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Pleasure Engine 2: Installation

by Shogun Twhakker

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© Copyright 2017 - Shogun Twhakker - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f+; assignment; island; resort; seminar; harddrive; battery; insert; objectify; waitress; tricked; gassed; knockout; captive; transport; prepare; machine; seat; dildos; oil; climax; cons/reluct; X

Please note; this story is fantasy. As of this writing the means to make this fantasy safely come true do not yet exist. Until such safe measures do exist it is HIGHLY recommended that this stays a fantasy, as the situations described can cause anything from lifestyle complications to SEVERE DEATH. This is for Erotic Imagination only. This is a work of fiction; none of the companies or names listed within are meant to resemble what actually exist or bear attachment with anything in real life. This story takes place in America, and all measurements are SAE unless specified. This story is presented under the assumption that you are comfortable with adult themes. Continued from Part One

Part 2: Installation

“OMG no way!”, Rolston exclaimed. At that moment, the “men” in question were visible by the three ladies. Dressed as if on vacation in golf polos and shorts, all three guys were looking hot to trot each in their own way. The girls continued toward them.

“Wow. Now I’m feeling good about this,” Priscilla said.

“See ladies I told you this would be a good day. Jerry!”, Kristien yelled running towards him. As they all converged in the very center of the lobby, no questions were asked at first, hugs and kisses came naturally for reasons unknown....

“So, what are we really doing here?” Priscilla asked Adam.

“Let’s do lunch, we can talk it over then.”

In the hotel, there was a convenient Tiki styled restaurant, so they went to it. But it quickly became clear this was no ordinary restaurant. Up front was a stage, and all of the tables had a number and microphone system. The wait staff was an all-female lineup, all of which were in top shape, all of which were on rollerskates. The wait staff outfits were a sight to behold. The top half of the waitress uniforms looked like a tuxedo, complete with a cummerbund. Below the cummerbund at their waists the only thing that was covering their lowers was a rather small, strategically placed V8 chrome emblem at the front, and a larger version of it out back, that was mounted rather high, allowing what appeared at first glance to just be a naked rear-end to show. It was atop a shaft going between the butt cheeks large enough to split them apart, but the shaft was painted black so it wouldn’t show easily.

“This is interesting,” Rolston noted.

“What is it Ros?”

“All of the girls at all of the tables are all dressed like us.”

“You noticed that too huh, “Priscilla said.

“Let’s sit down,” Adam commanded. “This is a seminar lunch, all of our questions are about to answered.”

It was then that one of the V8 watiresses came over to their table, “Hi, I’m Tempest, what can I get you to drink?” The V8 badge was right next to Rolston, right in her field of view. Naughty ideas started going through her mind.

“I’ve got a question,” Rolston asked.

“Sure, “ said Tempest.

“That is a cool looking badge, where do you get it, is it stick on?”

“Well, it’s our company logo, and you can order just the logo holder from our catalog it’s like $9.99, I think. The one I’m wearing is a hard drive holder, there’s a 4 terabyte hard drive whirring away in my pussy right now. Gotta tell ya, best feeling in the world. The vibes, the heat, it feels incredible. I’ve got a catalog right here so you can see it.” Tempest then took off her tux top to reveal what appeared at first to be a very modified body.

At first glance, it appeared as though there was a touch screen embedded in her chest where her boobs should have been. Then, she had another box embedded on her arm, which she then flipped open to reveal another screen and a keyboard. None of this made any sense to Priscilla, who was now on the verge of flipping out; not because of the near nudity, but because this lady didn’t look right.

“Just want to let you know, these are not really embedded, I didn’t have surgery. The wire is run from the keyboard to this other screen, and it’s all hidden under this extra layer of artificial skin, you’ll learn more about it during the seminar, it’s also available in the catalog. But you originally asked about the V8 logo I’m wearing, the logo is the part you see. The part you don’t see is in my vagina, see that? There’s more, the battery that runs all of this stuff is in my ass on the other end of that other emblem. The shaft splits my booty and makes walking feel nearly as awesome as the hard drive holder makes sitting. I forgot to oil it this morning tho, I’ve been having to go to the kitchen every hour or so to butter my butt because they’re out of avocado oil.”

“Wow,” Rolston observed. Even her mind was now spinning.

“The thing is, it requires a special tool to get the laptop capable battery in and out of my ass, that’s this one (flipping to next catalog page), and it can be done by myself in the hotel room. The hard drive holder in my pussy is a bit different. The special tool is for the laptop size hard drive, but the new catalog and presentation required more space than is currently available on a laptop size hard drive. They made a special holder just for us just for this event, and it holds the larger desktop drives. They haven’t made a special tool for us yet, they had to strap us down to machines that were able to massage us open one at a time to get them in. The same is true of the batteries, they’re nearly twice the size, and the machine they used to open us up to get that big battery in is too big to fit in the hotel lobby. I have to remember to plug myself in at night so I can come do this. I’ve been wearing this stuff for two weeks, but I really like the way this feels. The only problem is cleansing myself. Wiping with toilet paper doesn’t accomplish anything. I have to use the shower head or water hose”

“Do you ever orgasm during a presentation?” asked Rolston.

“I come close a lot. Particularly when a movie plays, we all get a “ping” that turns on the video and makes it show on our screens all at the same time. The hard drive does a lot of work when those are playing. The big thing is maintenance though. The software on it has a hard-drive defragmentation procedure, and a hard drive readiness check that make me squirm and squirt. I plug the charger into my ass, lay naked on a towel and run that procedure every night before bed, bliss for hours. Okay, so you wanted a pint of house ale, you wanted a Snogger, and you wanted what?”

“What’s in the Bentley?” Thom asked.

“It’s kind of like a rum spiced with coconut, there’s a dash of lime, let me pull it up on the menu so you can see it, oh... Oh, the hard drive’s searching, aaahhhh. Oooooooo. (Now breathing heavy) Okay, is it on.... my screen now? Whew. Wow, there it is. I’ve never had that happen just looking at the menu before. If that’s indication of how my night’s gonna be you guys might have to take me home, okay, wow. It’s still pinging me.. Anyway, that’s what the Bentley looks like, and that’s what in it. You want?”

“Yeah, I’ll have that.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” Tempest said and then left.

“Wait, what are we? Going. To drink.” Priscilla said as Tempest ignored her while walking away.

“It’s double serving, we share,” said Adam, talking like he’d been here before. Just then, the lights dimmed.

“GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE! GLAD YOU COULD ALL MAKE IT! My name is John, and I’m the president of V8 industries. Some of you have already met and been shown your waitresses, they are all very special ladies, make sure to treat them well. Anyway, let’s get on with it. Now, I have a question for the ladies at all of the tables here. How many of you feel perfect? Hands up? Wow, not one. Knowing how many of you feel perfect, how many of you want to improve yourselves? Okay, now we’re talking. I’m sure more of you want to, but are apprehensive about agreeing to an unknown. How many of you want to improve yourselves but are apprehensive about agreeing to the unknown? Thought so. So I’ve got everyone to agree there. What if I told you, that, all of the waitresses that you’ve met in this room are not employees of the hotel, that they actually work for me, how many of you would believe that? I figured. That’s totally believable isn’t it. It is because they were wearing my equipment.“

“What if I told you that every single one of them volunteered? Still believable? Good, I’m glad. I’m sure that everyone in here got a good close look and observed how fit they all are, and well cut they all are. I’m sure everyone noticed their smooth skin and toned bodies. What if I told you that every single one of them volunteered for a program that put them in rigid training for six months that transformed them into the most physically fit ladies in my company? What if I told you they actually ENJOYED the entire regiment? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Now, my training program does not mean you will have a touch screen on your chest and a keyboard on your arm, that’s just to get your attention tonight. I don’t even like the way touchscreens make their chests look, we’ll probably do it different next year. But anyway, I am offering every lady here tonight that same opportunity. First, I want to show you one of my favorite ladies. Tempest, can you come up here? Tempest, ladies and gentlemen, give her a round of applause. (applauding happens briefly) Tempest, tell everyone your story..”

Tempest struts onto stage and hangs up the Tux coat again, the view on her chest screen along with all the other waitresses now matches the projector on the back wall.

“Hi everybody, I’m Tempest, and I’ve been with V8 industries for five years now, and I used to look like this. (Picture appears on back screen and on all of the waitresses chest screens of a much heavier Tempest) There was nothing really wrong with the way I was if you like that sort of thing. But I didn’t like that. I was frustrated at what I had let myself become. I was really never trim, or fit, I was always chunky (pictures slideshow through on all of the waitresses) I had always wanted to be able to do this. I had always wanted to be toned enough to be able to strut when I walk and feel like I was the show. You have no idea how liberating it felt and still feels; to walk on this stage comfortably showing this much skin in front of all of you. I want all of you to know that you can do it too. I once weighed in at 293 lbs. (Picture swap to a really heavy Tempest) None of you here is a lost cause. It’s totally doable, you can do this, just let us help. I want to see all of you do this program so you can be stronger, healthier, and live longer, and happier. Every one of you ladies is here because the guy sitting next to you cared enough about you to find a way to get you here. I want this for you, all of you. Don’t let yourself down.” Tempest then backed away from the stage light, but stayed on stage. John then walked into the light.

“Thank you Tempest, that was awesome as always; but now I think it’s time to get right down to it. The cost of this program per person is quite high, particularly if you do a 6 month regimen. None of you in here really need the 6 month regimen, to be honest, so I figure, 2 months, in the spring and it’s soon to be summer, here on Tori Island. How cool is that right? (Sudden applause) I know, thank you very much. This is a trial for all of you. If you want to try it you will have to pay no money out of pocket. Zero dollars for 2 months of this program that’ll give you results like this (presenting Tempest again, lighting guy points a light her way, and she smiles and waves) What am I asking out of you? Your time and devotion. I ask that when you sign up for this you’ll put forth the effort and let our team of professionals guide you and lead you into being the best you that you can be. That’s it. No other strings other than your time and devotion. So, enjoy your lunch guys and gals, one more thing, signing up is done electronically, just have your waitress set it up for you, then all you’ll have to do is sign in the little box with your fingertip.”

Tempest then came back to Adam and crew’s table. The lights now back up, and the tux coat long gone, the chest screen didn’t look so weird on Tempest’s chest. “So what are we having for lunch guys?” Tempest took their lunch order quickly, using the menu on her chest screen and letting the guys all get really close to the touch screen on her chest. What none of the girls saw was that Adam was not ordering the prime rib like he said he would, but he was really signing up all three girls for 2 months with an unlimited extension option later depending on how well they progressed through the program. With three faked signatures, the girls’ fates were sealed.

The lunch arrived and it was a bountiful feast. The guys obviously knew that they should be treating this like a last meal for these girls, so they didn’t miss a beat. There was lots of touching, groping, kissing, and the like. The girls, obviously not knowing this would be their last real meal for a while, only ate small portions, already trying to watch their figures. Adam had signed up Rolston and Kristien for 2 months in the program with silent insertion. This meant they’d be subdued, and would awake after inserted into the program. Adam had not done that with Priscilla. Priscilla was his prodigy, he wanted her to be awake for the experience, so she’d have a report to give after it was all done. All three of the guys were wondering what the girls would look like when they got back; the brochure said they’d return toned, tight, and horny.

Tempest started rolling around the room, as did the other waitresses and putting red and green stickers on the shoulders of what appeared to be random women. Tempest then got to Adam’s table, and put green stickers on all three ladies. This was to be the trigger.

“Okay, okay, ladies, every lady now has a color on their shoulder, and we are now going to play a game, don’t hold back this is gonna be fun! We waitresses are gonna play too, I’m green, see, so is Layla, so is Crissy, so is Mariah see? Now everyone wearing a red sticker is going to go through that door over there for a minute,” exclaimed Tempest. “Now Kendra (one of the other wait staff) I see you’re wearing a red sticker too, so go with all of the ladies wearing a red sticker into that room over there, everyone wearing green we’re going into that room over there, let’s go ladies, this is gonna be great fun, c’mon, let’s go!”

After this, all of the girls in the green sticker room, were sitting down, and the doors on all sides suddenly locked. As planned, the waitresses didn’t follow the other girls in, but instead stood guard at all of the sealed doors. The room then filled with knockout gas, and in a matter of moments, all of the green sticker girls were ready to begin the program. The waitresses then checked them in, one by one via the photo id on their hard drives, in accordance to how they were signed up.

“Priscilla,’ Tempest remarked. I’ve read your file, you’re gonna be fun to be around when we’re done with you; I hope they put you across from me. Because Priscilla was one of the few that wasn’t to be continually gassed in the program, she was outfitted with her air intake early. Tempest pulled a ridiculous set of pliers out of the toolbox, and outfitted the red latex and rubber mouth-to-plenum intake tube to it, compressing the mouth end down to a small smooth shaft size. Tempest then took some special sealant to put around Priscilla’s mouth, and then released the tool so the intake tube could grow mushroom style in Priscilla’s mouth and form a nice tight seal. Then for the outside of Priscilla’s lips, the intake tube outer was able to roll over it, so Tempest layered up more sealant, and then rolled the seal over her lips to form a double seal.

The look of a pretty lady with a red rubber intake where her mouth should be was quite a sight. Before too long, all the girls there were naked, shrink wrapped standing onto pallets, and, receiving either filtered air or knockout gas for the trip across the island. Then, right on cue, the truck came, and Crissy and Mariah loaded the pallets onto the truck, while Tempest signed the papers and flirted with the truck driver like she usually does... “Why don’t you come see me some time, maybe after work?” Tempest asked.

“Maybe. Do you still have that funny habit of getting mounted in an engine block?” the trucker asked.

“It’s not a habit, it’s a fitness program.”

“Sure it is. If the day ever comes when you’re not bolted down to or welded to something, call me, you got my number.”

“Okay girls, you ready?” Crissy, Mariah, and Layla all nodded. By now, they were slipping on their bubble wrap suits, with their chests towards each other and ready to hold hands. “Do you mind?” Tempest asked the tow truck driver.

“Sure, hold this end...” And with that, the truck driver wrapped the four of them in North-South-East-West configuration onto pallet number 8 of 8. Tempest was getting aroused just by the skin contact between her and the others, as the bubble wrap suits were only designed to protect the chest screens from getting broken. But the tightness of the shrinkwrap was really arousing to her. He was wrapping them tighter than usual too. This made them all squeal with delight. As if he knew, the truck driver, slapped the packing list right onto the sensitive spot of Tempest’s ass where the hilariously oversized peanut shaped battery was trying to poke through, making the waitresses asses look like almost like a mantle you’d set pictures on. With that last delightful squeal, the trucker put the pallet securing straps across them, pulled the ratchet until the girls were pressed tightly against the other girls’ pallets, and then rolled the door down for the one hour drive across the Island.

After the drive into the warehouse, pallet 8 of 8 was unloaded and sent to de-briefing. There Tempest, Crissy, Mariah, and Layla all got the devices removed from their bodies and a chance to cleanup a bit before their next assignment; engine duty.

The other 7 pallets had a total of 90 girls on them, which were now going through processing. Each girl was now receiving a full physical check up, total enema flush, full lower end douche, and full range of shots, including tetanus and birth control. As Adam expected, they kept their promise of keeping Priscilla awake enough so she could see what’s going on, but sedated just enough so she wouldn’t fight the process. The engine building process, that is. And what an engine it was. On the outside it sort of looked like a large automotive V8 engine. On the inside, it was a totally different animal. At the base it had an automotive style multi-position crankshaft that was hollow and oil fed. There were eight bicycle open hole tri-bike saddles, four per side, and they were open because each one had two dildos sticking up through them.

Curiously enough, both dildos were also oilers as well, so the ladies in the seats would always be full of lube. The dildos were also running on a set of timed camshafts much like a car would have, so one lady would receive oil and thrust at the same time it’s being pulled out of one of the others, so that it would take less power to operate and make more enjoyable. Running in line with the crankshaft and higher up at arm level was another crankshaft that was smaller in size and tied via a chain to the other crankshaft and both camshafts, obviously meant to be used by the hands. Each “seat” that was to be occupied also had a special bolt down spring loaded tensioner designed to hold the subject in place up against the side of the engine block’s internal wall.

To be installed in this engine, you had to have your loins greased up. This is where Tempest came in. Now lightly dressed, she was taking the sedated naked ladies and setting them up one by one in this engine. The assembly lube differed from girl to girl depending on preferences and allergies, and it was available on the spec sheet. Some girls got stuffed with fresh guacamole, or peanut butter. Tempest even remembers one engine build where the other 7 girls wanted to be pre-filled in both holes with hot chunky salsa. She also remembers how good the chunky salsa felt at first, but how raw and sore she was after 2 months.

Once they were positioned on the oiler saddle and penetrated by the dildo oilers, she would bolt down their spring loaded tensioner. She had also fitted each one of them with their own special plastic epoxy filled shoes that fit their feet exactly, and fit the bearing journal on the crankshaft exactly. Once she tightened those bolts, their feet were attached to the crankshaft for good until the bolts were removed again. The same was true of the hands, each girl had special plastic epoxy filled gloves that fit in such a way that the fingers would be wrapped around the crankhandle but the solid plastic gloves just made sure their hands couldn’t be removed from the moving parts . As with the crankshaft at their feet, it was a precise fit.

The pan under the crankshaft and all of the opened parts that poked out into the outside world had rubber seals just like a typical car engine would. Everything inside the engine was oil cooled and oil lubricated. There were even oil sprayers that would oil onto the girl’s entire bodies just for the sake of keeping their skin soaked, to prevent friction and to also condition the skin. The oil pressure would vary depending on the speed everything turned within the engine. The amount of oil coming from the dildo squirters was directly related to how fast the engine was turning at that moment. The amount of penetration the dildo squirters would do was linked to the throttle cable, and the oil was pumped through a filter and could be heated or cooled depending on the mood of the driver. Everything was designed around a modified low-ph avocado oil formulated specifically to keep their vaginas healthy.

All of the girls were assigned to an engine. It was usually based on height so the engine could remain a balanced piece of equipment but this wasn’t always doable. Fortunately however, 5' 8" Tempest was assigned to an engine full of 5' 8" girls. Tempest, Crissy, Mariah, Layla, Priscilla, Kristien, Rolston, and Heather were all assigned to be mounted into engine number 3 for the next 2 months. Tempest, being engine build head decided to be seat number one. Across from her, would be Priscilla, seat number 2. Next to her would be Kristien, in seat number 3, across from her would be Crissy, in seat number 4. Mariah in seat 5, next to Kristien, Rolston in seat 6, next to Crissy, Layla in seat 7, and Heather in seat 8. Tempest knew she was going to need help from one of the other girls, so she called over Kendra who wasn’t going to be installed in an engine this time, to help out.

At first glance, she was wearing what the other V8 industry employees were wearing too. Small V8 logo down in front that almost shows her world to the world. A larger V8 logo in the back positioned just above her butt crack, with the support shaft splitting her buttocks. But her chest screen was a tablet and part of a stick on sort of desk, and she could turn the screen around so she could see it. It was just wide enough and just long enough to cover her chest. Pretty soon, all of the girls were mounted in the engine but Tempest, which meant now, Tempest, the girl that talks a mile a minute and has the energy to match is now going to be silenced for two months as a part of an engine. An engine, that, when running, will provide all 8 of them with pleasure beyond their wildest dreams and simultaneously exercise a ridiculous amount of excess weight off of them and pull whatever load is being demanded at that moment by the equipment, driver, or captain.

Tempest, now astride a small bike saddle attached to the oil line to prevent chafing, with a dildo oiler in her vagina, and a larger dildo oiler in her ass, has her hands trapped in solid bolt together gloves bolted on a crankhandle shared with Priscilla, the girl across her and the other six down the line, her feet trapped in solid bolt together shoes sharing spots on the crankshaft with the girls across from her, Priscilla’s knee coming between Tempest’s legs and close to hitting her between the legs, a stomach tensioner bolted down holding her in place and to keep a bit of pressure on her stomach, and in a moment, by Kendra’s hand, a manifold of 16 tit suckers, also bolted down to the inside of the v-block. A couple more bolts, and Tempest’s boobs, along with the others are now at the mercy of the tit-sucker manifold when it comes on.

Kendra then attaches the block cameras to their various spots in the engine, and runs the wires to the outside. A cover plate is then attached by Kendra using glue and more bolts to seal the top, and then it’s time for the head cover plates. The head cover plates on this one resemble car valve covers in a way. On some car engines, there are holes in the valve cover for the spark plugs and their spark plug wires. On this engine, the head cover plates have holes for the girl’s heads to come poke out of the top of the engine. With each girl having a stretchy neck seal that has to go over the head and around the neck, installing the head cover plate on the girls tends to be tricky even on the best of days.

Kendra, however, knew what she was doing, and in a few minutes time, all eight heads were through the head cover plates, and as was any good engine builder, Kendra didn’t want any oil leaks, so she made sure to use the right amount of sealer on the plates. Both where they bolt onto the engine, and where they seal against the girl’s necks. To seal their necks, she rolled the seal down to expose the bit of neck that needed to seal, then coated the girl’s necks with sealer, and rolled the seal back up, and then pressed around a bit to form it. Then it was time to outfit the girls’ intake tubes much like Priscilla’s had been earlier. One at a time, Kendra fitted each of the ladies with a lipstick red mouth-to-intake tube. Using the mushroomer tool she rolled the lip with sealer just like Tempest had done with Priscilla. Kendra saved Tempest for last.

“How’s it feel?” Kendra asked Tempest.

“It feels incredible, you know I’m always excited about this.”

“Any last words?”

“Seal us up.”

With that, Kendra outfitted Tempest with an intake tube, complete with sealer. All 8 girls now had intake tubes holding their mouths open, but it was time to remove Priscilla’s filter. A few backwards turns of the screwdriver, and off the filter came.

“You’re the special one, how you doin?” Kendra asked Priscilla.

“Aaaahah.. Irsee.”

“Thirsty?” Priscilla nodded her head in agreeance. “Well, it’s okay, pretty soon you’ll have all you can handle.”
With that, Kendra lifted the intake plenum and put it into Priscilla’s intake tube first, surprising her.


“That’s a girl, just let it go in, hang on, there...” Before Priscilla could struggle to get it out, Kendra was already re-tightening the hose clamp. Her eyes got huge from the surprise. The intake plenum channeled and distributed air much like the car engine it was based from, and it was going to be the air supply for the girls for at least the next two months. None of the other girls were aware enough yet to struggle, except for Tempest, who wasn’t going to struggle. Seven more hose clamps later, and then all 8 of the girls were sharing air through the plenum.

“Okay, now it’s time to finalize the glue.”

Tempest knew what that meant. It was a procedure involving a hair dryer. The glue spent some serious time penetrating their skin and the rubbers. The hair dryer activated it to dry the welds so the seals would be permanent. The only way to separate the rubber from the skin now would be to use the re-gelling agent that V8 industries made in house. Tempest was waiting on Kendra to bolt the intake to the block, because it could still be moved around left to right, and so far, not everyone’s geometry was spot on.

A few more bolts made that happen. Now, none of the girls could even try to move their heads even if they wanted to. They were now a part of the machine. To dress them up a bit, Kendra braided their hair, all of which was blond, into one common flowing braid all the way from the front, across and to the back of the engine. There was no ignition distributor on this engine, but it sure looked like it had plug wires.

“Priscilla, I know you’re the only one that’s going to care about knowing this right now, but I’m going to tell you now to put you at ease. You see these rails? They have squirters on them. They go here, (pointing to a set of holes in the intake just ahead of the intake tube), this one squirts water. This one squirts liquid food, energy gels, or soup or whatever is on order that day. This one in the center is very important. Your man want us to make sure you were fed his juice. This hole is for the cumshot squirter.” Priscilla’s eyes lit up for a moment, she had never tasted cum before, but had always wanted to. Now she’s about to be force fed it, she wondered what it would be like and what circumstances would bring it about

A few minutes later and the “fuel” rails were installed as well. Kendra put the glue on the squirters as well, and went around one final time with a hotter heat gun to finish finalizing the glue on all of the neck bands and the mouth tubes.

So, now, it was time to fill the engine with oil. The sight was quite a remarkable one for anyone that hadn’t seen it before. Eight ladies, combined and mounted into an engine. Nothing but eight heads sticking out of what appear to be chrome valve covers. Their long blond hair braided together as one giant hair braid wrapping around behind the back of the intake, and laying in trays to keep them from getting hung. Their mouths, all cemented to intake tubes coming from a common center mount plenum, and held up and open, ready to accept anything. The rest of their naked bodies hidden inside a sealed engine block, that was about to be filled with gallons of modified low-ph avocado oil to up to their bellies to prime the oil pump. All 8 girls were now awake, but escaping was too late. All of the bolts were tight, all of the glue was set, the engine was ready for oil.

As it turned out, Priscilla got the pleasure of being washed in fresh Avocado oil, as her body was nearest the oil filler cap. She found this to be a very nice feeling, and the rising oil level going up everyone’s freshly shaved skin was making for an attitude change for all 6 of the other girls. Just when she was getting aroused by the avocado oil wash over her left shoulder; primarily because it was running down her chest over her belly and across her pussy, Kendra stopped pouring to check the level. Kendra put the oil cap back on and pushed the oil prime button on the oil pump to disengage it from the crank. With a special tool and motor, Kendra spun the oil pump. Within moments, the pump had filled the crank, and was squirting oil out of the special shoes, putting a massage pressure on the already soaked 16 feet. Then, the oil started hitting the dildo squirters.

Priscilla was the first to feel it, and her eyes lit up with pleasure. Within seconds all 8 ladies were feeling themselves being pumped in both holes with this oil. Then, the upper shared crankhandle got full, and it started spraying out of all the little gaps. Lastly, the body squirters started shooting a little bit, then they grew to a massive spray. Within moments, all 8 ladies were reeling from the avocado oil shower and dildo squirt pumping that was still going on.

Tempest was the only one that knew Kendra had a habit of leaving the oil pump on prime longer than really necessary. She knew there was a reason she chose Kendra for this engine build.

“Kendra Madison you have a phone call on line 12, Kendra Madison you have a phone call on line 12"

What luck! Tempest knew that phone call meant they’d be getting “primed” for at least the next hour. All 8 ladies were now enjoying the bliss they’d just been put into. Tempest also knew that the dildos were really meant to be operated while they were moving, and that while sitting still, there was a chance to seal off the return so that she could be pumped full to the point of bursting. She’d always wondered what that would feel like. Then she looked across and down at Crissy. Tempest knew that the way the engine was timed, with the engine off, the dildos when sitting would always default to as far in as the cam timing would let them.

Crissy was the one with the dildos shoved all the way in and the exit sealed off. They couldn’t say anything, but the look in her eyes told the tale. Crissy was already overfilled, attempting to squirm to open it up a bit, she was experiencing the high pressure orgasm. Tempest and Crissy both knew there was nothing that could be done apart from just enjoy the wave. At that point Tempest decided to try squeezing down and forward slightly (even though she really couldn’t move much) to see if that would seal off her parts and overfill her too.

It did.

Now Tempest held it there as long as possible to feel the fabled overfill orgasm. Crissy was already moaning the loudest from hers, you could hear it through the intake plenum.

Ninety minutes later, Crissy came back into the conscious world just in time to orgasm again. Tempest had already felt release from a few overfills and was satisfied, simply letting the machine keep her slightly overfilled and high on happy. Kendra came back nearly two hours after leaving, just in time to prevent Crissy from passing out again.

At this point all 8 of the girls were tired, Crissy had her last sexual release just after Kendra turned the pump off.

Kendra outfitted the pumps for the tit suckers, the water squirters, the food squirters, and the cumshot squirters, and bolted the assembly to a bracket above Rolston’s head. She pressurized each one, then checked each of the squirters to ensure proper spray action. Priscilla’s eyes rolled into the back of her head in carnal pleasure during the tit sucker test, and Kendra saw her expression. “Don’t you worry, there’s lots more of that in store for you,” Kendra told Priscilla.

Upon hearing this, Priscilla finally released, squirting hard. So hard it went past the dildo oiler and into the oil bath they were all in. An air filter to keep the air intake plenum clean, and another pleasure engine was complete. Kendra filled out the build sheet on her tablet, opened her legs a bit, and then hit print. The printer started buzzing and plodding back and forth as all dot matrix printers do. In a matter of moments, the build sheet started emerging from between her legs, fresh off the printer mounted in her pussy. This was the part Kendra enjoyed, as the printer buzzed and thumped her pussy, the battery in her ass would get hot. After regaining her composure, she put the page in a tag, tied it to the girl’s hair, and called it a day.

“More fun for you V8 girls to come tomorrow, just you ladies wait, haha!”

-End of Part Two- Installation

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