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Packaged Bird

by Gromet

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I’d recently moved into my apartment from inter-state, I had a new job, well a promotion to another branch of our company, so I left all of my friends and close contacts behind, so I had to start anew to make new friends. The apartment was the top floor of a house, the downstairs part occupied by the owner, who was quite a dish, I loved watching him working out in the garden from my bedroom window, usually him bare-chested and me with a hand shoved down my underwear.

My workplace was friendly, even to me as their new manager who had come from another state to take over the running of the office, I was soon accepted and attended a couple of social events with fellow workmates, drinks out after work became a regular Friday evening gathering. But as welcoming as they were they weren’t the usual people I’d socialised with back home. I used to attend the local sessions of our BDSM group, you see I love being tied, gagged and teased. I missed the social interaction I’d had with other like-minded people.

Ever since I was a little girl I’d enjoyed climbing into enclosed spaces, find a box and you’d find me ensconced inside, my warm and cosy spot. Later into my teenage years I moved onto other things like boys and dating, but always I had a love of tight spaces and enclosure. I found an old suitcase stashed away in the attic, and was delighted to find that I could bend my body to fit inside, this soon found its way to my bedroom and lived under my bed when not being used by me, other times it was pulled out and contained my hot and naked body, usually until I’d climaxed, sometimes longer if I fell asleep after.

When I moved into my first apartment I managed to find an old trunk in a garage sale, the outside was pretty beat up and scuffed so I got it for a bargain price. I made some adjustments after a few times inside, it was too hot after a while and difficult to breathe, so a couple of discreet vents later and the problem was solved, then I added a cushion for me to lay on and so began my sessions inside the trunk, many an orgasm was had and even a few nights sleep.

I also discovered my new found love of bondage, the feel of the ropes as they restricted my movements, the guy I was seeing at the time bound me to his bed, we made love several times like that but we broke up not long after, I suppose he’d got his jolly’s from this girl and moved onto the next. So I began experimenting with binding myself, using some rope I bought from a hardware store and a couple of scarves that I used as a gag and blindfold.

I’d tie my ankles and my knees with the rope, then I’d climb into the trunk usually naked but sometimes in some new lingerie I’d bought to feel sexy. Once inside I’d gag and blindfold myself and then use a loop of rope to bind my wrists behind my back, I’d ease myself down inside the enveloping walls of the trunk, the lid closing with a rope pull I’d added to allow this. Now bound, gagged and blindfolded, encased inside the safe confines I’d let my imagination run wild, my fantasies of being a slave sold on the black market being shipped to a new owner.

Soon I would have to release my hands to bring them to find my little pearl nestled between my legs, the fingers soon finding the right spot and I’d continue my fantasy until the inevitable happened and the orgasm ripped through my bound & encased body. If it was really intense I’d pass out and come around still bound inside the trunk, other times I would just lay there inside enjoying the afterglow, I would reluctantly get myself out from the confines of the trunk only when nature called or the alarm signalled it was time for work.

I was speaking to one of my old group members via the phone one day and told her how much I missed the sessions we’d had within the group, she told me that she knew of one local to me, well in the same city at least and said that she would send me the contact details. It turned out that it wasn’t that far away, I could get there easily from work by car, so I emailed the woman that seemed to run the group. I soon had a reply and she gave me her phone number, so I called her and we spoke for some time, she invited me to their next meeting, a munch so no bondage involved, which was held at a local bar.

So on the evening after work I ventured across town to the location Sue had mentioned, the bar seemed just like any other as I walked inside, there were a couple of guys at the bar drinking and watching sport on the screens, they momentarily looked as I walked in. Then I spotted a small group near the rear, and one woman waving to me, ‘That must be them’, I thought. ‘Not a strange looking bunch of characters like I expected.’

I joined them and after some introductions, we all seemed to getting along nicely, I’d had a wine to ease my tension at meeting these new people. They all were very nice to the newcomer, they seemed to be accepting of me as one of them, I began to feel more at home when talking with them and was comfortable letting them know some of my likes and dislikes, “Sure I love bondage, show me some rope and I’m yours”. “No I’m not into tying up others, though I’ve never tried it.” Were some of the answers to questions from the group.

The evening seemed to be over very quick, I must have been having a good time talking to like-minded people. Sue invited me to their next session at her home, which I gladly accepted, the night broke up with everyone hugging and a few kisses, though on the cheek. I was happy with the new group, pleased with myself for coming to see them tonight. I was also hot and horny from all of the bondage talk, so a session with the ropes would be had when I got home.


The next week I was busy at work so the time didn’t drag and soon it was the night of the meeting, I headed down to my car wishing my work colleagues goodnight, I was soon on my way to Sue’s home and my first session with the group. I grabbed some food to bring with me on the way there, you can’t just turn up empty handed, that would not make a good first impression, but no alcohol as it was banned from their sessions, so no wine to fortify me tonight.

Sue’s house was in the middle of suburbia, all of the houses looked similar with well-manicured lawns, the driveway had several cars parked on it so I parked just down the street. Walking up to the house I began to get butterflies in my stomach, I was nervous but I continued on and was soon pressing the doorbell. Sue opened the door, she was dressed in a leather dress that revealed her plump breasts, and they seemed to spill out of the top as if to say to the viewer, “Here we are!”

“Welcome Julie,” she said, “please come in, we’re all out back on the patio at the moment.”

“Thank you Sue,” I said, “I brought a platter with me, where should I put it?”

“Bring it through to the kitchen, and then we can introduce you to the members.”

Sue lead me through the house and into the kitchen, then out through the glass doors onto the patio, there were several people here, some sitting and others standing talking. They all seem to stop what they were doing when I walked out behind Sue. “This is Julie; she is new to the group and also to town, but not to bondage, so please make her feel welcome.”

There was a general welcome from the group, each person now focused on me initially but soon they went back to their conversations. Many of the group were dressed for the meeting; some wore latex whilst other opted for leather like Sue. One woman was already bound, her arm tightly held by an armbinder, she also wore a collar around her neck which I later found out had her slave name and owner on it.

I gradually made my way around the group with Sue introducing me to the members, they all seemed to be friendly and welcoming, so my initial fears and butterflies started to ease. Once the time allocated for the session to start arrived, people started to head indoors. Sue organised the members to sit in a semi-circle and started the proceedings. First up was a demonstration by one couple, the male of which tied the female into rope body harness, I took note of the way the rope was fed around her body for later use on myself.

Next another male member Roger asked for a volunteer, several female hands went up whilst I kept mine down, I was here to watch I thought. “I think we have a volunteer.” He said looking directly at me. “After all we need to welcome Julie into our fold, so what better way than to demonstrate my chair-tie on her.” With everyone agreeing and Sue’s encouragement I reluctantly walked out in front of everyone.

“Well Julie, have you ever experienced a chair tie before?” Roger asked.

“No, I’ve only ever been tied to the bed.” I lied, not wanting to mention my self-bondage session in the trunk.

“Well tonight that will change.” Roger replied and bade me sit on the wooden dining chair he’d brought out for the demonstration.

As I sat there I was conscious of the group watching me, I felt the first flush of arousal and my chest reddened. My nipples poked out when I saw the course hemp rope that Roger was going to use on me, and I felt my face go red when I spotted several of the men looking at them as they pressed against my bra and blouse. Roger began binding my wrists behind my back and over the back of the chair, he cinched the rope and spoke about how he was tying me as he was doing it, showing them how to tie different knots.

He continued after with binding my ankles to each chair leg, then he ran rope around my knees, moving my skirt up and out of the way without asking, to him I was just part of the display it seemed to me. The rope now starting to hold me fast to the chair, I could feel the roughness of the rope against my soft skin and also my arousal rising with each piece he bound me with. All through this he continued to talk, explaining to the other what he was doing, I felt that I wasn’t there, that I was just another object like the chair being used to demonstrate to everyone his bondage skills. For some reason I seem to enjoy this thought and I could feel a damp spot building up between my legs, my nipples now out for all to see through the clothing and the hot flush showing on my chest and face.

Soon I was tightly bound to the chair, my ankles tied individually to each leg, my knees bound together, more rope ran across my body fastening me to the chair and my wrist bound behind were now connected to one of the rungs underneath the chair. I couldn’t move, not that I wanted to, I loved the way he’d tied me and with the audience watching me and his every move. My inner exhibitionist coming out. I was lost in the haze of my submissiveness when I didn’t notice Roger asked me if he could gag me as well, I must have nodded my head and soon some bundled up cloth was placed in my mouth, held there by a cleave gag of soft cloth.

I was now a bound damsel, in my imagination I was here to be sold by auction, the members would soon be bidding on me to make me their slave. But in reality all they did was come over to inspect the rope work closer, some hands touching the rope and me, but otherwise they all behaved themselves, which I was disappointed and relieved at. I continued to sit there bound and gagged as the discussion and questions continued, some of them even starting to eat some of the food laid out without a second thought of the bound female in front of them.

Just then a new person entered the room, there were several “Hello’s” and it seemed that everyone knew this person, it was only when the crowd thinned that I noticed that it was my downstairs neighbour, the one I'd been perving on in the garden. Sue brought him over to meet the new member, who was still bound to the chair. I saw the look of recognition on his face immediately; he walked over a smile forming on his face.

“Well hello neighbour!” he said.

“You know Julie?” Sue asked. I was unable to reply due to the gag.

“Yes Julie moved into the apartment upstairs recently.” He replied to Sue, whilst looking at my bound body sizing me up like his next meal.

I squirmed in the chair, the rope still holding me in place, the heat building inside me as I watched him looking at my body, I melting inside under his gaze.

“You seemed to have gotten yourself into a bind!” he said.

“Mmmph.” I tried to reply, the gag still rendered me speechless.

“Do you want out?” he asked, his wicked smile disarming me.

“Mmmm.” I said, meaning yes.

“Sorry, one of the rules here is that I cannot interfere with other people’s scenes unless they invite me.” He said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Urrggh.” I replied, frustrated at his response.

He laughed and walked away, Roger in the meantime had remembered that he’d tied me up, he got lost in conversation and talking about his bondage skills. “Sorry dear, I forgot you were still here!” Roger said, apologising in his own way.

Soon I was free of the ropes and my neighbour brought over a cold drink for me. “You must be thirsty?” he asked, offering me the beverage. “I’m Gino by the way, as I don’t think we’ve been introduced.”

“Thank you.” I accepted the drink, the cool liquid washing over my parched tongue, the cloth of the gag had adsorbed all of the fluids in my mouth. “Julie, by the way if you didn’t already know.”

“I wouldn’t have guessed that you’re into being tied up.” He said.

“Well a girl has to have some secrets!” I blushed in reply.

“I wonder what other secrets you have?” Gino replied, his look suggesting that he knew more.

Our conversation was interrupted by the next demonstration, this one on spanking and the girl with the collar & armbinder was brought out by her master, the chair that I’d recently been tied to was now used by him to sit down and pull his slave over his lap. He explained the process of warming up the sub beforehand, some gentle patting and rubbing, then the spanking getting slightly harder. He continued his lecture as the members listened to his every word.

I did too, I began to imagine myself in her position and was shaken out of my fantasy with the sound of the first hard slap, followed by her counting the hit. “One Master.” She said. My hand subconsciously rubbing my own rear, which didn’t go unnoticed by Gino, he too watching the spectacle in front of us, each slap followed by a response from his submissive slave. I felt myself flush when Gino caught me watching the demonstration, his eyes seeming to bore into my soul, I felt like a teenage girl again embarrassed at others finding me attractive.

The evening was soon over after that, all of the members farewelled each other and went on their way to whatever events happened behind their closed doors. I too made my way home I had some serious battery usage to get into when I got home, my toys would get a workout tonight.


Work seemed to be more intense so it wasn’t until after the next meeting that I managed to speak with Gino. We seem to connect with each other, there was a mutual attraction between us so it was only natural that he asked me out on a date, which I agreed readily, my inner teenager eager and trusting, excited to find someone interested in me. The dinner went well, the restaurant was superb, the food wonderful and the company charming, witty and handsome, all the things a girl could ask for.

We arrived back at the house, he told me that he owned it; he’d inherited it from his father and had made the apartment upstairs for some extra income as he didn’t need the space having the whole lower floor for himself. Gino seemed to be a gentleman, he’d opened the doors for me, guiding me to the seat in the restaurant and had been polite but funny in conversation, I felt at ease with him but we had now come to that part of the evening that can be awkward, the date now over and the evening winding up.

There was an intense silence in the conversation after the engine had died, the silence now deafening, the music no longer playing. Gino was the first to break the still air between us.

“Thank you Julie for a wonderful night, I have enjoyed our time together.” He said.

“Me too, that restaurant was fantastic.” I replied, still eager to see more of him.

“Well I’d best…” he started to say.

“Come in for coffee?” I asked, my skin blushing at my brazenness.

“Oh, okay, coffee.” He replied. “Sure, why not.”

He opened the car door for me, and we walked up to the house, we entered the stairs up to my apartment. I was hoping that the place was tidy, that I hadn’t left my washing out, all those thoughts that go through a female mind when inviting someone into their home, guys don’t care, there could be a car engine dismantled across the floor in their place and still invite someone in.

Once inside I dashed around like a wild beast making sure everything was out of sight, “Make yourself at home.” I said absent mindedly, not realising that he did indeed own the home. I made some coffee and brought it out. I nearly dropped the tray when I saw him sitting there with some rope he’d found on the lounge, I must have missed it.

“Yours?” he laughed, holding up the rope.

“Mmm, yes…” I blushed, “sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, don’t forget the first time I saw you at the meeting bound to the chair, I knew then what you liked to do.” He said. “We both like bondage, so don’t feel embarrassed.”

Putting me at ease, I set the coffee tray down on the table and served him his and then mine, all the while watching him play with the rope in his hand, my eyes focused on the object. Gino watched my reaction to the rope and saw that I was intently watching the rope in his hands, he teasing me even more by playing with it.

“Sugar?” I asked.

“No thanks, I take mine as it comes.” Gino said, the word take sent a shiver through my body.

I sat there now nervous again, the butterflies returning and feeling like a little girl again with her first crush. Sipping on my coffee, my eyes looking from the rope to the floor, trying to keep from making direct contact with his eyes, knowing that I would give myself away if he could see them.

Gino could sense that I was nervous, my mind in conflict and unable to take my eyes off of the rope. He decided that he’d better stop tormenting me with the rope, he could either put it down or he wondered, what if I used it on her? “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Sorry, I’m distracted.” I stumbled to say.

“Seems the rope has you hypnotised.” He said, waving it in front of me.

“Yes…” I whispered.

“Let’s get this out of the way,” he said making a move to put it down.

“No…” I said, “please…”

“Please what?” he asked.

“Please use it on me.” I said demurely, my eyes looking down to the floor.

“Okay, please hold out your hands.” Gino said, but to me it felt like a command.

He placed the rope over my offered wrists, the fibres rubbing against my skin. He moved the rope around my wrists, my eyes watching, my body transfixed as he continued to bind my wrists. The rope was soon wrapped around a couple of times, he then brought the rope in between my wrists to cinch the rope and finish off the binding, the knots now fixing the rope in place, my wrists now secured.

“There, how does that feel?” he asked.

“Wonderful, sir.” I said automatically without realising what I’d responded to him.

Gino sat there drinking his coffee, watching me as I examined his handiwork with the rope, my wrists tightly but securely bound. My own coffee long since forgotten, now that I was preoccupied with the rope binding me. My arousal now rising even higher, my nipples brushing up against the silk top that I’d worn for our date tonight, I could feel my vagina becoming wet, my panties held tightly against the hot flesh down there. I could see the bulge inside his own pants, he too getting turned on by events.

“Do you have any more rope?” he asked, knowing that I would.

“Yes sir,” I said blushing, “there is some in the trunk in the spare room.”

 “Wait there, I’ll be right back.” Gino ordered.

He returned with several coils of rope and a couple of other things that he hid behind the pile of rope.

“Okay, lay down and I’ll bind your legs.” He said, my heart fluttered when he spoke.

I complied immediately and lay there on the floor as he went to work securing my legs into one, each tied expertly, bindings soon had my ankles, below and above my knees tightly held against each other, my skirt now bunched up around the top of my thighs, my panties now visible to his gaze, I flushed with embarrassment at the thought of him seeing me like this, but also incredibly turned on.

“How does that feel? Not too tight?” he asked, knowing that they wouldn’t be, but always polite to ask.

“It feels good, sir.” I whimpered, enjoying the bindings and the touch of his hands.

“I want to bind you some more, but I want to ask your permission first.” He asked.

“Please, sir, bind me as you wish.” I replied, I lost in my own sub-space and enjoying the rope binding me.

Gino then untied my hands and moved them behind, I was initially disappointed that he was undoing them but then delighted when he tied them behind me. Even more so when he tied my elbows together and pulled them close to each other. I grunting as he pulled the rope tighter trying to get them to touch. He cinched off the rope, now satisfied with the way they looked, he then sorted out some longer lengths of rope.

“This is for a rope harness.” He explained, “You saw one at the meeting I believe.”

“Thank you, sir.” I said.

He first made a loop in the doubled up ropes end, tying this so it looked like a small noose, he then placed the rope behind my neck, bringing the two strands either side and began making more knots in the rope at various places along the rope. I was fascinated at what he was doing; it looked nothing like a harness at present. The last knot seemed to be a double one and that rubbed against my clit sending small delightful electric shocks throughout my body.

Gino grabbed the rope and pulled it through my legs and up my back to the loop he’d made before, threading the rope through he then pulled the rope tight, it slipped up into the folds of my pussy and I let out a gasp as he did so. Now he began to thread the rope back and forth around my body, forming the rope harness, soon I was completely bound in the harness, my body now being hugged by the rope and my pleasure button delighting in the close contact with the rope knot placed down there. I felt wonderful in the harness, my body now more securely bound than ever before.

“Okay, let’s finish off.” He said, I too lost in myself to reply.

He made me kneel down on the floor, grabbing some more rope he placed some under my knees and then he bound more rope around the top of my thighs and around my ankles, securing my thighs to my calves, my legs now tightly bound in a kneeling position. I wondered what he’d make me do for him bound like this, my fevered imagination working overtime and looking at the bulge in his pants.

The rope under my knees was pulled up to the chest part of the harness, Gino pulled on the rope forcing me to bend over and my face near to the floor. Securing the rope I was now stuck kneeling down, my head inches from the floor. I felt Gino wrap some more rope around my bound wrists and pull this down to the rope around my ankles, I wondered what would be next, I already seemed to bound tightly. But not enough for Gino it seemed, he pulled the rope tight and my hands moved closer down towards my ankles, though they couldn’t possibly touch bound as I was, this was to tightly bind me so I couldn’t move an inch it seemed.

He rechecked all of his work, making sure that the ropes were not too tight but secure enough that I could not escape. I felt like a trussed chicken ready for the oven, I was already generating enough heat between my legs and the hot flushes that continued to feed my aroused state made me feel even more like the main course.

“There, how does that feel?” Gino asked, satisfied with his ropemanship.

“Wonderful, sir.” I replied from my cramped position on the floor. “I cannot move any part of me.”

“That’s the idea.” He replied, “A body harness to hold that wonderful body of yours and a modified frogtie to hold your legs and body tightly, and of course the other ropes holding your limbs in position. You make a wonderful package.”

The word package sent delightful thoughts through my mind, my body shivering at the mention of the word. I lost in my own little world.

Gino picked up on this, “You seem to like being a ‘package’”  he emphasised the word this time.

“Yes sir…” I meekly replied.

“Do you have any experiences like this?” he asked.

“Yess…” I gasped, a minor orgasm passing through my bound body.

“Seems you like this!” he laughed, “you are a naughty girl, coming like that without permission. Maybe I should punish my little packaged bird.”

“Yes please, sir…” I replied, still lost in the embers of my recent climax.

“Maybe a good sound spanking is in order.” He said, laughing watching me squirm in his ropes.

“Oh!...” was all I could reply, my body betraying me with my desires.

His hands soon were caressing my body, they wandering where they liked, I was unable and unwilling to stop them from playing with me. I was lost in the foggy haze of sexual arousal and working my way towards my next climax. He knelt of the floor behind me, his hands reaching down to cup my breasts, his fingers finding my nipples erect and wanting, soon he was teasing them between his fingers, sending delightful shocks into my mind and body, my nipples seem to have direct line down to my pussy, sending their wonderful feelings there.

I could feel his manhood rubbing against my rear, the ropes unwilling to let me move in any direction as he continued his abusing my bound body. I wanted him to use his full blown erection on me, rip my underwear aside and plunge deep into the hot recesses of my overheated sex. The rope held tightly there now saturated with my own fluids, the smell of sexual arousal filling the room and driving us both on to greater heights.

“Fuck me, sir…” I pleaded with him, my desire overwhelming me.

Gino managed to cut the rope between my legs that was denying him access, soon my panties too were cut in two and my flower revealed in all its glory to his sight. He wasted no time and soon had his penis pushing against the outer folds of my sex, rubbing against the wetness there, soon he pushed deeper into me, I felt the head of his penis slip inside me; I tried to encourage him by pushing back. Then with his next push he fell deep into me, plunging all the way inside, his pubic bone coming against the soft, round flesh that formed the outer part of my sex.

We two became one, each moving with the other to bring our aroused bodies to their ultimate conclusion, my breathing became small pants as he continued to thrust himself inside me, he lost in the animalistic act of taking his female from behind, his mind now on autopilot, soon to be overcome with the energy of his own climax. The ropes continued to hold me in their grasp as my body was rocked back and forth by the sexual frenzy of our two bodies moving against each other.

Soon I felt his stiffen inside me and the first spending of his climax, my own orgasm overwhelming me, my mind now a blur of white as the climax took over me. Gino continued thrusting into me long after his own climax, he enjoying the aftershocks of his own. I too was lost with my own body spasming from the intensity of the orgasm that had overtaken me; my brain seemed to shut down from the overload, the tightness of the ropes, the position I was bound in and the lack of ability to move had all contributed to the most gloriously intense orgasm of my life.

Gino rested his spent body on top of mine as we gradually came back to earth, my pussy continued to twitch in the afterglow of the orgasm. Soon Gino pulled himself out and sat back on the floor, looking back at the tight bundle of female flesh that lay before him. And wondering what thoughts were going through her mind right now. If he could have read my mind he would have known that I was still in sub-space nirvana, I had enjoyed the whole bondage and fucking, I was too lost in my own thoughts to even think about Gino.

The ropes that had felt wonderful, loving and caressing now seemed to be restricting and my muscles began to cry out at being kept bound tightly like this. Once I’d come down from my high plateau that was my orgasm, my body started to tell me it was time to stretch out. Gino as still sitting back looking at my bound form, wondering what he could do next, when I spoke.

“Gino,” I asked, “the ropes feel lovely but my legs are starting to cramp, could you untie me please.”

“Sure, sorry, I should have untied you sooner.” He replied and began untying the ropes holding my legs.

Once my legs were free I could stretch them out, it felt wonderful to feel them splayed out on the floor after being bound for so long. Though I’m sure that I could have been bound longer, if it wasn’t for the orgasm I would have stayed tied up. Next Gino freed my hands from behind, again a great relief to bring them around the front. I didn’t want him to remove the harness yet, but like all good things it had to end so I reluctantly let him remove it.

Now free from all of the rope bindings I stood up and stretched, I felt tired but my body felt good from everything that had happened, especially the climaxes. Gino began to clear away the rope, I walked over to the bathroom to clean up, and remove the bunched up and torn clothing, when I came out in a dressing gown, Gino had finished tidying up. I walked up to him and gave him a big kiss, my arms wrapping around his neck bringing him close to me, our bodies rubbing against each other.

I could feel his penis start to become erect again down there rubbing against my belly; I took the initiative and held him by the hand and lead him to my bedroom. We spent the next few hours making love and eventually fell blissfully asleep in each other’s arms.

Story continued in Part 2: In the Trunk

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