Nicole had three older brothers, if one of them was there they might know where she is.

“Here’s one more.”

I was grabbed around the waist and lifted, losing my flip flops as my feet were tied together. Placed on the grass in front of one of the lanes my hands were tied behind my back.

“Ready, set, go.”

The others began hopping down their respective lanes as I stood, still in shock. A woman behind me said “go honey” and smacked my backside, I began hopping, now far behind. Last to the finish line I was carried to another group who were told I was the first elimination.

Wrapped from shoulders to ankles in black plastic and duct tape, more tape was used around my shoulders and hips to form two handles on my back. I was carried to a long, wide strip of plastic on the lawn to which water was being applied by sprinklers down both sides and had white plastic bowling pins at the other end.

I was heaved down the lane on my stomach, screaming the whole way, into the pins. The 4 and 7 were left standing. A guy acting as ball boy grabbed me by the duct tape handles and ran back to the player while another guy cleared the fallen pins. I picked the spare.

After the game a woman cut me out of the plastic and tape and freed me from the bonds, telling me what a great job I did as she patted me on the head. I smiled and continued exploring, now more interested in the activities than finding Nicole. I came to a two story building I thought must be the bunk house Nicole talked about and went inside.

There was a common area on the ground floor with open floor space covered with large rugs. The perimeter of the space had arcade games and old fashioned pinball machines. Upstairs was divided into two halves for boys and girls, each side had a large lavatory and rows of bunk beds.

Inside a guy was playing one of the pinball games. I greeted him but before I could explain, he told me I was not too late and led me into one of the carpeted areas where I was gagged, hogtied and left on the floor with eighteen other giggling, squirming hogtied bodies.

After that game ended a bell rang calling everyone to eat and I followed the crowd to an area of long tables and massive amounts of food where I found Nicole. As we ate I recounted my adventure as Nicole laughed.

“They must have thought you were one of the kids.” Nicole said.

“It’s cool, I’m having a great time.” I said.

I asked Nicole about a two story play castle on the other side of the lawn that had a pennant shaped flag on each corner and Nicole took me over to see it. The castle was large and had rope ladders and a spiral plastic tube to slide down from the upper level, we went inside where we found Nicole’s cousin Alex and the three of us walked around ending in the upper floor prison.

There were three benches in front of three sets of wooden stocks. Nicole sat on the bench in front of the first stocks and placed her wrists and ankles in as Alex held it open. He closed the stocks and inserted a wood dowel that locked it in place.

I began moving my hand over the next stocks feeling the smoothness of the wood and the solid construction. Alex opened it and I sat on the bench and allowed myself to be locked in the device.

“This brings back memories.” Nicole said.

“How long have you been doing this?” I said.

“As long as I can remember, I’ll tell you my story later.” Nicole said.

“Can’t wait; what else do you have here?” I asked.

“There’s inflatable balls you get sealed inside like a giant hamster ball, want to see?”


“Alex, Alex, ALEX, really. Don’t worry, someone will be around to let us out.” Nicole said.

“Well I guess you can tell me your story now.” I said.

Nicole comes from a large affluent family and for as long as she can remember they have been playing games and everyone participated. Nicole is the second youngest of eight children, the three oldest are boys and the rest girls and their age range is compressed thanks to two sets of twins.

Her first memory is walking into a room carrying her favorite stuffed toy and seeing her mother and two oldest sisters tied to chairs. When each sibling reached appropriate age they began participating in the games. There was a lot of spontaneous tying up in moments of boredom and other times the games were organized.

One day when the boys were out with their dad, her mother tied all five sisters to kitchen chairs blindfolded and fed them samples of all the foods they refused to eat. After being released they all enjoyed a meal of their new favorite foods that became known as the ‘I Hate That’ luncheon.

Another time her father and brothers dressed up like pirates and decorated the backyard deck to look like a pirate ship. They put on a show for the six tied and gagged girls with her father playing the captain that ended with her mother being forced to walk the plank. Nicole loved the look on her mother’s face when her dad used his plastic sword to push her off the end of the diving board onto the pool.

Another time Nicole was ambushed by her two twin brothers, Phil and Carl, and tied to a chair in her father’s home office. Her hands were tied behind the chair with her arms and upper body tied to the chair back and her feet tied together and pulled up off the floor. When they were done Nicole could hardly move in the heavy wooden chair.

“Thanks bro,” Phil said to his brother, “I got it from here.”

The phone rang.

“Hello, this is Phil; oh hi Stephanie; yeah she’s right here hold on; do you want to talk to Stephanie sis?”

“Untie me.” Nicole whispered.

“It’ll take too long, I’ll use the headset from dad’s phone.” Phil said.

Phil placed it on Nicole’s head and adjusted the microphone in front of her mouth.

“Hi Steph, what’s… who’s this? Brandon? Chemistry lab Brandon?”

Nicole mouthed the words ‘hang up the phone’ to Phil.

“No, I didn’t see last night’s episode.” Nicole said.

“Thanks Nik, you’re really helping me out.” Phil said as he left the room.

“Wait, come back; no, I’m talking to my brother; who’s Dr. Who?”

Two hours later her father came in to put some papers on his desk, kissing Nicole on top of her head as he walked by. Nicole franticly mouthed ‘please hang up the phone’ over and over and her father took the headset off her.

“Who’s this? Hello Brandon, this is Mr. Ames, Nicole’s been on the phone long enough. Thank you Brandon, you have a good night also.” And ended the call. “Seems like a nice young man.”

“Dad, you’re a life saver, thank you so much, dad, dad, really.” Nicole said as she sat alone.

“Now I know why you’re so creative with our games.” I said.

* * *

The ringing phone brought me back to the present, dropping the handset attempting to answer.


“Are you still tied up?”


“I’ll be home about 2 and I have a surprise, be ready to go out, see you then.”

I hung up the phone, thinking back to her surprise last Halloween.

“This is going to be a great party.” Nicole said.

We came out of the bathroom naked and Nicole began pinning my hair up. On the bed were boxes containing Halloween costumes for the party.

“Why the big mystery about what we’re wearing?” I said.

“I wanted it to be a surprise, I had them made from my designs by a woman who does work for movie and television wardrobe.” Nicole said.

Nicole held up the witch’s dress she would be wearing. It was a black full length dress with a tight low cut bodice that flared at the waist into a sheer material slit up the middle, the shoulder and sleeves were sheer with the sleeve flaring at the elbow. The brim on the traditional pointed hat sloped down over the left eye.

“That is awesome, you’re going to look amazing, but then you always look amazing; what am I wearing?”

“You’re going to be my familiar.”

Nicole held up a black cat suit that resembled a footy pajama made out of a form fitting stretch material and was covered in soft black fur, the arms and legs ended in paws and the hood had cat ears on top, a bushy tail hung down the back.

“I’ll help you get dressed then I’ll get ready.” Nicole said, holding the suit for me to step into.

“Wait, don’t I need underwear?”

“This will be like a second skin, I don’t want anything showing.”

Nicole pulled the sleeves up my arms forcing my fingers into the mitten like paws, pulled the hood on and zipped up the suit that came right up to my chin and caused the hood to pull tight around my face.

“My hands are useless in this thing.”


Nicole buckled a rhinestone studded silver collar around my neck and attached a silver heart shaped padlock with ‘Kitty’ written in rhinestone studs on the front which locked the collar and zipper.

She sat me down at the makeup table, applied green cat eye contact lenses and started working on my face. It was 30 minutes before she turned me to face the mirror, what was looking back was an adorable cat.

“Wow, it’s a little scary when you don’t recognize yourself.”

“You’re a cute little kitty, now get out of here, I have to get ready.”

When Nicole emerged from the bedroom she was a glamorous witch with the addition of black stockings, pumps and makeup. She added black booty’s to my costume and we headed for the car.

After driving a couple of miles Nicole found an open spot at the curb and parked.

“We have time, I think we should test our costumes.” Nicole said.

She opened the glove box, took out a silver leash and attached it to the ring on the front of my collar, got something out of the trunk and got me out of the car.

“What are we doing?” I said.


Nicole handed me a plastic Jack-O-Lantern pail, holding the handle being the only thing I could do with my hands, took my leash and led me to a house decorated for Halloween, a man and woman were on the porch.

“Hi Carol.” Nicole said.

“Oh my god, Nicole, you look amazing, and who’s this?”

“This is my niece Kitty, she’s visiting.” Nicole said as I turned to look at her.

“How precious, you are the artist; I miss it but my kids tell me they don’t need their mom anymore.”

“Since you brought it up, she had her heart set but something came up, could I impose on…”

“Say no more, we’ll have a great time; my husband can hold the fort down here.”

“Honey, Mrs. Wallace will take you trick-or-treating and I’ll be back in a couple hours.”

“Take your time, I’ll take good care of her, I know all the good houses.” Carol said.

I looked back in horror as Carol led me down the sidewalk by my leash.

We came to a house that had the garage door open and was decorated for Halloween. Carol pulled me up the driveway.

“Trick-or-treat.” Carol said.

“Aww, look how adorable she is, Henry come out her and see this, what’s your name honey?” The woman said.

“Kitty, she’s a little shy.” Carol said.

“I have got to get a picture, Henry get the camera; I can’t get over how precious she is.”

Six pictures later.

“I almost forgot your candy, there you are sweetheart.” The woman said dropping the candy in the pail.

“What do you say sweetie?” Carol said scratching me behind my cat ear.

“Thank you.”

Carol led me down the driveway to the sidewalk.

“Aren’t we having a great time sweetie?” Carol said.


My pail was almost full when we arrived at a house with a large group of people and Carol entered me in a contest. I found myself standing in a line of contestants with my hands tied behind my back in front of a doughnut on a string, I totally schooled those losers.

Shortly after, Nicole picked me up.

We both had fun at the party. Nicole did take several opportunities to let people hold my leash and to get away from a total bore from work she tied my leash to the bar rail and asked him to entertain her kitty while she talked to someone. Unable to untie my leash due to my paws I was trapped with the sci-fi freak. I told him, though kind, he wasn’t obligated to sit with me, that didn’t work, at least he held my glass so I could drink from the straw.

“Did you have fun talking to uh, what’s-his-name?” Nicole said, finally rescuing me.

“Jih dlchdaq hoh soh, that’s Klingon for I will kill you”. I said.

Back home Nicole took my booties, contacts and makeup off and got herself naked for bed.

“Aren’t you going to get me out of this thing?”

Nicole pulled me onto the bed.

“When I was 2 I got a stuffed toy named Kitty, and I couldn’t sleep unless she was snuggled in my arms. It got all ratty and my mom threw it away, I was devastated.” Nicole said.

“Aww, how old were you?”


“You need help.” I said.

“Help staying warm.” Nicole said wrapping her arms around me.



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