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Pleasure Engine 3: Training

by Shogun Twhakker

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© Copyright 2017 - Shogun Twhakker - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f+; island; resort; captive; transport; prepare; process; inserts; objectification; seat; dildos; oil; anal; vaginal; machine; engine; team; climax; cons; X

Please note; this story is fantasy. As of this writing the means to make this fantasy safely come true do not yet exist. Until such safe measures do exist it is HIGHLY recommended that this stays a fantasy, as the situations described can cause anything from lifestyle complications to SEVERE DEATH. This is for Erotic Imagination only. This is a work of fiction; none of the companies or names listed within are meant to resemble what actually exist or bear attachment with anything in real life. This story takes place in America, and all measurements are SAE unless specified. This story is presented under the assumption that you are comfortable with adult themes. Continued from Part Two

Part 3: Training

Tuesday morning, Kendra returned to her engine build. Crissy’s heavily overfilled pussy and ass had finally backwashed through the other oilers on the other girls that night. This meant all 8 girls were now slightly overfilled with oil and the engine’s oiling system, including the 8 girls was now primed and ready for the first training run. Kendra lowered the engine onto a pallet and the forklift took it into the break-in room.

The break-in room had all of the equipment to start turning the engine assembly as an assembly. There was an electric starter motor, squirter and sucker management system. It had oil cooler feeds, and plenty of liquid food and water for the intake squirt system. There were also 8 sets of noise canceling headphones for the girls to wear to listen to instructions. There was also the throttle control which doubled as the cam controls for the dildo oilers, to control their pressure and depth.

Tempest also wondered if this engine she was now mounted in as piston number one had the new swelling inflatable dildo oilers she had been reading about in the company updates. The new oilers would change in diameter based on system oil pressure, and promised to seal off ladies of all sizes down there so that all 8 ladies got the full fill. The internal documents claimed the pressure would be shared between all 8 ladies in the engine, and that when one girl got off and her parts clamped down onto the oiler in question, the pressure on the remaining units in the other 7 girls would shoot up causing them to swell more so the other girls felt it too. Tempest knew this could be enough to make it a non-stop deal and that with enough fuel and encouragement they could constantly set each other off for days at a time. She knew what the old oilers felt like, and she was in such a hurry to get Kendra to mount her into the engine that she forgot to look, so she’d just have to wait and feel it.

Kendra started hooking up the engine to the management systems and giving each lady a pair of headphones so that the training sequence could begin.

“Okay ladies, I want to make sure you can all hear me. When I say your name, close your eyes for me,” Kendra said into the microphone. At the end of the list, all of the girls had their eyes closed.

“Okay, keep them closed. Dream for me for a moment. Think long and hard. What sort of wet fuck do you prefer? What is your idea for the perfect pounding? Keep em closed. Do you prefer it up front? Or do you prefer it in your ass?” Priscilla’s mind was racing. She was picturing herself as a thin girl on her hands and knees naked on a picnic table with Adam’s log inside of her. In her dream, he was so huge, they became stuck together; cock-locked in her pussy like some animals tend to do. Thrusting anyway even when cock-locked, that was getting her hot. Now suddenly, she was craving stimulation; hoping it would come soon.

“Okay, open your eyes. I know none of you can respond other than with your eyes, which, I love by the way. I want to explain what’s going on here, I’m sure you all have questions. You ladies are now a team. You are a well oiled part of a machine, an engine. You are responsible for the pleasure of the other 7 girls in your engine. How is this, you ask? Well, here’s how the engine works. I start the engine using the starter motor, which gets you ladies started spinning it in the right direction. After it’s spinning though, all of you will be expected to pedal and punch along and keep the engine going. As the engine runs, all 8 of you will receive oil, sprayed all over your bodies and pumped into you. The oilers are what encourages you to speed up or slow down.“

“When you feel the oilers going deeper into your body, your body will respond by pedaling and punching faster; it just will. You won’t be in control at that point. You’ll feel water and energy gel sprayed in small quantity into your mouths, but will be in the same quantity as the depth of the oilers. If the oilers go deeper into your bodies, the water and energy gel spray will be a larger quantity. You will also be receiving hot man juice as you pedal and punch. The hot man juice is only activated past a certain speed. If the engine spins too slowly, it won’t spray hot man juice down your throat. And don’t think the man juice is fake either, see this (holding up a gallon jug)?“

(All 8 girls now turning their eyes attempting to look at Kendra).

“Priscilla’s man Adam donated this gallon of his own man juice yesterday morning, and it’s been in the fridge waiting on this. I’ve tried it, it’s good stuff, a bit sharp as cum goes and it’s really really gooey, that’s my favorite part about it. (Now next to and talking to Priscilla) He thinks a lot of you, I can’t wait to break you in.... Now, today we’re going to do a practice run for an hour to see if we have everyone on the same page. The engine also has a built in oil pressure brake, so that we can stop you whenever necessary with a turn of the key. The other thing you’ll notice is when the key is turned off and the brake is activated, the water and fuel stops flowing. That’s your signal to stop pedaling and punching. Oh, and Mariah, you’ll like this. You are all sitting on a new feature. (Mariah looked up at Kendra, and so did Tempest). We know how tight your snatch is and how you love your butthole being really tight and taut. Well don’t worry, this engine has the new expanding mushroom oilers that swell up more under oil pressure, so you’ll be experiencing what big logs are like this time, and it will continue to grow as you are opened up, so enjoy it, k?” After hearing that, all 8 girls were now turned on; which was fitting, because with that, Kendra turned the key to start the engine.

Priscilla didn’t know what to think, she couldn’t think. It was sensory overload. Pedaling a crank and punching another crank while mounted and bolted down inside of a big metal box totally naked while being fed through a set of squirters and filled in both lower holes by two expanding dildos that pumped her full of avocado oil and put her loins under pressure and constant pounding. She wanted to cum, but she couldn’t; her lowers were so full and under enough pressure that she couldn’t release. As if that weren’t enough, her ability to process logic went away. All 8 ladies were now pedaling as one, in unison, all high as a kite on pleasure; and being held at climax. The special oilers were doing the trick, this was no longer 8 girls, this was a V8 pleasure engine, ready for it’s first bout of training.

Kendra decided to see if she could accelerate the girls. So she opened the throttle a little bit. As expected, the girls reacted by pedaling faster, almost instantly, and for that moment, the engine revved up, just like a sports car engine. Kendra knew this was a warm up round and didn’t want to go too hard on the new girls, but the temptation got the better of her, because she wanted to see Mariah’s facial expression. So she pulled back on the throttle a little more. This got the engine spinning up hard, nearly enough to engage the man juice squirter. She held the throttle there for a couple of minutes, just to see Mariah’s eyes roll back into her head. Then she wanted to see if the girls could produce enough power for a sudden rev up to full throttle.

“Let’s see if they react correctly to this.” Kendra remarked as she took it up to full throttle. The girls got the full throttle treatment. Maximum tit sucking. Maximum loin pressure. Maximum loin thrust. Maximum water misting. Maximum cumshots into the throat. Maximum body oil spray. The engine spun right up to a ridiculous 140 rpm at the crank, more than any other pleasure engine ever measured. Kendra decided to see how long they could go before they got tired of it, so she left it at wide open throttle, and turned on the cameras.

“Kendra Madison you have a phone call on line 6, Kendra Madison, phone call line 6.”

As with last time, Kendra left the girls at maximum tilt, although this time it was on purpose, and the engine was attached to a management system, so that all the parameters could be measured, such as power produced, temperature control, response and so on. This didn’t matter to the 8 girls now spinning as one, because they were all so deep in climax none of them had any thoughts at all. Every action of the girls was a reaction to that throttle. Every rotation, every squirt, had them and refused to let go.

Meanwhile, Kendra was on the phone in the office with bossman John.


“Mr. Moran!”

“Kendra, you know better than that by now. Just call me John.”


“I want to know what’s going on with engine 3.”

“Engine 3 runs surprisingly smooth and it’s very responsive.”

“My computer shows they’re running at wide open throttle right now, and they’ve been holding 140 RPM for the past 20 minutes. I hope like hell you know what you’re doing.”

“It’s those new mushroom style dildo oilers. They transform the experience. Remember the V-Twin on the company lawn mower? Last week Crissy installed me on saddle number 2, and installed those, I didn’t ever want to stop, I didn’t even get tired, I wasn’t sore afterwards, it was an awesome feeling.”

“Okay, well, I’d better not keep you, just go make sure Engine 3 trains up well. We’ve already got a renter for it.”

“Very cool, can I know who it is?”


“Dang. Well, timeframe?”

“Two months with a possible undefined time extension based on performance.”

“Wow. Lucky girls. Well okay, let me get to it.”

“Okay, bye.”


When Kendra returned to Engine 3, the V8 girls were still spinning the engine in unison and still at 140 RPM. Their temperature was still good, and the girls were all red faced, but the oil pressure measurement was unbelievable. Somehow all 8 of these girls were holding up to the full 20KPA in their pussies and asses. The expression on all of their faces said, “Please, more, more more more!” Kendra looked at the clock and the “fuel” container, they’d burned through half a gallon of man juice in just over an hour at full tilt. She then decided to fill the clock and just let them run out of man juice, so she left them at full throttle for another hour.

“These girls are going to be a race engine aren’t they?” Kendra thought to herself. “This is impressive, I’ll bet this renter, whoever he is, convinces these girls to sign a permanent contract.”

An hour later the girls were still holding 140RPM, 20KPA oil pressure in their pussies and asses and all of them red faced, all of them opening their eyes briefly then shutting them hard from being held at climax.....

She then returned it to low idle and the girls slowed their pedaling, and even at idle, none of them can fathom what’s happening apart from the two hours of constant climax they have been brought to. Kendra left them at idle speed so they can pump in some energy gels and some water. Even at idle all 8 of the V8 girls were so high on pleasure, they just sort of went along with it. Gone was the throttle delay previous engines had. Novelty and power plants were all the previous engines were really ever good for.

As expected, this one would be added to the real deal list the company was building. Kendra checked the oil pressure gauge, and found even at idle a reading of 5KPA. This meant the dildos were still working, and all of the girls were still overfilled with oil and still receiving the thrusting action, the stretching action, and the sealing action from earlier. However, the girls had gone back to normal complexion at idle. Kendra sent an email that would convert all engines to the new oilers.

She decided that since she had another gallon of Adam’s man juice and three more hours in the day, that she’d see how the girls would react to another full on session, so she filled the reservoir with juice, and got to playing with the throttle. She went full tilt and then let off immediately; the girls responded just as quick, with pedaling revs going back to full blast almost immediately, and then back down to idle almost immediately. She came up slow, the speed of the girls increased slow. Sharp drop of the throttle, sharp drop of the revs. “Unbelievable. It’s like I’m in a dyno room.”

She made tablet notes of every thing this engine seemed to be capable of. With one hour to go before end of daily operations Kendra went for one last full throttle blast, letting it go ten minutes, and then easing them down slowly to idle, letting them idle for another 2 minutes, and then turning the key to shut them down. Turning the key closed a valve at the oil brake, and shut off all pumps. At the oil brake, closing the valve would cause the overall oil pressure to increase until the crankshafts stopped. Priscilla was the only one that noticed the sudden oil pressure spike, but still being high on a climax that still hadn’t stopped, and still being unable to squirt, she didn’t care. It was just another icing on the cake for a fantastic feeling day.

As the dress up team went around engine 3 to clean and polish all of the chrome and such, Kendra was playing the part of make-up artist. It was a sight to behold. Kendra used the same foundation, eyeliner, mascara and blush on all of the V8 girls in engine 3. Fully polished, the engine looked like it was ready for the shelf in a store somewhere. By now, the girls had almost come back down to earth and all were quite happy with the day they’d just had. The only thing keeping them high now was the dildo oilers were still mushroomed, swollen, and sealed; and the residual system pressure meant the V8 girls of engine 3 still had fully pressurized pussies that were still full of oil, and fully pressurized asses that were also still full of oil, and no idea how long before the stuff drained back out.

What they didn’t know was what tomorrow would bring; but they did know that they all wanted more of this! The question of whether they’d get more was about to be answered...

-End of Part Three- Training

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