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Laura's Couch 2

by Andrea Jordan

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© Copyright 2015 - Andrea Jordan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; couch; encase; folded-up; stuck; sat-upon; lingerie; facesit; bike-lock; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part Two

Inside the sofa was it was warm and surprisingly comfortable and Jack hadn't woken once the whole night. When he did wake, he found that Laura was no longer lying on the sofa above him and he was able to push his hands through the mesh and throw off the seat cushions. He still couldn't get out of the mesh prison she'd folded him inside, but at least he could now see the real world.

"Good morning." Laura smiled as she breezed into the lounge bare foot and in jeans and t-shirt.

"Any chance you can use that sexy body of yours to unfold this sofa!"

Laura giggled and replaced one of the seat cushions which rested on top of Jack's head. She then sat on it and crossed her legs. 

Laura had always had a sadistic side which she used to help her work out her frustrations. Being mean to the family cat had made her feel better as a kid. As an adult, her sadistic tendencies were mixed up her sexuality. The result was a woman who gained enormous pleasant from dominating and controlling people.

She found Jack very attractive, he was a very fit and good looking guy. She thought she loved him, although it was her own brand of love which came with certain conditions. 

Still half asleep, Jack lay on his back and stared up at the blackness of the cushion that covered his face. He couldn't get out, but his imagination could certainly wander. In his mind he went directly up, through the cushion until he reached a layer of denim that would be pulled tight around Laura's butt. Resting on top of the denim would be her panties, probably silk and certainly tight. With the temperature rising, he thought about her butt squeezed inside her clothing. Her body would be arching up from there to her cute face. Way above him and way out of reach. Yet all bearing down on him right then. 

Laura just sat and watched as her fit guy fought to turn around inside the confines of the sofa. His objective was simple, for his head to be at the end of the sofa where Laura wasn't sitting. But she didn't make it easy for him as he struggled beneath her.

"That took over a minute." she said when his face finally appeared from under her.

"What?" Jack panted back.

"Try again."

"At least unlock these bloody handcuffs!"

Laura laughed as though it was the most funny suggestion in the world. 

"I can't even remember where the keys are for those." 

"Laura...." he started to speak before getting cut off.

Laura simply stood up, moved the sofa cushion to the other end of the sofa where Jack's head was and sat down. Jack fought to free his head from underneath her for a second time as Laura crossed her legs and waited.

"Laura!" he warned as he caught his breath.

"Where's it going next?" she stood and wiggled her ass at him.

She removed the sofa cushion and dropped down on to his chest and winded him for a moment. They were both laughing, but Jack was starting to ache.

"Laura!" he cried.

"Why are you struggling?" she asked. "You know there's no way out."

Laura sat back down on the mesh above Jack's chest and put her feet up on the arm of the sofa and looked at him between her thighs. Like this, Jack's cuffed hands were useless and all he could do was stare at the stitching that ran up the crotch of her jeans.

"How many stitches are there?" she asked.


"Count them for me." she giggled. 

Laura slid her butt a little closer to Jack's head so that she was now sitting on his neck. They looked into each other's eyes as the pressure on his throat increased. Laura felt fantastic, aroused and in control. All her problems seemed to disappear.

Jack was also rock hard. The warm denim had her scent. Swallowing was difficult, but there was a thrill in knowing that her butt could do so much more damage. He looked up into her eyes, which were looking strangely studious behind her black framed glasses.

"More?" she asked.

Laura had tormented him for another hour before finally unfolding the sofa bed. They had then spent the next hour in Laura's bed making love. Jack had made sure he was on top, but the more he lay on her with his full weight, the more Laura enjoyed it. He may not have got his full revenge, but he still felt good.

Jack had planned to take Laura out for brunch, but she was still refusing to tell him where she'd hidden the keys to the handcuffs. Now he really did want out of the cuffs, but every time he asked her, Laura got defensive. 

It seemed that time with Laura was a trade off, unlimited sex with a beautiful woman came with some drawbacks. Jack knew this wouldn't be a long term relationship, he wouldn't be able to survive that, but it was fun for now.

In the end, Laura went out for food which they ate at her flat, before returning to the sofa for a Saturday afternoon movie. Jack looked down at the cushion he was sitting on. He then looked across to the cushion that Laura was sitting on, the cream coloured cushion moulding around her jeans, the same jeans that she'd worn the night before.

"You were in here last night." Laura smiled as she tapped the cushion between her thighs, once again her uncanny knack of knowing what he was thinking. "You were right beneath me."

"Mmm, but you weren't wearing jeans then." he smiled.

"I know it was fantastic." 

Laura was rarely embarrassed by past sexual games. Just one mention of the oral sex he'd given her and she was kneeling up on the sofa and slinking towards him, her long curly blonde hair and big blue eyes giving her an almost a lioness like look.

"Hey, my new lock!" she cried as she jumped up and ran into the hall.

Once again she was out energising him. They had already made love several times and yet she still wanted to play. He knew when Laura had told him about her Kryptonite bike lock that she had plans to lock up more than just her bike. The idea excited him and scared him in equal measures.

A minute later and his energiser bunny was back with the heavy lock in her long slim fingers. Ominously, she had also changed into a short blue flared dress. She was now all over him, one hand around his neck, the other unbuttoning his fly. When she judged that he was fully aroused, she simply slid the bike lock around his neck and locked it up. A second later and she was sitting back down at the other end of the sofa.

"Is that it?" he asked. 

"Shall we watch some YouTube clips... of how impossible it would be to open that without the key?"

Jack rattled the heavy steel lock around his neck and then looked over at his wired girlfriend who was now biting on some strands of her hair.

"Where some poor guy wakes up with the lock around his neck and his friends have lost the keys."

"Laura, you have the keys." 

"And no one can open it and he spends his life walking the street, searching for the key."

"I don't think that happens sweetheart!" 

"Maybe you should join a protest where people chain themselves to railings." Laura was getting animated.

"Yes, a protest against crazy girlfriends? Jack suggested.

"Then I could lock you up in public, it would be great."

Even though the lock wasn't attached to an immovable object, the weight of the lock around his neck and the way Laura almost breathed the words were having effect on him. Jack's focus moved from the movie to his girlfriend, who in turn was focused entirely on him.

Excited by what he knew what about to happen, Jack let Laura pull the lock towards her so that he was kneeling on the floor in front of her, his body between her open legs. He ran his cuffed hands down the inside of her thighs, up inside her skirt and pushed gently up into her crotch.

Laura was breathing heavily as she pushed one of the keys into the cylinder lock on the front of the lock and turned it slowly, click by click. She removed the heavy end and then rethreaded the 'U' shape piece around the metal bar that ran along the front of the sofa. Jack willingly lent further forward to position his neck between the two ends of the lock. Laura then slid the end of the lock back in place and turned the key just as slowly in the opposite direction. Jack was now helplessly locked to the sofa with his head between her bare thighs.

"These are mine." Laura whispered.

"And this is mine." Jack replied as he reached his cuffed hands over her head so that his arms were wrapped around her.

Jack ducked his head under her skirt. His strong arms easily slide her towards him which was just as well as there was certainly no way he could move his head towards her. He usually worked his way up her soft slim thighs, but this time he went straight for her clit. She sat on the edge of the sofa wishing that she'd removed her underwear, but from the feeling down below, her white cotton panties had evidently been no barrier for him. She could feel his lips on her clit and then his tongue slipping inside her vagina. Knowing that his freedom depended on him pleasing this part of her body, he kissed and worked his tongue in and out for over an hour. 

By the time she was satisfied, the temperature inside Laura's skirt had gone up ten degrees and Jack's face was covered in sweat. Laura stood up, stepped out from inside his cuffed arms and then lay down on the sofa so that they were looking into each other's eyes. 

"I love that lock around your neck and I really love these keys." she purred as she played with them between her fingertips. 

She giggled as she reached for her black rimmed glasses as if to see him better.

"OK, I'm taking you out for dinner." Jack announced authoritatively as he kissed her.

"Oh, but I haven't sentenced you yet."

"No Laura! Definitely dinner... out in the real world." Jack was determined.

Laura took the keys to the bike lock and threw them over his head and out into the hallway. "Opps!"

"Laura, I'm serious!"

"So am I."

Laura slinked off the sofa and on to the floor. She pulled down his jeans and slipped her mouth around his cock. He was so aroused if took less than a minute. She kept her head down there and kissed his balls for five minutes until she went again. 

Jack could do little to join in. His neck was locked to the front of the sofa with his face resting on the sofa cushion that was still warm from Laura's butt. His cuffed hands were also resting on the warm sofa cushion and the position of the bike lock meant that there was no way for him to reach down to Laura.

After the second time, Laura climbed back to her feet and walked out of the lounge. In her short blue flared dress, she crouched down to pick up the keys to the bike lock as she passed and then continued to her bedroom. Jack remained handcuffed and chained to the sofa. He was breathing hard and unable to think straight or do anything. But then because of the way she'd left him, there really was nothing he could do, other than wait for the beautiful woman to return.


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