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Retired from Active Bondage Part 2

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2008 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bagged; gag; boxed; foam; rescue; transported; bond; chastity; sex; cons; X

This story is dedicated to all my friends in the forum, Who showed so much concern over what happened to me in part one, if your name is not mentioned here, Do not worry Its just due to the lack of editorial space allocated here to me by Gromet so please blame him. Continued from part one

Part Two

Jenny lost all account of time and had no idea as to how long she had been entombed in underground storage facility. The air that was constantly being pumped into her lungs containing all the necessary nutriments, and liquids in an air born vapour to sustain her.

At times the anaesthetic was reduced to let her regain consciousness, and the music would again be switched on to help calm her down, also an automated voice would give a running commentary on her general physical condition just to cheer her up.

Anything that needed attention would be provided by the controlling computer, then the anaesthetic would again be increased till she drifted off into a world of dreams.

This procedure went on till it became the norm, and any thoughts of being released no longer occurred to her, this was now her home and her own little world. On one occasion she was just regaining consciousness, and she became aware of a sort of distant noise, it seemed to get louder and louder and seemed to be coming from above her, her brain now realized someone was digging down towards her.

The memories of the blue skies and wind blowing through her hair flooded into her mind, she could hear the digging and the sound of the soil being removed in a frantic effort to reach her, then the thud as the shovel hit on the wooden bung that separated her from the outside world.

Then the sound of a chain clinking and the first cracks of light appeared above her. To her surprise it was moon light, to her Jenny always thought moon light had a magical property,

As the large wooden plug was dragged clear of the top of the hole she looked up through the clear dome that encased her, she could make out a figure of a man, the next moment the figure clambered down to where jenny was encased in her box.

The man slipped the hooks that were hanging from the end of the chain into the lifting hoops that were attached to the box, he then clambered up the shaft, soon the box containing Jenny was being winched upwards.

Soon she was in the open and the man was undoing the wing nuts that held the dome fastened to the box, as it was removed the figure now removed all the attachments, tubes and other bits that where attached to her, he ripped off the lid and got Jenny out of the box, soon the body was free of the shrink wrapping.

The man now looked at her, "I am sorry if I have upset or startled you, but I read all about you being entombed and I decided you are too young and innocent to end up retired here."

"Oh by the way, my name is Robinn that is Robinn with two Ns, I watched your mail on the Bound Forum, and when I heard you had been retired I just had to come and get you out."

Jenny looked at the partly nude male, she recognised the shinny chastity belt he always had on when appearing on the forum, at that he picked up Jenny's nude body and ran off into the darkness.

As he bounded across the fields Jenny asked what about all the others buried there.

"No problem while looking for you I started at the wrong end and dug them all up before I got to you."

Soon Jenny was carried into Robinns luxury pad, he laid her on the bed, the silk sheets felt good as she lay back, soon the couple where entwined in each others arms. "I have saved this for you since I first read of your exploits." At that Robinn handed her a gold Key, Jenny instantly knew it was for his chastely belt and wasted no time in releasing him from it.

The huge penis now became aroused as Jenny dropped the chastity belt on to the floor along side the bed. The warmth of his body felt good, she realized what she had been missing all this time, soon both where locked in a passionate embrace. There was no doubt in my mind that Robinn was a super stud as well as a super hero, and soon became aware why he was locked in the chastity belt in the first place, once he started there was no stopping, the affair continued through the night and the next day.

Exhaustion over came Jenny and she drifted into a deep sleep. On waking she found she was bound hand and foot to the bed, and Robinn was spoon feeding her a high protein mix to help build up her strength for the coming session that lay ahead .

Jenny now realized by removing his chastity belt she had released the Genie that was in him, soon he was arousing her body till she exploded in a continuous orgasm one after the other. Her body was now in a continuing ever lasting orgasm, her back arched as it went into spasm.

Robinn had now achieved his dream, and found a lover capable of with standing his continuous love making, it was just after tea time when there was a knock at the door, Robinn’s eyes lit up.

"Oh," he said, "it's my friends from the forum."

At that moment into the room stepped Mummified and Bound Easy and Sockless 74, followed by most of the other members including Madam Feline with a evil glint in her eye, and following in close behind was Mr Clingfilm 1 with his new roll of cellophane freshly obtain from the local florist made specially to his personal requirements for body wrapping.

In the back of her mind Jenny longed for the peace and quiet of her little box, and thought to herself perhaps Len had her best interests at heart after all.



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