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Packaged Bird

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2015 - Gromet - Used by permission

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story continued from part one

Part 2: In the Trunk

My life seemed to be changing fast; I was now seeing Gino on a regular basis, our romantic liaisons usually resulting in my body being tightly bound in some way or other, either the old classic spread-eagle on the bed; or hogtied, tightly trussed up and wriggling while he watched sport on television. I insisting that I would never watch a game even if he bound and gagged me, a challenge which he greatly accepted and the rope flew around my body, leaving a trussed up package on the floor, the gag in place to stop any complaints, not that there any from me now I was tightly bound.

Our sessions at the BDSM group were more involved with me demonstrating his bondage skills, tied up and used as his display dummy, totally ignoring me other than applying the ropes to my semi-naked body, I’d taken to wearing some skimpy clothing at these events, a corset, or a two piece swimsuit made from leather. It made the ropes stand out more and some of the positions he’d tie me into made me wonder if I wasn’t a pretzel in a former life, bent this way and that.

I started to buy more leather clothing, skirts, trousers and boots, then I added a waistcoat made of leather, it looked great when teamed up with a white silk blouse. I also bought some leather underwear too; I seem to be growing fond of the feel of it against my skin. And best of all I could wear my fetish clothing out in public with no one the wiser as to why I was wearing it. Though some of the underwear was reserved for the bedroom or bondage sessions, especially the crotch-less ones, well a girl has to keep some secrets and tease her man.

Bondage seemed to becoming more a part of my life with Gino, not that I was complaining, which was hard to do with a ballgag stuffed in my mouth. He seemed to taking more control over the times when we played, he liked the way I looked bound he told me, and I was pleased that I could pleasure him this way and gain some for myself too. Although I wasn’t bound for every time we had sex, sometimes it was more spontaneous and just happened where ever we were, sometimes even in the backseat of his car.

We seemed to be like-minded spirits as Sue, our BDSM group leader told me one day, she was happy for the both of us to have found someone to share our interests, she said that she could certainly see a sparkle in my eyes when I was being bound by Gino for one of his demonstrations in front of the group. And she said that she’d never seen Gino so happy with his bondage, he now seemed to be coming more out of his shell and was more involved with the group.

Most of the time when we were together we spend it in my apartment, we ventured downstairs to his place a few times but my place seemed to be more welcoming, it had my stamp on it I suppose, my new nest that I’d made here in the new city, I’d tried to make it as comfortable for me as possible. My bed was softer than his too, so I felt more comfortable bound to it when he tied me to the bedposts, my legs spread and inviting him to play with me.

Then one day after relaxing in bed from one of our steamy sexual encounters I let slip about liking being tied up and put away. I don’t know what possessed me, but when he asked me if I had any secret fantasies I’d like to do, I just spoke without thought, the first thing that came into my mind was the happy times I’d spent in the trunk. I hadn’t told him about those times but I’m sure that I would eventually get around to it.

“You like to be put away, how?” he asked.

“Mmm, well… “ and I pointed to the trunk, now placed in the corner of my bedroom where I kept all of my growing collection of bondage gear.

“You mean that you want to be put inside the trunk?” Gino asked.

“I’ve done it before…” I replied quietly, not wanting to admit my secrets openly. “I tie myself up and climb inside…”

“Really, I wondered why the trunk had those air vents, now I understand.” He said.

“Yes I put those in because it got too hot inside.” I said and then told him about my past, how I’d always liked climbing into boxes and then I told him about the suitcase, which he made me go and retrieve from the cupboard I’d kept it in.

“Show me how you fit.” Gino asked.

“Like this.” I said and then still naked, proceeded to crouch down inside the suitcase, my feet one end and then squeezing my body into the tight confines, folding my legs under me, lastly I bent my head down putting it inside the interior walls of the case, I was now a squashed up bundle of female flesh laying down inside the case, I adjusted my arms and I was now totally inside and I smiled up at him from my place on the floor.

“Wow! That’s amazing.” He said, “How long can you stay inside the case?”

“I’ve fallen asleep inside a couple of times, so a few hours I guess, though I don’t keep a record.” I replied.

“Looks nice and snug inside, it’ll also come in handy should we go on vacation, I can just carry you on as luggage!” he laughed.

The thought of me as just his luggage sent delightful tingles outwards from my sex, my nipples now standing out loud and proud, I wondered in my mind just what would happen if he took me away, I could see the TSA guy looking stunned at opening the case to find me bound inside, the x-ray of the case would look interesting. “Sorry sir, but your pet will have to travel in the hold.” The thought brought a wicked smile to my face.

Looking at me inside the case, Gino had moved closer and began running his hands over my body still bundled up into a ball inside the suitcase. The feel of his hands now bringing my sexual arousal back online, I could feel the warmth spreading out across my body from the epicentre of my womanhood. His hands reaching down and finding my little pleasure nub, gently playing with it and giving me some wonderful sensations. I was panting in the case, working towards another climax.

 Just when I got close he stopped, “Sorry, playtimes over, time to put the toys away!” he grinned, he then pulled the top of the suitcase down, making sure not to pinch any of my skin and closed it shut. I felt both denied that I hadn’t had my orgasm that was so close and also wonderful that I was secreted away inside the case by his hand. I heard him close the two locks outside; I was now stuck inside here until he released me. Just a package waiting on the floor.

Gino never left my side whilst I was encased inside, I could breathe okay as I’d also placed a vent near to where my head was placed, I was totally at peace with myself inside, the enclosing walls of the suitcase a welcome feeling again, I’d missed playing inside here. Every so often he would tap on the outside to check on me, “Okay in there?” he’d ask. “Yes, sir” I would meekly reply, my fingers now exploring the moist, warm folds of my sex, finding the little pearl and rubbing away.

I soon reached nirvana and the orgasm overwhelmed me, the enclosed space and the fact that I was stuck here by his hand made it all more pleasurable in my mind, I was his little packaged bird, as he’d called me before, the word packaged bringing out yet more delightful spasms through my tight body.

“Sounds like someone is being naughty inside there!” Gino said, “Maybe I should punish you and put you away in the cupboard.”

Hearing that from him I began wishing that he would, my orgasm still coursing through me, the thought of him carrying me to the cupboard and putting me away finished me off, I was like jelly inside the case, I must have melted whilst inside here, all of my limbs no longer functioned and my brain was fogged, no coherent speech would be coming in the interim until I could regain my senses and come back down to earth. That happened with his next sentence.

“Err, Julie… where’s the keys?” he asked.

“I don’t have any!” I replied, my fog now lifting along with my desire.

“Well how do I get you out then?” Gino asked and started laughing.

“It’s not funny Gino, okay I forgot to tell you I don’t have the keys; I’ve never locked myself inside here.” I said.

“So you’re stuck inside there then.” He continued laughing.

“I’ve never needed keys.” I explained.

“I could bust the locks.” He asked.

“No please, I’ve had this case for a long time; it holds great memories for me.” I pleaded, “There has to be another way.”

“I should punish you for being careless and just put you away in the cupboard and leave you there.” He said.

I felt him pick up the case and carry me, I don’t know where he was going but there was no way in my current predicament that I could stop him. It felt like we were going downstairs, I wasn’t sure what he was up to but I was along for the ride. Gino had gone to his apartment, he rang a fellow group member Chris and explained what had happened, and said that he had a locksmith friend who could help.

After ringing the locksmith Chris rang Gino back, “I have some good news and some bad.” He said.

“What’s the bad news?” Gino asked.

“He can’t come over to your place, he has a broken leg.” Chris replied. “But the good news is that you can go over to his place and he’ll free the locks. You want me to pick you up?”

“Okay, Thanks Chris, yes please, as you know my car is in the shop getting fixed.” Gino said and then hung up.

“Well my little packaged bird, seems like you’re going on a journey.” He said to the suitcase.

Chris arrived and I was carried out to his vehicle, a ute with only two seats and no room inside for the suitcase. “Where can I put it?” Gino asked Chris, ignoring the fact that I, a living breathing woman was soundly sealed inside the case.

“She’ll have to go in the back.” Chris said matter-of-factly, I was just a suitcase after all. “There’s a tool locker that keep it safe.” So I was placed inside the tool locker on the rear of Chris’ ute and they drove off to the locksmith.

I was in sub-heaven inside the suitcase; it was beyond my wildest fantasies that I would one day be transported physically inside the suitcase, I had dreamt of being sold and shipped before, but this was the real thing. My fantasy mind came to the fore and I again imagined that Gino had indeed sold me, I was now on route to my new owner, I wondered if he was cruel and mean, that he or she would keep me bound, naked and their prisoner or slave. My fingers again walking their merry dance over my over abused pussy.

The fantasy ended with me being revealed in all my naked glory to three sets of eyes, Gino, Chris and the locksmith all got a good look at my naked, encased body still tightly bundled up inside the case. I turned beet red at their stares, though I was used to Gino seeing me naked, and Chris seeing me at group bound, the new man the locksmith caused me to blush, especially them all knowing what I’d been up to inside the case, it reeked of girl-sex.

I had to travel back home inside the tool locker, there wasn’t any room in the front and Chris didn’t want to get in trouble with his wife finding out that another woman had ridden in his vehicle, plus the fact that I was still naked didn’t help, no trouble with the cops should he get pulled over. I quite liked travelling in the back, it brought out my encasement fantasies but you already know about those.

I ended up having to demonstrate to the BDSM group how I got stuck inside the suitcase; though this time I wasn’t naked in front of everyone, much to Gino & Chris’ disappointment. The locksmith was there too, he’d joined the group straight after witnessing me climb naked out of the suitcase. Everyone had a good laugh but as Sue pointed out all play should be safely done, who knows what could have happened.


Gino on the weekend offered as a way of apology to bind me up and place me in the trunk, he felt guilty for locking me inside even though it wasn’t strictly his fault; I’d never had the keys to begin with and never had to use the locks on the outside before. I told him that everything was okay, I had loved being inside the suitcase, even when he had to transport me in the back of the Ute, the only part was the being found naked by three men, and I teased disappointed that they did not have their wicked way with me, a mere slave girl.

I told him of my fantasy that I was being sold by him to slavers, he was transporting my encased, bound and naked body to meet my new owners, the fact that I wasn’t bound in the suitcase didn’t matter in my head. I was just another slave being transported, I told him, the fact that I even travelled in the tool locker made it all the more real. “And as you may or may not have been aware I did manage to orgasm nicely whilst inside the case. So no harm done.” I said.

“Be careful what you wish for, I may just sell you one day.” He teased, pretending to twirl an imaginary moustache.

“As you wish… Master!” I responded in my sexiest voice, lowering my eyes. “I am yours to do with as you wish.”

“Really, well we’ll see about that…” he winked. “Now off to the bedroom you little minx, I’m going to package you up tight.”

My tummy was doing backflips when he said that, I could feel my nipples responding and a warm, fuzzy feeling was spreading out from my sexual centre. I virtually ran into the bedroom and jumped on the bed, I was ready for whatever he was going to do to me. I was loving the way he took control of me, I felt very submissive when he ordered me around like that.

Gino started gathering up some ropes, he emptied out the trunk of all of my bondage gear, saying that the room was needed for a bound package. He walked over to me siting there on the bed, all of my clothes now strewn all over the bedroom floor, not that I was wearing much, which seemed to be standard these days when I was around him. He held the rope in his hand, his eyes devouring my naked flesh; he looked to be sizing me up for a Sunday roast.

“Now, let’s get you trussed up and into the oven.” He said, laughing.

“Yes, Master.” I replied.

First came the rope harness, for any serious long term bondage these days with Gino I always seemed to be wearing the rope harness, not that I minded especially when he included that ‘special’ knot below. So I knew that this was going to be a longer term session rather than a ‘tie me up and fuck me one’. I stood as instructed by him, each of his commands sending goosebumps over my naked flesh and finding their way down to my epicentre.

The rope harness was soon tightly in place around my body, below and above my breasts, down through my crotch and between my rear fleshy globes. Gino taking advantage to brush his hands up against the soft, tender mounds of my breasts, my nipples responding as always to his touch, hard nubs of pleasurable flesh. The rope harness felt like an old friend now, the hug it gave me a welcoming embrace and constricted my body in its fibrous tentacles. My arms were next, both wrist and elbows, which after many practise sessions could now touch, my forearm now one column down from the elbows, my breasts placed nicely outwards on display by the stretching of my shoulders backwards.

Pushing me down on to the floor, my face passing by his crotch noticing his erection as it pushed against the fabric of his pants, I wanted to take him in my mouth at that point but was denied this by him, no amount of face rubbing against him would let me have a taste of him. Once down on the floor he swiftly began tying my legs, each one frogtied so that my calf muscle rested against the back of my thigh. Then another rope went from each leg over my back to hold my legs spread and against my body, I was truly a trussed dish by the time he finished. 

I opened my mouth when he presented the gag, my mouth stretched wide around the ball and the straps fastened behind my head. The blindfold was next and took away one of my remaining senses, I was now totally stuck, bound by his hand and about to be encased, to say that I was loving this would be an understatement, I was totally lost in my own world and loving every part of this.

“Well my little packaged bird, seems like it’s time to put your away, shame that you won’t be able to escape, I’m sure your new owners will take great care of their new slave.” He teased, sending me over the edge, my body shaking as he lifted me and carried me over to the trunk. “Have a safe trip.”

He lowered me inside, the walls of the trunk now towering over me, encasing me inside their solid walls, it was like coming home to an old friend, I had missed my times inside the trunk. But now I had the added advantage of someone placing me inside here, tightly bound, gagged and their captive, I was truly inside one of my own fantasies.

“She’s all packaged and ready for pick up.” I heard Gino say, as if he was speaking on the phone.

The lid was closed and I was now trapped inside, I tested my bondage and the ropes held me tight, I was securely bound and no way could I get free. I couldn’t even call for help, the gag muting my ability to speak and the sound deadened by the trunk. I heard him closing the straps on the outside, the rustle of the leather as the straps went through the fasteners echoing inside the trunk. Then all was silent outside, I was alone inside here.

My mind drifted off into my fantasies, here I was the bound damsel, waiting for collection, my evil boyfriend having sold me to slavers, I would be destined for some foreign land never to be seen again, spending my days in some dungeon cell or worse working in a brothel in some third world country, pleasing the many men who want a piece of the blonde gringo woman.

I rubbed my body against the floor of the trunk; this pressed against my hard nipples and squashed breasts, my weight mashing them against the floor of the trunk. The movements causing the rope harness to pull against my body, and the ‘special’ knot now sending signals from my pussy up to my brain. I continued to grind myself against the knot, it doing wonderful things against my clit, though I’d wonder if I would be sore down there for days after, that thought was soon put aside with the delightful sensations my body was experiencing from that knot, the outer folds of my sex opening up to grab the rope threaded through them.

Gino left me inside the trunk for a couple of hours and many orgasms later decided that it was about time for him to have some fun too. After all the game on the television was now over and he had nothing better to do, so why not use and abuse a tied up girlfriend for a while. I had just experienced yet another mind bending orgasm when I heard Gino start to undo the trunk straps; soon he had the top open and was looking down on the tightly tied bundle of female flesh that was presented to him.

“Well slave, I hope that you’ve learnt your lesson.” He said.

“Mmmm!” Was all I could reply, I loved the word slave.

“Time for you to come out and earn your keep.” He said, reaching in and picking my bound body up by the rope harness, he carried me over to the bed and dropped me down on top; I bounced as I hit and my breasts told me they didn’t like it, but the pain soon turned to pleasure.

I felt him move up onto the bed and he pulled me towards him, then his hands started to feel for the gag, he began unstrapping it but before he pulled the ball out he said, “Not a word slave, do you understand?”

I nodded my head, again delighting at being called his slave, I felt that I had indeed been sold and this was my new owner, I’d best please him or face further punishment, I thought. I could feel him place his legs either side of me and pull me closer to him, I could smell his sexual musk and knew what was expected of me. I took his hard member in my mouth and ran my tongue over the head of it, savouring the taste and feel of him.

“That’s right slave, continue…” he gasped.

I took my time running my tongue over his shaft, my warm, moist lips rolling up and down his hard flesh, I pushed my head down even more to take him to the back of my throat, I heard him groan as I did so, and I knew that I was pleasing him. That sent wonderful feelings through my own body, I was still tightly bound and the crotch rope was working its magic again as I continued to please my new master.

I began to suck rhythmically, in between playing my tongue teasingly around the very swollen tip. He ran his fingers through my hair and continued to moan in ecstasy. My tongue slowly curled around the fat offering. My lips opened wider and wider, like two reluctant red buds, as he pushed himself further in. I began to suckle rhythmically.

As he neared is own climax I felt his hands on the back of my head, holding me in place and pushing me down further onto his cock, the thing growing with each thrust, I relaxed my throat as it entered and concentrated on not gagging, I wanted to please him for all he’d done for me. Soon the first spray of his cum shot down straight into my throat, he pushed himself deep into my moist mouth as his orgasm overtook him, I could do nothing to stop him bound as I was.

Once the initial first spasm of his climax abated he moved himself back into my mouth, I was now able to breathe, I gasped a couple of quick breaths and pushed myself down on him again, but he didn’t enter my throat this time. I continued to suck him as the last gasps of his climax left a trail of sticky cum on my tongue, I savoured the taste, a victory for me the bound object over her master, it tasted great.

We laid there for a while, me still a tightly bound package, held fast by his ropework, the harness hugging me in its embrace. He recovering from his intense orgasm, his mind now clouded and sleepy as all men seem to be after sex.  I unable to see due to the blindfold, but I could still play with his now shrunken member, kissing and caressing it with my tongue, worshiping it as only a slave girl can do for her master.

I soon had him erect again and began the same procedure as before, tongue, warm lips, moist mouth and moving them up and down his erect shaft. Again I kept going until he held my head against him, his climax when it came taking longer this time, blocking off my airway but I still managed to bring him off without too much hassle and discomfort on my part. I was pleased with myself, and decided to go for round three, kissing and nuzzling him.

But Gino had other ideas, he had had enough, and this raving sex machine that was his tightly bound girlfriend still seemed to want more. I felt him move on the bed to get away from my mouth, I was disappointed that he’d take my toy away from me, I liked playing with it.

“I need some rest!” he said. “Time to put you away again slave.”

He replaced the gag and before I could protest I was picked up and carried back over to the trunk, I felt him place me down inside, there was nothing I could do to stop him, all my cries and pleas fell on deaf ears. I felt the top of the trunk closing, I was now stuck inside again and would have to wait for him to release me, should he ever want to ‘Or sell me to another owner… ‘I thought, my fantasies now coming back to me, the crotch rope getting a workout.


We played around some more with the trunk over the next few weeks, with me bound naked in various ways but the best always seem to be me trussed up like a chicken ready for the oven. I loved Gino having control of me when he used me this way, I had enjoyed every part of him tying me up and I hope that he had enjoyed tying me up too. He never seemed to want me to reciprocate the bindings, he had no desire to be tied he told me one day, he just love doing the binding, especially of me his helpless slave girl.

I teased him that if I was his slave girl, then shouldn’t I wear a collar, to which he replied be careful what you wish for. I had dreams of him at night of him placing a collar around my neck making me his, why was I different I thought, others dream of a man putting a ring on their finger but me I’m a collar and naked slavery type of girl. Go figure.

For my birthday I was given a very special gift from him, a brand new suitcase that had wheels, “So I can move you more easily.” He said, “And this one has the keys too.” He jangled the keys in the air. I rushed over to give him a hug and smothered him in kisses, what do you give a girl who likes to be bound and encased; well a new suitcase would be a good start. Opening up I found on the inside a leather body harness, as well as a leather hood, also a new leather corset as well as leather cuffs.

“Thank you, thank you.” I squealed, thrilled at the new bondage gear. “Seems like a theme going on here!” I winked looking at all the leather bondage stuff.

“Thought you might like a change from all the roughness of the rope.” He grinned knowingly.

I rubbed my pussy at the thought of my last session in the rope harness, it was sore for days after, a good type of sore though, but one that needed me to sit tenderly and not move too much. Though the orgasms had been really great, so it had its plus sides too. I returned to the goodies in front of me, I was like a little girl in a candy store.

“Well, are you going to try them on? I’d love to see how they look on you.” Gino asked.

Soon I was once again naked in front of him, my natural state it seemed, I was eager to try the new bondage goodies. I stood there looking at him. “Please Master, may I ask you to dress me.”

“Okay slave!” he grinned playing at being my Master. “Shouldn’t you be on your knees?”

“Yes, Master.” And I quickly dropped down to the floor and presented myself to him like a good slave girl should, or so I thought.

He picked up the leather corset, I’d worn others before so I was used to wearing them, seemed to me that he liked me wearing them, so I did so often to please him and get him excited. They also gave me that lovely passive hug around my body, I felt safe enclosed inside the corsets, my body and them becoming one, an integral part of each other. Plus I looked fantastic in them, my waist honed in by the corset, the stays holding me up and the pressure becoming addictive after a while; it was always a loss when I removed one.

Gino wrapped the corset around my waist, this corset being an over-bust one with cups to hold my girls firmly but steady, the soft, smooth interior of the leather corset gently caressing my soft skin. I could feel the warming embrace of the corset as it closed around me. Gino continued to work on the corset, pulling and poking; I left him to do all of the work. The front busk now closed all the way he started to pull on the lacing at the rear, each pull tightening the corset around my body.

I was lost in my own world, I watched as he continued closing the corset around me, the laces closing the gap and restricting my breathing, I relaxed my body and let myself go, I was just a slave being dressed for my Master’s pleasure, the outer folds of my sex starting to open, the inner flower now starting to bloom, all the time the butterflies were doing a wonderful dance in my abdomen.

He continued until he felt that everything was tight enough, he didn’t want to go overboard and decided to take a break to let my body adjust to the constriction of the corset. He picked up one of the leather cuffs and took hold of my wrists, my limbs like putty in his hands; I was his doll to dress up now, I meekly allowing him to bind me like this to be his plaything. The leather soon encircled my wrists, they holding tightly there against my skin. Then the ankle cuffs followed and he surprised me with another set I didn’t spot originally, placing these around my thighs.

Happy with the restraints Gino went back to adjusting the corset, I not doing anything to stop him, just smiling at him when he looked at me. I too lost in my fantasy and enjoying the way he was preparing me for whatever he had planned. Finally happy with the corset he turned me around, looking me over like I was just a plaything to be dressed, or a mannequin for a shop window, I felt at that moment more like an object than a human female, and I was loving it.

Placing the harness over my shoulders he went to work adjusting it, threading the various straps through the buckles and pulling them tight, then going over once again to retighten every one of them. This wonderful feeling of an all over body hug overtook me, my body shivering with delight as he finished pulling on the straps, the last one down through my crotch covering my soft folds with the hardness of the leather. Pulling the strap tight made me gasp and take an intake of breath.

He guided me over to a full length mirror and I stood there looking at myself, my nakedness standing out with him dressed beside me, the corset pulled in my waist like never before, it must be tighter and narrower I thought, my sight moving down my body following the outline of the leather harness as it divided my sex in two, the folds spilling each side of the leather as it thrust itself against the pearl that gave me pleasure and now moist pussy behind it. Looking at my legs they seemed to be bare compared to the rest of me, the cuffs were like bands around my limbs, the soft, black leather sheen and the solid chrome rings standing out gave me delightful chills.

“Okay, one more item.” He said, picking up the hood. “Ready?”

“Yes, Master.” I whispered.

The hood was placed over my head, the soft interior lining brushing against my face, he continued pulling making sure that every hole lined up, my nose in place and the eye holes allowed me to see again. The mouth had a zipper I noticed, the shiny metal standing out against the backdrop of the leather. Gino pulled the laces at the back of the hood making it tighter against my head, stretching against my face and hiding my hair underneath the hood.

Once he’d finished he turned me once again to the mirror and I looked at the leather clad slave girl that looked back at me. I looked amazing, I was hidden from view behind the hood, I was now an anonymous slave, nobody would know it was me inside here, I had lost my identity but not my sexuality, that seemed to be shouting back at me as I looked at her in the mirror. I realised that that girl was now me, I was that slave girl.

Gino then took hold of my shoulders, I thought he wanted me on my knees for an oral session, I looked forward to serving him as his slave, but this was denied me. “No, not just yet.” He smiled, “I have something else for you to do.”

He guided me over to the new suitcase, he bade me step in after laying it flat, my toes tingled when they touched the surface of the new case. And soon the rest of my body would be tingling too. He then pushed down on my shoulders indicating that I should kneel. He then pulled my body over until I lay inside the suitcase. He grabbed my leg and started to push this back towards me, bending my knee and once clear of the side of the case he pushed it down into the case. I felt like a ragdoll being put away after a show, my limbs would not respond to my thoughts, I was his to do with as he wished.

Once both legs were curled up inside with me, he placed padlocks on to the rings of the cuffs on my ankles and then again on my thighs, now they were joined in bondage as one. He placed my hands behind my back and secured them too with more padlocks. The last thing he did was to close the zipper across my mouth, this along with the tightness of the hood kept me from opening my mouth to speak, not that I wanted to, I didn’t want to break this spell he was weaving around me. A blindfold cut off my sight and he pushed my head down towards my knees.

A couple of straps were pulled across my body holding me down inside the base part of the suitcase. I was now just a tightly bound package inside the suitcase, I would be his until he let me out again and I had devious thoughts about what he could do to me once he let me out. The top of the suitcase was closed and I heard the sound of zips closing and locks being fastened, I was truly stuck now.

I felt the suitcase being pulled upright, the wheels touching the floor sent a delightful rumble through the inside of the suitcase, which seem to aim straight for my tightly packed, hot and wanting rose petals between my legs, the overheated flesh now thoroughly soaked from my juices, I loving every moment of my gift from Gino. I felt the suitcase being carried downstairs and I began to wonder what he had planned for me tonight. Soon the case was back down on the ground and the rumble of the wheels continued, I thought, ‘I wonder if he knows about those wheels?’

My thoughts interrupted by voices, they were talking but it was hard to hear inside the case and with the leather hood. But I made out certain words like ‘slave’, ‘purchase’ and finally ‘sold’. I didn’t know what was going on; maybe Gino had grown tired of me or decided to carry out his threat to sell me as a slave to someone else. There was nothing I could do, I was tightly bound inside the suitcase, so whatever they were doing I was trapped. I could only go along for the ride.

And ride I did indeed do, the suitcase was trundled across the driveway and out to the street, there I felt the suitcase being picked up and I was placed inside the trunk of a vehicle, I knew from the sound of the ‘clunk’ a car trunk makes when you close it. Soon doors closed and an engine started, I felt the movement as the vehicle pulled away, I wondered if I’d ever see Gino or my home again. The vehicle seemed to take many twists and turns, maybe they don’t want me to know where they’re taking me, I thought.

Finally the vehicle stopped, I heard doors closing and then the trunk open, unseen hands reached in and grabbed my suitcase and I was lifted from the trunk. The wheels touched down again and the rumble continued, this also drowned out any noise from outside so I had no idea where I was. But I would soon find out I figured. I was bumped up a set of steps, each jarring my very bones with each bump. ‘Hey, slave girl inside here!’ I thought, ‘take care of the goods.’

Then the case came to a stop and I was left for a while, I couldn’t hear anything outside so I guessed that no one was nearby. I didn’t know but I’d been placed in a bedroom away from the main part of the house. Eventually I felt movement again and I was being wheeled again, this time a dull rumble, maybe carpets I thought. It was still quiet outside so I had no idea what was going to happen to me.

The locks on the suitcase were opened and the lid lifted and exposed my tightly packed body to my new owner, or so I thought. The straps were undone that held me inside the case and hands grabbed hold of me and stood me up, I was carried a couple of steps so I no longer stood in the case. No one spoke but I knew that at least two people were here, I felt them either side of me holding me up.

“Okay slave, time to see what you look like.” I heard an unfamiliar voice say to me.

The blindfold was removed and at first I couldn’t see due to the bright light, then my vision returned, I was still being held by two people either side of me, steadying me as I regained the use of my eyes. I opened my eyes and looked out and there standing in front of me were members of our BDSM group, they all shouted “Happy Birthday!” they began clapping and cheering, I looked around and holding me were Chris and Gino, both with big grins on their faces.

“Surprise!” Gino said. “This is for your birthday.”

I stood there stunned, so he hadn’t sold me was my first thought, well okay but here I was bound up, in a tight corset, a leather harness was all that stopped everyone from seeing my inner being, which had up to this point been enjoying the rumble of the case and was slightly engorged, and showing around the leather down there. Gino hadn’t noticed this but it seemed that everyone else had.

I was left tied up as each member came over and hugged me, congratulating me on my birthday and complimenting my outfit. Some letting their hands wander over the corset or the harness, checking out how I looked and some devouring me with the lust in their eyes, I getting more turned on with each one. I could do nothing as I was still bound; their hands were free to wander over my bound body, especially when no one was watching.

Gino came over to me hiding something behind his body, I didn’t know what he was doing but couldn’t speak or move, two other members now taking a turn to hold me. Everyone seemed to gather around at this point, the conversation seemed to stop. I felt the two people either side of me press down on my shoulders, “Kneel slave.” They said in unison as they helped my bound legs down so I was now on my knees.

Gino spoke, “Slave you have performed well, you have always done whatever I wanted of you and never once complained, so I have one final gift for your birthday and indeed it is a birth day in another way, for today I want to take you as my slave.” With that he revealed the collar in his hands, he placed this around my neck and fastened it, sealing it with a heart shaped padlock, I was now his.

Tears started to stream down my face, I was overjoyed that he wanted me, everyone was clapping and congratulating Gino, I was still on my knees, now his bound slave willing to serve his every desire. Eventually I was allowed to stand, the locks on the cuffs released and the zipper opened for me to take a drink, when he tried to take the hood off I refused, I wanted to remain this way tonight I said, “I’m sorry Master, I know that I shouldn’t go against your wishes, but I like wearing it.”

“Plus, I bet I have dreadful helmet hair under here!” I whispered to him, to which he laughed.

The party continued, people danced and drank, there was no bondage displays tonight other than mine, which people watched a video recording of the whole event, even the parts of me naked. ‘Oh well’, I thought, ‘I better get used to people seeing me naked now I’m his slave.’

Someone had even set up an area out on the patio marked “Slave Parking”. Soon I was lead out there by Gino and a leash was placed on my collar and the other end tied to the pole. I stood there as he walked back to the party, now feeling more like property and belonging to him than ever before. I was soon joined by the girl I’d seen ages ago being spanked by her own master, she too joined me in the slave parking zone, a couple of others came too so we had our own little dance party out there, dancing around the pole, unable and unwilling to get free.

After the party finished we headed home, we entered his apartment, this would become my new home now I was his. He unzipped the hood again and pushed down on my shoulders, “Now slave show me how much you love your Master.” He said.

“Yes, my master.” I said and licked my lips looking forward to devouring him.

To be continued…



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