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Karin's Jeans 2

by Andrea Jordan

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© Copyright 2015 - Andrea Jordan - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; F/m; bond; cuffs; public; hum; panties; encase; tease; leather; jeans; breathplay; torment; stuck; denial; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part one

Part 2

Nick sat on the pavement with his jacket pulled down his arm as far as it would go to cover the cuffs. Fortunately it was a bohemian, student area and so he didn't look too out of place. He pulled out his phone and dialed Karin's number.

"Hello," she answered after six rings.

"Honey, you can't just leave me chained up in the street."

"I'm shopping, you're a guy, best thing I think."

"You're confusing me with a dog!"

Karin just giggled and Nick could hear her talking to a shop assistant in the background.

"I'll make it up to you later," she finally whispered as she hung up on him.

Nick sat on the side of the pavement, leaning up against the railings, watching people walk up the residential street and into the mansion blocks on each side. Although this adventure with Karin was fun, he found himself feeling jealous of their freedom, being able to go and do whatever they wanted, whereas he was effectively a prisoner. The upside though, was the identify of his captor and what she might have planned for him when she returned. He found her unpredictability exciting; pain and humiliation one minute, the best sex of his life the next.

Nick was still lost in thought when a black heeled shoe tapped him on the knee. He looked at the shoe and then upwards to the sexiest pair of black leather trousers he had ever seen. Skin tight all the way up and the way they hugged the butt was incredible. He looked up further to the tight pink t-shirt and up to the cute face, with long blonde hair held up in a pony tail.

"Wow, you look amazing."

"Thanks," Karin smiled as she stepped slightly closer.

"I assume you will be so good as to unchain me now?"

"Mmm, OK, the key's in my pocket."

Nick stood up and pushed his free hand into the back pocket of her new leather trousers. They were so tight that he had to slowly work his hand inside until he could reach the key with his fingertips.

"Will you do the honours?" he asked as he handed her the small silver key.

She took it and threw it casually over her shoulder, "No."

"Karin!" Nick exclaimed as he tried to look past her to see where the key had landed.

"Nothing sweet about me," she whispered seductively into his ear before kissing him on the lips.

Nick watched her walk across the pavement and lean against a lamppost. She casually crossed her long leather covered legs and watched with amusement as Nick tried to deal with her latest bitchy behaviour. He was a sexy guy anyway, but his reaction to her deliberately cruel and bitchy behaviour was just too cute for words.

Looking back, Karin had always had a cruel and sadistic streak and had often enjoyed causing pain to others, training as a doctor was a real paradox. Her victims had changed from family pets to specially selected acquaintances and the occasional boyfriend. Nick's behaviour on the first night at her flat had somehow triggered her cruel streak and as a result, he was in for an experience that he would never forget.

Nick called out to a young woman who was passing.

"Excuse me, hello, hello!"

Karin smiled to herself as the woman, who was listening to her iPod, completely ignored him. The situation was made even better as she actually stood on the handcuff key as she walked past. Nick looked at Karin and gave her a very frustrated, but to Karin a very cute look.

Nick called out to the next person. She looked confused and was a little hesitant to help, but Nick managed to convince her and she finally picked up the key and nervously threw it over to him before walking off quickly.

Nick unlocked the cuffs to at last free himself from the railings. He walked over to Karin, put his hands on her butt and kissed her.

"You're crazy," he said.

"You're going to enjoy these leather trousers of mine tonight," she purred as she rubber herself against the front of his jeans.

"Those trousers, no way."

"They are the next time," she said, the uncompromising look returning to her eyes.


At Nick's suggestion they arrived for lunch at the pub by the river. They were early and the place was only a quarter full. Karin insisted on buying the drinks and walked slowly and sexily up to the bar with the handcuffs hanging from her fingertips. Within seconds, the slim blonde in leather trousers with the cuffs had the attention of almost every guy in the bar.

She sat on a bar stool and slowly locked one cuff to the draft beer pipes and the other end to her own wrist. By now every guy in the pub was watching as well as half of the women. Two barmen were helping with her order despite the fact that others were waiting. Once she had paid, she unlocked herself and walked over to where Nick was sitting on to the balcony overlooking the river.

Karin sat down next to Nick and held out her hand, which he instinctively held. He saw the look in her face, but it was too late as she took his thumb and bent it back with just enough force to immobilize him.

"Karin!" he said urgently but quietly, "what are you doing?"

The blonde didn't answer, but with his hand held in place, she cuffed his wrist to the metal frame of the table. The table was in turn fixed to the floor.

Nick was totally embarrassed, practically the whole pub had just watched his girlfriend handcuff him to the table.

"Karin, not in public, not here!"

"Why, every guy in the pub is jealous of you now."

Nick thought for a moment, she was probably right, but he was still very uncomfortable. He looked back at Karin who had uncrossed her legs and was running her hands up and down her leather trousers.

"It very hot inside here," she purred.

Nick had already drunk most of his beer. The leather trousers did look fantastic on her, but surely she couldn't be serious about this.

"Unlock me and I'll buy more drinks," he replied.

Karin moved her drink to the side, stood up and sat down on the table right in front of Nick. She opened her legs, bent forward and kissed him. Nick couldn't help but comply, even though he knew the whole pub was watching.


It was late when they arrived back at Karin's flat and Nick was tired from the effort of keeping up with the crazy Swedish girl. Plus he knew that Karin still had plans for him. He poured two glasses of wine from the bottle he had bought and sat down at the table.

"Twelve hours in these," she purred as she stood with her back to him and caressed her leather covered butt.

"You're crazy, time inside those trousers will kill me."

"Umm, maybe," she replied as she took him by the hand and led him into her bedroom.

Nick put his hands underneath her t-shirt and tried to pull it off, but Karin stopped him and pushed him backwards on to a wooden chair that she had placed in front of the metal radiator. She sat down on his lap, one leg either side of his body, let her hair down and kissed him forcefully.

"I promise we'll make love, but first something else," she whispered into his ear, before biting his ear so hard that she almost drew blood.

Nick's heart was beating quickly and his hard cock was pushing up against her tight leather trousers. She was incredible, the most sexy and certainly the most frightening woman he'd ever know.

Without removing her lips from his, Karin handcuffed Nick's hands together behind his back and around one of the bars of the radiator. In her excitement she over tighten the cuffs, but that only added to her arousal.

"Clean or dirty?" the Swedish woman asked.

Nick smiled back, trying to guess what she was talking about. Dirty sounded fun, whatever that meant.


"Good," Karin smiled as she jumped up and picked up a wicker basket in the corner of the room.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Dirty, maybe very dirty," she purred as she emptied her dirty washing on to the bed.

"That's what you meant by dirty?" Nick was concerned.

Karin sorted through her dirty clothes, took what she wanted and put the rest back into the basket. She picked up a pair of black panties, held them up to her face and turned her nose up as it offended by their smell.

"What are you doing?" Nick was helplessly chained to the radiator and increasingly concerned about what she had planned.

Using only her fingertips, Karin placed the dirty underwear over Nick's head. The panty elastic held it in place, but she used a hair elastic to further tighten it around him.

"You wanting dirty?" she checked as she kissed his ear that was sticking out through one of the leg holes.

"Number two, number three..." Karin counted as she proceeded to place all six pairs of her dirty underwear over his head.

Nick watched helplessly as most of the contents of the blonde's panty draw was wrapped around his head. The pressure around his head increased with every garment and at the same time the room became darker and darker.

"Dirty running shorts, yuck," Karin held her nose and gave a pretend look of horror.

She placed the shorts over the panties and then tightened the draw string around his neck to hold them in place. The last item was a pair of white jeans, which she placed over the running shorts and secured around his neck with a belt.

Inside it was dark and hot and airless and Nick found himself breathing hard even though he was just sitting still. He had no idea how long he could survive this confinement and only hoped that Karin's medical training meant that she knew what she was doing.

He then felt Karin unbuttoning his jeans and he lifted himself up slightly so that she could pull his jeans and boxers down. He then felt her naked butt sit on his lap and after a few minutes of teasing, she was sitting astride him making love. The fantastic feeling heightened from partial asphyxiation.

After half an hour, Karin redressed and removed all of her dirty clothing from Nick's head.

"Wow," Nick gasped, looking as though he'd just finished a marathon.

"Not bad," Karin smiled as she walked around him as if studying the results of successful experiment, "you survived inside a week's worth of dirty panties."

"Can you unlock me now?" he asked.

"Sure, you know where the key is," she smiled as she turned around so that the back pocket of her leather trousers was only inches from his face. Unable to use his cuffed hands, Nick lent forward and slid his tongue into her pocket.

"Karin, I'll never get it," he complained.

"Too bad for you," she smiled as she sat down on the bed and crossed her legs.

She saw her permanent market on her bedside table and smiled. Nick could see what she was thinking.

"Please, no."

But his reaction only encouraged her and she spent the next ten minutes writing her name and several provocative comments all over his body, some in English, many in Swedish.

Only once the ink was fully dry did she release him from the cuff and she watched with an amused look on her face as he tried in vain to wipe her words and doodles off his skin.

"Lie down," she ordered.

Nick complied, but tried to resist as she lifted his hands above his head so that she could cuff him to the bed. Karin simply moved up the bed so that she was kneeling with one knee either side of his head.

Nick was holding her leather butt with both hands when she lifted his head up and clamped it between her thighs. She then tilted her hips forward so that his head was held back and he started to gasp for breath.

He looked up directly into her teasing blue eyes.

"Would you like it harder?" she almost sung.

He felt her butt again to find it had changed from soft to hard, every muscle in her body was focused on gripping his head tightly in place. Nick knew that there wasn't any point in even trying to escape, if he did it would turn into a fight which he knew she would win. She was sexy, crazy and scary.

"Hands!" she ordered. He quickly compiled and within seconds he was cuffed to the bed.

Nick lay on the bed watching Karin move around the room. She saw he was watching her and started to put on a little dance for his benefit. It had the desired effect as he felt more and more turned on.

"Are the cuffs necessary?" he asked.

"No, but I like anyway."

"I know you like," he smiled.

She held her finger to her lips, "End of discussion, I'm not unlocking you."

Karin then unbuttoned her leather trouser and started to ease them over her hips, which was something that couldn't be rushed. As soon as they were off, she redid the buttons and lay down on the bed next to him.

"Sorry now, if it's hot and smelly inside," Karin said as she kissed him.

She eased her trousers over his head, with the back of the trousers against his face and slid a belt through the belt hoops.

Nick lay still enjoying the heat and scent that was radiating off the inside of the leather. This was nice, although he knew that Karin had no intention of leaving it at this. He then felt her insert one end of a small clear plastic pipe into his mouth. Next he felt the leather tighten around his neck as Karin tightened the belt. He couldn't hear it, but he knew that she would also secure it with her combination padlock.

Karin then took the trouser legs and wrapped them around his head and then tightened and buckled the rest of her belt collections around his head. When she had finished, Nick head was securely and completely encased in leather, with only one small plastic pipe protruding. Karin sat on Nick's chest inspecting her work. It was perfect, he was completely sealed inside.

"I hope I warmed it up well for you," she purred as she kissed his bare chest.

She then took the end of the plastic pipe and held it against her thigh. She waited for the inevitable reaction as he air ran out. He blindly reached out and tried to push her off as he struggled to regain an air supply.

Unfortunately for Nick, his struggling only turned her on more and it was several seconds before Karin unsealed the end of the pipe.

"What are you doing?" she could just make out the mumbled voice from inside her trousers.

She then slid down and felt his hard cock beneath her. He seemed to be enjoying this almost as much as her.

It was over an hour later when they finished making love. Karin showered while Nick remained cuffed to the bed, his head enclosed in her leather mask. Karin returned, wearing only her panties and snuggled up next to him.

Just before she closed her eyes, she saw the end of the plastic pipe lying on the bed next to her. She picked it up and slipped it into the front of her panties, with the end resting deep in her crotch. She cuddled up to the guy who would for the next eight hours be breathing air from deep inside her panties. She closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.


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