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Karin's Jeans

by Andrea Jordan

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© Copyright 2015 - Andrea Jordan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; MF; M/f; dinner; denim; jeans; lock; breathplay; stuck; hum; furniture; encased; hidden; sat-on; bond; belt; public; tease; denial; cons/reluct; X

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Nick was delighted that she had invited him for dinner. Karin was a fantastic looking woman, about 25 years old, she had recently moved to the country from Stockholm. Like many Swedish women, she was tall, slim and had long blond hair. She dressed casually, typically wearing a pair of blue jeans that just seemed to hug her waist and really showed off her great figure. 

Nick typically had no shortage of female attention, although he tended to specialize in drunk women in miniskirts that he met in clubs. Despite, or perhaps because of his quick wit and gift of the gab, sophisticated women tended to be more of a challenge for him. Karin, however, was training to be a doctor, spoke three languages and was certainly in a different league from his previous conquests. 

They had met at a martial arts class. Nick had only been a few times and had only just bought a uniform. Karin had a brown belt and by contrast appeared to know what she was doing. The difference in their levels meant that they never actually trained together, but Nick often watched her sparring. She could even make a karate robe look good. 

Although six people had been invited to dinner, Nick thought there had been a certain spark between him and Karin and he hoped that the evening would give him the chance to get to know her better. 

He arrived fashionably late, although not late enough, as he was still the first person to arrive. Karin rented a small basement flat in the centre of the city, which had its own private courtyard below street level. She opened the door and greeted him with a kiss on both cheeks. He wasn't sure whether that was a sign or not, but concluded that was probably just the typical Swedish greeting. 

Karin was wearing a short blue silky dress and looked fantastic. She led Nick into the kitchen and offered him a drink. The conversation was going well and Nick felt that Karin could easily be his next conquest. Twenty minutes later and with still no sign of the others, Nick went to use the toilet. 

As Karin refilled their glasses she almost wished that she hadn't invited the others. Nick was a very fit and sexy guy and very charismatic, he was exactly how she'd imagined English guys to be. While he wasn't the kind of guy that her parent's would consider suitable, right then he was exactly the kind of guy that she wanted to have fun with. 

As Nick was washing his hands, he saw Karin's laundry basket in the corner of the bathroom. On top of the pile of dirty washing was Karin's favourite pair of blue jeans that had been filling his daydreams for the last week. 

The jeans were old and the blue had faded significantly. They had originally been quite tight, certainly well fitting, but had slowly changed shape with numerous cycles of washing, shrinking and being re-stretched around Karin's hips and butt. They were now a carbon copy of the Swedish woman's slim figure.

He walked over to the laundry basket and picked up the jeans. He held them up to his face and felt the material against his skin. Then, after checking that the bathroom door was locked, he slowly pulled them over his head so that his head was exactly where Karin's pert butt had been all those times before. Karin had a slim waist and the jeans were a close fit around his head. After a minute of enjoying the feeling, he took them off and started to look around the room for a belt. This was a bonus he thought, a nice little teaser before the main event he was planning for later that night.

Although he could find nothing in the way of a belt, he saw a combination padlock lying next to Karin's gym kit. This would do. The lock had four dials each with ten numbers on each. That was 10,000 combinations, but fortunately, the lock was open. He picked up the lock in one hand and pulled the jeans back over his head with the other. He then slipped the padlock through as many of the belt hoops as he could so that the jeans were locked tightly around his neck. He then very carefully turned the top dial to the right by one number to lock the padlock in place. 

Nick felt a rush of excitement knowing that his head was now locked inside Karin's jeans. Inside it was dark and he stood there for a moment enjoying the warmth and her scent. After losing himself for a few minutes he remembered where he was and went to unlock the padlock. 

He turned the top dial of the combination lock, but nothing happened. He then turned it two notches the other way. Still nothing. Nick panicked as he started to turn the top dial notch by notch, but then realized that he had accidentally moved the bottom dial at the same time. He tried to put that back in position. Things were getting worse; he started to turn all four wheels, but the lock remained firmly closed. 

He tried to unbutton the jeans, but that didn't help him either, as he had locked the padlock through belt hoops either side of the zip. He was trapped, there was no way he could get the jeans off his head. He pulled as hard as he could at the material, but everything was too well sewed. Without anything to cut the material, the denim was as secure and as inescapable as steel. His head was inside and there was no way he was getting out.

By unzipping then unbuttoning the jeans he could just see through a gap in the jeans large enough to see the combination lock in the mirror. But that didn't help, he hadn't noted what the combination was before he snapped it shut. He heard a voice from outside.

"Hey Nick, are you OK in there?"

"Fine", he replied.

After a few moment's thought, he called out, "Karin, do you know the combination for your padlock?"

Karin was puzzled, but intrigued, "Yes, why you ask?"

"No reason," he lied.

"OK, if it's no reason then is no need for me to tell you," Karin replied as she bent down and looked through the keyhole.

Initially she was shocked, what on earth was he doing? How dare he play with her clothes! But as she watched Nick become increasingly desperate, her reaction changed to amusement, he would never live this one down. She had wanted to have some fun with him and now she could do whatever she chose. She started to run the options through her mind.

"I'll only tell you the number if it was important," she continued, "maybe if you were locked in my jeans".

Shit, she knew. He felt for the door and turned the key, "I'm really sorry he started, please just get me out of here and I'll leave".

"Why?" Karin asked, "you got your head in there, you get it out". 

Nick started to think. OK she was going to make him pay for this, but surely she wasn't going to embarrass him in front of the other guests? Should he make a run for the door? Perhaps, but he was sure that she would be able to stop him if she wanted to, plus walking through the streets with jeans locked on your head was hardly inconspicuous. He would have to play along.

Karin took his hand, the first time they had actually touched, and led him into her lounge and positioned him by the sofa.

"It's a shame that you'll have to spend dinner with your head locked in my dirty jeans", Karin smiled as placed a glass of wine in his hand.

"I'm really sorry, please just let me out," Nick pleaded.

"Not a chance," Karin smiled in her almost perfect English.

"You have to, I can't stay in here, there's no air."

"Why did you want to put her head where my bottom has been for so long?" she asked, although she had long known the effect she had on guys.

Nick had never been so embarrassed, the situation made all the worse by the fact that he had to sip his wine through the open zip of her jeans.

"Drink quickly, as I will zip you up now," she giggled.

Nick didn't need much encouragement and drained his glass with the next mouthful. Karin put down her glass and moved closer so that she was sitting right next to him. Nick could partially see her through the open zip, her eyes had a mischievous, confident look. At least one of them was enjoying this. 

She positioned the open zip over his mouth and lent closer and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. This made Nick jump and she giggled at his reaction. 

"You will have to await another kiss," she purred.

Karin zipped and buttoned up her jeans and in doing so removed Nick's small amount of fresh air and light and all the while continued to chat away with her accented voice as if everything was normal. She then turned the jeans around on his head, so that the back of the jeans was covering his face. 

Nick made conversation as best he could, while discretely trying to play with the padlock.

"Leave that, it's not opening," Karin ordered as she slapped him gently on the hand.

Nick felt slightly disorientated not being able to see. He was also dealing with a woman that he didn't know and who clearly had a mean streak. 

"When are the others arriving?" he asked.

"Any moment, I hope you like them."

"I can't meet them like this?"

"Why, you look cute, better then usually," she giggled.

At that point the door bell rang. Karin watched amused as he looked around even though he could see a thing. 

"Karin!" he cried, "what should I, I mean where..."

Karin just sat there giggling, this was fun, she could do whatever she wanted to this guy and it felt good. She lifted up a large ottoman which was pushed up against one wall of the lounge so that it could act as an extra seat. Underneath the ottoman was hollow with enough space for someone to lie curled up.

"You can join us for dinner or hide under here," Karin said as the doorbell rang again.

There was no way he wanted to be seen like this and so he let Karin take his hand and lead him to the ottoman. He curled up and let the blonde lower it on top of him. Apart from a one inch gap at the base Nick was now completely hidden from view.

Karin led the additional four guests into the lounge and started to pour drinks. Nick was relieved that he didn't recognise any of the voices of the two guys and two girls but still had no intention of being found like this. 

There were only three lounge chairs in the room and so it was no surprise when one guest sat down on the ottoman. The soft padded top sunk under the weight, until the underneath of the seat was only an inch from his shoulder. Then a second person sat down on the ottoman which made the underside of the seat push against Nick's shoulder and he had to roll slowly on to his back to relieve the pressure. 

Nick slowly unzipped the jeans and positioned the small opening by his eyes. He looked out through the small gap underneath the ottoman but all he could see was shoes. As far as he could tell two women were sitting on top of him, probably Karin and one of the other women. He couldn't get out with them sitting on top of him, but then he had no intention of leaving his hiding place while Karin still had company. The five friends ate dinner at the table only meters from the ottoman and then returned to the sofa and ottoman for coffee and some Swedish spirit that by all accounts had a kick to it.

Throughout the evening Karin kept glancing across to where Nick was hiding. If she chose she could just lift the ottoman and embarrass the hell out of him. The thought turned her on, but she also knew that someone would take pity on him and help him get free. Maybe there was more fun to be had by keeping him in place. 

By the time the guests left, Nick was starving. It seemed as though he had tried every combination, but the padlock was still firmly locked. He was hot, particularly his head, and his body ached from lying on her hard wooden floor. 

Karin closed and locked her front door and returned to the lounge. She lifted the ottoman and was pleased to see that her jeans still enclosed his head. 

"They're gone," Karin said as she stood over him and prodded him with her shoe.

"For f*** sake get these off me!" he cried out in frustration. 

"Three hours in my dirty jeans, you going to have my smell on you for weeks."

Nick started to climb to his feet. 

"Down!" she ordered with an edge to her voice as she quickly and professionally put him in an arm lock and pushed him back to the floor.

The pain, plus being disoriented from being inside her jeans meant that he soon complied. He let the blonde roll him on to his front and position his hands behind his back. He then let her use her belt to tightly tie his wrists together. 

"OK, now you get up."

With his hands tied behind his back this was a struggle. Once on his feet, he heard the clicks as Karin selected the right combination to unlock the padlock. As she pulled her jeans off his head Nick blinked at the unaccustomed light, but before he could react, Karin pushed him backwards on to the sofa, where he sat staring at the beautiful blonde.

"Stay," she ordered as she picked up a pen and the bottle of Swedish spirit. 

She returned, pulled up her blue dress slightly and sat down on his lap. She was now facing him, with one knee either side of his body. Unable to use his arms, Nick was effectively pinned in place and could do nothing other than stare into her big blue eyes.

"You smell like me," Karin joked as she took a swig from the bottle and then gave him a long kiss on the lips. 

Nick, who usually had a smart remark for every situation, was uncharacteristically quiet and in semi shock. He tried to sit forward, but Karin easily leant her body towards his and forced him back on to the soft sofa.

"Do you have any beer?" he asked as he started to recover.

"Drink this," she ordered as she held the bottle to his lips. 

Nick hadn't eaten since breakfast and his mouth was parched. The spirit tasted great in his mouth, but as he swallowed the strength really hit him. He started to cough, but Karin used one hand to hold his mouth closed, almost making him choke.

"Do you have anything stronger?" Nick asked as his voice recovered.

Karin was clearly up for the challenge and poured more down his throat. Each time he took a mouthful, she gave him a kiss. The next few minutes passed very easily for Nick. He looked down at her bare thighs which by now were gripped his waist. He tried to reach them, but the simple belt that Karin had tightened around his wrists made that impossible. He started to struggle to get free.

"No chance of getting out," Karin giggled as she took another mouthful herself.

"You look fantastic," he said as her sexy body combined with the drink started to drive him crazy.

"You will take me out Saturday night," Karin stated.

"OK...." Nick started to reply before the bottle was once again poured into his mouth.

Karin slowly unbuttoned his shirt, he had a great chest and couldn't help herself as she briefly ran her lips over it. She then took the permanent market pen and started to write her name and telephone number in large letters across his chest followed by some love hearts. 

"Just to make sure you don't see anyone else before Saturday," she giggled as she buttoned up his shirt.

Nick was now totally drunk and felt as though he was falling, even though that was impossible with Karin pinning him tightly to the sofa. Karin smiled to herself as she stood up and helped Nick to his feet. 

"Seeing you on Saturday," she smiled as she opened the front door and kissed him again.

"But my hands, you need to untie me!"

Karin looked at him with eyes that both turned him on and terrified him at the same time.

"I can't go on the street like this!" Nick fought desperately to focus.

"Consider it your punishment for taking my jeans. If you're lucky I'll have forgiven you when we next meet."

Karin pushed him through the door, where he stumbled and fell against the wall of her basement patio. He looked at her tall slender figure silhouetted in the doorway. She looked fantastic, this evening could have been great, how had he got himself into such a mess. She closed and locked the door.

Nick unsteadily climbed the steps back to street level. Checking that no-one was watching, he staggered across the road and into the park where he sat down behind some trees. He spent the next hour trying to free his hands from her stupid canvass belt. How had she tied it? He couldn't see behind his back. Why couldn't he unbuckle it? It was useless and the hangover and headache was going to set in. He looked out on to the street, deciding who to ask for help. 


It was Saturday evening and Nick and Karin were sitting on bar stools at a local wine bar. 

"Nice jeans," Nick said, all too familiar with the denim that was hugging Karin's butt and legs.

Karin smiled, uncrossed her legs and ran her hands up the outside of her legs.

"Mmm, nice and tight," she purred as she took a sip of her white wine.

Nick pulled Karin's belt, which was neatly rolled up, from the pocket of his leather jacket and placed it on the bar. Karin smiled again, as she remembered their previous meeting. She couldn't decide whether to feel guilty about throwing him out with his hands tied behind his back, or angry about the liberty he'd taken with her belongings.

"Thanks for that," Nick said.

"Did you find someone to untie you?"

"Untie? Don't you mean unlock?"

"I don't know what you are meaning."

"You used a small luggage padlock to secure the belt, there was no way I was ever going to get myself free."

Karin giggled and crossed her legs.

"How did you finding out?"

Nick recounted how he had had to ask some passersby for help. They had found his predicament amusing. They had especially enjoyed the look on his face when they had informed him that the belt was padlocked. Nick had then walked for an hour back to his flat and struggled to open his door. He had had to tape a kitchen knife to the table and slowly and painfully cut himself free.

Karin had her elbow on the bar and was propping her head against her hand as she listened, trying hard to keep a straight face. 

"Just punishment for what you did," she concluded.

"What, is three hours inside your jeans not enough?"

Nick had spent a whole evening with his head encased in denim, which had seemed to close in on him more and more as time went by. He could still smell her scent which seemed to be all pervading on his face and his hair. 

Karin's hands returned to her jeans, but this time she was running them up the inside of her own thighs. 

"Next time, you're staying inside here for twelve hours," she purred, her hands now in her own crotch.

She closed her eyes and seemed to be far away. Nick watched the beautiful blonde, her hair falling in front of her face and her nipples pushing out through her tight white t-shirt.

"You're a dangerous woman," he said, more than a little turned on by her behaviour.

"Next time..."

Nick ordered more drinks. Spending time with Karin was like participating in an extreme sport; exciting, but with the potential for disaster at any moment.

"And thanks for your number by the way," he said

Karin opened her blue eyes and smiled. 

"Indelible ink all across my chest, any idea how long that will take to come off."

Karin pursed her lips and shook her head, her fine features looking so innocent and harmless. Nick studied her for a few seconds like a bungee jumper looks at the drop and wondering whether it is safe to proceed. His typical date would have been drunk by now, such women he knew how to handle.

"And that drink?" Nick continued to voice his grievances. 

"You liked it?"

"I still have a headache."

"I have another bottle at my flat."

Karin lent forward and studied him for a few moments and then kissed him on the lips. The unexpected move made Nick jump. Women were his thing, the thing he could handle, but with Karin he was completely out of his depth. 

Later in the evening, they moved on to a restaurant and the conversation was good, Nick tried to take control, but the whole time he felt as if he was a lab rat in her experiment. She was always watching him with a fascinated look in her eye, a look that became more mischievous as the evening progressed.

* * * (added 24.09.15)

It was with excitement, and a certain amount of fear, that Nick returned to Karin's flat. He sat on the sofa as she poured the spirit.

"What is it?" he asked as he saw Karin standing in the kitchen with her hands on her hips. The woman just smiled and shook her head.

She returned with two glasses and sat down on his lap just as she had done before. Her perfume brought back Nick's memories of the last time he had been there, which alone was enough to quicken his breathing.

Karin finished her drink in one mouthful and then in one movement pulled off her t-shirt. Her breasts weren't large but were beautiful. Almost forgetting where he was, Nick instinctively reached behind her and with one hand undid her white bra.

She reacted by lifting his chin until she was looking into his eyes, only inches away from his face. Her stern look sent a shiver down his spine. Karin giggled, a smile coming across her eyes as she kissed him.

"Come," she ordered as she jumped and skipped into her bedroom.

Nick finished his drink and followed.

By the time he entered her bedroom, Karin had already slipped out of her jeans and stood hands on hips wearing only a white bra and panties. However, in her hands she held a pair of handcuffs.

"Maybe later?" he said as he removed his shirt and trousers.

Within seconds she took his hand, bent it back on his wrist, twisted it behind his back and pushed him face first on to her bed. She then sat on his back as she ratcheted one cuff around his wrist.

"Karin, slow down," he said knowing that their martial arts teacher would have been very unimpressed by the ease with which she had been taken him down. She turned him over on to his back and lay on top of him with that mischievous look of hers.

"Move up the bed!"

Nick knew that she wanted to cuff him to the metal bed frame, at which point he would go from being vulnerable to being helpless. He tried to fight back and used his greater weight to throw her off balance. However his upper hand was short lived, as she twisted around and clamped his head between her thighs with a force that didn't seem possible from her slim body.

"Do as I say and you can breathe again," she said with a voice that showed she was barely expending any effort.

"No way," he gasped as the pressure around his neck increased.

Nick had had only a millisecond to enjoy the feel of her soft skin before she had increased her grip. The hierarchy of needs had then kicked in and he tried in vain to pry open her legs so that he could breathe.

It hadn't work and Karin sat up and pulled his wrists over to the bed frame. Only a few seconds later and the second cuff locked shut, with one hand either side of the heavy steel bed frame. Nick was officially helpless.

Karin sat astride his body and flicked her long blonde hair from her eyes. She appeared to be breathing normally whereas Nick was panting for breath, the short fight having taken its toll. She dimmed the lights and removed Nick's boxers. She lay on top of him and started to kiss and caress him gently.

Nick desperately wanted to touch her body, but couldn't reach anything with his cuffed hands. Karin controlled everything as she slowly made love to him repeatedly over the next hour. Nick's frustration soon subsided as he lay back and enjoyed the ride.

When she had finished, Karin picked up her used panties and jeans.

"Now is next time," she smiled.

Nick rattled his cuffs.

"No, they won't undo on their own."

"I know, I was hoping you might ....."

"Do you really think I will?" she asked.

He relaxed back on to the bed and let Karin place her white cotton underwear over his head and secure it in place with some of her hair bands. She then did up her jeans and put them over his head. She secured them in place with her belt and then added the combination padlock for added security.

Only once all was secure did she release Nick from her cuffs. She then lay down and snuggled into his body.

The smell and the confinement was back, but this time it felt nice. Nick could finally use his hands and ran them up and down her naked body. She had a fantastic slim figure. Quite how she had overpowered him he didn't know, but right then he didn't care.

Nick used the small amount of light creeping through the seams to explore his denim cell. He reached down and ran his hands over her butt. He smiled as he pictured how it had been squeezed into the jeans all evening, a tight space that would for the next eight hours at least imprison his head. The images of her butt perched on the bar stool were still running through his head when minutes later he fell asleep.


When Nick woke the next morning he could hear Karin in the shower. The water turned off and a few minutes later he heard her walk into the bedroom. He sat up and looked around.

"Over here," Karin giggled.

Nick turned around and started to feel for the zip so that he could get at least a small window on the world. However before he got that far, he felt hands tickling his back. He laughed out loud and turned around, but she had gone. He held his arms out, trying to anticipate her next move.

Karin surprised him again by running her fingertips down his bare back. The only way he could predict her next move was to listen for her giggling. But that didn't work either as he was pushed backward on to the mattress. The next thing he felt was Karin's butt sitting on his chest.

"Good morning, do I get a kiss?" she purred as she leant forward and gently ran her lips over his denim clad head.

Nick tried again to pull the jeans from his head, which was a mistake as it only drew more giggling from the Swedish woman. So instead he pulled her off balance and climbed up so that now he was sitting stride her waist. He took her hands and pinned them to the bed.

"Mmm, you can do whatever to me," she purred as she gently struggled beneath him.

"You must be kidding, I still have my head locked in your jeans and your dirty panties!"

"I thought you like that?"

Nick thought for a moment, he had been the one who had started this stupid game.

Without any warning, she flipped him off balance and back on to the bed. In almost the same move, she handcuffed one of his wrists to the bed frame. What was it with this girl?

"Karin, has any guy ever escaped your bedroom alive?"


"I'm not surprised."

"And you won't be the first."

Karin knelt on the bed with Nick's head between her thighs. She unbuckled the belt and opened the combination padlock. She then removed first her jeans and then her white panties from his head. He looked up at big blue eyes and long blonde hair.

"You're crazy," he said, his throat dry and aching and his face red and blotchy from lack of air.

"Leave if you don't like," she purred as she kissed him.

"I'm chained to your bed!"

The blonde just shrugged and stood up. She had brushed her hair, put on makeup and was wearing a pink t-shirt and black underwear. There was just one thing missing.

Karin undid the jeans that Nick had been forced to wear all night and slid them up her long legs. She slowly and deliberately eased them over her hips and secured them with the belt. She finished off with a twirl as she ran her hands over her backside.

"They're nice and warm, thank you."


Nick showered and dressed and was standing by the front door. Karin had eventually unlocked him from her bed, but had left her cuffs locked to his left wrist.

"I'm not going out with the cuffs hanging from my wrist." he stated.

"The key's in my pocket, come get it."

He considered making a grab for the key, but knew that it would result in pain, followed by strangulation between her thighs, followed by being locked to the bed, followed by who knew what.

"Let's go," he said, pointing to the door.

As they walked down the street, Karin suddenly grabbed him, pushed him against the railings and kissed him. Her beautiful features and perfect skin looked even better in daylight. She lifted up one knee and slowly eased it up between his legs. He reached for her butt and held it with both hands.

After a minute she pulled away, he tried to follow her.

"Karin, how the hell did you do that!"

She had locked the free end of the cuffs around the railing and he hadn't even noticed. Karin continued walking down the street as if all was normal, not looking around even once.


A women who had been walking behind them had seen what had happened. She had stopped just out of reach of him and was recording him on her phone.

"Stop that!" he cried.

"That was a sweet move by your girl," she said with real admiration in her voice.

Nick didn't answer, he just sat down on the pavement and tried his best to cover the cuffs from her view. He watched as people walked pass in front of him. Many women, many attractive women. Many women he could easily have with little effort on his part.

Why had he fallen for this crazy bitch that had tethered him like a dog in public. He had no idea what was going on in her mind and no idea what she would do to him next. And no idea how long she was going to leave him locked up in the street. But he didn't care, he hadn't been this crazy about a woman in a long time.


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