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Pleasure Engine

by Shogun Twhakker

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© Copyright 2017 - Shogun Twhakker - Used by permission

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Please note; this story is fantasy. As of this writing the means to make this fantasy safely come true do not yet exist. Until such safe measures do exist it is HIGHLY recommended that this stays a fantasy, as the situations described can cause anything from lifestyle complications to SEVERE DEATH. This is for Erotic Imagination only. This is a work of fiction; none of the companies or names listed within are meant to resemble what actually exist or bear attachment with anything in real life. This story takes place in America, and all measurements are SAE unless specified. This story is presented under the assumption that you are comfortable with adult themes.

Part 1: The Assignment

Meet Priscilla. At 5'8" and 27 years blond, you'd think she'd have her life on track by looking at her. She was average, but she saw big in the mirror, and her last two boyfriends claimed to like her extra size until they parted ways; but she always had this idea in her head of what she should look like. She spent lots of time in the gym much to no avail, because usually a gym day ended in a binge eating fest. This never affected her quality of work, however, as every job she had ever had she would always excel at, regardless of what it was. Her current career choice was no exception. As a copywriter for a popular "Gentleman's" magazine, she always got a sneak peek at some pretty erotic stuff, and it always put the concept in her head that she was as fit as the girl in the feature. She swore to herself every morning that she would eventually get to that point. She didn't know how, but she felt it as necessary as breathing. This is her story.

One Monday morning, Priscilla went to Adam, her editor for the standard morning briefing, and as always brought coffee and pastries. She always had a big crush on Adam, since he was 6'0" and 29, and well built, but she never felt worthy enough to really flirt or even touch him. She knew they were both single now, but that didn't matter, her confidence wasn't in line, as she always struggled with the look in the mirror. Adam even flirted with Priscilla a bit and they even got to know each other a bit at the last company picnic. Unbeknownst to her, he could see the struggle she was having and he was trying to find a way to help break her struggle for good. The meeting started with Priscilla, Adam, Jerry, Rolston, Kristien, and Thom.

"Good morning guys, and gals...", greeted Adam and then turned his head to Priscilla, Rolston, and Kristien, all standing in line.

"Morning", responded everyone.

"Let’s get right to it. There is a field reporter position coming open because Mrs. Moran is retiring as storyboard editor at the end of the year and Mr. Piles is taking her place, so that position will be available. There will be a party for Mrs. Moran on the water near Jude and Spencer's and she's expecting us to be there unless we have previous engagements. Also, there's a great feature story coming up that's going to require all of us in one way or another," Adam remarked.

This really got Priscilla's attention, she had been wanting the field reporter position for the past two years, but she was almost certain she wouldn't get it. Kristien was already a field reporter for the Sunday times and had real experience. She was also 5'8" and funny enough 27 years blond as well. Kristien was also a firecracker personality and a bit thinner, and she knew it. As was normal, she was in a low-cut top and a short skirt that she barely had the body to pull off. "She's probably not wearing anything under it", Priscilla thought to herself.

However, most of the attention had been paid recently to Rolston, the rockstar of the office as far as all the guys saw it. Rolston, 5'8" and 21, was well on her way to becoming the next editor, all she had to do was spend a bit of time stroking some egos. Rolston was the one out of the group that spent lots of her free time in the gym and avoiding those tasty pastries that everyone else there loved from Priscilla. Rolston's short skirt fitted her properly, which is probably why top brass let her get away with butchering the dress code. The rivalry was healthy even on a normal day, but this morning it was thick enough that you could cut it with a knife.

Adam continued, "Now, as you all no doubt know, I don't get to pick who does what yet, but that may also change soon, but we'll discuss that later. Now, Jerry, today you are going to cover this side story about the makers of Musk brand aftershave, make sure to find out if there's any truth to the rumour about them considering Sophie Roland as their new spokeswoman, and then on Wednesday you'll join the rest of us here at this address, plane ticket's in the envelope. Go."

"See you tomorrow." Jerry left with a coffee, a cheese danish, and no drama as he always does. Jerry's smoothness was turning Kristien on, and it was everything she could do not to chase him down and grab his balls before he left. She could feel herself getting wet, and she knew that if she didn't keep her legs together, her kegel balls would fall out and show the world where her mind was that morning.

Adam went on, "Okay, Thom, today, you are going to the factory that makes Big Jo brand rubbers, they apparently have a new product line coming out that have extra flavors. Your contact is this guy, (pulls out a picture from an envelope) Tony Stelviant."

"Okay, " replied Thom.

"He's Russian just like you, and he loves his horses more than you love yours from what I hear. You two ought to get on great. Take him out this evening and do whatever's necessary to loosen his tongue, he's got one hell of a backstory, it'd be great to have it come from the horses mouth, no pun intended. Plane tickets are here, your return day is Thursday. Go."

"Got it." Thom left with a coffee, a bagel, and a strut in his step. This of course got the attention of Rolston, who's always had a thing for Thom, but has always held it in, hoping he'd make the first move. She yearned for the day in which she could hand over her vibrator's remote, which, was currently set on medium, to him and let him arouse her from across the office just before the end of the workday. She reached in her pocket and turned it up a notch, knowing any higher it would wiggle itself out and fall straight to the floor and leave a stain on the carpet.

"Okay. That leaves the three of you. I know that you ladies have issues with each other. I know that there is a clash of style here. Today, that needs to change. I need the three of you to put your differences aside. This feature story we are about to cover together is big. I need to know that we can work as a team before I can give any of you promotions, much less that field reporter position. So, here's an envelope for the each of you. Each plane ticket you will notice is first class, the place is across the street from the Plaza D'Jour, which is where you will be staying, the itinerary is clearly written out and of course you will all be expected to show up and be on time. I want you to help each other out. Make it a point to show up together. Brownie points come from this particular business when you are professional. Okay?"

Priscilla opened the envelope and pulled it out. "Video cameras?"

"Yes, each envelope has one of those pocket cameras, so you can take footage, to help us launch our upcoming web series. Normally I would say you leave tonight, but the only plane we could get today that goes where you ladies are going leaves at 1:15, and it's 10:20 now, and you've got to go through airport security, so...."

"Tori Island? Are you kidding me?" Rolston exclaimed with joy having looked at the plane ticket.

"We're going to Tori Island? The vacation spot?"

"Yeah, and you girls better get packed and get moving, this story is a big deal. If any one of you miss the plane, all 3 of you are fired. Keep in touch with me via phone when you get there. I'll see you all later."

The three ladies, even Priscilla, was having trouble hiding their excitement. Tori Island is a vacation spot that is normally used to film the sportiest swimsuit models and was even used as a backdrop for some well known big budget films. Rolston and Kristien didn't question it at all, and were very excited. They had already put away their anamosity before even getting out of Adam's office. But, Priscilla was having trouble putting the logic together. Why would an executive of a major Gentleman's magazine put the feature story on a big-budget vacation island and then hand that responsiblity to three ladies with so little experience and fill the dossier normally filled with instructions with nothing but a camera, a plane ticket, and a small sheet of paper with a company name and a barcode on it.

"Guys! Why don't we share a cab?", said Rolston. This was highly unusual for the hottie in the room, but Priscilla figured to just run with it, it would put her in higher standing if this experiment went well.

"Um, sure."

"Which one of us lives closest to the Airport?, asked Kristien.

"Um, that's me, I think." Priscilla replied.

"Can we just park our cars at your place?"

"Um, sure." With that, an hour later, everyone met up at Priscilla's house to taxi ride to the airport. The taxi ride was boring, as the girls' attempt to get closer didn't last, and the flight wasn't much to scream at. Priscilla was reading a book she had brought along, Kristien was listening to music, and Rolston was desperate for a sexual release, having reinserted the little guy after going through airport security, was still fiddling with the remote, trying to get off without being vocal on the plane. Priscilla was sitting right next to Rolston, and finally figured out what she was hearing after seeing Rolston's skirt vibrate a bit in her lap. Rolston's expression left all doubt behind.


"Yea, Pri?"

"My name's Priscilla, it's not Pri, and is that what I think that is?"

"Wha? Oh that. Yea. You should totally get one. Wanna try it? It feels great."

"What? Are you kidding, no, that's, just. No."

"Why not?"

"No, it's just wrong."

"Oh come on, girl, are you really gonna wait for the man that doesn't show up or the one that got away to come back?"


"I see the way you look at Adam. Here, hang on a sec." (reaches into pocket and pulls out the remote). "Here."

"What's this?"

"It's the remote to my little guy. I've turned him off for the moment. I want you to have this for right now."

"What? No. Why?"

"Look, you have more power than you think you do. For fuck's sake, you need to take a bit more control in your life. I want you to see what it's like to have power over someone else the way people do over you. You have the remote now, I want you to feel where the little guy is."

"Serious? No. What? Feel? No! I'm not putting my hand..."

"No, not there, put your hand on my tummy. Serious, put your hand on my tummy and feel the lump, okay?"

"God this is so weird. Okay, so that's it, then?"

"Yeah, and right now, he's all the way in, and wiggled his way up to my real hot spot. If you really wanted to embarass me right now, all you'd have to do is turn it up to 7 or higher."


"7 gets me moaning, 8 gets me squirming, 9 makes me squirt, 10 makes me squeal."

"I'm not doing...."

"Go ahead try it, remember, I'm the one that'll be embarassed. Go on. I swear it'll be okay. Were you ever in the scouts?"

"What? Yeah, um, 8th grade."

"So was I. Chippewa."

"You too? Huh."

"Go ahead, scout's honor, I won't hold it to you, you need to know what having power is like. Go for it. Just tap the button."

"Okay, so do I just press the up button..."

"Ooo, wow, caught me by surprise there. It's different when someone else turns it on."

"You okay?"

"Yea, but you need more practice having power, turn it up." Priscilla hits the up button again. "C'mon Pri, you can do better than that."

Priscilla started edging the button up, she stopped at 5, and Rolston started breathing heavy. "C'mon Pri, don't stop there."

Priscilla finally just decided to go all out, and turned it all the way up. Now the vibrations were enough that it can be heard inbetween moans, although the moans hadn't gotten the attention of the rest of the passengers yet. "Ah! AH! OOOOooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooooOOOOO!"

Suddenly what was happening to Rolston was obvious, and she was at the edge. Priscilla suddenly felt the need to get her a towel, because she had a feeling that she knew what could come next, she just didn't know how quickly. What was happening to Priscilla wasn't as obvious. For the first time in a long time, she had a bit of power. It felt good. Priscilla turned the power back down to 5 just in time to stop the water works. "AH! Ah! Oh, yea. Oh yea. That's good. Thank you Pri. Whew. That was intense. I was worried for a moment. All of my luggage is in the belly of the plane...," giggled a heavy breathing Rolston. "Wow, that felt so good. I knew I could trust you."

"Nice experiment. Here....", said Priscilla as she attempted to hand her back the remote.

"No, you, ahhhh, you keep it. If I get out of line; whew, still going; If I get out of line, zap me, embarass me, do what you will. I'm gonna trust you; wow, mmm, I'm gonna trust you to decide; ooooo, the fate of my loins, for this trip."


"If there's a guy, mmmm, on this island, that you like, oooh, you tell me."


"I'm gonna get you laid girl. You're going to be responsible, hmmmm, for my loins on this trip, and ooo, I'm going to be responsible for yours. Deal?", Rolston panted heavily.


"Call me Ros."

"Ros? I don't know what to say to that."

"Say yes."

"I can't."

"Well, you think about it. And keep the remote for now."

"Um, okay."

"Now, what are we gonna do about Miss Kris over there Miss Priss?"


"You're Miss Priss from now on, and because you're the sensible one I nominate you to be in charge of us."

"Miss Priss?"

"Yes, you are Miss Priss. Beautiful and level headed boss lady extraordinare, which makes you Miss Priss. Am I sensing a smile on your face while my loins are on fire? I am, I thought so...."

"Well, I'm not great."

"Look Miss Priss, are you an independent lady?"


"Do you or not live on your own?"


"Do you or not own your home?"


"Can you lift in excess of 50 lbs?"

"Actually, yes, I’ve been doing deadlifts at the gym."

"I can’t. I may be toned and trim but I have no real body strength. I envy you. Do you have any idea how accomplished you are, especially to be as young as you are? Flaunt those features Miss Priss. Look, I may be under the influence of a device between my legs, but I'll level with you right now. Lots of ladies your age would absolutely lie cheat and steal to get what you have earned. I know there is an exciting whirlwind personality under that veil of yours, too, don't think I don't see it."


"Miss Priss, you're reading the book the last James Bond movie was based from. Last week it was American Assassin. You stare at Adam as he struts away from the conference room in the same way I stare at Thom. I don't blame you, he has a nice ass. You get jittery in front of the coffee machine on the same days the workload comes in disorganized. You noticed Kristien this morning standing a bit funny, I know you did, I watched you do it. Don't think I don't notice details. I've been watching you for a while, and take it from me, your luck is about to change. We’re not that different, you and I. We just do it different ways. Now, I’d like to get a bit of rest, if you’d be kind enough to turn the little guy off, I’d appreciate it."

“Oh, yeah, sure.” With that, Priscilla turns off Rolston’s vibrator.

The plane lands at Tori Island’s small airport without a hitch, and the following morning, the three ladies open up their suitcases to find one sheer white dress and a pair of sandals for each of them. With all of their other clothes gone, they all get on the phones to try to figure out what is really up. Adam doesn’t answer. The front desk to the hotel doesn’t answer. The instructions in the suitcases told them to meet up together in their white dresses and sandals where they would be picked up and given further instructions.

As they are walking towards the lobby, the exchange of thoughts begins.

“This is exciting!”, exclaimed Kristien.

“What is, having your stuff stolen on an Island with no cell service, in an otherwise nice hotel with no phone service and being told by letter to meet a strange man in the lobby? Yeah, I’m hoping to find a cop...”, remarked Rolston.

“Wait. Girls, this isn’t making any sense.”

“Come on, where’s your sense of adventure?”

“Miss Kris, I know you’re infatuated with the unknown, but Pri is right.”


“Yeah, she is. They put us on first class, ONE WAY, with no return ticket. The instruction folder is a blank sheet of paper other than our names and a barcode, and the note in my bag just said to meet my man in the lobby.”

“Wait, Ros, did yours actually say meet ‘my’ man and not ‘a’ man in the lobby?”

“Yea. What did yours say?”

“Same thing, it said ‘my’ man in the lobby.”

“See girls, it’s a good thing, the hotel is trying to set us up with suitors, this is gonna be fun!”, Kristien retorted.

-End of Part One- The Assignment......

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