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Laura's Couch

by Andrea Jordan

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© Copyright 2015 - Andrea Jordan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; couch; encase; folded-up; stuck; sat-upon; lingerie; facesit; tease; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

Laura stretched out her long slim legs until her stripy woolly socks pushed up against Jack’s legs. At first Jack slid further up the sofa, but Laura’s feet caught up with him and once again playfully kicked him. With no room left to move, he paused the movie and looked over at his giggling girlfriend.

“Am I in your way?” he asked, as he used his cuffed hands to try and stop her kicking.

Jack had long since given up asking for the handcuff keys. She had hidden them somewhere and no amount of tickling had made her tell him where. The sex they’d had when she’d cuffed him had been great, but it looked as though he would now continue to wear her handcuffs for the foreseeable future.

His thoughts returned to her stripy socks. He tried again to remove the feet that belonged to the long slim legs that were evidently too long for the three seat sofa.

“You know this is actually a sofa bed?” Laura giggled in her slightly posh accent.

He smiled at his nymphomaniac girlfriend. Laura was sexy as hell, amazing figure and cute face with curly shoulder length blonde hair, but even he needed some time to recover.

Laura pulled him up from the sofa and started throwing off the cushions and pulling out the bed.

“Try it.” she instructed, her hands on her narrow denim covered hips.

With Laura kneeling on the bottom of the bed, in a highly provocative pose with her legs open wider than usual, Jack lay down across the top end of the bed and closed his eyes.



Jack suddenly felt the bed moving beneath him and as he opened his eyes he saw the end of the mattress fold over and close down on top of him. He tried to push up, but the mechanism had already passed the point of no return and the sofa bed gently slid back into the closed position.

She had trapped him deep inside the sofa, sandwiched in between the folded mattress. The force wasn’t unpleasant, but he could barely move. After trying and failing to even turn on to his front, he knew he was in trouble.

“Laura! What the fuck?”

Laura knelt down and smiled at him through the small gap in the side of the sofa.

“Get me out of here!” Jack demanded.

“What’s it worth?” Laura asked running her tongue across her red lips.

“A kiss?” he offered

“Not good enough, I’m going to sit on you!”

Jack struggled again to free himself, a task that became even more impossible when Laura replaced the cushions and sat down on the sofa with her butt deliberately right above Jack’s head.

“Laura, please!” Jack mumbled, his face pressed beneath her and with the handcuffs only adding to the impossible situation.

Laura sat on the sofa, rolling her narrow hips from side to side and feeling the lump in the sofa formed by Jack’s head. It was as if her butt was an iron and she was trying to remove a crease. It felt nice. She stretched out her legs and closed her eyes as Jack lay pummelled beneath her.

She’d been fascinated with the sofa bed ever since someone had played this trick on her. She’d spent half an hour inside the sofa with two of her girlfriend’s sitting on top. She knew from experience that Jack would be fine. She also knew from experience that even without her sitting on top, he was completely helpless. The cries from inside the sofa her were already changing from “Laura!” to “Laura?” It was amazing what the feeling of complete helplessness could do.

After only five minutes, Laura stood up, threw off the cushions and heaved at the sofa bed, but it didn’t move. She tried again, her back straight, the force running through her toned legs and butt. If they weren’t strong enough to open the sofa bed then Jack was in trouble. She pulled off her socks for more grip and placed one foot against the side of the sofa and heaved.

Not for the first time that evening, Laura was breathing hard and her hair had fallen across her face by the time the sofa bed finally unfolded.

“Sorry.” she smiled.

“Accidents do happen.” Jack replied playing along with her joke and relieved that she’d returned his freedom after only a few minutes.

“Want another accident?” Laura asked, sensing how aroused they both were.

Jack didn’t object and so after a moment’s thought, Laura bent down and unhooked the mattress and removed it from the frame. Underneath was a crisscrossed mesh of one inch wide straps that supported the mattress. The straps were interlaced with only small gaps between and pulled tight and fixed to the bed frame.

“Now it’s more spacious for long term incarceration.” Laura explained.

“How long term?”

Jack had no t-shirt, as he had been unable to dress thanks to Laura’s cuffs, but he did remove his jeans. He had Laura’s full attention as he lay down in just his boxers on the mesh of black straps.

“Ready to be consumed?” she asked.

The exertions had already made Laura’s tight white t-shirt cling and mould to her slim body, but that didn’t stop her from easily lifting the base of the bed and folding it away with Jack once again inside. The mechanism clunked home quicker than she’d intended, but the end result was the same, her guy was trapped. Laura swept her blonde hair out of her eyes and placed her hands into the back pocket of her jeans.

“Oh they’re here!” Laura giggled as she pulled some keys from her back pocket.

“What!” Jack had searched everywhere for the keys to her bloody cuffs. Everywhere except her pockets!

“Great, don’t suppose I can have them?”

Laura just giggled as she rubbed the keys against the front of her jeans and bit her lip, her sexual appetite yet to be satisfied.

But Jack was now enclosed between two layers of thick nylon straps. He pulled two of them apart so that he could see the girl who once again imprisoned him. Laura may have only used a sofa, but the effect was the same as a concrete prison.

Laura turned and perched on the front edge of the sofa. “Can you get out?”

“Not with you sitting there.” he swallowed as he admired her tight jeans.

“What if I sit here?”

Laura slid across until she was sitting on the straps right above Jack’s head. The straps stretched under her weight until she was resting on his head.

“What makes you think I want to get out?” he replied, trying reverse psychology.

“Well I don’t think you could get out, even if I don’t sit on you.” Laura finally announced.

Laura was now standing barefoot, her 5’9” body standing tall with her hands pushing up her hair. Totally turned on by her imprisoned boyfriend and yet wishing that he would at least start to beg for his release.

“Well if you haven’t escaped by the time I return from my shower, I’m going to sit on you again and this time I won’t be wearing jeans.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

Laura flicked her hair as she turned and walked over to the door and sexily slipped out of her jeans.

“Want the cuff key?” she replied as she stepped out of her old jeans and walked out to the bathroom.

Jack did want to get out of the cuffs and the key was now in sight, but out of reach. He needed to get out of the sofa, but stuck inside there was no way he could generate enough force to open it. As well as the weight of the heavy couch, he also had to overcome his own body weight. So he tried to squeeze through the mesh of straps that supported the mattress, but because they were interlaced and tight, he could get no more than a hand through.

Ten minutes later and Jack’s mood had changed. His plan to get out of the sofa, unlock the cuffs and be sitting coolly with a whiskey when Laura returned, had failed. She really had him trapped.

When Laura returned, her hair was wet and she wore a black silk negligee that reached down to her mid-thigh. She slinked into the lounge and looked down at the cushion-less sofa with still Jack inside.

“I couldn’t get out.” Jack admitted.

“I know.” Laura replied

“So I guess you’re not letting me out of these cuffs?”

“Correct. I’m also going to sit on you again and this time I’m naked.”

Laura climbed on to the sofa and balanced on the mesh with one foot either side of Jack’s feet. Her weight stretched the elastic which tightened the straps around him. Slowly, and careful to keep her balance, she started to walk up towards his head. Wherever Laura was standing, the straps pulled tightly and immobilised that part of his body.

The blonde was now standing either side of Jack’s chest, which meant that his arms were also immobilised.

 “Struggle and I’ll fall on you.” Laura warned as she fought to keep her balance, the muscles in her trim stomach working overtime.

Jack continued to struggle and Laura, as promised, dropped down onto his chest making him cry out and making Laura giggle. She was now sitting above his neck with only the crisscrossed straps, like bars, separating them. She pulled two of the straps apart to create a small hole through which they could see each other.

“Hi!” Laura giggled as let the straps snap back and catch Jack’s nose in between.

She opened them up again.

“What’s it like in your underworld?”


“You know I’m naked under this negligee.” Laura reminded him.

He knew what she wanted to do. Laura’s appetite for oral sex was insatiable as the best of times. With her lover helplessly restrained beneath her she would take it to the extreme.

“I don’t believe you.” he bated.

“Oh really!” Laura edged forward so that Jack’s mouth was inside her negligee.

“Fuck, you are!”

With his body all but helpless, he pushed his mouth and nose as far as he could through one of the gaps in the mesh. He could see her pussy edge closer to his mouth, her weight on the straps making him feel as if he was set in concrete.

As he touched her with his tongue, Laura opened her legs further and leant forward until she was resting on the arm of the sofa. The two inch square gap in the mesh just enough for his lips and tongue to reach deep inside her. She was in ecstasy, a guy beneath her who only had use of his mouth.

When Laura was finally ready, she climbed off Jack’s head, striped off her negligee and lay down on top of him. They were close enough to kiss. Close up her big blue eyes were wide with excitement and her breathing heavy. He knew that look meant he was in for a big night even under regular circumstance. Like this, where he was dependent on her for his freedom, she could make it even longer.

“Prisoner or condemned man? Which do you prefer?” she asked as she slid her hips back and forth against him.


“I need to know who I’m making love with.”

With both options being scarily accurate, Jack reached down and positioned his hard dick through one of the holes in the mesh. Amazingly, the straps that had stopped him escaping, were no barrier to great sex. Jack even managed to squeeze one hand through a gap in the mesh and touch his girlfriend’s hot naked body.

An hour later and Laura was sitting on the mesh above his chest, reaching up and arching her back. Jack was still taking the full weight of her naked body and therefore still unable to move. She knew he would be watching her intently, he really had nothing else to do. She twisted her body and her breasts from side to side just as part of the show.

In her own time, Laura moved so that she was sitting up on the back of the sofa, with her feet resting on one of the sofa arms.

“Well I’m not sitting on you now, so this maybe your only chance of escape.”

“Laura just open the sofa!”

She just giggled.

“In five minutes I’m going to replace the cushions.”


“Lie down on the sofa and go to sleep.” she said almost absentmindedly as she stretched her neck from side to side.

As best he could with cuffed hands, Jack fought to squeeze through the mesh. He then tried pointlessly to reopen the sofa bed. Laura looked down and smiled at his increasingly desperate attempts to get out. As usual these were making her hot, but this time even she was just too tired.

When the five minutes were up, she slid down and replaced all the cushions, completely hiding Jack from the world. She lay down on the sofa and placed a blanket over her and within minutes was asleep.

Jack lay beneath her on his back. He was still held rigidly in place by her weight pushing down and slightly dispersed through the cushions. His hands were by his waist, still locked in her handcuffs with double locks engaged. Even when he struggled hard, Laura barely moved and she even gave out a small moan of pleasure in her sleep. He knew that she had no intention of letting him out, so he too fell asleep. 


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